Author Topic: Some old In person rp.  (Read 759 times)

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August 27, 2018, 03:41:15 PM

Offline Hadrian

So just got bored and decided to write about some of the real rps I have done with girlfriends and close friends. 

So this one is from back in my high school days were my first gf decided that she wouldn't mind "teasing" at school. So in between classes during the week I would ambush her in the stair well and would pin here against the wall and finger fuck her until she began to moan, but then I would stop and walk away.  At the end of a few days I would drag her into a bathroom and lock it and groped her all over and would play with her tits.  Then finally by Friday we were alone at her house and  I stripped her and tie her up and ate her out and had her suck my cock.... unfortunately no climax for me back then.

Now we go to freshman year of college and I made friends with this goth girl and we would hang out in her room since her roommate left early in the year.  Then I noticed that she had a box full of romance novels and so I learn she has forced sex fantasies.  So I then bring up the subject that we could play around and shes says yes. So one evening I knock on her door she opens then I rush in and close the door. all the was wearing was a spaghetti string top and hot pants so I just pull the collar of her top down and her breasts pop out over it and I just play and bite them as she tries to struggle. Then I begin to slide my hand down her pants and find she wasn't even wearing panties so I throw her onto her bed and pull her pants around her ankles. I am about to ram my cock into her but she says she doesn't want to lose her virginity yet, so I flip her over and put my cock in her ass.  She cries out and moans as I pound her for the rest of the evening.  I would dump a load of cum in her ass and another on her face and tits. 

Moving on to my junior year of college had a new GF not the goth girl but this one loved the thought of rough forced sex/ rape role play.  So she goes out and guys some clothes from a goodwill and I told her I will come for her sometime in the next few days at her home.  So one evening I park my car a little ways away and enter the basement since I knew she would have to come down and check her laundry.  Minutes pass and I hear her starting to come down the steps so I hid , and then I see her wearing those clothes another string straps top and skirt. So I sneak up behind her and bend her over her drier and start my attack by finger banging her. She manages to get free for a moment and i can see that her massive tits are almost falling out so I go after those now. I manage to get hold of her shirt from the front as she tries to turn and run and it tears letting her tits pop out. she falls lightly on the stairs and I begin to grop her and I take out my cock and growl at her to suck me off. Shes tries to start out slow but I force her into a deep throat and I notice a bit of a wet spot on her panties so after a while I take my cock out and crawls up the stairs.  I follow and once up stairs I pick her up and place her on the dinning table in her kitchen and tear her skirt apart and begin to eat her out.  Its at this moment she is enjoying this to the point she isn't rping any more and just enjoying getting dominated.  So after getting her to orgasm I then proceed to fuck in ever possible way on every piece of furniture between the kitchen and bedroom. Once I am in there she so exhausted and euphoric I finish by cumming on her tits and make her lick it off.  unfortunately she wasn't into anal or me cumming in her so I did what I could for her sake.

Now we come to the more recent ones were it was with my best friend who come from a religious family but she to like the thought of role play so she is willing to try it....a few times  first few times we used her friends house since she was dog sitting and I would ambush her choke her and would proceed to make her suck my off and ride and I would typically finish her by cumming in her ass.  Then one time she also went and got clothes to be destroyed and I attacked her in the woods while she was on a "run"  were once I over powered her I cuffed her and tore/cut her clothes apart and proceeded to have a lovely time in the woods. She screamed and howled as I pounded her hard in her pussy and ass.  When I would choke her and fuck her that caused her to orgasm hard enough to pass out...lets just in the 20ish seconds of her being out of it I cumed all over her though she didnt like cum so she just wiped it off.

So thats that hope you enjoy ;)