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The above was the inspiration for the following, it was very kindly sent to me by KgC120, who's beginning to understand that the weirdest of things can trigger my story imagination!

M/FF, Ghosts, Robotic Wife,Rape, sci-fi

Waves lapping what remains of the three logs she was tied to. No one knew who tied her there of for what reason. All we know is she was found after suffering a horrible fate and that the town of Pine Vale was shocked. Looking around the beach in a circle, scenes of the far off  Coastal Paradise  and wood along the beach greeted me and my partner as we looked into just what happened.

As I think about the call we received in the station a little after 4am yesterday morning. A body found in the sand of the local beach, more precise a girl in her late twenties, brown hair, blue eyes, hard to guess her height since she was sitting staring out to the water with her knees curled up under her chin, a vacant look in her eyes. Wouldn’t speak or even acknowledged our presence when we showed up. Deputy Bowden, Julie Marsh my partner and myself Ed Gorwin of the Coastal Paradise PD were sent by the Marshall to see what all the excitement was about.

Bowden and I held back when we got to the beach, Julie walked over to the woman and tried to find out what’s going on. Ignored she waves us over, as we approach the woman flinches but still refuses to speak or acknowledge us. “Thank god for Dynatech hey Ed!” Bowden spouts as he takes out his “MindRes” reader and trains it onto the woman. In minutes the flashing lights stop on the solid green meaning her last memories were read and ready for viewing.

“Yeah god bless the advancement detection gear of 2045!’ pissed at being up so early “Now you want to tells us what it fucking says?” Yeah I was in a bad mood, my shift ended at 2 am and here I was on a fucking cold beach with ‘Miss Mute” instead of the Susan 2100 hypno-wife deluxe.

“Holy shit, you won’t believe your eyes!” Bowden eyes wide as he stares into the viewscreen of the pistol like instrument.

“Oh give me that before the pictures hurts your little fucking brain!’ Wow Julie was in a pissed mood also. Guess Clint didn’t make his nightly stop this morning! “Sweet Fucking Christ what the hell is this shit!” Grabbing the instrument I take a gander and almost shit and piss myself at the images displayed.

From a position on the beach by three logs, a giant dark color creature holding an schooner in four of its tentacles, on board can been seen the outlines of men . three more tentacles snaked out on the beach around the three posts. Two end around the legs of the woman, the last around her neck holding her in place. Besides her prone body the remains of a two piece red and white bikini. But the image that made me spill all my waste by products I’ll never forget were of translucent men standing around her body like they were waiting for the one on her body to finish what he was doing.

The image shifts to the body lifting only to be replaced by another and “Damn she be a fine wench, Cap’n sir!”  and what sounds like mewing coming from the woman. “What is this shit Bowden?”

“What she experienced Gorwin!’ looking incredulous “The damn thing working fine, just had it’s weekly inspection by the tech heads from  Coastal Tech!”
Then if this is true then we’re to believe that she was ganged raped by ghost seamen with the aid of a giant sea monster. It sounded like something out of those old movies from the late 90’s that the old Hollywood would crank out. “Well we’ll get more out of her at Coastal General why don’t you and Julie, get her out of here and take her there.

They gently draped Bowden jacket over her shoulders and escort her off the beach. I stay for more than an hour before Coastal Paradise  forensic lands on the scene and I relate what the ‘MindRes’ purported to claim happened. Taking out my handheld Mestronic PDHF424 I film the surroundings before finally centering back onto the three posts. Asking if I was needed only to be told no, I made my way to General to meet up with Julie and Bowden.

Coming into General i just found my way to where Juli and bowden were as they came out of the examination room “Well?” All I got out before Bowden tossed his last meal all over the floor and Julie shivering grab a hold of me so hard my teeth tried to keep up the rhythm her nerves were producing along her body. “WWell cannn someoooone telllll meeee what theeee fuuuuck weeee stumbbbbled ontoooo”  never try to ask anything while being shaken by a woman in fright.

Finally Bowden looks up from his ever expanding puddle of intestinal delight. “It’s just as the ‘Mindres’ claims, she was gangraped by ghoss while held down by a creature!” more dry heaves rack him. Julie loosens her grip on me and tries for a cup of water from the hallway dispenser. Shaking it all over the floor before I grab the cup and hold it to her lips after refilling it.

"Ed it was true the doctor did a rape kit and took out ectoplasm from her vagina and anal cavity. She seems to be finally getting a hold on her nerves “There was enough to fill a 100 mm flask and Ed it’s a whitish color just like semen of a real live guy!”

"Yeah right! Hey am I on that lame ass practical joke show from UPFOXN!” then my phone bleeps. “Gorwin!” Listening to the speaker on the other end “You shitting me right, Ectoplasm the color of sperm on the posts along with sucker marks!


That’s how Marie Two Runner and myself found our self this night on the exact beach at two in the morning.Seem the big brass didn’t believe the evidence the MindRes obtained on scene or at the hospital.Fuck even i had my doubts but i don’t have the balls to tell upper management to take this one and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Julie  had to be put on temporary medical leave since even with little white pills she still was shaking so bad that it was like she was playing “Taps” when she had a spoon in her hand.Not that I had anything against Marie who was full blood Haida Indian hailing from some hole in the wall in Canada. Five foot eight, built like a WWE Diva, you know the type thick waist and broad shoulders, little upstairs when it came to anything outside of bashing someone  down.

“You sure the MindRes was operating right Gorwin?” For the millionth time that night/ morning I told her yes, “Because I’m getting nothing on the meter!”

“Can’t help it, personally seen the evidence from her scans and the ectoplasma to say it’s been faked!”  Pointing out where she was found to Marie “Over there is where we will start with this night’s investigation

“Find by me!” then as her arms moves towards the three posts “Whoa getting something on the meter!” a high pitch whine sounding  the closer we got to them. The readings are going off the scale. Out in the water a section of the water started to roil as something hugh sought to break the surface of the water. We both just standing there each wondering inside ‘What the fuck is that!

“’Hey Ed do you see what I’m  see and getting on the meter?”

“Depends if your talking about a giant octopus  like creature holding what looks like schooner!”
Oh shit then I’m not suffering from that opioid I took before shift!’ turning to make a break for it as the air is split with “Avast ye wench, where ye be going!”

Taking out my gun I pump an entire clip into the translucent beings coming walking out of the tide. The shells seem to pass through them like a hot knife through butter. Then  they are on me, cold lifeless hand followed by a good four inch thick tentacle that pin my to the beach. My pants are pulled down as I try to fight clear, then the sight and sound of Marie fighting a similar thing draws my attention.

“Karkaren and the schooner “Villainous! But I thought that was just an old tribal tale told to make young girl  abstain from having sex on the beach!” then the sound of cloth ripping and screams of ‘get off me!’ followed by a high pitched scream of ‘No’ then the sounds of a cock sloshing in a wet pussy!

Then my world turns black as the tentacle wraps itself around my head. Coming too when someone grabs my shoulders and shakes me “Hey you shouldn’t sleep on the beach man!” As I quickly gain my senses I look to find Marie sitting just like the other woman was when we first came to this beach two days ago! The same vacant look in her eyes and what appeared to be dried semen all over her nude form.

“Marie?” shouting as I gain my feet with help from the guy who found me. Just like the other either not wanting to hear of can’t hear. Grabbing the MindRes and using it I pick up the same images as from the other woman. Searching my pockets for my phone  find it smashed to pieces with what looks like a claw sticking through it. Then once more the world goes black.

                                                                                      To be continued

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Part Two

Coming too once more, this time I the very hospital that I was in yesterday morning when this investigation started. The difference now a nurse in a uniform that definitely was too tight on her was holding my left wrist, checking my pulse. Noticing i’m awake “Well detective Gorwin we were wondering when you come back!” dropping my wrist and recording my pulse onto the chart she picked up. “Doctor Cole will be in soon to check on you herself!”

Great I thought a chick doctor that’s all I need right now, considering I just lost two chicks as partners in the span of twenty-four hours! No sooner thought than she came waltzing in like her shit don’t stink. About five foot six, a even one hundred and ten pounds dressed in a silver lame top and jet black skirt that only highlighted her dark brown eyes and her long legs.

“Detective Gorwin, how many fingers am I holding up?” A slim wrist ending in a hand showing only the middle finger up.

“Fuck you to doc!” my reply making it a snotty as possible “Nice bedside manner!”

“Well his eyes work!” Her voice is smooth making me wonder if we crossed paths before resulting in her attitude towards me. “Don’t hold my test against me detective, it’s hard to get a straight answer out of a concussed person” Shining a penlight into my eyes then “Follow the beam with your eyes please!” directing it left then right , up then down and finally onto her breasts ‘Can you tell me then the light stopped detective?”

Without thinking “On the front of your top, damn close to a sexual harassment complaint to your boss!” getting more pissed by her unprofessional attitude towards me. Swinging my legs off the bed trying to stand. “Look you play you game of doctor with someone else, I’ve got a case to solve!”

“You will do as the physician says or have to answer to me Edward!” from the doorway the robotic voice of Susan 2100. Standing there her robotic eyes red twinged in anger instead of the sky blue I programmed when I purchased her. “Now return to the bed or I will place you there myself!” knowing she will do it, I get back onto the mattress

“Well call me impressed!” Doctor Cole  moved back as Susan moves to keep me in bed “We could use her here at the hospital full time, just think of how she could control certain patients!” Consulting the chart once more “Well there seem to be no effects of concussion, so I see no reason why you can’t be released!”

Well finally some good news,now all I had to do is get away from Susan  to continue my investigation. I vaguely remember hearing Marie saying something about Karkaren and the schooner Villainous before she was was worked over like the other woman was. Shit Marie I forgot all about her.

“Hey Doc how’s my partner?”

“She’s in the mental ward in a catatonic state since she was examined!” Signing the paper on the chart then continuing “Just like Jane Doe, physically they are alright, mentally though’s like their experience was too much for their consciousness to bear” then she said something that made me stop and think “It’s like their a robot with a memory that’s been wiped, and we have no way to reboot it!”

“Well I signed your release papers detective, I suggest some light duties for a couple of days just to be on the safe side.” Saying her piece she takes her leave so I start to get up after giving Susan a warning glance about saying anything.

“You’re free to return home Susan! , I’m off to the library to do some research!” Getting dressed and starting to walk out only to have Susan grasp my hand placing me in an aikido hold, effectively paralyzing me

“You heard the doctor, light duties for the next two days! Now you will accompany me back to our residence and rest!” She marches me out of the hospital over to the smart car I left for her personal need.Without mercy she forces me into the passenger seat and buckles me in so tight I like I’m being cut in half. Trying to adjust the belt earns me a slap on the hands like the nuns used to give me back in the orphanage.

“How hard could doing research into something be?” As she goes around to climb in behind the wheel, giving me just enough time to loosen the belt around me. “Just want to find out a bit about this Karkaren legend.” She ignores my words

”The doctor said rest and rest you will!”  Giving me the evil eye as she starts the car, checking all directions before backing out. Why I programmed a slight stubborn streak in her in the initial phase, still remains a mystery to me, but I decide to test just how stubborn she’s going to be about it. Moving my left hand onto the synthi flesh of her right leg, caressing it up and down,each time going closer to her nether region.

“Fuck that hurt!” as her right hand comes down like a guillotine blade onto the hand. Pulling it back to my chest before she get’s anymore ideas of how to stop me.

“Doctor Cole said rest, not sex!’ her right eye moving to take in my left profile. Her left still staring straight ahead on the road.”Do I need to clean out your ear deposits once more?” Cringing at the thoughts of how thorough a job she did last time, remembering how I could hear each individual servo motor of her body whined as it moves.

Sitting back in my seat I allowed her to drive us in silence home while I plotted to get away from her. The master decode key may be needed before the day’s out, unless i can figure out a way to get her to believe me. Coming alongside the public library I get a ploy in my head and decide to give it a go

“Susan can we stop and go get a book for me to read while i rest?” She gives me the look with her right eye but the car turns  before we pass the parking entrance.

“Alright Edward but just one book!” Susan relents, parks and walks in with me. She stops in front of the romance section while I go in deeper to the computer

“Computer books on local Indian folklore” A Nano second passes before the screen comes alive with titles. Highlighted in yellow “Dreams Of The Haida” by Dr. John Rapiste and it’s location and status. Great is actually here, going to find it, the library improved it’s shelving system by introducing vocal identification. Just go to the shelf and speak the title and the book is pushed forwards making it easy to find. Doing it I’ve got the book and return to Susan before she decides to come find me.

“I’m ready to go Susan if you are?”

“A new record, only five books scanned!” Turning leading me to the sign out kiosk, then back into the parking lot. Back on the way home I do a fast check in the index hoping to find an reference to an octopus  and their it was page 367. Flipping the book open to the page, scanning own find the sentence “The Karkaren an octopus like creature has been reported by the local since the first pictorial histories of the native population” great so now I might have a name,back to the index, Karkaren pages 500-525.

Once more flipping to the pages my eyes are greeted by an artist's rendition of the creature that I’ve I seen and have personal interaction with in person. Then a sharp jab into my ribs “Are you listening to anything I just said?” Hell just for that I’m definately using the master decode key to shut her off for a while. Once safely at home I go into an act of ‘resting’ while Susan goes about her normal routine. Letting an hour pass before i get up and retrieve the master decode key, finding Susan in the kitchen I boldly walk up to her and start kissing her neck and feeling up her breasts before unbuttoning her top, sliding it off her form.

Luckily I programmed her originally to accept any sexual advancement above the waist and to respond appropriately. Kissing her skin from the base of her skull to the top of her shoulder then caressing said skin, she purrs in response unaware I’ve open the decoder key slot between the C2 and C3 vertebrae . Continuing what I started by undoing her pants. Dropping then too the floor, my left hand seeking her sex and the treasure contained there.
Whispering into her ear “Damn I’m so turned on by you Susan!” flicking my tongue along the inner ear then suckling on her lobe.

“But I will burn dinner if we…” That when my finger connects with her pleasure button and she molds her body into mine. What started as a way to turn her off so I could go investigate, backfires as I  go rock hard and determined to get relief. Unzipping my fly, taking my cock out, her purrs penetrate my mind turning all my thoughts into sexual desires for this perfect machine once more.

Feeling the mist that signifies she preparing to oil to accept my cock, I sheath my hard cock into her passage. When completely in she purrs long then they turn into soft moans of pleasure, greeting my grunts of lust.  As I fuck her, my hand moves to my pocket extracting the decode key fumbling it into the slot before i finally sink it in place. I can feel my balls churning, needing release, so I hold off pressing the button activating the programming sequence.

As I have her programmed she cums,  screaming” Yes Edward!” before I follow suit and empty myself into her. A full minute passes before I remember to press the button, instantly Susan stops operating, and the screen built into the base of her skull drops and opens. After typing to remain off for six hours I make my way the coffee table where I left the folklore book, collecting it and turning to the about the author page.

“Dr John Rapiste lives alone with his books in Coastal Paradise” Grabbing the phone speaking the name into it then ‘address’. It robotic voice spout “4576 West Coast Drive” making me wonder just how much an Indian folklorist makes. West Coastal Drive is moneybags property. Not the kind to just drop by I place a call to Dr Rapiste, asking if I could talk to him about my case and a strange octopus creature i’ve seen We agree to meet at his place in an hour, looking over to Susan, my cum  in a disposable baggie between her splayed legs on the floor, I suddenly get a guilty conscious.
Moving her into the living room, I use the decode key to position her on the couch like she was napping before leaving to go see the good doctor

                                                                                             To Be Continue

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Brilliant and well-done!

May 27, 2017, 11:54:51 PM
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I want to know where this is leading! Love the sci-fi aspects. We need more of those types of stories as it is.

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No sex just plot buildup!

About to turn onto West Coast Drive still wondering how much money is there in folklore. I would have to say since the housing crisis of 2017 the rebound of some areas were so outrageous that the ordinary person couldn’t even afford to walk down some streets let alone afford a home on one. West Coast Drive was just such a place, the cheapest house price as an estimated 10 million dollars, the highest a cool 25 million. Finding 4576 , in the middle of the drive I guess the estimated price in the mid teen range.

Parking on the drive, I chose to walk up to the two store place with floor to ceiling windows on each level. A sea of white greeted my eyes every window curtain was white, even the shutters and door was a bright white. Walking to the door knocking, waiting for sign that Rapiste was home. The door finally opens a crack “What do you want?”

“Mr Rapiste, I phones earlier about Haida folklore?” The door closed and I hear the sounds of six chains, four deadbolt unlocking then the door swings open  and an arm reaches out and pulls me in.

“Quick the local police would love to catch me outside!” Inside the tell tale odor of something illicit, not exactly what and since I’m not narc division, i don’t give a damn as long as I get the info I’m hoping to get from this meeting. “So you said you called earlier about folklore, anything in particular you wanted to know?”

“I don’t know if you read the local paper but two women were attacked down on a beach by  Bellarond Sound!”

“Ah excuse me but these attacks was it by ectoplasmic being, from an old style schooner being held by a giant octopus like creature by any chance?”

Considering that the news release downplayed the aspects of the situation and I never came out with the information, how the hell did he know? The look on my face must have confirmed his thought as he rushed into a close room where i hear rustling of paper and a sudden crash of book to the floor

“Ah yes here it is!” More books hitting the floor as he returns to me holding out a book with a drawing of what I saw the other night on the beach. My eyes bug out of my head at what i see and remember before going black.

“How did you know what I was going to ask you about?”

“Well I did my thesis on the Karkaren and the Villainous, one of the most retold local legend in the local folklore of the Haida! Oh but where are my manners. Do you care for a seat and something to drink, while I explain what is possibly happening!” Leading me into a room stacked by books everywhere you look, except a couch and a coffee table. On the table the tell tale sign of an incense burner, incense sticks and a hand rolled cigarettes that were giving off the odor I recognized  coming inside.

“Ah! Sorry! I suppose I’m under arrest for possession then?”

“Hey I’m here for information, not to pad my arrest record. What you do in your own home in no ways affects my investigation Mr. Rapiste!’

“Please John, detective!’ picking up a hand roll, licking it before lighting it then sucking in a lungful before slowly blowing out making sure it didn’t drifted towards me. “Rapiste makes me sound like a perv on a sex site!”

“Well then John I’m Ed!” Showing him that i don’t care about his drug use by picking up a cigarette of my own and lighting up. “So what can you tell me about this Karkaren and the Villainous?”

"Ah yes the Karkaren, the protector of Bellarond Sound was first recorded in the year 855 AD when images of a creature was depicted on the caves of Louloudren or what is now known as Loudren Heights. Then down through the many generation that have past there is a spoken tale that the Karkaren was a protector of the sound and it’s people thus the tale in 1594 of when the indigenous people were visited by Captain Graybeard Cartier and his murderous crew first appeared on the shore.” Pausing to take a long drag

“The locals were surprised when the pirates appeared and send two of their women to greet and bring the pirate ship into the inner harbor. Once on board the women were savagely raped then had their throats cut and thrown overboard. The men on shore called on the Karkren to defend them as the pirates launched small ship to come to land quickly decimating the locals.”

“As the pirates were trying to weigh anchor the Karakren rose and grasped the schooner dragging it and it’s crew to the bottom of the sound, killing all instantly!” another long drag which I join him doing. “Then every time the creature senses women on the beach on the day the pirate first appeared it rise so the pirates can make amends.”

“If they are to make amends then why is the Karkaren allowing them to rape innocent women?”

“The creature watches what happens and uses a sense of justice to perceive if the pirates actually atones. The legend goes that a woman who is not a woman will wear the pirates out so they become easy prey for the venom  of the Karkaren and fade into history!” Handing me his book open onto the page of the prophecy. Scanning the page 

“I don’t get it who is a woman who is not a woman?”

“Well Ed that is what has never been expounded upon!” getting up “Can i offer you a bottle?”

“No thanks!’ checking my wrist chrono noting that is been almost two hours since I shut Susan down. "Got what I need, now I’ve got to get back to the wife before she realizes I’m gone!” Standing up offering John my hand and a fiver for the smoke,

“If I may Ed, if possible can I be on hand when you try to stop the Karkaren and the Villainous”

“Sure if I ever figure out how to do that!” Leaving getting back into the car wondering how do you stop a creature that supposedly been around for at least 1162 years and that only the first reported sighting, who knows how many there was before that! Then other thing running through my mind- did i programmed Susan to autostart from last known point, if so then I’m in deep shit when I get home.

All drive, I also pondered a woman who isn’t a woman,could that be in reference to a Hermaphrodite? Could all this be stopped by some genetic freak and if so where can we get one willing to be ganbanged by some 16th century ghosts until they go poof! A smirk on my face as I picture in my mind that image.About to pull into the driveway when the door to my little place opens and there stands Susan.

Shit must have only set the blackout time for an hour or so, meaning she’ll be able to process  from the moment just before I turned her lights out! I can tell by the way she’s standing that she’s not waiting for her loving man to come in from a long day of work like those wives on the ultratube. More likely she’s got crimson eyes and foul images in her processor

Coming to a halt. Sitting there staring at my awaiting punisher, thought from last time resurface to my mind. Tied to a chair as she quotes from her memory circuits scenes from Shakespeare then the inevitable questions ‘why aren’t you like blah blah blah?’ Oh well might as well go in and face the music, since I was the one to program the radio to begin with!

No soon is my foot to the bottom of the stairs “Well Detective Gorwin, Christian name Edward Octavious!” Oh Christ she’s using the full name, if it wasn’t for the fact I left my gun inside I’d shot first and hope for questions later. “Are you aware what ‘Rest’ means when a doctor prescribes it?” ooh goody a possible escape clause

“But Susan dear Doctor Cole only suggested rest not prescribed it, there’s a difference! Ackkkggg! Her hand around my throat cuts off any more linguistic challenges to her, and some of my oxygen supply at the same time.

Relaxing her grip some “Edward you will remain in bed for the following period, 70.15  hrs unless you want to be bound to the bed by force!”

“Oooh a little light force and binding, why Susan what have you been reading lately to suggest something kinky like that?” That’s when the stars exploded behind my eyes and all went black!

                                                                                 To be Continued

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Slowly I become aware. My eyes slightly part allowing  a fake darkness into what little of the eye is open. At first all I can tell for sure is it’s dark and I’m lying down on something soft. From my right “Oh good Edward you’re returning to consciousness after 38 hours!” In my head ‘why was I out? And why can’t I recall what happened before checking out!’

Opening my eye more a female figure comes into focus “I feared that I struck you harder than I allowed myself to do!” A brunette, blue eyed beauty with skin as smooth as porcelain is hovering by my side an expressionless face  looking to mine “Why did you deactivate me after having coitus?” All I can do is stare into that perfect face as I try remember what I may have done to her.

Making a move to get up I find myself restrained in a bed, both legs and arms tied to the corresponding side railings, something cold and metallic touching my pelvic region. Swallowing to moisten my throat “Wha…”

“You had coitus with me while I was making a meal then left to see a professor, when I activated once more I waited for your return.” Moving the metallic thing from between my legs before continuing “Upon returning home I waited for explanation before extracting proper response!” A small glass of liquid it brought to my lips “Small sip only Edward!” Obeying as my memories begin to return, an octopus like creature, my wanting to talk to Dr. John Rapiste and a solid right hook to my jaw!

“Susan, you cold cocked me!” incredulously saying as i became totally back to reality

“I’ve read that it is considered a proper response to your actions!” continuing with “That or dismemberment of genitalia!” trying to move my hands to my crotch as I register her words. “You have yet to respond to my query!”

“It was the only way I could think of to get out to continue my investigation!” then it all came back in a flash flood of memories. “Oh Christ I’ve been out a day and a half, what’s happened to my investigation?

“Detective Marsh is conducting it until you are deemed able to return to said Investigation!” Undoing the restraints on my right side, taking over releasing my left appendages. I relayed your theory to her of the indigenous people’s mythology and suggest she investigate herself!” Trying to stand, almost losing my balance when i try to walk to the ensuite bathroom

“Is assistance required Edward?” as the doorbell sounds. Susan get’s an empty look in her eyes as she connects her consciousness to the video surveillance system “Ah Detective Marsh is back!” leaving to answer the door while i piss standing up for the first time in a while. Shaking myself, then zipping up, I make my way out to see Susan and Julie sitting across from each other.

“Ed is onto something with the folklore!” Acting like nothing has happened to her “So is he up and about yet?”
Susan is about to answer when I make my way out “Well look what finally decided to get up!” Going over and hugging Julie before taking a seat a bit apart from Susan “So what have you learned?”

“Dr. Rapiste has damn good weed and a keen analytical mind when it comes to legends!” smirking with a sparkle in her eye. “Also a good sense of ‘when a woman is not a woman!’, thinks that may mean a natural hermaphrodite like Jordan Fenton in accounting!”

“Jordan Fenton has a dick!’ my outburst makes Susan head swing towards me. Before she says anything “I’ve dated her before you came into my life!” that sees to appease her and makes Julie’s eye widen at my confession.

“So do you want to set Jordan up for a few fucks to test that theory Julie?” asking her outright

“No I thought we appeal to her sense of justice!” winking at me before telling me she also told Dr. Rapiste that he could be on hand when we try to stop this Karkaren and crew. Great we have an eyewitness beside cops when the chief call us onto the carpet about what the possible solution to our supernatural sex attackers! I’ve been down for so long I’m chomping at the bit to get back out there and solve it once and for all!

Calling ahead I schedule a meeting with Chief D’lorde  and the person of our discussion! By the time we make our way downtown to headquarters both are in the chief’s office. Knocking in and getting told to enter, i lay out what we know to date about our case. Getting to the idea of ‘a woman who isn’t a women!” before the chief’s eye brow rises and Jordan jumps up in protests.

“No way Eddie, I’ve visited Maria in the wacky wards there’s no way i’m going to allow myself to become a screwed drooling idiot like her!”

“Here now there is no need to defame a colleague Ms. Fenton!” D’lorde exclaims. “Isn’t there someone else you can figure out to use?”

“Well chief it’s only recently been brought to my attention that Ms. Fenton may qualify as a possible answer to that line!”

“Is this your way of getting back at me for not telling you I had a cock while we dated two years ago?” Jordan all up in my face  before coming up with her own idea “Why not search the prisons for a hermie and offer a parole if they agree to help?”

Chief D’lorde picks up on that and runs with it “Yes Ed why not offer amnesty to Dagostine Hujax?”

“Didn’t even know him there were any hermaphrodites in Coastal Paradise let alone two, chief!” Wasn’t lying to them, it was nothing I ever felt that I needed to know. I mean how many others knew they existed in their community!

Chief D’lorde picks up the phone and places a call to State Attorney Cartier, detailing our plan. Sitting hearing the one sided conversations i heard something which made me wonder just how heartless Chieff D’lorde was. “Well what have we got to lose, it helps and gets amnesty and we get rid of this problem, if it goes wrong what have we lose a harden criminal and gained a drooling idiot!” more silence then, “Okay I’ll do the paperwork!”
Well it’s a go to get Hujax out if he cooperates with our request that is!” he relays then shoos us from his office. Julie can’t  wait to rush out for a cigarette break, Jordan goes out fast , making me the last to leave the office. Outside after closing the door Jordan stops me

"Can we talk Eddie?”

Like a smart ass “well we both know English and can make sentences!”

“A simple yes or no idiot!” Not waiting for a reply “I bet you’re wondering how you never found out I was a  hermaphrodite while we dated?”
Well the thought has crossed my mind since I found out but I wasn’t going to be the one to ask!

“Well i keep it taped along the joint of my left leg while we were intimate!” Oh like that seemed likely, “Remember I told you I had a sudden swelling along there!” Oh Christ I thought she meant like a varicose vein or something not a dick! Shuddering as I recall our one time together after a particularly long shift!

Then “Hey I hear you got yourself one of those Robo-bitches. Are they any good in the sack?”

“That’s robo wives and they are as good as you care to program them!’ Responding to her then walking away slightly disgusted with her. Finding Julie at her desk on the phone, again only hearing the one side of a two sided conversation.

“Really you might be able to control the Karkaren that’s wonderful John!”  No she couldn’t be talking with Rapiste. Sitting on the corner of her desk hoping to hear more but she slaps my leg with her stapler  giving me the hint to go away!

Moving to my desk the phone rings just as I’m about to sit down, reaching to pick it up. “Gorwin!” the chief telling me all is in order and that Hujax is willing to cooperate and will be released tomorrow morning at 12:01 am laying out a plan of action for me

“Chief are you suggesting I pick him up and take him on a little tour of the beach before letting him go home?
“Well like I told Cartier what have we to lose so the sooner the better in my eyes!’ then the chief really shows how much he cares “Besides drooling idiots cost less to keep confined!”

And that’s how i find myself at 1:46 am in Susan’s  smart car with a hermie winking and telling my how he could rock my world if i wanted.”let me tell you i had a couple of guys do me but they complained about my lack of depth!” Then he changes the subject “Say any chance I can get some female action before I help you pigs?”

“Well I been told vice has been investigating a prostitution ring out on the beach but they could never get an evidence to prove it!” Stopping the car at the top of the entrance to the beach, we both get out, Hujax running down to the shore like a little kid, me taking my time. When out in Bellarond sound the water starts churning and there the Karkaren rising holding the Villainous in it’s tentacles.

Like before the ghost ship disgorges a crew, led by i’s captain.  Hujax stares in wonderment at the sight of the Karkaren as the pirates grabs and strips their intended victim  “Oy Capn’ this one got a willie!” Suddenly two tentacles snake ashore batting the pirates away like flies before taking a leg in each tentacle. Hujax screams as his legs are split apart, the cock in plain sight. Then an ungodly scream rents the air as each tentacle begins to pull in separate direction.

Hujax complained he lacked depth down there well by the time the Karkaren was done his body was torn in half vertically, each side landing on the beach as the pirates return to the Villainous. As they get aboard the Karkaren sinks into the depths of Bellarond sound. Seconds later a boulder breaks the surface , flies over the beach and lands with deadly accuracy onto the roof of Susan’s smart car

“Well fuck me, she really like that little car!” Starting my long walk towards town. “She’s going to castrate me when she finds out

                                                                                   To be Concluded

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Great not only am I stuck walking to own but I can’t call for help, since my phone was in the car. Just my luck not a patrol car in sight and of course the only phone booth along the way is out of order. Forty minutes later I find a person on a bike with a cell phone and get her to call into headquarters. Waiting until the the forensic van comes so i can hitch a lift back to the beach.

As we pull past Susan’s car  the tech alongside of me asks “So do those cars get good milage” then to rub it in “Of course I’m mean when not flatten by a boulder!” Oh yeah funny, smirking at him as I think about what he about to find on the beach, the logs and in the water!

No sooner are they collect the remains of Hujax than Chief D’lorde  makes an appearance. “So Gorwin, take it that failed?” Man what an understatement, I just look at him like he asked a rhetorical question. As he continues “Well at least we know he won’t reoffend!” How the hell did he get to be a chief I wonder.

“So where do we go from here Gorwin?”

Damn good question I think , as I see the smart alec tech, grab a plastic bag and throw up.Serves him right for making fun of my plight. “Well all I can think of is solve the when a woman isn’t a woman!” D’lorde just glares at me.

“Well whatever you do get it done fast!” Turning to make his exit from the scene. As if I needed to be told that. Watching the forensic team working I try to figure out the statement about the woman issue. Hearing a beep from a trucking backing up I turn and see Susan’s smart car being towed up onto the flatbed of the police minus the boulder. Great another problem to solve only this one has the possibility of rendering me nutless

Then it came to me a robotic woman! Could the old prophecy be talking about a robotic woman and if so would the chief put out that type of money to get one on a hunch. As the tow driver prepares to return to the impound lot I hitch a lift with him. Once there I make my way to my desk and call Susan waking her and delivering the bad news about her car. To say I held the receiver away from my ear is an understatement just like saying everyone within a 100 yards heard her as if she was right in the room with me was one. The only thing I can fully remember hearing is Susan saying she would pick me up when I done sometime this morning. Damn my life is down to a few hours!

Burying my nose into typing the report of the latest incident. I fail to realize that Julie and Rapiste came in and have been trying to questioning about earlier. When I do acknowledge their presence the first this i ask is about the possible prophecy of a robotic woman

“Hmmm that an interesting theory Ed!’ taking out a meerschaum pipe and lighting it before either julie or me can stop him. “The Haida have been known to prophesize about future life as it relates to them, but I can’t recall anything specific about women that aren’t women!’ Sucking on the pipe then blowing a stream of smoke out the nearest window. “One thing I forgot to mention before Ed is that the Haida was supposed to have a method to control the Karkaren!”

That makes my thoughts start to flow “This method can it be verified to stop the Karkaren?”

“No I haven’t ever found documented proof of such a method, but as i was telling Julie that doesn’t mean such a method doesn’t exists!”

That’s when Chief D’lorde and Susan walk in side by side conversing about our little dilemma. All I catch is “Why don’t you just call in the army?” Looking to Rapiste at that suggestion and all he does is shrug his shoulders.

“My Gorwin what did you ever do to deserve such a fine lady like this?” D’lorde asked after taking me aside

“Paid for her, what else?” D’lorde eyes bug out as he tries to digest my meaning. That’s when I hit him up about my newest theory about using a robotic woman.

“Do you have any idea how much they cost Gorwin?”

“Of course he does Chief D’lorde he bought me a couple of years back!” Susan blurts out  “He paid the equivalent of two years salary!” D’lorde swings his head between Susan and me, then a gleam comes to his eye

“Oh no! I’m not risking Susan!” Standing in front of her “There is no way in hell is she’s going to be anywhere near that beach!”
A vice like grip on the back of my neck tells me that Susan has other ideas. “Shall we let Susan decide Edward?” turning me away from D’lorde “So how may I assist the department?

“Well I don’t know if Gorwin discusses his work with you but we been experiencing a slight problem out on Bellarond Sound that you may just be able to solve for us. Moving closer to her, putting an arm around her shoulder “She we go to my office and discuss it in detail?”

“No fucking way, she’s mine and I refuse to let her face any danger!” Then once more my lights a knockout by Susan and her snapping left fist! When I come too it on the beach, Chief D’lorde, Julie, Dr. Rapiste is guarding me as Susan is out in the open walking around. Trying to get my legs under me D’lorde and Rapiste hold me down “Let me up you fuckers!”

Trying to kick out of their grasp only get me chastise by Julie “Look Ed, Susan volunteered to help us, even though we took a backup program of her personality before we came out here!” Trying to appeal to my sense of fair play “The chief has already agreed to replace her if this goes wrong!” That’s when the sound of bubbling water pierces the air and the Karkaren rises, holding the Villainous in it’s tentacles.

Once more ectoplasmic males are disgorged from the ship. They surround Susan and tear her clothes off. A frenzy starts as she is forced onto the sand and the males try to fuck her. Once more I try to get to my feet only to held back, eager to go rescue her from them if possible. Julie cries out as the man on top of Susan disappears into a puff of smoke. Two by two the males are going away.

Out in the Sound the Villainous is also breaking apart and the Karkaren is moving further out into the middle of the sound. I maybe in a daze but i swear i see from the corner of my eye Rapiste blowing into a strange shaped object in his mouth. Soon the ship is gone as is most of it’s crew “Well it does work!” Rapiste says taking whatever was in his mouth to speak. Placing it back in he appears to be using it like a straw. Out in the Sound the Karkaren begins to moves closer to shore only to move back out when Rapiste turns the thing around in his mouth. A sharp blow into it and the Karkaren sinks below the waves.

“God damn there is a way to control the Karkaren and i have it!” Julie and him hug as i finally make it out from under him and D’lorde “See Ed! everything turned out okay in the end

“Okay my robotic wife is laying there in the sand, fucked by ectoplasmic males and you say everything is okay!” God I want to smash his face  as I start running to Susan or what is left of her. By the time I get to her, she ejecting a rather small bag of stuff from her sex cavity, leaving it there on the sand I try to run a diagnostic program. For over twenty minutes the screen is blank before a sentence comes on screen ‘ Diagnostic complete, install prior programming to continue.

“Did anyone think to bring her programming?” Julie produces a memory key. Grabbing it out of her hand i insert it into the slot want press download. Within minutes the screen shows ‘programming complete’ and Susan’s eyes blink red then blue. A real good sign.

The before I know it her fit smacks me in the jaw once more leaving me out cold. When I come too I’m back in my bed with Susan hovering over me “Well Detective Gorwin, Christian name Edward Octavious!” her eyes flashing between red and blue “Are you aware what ‘Rest’ means when a doctor prescribes it?”  Whoa deja vu the only difference this time I haven’t been to the doctor’s. They must have used the wrong programming key to restart her.

“Susan do you remember Bellarond Sound?” She seems confused by my question

“Edward you last mishap has addled your brain, remain resting until Doctor Cole has reevaluates your mental abilities” She walks out and my phone goes off on the bedside table, picking it up i see it’s the chief

“Yeah chief?”

“Gorwin good to see your back with us, how is Susan?”

“Seems to think I’ve been to the hospital once more and that I been diagnosed with mental issues!”

“Well that is what Doctor Cole told us before she allowed us to take you home in a gurney from the hospital!” then he goes on to tell me how they reset Susan using my key so sh’e would have no traces of her experience.We talk about how the case finished before hanging up. Seems Dr Rapiste turned over the control  thing for the Karkaren to the department and has asked julie to marry him.

Susan and Doctor Cole comes in then, Cole with her bedside manner that pisses me off. “So Gorwin how many boobs do you see in the room?”
Snottily “Five, two on you, two on her and one big one in the bed!”  Shining a light in my eyes before pronouncing me mentally fit to get up. Susan helps me get up as Cole leaves before I throw her out on her ass

"Well Edward since you will be home for a few days shall we watch some films?” looking to me “I have a sudden desire to watch pirate movies!”

                                                                                           The end