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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person. That’s the legal part. Here’s the important part to me. This is fantasy, by the author, to be shared with readers who share in such fantasies. That is the story’s sole purpose for being here. In the real world, this sort of behavior is simply not acceptable, period, by any of the laws or morals of any humane people. That means you too. If you actually hurt someone without their informed consent, just stop. Take a deep breath and stop right now. That’s not your right. A surprising number of subs exist out there, so take the time to meet one and make your corner of the world a better place. Don’t trash two lives letting your frustrations get the better of you.

The Succubus Comes of Age
(F/m, M/f, M+/f+, violence, ws)

“Come along, my child,” Samerina said, nearly slithering across the floor. “There are many men in this building. They will nourish you well and push you into maturity.”

“Yes, mother,” the younger girl said. She lacked her mother’s poise and confidence. She felt fear, and even a touch of shame from her nudity, which was new, and a sign of her new maturity. She recognized the dangers. All of which would end once she took her place as a mature succubus in the coven. Samerina was very clear on that point, as were all the others.

“You gain the powers and the will when you have sucked the life out of a man,” Samerina told her not long ago. “When you are ready to mature, which is not long from now, I will take you for a feast that we will share with our sisters. It will be immense. We will drain the men, and they will thank us with their dying breaths, or not. And then you will earn a name and you will be one of us forever.”

“I await it, mother,” she had replied, but she was still fearful. She did not have the calm or the will that would come.

Samerina floated gracefully up the staircase, her nude form undulating suggestively. She was eager to begin. Their sisters of the coven stayed behind for the moment, giving mother and initiate daughter a chance to take the first step. Her daughter followed nervously, but looking forward. She was not without desires and cravings. They were, she was learning, very powerful cravings, that would push her forward. With maturity they would rule her, but also push her forward for the better. Nothing, they said in the coven, could best the combined might of a succubus and her passions.

At the top of the stairs they paused, Samerina looking both ways down the hallways, sniffing. She pointed right. “That way. There is power there. Great life force. Tonight will be your success, my child. The first will give you powers and your first name. The second will give you serenity and purpose, as well as your second name.”

“Yes, mother. I feel the craving. I want it now. I’m ready now.”

They walked silently down the carpeted hall, not that they needed to. With the bulk of the coven in the building, all occupants would be either overpowered with sleep until they were awakened or made insensate to the disturbances. Some would even be transformed, to their own destruction of course. Samerina selected and opened the locked door of the right room. There were two beds there, and gear from the travelling men who occupied them. One had the nude form of a local bar whore draped on his side. Samerina went to that bed, lightly touching the female human on the neck. The woman stiffened up, her eyes flying open briefly, before she slumped off the bed, landing with a thud on the floor, her breathing ceased. Now Samerina slid onto the bed with the sleeping man, her hands going for his few sleeping clothes.

“Now, mother?”

“Yes, go to that one. You will know what to do, my child.” She did as her mother bid, sliding her own nude body into the bed with the other man. He was already mostly undressed, and she used her briefly razor-like fingernails to remove the rest. He stirred, but she knew they would not awaken until towards the end, when they were going full on. She used her fingers, and then her mouth, to attend to his cock, which quickly grew under her care. In the next bed, Samerina was already mounting her man. He was waking up, but seemed unbothered. In her own bed, with her own man, the young demon girl worked swiftly. She did, in fact, know exactly what to do. She climbed atop her man, guiding his cock into her untouched demon pussy. He awoke, but stared at her transfixed. As she rode him, sliding up and down, feeling the unbelievable sensation of sex for the first time, she began to go faster and faster. She could feel his life energy, just outside of her grasp. She could only take it in one way, and that was what she would do. She moaned as she fucked the doomed man harder and harder. Across the room Samerina was doing the same, but falling behind. She was surpassing her mother in lust and frenzy. The man seemed unbothered until near the end. She knew he was ready to cum. She felt it as a shimmering in his life force. He now seemed to sense it, and she felt him struggling. In his mind. Nothing showed up in his body. That would take a far stronger man. But as the last seconds ticked away, she felt his fear. He knew now what was happening. She just groaned and threw herself against him again and again. His hands clutched at her breasts, but not to fight her, however much he tried. As his cum came pouring out of him into her belly, she felt herself overwhelmed with such force as she could never have imagined. She knew it was the orgasm, but its wonder exceeded her expectations, high as they were, by a hundredfold. She felt herself crying out, loud and long. On her back, she felt the expected tearing. As her orgasm went on and on, and the man under her died under her, her wings burst forth for the first time. Only when it ended did she regain her composure.

Right away she bolted up, listening for the sounds of footsteps. Samerina, just finishing her man, grinned. “They cannot hear you, my child. Do not worry at all.” At that moment, the door to the bathroom opened, flooding light into the dark room. Another bar whore stepped out. “Kill her, my daughter,” Samerina said. “It seems she has a strong will.”

As the woman gawked, trying to scream, Samerina watched in satisfaction as her daughter rushed forward, fangs barred, wings flapping, and ripped into the woman’s neck, splitting her open down to her belly. She slumped down without a further sound.

“What do you feel?” Samerina asked her.

She could hardly answer. She was swimming in new sensations and perceptions. She realized what it was, finally, to be an adult succubus. Some doubts remained, but her strength was just fine. “I feel it all,” she replied.

“What is your true first of names?”

She thought for a moment. She knew the procedure. She should concentrate, and it would blurt out from her lips. “Kariskia,” she said slowly. “My name is Kariskia.”

“An honorable name for sure,” Samerina replied. “You have one remaining task now. We shall find your second, but our sisters may join us.”

“Won’t the humans notice?” Kariskia asked now. “There are hundreds of people asleep here, and dozens awake. We are in their grand city.”

“An event like this happens rarely,” Samerina said. “We try to choose times of great war. Our last was in 1943, shortly before your birth, and no one noticed. But their civilization has no great wars right now, and we’ve waited too long already. We must have our feast. Come before we lose our meals.”

The coven of demon women vacated the building in search of their best feedings. By then the power of their lust and excitement blinded everyone around them. The few pedestrians out walking at that hour, unfit to become food, simply failed to notice the passing of a couple dozen stark naked, winged, demon women of extraordinary beauty and lust. Even the humans’ public safety cameras would fail to record their presence that night.

“There!” Kariskia said, pointing. She felt it. Food for the taking was inside, healthy, nutrient laden and full of spirit. Soul food.

Samerina followed her daughter’s finger to the large, blocky, but non-descript building. Perhaps another hotel. Styles had changed so much, it was hard to keep track. “You feel it?” she asked her daughter.

“I feel it, mother! They make me hunger! They give me cravings!”

“What say our sisters?” Samerina asked the rest of the coven. There were snarls and smacking of lips and general growls of approval from them all. “Then let us enter. Kariskia will choose first, and then we shall devour the entire structure!”

Eagerly, the coven of naked demon women surged in. There was a night-clerk of some kind, but he was held in a transfixed state, staring straight ahead. He might be among the last fed upon. Kariskia sensed the strength of souls were found in some of the guests. Or maybe all. There was such power surging through the hallways as she could barely conceive. Maturity, she realized, was the grandest sensation of all. She could hardly wait to wrap her cunt around another poor doomed cock and milk him dry. His life force would become his cum, and he would give it to her in an orgasm that dried up his own body while filling hers. She just needed to find him.

Ahead, she realized, up on the third floor. She nearly ran for the door, and slid it off its hinges when she got there. It was a private room with but a single occupant. “I’ve found him, mother!” she called back. “I have my prize. Our sisters should feast now!”

“Very well,” Samerina called up from behind her. Kariskia heard the roar of the howling as her sisters and aunts, and mother of course, set upon the rest of the building. And she would join them. But first there was this particularly doomed soul who would trigger her last ascent into demonic adulthood.

Deadening his senses, she tore back the blankets. She smiled, finding him a fine and pleasurable specimen of manhood. She touched her fingers to his cock, letting the electrical power surge and make his cock grow huge and swollen, throbbing, aching for the release that would drain and kill him. With joy, she mounted him and slowly wrapped her pussy around his raging member, squeezing it, sliding around it. It was wonderful.

And in an instant, it all shifted. His eyes flew open and he stood up on the floor without even dislodging her from his cock. Something was terribly wrong! His fingers wrapped around her young neck, squeezing, crushing her. Her eyes bugged open in shock.

“Demon whore!” he hissed. “Almost too easy!” He turned a light on, nearly blinding Kariskia, as he continued holding her by her neck, impaled on his own cock. He looked her over. “A juvenile? A youngling? No, a juvenile! Excellent!” he nearly roared in obvious joy and excitement. “And you chose me over the rest of my brotherhood! Perfect!”

Kariskia felt herself growing faint now. She could hear the carnage around her. She could hear her sisters feasting on the souls and flesh of men throughout the building. But she couldn’t call out to them. She couldn’t seek their aid. Would they even give it, if she failed? But as the man pressed her against the wall, starting to sexually take her on his own terms, she realized in horror that the screams were not of joyous feasting but rather of death screams by her own coven. Her sisters were being slaughtered. And her mother, she couldn’t sense her mother. For the first time ever in her life, she was blind and deaf to Samerina’s presence.

He pounded her cunt harder, and it was all different. It was wrong. In her triumph, she should have been overwhelmed with ecstasy and pleasure beyond all mortal description. A feeding succubus was said to be the happiest soul in the universe. But now, now this man was raping her, and she felt such revulsion deep in her core as she had never believed possible. Everything about the sensation of his cock in her pussy was repulsive now, an invasion, a putrefying deadening of pure succubatic sexuality. Her innards churned and frothed as her head spun, her vision blurred and shook. His cock, his too-big, too-hot, and too-frenzied cock was slamming her thin pelvis, taking her greatest weapon and joy and hurting her with it.

“Yep, a juvenile. You went right to pieces on me! My friends are going to have to work for their nookie before they snap your cousins’ necks and piss down their throats, but you and me are going to have a nice easy time of it, demon whore!”

He hurled her onto the bed. Her only brief consolation was breathing, but she found herself without the strength to fight or to flee. She was helpless under his assault. She flashed her fangs, spread her new wings out, slashed with her now-long and sharp fingernails, but he easily beat her down with several well-placed fists. She felt him flip her over. She felt his touch around her ass.

Her body turned nearly to ice. This was inconceivable, and dangerous if not deadly. For a succubus to be sexed with her anus? She felt his cock press to her and force its way in. Kariskia went ice cold. Nothing was this bad. He was ruining her soul and body! There was no return, literally no return from such an attack. If a mortal man’s cum went in her backside hole, she would die in worse agony than any creature in the universe. That was only the dark, furtively-taught lessons of her upbringing. Under no circumstances allow a male’s cum in her anus.

And yet that was where he was raping her. The sensation alone was a hundredfold worse than her earlier raping. Her mind was nearly shut down completely by disgust and terror. Who was this man? How had he done this to her? Who were the others doing the same to her sisters? Could they hold out?

She shrieked an unearthly shriek, her wings flapping wildly. She almost felt as though she had a tail to fight with. But she was face-down and overpowered. Plus she realized he had somehow bound her wrists behind her back. She’d never known physical restraint. Panic set in. She was trapped! Kariskia, a succubus demon, was physically bound and restrained! How could such an abomination occur?

“Oh yeah, let’s finish this off, demon bitch!” he yelled, punching her in the back of her head over and over while slamming her ass with his cock.

“Nooo!” she managed to wail. She pictured an infinite eternity of pain, swimming in sewage, sucking down filth and waste in every hole, boiling alive. It would just take his cum touching her wrong innards. She wailed in terrified expectation. His thrusts grew frenzied and he stiffened up. Kariskia knew what that meant. Soon she felt the hot fluid of his cum inside her guts. In her wrong hole. She screamed and thrashed in despair. But he took his hands off her, and he pulled his cock out of her.

She lay there, disgusted, hurting, humiliated as only a superior demon could know. Weeping shamefully. A lost, ruined demon girl, forever barred from true demonic adulthood. But not writhing in infinite pain and sickness. Just lying there on a human hotel room bed, quivering as a rape victim did.

She heard cries and screams around her, but they were weaker now, and fewer in number. She feared it was her coven failing to live.

“Stand up,” he said to her. She quickly got to her feet. She realized she had better obey this human male, however degrading it was. “Put your hands at your sides. Cover nothing of your body from me. Ever.” She did as he told her. He stood too, walking around her.

“I know what you are thinking, demon slut,” he said. “I ass raped you, so why aren’t you back in hell taking the worst of it. Well, you were lied too. When you reached adulthood, which I’m guessing was supposed to be right about now, they would have told you the real truth. A succubus who gets herself anally raped gets enslaved to her rapist. Permanently. Of course, you aren’t an adult yet. You’re a juvenile. You feasted on one man, probably earlier tonight. You’ve got yourself a first name but no last name. And that puts you in the worst of all situations. My enslavement of your mind is more complete than you can know.” He began untying her wrists. “I don’t need these now, but your obedience to my will and to my commands is infinite.”

Kariskia stood listening in disbelieving horror. It couldn’t be true. “Skeptical?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she replied. She vowed to speak less to him.

“Stand on your hands. Do a wide split with your legs. Balance like that.” Right away she did as he ordered. She had too. It was too dangerous not to. But when she finished and stood there on her hands, her legs split wide, her pussy on wide open display to this domineering human male, she realized she hadn’t really had any control at all. He sat down on the bed beside her and began tapping on her pussy, drumming his hands and figures on it, treating her exquisite pleasure center like an instrument. He was tapping out some tune, she was sure of it. And she was just standing there, presenting herself up-side down to him and letting him.

“Convinced yet?” he asked her. “Pee. Urinate. Right now.”

She released her muscles and pushed, forcing some of her own piss out her gash where it immediately dribbled down over her belly, her chest, and finally onto her face. “Keep going,” he said. “I order it. You may only stop when you can resist my orders.”

He grinned and Kariskia let out a long cry of shameful realization. She could pee like that for as long as he demanded it. As a demon, she had no bladder. She used urine as a weapon against lesser life forms. Her pee was toxic, putrefying, lethal even. But now she just stood in that absurd, humiliating position and pissed all over herself because the man told her to and she couldn’t even conceive of stopping. Not without permission.

He lifted his gaze up. “I should check on my comrades, and see how many innocents your sisters killed tonight. Stay like that.”

“Yes,” she said, nearly choking on the words. “Sir.” He put on a robe and left her alone, hand-standing and pissing on herself. She began to cry. How could everything have gone so bad so fast? How could she get herself out of it? She needed Samerina for guidance. She cried for her mother to come help her.

By the time the man returned, the carpet was well and thoroughly soaked in her piss, which she continued to push out of her and over herself.

“Stop pissing and stand up,” he said. She felt something almost like gratitude as she complied. “Now come follow me and look around.”

Outside the room, the lights were on and most of the doors opened up. She looked from room to room, seeing splattered blood and flesh and shards of bone in many of them. But she saw something vastly worse. Demon succubus bodies. Dead ones. She gasped in horror and felt tears flow from her eyes. So this was crying, she realized. She’d heard of it. But now seeing one of her sisters after another lying dead, sometimes mutilated, she knew what it meant.

And then, up on the fourth floor, particularly ripped asunder, she saw Samerina’s former body. Human cum was all over her, though it took her demon eyes to pick it out from the blood and bile that came from her mother’s body and now coated the hotel room.

Dead. All dead. That was the message. She was truly alone, for no other coven would lift a finger to help her. Even if they could. Her enslavement to this new man seemed absolute.

“Hey, Ronnie, you got a juvenile!” someone had congratulated him. “She come for you?”

“She did. Foolish girl,” Ronnie said. She was enslaved to a man who went by Ronnie. How much worse could it get. She had a thousand questions but no permission to ask them. So she remained silent. He led her finally to an older man who gazed too harshly and too long at her body. Kariskia was starting, she realized, to actually feel naked.

“Dispose of it painfully,” the man said.

“I’d rather keep her,” Ronnie said.


“She’s a juvenile. Her enslavement should be permanent and absolute.”

“We don’t know that.”

“Well I want to find out! And I caught her, and I raped her ass into submission. I say she’s mine!”

“Keep her away from any of our meeting sites, then. Keep her from knowing us. Keep her from the world. If you fail, I shall petition the church for enough angel tears to disintegrate her soul forever!”

“That is abundantly wise, sir,” Ronnie said. He turned to her. “What’s your name, bitch?”

“Kariskia,” she said. “Sir,” nearly choking out the last word.

“Well, Kariskia of one name only. And that is the only name you’ll ever have, believe me. You cannot claim adulthood now, not if ten thousand willing men offered to let you harvest them. So, Kariskia, come with me. Say nothing. Don’t fight me. Do nothing you think I would not approve of. Be as slavishly obediently to my wishes as you know how. Give no consideration to your own comforts or pleasures in any request you make of me or in any information you provide me unless I ask. Embrace all tangible aspects of an eternity of pure servitude, pure shame, and pure captivity. You may continue to emotionally suffer if that suits you.”

“Yes, sir,” she squeaked in horror and shame.

“You’re probably finding that your nudity is becoming shameful to you, isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir. I am feeling so very humiliated right now. I am longing to cover my body!”

“Well that will never happen. You still have the ability to mask yourself in public. You will do so, but you will allow yourself to forget to take comfort in such a mask. Do you understand me?”

“I understand you, sir. You wish me to use all of my demonic powers to maximize my shame and embarrassment without actually drawing attention to us.” She could barely comprehend that it was her own voice saying these things. But it was all too obviously her own mind that was coming up with it. She understood what he wanted, so she dedicated herself now to providing it, no matter how miserable it made her. She was stuck, and there was nothing she could do about it.”

“Excellent. We shall go now, then, and when we reach my home we’ll learn if demons truly have an infinite pain threshold.”

“As, as you wish, my master,” she sobbed, and followed him forward into her hell.