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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

The Bride

Chapter 1

The loud noise startled the diminutive blond girl, and she jumped back from the open window.  She relaxed just slightly realizing it was thunder.  Despite it being July, she shivered at the cold breeze and reluctantly closed the shutters just as the rain started coming in the window, a few large drops wetting her light purple dress.  Her parents were down in the village where all the adults were meeting in the church about the strange incidents and sightings this past spring and now summer.  She wanted to watch for them, but the prevailing wind would soak the interior of the hut.  She also hated that she was still afraid of thunderstorms.  She wasn’t a little girl anymore, so this fear bothered her.  The hut was built into the hillside, so the door and only window faced down the valley to the village.

Now that she was 16 she felt she was an adult too and should have been allowed to go to the meeting.  Most girls and many boys were already married at her age.  She knew she was beautiful.  Everyone said that.  The men and boys stared at her, but there were none she was particularly interested in.  She hated the way they would ogle at her breasts through the single dress she had, often crossing her arms in front of her to hide them from their leering gazes.  Her father and mother insisted she stay away from any men and boys from the village.  They said her beauty would allow a match with a man with property and money.  She knew they were thinking of themselves too, but she didn’t mind.  She knew all too well how hard it was to grow food from what was mostly rocks around their hut.  Despite having almost no money, her mother had paid extra a couple months ago for purple cloth to make her the best dress she ever had, saying it should match her name Violeta.  Purple cloth was the most expensive, and other village girls made snide comments about her wearing this color often associated with royalty.  Her mother wanted her noticed if a man of wealth visited the village.

A flash of light glowed around the shuttered windows and closed door of the hut followed soon after by the crackling of more thunder making Violeta tremble.  There had been an unusual number of thunderstorms this year.  This seemed to coincide with the return of the Baron.  This valley had historically belonged to an old German noble family despite not being in Germany.  There being little that could be gained ruling this valley, and the family had left long before her parents were born sometime around 1730.  Stories about the horrible cruelty of the family were often told, but Violeta dismissed them as being grossly exaggerated.  She knew that no one had ever tried to enter the abandoned castle perched on a precipice overlooking the ravine where the river that flowed gently through the village bent sharply and turned into a raging torrent.  A great iron door was the only way in, and it would take cannon fire to breach the door or walls of the castle.

The Baron showed up in January of 1808 in a horse drawn sled to reclaim the family castle.  She had caught a glimpse of his arrival.  Violet saw he was tall slender aristocratic man of indeterminate age.  He had only one servant with him, but several hired men brought large crates on horse drawn wagons.  The men stayed in the village that evening until departing for Germany the following morning.  It was rumored they said the crates were filled with metal instruments and other peculiar objects.

The Baron’s servant would come into the village to buy food and firewood.  He paid well, which helped with the prosperity of the village and surrounding farms quelling some of the initial fear of his arrival.  In the six months since the baron’s arrival he made no attempt to collect taxes.  He didn’t seem to have any way to enforce collections, but the people were amazed he didn’t try.

While she only saw the Baron once, she often saw his servant.  The beady eyed stocky stoop shouldered man always had a cloak partially hiding his disfigured face.  The villagers whispered he had an evil look about him, but they gladly took the money he offered.  She saw him lifting heavy sacks of grain for the Baron’s horses with ease and knew he must be very strong.

About a month after the Baron’s arrival a very disturbing thing happened.  When someone died in the deep cold of winter, the ground was too frozen to bury them.  The bodies had to be stored in the shack of the undertaker until spring.  It had been a bad year for the village.  In addition to two elderly passing, three strong young men were killed in a logging accident.  One Sunday in church the undertaker had burst in yelling the bodies of the three men were gone.  At first it was thought a bear had come and taken them, but only the tracks of men could be seen in the snow.  It was a terrifying mystery, but many would mutter and point to the castle high above the village.  It was inconceivable what any man would want with the missing corpses.  Some even pointed fingers at the undertaker, but most suspected the disappearance of the dead had something to do with the reclusive Baron.

Throughout the spring terrible thunderstorms rocked the village.  Lightning seemed to strike the castle with a frequency that defied belief.  The people would talk among themselves about the strange lights that would flash from the windows of the castle just after the lightning strikes on the castle tower.  The unrest and fear in the village continued to rise each time at these peculiar events, but then the eerie servant of the Baron would come down from the castle and spend more money placating the villagers.

Burning with curiosity, Violeta wished her parents would get home soon.  She knew they were taking about the latest bizarre development in the valley.  The first sightings had been dismissed as the ramblings of drunken men, but now a prominent member of the town said he saw it too moving in the dark.  It had been thought what they were seeing was the Baron’s servant or perhaps the Baron himself, but the men who saw it said it was too tall to be the servant and too massive to be the thin Baron.  It was some sort of hulking creature always spotted near the castle and only at night.

The door began opening taking Violeta by surprise, but she relaxed realizing her parents were finally home.  A flash of lightning illuminated the doorway, and she saw the awful face of the Baron’s servant.  He stepped into the hut and grabbed her covering her mouth with a dirty hand.  She tried to scream through his pudgy fingers as the hideous man lifted her in his arm.  He turned and left the hut with her struggling futilely in his grasp.  He was so very strong and walked as if she was light as a feather.  Shaking in terror Violeta knew where they were going.  The man was taking her to the castle of Baron Victor von Frankenstein.

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Chapter 2

The storm raged around them soaking her dress within seconds of leaving her family’s hut.  Violeta struggled frantically for several minutes as the dreadful man carried her up the mountain with lightning flashing around them.  She tried to hit the rotund beast with her fists, but he carried her facing away from him making it difficult to reach him.  When she did get a hit on his body, it felt as hard as a tree trunk.  Gasping with difficulty through his hand, she stopped her struggles perceiving his strength was too much.  Sensing her stop fighting him, the man leaned his face to her ear saying in a rasping eerie tone, “Master wants you for his experiments, but I don’t think he will mind Igor playing with you in certain ways.”

With that statement Violeta felt something slimy slithering on her neck.  She choked in disgust realizing it was the revolting man’s tongue.  His foul putrid breath rushed across her face making her wrinkle her nose at the stench.  His tongue worked its way to her earlobe, and then she felt the nauseating sensation of the tip of his tongue worming into her ear.  He released her mouth, and she began screaming.
His tongue withdrew from her ear and he laughed saying, “No one can hear you in this storm.  Your screams are like beautiful music.  I will hear you scream often and will enjoy each moment.”

The hand that had been covering her mouth wandered on her body and gripped her breast kneading it through her dress making her scream even louder.  He continued to fondle her breasts with his other arm wrapped around her waist.  He was striding with long steps covering ground rapidly.  Soon they were nearing the castle, and the storm subsided to a gentle rain.  Violeta shivered in even greater fear as he walked along the narrow trail along the cliff barely wide enough for the wagons that arrived with the baron.  She had a terrible fear of heights, and the beastly man carried her right on the edge.  Stopping suddenly just before the huge iron door, he set her down and pushed her to her knees right at the edge.  Violeta was terrified staring down the abyss of cliff face at the vast distance down to the sounds of the raging river lost in the fog below.

Holding her by the hair forcing her to look down, he began fumbling with his pants and said, “Igor needs you to do something.  He is going to put something in your mouth, and you are going to suck and lick it until Igor says you can stop.  If Igor feels your teeth, he will throw you off this cliff.”
Violeta had no idea what he meant as he reached inside his pants, but she nodded in terror with tears flowing down her cheeks glancing from the cliff to the horrible man’s hand as he pulled something out of his pants.  She could barely see in the dark, but it seemed like something was sticking out from the man’s open pants.

Grubby thumbs from both hands hooked themselves in the roof of her mouth and under her tongue forcing her jaws wide apart.  He forced the thing protruding from his pants into her mouth.  As it slid along her tongue, the awful taste made her retch in nauseating disgust.  The evil beast’s hands locked themselves in her long blond hair forcing it further in her mouth causing her to heave as bile rose from her stomach.  She tried to push at his hips to get the nasty thing out of her mouth, but he began shoving it in and out with a rhythm saying, “If Igor feels your teeth, over the cliff you go.”

In terror any thought of biting left her mind as the thing seemed to push ever deeper in her mouth hitting the back of her throat with every stroke making her gag with choking sounds nearly each time.  Impatient with her he ordered, “Grip it with your lips and suck with your tongue.  It will end faster.”

Hearing the ‘end faster’ part, Violeta began sucking on it like it was a piece of fruit she was trying to suck the juice out of.  She heard him grunt as if in pleasure.  He began grinding his hips against her face and breathing harder.  Her mouth was getting very tired, but she desperately sucked on the thing being shoved in her mouth praying this repugnant experience would end soon.  His thrusting at her face suddenly got faster, and she heard him groaning.  Taking her completely by surprise, the thing in her mouth twitched and spurts of something began hitting the back of her throat.  Shocked and sickened at what it might be, she tried again to pull back hoping to spit whatever it was out of her mouth.  Dismayingly, he held her head hard giving her no choice but to swallow whatever it was.  He groaned one last time panting for breath as she swallowed and swallowed clearing her throat.  After what seemed like an eternity, he pulled the thing from her mouth with a sigh.  Violeta’s stomach heaved again at the vile slimy feel and salty nasty taste of the dribbles he left on her tongue.  Afraid not to, she swallowed this last little bit down feeling her stomach churn.

He rapidly closed his pants, yanked her upright and began pulling her to the great iron door.  She wiped at her mouth still appalled at what he made her do finally understanding the fleshy thing he forced in her mouth was his male organ.  Her family had sheep, and she knew how they made more sheep.  Still shaking her head in disbelief and bewilderment at the act she had been forced to do, she wondered what other horrors lay behind the door the beastly man was now opening.  He gripped her wrist in one hand preventing her from fleeing, and pushed the door open with the other saying, “You will do that for Igor again very soon, and you will get better each time or Igor will be angry with you.”

The inside of the huge castle was drafty and damp as he led her up stairs.  The stairs were followed by more stairs as Violeta understood they must be going to the prominent tower of the castle.  Both she and the beast called Igor were gasping for breath from so many stairs when they finally got to the tower.  Terrified she saw the willowy Baron staring at her.  He seem to be examining her like a bug stuck on a pin wriggling for his curiosity.  He walked around her several times before declaring, “I’ll need to complete my examination of the subject without those clothes in the way.”
“Yes master,” responded Igor.

Before she could fathom what was happening, the beast gripped the lacings at her waist tearing them with incredible strength.  She tried to hit him with her fists in terror as he tore the lacings at her neck.  He tore the lacings into shreds that fell to the stone floor.  The dress loosened at her waist and neck, he abruptly reached down below her knees to her ankles grabbing the hem of her dress and underclothes.  He lifted the hem rapidly up past her waist as she squirmed in his grasp.  He forced her arms up as the dress covered her face and struggling arms.  She could feel air on her hips and bottom knowing she was now naked down there.  He yanked and pulled the tight dress over her head gripping all of her clothes.  Finally pulling them off her arms, he tossed them to the side leaving her completely naked to their gaze.

She shivered in fear and the chill of the room trying to cover her bare crotch and breasts from the Baron and his beast Igor.  They looked at her with obvious interest.  Seeing she was about to run, Igor seized her wrist.
The Baron said, “I can’t examine her with all that moving about and covering herself.  Strap her to the examination table.”
Shrieking in terror now, she fought Igor as he dragged her over to a strange table with leather straps at both ends.  Lifting and laying her on her back, he began strapping an ankle to the table.  She tried to sit up and beat him with her fists, but he didn’t seem to notice as he strapped her other ankle to the table.  Forcing her back he strapped fist one then other wrist above her head and to each side.

Both of the horrible men looked with interest at her naked body.  The Baron approached and began to touch her.  He felt her breasts and said, “She has excellent secondary sexual attributes.  I knew of all the girls in that pathetic village in the valley, she was the only one suitable for my experiments.”
The Baron’s hand moved down her belly to her most private place on her body that no man had ever touched, as he seemed to be talking to himself, “The reanimation of dead tissue must consist of assessments of functionality including the capacity for sexual intercourse and procreation.”
Shaking her head not comprehending any of this with tears flowing, Violeta felt the Baron’s hand brush her curly blond hair down there.  She tried to close her legs more as his finger slipped between them with a revolting familiarity, but the straps held her legs slightly parted.  Crying openly she felt his finger worm its way inside her probing until it encountered a blockage.
The Baron commented again, “I’m please her virginity is intact.  Her celibacy alleviates any concerns of pre-existing fertilization or transmittable contagions from her reproductive mucosa to interfere with the results of my experiments or contaminate my creation.”

His finger moved just barely inside her rubbing that hard knob she relieved herself from.  Violeta could not understand what this repellent nobleman wanted with her as he spoke again, “She is a rather pretty thing.  I must confess I feel some arousal.”
Looking her in the face and speaking directly to her for the first time he said, “Giving you my child would run counter to the experiments I have planned.  Besides, a peasant girl such as yourself is no fit mother for royal blood.”
He paused as his hands continued to touch her in an appallingly intimate way rubbing her knob and squeezing one of her breasts and pinching her nipple.
“However, my creation might be rather rough on you.  It simply wouldn’t do to have you expire prior to the completion of my experiments.  In the interest of science I will need to prepare you for his girth.  It should be an adequate solution as long as I take precautions against insemination.”

The Baron spoke to Igor, “Turn the crank and open the table.”
“Yes master,” said Igor, as he moved to the side, took hold of a wooden crank and began turning it.  Violeta immediately felt the table split in half at her waist as ropes and pulleys moved.  It was pivoting slowly spreading her legs.  Igor kept turning the crank, and her ankles got further and further apart.  She adjusted her knees to make it less painful, but soon her legs were spread impossible wide opening her most private place for the Baron’s rubbing finger.  She could feel herself moistening slightly between her legs as he continued maddening sensation of tormenting her knob.

The Baron slowly removed his finger from her body and walked around trailing his hand along her leg and then walked between her legs.  She lifted her head watching him in terror as he began opening his pants approaching even closer.  His pants dropped to the floor, and he opened brushed back his vest and shirt.  Lifting her head higher she saw it; the same fleshy stiff thing Igor had forced in her mouth so very recently.  Her shrieking continued as the Baron moved closer and aimed his male organ directly between her legs at the place his finger had been just been.  Shaking her head in disbelief and horror, she knew what he intended to do.

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I think this is my most favorite Jed story of all time . . .can't wait for more!  ;)

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Here's more my dear Plaything

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Chapter 3

The Baron spit in his hand and rubbed her again in her most intimate place saying, “While I’m pleased my manipulation of your genitalia has allowed some physical manifestation of your body’s natural secretions, they appear to be insufficient to minimize deflowering injury.”
The Baron continued talking, as he smeared his slimy saliva between her legs.  Then Violeta felt him poking at her knowing it was his male organ guided by his hand nudging the folds of her cleft aside and pressing just a little into her body.  With a complete lack of comprehension of the Baron’s words from his ceaseless talking, Violeta began begging, “Please your Grace, please don’t do this and just let me go home.”

While he had been speaking directly to her, he had seemed indifferent to her actual presence, her sobbing cries, screams and shrieks until she spoke.  A look of extreme irritation flashed across his face, as he looked directly into her eyes for seemingly the first time since her arrival at the castle saying in a pitiless tone, “Your ungratefulness at being allowed the honor of participating in these earth shattering scientific achievements is most perplexing considering you are just a village trollop who happened to be within convenient proximity.”

That statement delivered, she felt his hands like talons grip and dig hurtfully into her thighs spread helplessly at almost right angles from her torso straining her muscles and tendons painfully.  The Baron slammed his body forward, and she felt her body penetrated as if by a dagger.  Something tore inside her and great agony erupted from her loins, as her virginity was forever stolen from her.  She screamed the loudest yet, her back arched off the table and arms pulled desperately at her restraints.  She felt him withdraw, just to drive even deeper into her with his second stab at her defenseless body.  With a series of punishing thrusts, she felt him penetrate her maidenhood completely and begin a brutal rhythmic assault on her trembling flesh.

She had never known such anguish and humiliation and flung her head in misery and despair trying futilely to pull her body away from her ravisher’s defilement.  The Baron was grinning malevolently like the devil himself grunting with effort as he continuously violated her nubile flesh.  His nails dug into her thighs drawing blood as he pounded away at her vulnerable quivering body.  She could feel her firm breasts bouncing in rhythm to his depraved abusive onslaught that seemed to go on endlessly.

The sharp pain of his entry had been replaced by a throbbing burning soreness growing throughout her body but centering on her crotch.  She could sense a difference in his cruel rape, as the Baron’s thrusts became more rapid and less rhythmic.  He jerked his hips against hers the most forceful yet groaning with a high pitched sound, and just as sudden at his entry, he abruptly withdrew from her body gasping for breath.  Violeta lifted her head at the sudden disengagement, just to see a white ribbon spurt from the Baron’s organ and stream directly at her face.  The viscous fluid felt molten hot as it hit her eye, and she opened her mouth in shock inadvertently catching a portion of it in the back of her throat.  A second white stream of his fluid erupted from his organ splashing against her chin and spilling across her breasts and stomach.  Violeta retched at the man’s fluid, tasting and recognizing it as the same nasty mess the beast Igor made her swallow not long ago.  She shook her head trying to get the repulsive fluid out of her eye as it coated her cheek and neck.

The Baron panted for a minute or two then commented to himself, “That was most gratifying.  I had not realized how long it had been since I partook of pleasures of the flesh.  I’ll certainly have to do that several more times before I allow my creation access to the subject.”
The Baron leaned down close looking at her private place saying, “Minimal damage and negligible blood loss as I had hoped.”
Violeta could feel the blood he was referring to seeping out of her violated irreparable channel.  She wanted to curl into a fetal ball, but she was still spread widely open for both the Baron and Igor to intimately view.  The Baron reached down and picked up the purple dress her parents had spent so much of their hard earned money on and begin wiping her blood off his now shriveling male organ.  He tossed the ruined dress aside saying “It’s late, and I’m suddenly tired.  Put a blanket on it for the night.  We’ll begin again in the morning.”

Violeta could feel the Baron’s seed drying on her face, breasts and stomach.  Igor was turning the crank, and with at least some relief she could feel her legs now completely numb slowly coming together easing the tension on them.  She could feel blood rushing into her legs easing the numbness.  Wavering in and out of consciousness, Violeta felt slightly less cold as a blanket was pulled up to her neck.  Violeta could vaguely hear first the Baron’s and then Igor’s loud clattering steps as they descended the stairs to retire for the night.  As she felt sleep overtaking her, she was sure she could hear low moans coming from above her further up in the tower.  There were thuds too, as if something very large was trapped and trying to get out.  It didn’t sound human, but it wasn’t like an animal either.  It wasn’t the Baron or Igor making these sounds she was sure as they went down and not up.  She wondered what horror might be above her.  She heard the Baron refer to his creation.  Could he be referring to whatever was making this noise above her?  These thoughts ran through her head just before the oblivion of sleep overtook her.

Waking suddenly, Violeta felt the blanket being pulled from her nude body.  Someone, Igor she realized, was lifting her head placing a vessel to her mouth.  She greedily drank the offered water feeling relief as her dry body felt replenished.  After allowing her several thirsty gulps, he leaned his hideous face close to her and asked, “Are you hungry girl?”
At the beastly man’s words her stomach began growling with pangs of hunger, and she nodded and said, “Yes.”
“Do you remember what Igor put in your mouth before?”
Crying fresh tears she responded, “Please, just food….please.”
“Igor will get you nice food, as good as he gives master, but you must do that again for Igor first.”

Violeta just cried in answer to him knowing how helpless she was.  The brutish depraved man reached out with both his hands grasping both her breasts twisting them in his grip causing her to moan in pain.  He began pulling on them moving her whole body towards him on the table.  She could feel the leather straps on her ankles growing taunt.  Her head slid slightly off the table and was hanging with her face upside down.  He released her breasts, and she could see him fumbling with his trousers.  The trousers fell to the floor, and his male organ sprang forth nearly touching her nose underneath a repulsive belly.  In the dark of the previous night, she couldn’t see it, but now with the light of dawn shining through the castle windows, it was vividly discernable and so very close with protruding veins along the length of it.

His fleshy organ seemed cleaner than the rest of his groin area and the grimy sack hanging below it.  With a sickening though, she realized it was cleaner because just last night she had cleaned it with her mouth.  She knew what he wanted, and she knew he would give her no food until she did it.  She felt the Baron’s dried seed on her face and body and her dried blood and the soreness from the rape between her legs and asked, “If I do it good, will you let me clean myself?”
“You do it good, Igor will clean you.”
“Can’t I clean myself?”
“Igor will clean you.”
In resignation, Violeta just nodded unwilling acceptance from the awkward position of staring upside down at his waist down nudity and his thing sticking out aimed at her face.

Igor moved forward until the spongy head of his organ was pressing against her lips.  Swallowing hard first, she reluctantly parted her lips feeling the head push past them along her tongue.  Igor’s pudgy clammy hands gripped the sides of her head, and he drove deep hitting the back of her throat and pushing a little past it.  Violeta gagged horribly feeling her throat constrict around it, and she was terrified she would get sick and choke on her own vomit.  Tears ran down her forehead into her hair.

He held it there for a few seconds and then pulled back just to begin pumping vigorously in and out of her widely stretched mouth.  Whimpering in shame around the flesh in her mouth, Violeta remembered about making it go faster and gripped it tight with her lips swirling her tongue around it sucking.  She heard Igor grunting with pleasure, and he shoved it deep in her mouth moving even faster.  Every few strokes Violeta could feel it push slightly into her throat, and her whole body would pull at the restraints as she heaved and choked on it.  She tried to scream futilely around the plunging organ for him to stop pushing so deep, that she couldn’t take it, but he ignored the faint protests trying to get even further into her throat.  Frantic for this abuse to end and knowing it would end in only one way, she redoubled her efforts sucking desperately on his maleness.

Her mouth engulfed him over and over, as she became faint and exhausted from struggling to bring him off.  She heard him groaning and sensing he might be close gripped it tight with her lips, tongue laboring on his shaft.  Despite experiencing this just last night, she was still taken by surprise when his hips jerked against her face, and the foul salty slimy fluid began pouring into her mouth.  He pulled his flesh from her mouth and abruptly forced her head up so far it clamped her mouth shut as her chin was forced onto her chest.  He held her head there with his hand on her throat until he felt her swallowing his filthy seed.

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Love this story . . .have I mentioned that before?  haha

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Gotta agree with Plaything this is one of my favs too.

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Chapter 4

When he finally released her head, she retched and coughed trying to spit the revolting taste out of her mouth.  Igor laughed at her sputtering and then reached for his trousers pulling them up.  He pushed her body down until her head was resting once more on the table, and turned walking to the stairs still laughing.  Violeta was sure he wouldn’t do what he said until she heard him coming back up and smelled food.  She heard him set a metal platter down, and sniffed again at the smell of food in the room.
“Please give me food like you promised.”
“Wasn’t what you just swallowed of mine enough?” he teased.
Violeta just sobbed in response.

To her relief Igor undid the straps to her wrists one by one, and then helped her sit up.  He set the plate of food in her naked lap, and she ravenously began eating with her hands.  The food was of high quality but had obviously been prepared earlier and grown cold.  She didn’t care and ate as fast as she could afraid he might take it away.  He brought her more water to drink, which she did awkwardly directly from the pitcher.

As she was finishing eating, Igor brought over a basin of water and a rag.  Violeta watched as he unfastened first one and then the other ankle.  He helped her sit on the edge of the table moving her legs around.  She glanced towards the door considering her chances at being able to run and escape, but her legs felt so numb and prickly as the blood rushed back into them, she wondered if she could even stand.

Dipping the rag in the water, Igor began cleaning the Baron’s dried seed from her body starting with her face.  When he got to her breasts, she tried to take the rag to do it herself, but he knocked her hands down rather roughly.  He used both hands squeezing her breasts like they were his own personal toys.  She just shook with shame feeling his rough hands fondling her so intimately and yelped when he pinched her nipples.  When he finished cleaning her belly, he ordered, “Spread your legs.”

She hesitated, but then in complete humiliation parted her knees.  He forced them further open and began cleaning the dried blood from her inner thighs and curly blond pubic hair.  The previous night’s rape by the Baron was so painful in her memory.  Like her breasts, he spent much longer than needed rubbing her with the rag and his hand down there.  All pretense of cleaning her gone, he dropped the rag and began working a finger just inside her.  He was standing too close for her to close her legs, and his other hand reach around to her bottom to prevent her from retreating from his wicked finger trying to worm inside her.

Sobbing in both degradation and pain, she felt his finger sliding all the way into her very sore private place.  She could feel his hardness through his pants pressing against her thigh.  He moved his finger in and out of her rubbing her knob abrasively and whispered in her ear with hot foul breath, “Does Igor’s finger feel good?  Igor wishes it was something else, but master won’t let me do that.”
She turned away from him as far as she could shaking as her sobs got louder.  The combination of the water, the food and his finger pressing on her bladder gave her an excuse to end his torment of her body as she said, “Please I have to go.  Where can I go?”

Understanding, Igor reluctantly and slowly removed his finger from her body.  He helped her down, and led her wobbling across the large room.  She saw a pot and knew its use.  She hoped Igor would turn away while she relived herself, but he just watched with a snaggle toothed smirk.    When she finished, he insisted on cleaning her again.  Afterwards, he sat on a stool forcing her in his lap his hands lingering on her body.  One hand mauled her breast, squeezing and twisting it painfully.  His other hand gripped and caressed her bottom, before moving between her legs and again forcing a finger inside her again.  That finger was followed by a second finger wiggling inside stretching open her aching private place.  He held her shivering and whimpering, while he pushed his fingers deep inside her.

She felt his thumb touching, and then pressing very hard against her butt hole.  She groaned as his thumb popped inside her other hole.  He now had three digits inside her body squirming around.  His hideous face bent down and began licking at her breast.  She moaned in anguish as his yellow decaying teeth bit and sucked on her nipple.  Violeta writhed in futile misery in his strong grip as his fingers and mouth obscenely invaded her most intimate places.  She heard the door and turned saw the Baron enter the room.  He walked over to where Igor was still groping her in the worst ways possible and asked, “Has it been fed and relieved itself?”
Lifting his head from her breast Igor answered, “Yes master.”
“Well then stop dithering with it and strap it back on the table.”
“Yes master.”

Violeta didn’t know whether to be relieved or terrified when Igor pulled his fingers and thumb from her orifices with a squishy feeling.  He dragged her resisting back to the table, and she whined as he strapped her back on it.  Just as last night, Igor began turning the crank and her legs began spreading painfully wide open.  The Baron was wearing a strange white apron up to his neck and tied in the back as he walked between her legs.  Igor finished cranking and helped the baron untie the apron, and it fell to the floor.  The Baron undid his trousers, and they too fell to the floor.

Violeta saw it standing out from his body and turned her head away knowing she was to be raped again.  Something slimy was smeared between her legs that felt like oil or grease.  Then she felt it pressing there, and the Baron thrust forward and into her.  She winced and groaned more in misery and humiliation than pain at his entry.  She was still sore, but Igor’s fingers seemed to have gotten her body somewhat ready for this violent intrusion.  She turned her head to the side trying to will the act away tears flowing downs her temples, as her body moved back and forth from the Baron’s pounding of her body straining at the straps on her ankles.  She glanced once at the Baron seeing his maniacal face twisted in effort and pleasure while he lunged in and out of her body and regretted looking at him.  The minutes felt like hours until the Baron’s thrusting suddenly got more insistent, and he abruptly pulled it from her body shooting his filthy seed on her belly and breasts.  A few days and nights passed long and horrible with the same routine of pleasuring Igor with her mouth and being raped by the Baron two or three times a day each.  At night she could hear the frightful moaning coming from whatever lived above her in the tower.

On her knees in front of Igor, Violeta felt the tremors in his body and sensing he was close began moving her head even faster taking more of him in her mouth trying to end it as soon as possible.  Usually he held her head and forced her to do this.  It was somehow worse when he made her cooperate instead of just raping her mouth.  Igor let out that now familiar grunt and his putrid seed began pouring into her mouth and throat.  The couple times she tried to spit it out earned her a beating, so she swallowed it down gagging at the putrid taste.  It slipped from her mouth, and Violeta saw the Baron looking at them both impatiently saying, “I see you are finally done with it.  It’s time.  Strap it to the table and bring my creation.”

The constant references to the Baron’s creation always brought fear, but now she was petrified as Igor pulled her struggling frantically to the terrible table where she experienced so much torment.  She resisted more strenuously than usual knowing something new and dreadful was about to happen.  She tried to strike and kick Igor, but his strength as always was too much, and he soon had her strapped down on the table.  He turned the horrid crank partly her legs and opening them wide for whatever was about to happen to her.  Igor left and went to the mysterious door leading higher in the castle.

Soon there was a great clumping of footsteps coming from higher up in the tower.  Violeta could hear a door opening and could tell that more than just Igor was entering the large room.  An odor of decay began filling the air, and she strained her head trying to see behind her.  All of her thoughts, imaginations and fears these last terrible days since she got here of what might be higher in the tower did not prepare her for the gruesome horror that shuffled around in front of her with Igor leading it.  Violeta began screaming in terror.

It was beyond monstrous.  The huge creature in front of her was naked above the waist.  Its torso was a patchwork of scars with the crosshatched sow marks visible along each of the countless scars.  It reminded her of the quilts her mother made.  Its face was also covered in the same scars.  The parts of the creature separated by the scars did not match.  Among the scars on its face was one that ran diagonally across its forehead between its eyes to the top of its head.  On one side of the scar, the hair was brown, and on the other it was black.  The bloodshot eyes seemed to be different colors, and the eyes didn’t seem to track together as the monster looked at her.  It began scenting the air with nostrils flaring as if smelling her.

Violeta thought there was something familiar about the patchwork of features on the monster.  She could almost swear it looked like a man from the village that was killed.  No, it looked like another man that was killed in the same logging accident.  It looked like both of them with some features of a third man?  She remembered that three bodies of men she knew from the village had disappeared from the undertaker’s shack so many months ago.  Finally collecting herself, she briefly stopped screaming and managed to ask in wonder, “Why is he green?”

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I'm a huge Frankenstein fan love how this story is shaping up!!!!

October 02, 2014, 10:35:35 PM
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I'm a huge Frankenstein fan love how this story is shaping up!!!!

Well then, just might have to post more.

October 02, 2014, 10:36:38 PM
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Chapter 5

Normally the Baron would either ignore her or become agitated when she spoke, but he seemed very pleased at her question answering, “Why he is green is even more ingenious than my ability to reanimate the sown together dead tissue using the electricity from thunderstorms.  I have infused the tissue with Chlorella as a symbiote.”
Despite her menacing situation and still staring at the monstrosity looking down at her nude form spread wide before his gaze, she managed, “Chlor-who?  Sym-what?”
“Chlorella is a green algae capable of photosynthesis and lives in his circulatory system, bodily fluids and surrounding tissues.  My creation has the capacity to acquire energy by consuming food like any normal human, but additionally he can augment his energy by bathing in the sun.  He bathes in the sun all day in the tower storing the energy and accumulating elevated levels of strength.”

To Violeta the Baron’s word were incomprehensible as usual.  The monster sniffed again leaning down closer to her.
“He is scenting the female’s sexual pheromones.” The Baron said to no one in particular obviously very pleased.
The monster slowly knelt between her legs continuing to sniff with flared nostrils very close to her private place.  His cavernous mouth opened and a gigantic green scared tongue emerged.  Violeta stared in wide eyed fascination, but when the tongue made slimy contact with her private place, she began screaming again.

His tongue licked the full length of her slit, and he began a deep moaning as his tongue rasped repeatedly against her knob.  His licking and moaning became more insistent, and she twisted and squirmed hysterically against the straps trying to move her crotch away from the tortuous lapping of his tongue.  His massive scarred hands reached up and gripped both her thighs as she felt his tongue enter her passage.  Involuntarily her entire body shivered and her hips lifted ever so slightly towards the monster’s face as his tongue wormed its sinuous way deep into her body.  She groaned in misery at her body’s reaction.  A sidelong glance at the Baron showed him to be smiling beatifically obviously very pleased at the events unfolding.

The creature’s huge hands slid under both her thighs and roughly travelled up her sides and belly finding her breasts squeezing them both very hard mashing them.  Using his grip on her breasts he pulled her onto his face as his tongue probed even deeper.  The monster’s lips were gumming her knob and the folds of her private place while his tongue slithered like an eel wriggling inside her.  Shrieking now, Violeta yanked desperately on the straps trying to retreat from the creature’s maddening mouth.  Indifferent to her struggles the monster continued to tongue her in a way that was beyond intimate.

The creature’s tongue slid slowly from her body, and she looked down to see a thick ribbon of light green sickening mucous connecting his mouth to her privates.
“Help him,” declared the Baron, and he and Igor helped the monster to stand again.
The thick gooey strand of mucous stayed connected to her body, and then abruptly snapped splashing her legs with nasty green stickiness.  Still looking down and screaming, Violeta could see an enormous bulge in the monster’s pants.  The Baron and Igor pulled the monster’s trousers down and a male organ of shocking size sprang to turgid attention aimed right at her private place.
“His phallus is erect!!!” yelled the Baron joyfully.
“IT’S ALIVE….IT’S ALIVE…..HIS PHALLUS IS HARD AND ALIVE!!!!!” the Baron yelled even louder hopping up and down with enthusiasm.

Violeta was shocked to silence seeing the gigantic green malformed male organ.  It was far bigger than normal in girth more so than in than in length, although it was disturbingly long as well.  It too had scars along its length as did all parts of the monster’s body.  By this time Violeta was very familiar with male anatomy, especially Igor’s up close and personal, and this one was bigger than the Baron’s and Igor’s combined.  She also knew there should be two balls hanging in a sack below the male organ.  She wasn’t sure how many balls the creature had as there seemed to be several in the huge sack hanging between his legs that seemed bigger than her own head.  Despite the severity of the situation, Violeta managed to briefly stop screaming and plead, “Please don’t let him.  He’ll kill me with that.  How can he be that big?”
Smiling with pride the Baron answered, “His penis is an amalgamation of three male organs surgically combined with delicacy and ingenuity.”

Oblivious to the conversation and all his surroundings other than the female spread before him, the monster emitted a loud, “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
He stepped closer his massive organ touching her inner thigh prompting her to begin screaming again.  He moved it to her entrance rubbing the massive tip around trying to work it inside her.  Fortuitously, he began coating it with his residual viscous saliva.  She felt him working the folds aside and pressing harder.  The pressure became undeniably and relentlessly hurtful despite the lubricating saliva.  Screaming her throat raw, she felt her entrance slowly and painfully dilate open to accommodate his enormous girth.

The pain was worse than when the Baron violently ripped her virginity from her.  Her entrance stretched agonizingly wide, and she was sure her passage was tearing in places.  There was no way to retreat from the gigantic flesh ruthlessly entering her body as if she was giving birth in reverse.  It slid inside completely penetrating her body pressing her insides and feeling like her internal organs were being crushed.  The monster moaned loud and continuously, as he held it deep inside her for several seconds before pulling back faster than he entered.

Pulling back until just the enlarged tip was inside her, he slammed forward viciously hard and began a rhythmic brutal pounding of her defenseless quivering flesh.  She screamed loudest as he hit bottom with each deep plunge of his impossibly colossal male organ.  The monster managed a lopsided repulsive grin as he violently used her body.  The heavy metal table was shaking as the bolts holding it to the stone floor strained under the pressure of the monster’s continuous hammering of her flesh.  The agony was unbearable, but the indifferent creature seemed to be thrusting even faster.  As she shook her head in misery she caught glimpses of the Baron gleefully clapping and jumping in joy.

Wavering in and out of consciousness, Violeta could feel the monster’s lunging break rhythm as his hips jerked against her widely spread thighs.  The monster slammed into her again and again and his moaning turning into a deafening roar.  With one last thrust, she felt his fluid gushing like a deluge inside her as six testicles worth of semen filled her body unleashing billions of teeming sperm.  Most of the little swimmers sprayed out on the table, floor and their joined bodies.  Other swimmers searched desperately for eggs to fertilize, but sadly for them Violeta was not ovulating at the moment.  Intimately familiar by now with the amount of semen the Baron produced having had it spilled on her body frequently, she knew the volume just shot inside her was many times more.  The monster backed up his organ flopping with squishy feeling out of her, she could feel his seed oozing and bubbling out of her aching ruptured cleft.  Still backing up, the monster tripped on his pants around his ankles and sat down hard shaking the entire room.  Violeta leaned up at the noise seeing the monster’s seed spattered and spilled all over her.  That it was a glowing neon green was just too much, and she passed out from shock.

Examining the distended opening of the unconscious girl’s vaginal canal, the Baron seemed melancholy saying, “I suppose I don’t need to prepare her for my creation anymore and should no longer risk insemination with my noble seed and ruining the experiment.  I believe I will miss my interludes with the subject.”
Igor responded, “I quite enjoy her mouth master.”
“Yes, you do seem to gain pleasure from that activity.  Perhaps I will investigate her oral pleasures.”
“There’s something else master.”
“Yes Igor?”
“I have been using my fingers to slowly open up her other hole for my use, but master certainly can go first.”
“Are you suggesting I behave as a Sodomite?”
“Only if master wishes.”

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Interlude I

Castle von Frankenstein was very old.  Much older than the family von Frankenstein.  It had been built in this remote part of Romania by an even more famous nobleman, the Prince of Wallachia, Vlad III in the 13th century.  Vlad III had a reputation of being an extremely cruel man and was often called Vlad the Impaler.  Most thought that name came from his practice of impaling his enemies on long wooden spears.  The spears twice as long as a grown man would be inserted in the anus, and embedded in the ground.  The victims slowly impaled themselves as they writhed piteously taking many days to die, their rotting bodies warning of the evil of Vlad.  The other reason he was called the Vlad the Impaler had to do with what he did to the young girls he stole from his enemies.

In the lowest chamber of Castle Frankenstein there is a dungeon dating back to the time of Vlad.  The instruments of torture are still there along with a few new ones added by family von Frankenstein who were also known to be very cruel.  In a crypt below the dungeon that even family von Frankenstein had no knowledge of, a terrible being stirred.  He had been asleep for centuries after faking his death.  He woke with a great hunger for the blood that gave him his immortality and a hunger for something else.  In the centuries since the late 1400’s, he had only woken a few times to spend a few months satiating his hungers for blood and girls before sleeping again.  As the being’s eyelids fluttered, his hand moved down to feel the erection growing in his loins.  He must have blood and a girl very soon.  The Count stretched as he came to full awareness.  His senses reached out searching for victims for his hunger and lust.  In those brief times he terrorized the region over the centuries, he had not been known as Vlad.  He was called Count Dracula in whispers by those that feared him.

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Chapter 6

Violeta woke to Igor unfastening the straps.  Her head still fuzzy, she wondered if it was time to eat.  Once the straps were all released, Violeta tried to sit up, but Igor flipped her onto her stomach and began fastening the straps again to her confusion.  Regaining full consciousness the pain of the monster’s rape of her body the evening before hit her.  She cried out in agony and misery.  Some of the men in the village had been conscripted and gone to war before she was born and spoke of throwing objects at the enemy they called by the French name ‘grenades’.  It felt like one of these grenades had exploded between her legs.

Thinking hard, she vaguely remembered Igor already gave her a little food, carried her to relieve herself and cleaned her up washing the monster’s ghastly green seed from her body before bringing her back to the table.  She must have passed out again.  He didn’t even try to use her mouth she remembered, but then she doubted she could have handled that in the state she had been in.  Igor fastened her wrists down, and she gave him some feeble token resistance unsure and fearful of why she was on her stomach.

She hadn’t had a meal yet that she didn’t have to pay Igor for with her mouth, so she was not surprised when he came around to her face and unfastened his trousers saying, “You going to be a good girl for Igor when you suck him?  He already gave you food and was nice to let you sleep more first.”
Every part of her body wanted to scream at him to burn in hell, but she just let out a faint whimper and nodded her head yes just as his disgusting thing flipped out of his pants hitting her cheek.  While he cleaned her body once or twice a day since he brought her here, she was sure Igor had not bathed himself in all that time, and the stench had gotten progressively worse.  The only part of him that was relatively clean was the thing he constantly forced into her mouth, and her mouth was what kept it clean.

Igor pressed it to her lips smashing them against her teeth.  She hesitated for just a moment before sorrowfully opening her mouth wide to take it in.  She to prepare herself knowing what was coming, but when Igor drove deep and into her throat, her whole body heaved, and she gagged horribly around the flesh in her mouth trying to adjust.  His hands gripping her blond hair, Igor pushed even further until her nose was mashed into his matted rancid pubic hair, his pudgy belly rubbing her forehead, and his filthy balls resting on her chin.  Her eyes already full of tears began burning at the awful smell.  Her throat convulsed around his flesh buried so deep in her mouth.  Choking on his male organ and fighting to breath, she could feel herself start to lose consciousness.  When Igor pulled back a little allowing her to breathe again, Violeta could see in her peripheral vision the Baron was very close and watching.

Igor began pumping his flesh in and out of her mouth as she struggled for air on each out stroke.  She heaved each time it went into her throat, but she could tell she was adapting to it better than the previous times he did this.  She grunted around Igor’s stiff plunging member in surprise feeling hands on her bottom.  The hands belonged to the Baron who was squeezing her butt cheeks.  Abruptly a finger forced its way inside butt hole making her groan in humiliation.  Igor often did that, but this time it was the Baron.  He worked a finger inside her, and then seemed to be smearing something greasy on her butt.

Violeta could see to the side the Baron was undressing and whimpered knowing he was going to do something to her too.  Igor’s grip on her hair got fierce, as his hips thrust more insistently at her face.  By now she was familiar with what was going to happen and just tried to be ready for it.  Igor was grunting like one of the pigs on her family’s farm as he humped her face.  She could feel the Baron crawl onto the table on top of her and felt his naked body touching hers.  Igor gave one final plunge into her mouth, and his thing spasmed deep in her throat releasing his thick gelatinous seed.  Violeta swallowed desperately to clear her throat to breath.

While Igor chuckled and slowly pulled his softening organ from her mouth, Violeta could feel the Baron on top of her pry her butt cheeks apart.  She felt it pressing between them and knew it wasn’t his finger now, as she feel both his hands still spreading her butt cheeks.  Trembling violently she waited for the Baron to move it lower as he had so many times since tearing her virginity from her.  She was so very sore down there, but at least the Baron was not as big as the monster.

The Baron did not move it down.  Instead, he pressed it even harder against her butt hole.  Suddenly realizing what he intended to do she began screaming and begging as the pressure on her anus built to excruciating heights, “OH MY GOD NO!…….Not there!.....Please, not there!....That’s just wrong!......AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH…UUUUURRRRGGGG!”
She let out a horrible spittle spraying scream as the Baron lunged forward ripping her sphincter open and entering her bowels.

With a series of punishing thrusts, the Baron plunged deeper and deeper into her rectum.  Violeta’s inarticulate scream sputtered into the pathetic mewing sound of a wounded animal.  As the Baron pumped his organ in and out of her ass scraping and hurting, she shook her head in disbelief not comprehending the vile despicable act being perpetrated on her body.  The agony of his rearward rape of her body went on and on as slobber dripped from her moaning mouth.  She was barely conscious when the Baron gave one last thrust into her ass shooting his semen deep in her bowels.

The Baron and Igor left her shaking, dazed and wavering in and out of consciousness.  She coughed and could feel the Baron’s seed bubble and ooze out of her butt and run down her sore crotch.  She heard and felt his steps first, then the table began moving apart awkwardly parting her legs.  Turning her head, she confirmed her worst fear that it was the monster.  The wooden crank that parted the table was spinning wildly, as the creature used brute strength to force it apart spreading her legs to get at her private place.

As the table parted her butt was forced up as her knees bent presenting her for mounting by the monster.  Violeta felt him grip her thighs and whimpered feeling his massive organ pressing against her raw aching vagina nosing it open.  He pushed and entered making her screech in agony stretching the extremely sore orifice wide open for him lubricated only by the Baron’s residual seed leaking from her ass.  Moaning in a strange horrible way, the monster thrust repeatedly into her tortured body.  His huge hands reached under and painfully squeezed both her breasts pulling her body back on his organ.  Groaning in misery her hands twisted against the straps trying to retreat from his agonizing use of her body and mauling hurtful hands.

The Baron and Igor returned and watched in delight as the monster humped her tiny body.  She flung her long blond hair about in anguish at the horror her life had become.  The merciless pounding continued for what seemed like forever.  He seemed to be pressing her insides up into her throat with each ramming thrust.  She couldn’t manage anything but choking sobs as he drilled into her relentlessly.  The creature’s grunting got louder and louder, and then she felt him shooting a huge volume of sticky nasty monster semen inside her filling her womb with teeming sperm.  It sprayed out around his organ from the pressure and all over her legs.  The monster breathed rasping hard for a minute, and then withdrew his enormous scarred penis from her body.  His interest in her temporarily fulfilled, he wandered off making noises of satisfaction.

She felt ruptured and gaping open in both her holes, but her tormentors were not done with her yet.  This time it was the Baron positioning himself in front her slack panting open mouth, while she felt Igor crawled onto the table and her body.  She groaned painfully as Igor forced himself into her recently violated ass and began pummeling her body yet again.  Distracted by the rearward assault, she reacted in surprise when the Baron forced her jaws open shoving his organ deep in her mouth.  The two horrid lascivious men soon found a rhythm thrusting into her helpless body at both ends.  The Baron was longer than Igor and forced it further down her throat than she had so far experienced.  She choked and gagged around the fleshly thing invading her mouth and winced each time Igor drove deep in her bowels.  Igor finished first dumping another load of semen in her rectum.  The Baron took a very long time in her mouth.  She sucked desperately trying to end his degradation of her.  After an eternity of time and just when her aching jaws and tongue could take no more, he grunted and fill her mouth and throat with his vile slimy seed.  She barely noticed when Igor cleaned her up and was asleep before he had her strapped spread-eagled back on the table again ready for more ravishment.

Violeta woke in the night feeling weak and abused.  Looking down she could see black hair in the dim light between her spread legs.  Someone or something was sucking on her inner thigh.  A ghostly pale face looked up at her with dribbles of something dark flowing down his chin.  A tongue came out sweeping the fluid back in his fanged mouth.  A terrified Violeta realized it was her own blood the creature had in its mouth.  At first she thought it was the Baron, but now she could see it was a new tormentor.  She saw two puncture wounds closing on her inner thigh, as the pale willowy man stood up.

Count Dracula was thirsty enough to drain the girl dry, but it been so very long since he had used a young girl in the carnal way, and this one was beautiful despite the signs of obvious abuse.  He opened his cloak and cape revealing his engorged penis and prepared to show the terrified girl the second reason he was called Vlad the Impaler.

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I really like this story.

October 11, 2014, 07:45:03 PM
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Interlude II

A young girl walked in the green Romanian forest her head held down.  Her long dark hair hanging in her face as she tried not to cry.  She was carrying wildflowers in her shaking hands.  She arrived at the great fallen tree that had been the scene of the tragedy for the village this past winter.  Her attempt at stifling her sadness failed as she broke down in sobs.  Three strong men had died here many months ago, but she was thinking of only one of them right now.  They left the tree instead of cutting it up like the others after it killed the men.  The fallen log was a monument to their loss.  She stood at the very spot he died laying the flowers on the log and crying openly now.  It was all she had after his body went missing, and there was no grave to mourn.

Afina had hoped she and Dimitrie would be married one day.  He was so big and strong but always gentle with her.  While many of the young men of the village stared at and talked about that silly blond girl Violeta, Dimitrie only had eyes for her.  At the same age of 16 she thought she had bigger breasts than that short high and mighty Violeta in her fancy expensive purple dress.  She looked down at her own simple brown and white dress laced up to her neck and hanging well below her knees.  It didn’t matter now as Violeta had disappeared weeks ago.  There were whispers the Baron had stolen Violeta, but Afina thought she had run off to a city looking for that rich man she always wanted.  If she was with the Baron, it was willingly and for his money.  Sensing a presence near her, she looked up and was stunned.  She stared in open mouthed silence at a gigantic awful creature looming over her as green as the forest.

The patchwork green face of the monster was hideous yet achingly familiar in places.  A massive scarred hand reached out fingers hooking in the neck of her dress.  A single yank down ripped all the lacing apart spilling her breasts out for the monster’s view.  Another yank tore the dress down below her waist revealing a triangle of curly dark hair between her legs.  The creature’s other hand found and gripped her breast holding her in place, as he easily tore her dress entirely from her body leaving her completely nude.  Afina finally found her voice and began screaming in terror as the monster forced her down on the mossy forest floor climbing on top of her.

October 12, 2014, 08:15:36 AM
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Chapter 7

Violeta let out a whimper seeing the pale ghastly man expose himself showing her the weapon she knew he would use on her body as had been done countless times since she came to this awful place.  Now she had a new tormentor.  Something was very different though.  It was as if her body and mind were separating.  She felt the man who seemed simultaneously both ancient and young touch her belly and tickle his hands towards her breasts.  While her mind found his touch repellent, her body seemed to be responding to his hands.  She was squirming at his light touch.  His hands seemed deathly cold, but wherever they touched, her body seemed burning hot.

She continued whimpering until his hands reached her breasts, and a jolt of pleasure went through her entire body.  She tried not to squirm, but her whole body was moving all over the table as much as the straps would allow as she responded to his touch.  She could feel herself moistening between her legs, and with disgust knew it was sexual arousal.  She couldn’t take her eyes off his black dead eyes set in a pallid face.  They seemed to bore right into her.  He groped her breasts pinching both nipples sending shockwaves through her body.  She could feel herself get dripping wet between her legs, and her hips began undulating up toward the apparition’s erect member all the while her mind kept screaming ‘NNNNNNOOOOOOOO!’.

But instead a scream, moans of arousal poured forth from her mouth.  She felt his organ touch her cleft, and thrust her hips up to meet it feeling the head push at her opening and just barely enter.  He pressed into her, and her hips lifted as she gasped with pleasure feeling him fill her completely.  All pain of the rapes by the monster were gone, deadened and dulled and replaced by this drug of surging sexual stimulation.  This specter of a man began thrusting into her slowly at first, but then with increasing ferocity.  Moaning and squeaking with each thrust, her hips lifted to meet his plunging organ.  Her ankles struggled at the straps and wanted to wrap themselves around this intoxicating man and pull him into her even faster and deeper.

In her mind, her body's reactions were beyond humiliating, but within her body something extraordinarily blissful was occurring.  It was a hopelessly helpless feeling to have your own body betray you.  She could hear herself panting and gasping and letting out a little squeal of delight with each of the pale man’s forceful lunges into her private place abrading that hard little knob deliciously each time.  Something remarkable was building inside her to incredible levels.  Her head was reeling and feeling like it would explode, and then suddenly it seemed to.  She began thrashing around screaming as wave after wave of ecstasy rushed through every part of her body.

Deeper down in the castle in the master and servant chambers both the Baron and Igor woke to Violeta’s screams, and both grinned thinking it was the creature raping her again and went back to sleep.  The monster woke briefly as well, and also resumed his slumber without any thought.

Violeta didn’t just have her first orgasm.  It was an orgasm of intensity nearly unheard of to humanity.  As she gasped for air with her head throbbing and sparks shooting in front of her eyes she slowly realized the mysterious man was still humping her body.  Still quaking and trembling from that astonishingly pleasurable feeling, she could feel it begin to build a new within her.  His plunging organ and caressing hands were driving her crazy with desire.
“Oh no, not again!” she barely managed to articulate before being overwhelmed once more as another orgasm approached.

Sweating profusely and breathing as if she was running very fast, she lifted her hips to meet each of his powerful thrusts deep into her body moaning passionately.  Just as before the pleasure inside her began growing and expanding reaching incredible heights of sensitivity.  Suddenly, her back arched far off the table as she shook violently screaming her second unbelievable orgasm.  She couldn’t see a things as her eyes rolled back in her head.  As her hips thrust at his penetrating organ, she remotely felt him shoot his lust inside her.  Basking in the rapture of his seed spreading inside her, she collapsed back on the table and abruptly lost consciousness.  The caldron of monster and vampire sperm mixed and stewed inside her and an egg was fertilized, by which kind of sperm would not be known for the usual nine months.

Later in the night on a farm not far from the castle, Count Dracula found a stocky peasant women in her 30’s to slake his thirst.  Waking aroused in bed the stocky woman caressed the black hair of the head between her thighs moaning softly until she lost consciousness.  He had drained nearly all the blood from her body through her femoral artery.  Her husband woke next to her in the morning finding her dead, ghostly pale and staring into the afterlife.

The Count returned to the castle an hour before dawn replenished and went to the girl again.  Sensing his touch she woke to him loosening the straps until she was free lifting her to face him.  She looked up at those dark eyes and melted.  He touched her here and there on her body, and each part of her began to sing with rapture.  He pushed her down until she saw his member near her face.  Her mind recognized with revulsion the man wanted her to perform the same disgusting act she had been forced to do so many time before, but now her body yearned to please this strange compelling man.  His hands began stroking her long blond hair and then gave a slight push on her head towards his exposed groin.

With trembling hands Violeta reached out and stroked the pale stiff member of the quiet phantom standing before her.  Moaning in anticipation she moved her head forward opening her mouth.  Feeling the fleshy head make contact with her lips, she closed them around it and slowly sucked it into her mouth slithering her tongue along the underside.  Her hands left the base and moved around to his hips pulling him in deeper sucking strongly.  She began moving her head hungrily working as much of him she possibly could into her mouth and throat moaning with pleasure.  In the back of her mind a voice was screaming at her asking, ‘What is wrong with you?  This is awful!’

She could feel his hands grip her hair, as he began pumping his member into her widely open mouth.  Accepting this she did her very best to suppress her gag reflex letting him all the way in and down her throat.  If she could sigh in contentment, she would have as her mouth and tongued labored on his organ.  The protesting voice in the back of her head faded, as she did her very best to grip his wonderful member with her lips and create suction with her tongue and throat muscles.  He began shoving his hips against her face more insistently and recognizing what was coming, she redoubled her efforts on his organ.  Abruptly he pulled his member partly from her mouth as it began spasming.  With each spasm Violeta’s mouth filled with his viscous seed.  She greedily swallowed down each spurt of his fluid hitting the roof of her mouth.  As the last twitch of his organ squirted on her tongue, and he pulled his flesh from her mouth.  She looked up at him with adoration and love rolling his wonderful seed around in her mouth savoring the taste ignoring the faint voice in her head saying it was horrid.  Swallowing at last, she let him lead her back to the table and willingly let him strap her down again.  With sorrow she watched him depart hoping he would soon return for her.

After he left and as the influence of the man faded in her body, the shame and utter humiliation of her wanton behavior cascaded in her confused mind.  She emitted several choking sobs and cried herself back to sleep.  Count Dracula returned to his crypt deep in the castle just before the sun rose over the mountains.  Those bitten by a vampire don’t necessarily become a vampire unless a concerted effort is made for the conversion.  The victims do become obsessively attracted to the vampire as long as bitten again as least every 10 to 12 days.

Igor woke her sometime after dawn.  She struggled with the memories in her head thinking it must have been a dream.  Both episodes with the mysterious man were both fuzzy and yet vividly distinct in her mind.  She was brought back reality when she was forced to her knees to earn her breakfast from Igor.  Still trying to differentiate reality from dream, Violeta tried to work her unusually tired tongue and lips on Igor wondering how her mouth could be so sore unless the dream was real.

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Chapter 8

While Violeta was pleasuring Igor with her mouth not long after her last encounter with the vampire, the monster was roaming the forest.  His feeble resurrected mind was trying to comprehend the world around him and all that had happened since gaining consciousness.  The most disturbing thing was the flashes of something past.  He knew it was from some previous life before he awoke in the castle at the bidding of the master.

Shuffling through a forest as green as himself, he went to that place that disturbed him most.  It was a place at a large fallen tree.  He knew something significant happened there.  There was one spot where the log lay on the forest floor that seemed to be the most compelling.  It wasn’t just the fresh flowers that often lay on the log.  Something else made that exact spot significant.

This time when he approached the log he saw he was not alone.  The sight of the female triggered all the physical responses the other female in the castle did.  As he rambled closer, there was something about this female that was familiar.  All his memories of females he was sure of were just the girl in the castle, but now this girl seemed even more familiar.  She was dark haired and different from the other one who was fair rather than dark.

The stirring in his loins began reminding him of what girls are for.  She suddenly noticed him and stared open mouthed at him as he stepped closer.  There were coverings in the way that the blonde girl didn’t have so he began ripping them from her body.  As he forced her down on the mossy forest floor she began making loud noises.  He knew girls made these noises from the other one so he was not surprised.  He liked her better now that the coverings were gone.  He reached with both hands squeezing the fleshy globes noticing they were a little bigger than the fair one.  Leaning down he began mouthing, gumming and licking one of them liking the feel of it in his mouth.  He smelled her sex and knew he had to taste it.

Afina shocked back to reality knew the monster was going to rape her as she struggled underneath him screaming and pounding her fists on his head in terror.  He didn’t seem to notice her hitting him and began mauling her breasts.  He mashed them painfully for almost a minute then moved his head down towards them.  After gnawing on one breast as if he was going to eat it, he sucked the other one nearly entirely into his cavernous mouth.  She became hysterical sure he would bite it off as the beginnings of devouring her, but then he released it a little bruised but otherwise undamaged.  He slithered his tongue all over one breast and then the other coating them both with his nasty slimy saliva.

The tongue trailed down her stomach to her special place.  Wailing piteously, she tried to keep her legs together, but he forced them wide apart.  She tried to crawl backwards away from his maddening mouth, but he held her in place.  First one massive arm and hand reached under her thigh and caught her flailing wrist, and then his other hand grabbed the other wrist.  With each wrist gripped in his huge hands, he pulled her crotch onto his mouth.  His sinuous tongue pressed against and then pierced her opening.  It wormed and wiggled its loathsome way inside her until encountering a blockage.

Afina was a virgin.  She had been saving herself for when she and Dimitrie would be married.  Something she had hoped would have been this past spring until he died in the winter.  The monster’s tongue was like a separate creature squirming and wriggling around inside her oozing revolting saliva soaking her entire groin.  Even though he could only get the tip of his tongue inside her, the rest of it seemed to rotating and pulsating repulsively all around her most private area.  Abruptly, the monster’s tongue left her body.

She briefly stopped screaming and gasped wondering what would happen next, and suddenly the monster flipped her on her stomach.  One hand pressed her face into the carpet of moss.  She turned her head to the side to breath seeing pieces of leaf and other forest litter scatter at the force of her panting.  His other hand under her belly forced her up on her knees presenting her backside to him.  She felt him fumbling feeling something huge and stiff poke her butt.  He positioned it at her wet opening recently vacated by his tongue and lunged forward.

Afina shrieked in agony feeling the monster penetrate and rip deep inside her.  Whatever had stopped his tongue from going deeper had been shredded by something even more massive and hard.  Up until this point, some part of Afina was convinced this was all some nightmare, and she would wake up soon, but the unbelievable searing pain of the monster’s brutal entry shocked her into comprehending this was real.

Afina’s screaming and wailing turned to pathetic whimpering, feeling each pounding thrust of the creature.  Despite the pain and having the full force of reality hit her that this was no nightmare, she became simultaneously fully conscious of minute details of her rape and yet detached as if it was happening to someone else.  She felt each huge finger tip of the monster on her neck pressing her face into the moss.  A tiny twig rubbed her temple with each of his harsh thrusts.  An insect buzzed past her ear and landed inches from her face oblivious to the much larger act of violence so near.

Afina craned her head around as far as she could seeing the manically pleased look on the face of her abuser.  It was him, she knew it.  It was somehow Dimitrie back from the dead.  Parts of him anyway, as other parts of the monster were definitely not Dimitrie.  She had prayed for him to come back, but not as a monster.  You aren’t supposed to pray for the dead to return, so for Dimitrie to have returned in such a manifestation of horror convinced her everything happening was punishment for her evil prayers.  She was now cursed to endure whatever molestation and depravity would be inflicted upon her.

Crying for Dimitrie and herself, Afina ceased anything resembling struggling and allowed him to pound away at her body.  Sensing her stop struggling, the monster released her head and grabbed her hips with both hands ramming repeatedly deep inside her.  Sobbing uncontrollably, Afina reach out and braced herself against a large rock embedded in the ground and even lifting a little helping him with a better angle for his thrusting.  She hoped somewhere in there was the Dimitrie that loved her and that she loved, and she wanted him to feel pleasure even at the expense of her own misery and pain.  He seemed to be hammering away at her body even faster now as she wavered in and out of consciousness.  With one last deep thrust, the monster let out a hideous bellow and she felt a torrent of ghastly viscous fluid spray into her body spilling out and around their bodies as the monster gasped for breath.  Afina tried to stay conscious, but failed.

Waking to a shuffling movement, Afina tried to understand what was happening until she realized he was carrying her over his shoulder.  The burning agony in her crotch made her gasp in anguish at feeling so wretched.  Trying to look around she saw she was in a castle.  He carried her up stairs and into a room and dropped her in a heap on the floor.  Bewildered she looked around seeing the Baron of the valley and his repulsive servant watching her with obvious delight.

“Look what my creation has brought us!” exclaimed the Baron.
“Yes master,” said Igor grinning like a demon.
The Baron, his pants around his ankles, was standing close to a nude figure prostrate on a table belly down.  Looking closer Afina saw it was Violeta looking disheveled but still beautiful.  Violeta’s face was fixed with an expression of pity looking at her.  She even mouthed the words ‘I’m sorry’ until the Baron grabbed her blond hair turning her face towards him.  Not understanding what was happening, Afina was shocked to see the Baron force his male organ in Violeta’s mouth and begin humping her face.  Violeta gagged in misery around the flesh, which was being shoved impossibly far into her mouth and throat.  Afina almost expected his organ to appear in the back of Violeta’s head it was going in so deep.  She couldn’t fathom this loathsome behavior of putting that in her mouth.

Igor came over and sat on the floor next to her, pulled her naked body into his lap and began groping her breasts sore from the monster’s mouth.  She made a few feeble attempts to push him away before just crying and watching what was left of Dimitrie hoping he would come and crush this pudgy ugly man maltreating her body.  But the monster that had at least once been part of Dimitrie was looking at Violeta and not her.  He walked between Violeta’s legs to her upturned buttocks gripping it with his massive green hands squeezing and spreading the cheeks.  He leaned down and spit a tremendous wad of mucus directly on her crotch.  He lifted his unbelievably enormous stiffened organ and shoved hard.  Violeta screamed around the pumping organ in her mouth at the monster’s penetration of her body, and soon the Baron and the monster got a rhythm going thrusting into Violeta at both ends.

At first astonished something that big could fit inside her or Violeta, Afina cringed thinking of how horrible it had felt inside her.  She cried for Violeta knowing what horrors she must have been enduring these weeks since she disappeared.  Violeta didn’t pray for Dimitrie’s return from the dead to earn eternal damnation, she Afina did that.  Afina knew it was her that deserved this despair and suffering Violeta must have been going through.  She deserved it especially because of her bad thoughts that Violeta had run off with a rich man.  Now what was left of her man Dimitrie wanted another girl instead, callously discarding her after raping her in the forest.

Afina cried out as Igor shoved his fingers under her bare butt and into her lacerated hurting crotch as his groping got worse.  She felt his thumb invade her butt and groaned in dismay.  His other hand pinched her nipple so hard she cried out.  His putrid breath on her ear was followed by him speaking, “So nice of master’s creation to bring us you as a plaything.  Your friend there has learned what is expected of her, and you will too.  See how master is using her mouth?”
Transfixed by the scene in front of her of the violation of the blond girl, she couldn’t help being fascinated again as the Baron’s organ vanished repeatedly down Violeta’s throat with his balls slapping her chin.  Hearing Igor ask if she saw what was happening to Violeta’s mouth, Afina managed a small nod ‘yes’ still squirming in his lap and moaning at his fingers abusing her.

Pulling his fingers out of both her holes with a squishy repulsive feeling, Igor gripped her dark hair and pushed her head down to his open pants and stiffened organ saying, “Time for your lessons to begin my plaything, and you better learn fast.”
Feeling damaged, lost and resigned to her fate, Afina swallowed hard and with no resistance opened her mouth wide allowing the detestable Igor to force his repulsive thing into her mouth.

Despite being frequently cleaned by Violeta’s mouth, Afina retched at the foul taste of his organ.  Understanding what to do without instruction, Afina began moving her head and sucking on his thing.  Knowing this was the hell she had damned herself to by praying for Dimitrie to come back to her, she did her very best to please Igor listening to him moan and learning what worked best as her lips and tongue labored.  Soon his hands in her hair forced more of it in her mouth making her choke and gag as it went too deep.  She accepted this as her punishment and tried to adjust forcing the rising bile down and taking him deeper in her mouth.  While she sucked as best she could, Afina wondered what other acts of depravity she would be forced to do as part of her doom in this place.

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Interlude III

He knew it would happen tonight.  The moon last night was almost there, nearly full.  The curse of the change would overcome him.  It was the reason he as a man could not live long in the same place.  Every month the moon would become full, and the aftermath would force him to go elsewhere.  Always pretending to be traveling but never having any belongings.  What few things he gathered would be gone after changing back.  Sometimes the shredded remains of his clothes would remain and other times he would be naked and shivering in the cold.  It was the other things he would find when he changed back he dreaded the most.

It was happening.  He could feel the change as he bent down on all fours.  Legs joints were popping, and arm bones creaking as they turned into legs.  Nails at the ends of all fingers and toes on each limb were lengthening into sharp talons.  His jaw popped and stretched jutting outwards as it lengthened, and teeth become longer and jagged.  Sooner he was on all fours running fast in the woods, the glowing yellow moon making him howl.

Marta was angry with Alex.  They didn’t have to stay so long at his parent’s farm, but he got to talking with his brothers and bottles of wine were opened.  Now here it was after dark as they trudged home to their humble hut.  They were only just married last month.  She was 18 and he 22.  Many said her good looks could have gotten her a man with more money, but Alex was kind, hardworking, and best of all very handsome.  She had long curly brown hair and a gorgeous figure sticking out in all the right places.

Alex walked behind his new wife admiring the way her beautiful butt swayed back and forth in her tight dress.  His wine soaked mind was thinking of what he would do to her when they got home and into bed.  He was still thinking these thoughts when something huge hit them both slamming them to the ground.

Marta hit the trail so hard it knocked the wind out of her.  As she lay gasping, she turned and saw with terror what had collided with them.  It was a huge ferocious wolf, jaws bared, but a wolf unlike any she had ever heard of.  Dark black with almost human like features.  The red eyes glared at her once with abnormal intelligence, and then turned to Alex.  A paw swiped out and claws made jagged tears in Alex’s neck severing both his jugulars.  Blood spilled from his neck, as the beast began ripping at his abdomen and chest with its snout.  Viscera was flung from his insides as the creature dug in with its mouth feeding first upon Alex’s liver as he tried to scream blood flowing from his mouth still alive and fighting the animal.  When the wolf’s feeding got to his heart, he finally died as it was torn from his body and swallowed whole.

Marta sat up trying to regain her breath shaking her head in disbelief watching her husband being killed and devoured in front of her.  Suddenly, a gore covered head lifted from his chest cavity and looked at her.  She turned and tried to crawl away, but claws slashed at her, tearing her dress and digging long deep scratches into her back.  She struggled forward on her hands and knees as the monstrous beast tore at her dress and her body.  Trying to get away, she wiggled out of the shreds of clothing crawling forward.  Soon she was naked, bleeding from several long cuts, and sobbing uncontrollably.  The beast followed her sniffing at her hindquarters.  To her horror its snout pressed against her crotch licking.

A paw shoved her face into the dirt, and she screamed as teeth sunk into her shoulder where it meets the neck.  Something hard poked at her, and then forced its way inside her.  She shrieked at the penetration realizing the beast was raping her.  The hideous animal began thrusting, forcing more of its wolf cock into her trembling body.  Its teeth and paws held her in place, as it savagely violated her body driving its organ ever deeper inside her.  She clawed at the ground trying to get away, but soon she just gave up praying the animal would just kill her to end the misery and humiliation, but the animal just continued its cruel rape of her body.  The beast plunged its wolf cock into her faster and more urgently, and then it unleashed a deafening howl.  As the howl nearly burst her eardrums, she felt the creature’s fluid gushing into her body.  This sickening loathsome feeling that the beast had ejaculated inside her was her last thought as she slipped into unconsciousness.

He woke human again and took stock of the situation.  He then realized a body was underneath him.  It was a young girl bleeding from several wounds but thankfully still breathing.  His flaccid cock now human was still inside her.  He pulled it from her unconscious body with a squishy wet feeling.  At a nearby farm he stole clothes and made his way out of the district.

Marta woke and managed to crawl home.  Pulling an old dress on her aching body, some of the scratches on her back and bite marks on her shoulder still bleeding.  Dried blood covered her face and torso.  She sought help from neighbors.  The women cleaned her up, and Marta said her only wounds were on her back and shoulder and didn’t let anyone look lower vowing never to tell anyone what the wolf did to her.  While the women attended Marta, the men went looking for Alex eventually finding his remains.  Nine months later when the baby was born, none doubted he was Alex’s boy.  Marta hid the child during the full moon knowing the red eyes would be seen as the Devil’s work.  His first change would not come until his teen years.

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Chapter 9

Violeta felt guilty she was glad Afina was here.  She was good company, and it took some of the pressure off her, as the Baron, Igor and the monster now abused them both.  At first the monster could only manage to abuse her every other day or so, then it had been every day.  Now he was raping them both at least daily and sometimes as many as twice a day to each of them.  Violeta didn’t know what was worse, his huge size tearing into her, or the revolting feeling of all that monster seed spilling into her body and spraying out on her legs.  They didn’t use the table as often now.  The two girls were chained to the castle wall with metal collars on their necks that itched terribly.

The Baron and Igor were just as bad.  She wished they would at least call her by her real name.  Before Afina got here, it was just girl, as in ‘on your knees girl’ or ‘on your back girl’ or the most chilling ‘on your belly girl’.  With two of them there now, they had to distinguish which girl, so she was now Trollop, and they called Afina, Plaything.  ‘Why couldn’t they just call us by our real names?’ she thought again.

Afina could not possibly have imagined the horrors of this place if she has previously tried.  That first day she was brought here was beyond awful with her crotch hurting so bad from what was left of Dimitrie after he raped her.  No sooner had she got here, but that repellent Igor forced his thing in her mouth.  Shoving it so deep she gagged wretchedly around his flesh.  She had even tried to please him knowing her fate was her own fault for praying for Dimitrie’s return.  She knew she had brought this torment upon herself.

Nothing had prepared her for what happened when he was satisfied.  Holding her head hard with a fist wrapped in her long dark hair, his thing had twitched and his putrid seed began filling her mouth.  He yelled at her to swallow it, and she did feeling the fowl slimy fluid slide down her throat.  At soon as it hit her stomach, she felt instantly nauseous and a gorge of bile and his seed began rising burning her throat.  Seeing what was happening, Igor has pulled his softening organ from her mouth and threatened her with a severe beating if she vomited on the castle floor.  She somehow managed to force it all back down to her churning stomach.

That wasn’t the only disgusting act perpetrated on her body that day.  In the evening the Baron came for her pushing her belly down and straddling her legs.  She heard him spit and then felt him rub his slimy saliva on her butt.  Realizing he intended to rape her, she tried to crawl away, but he held her firmly in place.  She felt the head pressing her anus and shook her head disbelief at the unnatural act he was about to commit.  The Baron lunged forward, and Afina screamed as he tore into her and began thrusting as her bowels were invaded.

She began clawing again at the stone floor of the castle breaking several nails and soon her fingers were bleeding, but there was no escape from the maniacal Baron as he rooted in her ass laughing at her pleas for him to stop.  She bleed from her butt until into the next day.  That first day of being raped in the three places she could be raped was only the beginning of a torment that would never end.

Igor thrust his pelvis against her face more insistently, and knowing what was coming Violeta began swallowing.  Soon his vile fluid began pouring into her throat, and she pushed the nasty mess down her gullet.  Swallowing one last time, she felt Igor pull it from her mouth and opened her eyes.  The monster was staring at her with his gigantic organ already erect.  He had been watching what Igor and the Baron had been doing to her mouth for many weeks and curiosity had wormed its way into his thick cranium over-riding the mating instinct.

Violeta wanted to scramble away but knew it would be worse for her to be hit by those huge hands.  She went to lie back to let him have his way, but he grabbed her blond hair keeping her in the kneeling position.  The humongous organ swaying in front of her face inches from her lips.  Realizing what he intended, she tried to reason with the monster, “It will never fit.”

He pressed it against her lips, and she opened wide trying to get her lips around it.  The monster’s hands on her head felt like they would crush her skull.  She tried to open wider, but she was correct in that it would not fit.  Violeta was a small girl and had a mouth to match.  She succeeded in getting part of the head in and even licked the tip of it hoping it would be enough, but the monster was not satisfied and pulled way giving her a teeth rattling slap.  Violeta was terrified he would beat her, but he just turned away and walked towards Afina.

Violeta could see Afina begin shaking as then monster approached.  He grabbed her long dark hair and forced her up to a kneeling position.  She knew what was coming and worked her jaw.  Violeta watched in fascination as the bigger girl opened her mouth very wide.  The monster pushed, and Afina’s lips stretched around the head.  He pushed harder, and her lips stretched to the breaking point.  As the monster pushed deeper, Afina’s lips clung tight to the thickness of his organ as it hit the back of her mouth.  There was no way it was going down her throat so the monster could only get about a third of his massive length in her mouth as he began moving.  Igor walked over and watched with amusement before offering advice, “Use your hands too silly Plaything, or he’ll take all day.”

Violeta watched with pity as Afina took his advice and began working on his thrusting organ with both hands.  Soon his huge cock was covered in her drool as she gripped it with her lips and both hands fingers not coming close to touching around the huge girth of it.  She worked on it her hands sliding lubricated by her saliva.  She wanted this over with as fast as possible, so she tried her very best to please him with her tongue laboring on the tip and her hands wrapped tight around his girth.  He was lunging forward trying to push it into her throat, but it still wouldn’t go in.  His huge sack of six balls were bouncing against her breasts as he pumped his member into her mouth.  Eventually he let out a familiar bellow as he achieved orgasm.

Violeta saw it first in Afina’s eyes as they bugged out of her head.  Her hands left his organ and waved helplessly around for a few seconds, before she began desperately pushing on his hips.  However, he had her head gripped tight in his huge hands with a blissful grin on his face as his organ and six huge testicles pulsated and pumped copious amounts of monster semen into Afina’s mouth.  With her lips so tight around it, and his organ buried deep in her mouth wedged at the top of her throat, the deluge of monster seed had few places to go.  Violeta could see Afina swallowing over and over, but it wasn’t fast enough.  Suddenly two streams of bright neon green semen began shooting from both her nostrils onto her breasts.

Afina knew she was drowning.  She felt what was left of Dimitrie shooting his fluid in her mouth like the Baron and Igor had done so many times.  It was beyond too much.  She swallowed as fast as she could, but she could feel it filling her lungs pushing the little remaining air out her nose.  Soon the tide of semen was rising into her sinuses.  It wasn’t just that the she couldn’t breathe, it was a horrid feeling to know she was drowning in his seed.  This is the end she thought, and then it wasn’t.

His pleasure satisfied, what was left of Dimitrie yanked his organ from her mouth and wandered off.  Afina coughed and coughed trying to clear her lungs.  With each cough, some of the nasty green semen bubbled from her mouth, and some she swallow down to an already bloated stomach.  The slimy green mess was running down her chin onto her full breasts.  She held her full stomach unsure if she would be sick.

Just as Violeta did, Igor had watched the whole episode with interest.  As Afina’s coughing lessened, he commented laughing, “If he keeps doing that, we won’t need to feed you anymore.  It fact that’s a fine idea.  Trollop get over here and lick Plaything clean.”
Afina shook her head at Igor trying to tell him don’t make her do it, but all that came out were more coughs as she still tried to clear her lungs.

Violeta didn’t move, so Igor went over and drug her by her blond hair over to Afina and forced her face down to Afina’s chest that was completely coated with the vile viscous monster seed saying, “Lick her clean and swallow every drop.”
Shaking with fear and revulsion, Violeta started licking and swallow the nasty green mess down.  Afraid to stop it, Afina let out a moan of despair.
“What’s the matter, don’t you like your titties being licked?” asked the repugnant Igor.

Both girls were crying but terrified not to obey Igor who had given them both severe beatings in the past at any disobedience.  As Violeta licked her breasts, Afina felt her nipples harden and blushed with shame at her response to the girl’s mouth.  Igor noticed and laughed making the lewd comment, “Her nipples get hard when I lick them too.  Seems Plaything also likes girls.”
Both girls sobbed in humiliation, but Violeta didn’t stop cleaning the monster’s semen from Afina’s breasts.  Afina shook her heading thinking, ‘I can’t help how sensitive they are.  It doesn’t mean I like it.  I certainly don’t like it when that horrible Igor does it.’

It took Violeta nearly an hour to lick and swallow all the monster’s seed from Afina’s body and face.  It was a nauseating job, and each time she stopped to try and calm her rumbling stomach, Igor slapped her head forcing her to continue.  Once Afina was clean, Igor forced her face down to the stone floor to lick that clean too.  By the time she was finished, both girls felt bloated and full of monster cum.  Neither was fed anything else that day.

Afina woke in the night to a wondrous feeling.  Looking down she saw a ghostly man’s face lift from her inner thigh.  She knew it was her blood she could see in his mouth dripping from two fangs, but she didn’t care.  When he moved up and positioned his organ between her legs, she gladly opened them wider for him and sighed with pleasure when he entered her wrapping her legs around him.  Turning slightly she saw Violeta straining at the chain holding her to the castle wall pleading, “No, please do it to me instead.”

All else was lost to her mind as the ecstasy of the pale man overwhelmed her.  She moved under him moaning never knowing such rapture before crying out her pleasure.  Later she woke groggy and thought she saw Violeta swallowing the pale man’s organ, sucking enthusiastically on it, her hands on his butt cheeks pulling him in.  Afina fell asleep again thinking what strange dreams she was having.  She asked Violeta about it in the morning, and Violeta said, “I have that dream too every few nights or so.”
“What about these?” asked Afina pointing at the two healing puncture wounds on her inner thigh.
“I don’t know, bug bites?  I get them there and on my neck too sometimes, always in pairs,” answered Violeta.

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Is this an old post, Jed, or a new one? Seems I read it before. Either way.....excellent work!