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October 25, 2014, 04:18:06 PM
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I haven't posted everything I wrote yet, but this is the last post for this story until I write more.

And, thanks.

December 05, 2014, 10:19:54 PM
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:-( becoming one of my favourites I want more! you so slow to post I might Cry!

December 06, 2014, 11:10:05 PM
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I might cry too . . .  :\'((

December 06, 2014, 11:49:10 PM
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Jeez, OK I'll think on this one.  To be honest have no current ideas for it other than the werewolf will show again.

December 07, 2014, 11:53:37 AM
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Jeez Jed you got them crying and everything

January 24, 2015, 08:23:32 AM
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Chapter 10

Lady Natalya knew her fatherís principality in this remote part of Russia was one of the least wealthy.  It was just by chance an emissary from the Austrian Empire returning from a bear hunt stayed at her fatherís castle and was beguiled by her beauty.  He was a minor Count, but he was still a Habsburg Count and a member of the most powerful royal family in all of Europe and an ally of Russia against Napoleonís France.  The possibility of marriage intrigued her.  He wasnít particularly handsome and much older than her 16 years, but she had visions of attending balls in Vienna, Prague and Budapest and wearing the best dresses and above all escaping the awful Russian winters.  Besides, she liked the idea of being called a countess or contessa.

The Austrian Count complimented Lady Natalya on her gorgeous eyes and beautiful light brown hair that he said seemed to shine all its own in places, but she noticed his gaze was often lower to her bosom.  She had no first-hand knowledge of male female relations, but a woman in her 30ís married to one of her fatherís guards spoke to her on such things.  Natalya was intensely curious and asked all sorts of questions about what males looked like without clothes and what the woman did with her husband.

An arrangement was made and Lady Natalya embarked in a carriage with three of her fatherís guards and one of the countís men who stayed behind.  Other escorts ensured their safety as far as the Principality of Moldavia and then across into Transylvania.  Moldavia, Wallachia and Transylvania were considered Romanian provinces, but while Moldavia and Wallachia were semi-independent, Transylvania was now part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  The countís castle was on the Southern edge of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in what was sometimes called Croatia not far past Transylvania.  Now traveling in Austrian territory, the escorts returned to Russia leaving her and the four soldiers to travel alone.  They stopped to resupply in a small Transylvanian village.  Natalya had hoped for an inn in which to stay, but there was nothing suitable, so they proceeded hoping to make the next town.  The silly villagers seemed fearful speaking of girls disappearing and women and sometimes men found pale and drained of blood with puncture wounds on their thighs or necks.  They also spoke of a green monster roaming the forest.

Now far outside the village the carriage wheel hit a rock and a spoke snapped.  It would not be a long repair, but the guard admitted they would be spending the night in this secluded spot.  The four horses were unhitched and watered at a spring and tied where there was grass to eat.  Lady Natalya huddled in her fur coat against the autumn chill, while the guards prepared beds of blankets outside.  At least there was a full moon tonight Natalya thought allowing them to see well in the forest as night approached.

Natalya had not even prepared yet to sleep, when she jumped hearing the horses neighing nervously.  The neighing turned into screaming as the terrified horses pulled and yanked at their hitches.  The guards began shouting to each other to grab the horses and if anyone saw anything.  Natalya heard a snap of a rope breaking and first one then all the horses bolted in panic.  From the carriage window she saw a large dark shadow amongst the men, and the men now began screaming.  There were awful growls, and then Natalya saw one of her fatherís men near the carriage.  His throat was ripped open.  He tried to mouth words to her before collapsing to the ground.  The dark shadow seemed to be everywhere at once, and she huddled down in the carriage to hide in fear.  As the turmoil settled, Natalya looked again.  She saw it with its face buried in the chest of the Austrian countís man, and she knew it was feeding on his heart.  It moved to one of her fatherís men who was still moving and ripped his chest open to eat his heart as well.

The sight of the horrifying animal feeding on the men was too much and she screamed.  The beastís head lifted, its snout dripping with blood and gore, and terrible red eyes stared at her.  In a single leap it was at the carriage tearing at the wooden door.  Natalya opened the opposite doors, jumped out and began running.  Her heels caught on rocks and roots making her trip, but the shoes were strapped on and she couldnít kick them off.  She heard the animal behind her panting and sniffing.  She knew she was not running fast, and that the beast was toying with her.  Talons caught her fur coat pulling on her.  She wiggled out of the coat and kept running.  She felt the claws on the back of her dress and it tore.  As she ran the beast did not catch her body with his talons, but soon her dress was in shreds.  She was crawling now pitifully away from the monstrosity.  Claws came down catching at her clothes again.  She sobbed piteously feeling herself being stripped naked by the beast.

Knowing there was no escape in her crawling, she turned to face death hoping it would be quick.  Sitting facing it propped up on her elbows, the beast was like no other she had seen.  It seemed to be a wolf but was more manlike than any wolf could be.  As she stared at it in the moonlight, a paw came out and pulled the last of the shreds of her dress from her body almost gently as it leered down at her.  Natalya saw it then in the moonlight standing up between his legs.  She knew it was his male member and knew it was erect with arousal.  It seemed huge in comparison to her small body.  Surely it would only kill her she thought shaking her head in disbelief.  Taloned paws gripped her ankles spreading her legs wide.

Natalya stared in horror at the blood drenched face of the beast as it bent down, and a long tongue appeared from its fanged mouth.  It head lowered between her legs, and with revulsion Natalya felt the tongue rasping at her privates taking long slimy licks wetting her genitals.  Then the head moved up and toward her, and its tongue licked at her bare breasts.  She could feel her nipples hardening under the lapping tongue.  It moved even further up until she was staring into its dark hairy chest, its body between her widely spread legs.  When she felt it poking her inner thigh, she knew the beast was going to rape her.  It poked again and found her entrance.  The beast slammed its hips forward, and Natalya screamed in pain as the beast penetrated her body.

Her arms and legs flailed helplessly on both sides of her rapist, as he tore inside her.  The pain was excruciating, and she could feel him thrusting ever deeper into her body.  She screamed and shook her head in disbelief trying to will the act away or wake herself up from this nightmare that canít be real.  The growl like grunts of the beast and the pounding of its male organ as its hips slammed against her vulnerable body made it all too real.  She sobbed and cried out to be saved, while the hulking beast pounded away at her body.  Just when she felt herself losing consciousness, the beast stiffen on top of her, and she felt her insides sprayed with his lust.

Natalya woke feeling a weight on top of her.  The nightmare of last night flooded into her mind as she pushed at the body still laying between her legs.  Their bodies were no longer joined, but he was heavy and wouldnít budge.  As the first light of dawn approached, she was relieved that she could tell it was just a man that had raped her and wondered what caused her to think it was a beast.  She felt him move and knew he was awake too.  Then she heard a voice from behind her say, ďMy master has spoken of those that undergo Ďthe changeí.  He will give you sanctuary if you allow him to observe and study.Ē

The rapist got off her and pulled her to her feet.  She was extremely conscious of being nude in front of the men and felt so very sore between her legs.  The man Igor had found her coat relatively intact.  Looking at her coat and shreds of her dress and the shoes she still wore, he commented, ďWell didnít you wear some fancy clothes.  I guess weíll just have to call you Fancy for now on.Ē
He licked his lips, and she cringed when he reached out squeezing one of her breasts.  She tried to pull away from his cruel hand, but he laughed and pulled her closer, his hands exploring her body.

The man Igor led them to a castle.  Natayla cried and begged them to let her go as she stumbled along being half dragged.  Once inside they were led up long stone stairs and entered a well lit room.  It was a room of horrors.  A small blond girl was on her knees with an older man shoving his male organ in her mouth.  Natalya could see her glance over with surprise in her eyes, but she didnít stop sucking on the manís organ.  Another girl with long dark hair was chain by her ankle and huddled against a wall looking with compassion and pity at her.  She turned at a groaning noise and saw a huge green monster standing mere feet away.  She screamed and everything went dark as she passed out.

Now they have three of us to abuse thought Afina as she watched the new girl swoon at the sight of what had been Dimitrie.  There was man with her.  He seemed subdued and tired.  He accepted some food from Igor and then went to sleep.  Later in the afternoon, she heard the new girl they were calling Fancy whining and pleading, and then a gurgling sound.  She couldnít see, but she figured Igor had just stuffed her mouth with his fowl organ.  She felt sorry for her, but at least she didnít have to do it this time.  That he had made her do it this morning was more than enough for one day.

Just at evening approached and the light of the full moon was visible through the window, Afina felt the new man behind her, his hot breath on her bare shoulders and neck and knew he was aroused.
A harsh voice spoke, ďThey call you Plaything.  Such a fitting name for such a pretty girl.Ē
The man seemed to growl as he spoke.  He reached around and began squeezing her ample breasts, his nude body pressing against her from behind.  She shuddered knowing that she had a new tormentor, but he seemed different now from when he first arrived.  At least he wasnít ugly like the Baron and that detestable Igor or some kind of monster like what Dimitrie had become.  She stood stiff trying not to encourage him, but not pulling away either knowing how useless that would be.

Afina could feel the man bend his knees, then his organ was poking her butt cheek.  His hands gripped her hips holding her in place.  She was past crying about her fate, but she did whimper when the new man forced his organ inside her while they both were still standing.  It hurt with her dry, and he felt bigger than both the Baron and Igor, but mercifully not as big as the monster that had been her Dimitrie.  While the man was moving slowly inside her pushing a little deeper with each thrust, she heard popping sounds like the loud cracking of knuckles.

The man was shuddering almost violently as he molested her.  She reached back and felt her hand touch his muscular thigh.  It felt furry and more like the coat of a dog instead of the thigh of a man.  She felt something prick her breast and looked down to see a dark taloned paw-like hand gripping it.  She turned her head around and saw the snout and fangs of a beast and began screaming as it forced her to the floor mounting her from behind like an animal.

January 26, 2015, 10:55:06 AM
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We've waited a while for this Jed, but as usual, you made sure the wait was well worth it! Another great instalment and will be nice to see how Natalya "enjoys" her stay at the castle.

February 01, 2015, 10:00:24 AM
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I was so happy to see more of this story!!!!  It is def one my favs!!!!   ;D

November 07, 2015, 12:41:41 PM
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Great story!!!!!!!!!!!

March 26, 2017, 03:18:45 PM
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I need to get back to this story real soon.  Now where did I leave off?  Oh yeah, the pretty voluptuous dark haired girl was getting raped from behind by a hideous werewolf. . . . .

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March 31, 2017, 02:25:55 AM
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Well this is one of my favs . . .so I am trying not to get too excited about some stuff soon!