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This is Sorcery (M/f, rape, humil, public, sci-fi)

This is not sorcery, this is a simple application of nanotechnology to rapidly break down molecular bonds in common fabric products, like cotton, polyester, silk, etc. With some tweaking, it can also handle rubber, leather, and whatnot. Metal is still off-limits, sadly, but metal is just an accessory, not a covering. And of course there’s an extra subroutine that kicks in whenever the nanobots encounter living tissue. If it is human flesh with an XX chromosome pattern, the fabric decomposition continues unabated. If it is any other animal, or any other chromosome pattern (usually XY, but other combinations can exist and are safe), the fabric decomposition stops cold. Thus, the worst that could happen to a man is a poking a minor hole in his shirt or whatever.

“Oh, Andy, do you still work here?” Vicki asked with a sneer. Our receptionist had never cared for my presence, and probably knew about my upcoming dismissal before I did.

“Nope,” I said, pausing at her desk. I leaned over and touched her blouse sleeve, near her wrist. “And you’re not doing much work either!” I said as her blouse, then the rest of her clothes, all dissolved off her body, vanishing in under a second. Vicki’s eyes opened wide and she screamed in fright and shock, clutching her hands over herself and running off, not even towards the ladies room. Her colleagues, my former co-workers, were going to get a treat, not that they deserved it. No matter, though. No one knew that my failure on the job was because I’d found this other line of research and worked it exclusively for the last few months. I kept no notes on the network, and destroyed the printed copies. I was going to walk out with a billion dollar technology that no one even suspected I had.

Poor Vicki. If only management had put that security camera at her desk. I walked out for the last time and left Vicki to explain herself to management. I happened to know they were not a forgiving bunch.

Time for some fun. I behaved for the rest of the way out the building, simply because I didn’t know where the building management had placed cameras in the halls. But outside in the world, a much different scenario existed. I headed for the Harbor Mall, a big outdoor open-air shopping region by the water, full of touristy crowds, kitschy stalls, seafood and other street food, and lots of anonymity. I paused at one of the entrances. What was my plan? Who did I want to go after? What type of woman deserved the humiliation I was about to dish out cold? The answer hit me, and it was as clear as day. They all did. Every last one of them. I wasn’t likely to see my mother or either sister there, since they lived on the other side of the country. There was nobody else. Not that I was going to necessarily strip some old grannie. But for the most part, I just had to remain incognito. The type of woman didn’t matter.

I began walking, keeping my index finger safely curled into my palm. As I passed through a dense group, I figured it was time to start. I let my finger brush alongside some woman in her forties with a city sweater on and jeans. I had to be facing away as her clothes suddenly fell away off her body, vanishing in a puff of lint and dust. I let myself turn as she suddenly screamed.

She was standing, butt naked in the middle of hundreds of people on the wet pavement, trying to clutch her hands over her private bits. A decent body, good enough tits. Some stretch marks from kids, but whatever. Her face turned beet red and her facial expression was one of utter shock and confusion, and then despair as some of the crowds began pointing, laughing, filming, etc. “No! Don’t look at me! Don’t look at me!” she cried, finally running off. I guess she was alone. That was best, since a boyfriend or husband would just drape his jacket over her and take her back to the car. This woman left her keys on the asphalt when her purse evaporated.

I continued on. I figured a gap of a few minutes would be best. That would let me get some distance away. I waited and then picked another girl. This time I decided on some eye candy, and picked out a teenager. She was dressed colorfully, with leggings and a Hello Kitty backpack on her red raincoat. Maybe sixteen or seventeen, she seemed to be with friends, a bunch of girls. Her nudity wouldn’t last long probably, but there was a general principle to observe. I brushed against her raincoat and stepped quickly away. Her cry of distress and shame followed seconds later. I turned to see her go entirely to pieces, wailing and running off while her friends tried to catch up to her. Her slender body was on display to everyone until one of her posse caught her and threw a poncho over her.

This was amazing! I next found the hottest chick I could find, which took a few minutes. She was with some guy, so I figured it wouldn’t last long. I brushed against her and waited for the fun. Sure enough, in under a second her stunning chest was out proudly swaying, her sleek hips were wiggling bare, and her pretty mouth was screaming in uncomprehending horror.

“What the fuck!” her guy said, staring and not getting his coat off. “What the fuck are you doing, Tina!” he yelled.

“What happened! Help me!” she cried. He just scowled at her. Wow, they were not a happy couple. She finally raced off, and he reluctantly followed her.

I continued onward. A dense crowd was the best. No one knew I was the one doing this, and it was loud enough that a couple minutes away no one even knew there had been screaming. Then I could do it all over. And outside in a ramshackle open-air market like the Harbor Mall, there would be no CCTV to nail me later. I continued on. A fifty-something was next. Then a blonde in her thirties. Then a young teen, surely not old enough to drive. I couldn’t resist a pair of teen twins, Asian both, and speaking no English apparently. I didn’t see their parents anywhere as they ran off desperately seeking privacy. I did a woman in her sixties but still fit and healthy, so why not? Why shouldn’t she be treated like the rest? A mom with a stroller. A mom with three mobile kids. A businesswoman in a smart suit. A hippie girl. One of the vendors at a juice stand, in her twenties. A thin black woman. An apple-bottomed black woman. A police woman in uniform. That one had my heart racing, but it worked. She ran off crying like the rest, and I got her handcuffs from the ground before anyone noticed anything. A Latina chola tough girl followed, though she wasn’t so tough. I lost track of all the types and shapes and sizes. Fat girls, anorexics. Black, white, and all shades in the middle. Thirteen, probably, to sixty-something. Blonde, red, brown, even grey. One turned out to have a wig that vanished with the rest. All ended up the same, running off in terror and shame, sometimes followed by family or friends with a spare coat.

I paused to hit the men’s room. On my way out, I heard crying from a cracked open doorway to a utility storeroom. I poked my head in and found a naked girl cowering in the corner. She was a redhead, one of my victims from about thirty minutes earlier. Five foot five, average build. Thirtyish. She was still crying, trying to cover herself with a mop.

“You don’t belong here,” I said. “Put some clothes on!”

“Please, I don’t know what happened. I was just walking and my clothes went away!” she wept in terrible confusion.

“Right. Lady, I work with mall security. Stand up, now please.”

“You don’t understand!” she wailed, standing and holding the mop over her tits.

“I understand plenty,” I said, taking out the handcuffs. I slapped one on her wrist, but then the other to a water pipe on the wall.

“What? What are you doing?” she cried. I ripped the mop from her hands and tossed it away. Then I grabbed her and slammed her to the dirty wall. She tried to struggle with one arm, but I got my pants off and my cock unsheathed. It was simple enough to pull her left leg up so her cunt was parted, and then slam my prick into her. She was wet, no surprise, though not too wet. Not yet. I began to pound away at her, holding my other hand over her mouth as she tried to scream for help. She hit me with her free hand, but not effectively. God I wanted to fuck this bitch and make her cry harder. She thrashed and cried, but I slammed her to the wall, bashing her head against it a few times to soften her up without doing any real injury. Then she just stood there, taking my cock and crying about it. It took me little time to climax, as aroused as I had been at the start. I flooded her cunt with my cum and pulled out.

I stood back and observed her, and took a few pictures with my phone. “Why did you do that?” she sobbed miserably, staring at me through tear-soaked eyes. In reply, I found some cleaning solution and a brush, and filled a bucket with a cleanser and water solution from the faucet. I soaped up the brush and attacked her with it, holding her free arm while I shoved the stiff-bristles up her tight pussy and scrubbed her raw. She tried to scream before I put my hand over her mouth again. She was in terrible distress as I cleaned my cum from her cunt, but too bad. When she was clean, I stopped. I didn’t bother rinsing her out because, well, I didn’t care. I pulled the bucket and brush away from her, so she was standing in the corner, cuffed to the pipe, with nothing in reached.

“Not bad, babe,” I said to her. Then I wiped my prints from the cuffs and brush and everything else I touched. “So long, bitch.” I left, closing the door fully, latching it so only the utility workers would eventually find her.

“Wait! Please!” she called after me. The door latching cut off her voice. It was obviously a thick-walled room. I headed out and decided to call it a day. On my way back to the car I hit up five more women, sending them scurrying off in tears. But I also saw a lot of cop cars, so it seemed like a good time to call it. At home I could turn off the effect with some basic electronics I’d already built. Then it would be a simple matter to figure out how to have fun and profit from this truly amazing invention.

April 28, 2017, 02:37:57 PM
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This is More Sorcery (M+/f, rape, humil, sci-fi)

No police showed up at my door over the next few weeks, so I guessed I was safe. Neither my theft from the old workplace nor my antics at the harbor had been discovered. I did hear through the grapevine that Vicki, the receptionist back at the old workplace, had been unceremoniously fired that very day, escorted out by security wearing nothing but some newspapers she clutched over herself. My name had come up, of course, but nothing came of it.

As much fun as it was for my magic touch to strip a girl, it was not very practical. I had to be right up close and personal, so one security camera would be enough to ruin everything. I needed a ranged device. So that’s what I built over the next few weeks. It wasn’t that hard. Once the nanobots were working, getting them to fly off in a beam was not that much extra work. They did tend to laterally disperse faster than I wanted, but some programming kept them reasonably collimated. It came at the expense of energy, though, so I was effectively programming the range of the devices. Too far and they would be slow or even inert by the time they reached the target girl.

The first victim was this woman sunbathing by the pool of the complex next door. I could see their pool area outside my bedroom window (one of the reasons I rented that apartment in the first place), and one day during the week this tattooed chick in her late twenties was out there in her bikini lying in the sun. I saw her put her magazine down and fall asleep. This was perfect. She was about two hundred feet away, so it was a pretty far shot. I aimed the bulky targeting dish at her and fired off a cluster. It took the bots about fifteen seconds to reach her, and I could see in the display that they were losing stored energy fast. But they reached her and went to work on her skimpy suit.

It took them time to work. Slowly the fabric dissolved, forming holes in the fabric. Finally one of the elastics in her top snapped, but luckily she didn’t wake up. The bots moved to the towel under her before the suit was fully gone, and they did slowly get their energy back. The fabrics provide their power. The last half of the towel and the last bit of her suit took only a few seconds, but the whole process took thirty-two seconds from start to finish. The bots returned, but were drained by the time they got here. I could have gotten back to work, but obviously I wanted to watch the fun. I took a bunch of pictures of the sleeping whore, wondering when she would wake up. It turned out to be twenty minutes later when a bunch of teens loudly entered the pool area. She stirred and sat up, only noticing she was butt naked about the same time they did.

With a cry, she jumped to her feet and tried to run off, but the only gate was by the teens. They were hooting at her, at least the boys were, and when she ran right through them to get to the gate, one of them grabbed her and pulled her back. I couldn’t hear everything they were saying, but her words included some cursing at them. There were three girls in the group, looking bitchy and annoyed, while the five boys were exchanging words with the woman. Things got heated, and the next one to grab her was quite a bit less playful. He looked mean. One of the girls was getting mad by then, and her target was clearly the woman, not her guy friends molesting the woman. I heard words like ‘whore’ and ‘slut’ coming from her mouth louder and louder.

Now two of the boys were holding the naked woman, and she was starting to cry. I continued filming, of course. The footage could be used against either party at this point. The angry girl ran up and punched the woman in her belly. It wasn’t hard, and the tattooed woman yelled something about weak bimbo teen sluts back at her. But that seemed to anger one of the boys, who punched her in the same spot, and now she doubled over in pain. For the moment, they let go of her, while holding the angry girl off. For whatever reason, that girl really wanted to hurt the woman. I wondered if they knew each other. There was a lot of finger wagging and pointing specifically between the two of them.

Now the naked woman tried to run off again, still screaming. But the boys slammed the gate shut in her face and dragged her back to the pool where they shoved her into the water. She flailed about for a moment before trying to swim across to the other side for safety. Of course the teens followed her easily by the poolside. She was essentially trapped. While their victim was splashing about, the teens individually got their clothes off, showing bathing suits on underneath. The teen girls were particularly luscious, and I considered zapping them. But I also wanted to see where this was leading. I didn’t have to wait long. As soon as the boys were in their swimsuits they jumped in and chased the woman down in the water. She was screaming as they shoved her under and held her there while dragged her to the shallow end. They let her up to pull her out of the pool and pin her naked body to the cement ground. One of them sat on her belly, straddling her. Another pinned her arms.

Now the angry girl rushed over and almost kicked the woman in her face before her two girlfriends stopped her. But they looked disgusted at the naked tattooed woman too. Meanwhile, one of the boys just flat out pulled down his suit and flashed his rising cock over the naked woman. She cursed and shouted, but he sat down over her neck. Sadly, the angle was wrong for an explicit filming or viewing, but it was pretty clear that he had shoved his cock into her mouth and was raping her face. The boy at her waist pulled off his suit and, while his buds held her legs, drove his cock into her pussy and began raping her as well. I could hear her anguished gurgling protests even from this distance away.

While the whole gang of teens was focused on the gang rape, I realized I had a great opportunity. The teens had each put their clothes in distinct piles. I used my new device to focus on the piles made by the teen girls. I targeted each pile and sent off the bots. I watched as the first pile slowly dissolved. It took time, but they gained strength, and the second and third pile went quicker. I wished I could have held the bots out there to target the girls’ swimsuits, but I wasn’t that far along yet, and they returned after the clothes were gone.

The first two boys had finished with the crying, frightened woman now, and two more took their places, gang-raping her again. The girls just watched, grinning, and the angry one shouting taunts at her. They didn’t notice they had no clothes to change back into. I left the boys’ clothes alone, of course. Just because that’s how I am. The next two brutalized the woman for a while, fucking her hard and enjoying her squirming and sobbing. They too finished soon enough, shooting teen cum into her mouth and cunt. The last boy seemed nervous, but he mounted her cunt and took his turn. Meanwhile the angry girl pulled her single-piece suit off and squatted down over the woman’s face. Soon a trail of piss flowed from her pussy to the woman’s mouth. And the angle was perfect. I quickly programmed the bots while watching, since the other two didn’t seem inclined to strip on their own. I targeted first the angry girl’s suit lying on the cement, and then the other two. They would notice, of course, but the assault seemed like it was nearly over anyway. Sure enough, the suit on the ground dissolved unnoticed. Then the two teens realized their bathing suits were vanishing.

I could make out confused cries as they tried, for whatever reason, to swat at their suits, as if the disintegration would be stopped. They were crying out in alarm and confusion and fear as they were soon rendered naked, at the same time the fifth boy finished raping the woman. Now they were all thrown into a panic, looking around them, finally realizing they were under attack. Of course, I was doing everything from behind cracked blinds two hundred feet away in a different complex. They could not see me at all.

The naked woman, five times raped now, used the confusion to run screaming from the pool area, still totally nude and now with cum leaking down her legs. The three girls panicked before their guy friends could offer them their undamaged clothing to wear. What a bunch of Galahads. Of course, if the girls had dressed themselves I would have just dissolved the clothes anyway. The girls finally went screaming off to wherever, with the boys nervously following them out after getting dressed.

Once out of the pool area, I couldn’t see them. They probably went back to their apartments, or wherever, but in such a panic the females might have run anywhere, particularly as none of them thought to collect their purses or wallets or keys. But in any case, I couldn’t see the aftermath. But I had film and I had data. This was proving to be an excellent first trial, and I quickly got to work planning improvements for a glorious future.