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February 20, 2015, 10:04:24 PM
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Next post is started.  I'm on a scifi kick right now, so it will happen soon.  I have a post I'm working on for another scifi story that's first though.

April 03, 2015, 06:44:11 AM
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Offline Jed


Ensign Ro seethed in fury at simultaneous sensations of that metal cock raping her ass and being force fed by the insidious Borg with that probe snaked down her throat.  She knew it was no accident that both Borg were assimilated Cardassians.  Bajoran women were intimately familiar with being raped by Cardassians after decades of occupation.  She herself had been too young at the time and lucky, but most women older than her had been raped, many so often they had lost count.  She had actually had several close calls as a prepubescent girl narrowing avoiding drunk Cardassians looking to rape and not being very particular how old their target was.  They had probed her mind and knew having Cardassian Borg drones assault her would maximize that humiliation they wanted.  When she was forced to orgasm, she taunted the Borg saying she enjoyed it.  That wasn’t true, but it made her feel better saying it.  It helped suppress the humiliation.

Ro detached her mind from the pain of the ridged metal penis abrading her anus as it thrust into her bowels.  Unlike all the other women of the Enterprise being raped by Borg, Ro welcomed the gruel she was being force fed knowing she needed the nutrients to maintain her strength and find a way to fight them.  She had expected the probe down her throat to cause a severe gag reflex, but somehow there was a numbing sensation.  She could still intimately feel it undulating as it pumped the gruel slowly into her stomach, and the nausea was still there with some gagging and heaving, but the expected uncontrollable urge to vomit was absent.

Staring upside down at the Borg by her head, Ro watched as a panel opened on its pelvis.  She jerked in surprise seeing what emerged was not mechanical at all.  When the half erect Cardassian penis almost sluggishly lowered down brushing her cheek, Ro felt real fear for the first time.  All the stories about Bajoran girls being raped by Cardassians came flooding back into her mind.  The stories were the source of nightmares for her as a young girl.  The probe having completed her feeding quickly pulled out of her throat making her cough and choke all the while staring with fear at the Cardassian male organ that seemed to be aimed at her mouth.

The Borg raping her ass with the mechanical penis paused in his thrusting.  Ro looked down at him, briefly ignoring the Cardassian penis so very close to her face.  The head of the mechanical penis was just barely in her ass.  Just when she thought he was going to withdraw and stop raping her, a panel opened and a second real Cardassian penis flipped into view.  Staring at the semi-erect Cardassian penis aimed between her widely spread legs, Ro let out a whimper.  It was like she was a little girl again, and this time the Cardassians did catch her.

As if given some personality again, the Cardassian grinned and gripped his rapidly stiffening and growing penis in one partly biological hand and positioned it at her vagina.  Swallowing hard, Ro shook her head silently feeling the now rigid and huge biological penis make contact with her vaginal lips.  In a soft whimpering little girl voice she whispered, “Please no.”

The Borg between her legs pushed forward, and she cried out feeling herself doubly penetrated in both her vagina and ass.  The Cardassian Borg was grinning like a fiend, as he thrust rapidly into her.  He had been given back some of his individuality, and knew he was raping a Bajoran girl and was enjoying it immensely.  For the first time since the Borg rapes had begun, Ro felt tears streaming down her face.  He was thrusting deep into her body, his horrid Cardassian biological penis felt even bigger than the mechanical that had recently vacated that orifice.  She was crying openly and beyond terrified.

The Cardassian Borg near her face forced her head back towards his biological genitals.  He held her head hard and she couldn’t twist away aiming his equally large biological penis at her mouth.  Regaining some composure, Ro said to the Borg in front of her face, “You put that in my mouth, and I’ll bite it off.”
As if on cue, several metal jointed strands appeared from the side of the Borg.  They forced their way into her tightly clench mouth and locked onto her teeth.  Her jaws were forced open and then propped open on either side of her mouth using her back teeth.  She could move her lips down, but her teeth were locked open.  Whatever was keeping her jaws from closing detached from the Borg, keeping her jaws propped open.  Glancing up she briefly saw the Cardassian Borg leering evilly down at her until he moved forward, and then she just saw the underside of his huge penis and testicles and the head of the male organ made contact with her lips.
She futilely to push it away with her lips and tongue, but he slowly forced it in her mouth.  That’s when the taste hit her, and within the horror she was experiencing she vaguely thought, ‘Don’t the Borg care about hygiene with their biological parts?’  It was as if he hadn’t bathed in decades.  It had to be the nastiest thing she ever tasted.  It slid passed her lips and along her tongue heading for the back of her throat.  Again she tried to stop it with her tongue, but he push it further until she began gagging on it in her throat.  Around her she could hear women of the Enterprise gagging and choking on the male organs of various humanoid species.  She expected to vomit, but the probe that force fed her and the others did something to suppress that.  It did nothing about the dreadful sensation of gagging and choking on a Cardassian penis.

The Cardassian Borg began thrusting into her mouth forcing his revolting penis deeper with each stroke scraping her throat painfully.  Sometimes it match the rhythm of the Borg between her legs, and other times not.  She made a small grunt of pain around the awful penis in her mouth each time the Cardassian Borg between her legs thrust into her ass and vagina.  Her forced open mouth and the intruding phallus was making her profusely drool.  It was running down into her eyes and soaking her hair adding to her disgust.  The Cardassian Borgs given some of their individuality back were taking full advantage of the opportunity to savagely rape a Bajoran girl.  Each thrust into her mouth, vagina and ass was designed to cause as much pain and humiliation as possible.

The ghastly triple penetration went on and on with increasing agony.  After what seemed like an eternity, she sensed a difference in the Cardassian Borg plunging his organ into her mouth.  He seemed to get more insistent and rammed into her mouth faster and faster.  Understanding what that meant, Ro tried to scream ‘No’ around his repellent flesh.  The Cardassian Borg groaned in satisfaction, and Ro felt a viscous spurt, then another, and yet another.  Five spurts of Cardassian semen were deposited in her unwilling mouth.  The Cardassian Borg gripped his organ and milked it into her mouth making sure she got every drop.  The gelatinous filth filled her mouth, coated her tongue and pooled in the roof of her mouth.  It was the most repugnant thing that ever happened to her, and she tried to push his slimy seed out of her mouth with her tongue.  The Cardassian Borg shoved her head up facing the other one still raping her.  The semen began sliding down her throat choking her.  She tried again to expel it, but with gravity and her jaws still forced open, it flowed down blocking her throat.  Finally desperate for air, Ro swallowed letting out a cry of degradation at how revolting it was.  She had to swallow several times to breathe again.  The taste was exceedingly foul, but she couldn’t spit with her jaws forced open.

Just when she thought she couldn’t be more ashamed and humiliated, the Cardassian between her legs began the same insistent thrusting.  His lustful leer turning into a horrid grimace, and then Ro felt that same spurt and spurt inside her.  She groaned in misery feeling his semen shooting inside her.  Her precious womb polluted by foul Cardassian sperm.  Sensing her thoughts, the Borg Collective commented, ‘Your bio-readings indicate you are ovulating.’
Ro reacted in shock thinking of the implications.

Her thoughts racing, she saw the Cardassian Borgs losing their brief individuality returning to the Collective as expressionless drones.  To her relief, the drones abruptly turned and departed.  If she could just get some rest, she was sure she could develop a plan of escape.  Just as abruptly as the two drones left, two more assimilated Cardassian drones arrived and positioned themselves between her legs and above her head.  Two more biological Cardassian male organs appeared from open panels.  The Borg made another observation, ‘We cannot tell yet if any of your ova have been fertilized, but we have confidence that will happen soon.’
Ensign Ro of the Enterprise began wailing hysterically as the male organs aimed at her vagina and widely open mouth moved forward.

The women of the Enterprise were forced to endure repeated rapes, extreme humiliation and forced orgasms until eventually they were incapable of any reaction.  Some simply expired from the experience, while others like Ro became biological incubators for more drones.  The Borg conquered more Federation worlds and captured more ships.  The women and girls of the Federation were subjected to the same horrific treatment.  We are the Borg, resistance is futile.

April 07, 2015, 02:24:57 AM
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This was really hot Jed! Especially using the Bajoran ensign and Cardassian Borg drones! Only way it would have been better was if it was Lt. Kira Nerys from DS9 being raped by Cardassians! But hey, who am I to complain? This was great! Thumbs up, my friend.

April 07, 2015, 09:52:38 AM
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How about throwing Guinan out an airlock with the proclamation, "Too ugly to assimilate." ;D