Author Topic: Unwanted/unplanned sex as an alternative to - worse  (Read 1498 times)

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June 09, 2015, 10:22:53 PM

Offline StumpJumper369

My fantasy kink is about people (men and women) that find themselves in a bad situation and the only way out is to submit to unplanned/unwanted sex to get themselves out of the jam. Not like blackmailing, or a cop/judge offering to tear up a ticket if you have sex with them. More like you slide off the road in the winter and a "good samaritan" comes by with a "take it or leave it" offer. The fantasy usually involves the surprise element of the victims being engaged in some same sex activities. There's never any force, threats, pain or danger. By the end of the story, the "victims" are having the time of their lives.

Anybody else into this?

June 10, 2015, 09:46:01 PM
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Offline Jed

Mild as far as fantasies can go on this site, but yeah, I have them like that.  The 'take it out in trade' philosophy.  A girl needs something from me, and I say, "So, what are you going to do for me in return?"

February 10, 2016, 06:39:04 PM
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Offline Plaything

Yeah . . .that could be kinda hot . . .I mean, you're desperate for something and really only have one choice . . .give him what he wants . . .and who  knows what that might be . . .