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June 22, 2015, 04:30:14 PM

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so this is a dream i had last night. I have no idea what it means comment what you could think it means, i would love to jear your guys' imput.

And it was like I was in a fairytale. There were 4 doors in a huge strange house owned by some mysteriously handsome yet very persuasive man.
He asked me if i would like to make a deal, the deal was that whichever door i choose will be my life, and i can change the doors but only at certain periods of time and they were years apart. I chose the third one, it held a world like ours but it was somewhere far in the east in a forest somewhere. The guy who i fell onto there said his name was peter (he was trying to fix the door or something i came through) and he made the same deal with the guy too, apparently he was stuck there for nearly 3 years before i stumbled through. I dont really remember much about the time i spent with him but it was weird, like everything i did was being watched, i was cautious about it. Then after a couple more years the door opened again, this time both me and peter went through it and ended back up at the big house, the man was sitting at a table and finally introduced himself, said his name was Aries.
He explained that we can either go home through the door we came and live that life or we can choose another, peter started acting a bit strange and he walked straight back through the door we came through and said he doesnt want to be anywhere else but home with me. After he walked through that door he couldn't come back out so i was left with Aries to make a quick decision, i said that I'm ready for an adventure and he said make your choice. I picked door 1 this time, it was a smallish village and the person i met through that door looked somewhat like you, although he had really long hair. He said his name was Erin. He was a horse tamer and asked if i knew aries. I said yes and his fave brightened up so much and asked if the door was still open, i said not after i came through and he took me my waist and took me to his farm, he had a bunch of animals and i spent the time taking care of them and Erin.
A little over 7 months passed and theDoor opened again, Erin came with because he was sick of playing the game, turns out he wanted to return home to his family around where Aries home is. That was his choice, me still being curious as fuck i went through #2 and i honestly have no idea where i was because it was so dark  but a woman on a horse swooped me up quickly and said we have to leave before jack either capture us or even sees us because then he'll hunt one of us down and keep us there until the door opens again, her name is helena and she lives in a broken down windmill to keep people away from bothering and scaring her. We lived together for a good year and a half before she was found by jack and killed, thats when i decided to go find this jack and show him not to fuck with me, i went back to where the door was, it looked like it was just a drawing in a tree. I ventured further and found a house with lights on, i evaluated and addressed the situation of who lived here. It was a family, two little boys and jack, the father. I waited until he put his children to bed then quitely snuck in and sat at his kitchen table until he came back, he did and stared at me in awe as if i was some beautiful creature of some sort. He tried to converse with me, seduce me. I said that's not why I'm here and he said that i was right, im here for his pleasure, he tried really fucking hard to catch me and use me but i jumped on the table, picked up his sword and straight up just cut his neck, he bled everywhere. I put a towel under his kids bedroom door to keep blood from seeping in and i cleaned it all up before morning, when morning arrived the boys came out and asked for their father, i said he is out today and that i am the new  housekeeper person. They introduced themselves as Abel and Kyle. They were both around 11. I spent the next 3 or so years raising them and calling them mine, each day i would come back to the door with them and study it while they play and hunt. It opened in the middle of the night oneNight and we were ready to go. I was ready to take them home or to the next realm with me, I took them to Aries and introduced them, he simply said that since i made the deal with him and brought back two young boys that there was a new deal to be made, we went and talked for a bit then he said that the price for this is when they reach 17 that i have to let them go and go through the final door with them. I agreed and we were off.
That place was like another town but bigger, i remember the name being idillika or something like that, it was peaceful we roamed for a bit found a nice patch to build a small home on (the boys built that) and i went into the town and introduced myself to a few people and told them of my kids, everybody soon heard of us and they brought gifts and food, we lived there happily and quietly until the time came that the deal came into terms, Abel and kyle turned 17 and i had to let them live their life. They left and moved into town, i stayed in the little house they built, later that night the door opened again i went through and seen aries once again, he asked how my entire journey through worlds was and what i plan to do next, i told him all about the four doors and that for now i would like a place to sleep comfortably. He said i can sleep in his bed tonight alongside him. We went to his room and i laid down and what finally seemed to sleep.

Then i actually woke up.

June 22, 2015, 08:24:01 PM
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Offline Zodiac

That's some dream you had, kitten. I feel like it would have been perfect for you if instead of sleeping with Aries at the end, you got to have some amazing sex with him  ;D

Do you often have dreams like this?  I never do. mine usually involve the place I work at  :(

June 22, 2015, 09:28:58 PM
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Really good rapekitten! Seems like it must have been a very lucid dream.

June 22, 2015, 09:55:27 PM
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That's some dream you had, kitten. I feel like it would have been perfect for you if instead of sleeping with Aries at the end, you got to have some amazing sex with him  ;D

Do you often have dreams like this?  I never do. mine usually involve the place I work at  :(
I often do have Dreams as this, Zodiak.
And i actually slept with them all except helena the woman, i never said that because this copy i originally sent to my clpsest Male friend and he would have gotten jealous that i had sex multiple time with multiple men in a single Dream.

June 22, 2015, 10:47:40 PM
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Offline Zodiac

I don't blame you for not telling him, though I think sex dreams are harmless fun. Sounds like a very nice dream indeed, kitten. As Vile said you must have some very lucid dreams. I hope you get to pick up where you left off tonight  :)