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The Incubus


In a deep dark buried cave in central Europe, he awoke from a very long slumber and began to assess the situation.  His internal clock said he had been asleep for way too long.  The hibernation cycle should not have lasted more than 150 years.  He had been asleep for 712 years.  He sent his mind out to find the others of his species.  Panic set in as he sensed none of his kind; he searched and searched straining his mind to find the others.  It was no use; something had happened to make him the only one left.  His kind had split off from the hominids approximately 3.5 million years ago.  The founder of his entire species was a single genetic anomaly; an evolutionary quirk with advanced mental, physical and recuperative abilities that gave them a longevity unheard of among life on the planet.  This genetic freak founded the whole race of Incubi.  They were beings of the shadows, and all of them were males.  Reproduction required hominid females.  Some of the elders had spoke of the hominids used to procreate in ancient times.  The Incubus did not know yet, but those hominids were called Australopithecus afarensis by the Homo sapiens that ruled the Earth now.  He remembered the stocky hominids he first mated with to reproduce his own kind about 110,000 years ago.  The Homo sapiens alive now called them Homo neanderthalensis.  The Incubus remembered mating with the short stocky females with the thick brow ridges in the night, and different females night after night for weeks on end, then resting for the months required to reproduce his kind in their hominid incubators.  He would find the impregnated females just as they gave birth and steal away his children.  He could sense them at any distance and track them down.  A new species of hominids arose where the brow ridges were much less pronounced (Cro-Magnon), and then the hominids became slightly less course some time a few thousand years later.  The Incubus preferred the more recent females.  They were more delicate, and he enjoyed mating with them.

The large massive hairy Incubus stood from his lair to a height of 8 feet and began the long process of digging his way out of the cave.  He needed sustenance and large amounts of it.  He could sense the hominids nearby and knew opportunities to procreate would be available.  The Incubus understood that great care had to be taken and thinking, ‘My race must continue, and something very dangerous destroyed the others.’  It can only be that the hominids have become more powerful.’  He remembered when they discovered how to make weapons of wood and stone, and then eventually the weapons got better and were made of metal.  ‘Who knows what they may have to harm me now after 712 years,’ he thought.  As he dug further towards the surface, his perceptions of his surroundings increased.  The Incubus broke the surface and began searching for sustenance in the twilight of dusk.  ‘Good,’ he thought, ‘I am a creature of the dark.’  Within his vision a hominid male and a small wolf were walking together, the hominid had the wolf tethered around the neck holding the rope with his hand.  With his last burst of stored energy, the Incubus rushed towards them crushing the skulls of both the hominid male and the wolf with his fists before either could react.  He fed on their brains immediately, and then carried the remaining food back to the cave for a more sustained meal.  Towards the end of his meal, the Incubus sniffed the air and began sensing with his mind and nostrils.  An ovulating hominid female was not far away.  He dropped the femur he had been gnawing on, and began sprinting towards the source.

Tatiana was from outside a small rural town in the middle of the Czech Republic.  She didn’t like walking home from school in the winter in the dark.  Her family didn’t have a working car anymore and the buses didn’t go down the dirt road where her family lived.  Tatiana was 16 with long dark hair.  The boys thought she was pretty, and she had one boy in particular who was a year older that was paying attention to her.  She liked him and wished he was walking her home now as she entered a section of the road where the forest closed in on both sides.  A huge hulking shadow rose above her, and Tatiana began screaming and lost consciousness.

Tatiana woke a little disoriented and realized she was naked and very cold lying on her stomach in the pitch dark.  A great weight began pressing on top of her.  It was hairy, and all she could think of was a bear, but there are no bears around here.  Maybe there are bears in Russia, but not here.  Something was gripping her legs and forcing them apart, and then she felt it.  A thing was poking at her crotch.  She felt it work slowly inside the outer lips of her vagina, and she began screaming.  The thing lunged deep tearing her insides, and Tatiana’s screams got even louder and then turned into whimpers as the hulking beast on top of her began thrusting into her with something very large.  Her whole body was being scratched to pieces as the thrusting drove her back and forth on the rocky floor of the cave, but that didn’t compare to the pain of the brutal entry and painful thrusting that just seemed to be going on and on.  Tatiana lost consciousness again.

Something was shaking her, and Tatiana woke up.  She was sitting outside her house, and her father was asking her what happened.  Her mother was there as well.  They brought her inside, and she and her parents could see her clothes were a mess.  Tatiana didn’t know what to say.  ‘Was I raped by a bear?’ she thought.  Her pants were not all the way up, as they were on her backwards.  Her boots were on the wrong feet.  She had her long coat on, but not the sweater, shirt and bra that she had been wearing.  When her mother helped her take the pants off, her panties were missing.

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Chapter I

The Incubus was shocked at what the hominids had accomplished during his last too long sleep.  They had made things more terrifying to him than those metal weapons they had tried to kill him with during his last awake time.  He probed their minds and saw marvelous things; machines that move and even fly like birds, machines that almost think and dwellings that reach to the sky.  He probed their minds further and started to feel less apprehensive and more confident.  They are still the scared little primates they have always been.  He just needed to adjust his tactics.  These hominids could communicate between each other very fast but not as fast as he could read their thoughts.  To avoid them associating his activities with a single entity, he had to use his powerful mind and move often and far.  Using all four limbs much in the manner of a gorilla, the Incubus could manage a rapid stride and sustain it throughout the night stopping three or four times during the night for sustenance and procreation.  The Incubi had hidden lairs throughout this region and the world, and he knew them all.  He would move from lair to lair staying only a few days in each.  Finding places to hide between the lairs and during the day was difficult, but he could make a few hominids that saw him forget as long as it was not too many.  It was when there were too many hominids to try and control that it got dangerous.  Outside a very large village he sensed an ovulating female in one of the nearby dwellings.  Probing the minds of the 17 hominids inside, he made them all go into a very deep sleep before entering the dwelling containing the female.

Olina and her roommate talked and laughed about the boys at the university.  They were both 19 and felt lucky their parents helped pay for the apartment at the edge of the city near school.  Olina had long blonde hair and a figure her roommate secretly envied.  They had to share a bedroom in the apartment, which was basically their living room and study as well.  They had a small kitchen but a bigger than usual bathroom with a nice tub.  Many girls at the university had less.  The girls prepared for bed exchanging a few more jokes.  Olina’s bed felt good to her when she snuggled under the covers.  Before she fell asleep she remembered being a little annoyed at her roommate’s snoring.

Olina felt chilly but there was also a vaguely pleasant sensation between her legs.  She knew she was still asleep as she looked down and saw a beastly head between her legs its’ tongue on her private area.  Her nightgown was bunched up just under her chin and her legs were dangling off the bed with her butt on the edge.  Suddenly the tongue snaked up inside that special place she had only let one boy go last year just a few times before they broke up.  He never used his tongue though.  She tried to sit up but saw her arms were pinned by huge hands coming from the arms of the beast between her legs.  ‘I don’t like this dream,’ she thought.  The beast slowly removed his tongue from her vagina and moved on top of her.  Olina began a hysterical chant, “It’s not real.  It’s a dream.  It’s not real.  It’s a dream.  It’s not real.  It’s a dream.  It’s not real.  It’s a dream.  It’s not real.  It’s a dream.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”   The chant ended in a scream as the beast entered her special place.  It hurt so bad as the beast began moving inside her.  All she could see was a hairy chest, so she looked over at her roommate who was still snoring.  She thought, ‘If I just screamed, how can she still be asleep?’  The hulking beast continued to plunge into her making her wince with each forward thrust.  He felt so huge compare to her ex-boyfriend.  Olina went in and out of feeling fuzzy to being completely incoherent as the beast moved on top of her.  She felt the beast thrust very deep and heard it growl.  She could feel liquid shooting into her insides, and then she felt nothing.

Olina woke completely disoriented; her roommate was looking down at her talking, but she couldn’t understand her.  Finally Olina could hear, “Get up you lazy girl.  I’ve been trying to wake you for almost a half hour.  Are you sick?”  Olina was under the covers and felt very hurt between her legs.  She spoke, “I don’t know.  I had a really bad dream.”  Her roommate stared at her for a minute and said, “I have to go to class.  I’m in your first class, so I can tell the professor you are sick, but you have to deal with your other classes today.  Don’t tell them you had a dream.”  After, her roommate left Olina slowly sat up and moved the covers down.  There were scratches between her legs, and she felt more hurt down there than the time she gave her virginity to Janusz.  She pushed the covers down further remembering the dream and saw a wet spot at the edge of the bed.  “This can’t be real,” she said to herself.

The Incubus moved the large stone covering one of the Incubi lairs.  The location was very familiar to him and in Eastern Czech Republic close to the borders of both Poland and Slovakia.  He had to move earth and vegetation to see the stone that had been completely exposed the last time he was here just under 800 years ago.  Entering the tunnel he pulled in the bovine carcass he had carried there for food.  He actually preferred to feed on the male hominids, but he could sense that would be too dangerous to do too often.  A missing bovine would be attributed to one hominid stealing from another.  A missing hominid would be looked for much longer and harder.  He despised the male hominids.  His species would have wiped them out long ago except for one little problem.  Male hominids are needed to make female hominids.  His species could only make sperm with Y-chromosomes, which can only result in male children from their female hominid incubators.  The incubus didn’t mind this dilemma.  He enjoyed mating with the delicate hominid females and wouldn’t want a female version of himself.  He would stay here until he sensed the local hominids were getting suspicious.

Aleksander called his daughter Dusana over to help guide the sheep back into the barn.  The grazing was sparse in the snow, but it was still worth it to save on grain.  Dusana was a very pretty 15 year old girl with long black hair.  She had noticed in the last year not just boys were looking her, but adult men as well.  The sheep secured in the barn, she and her father went in for dinner.  They prayed giving thanks holding hands before finally eating dinner.  Father, mother and daughter changed for bed early, said their evening prayers and went to sleep.

Legends throughout history spoke of the Incubi in different terms.  They were the Ogres and Trolls of legend.  The Native Americans called them Sasquatch.  People in the Himalayan Mountains called them Yeti.  Each race had their names for the large hulking creatures that were almost never seen.  The Incubus had been reading the minds of the hominids and found a concept disturbing.  It seems that the hominids have the ability to end a pregnancy intentionally.  They could kill his children before birth.  Probing more he found that many hominids still had the mystical beliefs he remembered from past awake times.  Some of these beliefs prevented this practice.  He would seek out hominid females from families with these beliefs increasing his chances of procreation.  Sensing an ovulating hominid female ahead, the Incubus headed towards the source.

Dusana was having a strange dream.  She was cold and it felt like she was being carried.  She heard the sheep bleating in distress.  She opened her eyes and saw the ground moving several feet below her, raising her head she could see their house moving slowly away, just as she could tell she was going into the barn.  The sheep were in complete distress now making a lot of noise.  Dusana was flung on her back from the shoulder of what was carrying her into the loose hay and looked up at what had been carrying her.  A large hairy terrifying beast stood over her.  She began screaming and her screams caused the sheep to make even more noise in a cacophony of sound.  Dusana knew the noise would wake her parents up, and her father would come running to the barn.  The beast ignored her screams and reached for the neck of her nightgown and in a single motion ripped the entire garment from her body and flung it aside.  It grabbed her ankles yanking her legs apart.  Her panties were also ripped from her body.  Dusana had stopped screaming and just stared at something that could not possibly be real.  The creature spit on her pubic area.  She lifted her head to see something enormous being pushed at her crotch.  She knew what a penis was, but this huge thing was dark and weirdly shaped.  She grunted feeling it at her labial lips.  The creature thrust forward, and Dusana began screaming again.  She lost consciousness for about a minute.  When she woke again, the beast was on top of her and inside her, thrusting back and forth into her body.  It hurt immensely and she cried and tried to push at the hairy chest above her.  She spoke out loud, “No, no, no.  This can’t be happening.  This can’t be real.”  Eventually, she just sobbed as the creature continued his plunging in and out of her body.  The beast roared and pushed deep.  Just before she lost consciousness again, Dusana felt fluid shooting inside her.

Near dawn two hills over, the Incubus crawled into its lair at roughly the same time Dusana woke in the barn.  Hay had been piled on top of her shielding her a little from the cold.  She couldn’t understand why the noise didn’t bring her father.  He was always a light sleeper.  She knew how religious her parents were.  They would think she left the house and went to the barn to meet with a boy.  No one would ever believe any story about a monster.  She still didn’t believe it herself.  Dusana gathered up her torn nightgown and panties and hobbled naked in the cold back to the house with blood and something else running down the inside of her leg.  She cleaned herself up dressed and went to bed.  When her parents woke, she told them she was sick.  Looking at her face they believed her.

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Chapter II

The Incubus needed a new plan.  He sensed many of his implanted children being snuffed out long before birth.  There was a pain in his head each time it happened.  When the Incubi male children are born, they looked like normal children for the first few years.  Typically the Incubus would gather his children sometime after they were born but at least by the time they were 1-2 years old to begin the process of raising them.  He could sense this was not going to work out this time.  As the children are born, the differences with human children that are not obvious on the exterior will be obvious upon examination by these medical people of this awake time.  It seems that sooner or later they will be able to detect his children before birth.  This will lead them to him.  He could sense there were already a few individuals delving into research on the legends of the Incubi suspecting his existence.  Determining a course of action, the Incubus left his lair to implement his plan.

Tatiana woke in a strange and dark place and could hear whispers of girl’s voices.  Sitting up she could see in the faint light four girls around her own age of 16.  All of the girls were in advanced stages of pregnancy.  She could see and feel she had on a loose dress and there was a blanket on her, but she had no shoes or any other clothes but the dress.  The girls looked at her and one very pretty blond girl spoke, “We all just woke up and are trying to figure out where we are.  My name is Svetlana.  I’m from Russia, but I’ve lived in the Czech Republic for seven years.  I’m 16.”
“I’m Dusana,” said a young girl.
“Maruska,” said another.
“Katerina,” said the last girl.
“Tatiana.  I’m 16,” she finally said.  Tatiana saw the other girls also had limited clothes.

The girls were sitting on rocks with blankets on them.  There were many blankets and over on a flat rock was food sitting out, lots of food.  It was cool but not cold, and they all knew they were in a cave of some sort.  None of them were panicking yet, as the whole place and what was happening was so surreal.  There was a faint glow allowing them to see well coming from a few candles and a lantern.  A noise in the background was an underground stream.  A pool of water was swirling gently near them as the stream seemed to be out of view across the pool.  The girls examined the food and found fruit, some raw vegetable, bread that was not very fresh but eatable, a few cheeses and several sausages and cold meats.  There was also a fresh carcass of a cow that made all the girls jump when they saw it.  Hungry, the girls ate some food.  Looking around they eventually realized the pool of water was all there was to drink.  Svetlana drank first and pronounced, “It tastes very clean.”

Over the next few hours the girls explored their surroundings.  The cave was big and a tunnel seemed to lead up.  Katerina went up as far as she could, but a large rock blocked it, and she went back and told the other girls what she found.
Looking at Tatiana, Svetlana spoke, “When are you due?  Do you know?”
“Any day now,” she said.
“Me too,” said Dusana.
“We’re all due soon, but I think you two are further along.  Do you remember anything about how you got pregnant?” asked Svetlana.
“This is going to sound crazy, but I thought it was a bear?” said Tatiana.
“That’s not crazy from what I remember, but it was no bear.” responded Svetlana.
The girls heard a noise and they huddled together knowing something was coming.

The Incubus replaced the rock to the entrance to his lair and made his way towards his new charges.  He carried more food.  Entering the main chamber, the hominid females were in a cluster looking at him in terror.  They didn’t scream, as they were too terrified to make a sound.  He knew all of them were thinking of their memories of him.  The memories would have been vague, but seeing him now, they will come flooding back.  He projected a calming feeling at them as they were very disturbed.  Eventually, the hominid females seemed to calm.  They even ate some food watching him now with curiosity and fear.

Tatiana pushed at the contraction as the beast stood over her.  The other girls were around her, but they were all very uncomfortable around the great beast that had impregnated them all.  Giving a very hard push she felt it expel from her body.  The beast raised an infant and bit the umbilical cord.  It cried hard and strong as the beast pressed it against her breasts.  It locked on her nipple and sucked strongly.
Tatiana spoke, “Is it a boy or girl?”
All five girls heard the beast in their minds say, ‘They are all boys.’

15 year old Maruska pushed and delivered the last of the five infants.  The three 16 year olds and two 15 year olds now all held their babies while they nursed.  The Incubus watched them holding a steer hind quarter in his hand as he gnawed on it.  He had stopped eating hominid males to avoid upsetting his hominid incubators; at least he stopped bringing the meat home.  The girls were still traumatized by their situation, but they had gotten a little used to the beast that spoke to them with his mind.  The Incubus began sensing the first of his hominid incubators to deliver him progeny as she was getting water.  She was not ready yet; maybe in another day.

Tatiana was talking with the other girls when the beast came down the tunnel carrying 3 dead sheep; she could feel him in her head more intensely than usual.  He had brought in wood, and the girls could cook meat now if they wanted.  The smoke went out across the pool of water from the fire Svetlana had made.  Svetlana and Dusana were handy about such things and cut some meat out of one of the sheep to cook.  They removed a tenderloin.  The meat would be gamey and tough coming from an adult sheep instead of a lamb.  Svetlana’s family had a Russian food store and made their own sausages and other meat products.  Dusana was raised on a farm.  The beast sat and began tearing one of the sheep apart to feed.  He tore the head off, cracked the skull on a rock, and began feeding on the brains.  Tatiana could feel him very intensely in her head and looked directly at him to see he was looking back.  She began shuddering knowing something wasn’t right.

After eating the brains of all three sheep.  The Incubus stared at the first girl he impregnated after awaking.  Her ovulation cycle has just begun.  The Incubus raised his great hairy bulk up to his 8 foot height and moved towards the terrified girl frozen in place.  The four other girls knew something was wrong and huddled together.  Tatiana finally found some strength to resist his mind and tried to run, but the beast was too fast and caught her by the hair and pulled her over to some blankets on the rocks throwing her down and pushing her single item of clothing of a dress up past her waist.  The female was screaming.  He thought briefly about calming her with his mind as he had to do outside where other hominids can hear, but decided he liked her screams.  He did project some calming to his other four hominid incubators.

Tatiana screamed as the beast approached her and turned to run.  She struggled as he threw her on her back and forced his bulk on top of her pushing up her dress.  He spread her legs with his massive clawed hands.  She felt something poking her between her legs, and screamed even louder.  The beast lunged forward.  Tatiana’s scream intensified and then turned to a gurgle.  The other girls watched the beast humping Tatiana and shuddered as each realized he would come for them soon too.  Dusana was the second to give birth to one of the beast’s children and began whimpering knowing she was next, probably in a few days.

The penis on an incubus is large.  To prevent too much damage to the females during mating it secrets more pre-cum than a human male penis.  This inhibits the severe vaginal tearing that could damage the human incubators preventing incubi reproduction, but some damage does occur and it hurts them very much.

Tatiana gurgled and sobbed with the beast on top of her thrusting into her body her legs spread so impossibly wide.  She only had very vague memoires of it happening about 10 months ago.  The immense jamming feel of him moving inside her was as bad as bearing his child and felt just as big.  She felt humiliated and terrorized as the beast grunted and pushed in and out of her.  All she could see was the beast’s hairy chest moving above her.  Last time many months ago she was only vaguely aware of what was happening.  Now, she could feel every bit of the beast’s penis inside her moving and tearing her vaginal walls.  After several minutes of thrusting, the beast gave one last hard plunge deep inside her and roared.  She could feel a hateful slimy wetness filling her body knowing it was to impregnate her for the second time.

Tatiana curled into a ball and sobbed feeling so hurt, humiliated and terrified.  Over the next day of her ovulation cycle, he came for her three more times, thrusting into her and filling her with incubi sperm.  She became completely comatose, and the other girls had to help her eat and drink.  Tatiana sat rocking to herself not speaking, the baby incubus nursing on her breast, while another one was growing inside her.  Dusana didn’t help the others with Tatiana; she sat shaking and could feel the beast watching her, and he was very strong in her head.

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I am always a fan of ancient europe. Places i used to see on pictures like dungeons and castle brick type of buildings. Thats why i love to play gothic game, It always gives me the creeps.

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Chapter III

Kasia was cursing her Czech boyfriend while holding their baby nursing on her breast.  He said he would be with her always but left as soon as he found out she was pregnant.  The Polish town she lived in was just across the river that was the border with the Czech Republic in this part of Southern Poland.  The little one was only two months old and her large breasts that attracted the boyfriend in the first place were even larger swollen with milk.  He was 26 and so mature thought the 18 year old blond when she met him at 17.  She thought she was so lucky, until he vanished and she found out the home address he gave her was fake.  He managed to get her pregnant the first week they started having sex and left as soon as he figured it out.

Kasia started feeling fuzzy and didn’t understand why she was having trouble thinking.  She shook her foggy head not understanding the huge hairy apparition appearing in front of her.  The hairy monster plucked her baby off her breast and gently set it in the crib.  Kasia didn’t know it, but the gentleness of the Incubus had nothing to do with any real concern for the infant.  It was just to help keep her calm, and he noticed it was female, and therefore a potential future incubator for incubi.  Kasia could feel him in her mind and then she lost consciousness.

When Kasia woke she seemed to be in a cave with lighting from a fire and from a few lamps scattered around.  Her surroundings were surreal, and she realized she was naked.  There were women and girls in various groups many of them nursing infants.  Most of the women had either no clothes or wore tattered rags.  Kasia didn’t know it, but while she was unconscious, women had stripped her and fought over her clothes.  Children of various sizes were roaming all over, but the children did not look right.  The bigger ones were covered with hair.  The bigger they were the less human they looked.  Looking around more she saw a group of five beings slightly bigger than her that were very hairy like that thing in her dream.  Then she saw it way across the cave; the huge nearly 3 meter tall thing that appeared in front of her at home in what she thought had been a dream.

While she was still gathering her wits, a haggard looking woman that looked about 30 came over with two infants and placed one on her milked filled breast.  It latched on sucking strongly and hurting.  Kasia could feel its teeth and cried out as it hurt and started to push it off.  The women spoke as she nursed the other infant, “No, let it nurse.  It’s why you were brought here, to be a wet nurse.”
She gave a wry smile and continued, “And, to make more of these.”
Pausing again the woman glanced towards the group of large hairy beings slightly bigger than her and said, “Nursing will keep the younglings off you.  Trust me, it’s the only thing that will keep them off you, nursing or advanced pregnancy.”
“Where am I?  What’s going on?” asked Kasia.
“Where are you in your menstrual cycle?” asked the woman.
“I started bleeding a couple days ago.  Why?” Kasia responded.
“Then you will have several days before he will come for you,” the woman said mysteriously.

The woman said her name was Dusana and she thought she was 22 or 23 but looked older.  She wasn’t really sure.  She had given birth seven times in this cave.  She told her there had been five of them in the beginning, and only she and Tatiana were left.  Kasia looked to where she pointed seeing an obviously catatonic woman rocking with a nursing infant and staring at the cave wall.  The woman went on to tell her that Katerina died in child birth.  The beast killed Maruska and Svetlana; Maruska because she went violent crazy and Svetlana because she got defiant and refused to do what she was told.  What Kasia wasn’t told was that Dusana had to watch while the Incubus fed on their bodies.

“Oh no,” Dusana said as the group of five she called younglings got up and moved together towards a cluster of girls around Kasia’s age or younger.  This group of girls were the only females that did not seem to be nursing or otherwise caring for infants.  They cowered in terror as the younglings approached.  Two of younglings grabbed an ankle each of a pretty blond girl and began dragging her away from the others as she screamed, “NO! NO, not me this time!….Please, pick someone else! NO! NO!.....NOT ME!”

Kasia watched in horror as they forced the girl that could not be much more than 15 or 16 on her hands and knees.  One of the younglings knelt behind the girl, and Kasia could see its penis slightly bigger than her boyfriend’s become erect and then a disgusting discharge spattered the girl’s genitals.  The youngling lunged forward into the vagina of the screaming girl and began humping.  The girl didn’t scream for long as a second youngling knelt in front of her face shooting a wad of pre cum directly at the girl’s mouth before shoving its large penis in the girl’s mouth.  Kasia could hear the girl gagging and retching on the penis in her mouth as the younglings double teamed her from both ends.

Dusana spoke, “When they grab you, make sure you don’t bite on what they put in your mouth.  One girl did that and they beat her to a pulp.  It took her four days to die, and she was in great pain the whole time.”
“Grab me?  I thought they would leave me alone?”
Dusana answered, “Well, try to be nursing as much as you can, but it’s hard to completely avoid them.  They grab me sometimes.  One of them is actually mine.  I’m not sure which one anymore.”
Dusana paused for a minute while they watched the poor blond girl’s rape by the hairy younglings and then spoke again, “They are like teenagers always wanting sex.  I don’t think they make viable sperm yet, but their ejaculate is rather nasty, and they make a lot of that.  The old one only does it for procreation, but these younglings do it for fun.  They like variety too and will seek out women or girls they haven’t had in a while.”
Dusana asked, “Have you given a blow job before?  I never did with a human boy.  I just know about it from talking to women here.”
“Yes,” answered Kasia with a red face.
“Then try and suck them good when they catch you.  It’s over quicker when you do that, and they are less rough with you.”

Kasia could not stop watching the poor blond girl.  The youngling gripping her hips and lunging in and out of her vagina finally gave a loud growl plunging deep filling her with his ejaculate before withdrawing.  He was immediately replaced by a third youngling who mounted the girl and started his own humping.  Not long after Kasia heard the youngling in front of the girl growl, and she turned away in disgust just as she saw the youngling’s ejaculate pouring out of the girl’s very filled mouth running down her chin.  That youngling pulled its penis from her mouth and before the girl could catch her breath, a fourth youngling grabbed her head filling her mouth with his penis and the double teaming started again the girl retching horribly as the youngling shoved his penis into her throat.  The fifth and last youngling took the blond girl from behind as she screamed and sobbed.  In what had to be at least 45 minutes of rape, the blond girl was finally left alone as she sobbed and painfully crawled with ejaculate running down her thighs back to the group who offered her little comfort as they were all just glad it wasn’t them this time.

Dusana spoke again, “That group of young girls have only been here just over a month.  The Incubus has already impregnated all of them.”
Dusana left her alone nursing the infant.  Kasia walked around holding the infant and exploring her surroundings.  There was an abundant amount of food and women and girls were doing some cooking.  Kasia ate and wondered where all the food came from.  She didn’t know the Incubus demanded tribute from local farmers and store owners who were not only too terrified not to obey, but they knew the Incubus could read their minds and would know if they told anyone.  Kasia heard more screaming and turned to look as the younglings grabbed a petite brunette of about 14 or 15 years old dragging her away from the other girls and repeating the rape as they had done the blond girl not much more than 2 hours ago.  Dusana brought her a different infant to suckle as there were so many requiring feeding.  Every 2 to 3 hours the younglings attacked another girl or woman.  Kasia refused to watch any more.

In what was the following day from when she got to the cave, she saw the large Incubus approach a young girl of about 16 nursing an infant.  The shaking girl set down the infant as she stared in horror at the huge beast.  Kasia turned away as the girl screamed.  She looked back once and all she could see of the girl were her feet on either side of the humping buttocks of the Incubus.  The incubus came for that same girl twice more over the next day or so.

In the cave where time stood still, Kasia got careless on her fourth day without a nursing infant and was surrounded by the younglings.  She tried to run, but they tackled her hooting in joy.  She soon found herself crying in fear on all fours.  She screamed as she felt a splash of viscous liquid on her genitals followed by something being forced inside her vagina.  She was immediately distracted by that same liquid splashing on her face followed by her jaws being forced open by clawed fingers.  The thing was thrust in her mouth and pushed to the back of her throat as she gagged and heaved on it.  After a minute or so of being violated at both ends, Kasia remembered Dusana’s advice to end it quicker and tried to suck on the youngling’s penis using her lips and tongue.  The youngling grunted with pleasure as he plunged in and out of her mouth.  The one behind her gripped her hips with clawed hands hurting her and drawing blood as his large penis sank deep inside her over and over.  Kasia gagged violently as the youngling in front of her forced its penis into her throat.  She felt the penis convulse and a flood of vile liquid poured into her mouth.  She tried to force it out, but there was too much and the penis was still deep in her mouth.  She had to swallow several times to clear her throat to breathe retching at how terrible it tasted.  She felt the one behind her finish and fill her insides with that same nasty fluid.  He pulled out and she felt another take his place behind her shooting his pre-cum on her behind.  The youngling ejaculate was still dribbling off her chin when the next one was kneeing in front of her.  It was probably good her mouth was empty, because when the youngling behind her lunged forward, she was entirely caught off guard when the penis forced its way into her ass instead of her vagina and might have bit anything in her mouth.  She had no time to adjust to this violent anal intrusion as her mouth was filled completely with a new penis.  Still reeling from shock at having her ass raped, Kasia didn’t work on the penis in her mouth, and the youngling unhappy with her performance forced it much deeper in her throat scraping and hurting her.  He took a very long time in her mouth, and she felt the one behind her fill her bowels followed by her vagina penetrated again. 

The last two ejaculated inside her at nearly the same time.  When the one in front of her pulled out of her mouth, he hit her several time in the face, and she could feel him in her mind saying that she better do it good next time.  Finished with her, the younglings left her belly down on the cave floor sobbing and choking on youngling ejaculate with more of it seeping from her vagina and rectum.  Kasia was attacked again a few days later and soon learned the youngling’s violent use of her ass was no accident. 

On what was her 11th day in the cave, the Incubus came for her as she began ovulating.  She could feel him in her mind and wanted to run, but she was frozen in place the fuzziness back from when she first saw him.  He pushed her down on her back and as he pulled her legs impossibly wide.  She felt the splash of pre-cum, and then she screamed very loud as he forced a penis twice the size of the youngling’s into her vagina tearing the walls as it filled her.  Kasia eventually stopped screaming and just whimpered under the huge Incubus feeling his immense penis abrading her painfully as he fucked her.  After an eternity of pain the great beast gave a roar, and Kasia felt a deluge of thick incubi semen fill her womb.  Inside her body incubi sperm swam and jostled with each other trying to be the first to reach her egg.  One sperm made it fertilizing the egg.  In a rare event, an egg was also fertilized near Kasia’s other ovary.  Even though the job was already done, the Incubus came for her twice more.  He could only sense his children when they became self-aware at 3 months in the womb.

Kasia would bare many incubi children until she finally just wore out from youngling abuse, Incubus rapes and child birth at the age of 29 and died.  By this time the incubi had many lairs and numbered in the thousands.  The ancient one had a plan and would soon move his progeny east.

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I can never tire of reading The Incubus!

November 07, 2014, 11:49:01 PM
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Chapter IV

Kim Jong-Un the 50 something year old supreme leader of North Korea looked out from his balcony on his domain.  At least it was his domain, until they came nearly a decade ago.  The incubi army showed up and rapidly influenced all the leaders of this closed off country.  The stalemate that had existed between this secretive country and the rest of the world was perpetuated and influenced by the incubi with the sole purpose of increasing their numbers under a cloud of secrecy.  There were some that suspected around the world what was going on, but no real concrete evidence existed.  The incubi took care of any threats by controlling the minds of those threats, or simply make them disappear.  Not all the incubi were in North Korea.  Including the original one in the Czech Republic, numerous incubi had started lairs around the world, where they influenced the course of human events and breed with the local human females producing incubi on a smaller scale then in North Korea.  Kim Jong-Un wished the incubus who came with his army had kept him under his influence, so he didn’t know what was happening; but things had gotten to the point where the Incubus didn’t care what Kim Jong-Un knew.  He was just a figure head in his palatial prison keeping the masses calm.  Kim Jong-Un knew that some in the outside had compliments for the dramatic changes in North Korea.  Famine had rapidly decreased.  The population was well fed and healthy compared to its past, but there was a reason the incubi wanted the people healthy, the young females anyway.

The prison camp system started by his grandfather and perpetuated by his father and him was now expanded and run by the incubi as factories, factories for making more incubi.  Almost half of the young woman of the country lived in these factories as breeding machines for the incubi and toys for the younglings.  In the early days he thought his own personal family would surely be spared, but the ancient one seemed to take particular delight in impregnating his daughters, both those by his wives beginning with Ri Sol-Ju and his numerous mistresses.  Kim Jong-Un was forced to watch his daughters as they screamed under the hairy monster as he penetrated them and hammered away at their bodies.  Once impregnated they were given to younglings as play toys and subjected to more than ten rapes a day every day until nearing term.  After delivering the incubi young, they were transported to the factories for continued production of incubi.  There were other girls now around for the incubi staying at the palace for them to use and procreate with.

The time a young incubi begins having erections and the desire to have fun with hominid females is around 7 years old.  At around the age of about 12, they begin producing viable sperm in their ejaculate.  They are about 6 feet tall (almost 2 meters) at 7 years and attain their full height of 8 feet (almost 3 meters) at 12 years old.  Youngling instincts are such that they attack hominid females in packs.  Historically, a pack of younglings raised by the same parent would abduct a girl and use her for fun until she wore out, and then get another one.  In the current environment, the pack hunting no longer seemed necessary, and younglings often felt comfortable grabbing helpless girls without help.  They enjoy variety in their victims, and they enjoy using their vaginas, mouths and asses.  Incubi sense of aesthetics mirrors that of human males; they like pretty girls.

Sae Jin knew when the hard faced men showed up they were going to take her to the school now that she was 15.  They took her sister two years ago.  Her parents did not look happy, but this was supposed to be a good thing?  She was shocked when they took measurement of her hips and breasts nodding at the results.  Their hands on her body were way too familiar, and she kept looking for her parents to object, but they held their heads down looking at the floor.  Growing up her family seemed to do well having plenty of food, and she was a healthy girl with a pretty face and more curves than many girls her age.

Leaving her house with the men, Sae Jin got on a bus filled with girls her own age.  She noticed most of the seats were already full and all the girls were pretty and had nice mature curves similar to hers.  The bus made two more stops picking up girls at both, and then they began a long ride.  Sae Jin watched as the stern faced man who wasn’t driving got up and walked down the aisle looking at each girl.  His eyes lingered on her, but then he took the arm of a girl two rows behind her and pulled her to his seat up front.  She saw him whisper something in her ear, and the girl got very upset.  Sae Jin could see he was threatening her.  The girl crying now disappeared below the seat.  A gasp of shock came from the girls seating near the front that could see what was happening.  They didn’t talk out of fear, but they were clearly upset about something.  Sae Jin thought she could hear slurping sounds.  After a long while the girl appeared above the seat crying and wiping her mouth as she made her way back to her seat.  The bus pulled over, and the men switched drivers.  The second man walked down the aisle looking at girls.  He looked hard at her, and she trembled in fear.  He grabbed the arm of the girl sitting in front of her, and led her to the front.  Sae Jin knew he was doing something to her just like the other man did to the other girl.  The girls up front were looking away.  Eventually she stood up and seemed to be getting ready to spit, but the man said something to her, and she looked very afraid and seemed to swallow twice.  The girl cried openly as she walked back to her seat.  Not long after that the bus stopped at the largest building Sae Jin had ever seen.

Sae Jin stood in the line with the other girls and noticed not all the girls look Korean.  There was even one large group of Caucasian girls she thought maybe were Russian.  There were girls that looked like from Southern Asia, both eastern like Vietnam and central like India.  The girls that weren’t Korean looked than more upset than the Koreans.  Sae Jin didn’t know they had all been kidnapped as opposed to the hidden intimidation that obtained the Korean girls.  Ships coming into North Korea were scanned for weapons and radioactive materials, but not for young girls.  A slightly older girl in front who looked pregnant began speaking and saying crazy things about hairy masters and pointing to pictures of beasts ranging from almost 2 meters to almost 3 meters tall.  She pointed at the things between their legs that had to be their penises and said the hairy masters would stick those inside us; and not just in that place where men do to make babies.  She said they would stick it in our butts and mouths too.  Sae Jin noticed she couldn’t speak very well, and then saw she had no teeth at all, none.  The girl opened wide showing she had no teeth, and told them their teeth would be pulled out like hers if the hairy master felt their teeth when they put their penises in our mouths.  It was just crazy talk from an insane girl.  The talk lasted less than 10 minutes, and the girl then said they all had to go through the door behind her.  Men like the stern faced men on the bus began forcing them to the door and through it.

Sae Jin walked through the doorway into madness.  There was a cacophony of sounds; screaming was coming from all directions as well as crying, pleading and animal sounds of grunting and roaring.  All the girls with her seemed shocked.  Sae Jin pushed her way through to see what was going on and was transfixed in place by her first sight of a hairy beast.  It was sitting on a bench and a girl about her age was kneeing between its legs.  To her shock the girl had what had to be the beast’s penis in her mouth, and she was sucking on it.  Sae Jin had to blink several times to make sure it was real.  It was not just the shock of seeing what the girl was doing, but the girl was taking more of it in her mouth than should have been humanly possible.  The beast seemed to be enjoying what the girl was doing and had his clawed hands in her hair forcing her.  Beasts closed in on them and began pulling girls away from the group.

Sae Jin was grabbed by a beast about 2 meters tall and thrown belly down on the floor as she started screaming.  Her dress was pushed up.  It hurt when the beast pulled on her panties until they finally tore from her body.  She felt something wet splash on her butt.  A voice in her head seemed to tell her to relax, and it wouldn’t hurt as much.  Something was pressed against her butt hole, and the voice said relax again just before she felt intense pain as something huge was forced inside her.  Sae Jin screamed and screamed as something was tearing into her.  The pain was incredible, and she could hear the beast grunting on top of her.  At some point she realized it was his penis inside her butt scraping her insides.  She screamed herself horse until all she could do was sob underneath the thrusting beast.  After what seemed like an eternity, she felt the beast thrust deep and a flood of liquid filled her insides.  The beast left her crying on the floor.

Getting up and staggering, Sae Jin reached behind her and confirmed she was bleeding from her butt.  There was blood and some nasty viscous white fluid on her hand.  She just walked aimlessly seeing beasts attacking girls all around her.  In front of her were three girls holding down a screaming girl.  One girl had pliers and was pulling the teeth out of the screaming girl while a beast watched.  She knew it was because the beast had felt her teeth on his thing.  Not even 20 minutes after the beast had finished raping her in her butt, another one forced her to her knees.  Its penis was hard and pointed at her face.  She could feel the beast in her head ordering her to open her mouth.  Remembering the girl giving the lecture and she girl she just saw getting her teeth pulled out, Sae Jin vowed she would keep her teeth off the beast.  She opened her mouth obediently as the thing was pushed to the back of her throat.  The beast was in her head giving instructions, and she followed them using her lips to grip it and her tongue to apply suction.  She gagged and heaved on it, as he pushed it way too deep.  It was horrible this thing the beast was making her do, and it took a very long time with the beast in her head criticizing her efforts.  Just when she thought she couldn’t take it any longer a deluge of nasty slimy fluid poured into her mouth.  The beast forced his thing deep.  To avoid choking, Sae Jin had to swallow and keeping swallowing as there seemed to be no end to the nasty substance filling her mouth.  Finally the beast pulled it from her mouth as she gasped for air and some of the vile stuff ran down her chin.

It went like this for days for Sae Jin, being raped in all three holes of her body over and over.  The beasts always told her in her head she would be fine.  Eight days after arriving, the largest beast yet raped her in her vagina.  Other very large beasts repeated this rape over the next day or so.  The rapes continued and the beasts stayed in her head keeping her from going insane by force of will.  When her pregnancy became obvious, she was moved to a nursery where girls were treated a little better.  The girls not obviously pregnant, but were nursing infants were still raped very often, but not as bad as when she first arrived.  Sae Jin was a strong girl and became an efficient producer of incubi.

Jun had been in the million strong army of North Korea for 10 years ever since he was 18.  His job had always been maintaining the minefields along the border with the puppet regime of the south.  They came and gave him his discharge and told him to report for processing.  Jun didn’t know it, but the million strong army was only about 600,000 now.  He was standing in line with the others and saw the large hairy ones observing.  He knew the hairy ones were advisers helping North Korea against its enemies.  There was an officer in front of him his shoulders slumped as if terribly depressed.  Normally Jun would not have dared talk to him, but he asked, “Sir, is there anything wrong?”
“Yes, the processing.”
“What’s wrong with the processing?”
“I’m not supposed to tell.  My family is at risk,” said the officer.
“Aren’t we going back to our families?” asked Jun.
“No, we are being processed for them,” answered the officer pointing at the hairy ones.
“Processed for them how?”
“For their dinner.”

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I can never tire of reading The Incubus!

Thanks vile, one of my favorites too.  Maybe one day I'll continue it.

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I can never tire of reading The Incubus!

Thanks vile, one of my favorites too.  Maybe one day I'll continue it.

So that day would be tomorrow? You can't just tell me that the incubi are making man-kabobs and then cut off.

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I can never tire of reading The Incubus!

Thanks vile, one of my favorites too.  Maybe one day I'll continue it.

So that day would be tomorrow? You can't just tell me that the incubi are making man-kabobs and then cut off.

Yeah I know, but it is a classic scifi ending.....we'll see if it really is the end one day perhaps......

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Classic sci-fi waiting for a sequel...


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Still the most arousing and one of my favorite stories I've ever read.