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Whilst this story doesn’t contain any rape per se it still deals with non-consensual acts involving underage characters. It is pure fiction, if you cannot tell the difference please do not continue reading. Rape is a heinous crime, especially against minors. Even hardened criminals are sickened by and despise those who cross this line.


I wanted to do something a little different with this story, being my first here at FFF. As I touched on above, it doesn't contain any physical rape as it were but it does deal with various aspects of it. I don't want to reveal too much just yet 'cos well, spoilers darling. I also apologize if it's a little slow to start with but I hope you'll appreciate the time I take to bring some life and depth into the story and the characters.

Feedback would of course be greatly appreciated! Enjoy.

Chapter I – Moving Day

The Muller’s had been planning this move for the last couple of months since the offer on their new house in Palm Springs was accepted. It had caused several arguments and rifts within the family over various issues, but it was all behind them now. The day was finally here, moving day!

The Mullers were a working class family with two teenage children Cassie (shortened from Cassandra) and Liam, 15 and 17 respectively. The siblings often bickered with each other over insignificant things but still loved each other, though they’d very seldom admit it. Cassie was fairly typical for a girl of her age 5’5”, short dusty-blonde hair, hazel eyes and a well proportioned pear shaped bum. Though her most noticeable feature that seemed to get the most comments were her long, smooth legs. Legs even Daisy Duke would be obsessively jealous of.

‘Hurry up Cassie, we don’t have all day.’ A familiar female voice beckoned Cassie from the bottom of the stairs with a frustrated undertone. ‘Alright Mom, Jesus. Why do you never hassle Liam?’ Quizzed an equally frustrated Cassie, yelling back at her mother Shannon from across the house. ‘Because I don’t spend half the morning in the bathroom staring at myself in the mirror.’ Remarked Liam, who was standing beside Shannon, amused by his sister’s self-inflicted discontent. ‘Liam go and help your father in the kitchen, you’re helping.’ Shannon sighed as she stepped in to prevent a yelling match between them. ‘Cassie, enough blasphemy and enough complaining. Get down here when you’re told.’ Shannon continued, raising her voice once again. Not pleased by Cassie’s choice of words.

The Muller’s were traditional Christian’s and regular church goers, so they didn’t take to kindly to some of the language their children sometimes used, let alone their modern habits. Though they weren’t bible bashers by any means. Shannon and her husband William wanted their children to have free will but with Christian values and morals to guide them through life. Not imposing heavy religious lifestyles and beliefs that Shannon felt gave Christianity a bad name.

‘Alright alright.’ Cassie yelled again. Heavy footsteps could be heard upstairs as Cassie thundered out of the bathroom and into her room down the upstairs hall to collect a few ‘essentials’ from her room for the long trip ahead. A 3 hour drive to be exact, stuck in the car with Liam and her parents. She sighed audibly at the thought as she descended the stairs, looking decidedly miserable. Shannon laughed at Cassie’s gloomy face ‘Oh Cassie cheer up, you look like you’re going to a funeral. Most kids would be excited about moving to a new house.’ Cassie tutted, rolling her eyes. ‘It's not the moving house, it’s the three hours in the car with NOTHING to do. With Liam.’ Shannon sighed, shaking her head in disbelief. Sometimes she wondered if she’ll ever get through to Cassie, she figured it was something she would grow out of. ‘We’ll be there before you know it Cassie, now come on.’ Shannon changed tac, ushering Cassie towards the door before she chained herself to the stairs in protest. Shannon laughed at the thought to herself.

 Cassie frowned as she ventured outside, puzzled by Shannon’s laughter. ‘What’s so funny?’ Shannon coughed, caught a little off guard. ‘Oh, nothing you need to worry about’. Cassie shook her head. Why was her mother always so damned cryptic?

They all eventually got in the car, a Toyota Prius. Cassie and Liam both hated it, since Prius' were often the butt of jokes at school although it was practical for the family’s needs. There was some sandwiches, drinks and other light snacks packed for the journey. Which in the grand scheme of things wasn’t all that long compared to some of their road trips but food was always a great boredom buster with the kids, and besides they might get stuck in traffic. At least, that was William’s thinking. William was fairly practical and liked to be prepared for things.

‘Is everyone ready?’ He asked, gazing around the car for a response. ‘Let’s just get this over with!’ sighed Cassie. ‘You’re such a drama Queen.’ Liam smirked at Cassie, he enjoyed teasing her, especially if it got a reaction. He usually got one too, and this time was no different. ‘Shut up you jackass.’ Snapped Cassie, glaring at Liam who just grinned at her in the same smug way that he always did, which only served to annoy Cassie even more as she growled at him. Shannon once again found herself intervening. ‘Cassie, language. Liam, stop teasing her. Can we please just have a quarrel free journey?’ William nodded as he set off down the drive. ‘Here here, I want to get there by dusk and with my hair intact.’

Cassie sighed and put her headphones on to loose herself in her music as they headed towards the i-10 highway. They made good time along the highway which was surprisingly quiet, just as Liam and Cassie were. Both of whom were engrossed in whatever they were listening to. They stopped at a service station after an hour and a half drive to have their sandwiches and take care of any, business. They soon set off back along the highway again, the miles passing by without much more than a periodic ‘How much further is it?’ from Cassie.

After what felt like an eternity to both teens Cassie yelped excitedly as they passed by a sign that read “Welcome to Palm Springs.” Liam jumped as Cassie pointed out the window ‘We're there, we're there!’ Liam also seemed to perk up ‘At last, I thought my legs were going to need amputating' Said Liam, rubbing his numb legs. William chuckled at the pair as they got closer to town ‘Not quite, another ten minutes. Just the other side of town, plenty of open land for you guys to explore.’ Cassie groaned in anguish, she felt this would surely be the longest ten minutes of her life.

After negotiating the traffic through town they turned off onto a minor road, passing by a few residential areas. William drove down a wooded cul-de-sac with old oak trees arching over either side after noticing the street name “Woodgrove Lane. “  William slowed down to point down the street at an old looking house, sitting in a clearing between the trees with a lush green front lawn. ‘There it is, two doors down.’ Cassie and Liam immediately perked up, looking towards the old house. William and Shannon had of course, both been to view the property before but this was the first time Liam and Cassie had seen it.

It was a two story transitional pyramid shaped house. It was a rather washed looking white in color with Victorian style rectangular windows. There was a small set of stone steps leading up to a porch-gable come patio extending most of the front width of the house. It certainly looked old, like it came right out of a horror movie thought Cassie as she studied the idyllic old house, noticing it even had shutters on the upstairs windows.  ‘So what do you kids think?’ William looked around at the pair, hoping they would approve after all his hard work to make it happen.

‘It’s creepy' said Cassie, somewhat caught off guard by the ominous presence of the house, it seemed to stare at her. That made her feel a little uneasy. Liam laughed at Cassie ‘You say everything old is creepy, even Gran.’ Cassie sighed, rolling her eyes ‘That's because she is creepy. Gran has hairs in places I didn’t even know it was possible to get hairs.’ Shannon found herself laughing at Cassie too, even though she knew she shouldn’t it was at least somewhat true. ‘Oh Cassie, you leave your poor Gran out of it.’ William smirked  as he pulls up to the driveway, for once he agreed with Cassie but knew better than to get involved after getting ‘the look’ from Shannon. ‘It's a lovely old house, it just needs a little love that’s all.’ Liam chuckled and nodded. He seemed very pleased, it was certainly bigger and it had a lot more character. He’d always wanted to live somewhere more interesting. ‘Yeah, I think it looks cool. It’s huge too.’ Said Liam as William stopped the car and then opened the door. ‘Well I’m glad at least three of you like it so far, but maybe Cassie will change her mind when she sees inside.’ William stepped out of the car, gesturing the trio to follow him to the house with a flick of his head. Liam and Shannon both stepped out shortly after, almost as eager to stretch their legs as to see the house. Cassie hesitated before joining them, she thought perhaps William was right, it was a bigger house after all.

She joined by her mother’s side as they walked up the path. Cassie looked up at the house again. This time she felt a strange tingle along her back, not quite a chill but enough to make her feel a little uneasy. What was it? Perhaps it was just the light breeze that was blowing? She wasn’t sure. Although she’d never admit it she was easily spooked, this seemed a bit different though. She didn’t dwell on the thought for too long, she did want to see inside too after all.

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I love your writing style! Look forward to more of the story.

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Thanks :D working on the second chapter, will post hopefully in the next few days.

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Chapter II – There’s nobody there.

It had been a week since the move, all things considered it had gone pretty well with most of the time spent unpacking boxes, or decorating. It had looked like some walls and floors hadn’t seen any attention on that front for a long time. So the first couple of nights were spent sleeping in bedrooms that were functional, but not exactly warm and welcoming. Cassie and Liam both had both agreed they felt like squatters. Everyone was much happier once the bedrooms were all finished, everything else came together afterwards. Most importantly, the hot water was now working. Which had been lacking the first day whilst the rest of the utilities were connected.

It was early evening and the wind was starting to pick up outside. There was a small sub-tropical storm due to hit overnight. Being an old house it was already starting to feel draughty in some places. Cassie walked along the creaky upstairs corridor to the bathroom for her nightly shower, her bare feet padding along the soft, peach coloured carpet which gave a warm contrast to the cream coloured walls. Cassie turned to yell towards the stairs ‘I’m getting a shower, if anyone needs the bathroom go now or you’ll have to wait.’ There was no reply. Cassie shrugged, ‘their loss.’ she thought. She made her way inside and clicked the lock shut. ‘Thank god that works.’ She thought, ‘There always seems to be something that’s not ready yet in this damn house.’

She sighed and started to get undressed, removing her brushed denim jeans first followed by her pink tank top. A favourite of hers for casual-wear around the house. Cassie was left standing in her white and pink floral underwear, nothing spectacular in terns of style but that didn’t matter. Cassie looked stunning, almost angelic even. Her panties clung to her peachy, well-shaped bum and her bra hung to her perky, dome shaped b-cup breasts.

Cassie felt a chill in the air, causing her nipples to rise. She shuddered as she flicked on the shower, stepping out of her panties. Despite being only 15 Cassie still liked to keep herself presentable, with a neatly shaven strip of hair leading down to her soft pink crotch. She unclipped her bra and tossed it to the floor with her other clothes, her perky domes springing free. Cassie shivered as the draught hit her sensitive skin, her soft red nipples rising. Goosebumps soon appeared over her body as she rubbed her arms. Not wanting to linger in the open for long Cassie stepped towards the shower but as she did so, something caught her attention; a strange heavy presence seemed to linger in the air. She felt as though someone was watching her intently. She even looked over her shoulder, but of course, she was alone. ‘Liam, is that you? I told you I was having a shower.’ Cassie looked towards the door as she spoke. ‘Maybe it was just Liam trying the door.’ She thought as she placed one foot into the shower but something else was odd too, Cassie could swear it had gotten colder. Nevertheless she shrugged it off and got into the shower, it was an old house after all and it was windy outside. Then without warning she felt something brush over the curve of her bum, just for a split second. Cassie screamed in fright and jumped, spinning around in a flash but nobody was there.

‘Cassie? Are you alright in there? I heard you scream.’ Shannon’s voice soon came from behind the door as Cassie was trying to rationalize what just happened to her. ‘Cassie?’ Shannon knocked at the door sounding concerned. ‘Yeah uh..I’m fine mom.’ Cassie snapped back from her thoughts, managing to splurt out a response. ‘Then why did you scream?’ Shannon replied, not sounding very convinced. She could sniff out a fib like a bloodhound, especially those that come from Cassie who never was a good liar. ‘Oh that..’ Cassie laughed a little, though still shaken but trying to stall for time to think of an excuse. ‘I uh..just didn’t notice the shower was set to cold is all. It was freezing.’ Shannon still wasn’t completely sold, but it did seem fairly plausible. ‘Well, okay then dear. Shout me if you need something. I’ll be in the lounge.’ Shannon decided to give Cassie the benefit of the doubt and went back downstairs. Cassie sighed with relief as she continued with her shower ‘What was I supposed to tell her, that someone touched my butt when I was alone? She’d think I was nuts.’ Cassie thought, shrugging to herself  as the water soaked her hair and cascaded down her dreamy body. The incident seemed more like a dream that fades as you wake up. Maybe there was a perfectly rational explanation for what she felt, perhaps something had caught against her skin as she entered the shower without her noticing what it was? It surely couldn’t be anything else.