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Research on Planet Prak

Part I:  The Research Begins

Natatha wasn’t getting along with the rest of the crew of the trading frigate in orbit around Prak.  If it was about 27,000 years ago, people would have called Natatha a bitch.  An exceptionally beautiful woman of 23 standards old, she could attract any man she wanted often away from other women.  She would then become bored and get rid of that man, usually choosing another taken man just to spite some woman adversary of hers, and she considered all women her adversaries.  There was considerable grumbling among all the women and even the men of the crew.  The captain in particular considered Natatha a liability and was musing on all his options.  This run was expected to be exceptionally profitable.  The cargo that was being unloaded in orbit had garnered a high price receiving trade goods of which the captain knew of a prime market less than a thousand light years away.  The crew shared all the profits with the captain getting one extra share and appropriating all funds necessary to keep the ship running.  All books were open for the crew to examine at all times.  Captains that cheated their crew ended up breathing vacuum.

The shuttle was descending with most of the crew for a little R & R.  None of the crew had been to this planet before or ever seen one of the Prakri except in holos.  The temperate zone they were landing in had the highest population density, but it was brutally hot at about 40°C (104°F).  However, the climate was dry and the atmosphere was an oxygen nitrogen mix that humans could breathe with safety.  Most places they went, if they wanted to explore, it required environmental suits.  Of the more than a 2000 plus sentient species humans had encountered since they ventured into the stars, only about a third lived in environments humans could tolerate.  Besides breathing the same gases, the Prakri had a many physiological similarities to humans.  Their response to ethanol was the same, so the crew did what crews of ships of humans have done since humans had ships, they went to a bar.

The bar contained mostly Prakri, but the crew spotted three other species only one of which they recognized.  The crew was fascinated looking at the Prakri.  The 3-D holos they viewed on board didn’t do them justice.  They were the most ferocious looking species they had ever seen.  Most obligate carnivores don’t rise as far as space travel; they wipe themselves out in wars upon becoming sentient well prior such technological advances.  They were bipedal beings with two clawed upper appendages. Two limbs for walking and two limbs for grasping is the same as humans, however very few other similarities to humans were present with one notable exception.  They were 2.5 meters tall on average towering over the humans.  Their sharp pointed teeth were 3 to 6 centimeters long, and their hairless skin was a pinkish purple striated with blue.  They wore no clothing.  Continuously since the humans had arrived, inebriated males approached females turning a bright red on their chest and head.  What had to be a penis would unsheathe from their bodies, and the male and female would trade blows for several minutes often drawing a strange looking blue blood.  The penis was remarkably human looking except for the slight raised ridges along its length.  The human women would cringe seeing it, and then laugh and joke with each other about the possibilities, while the men felt a little envious.  Sometimes the Prakri pair would turn and walk away from each other while the male’s red color would fade, and his penis would disappear back into his body.  Sometimes they would leave together in a hurry obviously needing a room.  The crew couldn’t figure out what about the hitting of each other triggered which response.

The crew found a hotel to stay in for the 3 local days the unloading and loading would take.  The Prakri day was just over 40 standard hours, so the crew were up at various times of the day or night usually getting as drunk as possible and sampling some of local food that was cleared for humans.  On the last day the captain was sitting across from Natatha as she was lurching back and forth drunk, and he spoke, “I have solved the problem aboard ship, and we will profit well from it.  Too bad you won’t see any of that money.”
Natatha slurred back, “Wa da fuck da zat mean?”  Natatha swayed back and forth a few more times then slumped over unconscious.  The captain dumped her drink out on the floor to make sure no other being was exposed to the drug he put in it.

Natatha woke with a severe hangover and tried to move.  Waking more fully now, she realized she was restrained.  Opening her eyes and looking around, she saw one of the Prakri observing her.  Natatha looked down and saw she was naked and shouted, “Where the fuck are my clothes.”
The Prak spoke without a translator, “You don’t need any of that cloth you were wearing when you were brought here.  The temperature by your scale is 31°C (88°F).  My studies indicate this temperature is well within your comfort zone and perhaps a little warm for your species, although it is slightly cool for the comfort of my species.  You should not be cold, but if you feel uncomfortable without the clothing, I will return it to you, but I was not careful in removing it.  I think it is damaged.

“What the fuck is going on?” demanded Natatha.
“You are going to help me with my research,” stated the Prak.
“What fucking research?”
“Your use of human profanity is noted.  I have advanced degrees in Alien Sociology and Alien Physiology.  I specialize in a few alien species including humans.”
“Who the fuck are you calling an alien?”
“This is my planet,” responded the Prak.  “We Prakri live here.  You are from somewhere else.”
“What the fuck are you going to do with your high and mighty degrees in whatever the fuck they are?”
The Prak observe her for a few seconds and spoke, “Interesting that you keep using the human profane word of ‘Fuck’.  My current research is on human sexuality.  I have come to the point in my research where I need first-hand knowledge of human sexual practices.”
Dropping her voice considerably and changing her tone, Natatha asked, “What are you going to do to me?”
The Prak responded, “I now see you have stopped the use of the profanity.  This and the change in your voice is noted.  I think it is time for the first experiment.”

Natatha was secured on a table waist high for the Prak.  The Prak keyed something on a panel with his claw, and a portion of the table where her legs were secured split and began moving apart spreading her legs slowly as the two parts of the table moved.  The Prak walked between her legs as they got wide enough.  He was really close, and Natatha was terrified.  She watched as his chest and head turned bright red and suddenly his penis unsheathed inches from her bare vagina.  Natatha opened her mouth and began screaming.

The Prak spoke, “That is a very irritating noise you are making.  It is interfering with the audio of my recording devices, not to mention the irritation to my hearing orifice.”  He reached to the side table and picked up an adhesive patch and covered her mouth turning her screams into a muffled moaning.  The Prak spoke, “I do not know what you are so disturbed about.  I have done extensive research.  I know that my phallus is within human parameters; certainly at the highest end of human parameters, but at least 1 out of a billion human males have a phallus this size.  I made sure our genitalia would be potentially compatible prior to embarking on this research.  I certainly wouldn’t have spent nearly all my grant stipend on you without some confidence of success.”

Natatha raised her head to watch in both terror and a strange fascination.  After unsheathing it began a slow rise as it became erect until it was level with her body.  He rubbed the tip of it around for a few seconds on the outside of her vagina until she saw a green slime spatter her, and she turned away in disgust hoping that was it.  “That is what you humans would call pre-cum and will lubricate my entry,” the Prak informed her.  The large being moved forward pushing the tip just inside her working her labial lips aside.  He was watching her carefully and the mobile recording devices lowered to focus on the activity and her face.  He pushed slowly and relentlessly into her stretching the walls of her vagina well beyond anything they had previously endured.  Natatha’s eyes rolled back into her head, her back arched as much as her restraints would allow, and she tried again to scream through the adhesive gag.  She felt the alien push it to her cervix and continue to press it very far in collapsing her womb.  “That seems to be the extent of my entry without causing permanent damage.”  The Prak and his recording devices noted how much of his phallus was inside her.

The large being began moving inside her.  The ridges on his penis were abrading her clitoris severely.  Natatha was sure that she was being permanently damaged, despite what the toothy being had been saying.  The pain was incredible.  The being’s use of her and his movements were exactly as a human male, but he was so huge and those ridges felt like sandpaper.  His clawed hands reached out to her breasts and began squeezing them, and he spoke while still moving inside her, “I was convinced of paying the high price primarily because of your secondary sexual characteristics.  From all the holos I’ve observed and my reading, I know large mammary glands accompanied by a thin waist and with your clear symmetrical facial features are indicative of what is considered attractive in your species.  I was sure only an attractive female would serve in my research.”  Natatha wanted to look away from that horror show of a face above her, but somehow couldn’t look away as he continued to move inside her pushing her cervix back with each thrust.  She could feel his claws piercing the skin of her breasts drawing a few beads of red blood.  The being’s hands left her breasts and grabbed her hips gripping her hard as his pace quickened.  Natatha thought she would go deaf as the huge alien threw back his head and roared at the same time she felt fluid gushing inside her.

He withdrew very slowly seemingly taking forever before it was all out of her.  This was followed by a slow oozing of liquid dripping from her vagina down both legs.  He touched a panel, and all her restraints disappeared into the table.  The Prak moved her legs off the table, and lifted her off the table to her feet, while she watched his penis disappear into its sheath.  When her feet hit the floor, she felt a huge gush of the being’s ejaculation slowly oozing down both legs.  The Prak held her steady, otherwise she would have collapsed to the ground.  The liquid still oozing out of her was bright green and had the consistency of syrup, far more viscous that human semen.  The being led her unsteady over to a cleaning station and began cleaning his hideous semen from her body.  “That experiment went very well.  I will have much good data to process.”

He gave her clothes back to her.  Natatha picked the panties out of the mess her clothes were in.  The alien had to steady her as she put them on.  She pulled her pants on, but they were ripped from the waist to the crotch and wouldn’t stay on her hips.  Her top was completely torn apart.  She put it on, but it didn’t cover either breast.  Standing by herself now but swaying a bit, she spoke to the Prak, “You can’t buy a sentient being.  It is illegal.”
“It’s not illegal here, when the one selling is in a superior role to the one being sold as your captain was to you,” said the Prak.  The Prak became fascinated by what happened next as he stared at her bare breasts an anatomical feature the Prakri lacked.  He had planned only one experiment today, but he felt the redness of arousal again.

Natatha turned and tried to run when the alien’s penis sprang out of its sheath for the second time, but he threw her to the ground on her stomach.  With a rip of cloth he tore the shredded top off her body, and then simultaneously yanked both her panties and pants back off her speaking, “I think I like you naked better.”  His phallus shot some more of the green lubricant on her crotch and he hilted her immediately to her screams.  As he thrust continuously into her without any of his previous caution, he wondered why her screams sounded like music now, when they bothered him so much before.  He roared even louder this time as he released his gelatinous seed deep inside her.  He stood up as Natatha trembled with spastic motions beneath him.  The Prak spoke once more before she lost consciousness, “I hope you don’t expire prematurely.  You were very expensive.”

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Part II:  The Oral Examination

Natatha woke slowly.  She was back on the table and restrained.  The Prak was standing over her behind her head, and she looked back at him and spoke, “I expected to feel very sore.  What did you do?”
“I have applied a healing salve.  There was only minor damage, and it will only take a day to heal.  The salve contains an analgesic for the pain and has remarkable healing qualities.”
“Are you ever going to let me go?” she asked tears already starting.
“After I have completed my research.”
“How long will that take?”
“Perhaps about 6 of your standard years.”
Natatha groaned and began sobbing, “6 years of this?”

The Prak changed the subject, “You are too damaged to continue the course of study I was pursuing yesterday.  I have another topic to explore today.  I find the topic of oral sex fascinating.  Our tongues are not capable of protruding out of our mouths certainly due to an evolutionary constraint to protect them from being bitten off.  This makes cunnilingus impossible.  For the antithesis of that activity, should a male attempt to convince a female to perform fellatio by inserting his phallus in her mouth, she would certainly view it as an offering of food and amputate it immediately for ingestion.  No male of my species would want that part of our body to be removed.”
Natatha spoke, “I don’t think I can do this.  You are too big.”  She was also thinking about how she had very limited experience.  She had always been a girl expecting to receive pleasure rather than give it.

The Prak keyed the panel, and the table began receding near her head until it was no longer supporting her head.  Her head dropped back and down until she was looking at the Prak’s waist with her head upside down.  “You can’t make me do this like you did with my vagina.  This requires my cooperation,” stated Natatha.  The Prak said, “I have anticipated your response.”  He held up an object over her head.  “This is a pain stimulator.  Allow me to demonstrate,” the Prak said, and touched the object to her breast.  Natatha screamed as she felt a searing pain on her breast.  She lifted her head and looked and saw no mark.  “The pain stimulator was on setting one, the lowest setting.  There are ten settings each causing a higher amount of pain,” the Prak informed her.  Natatha compliantly moved her head back down.  In what was becoming a familiar pattern, the Prak began turning red, and his penis unsheathed and began climbing up towards her face as it became erect.  He spoke, “A word of warning, just because your teeth are puny doesn’t mean I want to feel them.”  “It will never fit,” Natatha said tears rolling down her forehead.  “Ack!” she exclaimed as the green pre-cum lubricant shooting out of him spattered half her face.  The Prak pulled her jaw apart with his clawed hands and pushed his huge penis past her lips stretching them extremely wide.  The ridges on his penis kept bumping past her lips at it continued to move inside.  Natatha could not believe how vile his fluid tasted as he pushed it in.  He moved his hands to her breasts and began squeezing them.  The Prak noticed when he pinched her nipples, they would harden.  The Prak and his recording devices took note of this phenomena.

The Prak spoke as he moved in and out of her mouth going slightly deeper with each stroke, “The pre-cum is an involuntary response.  Don’t worry; it and my seminal fluid are non-toxic to your species, so you will have nothing to worry about when you swallow all of it.  In fact, it has numerous nutrients your physiology will be able to process.  I will save a few credits having to feed you less.”  The Prak kept trying to push very deep down Natatha’s throat eliciting gagging.  Natatha was pleading with him using her eyes.  He spoke again not pausing in his thrusting which was causing her to heave each time he pushed in, “I was expecting to get more of my phallus in your mouth.  I keep hitting your throat without being able to move much past it.  This could take more than one of your standard hours.  In the holos I have viewed, some females use their hands to help speed the process.  Would you like to try reducing the time this will take?”

Natatha nodded her head as best she could with the enormous penis moving in and out of her mouth.  The Prak keyed the panel and her arms were released.  She reached back with both hands and tried to grip his penis and pulled on it.  Her fingers could not even close much more than half way around it.  It was dry, and she couldn’t get her hands moving on it.  Desperate, she wiped off his lubricating green pre-cum from her face, the table and where ever she could find it and applied it to his penis still moving in her mouth.  She gathered some of her own saliva dripping out of her mouth.  Using these substances she was finally able to stimulate him with her hands as well as her mouth.  It still took and eternity of him moving and her working her lips, tongue and hands before he gave his deafening roar gripping her breasts harder.

Even though she had felt him ejaculate in her womb twice, she was still completely unprepared for the huge volume of gelatinous gooey mass that began flowing into her mouth.  Her lips were stretched to the breaking point ever since he entered her mouth, and he was spurting deep inside her.  There was no place for the viscous fluid to go but down.  Desperate for air she swallowed over and over again as he kept filling her mouth.  After at least 10 swallows, she got the vast majority of it down and no more seemed to be filling her mouth.  As he began slowly pulling his penis out of her mouth still draining some of the fluid, the taste finally hit her taste buds causing her to retch repeatedly.  The Prak clamped his clawed hand around her mouth raising her head up and said, “Those are good nutrients.  Do not waste them.”  Natatha’s stomach was churning horribly.  She felt bloated.  The rest of the restraints released and the Prak moved her to a seated position.

Not long later the Prak began speaking on another subject, “Hair color is a very distinguishing feature for you humans, especially when it is long such as yours.  I have acquired some products to allow you to change your hair color on a periodic basis.  My research has indicated human females enjoy doing this.”
Natatha, working her jaw back and forth trying to help the soreness, was not a complete idiot and replied, “Are you sure you don’t want me to look different so it will appear you have more research subjects?”  The Prak responded, “Are you suggesting I would falsify my research data?”
Natatha replied, “Well, men have asked me to change my hair color before, so I look like a different woman to them.  Maybe you want me to look different for you instead of your research?”  The Prak was silent contemplating this concept.

The Prak left her alone for what seemed like a few standard hours.  Natatha was allowed to walk around, but there was no place to go and no way to get out.  She was almost happy when he showed up, but then he spoke, “I am disappointed with your efforts earlier.  I was just reviewing holos of sexual activity with your species.  Many of the females were accepting far more of the phallus in their mouths than you were able to do.  Further research indicated that lubricant applied to the throat will help this occur.  I will try this immediately.  I want you to kneel this time on the raised platform over there.  That should provide the correct height if you lean forward and will place your throat at the correct angle for penetration.”

Natatha whined and said, “My mouth and jaw are way too sore for that just like my vagina.  I just can’t do it again so soon”
The Prak responded, “If your mouth is damaged, I suppose we could accelerate the program to the anal series of experiments?”  Natatha’s eyes went wide, and she ran over to the platform and climbed on it kneeling as he had described with her body forward and her head up lining up her mouth with her throat.  The Prak walked over standing in front of her as the redness of arousal began and his penis unsheathed.  He spoke, “Open your mouth wide.”  Natatha shaking complied as the Prak’s erection rose towards her mouth.  He shot his lubricant directly in her mouth, and before she could retch at the taste, he pushed his penis quickly past her lips aiming for the back of her throat.  The lubricant in the back of her throat allowed him to push past where he had gone previously before she could clinch her throat.  Natatha could feel his penis moving down her throat as if it was on its way to her stomach the ridges on it bumping her lips and abrading her throat.

The Prak and his devices noted that his phallus was now nearly twice as far inside her mouth as it was in the previous experiment.  He began moving in and out taking mental notes of how her mouth and throat felt.  The lubricant allowed him to achieve a greater depth than he had thought would be possible in this second of the oral experiments.  He noted that without instruction the subject began using her hands to aid the process.  It was noted the subject was not getting much oxygen, just a brief amount on the outstroke.  He knew he had to achieve orgasm before the subject suffered from asphyxiation.  The combination of achieving deep penetration in her mouth and her skilled use of her hands allowed him to finish with a great roar as his seminal fluid filled her mouth.

Natatha swallowed as fast as she could.  Even though she felt extremely sick, any attempt to vomit would be futile as there was no place for it to go with her throat so snugly plugged.  The vile fluid just kept pouring into her mouth.  Once there was no more fluid shooting into her throat, the Prak withdrew quickly as she gasped desperately for air.  She felt woozy from lack of air and bloated by the viscous mass that had been deposited in her stomach.  Natatha nearly fell over, but the Prak caught her.  Later as she was going to sleep, she realized that no food had been given to her, but she felt very full and sleepy.

Soon after she woke, The Prak came in and spoke, “The health of my research subject is important to me.  After I examine you for recovery from damage, I will take you outside.  The experience of being outdoors should stimulate you in a positive way.  The Prak pronounce her fully recovered, and began to lead her to the door way he used to enter and exit.  Natatha spoke, “I can’t go outside naked.”
The Prak responded, “I have no clothing either.  It is not what our species or most who visit do on our planet.  Natatha was at first shocked by the intense heat outside and realized the Peak had cooled the room she was in for her comfort.  She looked around at the plant life in what could be described as a backyard.  She saw that the walls around the outdoor space were three time her height thinking he feels safe about me out here, because where could I go?

Natatha wasn’t paying attention, because suddenly the Prak was behind her pulling her arms back and shoving her upper body forward.  He had bent his legs to place himself at her level, and she felt the spatter of his lubricant hit her crotch.  He entered her and began pounding deep.  She noticed it hurt less than the first two times.  She thought, well so much for the research.  There are none of his recording devices out here to gather data.  I thought the outdoors were supposed to stimulate me?  If it were not for his penis impaling her and partially supporting her, she was sure her legs would not be enough to hold her up.  She gritted her teeth and endured the huge penis plunging into her wondering what else was going to happen to her on Planet Prak.

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Part III:  The Visiting Scientist

Natatha restrained on her stomach, and knowing something new was going to happen to her, was filled with dread.  She had expected the table to split spreading her legs and for him to take her from behind as he had many times already.  Something different was going on.  The Prak was standing beside her holding a long cylindrical device about the diameter of her finger.  “What are you going to do?” she asked looking over at him.  “I need to take some measurements,” he said as he began smearing something on her anus.  “Please no, not there,” begged Natatha.  She felt him insert in device in her anus, she grunted as he pushed it in.  It slid in easily.  It felt strangely warm like it had been outside in the intense heat of this planet.  The Prak’s penis also felt very warm when he used it on her; Prakri had a higher body temperature than humans she suspected.

Natatha moaned as she felt the device growing in her ass.  She could feel it getting bigger by slowly increasing in diameter.  First it started getting uncomfortable, and then it was painful.  As the pain was increasing with the size of the device, she begged the Prak, “Please take it out.  It’s hurting me.  Why are you doing this?”  The Prak responded, “Isn’t it obvious?  If I tried to penetrate your rectum with my phallus now, it would most likely damage you severely possibly leading to your expiration.  I will use this device to prepare your anus and rectum for phallus penetration.  It will take measurements to inform me when you are ready for the anal series of experiments.”  Natatha’s moans of pain turned into a squeal of increasing volume as the device stretched her to the breaking point.  She could feel it stop and hold her wide open for several minutes before contracting and then expanding again.  Eventually, the Prak removed it.  The insertion of the device became a twice daily ritual after that.  Although Natatha couldn’t tell as the pain was always the same, each time the device was inserted in her anus, it would grow just a hair bigger in diameter.

Natatha now knew that in the first few days, the Prak had been taking it easy on her.  Now he was forcing his penis in her mouth and down her throat two or three times a day.  He insisted she demonstrate increasing oral skills.  Although he gave her pills that he said were vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements required for human survival, he no longer fed her any real food.  Natatha’s only source of nourishment came from swallowing the Prak’s seminal fluid, that disgusting green gelatinous goo that would pour out of him into her mouth and then into her stomach as she sucked on his huge penis and worked him with her hands.

It wasn’t only her mouth that was getting used.  He now penetrated her vagina at least three to four times a day.  Her body had slowly adjusted to his size somewhat, but it still hurt when he fucked her with his monstrous penis with those abrasive ridges on it.  Because he had stopped feeding her, she was always hungry.  To her own disgust she had begun catching what seminal fluid she could with her hands as it leaked out of her vagina, and then slurp the viscous green slime down.  It had a retched foul taste that she would never get used to, but she no longer heaved as she swallowed it down.  To her further humiliation, his floating recording devices would get close-ups of her slurping down his seminal fluid.  She knew these recordings would be seen by other beings.  She begged for other food, but he refused saying she was receiving the exact nutrition she needed and any additional food would cause an undesirable weight gain.  She could not believe she was subsisting almost entirely on the semen of an alien.

Natatha’s occasional disobedience was dealt with using the pain stimulator.  She had experienced it up to setting three.  Knowing there were seven higher settings, she barely hesitated now when the Prak gave her orders regardless of how disgusting were the acts in which he made her participate.

The Prak had apparently been watching more human pornography, because today he was doing something different.  He made her lie on her back on the floor.  He straddled her body and knelt down sitting on but not putting his full weight on her legs.  Turning red with arousal his penis unsheathed and shot the green lubricant between her breasts.  He moved forward pushing his penis between her breasts.  He coated his penis with the lubricant and using his clawed hands pushed her breasts together around his penis.  She obeyed when he ordered her to lift her head and accept the penis in her mouth.  The Prak thrust for several minutes using her breasts pushed together and her mouth for stimulation until the slime that was her nourishment poured into her mouth.

One day on her back on the table with the Prak thrusting into her, the ridges of his penis abrading her clitoris didn’t hurt as much as usual, and she heard herself let out a moan that she knew was not pain.  She could feel herself getting aroused and began shaking her head no thinking I don’t want this recorded, but the Prak kept thrusting.  She had not been restrained, so at some point and she didn’t know when, her legs were wrapped around the Prak and her hands had moved to his hips, or what would pass for hips on the alien.  To her humiliation, she saw the recording devices zoom in as she began lifting to each of the Prak’s thrusts.  The ridges were hitting her clitoris just right and to her shock and disgust her back arched, and she screamed with an orgasm the recording devices getting her reaction from every angle.  Later as she was crying with humiliation, the Prak was very excited about documenting a human female having an orgasm with a member of his species saying, “The electronic documentation of this experiment will certainly be accepted to the most prestigious publication of my field, the Journal of Alien Sociology.”

The Prak began allowing Natatha to wear certain items of clothing, but he did not allow her to cover her genitals or her breasts.  He found and returned her boots to her as these didn’t cover anything he was interested in.  Natatha was confused about the Prak’s fascination with her breasts as his race didn’t have them, so how did he develop this fascination?  For human males it is obvious, but a species that lacks this anatomical feature?  Natatha wore the boots and a couple tops he gave her out of shear boredom.  Neither top covered her breasts.  Natatha was wearing a blue top when the Prak came in and spoke, “My research has caught the attention of a very well respected visiting scientist, and he has asked to view the subject personally.”  “You mean me?” asked Natatha.  “Yes, of course,” the Prak said.  “This endorsement of my work will certainly advance my career.  He will be here shortly.”

Natatha reacted in surprise when the visiting scientist entered the room.  She had seen holos of this species and knew them to be very inimical to all species other than their own.  The powerful race called the Krakmanthi had frequent wars with a number of other races and was responsible for the extinction of one race.  It was a dark alien about the same height as the Prakri but more muscular.  The head was a nightmare of tentacles with glowing blue eyes.  What caught her immediate attention was what could only be the penis of the alien hanging between its legs.  There were thread like tentacles on the end of it.  In the flaccid state it was every bit as big as the Prak’s, and Natatha shuddered at what it might look like erect.  The alien walked around her observing her from all angles and asked, “Would it be possible to perform an experiment of my own?”  Natatha heard the words from a translator and in the background other noises that must be the languages of Prakri and Krakmanthi.  The translating device seemed to be projecting two languages, human standard towards her and what had to be Prakri towards the Prak.  Apparently, the device detected the species in the room, and included all of them in the conversation automatically, as she was sure the alien didn’t care if she understood.

The Prak answered, “You did not tell me you wanted to perform an experiment.  This is my research subject I acquired at great expense.”  The Krakmanth responded, “If monetary compensation is required to your grant fund, I am willing to pay credits.”  The Prak’s attitude changed considerably, “How many credits are under consideration?”  Natatha began yelling, “You can’t sell me to him!”  The Prak spoke to her, “Do you want the feel the pain stimulator at level 10?”  A sobbing Natatha shut her mouth.  The Krakmanth heard the translation from his device and spoke, “I assume the subject will behave properly?”  Natatha listened sobbing while the two different aliens negotiated and agreed on a price.

Natatha was on her back trembling as the Krakmanth male approached her.  His massive hands gripped her legs pulling them apart.  Natatha look down and saw his penis becoming erect; as it grew she saw it was more massive than even the Prak’s.  There were about 20 tentacles on the end of it waving around about a half centimeter in diameter and about 25 centimeters long.  As the Krakmanth moved forward, the tentacles began exploring her body.  Natatha began screaming.  The Krakmanth spoke, “The faces of this species are rather hideous.  Is it possible to perform the experiment with the human female facing the other way?”  The Prak flipped Natatha over on her stomach and spoke, “The lower orifice is the one used for procreation.  The upper one is for excretion.  Do not penetrate the upper orifice.”  The Krakmanth spoke referring to Natatha’s screaming, “That irritating noise the subject is making, I want it stopped.”  The Prak covered her mouth with one of the adhesive patches he had used on the first day saying, “I was initially irritated as well by the noise, but I have grown used to it.”

The Prak looked at the Krakmanth’s phallus and spoke, “I do not think this will be a practical experiment; we will have to reconsider our agreement.  Your phallus is of the same length as mine, but the diameter is considerably more.  It will cause great damage to my research subject.”  Hearing this Natatha gained some hope.  The Krakmanth already in an aroused state spoke, “I will double my offer.”  The Prak stepped back to allow the experiment to continue.  On her stomach, Natatha felt the huge alien yank her legs apart and lift her up with incredibly strong hands.  She tried to support herself on her hands and elbows.  She could feel the tentacles continuing to explore her body; the light feathery touches on her legs and inner thighs.  One tentacle entered her anus; she could feel could feel it moving around in her bowels.  The tentacles began traveling to her crotch.  The one in her anus receded and joined the others.  Natatha could feel them line up still wiggling and one by one enter her vagina.  She was trying to scream through the patch on her mouth the whole time.  Natatha could now feel the tentacles exploring her womb and enter her cervix.  The Krakmanth surged forward and Natatha tried to scream even louder.  She could feel her vaginal walls stretch to the breaking point, and then begin tearing.  The Krakmanth began thrusting in and out of her.  Natatha collapsed on the table after a few thrusts unable to support herself any longer.  The immense jamming feeling of him inside her was worse than her initial and second rape by the Prak combined on that first day.  Her face was rubbing on the table as the huge alien continued his thrusting.  Several minutes into the thrusting, she could feel fluid enter her.  A weird thought entered her head, I wonder what color his semen is?  Once the Krakmanth ejaculated, he withdrew immediately releasing Natatha’s legs allowing her to flop onto the table.  Examining the bleeding vagina of a moaning and nearly unconscious Natatha, the Prak spoke, “This is what I was afraid of.  You have damaged the female human.  This will take days to heal.”

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Part IV  “This Isn’t About Research Anymore, Is It?”

Natatha woke feeling some pain and knowing the only reason it wasn’t great pain was that the healing salve the Prak used had numbed her crotch.  The Prak came in stood in front of her penis unsheathing, forced it in her mouth, down her throat and gave her breakfast.  He placed the other food supplements in front of her.  Natatha pointed at a new pill she hadn’t see and asked, “What’s this for?”
The Prak responded, “It’s a laxative for your health.”
Natatha hesitated on swallowing it, but the Prak raised the pain stimulator.  An hour later Natatha had to hobble painfully to the facilities she used, and sat to void her bowels.  Her shit was always a watery green mass respective of her diet.  This time she felt completely cleaned out.

When the Prak came back in he forced her down on the floor, turned her on her stomach and used the device in her ass designed to stretch it open.  He used the device twice a day, but something told her today would be different.  The pain was a bit less due to the effect of the salve in that general area.  The Prak removed the device sooner than usual confusing Natatha.  The Prak inserted another object, and Natatha realized she was getting an enema and knew why.  Natatha began begging, “Please not in there.  I’ve just had my vagina destroyed.  You are going to kill me.”
The Prak responded, “The device does indicate a little longer is preferred before my phallus is inserted, but the analgesic I applied to the area will deaden some of the pain you will feel.  Besides, it will be days before I can perform any more vaginal experiments.”

Natatha felt the Prak sitting on her legs.  She was quivering in fear and let out a scream as the Prak’s lubricant spattered her ass.  He lifted her butt up and got on his hunches positioning his penis between her butt cheeks.  This was followed by him slowly working the head of his penis into her anus.  There was some numbness, but not enough.  She squealed in agony feeling it forcing her open wider than the device had done, stretching her anal muscles to the point they were near tearing.  She felt her orifice give way allowing him inside.  When the Prak began moving relentlessly into her she could feel every ridge on his ridged penis as it bumped, bumped, bumped into her.  Natatha’s screaming changed pitch with each bump as the Prak entered her rectum.

The Prak began moving as Natatha continued to scream.  It hurt so bad, and the ridges constantly rubbed her anus making it feel like it was on fire.  The Prak could not fit all his penis in her vagina, but she was sure he was getting all of in her rectum.  She could hear her voice going away as she tried to scream.  Eventually during the anal rape, Natatha could only manage a horse moaning having lost her voice.  The punishing thrusting by the large alien went on and on, as her face lay sideways on the floor in a puddle of her own drool.  She was barely conscious when she felt the Prak finish with a gush of viscous fluid in her bowels.

Upon his withdrawal, Natatha could feel the slimy mess leaking out of her, and then she felt air inside her.  She had been stretched so far wide open all the tissue of her rectum would not close.  It took hours before Natatha could move.  Her vagina and ass both felt destroyed now.  The Prak insisted she clean herself up and fix her hair and told her she would have another alien visitor.  She was sure that would likely mean she would be forced to have sex with the visitor, and she didn’t know how the Prak could think that was possible with her hurting so much.

When the alien arrived, all pretenses of this being a scientific experiment were gone.  Obviously, the Prak had communicated the availability of a human female for sexual activity with any species willing to pay.  The muscular dark alien was not much bigger than the average human.  Its physical appearance was not too dissimilar than a human except for claws, a tail and a face than looked like a predator.  Of particular concern to Natatha was the penis.  At least it was smaller than the Prak’s and rather human looking.  The Prak and the dark alien were arguing over price and what the alien would be allowed to do.  To Natatha’s relief the Prak would not allow her healing vagina or her recently invaded anus to be penetrated, giving the dark alien the only option of her mouth.
“Come back another time when she is healed and use one of her other orifices,” suggested the Prak.  The Prak picked up the pain stimulator showing it to Natatha to obtain her compliance.

The dark alien approached Natatha and pushed her to her knees.  His clawed hand grabbed the back of her head pulling her towards his penis.  Natatha obediently opened her mouth wide and reached up to the alien’s buttocks pulling him in.  The penis slid down her tongue to her throat and down.  She began moving her head and sucking strongly on the alien gripping him with her lips.  His hips were moving and both clawed hands gripped her head as he began to mouth fuck her.  Natatha was sure she was performing well but the alien took a very long time making growling sounds of pleasure the entire time.  When the alien finally orgasmed, he roared somewhat similar to the Prak and his semen poured into her mouth.  As Natatha swallowed she hoped this alien’s semen was not toxic.

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Nice Jed I like the sci fi stories.

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Great job Jed! Been waiting a while to see more of this story. You didn't disappoint, not that you ever do!

December 15, 2014, 02:01:41 PM
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OooOoo nice nice nice

December 15, 2014, 05:16:05 PM
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Thanks guys, I actually wrote most of the last post over a year ago.  I fleshed it out more this weekend.  I have a little more, but need to add to it.  I think I may take it even further over the next several weeks.

June 28, 2016, 01:52:01 PM
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cant wait for the next few chapters , well writen

June 29, 2016, 06:10:35 AM
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Thanks for your comment.  I kind of took most of the ideas I had for this (and the pics) and used them for the Space Slave Chronicles and the RP with Plaything.  Both of those will have more (especially the RP  ;D).

I do have an idea how to wrap this story up in a couple posts, I'm just not sure how soon that will be.  I have so many stories to wrap up.  The good news is I always seem to get back to them eventually.

June 30, 2016, 01:04:31 PM
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This is a good story Jed . . .I do hope you finish it at some point!

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We've all heard the phrase "leave 'em wanting more", but come on! Give us the rest already! Does she get sold to another research institute at the end of six years, or is she compliant enough by then to go to an Earth brothel?