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August 28, 2018, 10:18:59 AM

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Do you remember your first time? How old you were? Where you were? How it felt?
I do. Mine wasn't quite normal. I was 15. A member of a group that ran a ski field. So school was out and i was working as a tow operator. I got friendly with one of the girls that was there for a ski week.  She was 14. So things between us quickly got heated and we found ourselves on the floor of the drying room. (Its a warm room that you hang your clothes to dry after skiing). I remember how awkward it was trying to penetrate her. No lube, had no idea what i was doing and she was so tight. My brother and his friends were pecking through the window but with the room being dark i dont think they saw much. I'm not sure if i cam or not, but i remember the pain in my nuts the next day from slapping them against her milky white flesh.

I would love to hear your experience

August 29, 2018, 09:42:48 AM
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I was 17 when I popped my cherry. The girl was 19. She was pretty cute. My buddy was dating her younger sister, and we wanted to go to a party, but the younger girl's mom said she couldn't go unless the older sister went along too. I knew the older sister, and through the night we started flirting and we were drinking, and soon things progressed to where we were in a bedroom making out. She wanted to fuck and I told her I had never done that and she said well tonight's your first then. It was an awesome time, although I was pretty awkward and unsure of myself. 

Then some of my asshole friends snuck in the room while we were going at it and stole my clothes! LOL! After we were finished, the girl had to go back out to the party and get my clothes back.  I was pissed off at the time, but later we all had a good laugh.

August 29, 2018, 04:43:44 PM
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I was 16 and she was 26.  She was a first year teacher. 
One night after a musical performance, we were talking in the school parking lot.  I could feel lustful chemistry between us.  On impulse I moved closer and kissed her.  She returned it with enthusiasm.  She took my hand and led me to the back seat of her car.  I fumbled at first, but she was quite cooperative.  I remember being amazed at how hard her nipples got and how she moaned as I sucked them.
I moved between her thighs and she reached down and guided my young cock into her wet pussy.
I began pumping like crazy.  She gasped with each thrust.  I came quite quickly.  Our affair lasted for a year.  Quite frankly, she taught me so much.  I filled every hole.
We nearly got caught a few times and she felt it was best to take another state to teach.  I still think of her quite often.

September 05, 2018, 05:16:30 AM
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Iím a bit conflicted on the matter of virginity as my first time having sex was after school, Iíve always been an horn ball in school I found a girl very attractive and when she went to the rest room I followed her pretended I went in the boys room then sneaking in the girls sliding myself under the stalls and into the one she was using with one question I asked her if she would like to ďwukupĒ she said ok and I held her close to me and began dry humping her after a few minutes a teacher came in and caught me, told my mother and my mother beat me in front of the school so everyone would see. Iíve been dry humping until a little older where I meet Tahshie.

Tahshie was the probably no older than me in school but she had way more experience first time I came into the class she called me over to sit next to her so I did during class she would reach under the desk and try to unbutton and get her hands in my pants, after school we walked home and she followed me and my younger brother I asked her if I can wukup on her she said yes I told my younger brother to go ahead home Iím going to kiss her then she lead me through a short cut into the hills leading to our neighborhood where she told me we can kiss I held her against a tree kissing her and sticking my tongue in her mouth then she started unbuckling my pants I had no idea what the hell she was doing she pulled down my pants taking out my erect Charlie pulling of her panties from under her skirt slipping my penis inside of her taking me to a level Iíve never been all this time Iíve been dry humping girls and she showed me how itís done I was having sex she felt so different, so much better than dry humping the touch and feel of being inside her my dick went straight inside her and her legs resting on my legs with her legs spread wide open on me I couldnít believe it we screwed for awhile but I didnít cum.

September 13, 2018, 12:56:27 AM
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I was fifteen and she was older. Best four seconds of my life.