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Worm Plane (Sci-Fi, mc, F only, nc, entomological)

It is true, all of it, so hideously, disgustingly true. Something in the air, in the moisture, something they secreted, that shell of writhing, stinking, slithering gelatinous flesh that covers their worlds. I knew who I was, what I was, where I was, but I remained in a waking anesthetized state. I locked myself away in the fuselage. With luck a rescue would come in time. I would leave. Maybe I’d get the bounty on discovering another uncharted Worm Plane world. Or maybe the world would take me.

I’m leaving a recording for both cases. If it keeps me sane and centered, I’ve won. And if I lose, it’s a warning for the future, and my last message of love and goodbye to my family and friends. For now, I’m still Lindsey May Carter, United Spaceflight Services, Utility Flight Captain, Company number 19904812. I’ve been Lindsey Carter for thirty-four years, not counting the three years I was Lindsey Dunmore, and I already passed my ten-year mark as UFC. Whatever is said about me, even if it comes down to human error, I will remain an able-captain. But will I stay human?

The fuselage was unsteady. It was not obviously resting on anything solid. It shook and swayed and jerked around in small but erratic shifts. After enough hours, it would make many people motion sick. I knew that wasn’t my problem. My motion sickness was airborne. All the sealants, all the filters, everything that kept the fuselage space-worthy was somehow insufficient to keep out the gases of a Worm Plane world. They knew how to get into our vessels, that deep, dark, malevolent mind deep in the writhing mass of life, and then into our bodies. So I sat, sweating, swearing a bit, trying to conserve oxygen, wondering how long I might last. Before they changed me.

I don’t know how long the comm was beeping at me. I hadn’t noticed it. I was lost in my own personal mental defense. They were feeding me ideas. Sensations. Desires. But there it was, crystal clear. I pushed the button for emergency connection, bypassing all the usual protocols.

“Who’s out there?” I was looking at another woman. Another USS officer, presumably. She was sharing the same situation. I could tell because her uniform was already mostly off her body.

“Lindsey Carter, USS-UFC,” I told her. “Sitting on an uncharted planet for, oh, six hours now. I’ve seen better situations!”

“Six hours. Six hours? You didn’t come down with us?”

“I just fell out of the sky,” I told her.

“There’s another vessel somewhere, if it survived. We crashed together!”


“Three days! I can’t hold out! Is your ship intact?”

“The fuselage is intact,” I said. The woman clutched her head, pulling at her hair. She stood and paced. She was totally naked. She was ranting and desperate. She was going to be me in a day or two. That was my future. “Have you gotten a signal out?”

“No signals. Scanned it on descent. Planet. Very bad case. Very strong fields.”

“Are you alone?”

“We are never alone here,” she said, her voice surprisingly calm all of a sudden.

“Captain, stay with me!” I shouted. I hadn’t even gotten her name. If she still had one. She was out of view, but I could link with her system. I found only one other visual channel on, and it showed what I feared. Outside her ship, how far outside I had no idea, her crew, or part of it. Two women – unisex crews were the preference – outside the ship. Breathing just fine, so to speak. Enough oxygen went into their lungs to keep them alive. But they had no focus. Their clothes were gone. They were naked, lying on and in the endless plane of worms that covered the entire planet. They wriggled around the girls, over them, around them. Big worms, little worms. Inches to dozens of feet long.

A redhead lay with her legs spread wide, up in the air, waiting for worms to slither into her vagina. She held a thick worm with hundreds of tiny feet, licking it, sucking it like she would a cock. And then I saw it. The worm’s tip exploded, and gooey white slime splattered onto her face. She looked ecstatic. A blonde straddled a giant mollusk, wrapping her arms and legs around it, grinding her crotch against it. So there were some hard surfaces out there too. Just slimy and intoxicating.

“Where are you, captain?” I shouted, trying to get her attention. If she had more than just a shell, maybe we could do something. I tried to scan, and found she was just under ten miles away. Virtually nothing, on a whole planet the size of classic Earth. I had to get there. That meant leaving the fuselage. That meant passing out of the airlock. I could use the suit. The suit with the cracked helmet!

Just go, I told myself. Every wasted minute I transformed more. It made sense to leave. And it made sense to get rid of the uniform now, before I tore from my body later. I took my clothes off right then and there, because it was natural and logical, not for any other reason. Then I fled through my airlock, running naked out onto the vast field of worms.

It was like nothing I’ve imagined. Intoxicating. Heavenly. Transcendence on a dimly-lit, oddly quiet planet except for the perpetual repeating and echoing of slurping, sucking, suckling sounds. My hands flew to my pussy, irritated a thousand percent now. I just needed to press something to it. One thing.

One worm!

No. No no no! I had to walk. I needed to walk ten miles to another ship, to try to help or be helped. Maybe we could combine equipment, get a better signal. Maybe. But it was a slow walk. There was no real solid ground. Just deeper layers of worms, which seemed a lot larger down six to twelve inches.

Already I realized how much the revolting and wonderful creatures were using me. Why did I skip my footwear? Why did I strip naked? Those were the wrong decisions. And they remained the wrong decisions even as I walked away. I could have gone back and been out again in two minutes. I did nothing of the kind. I walked naked into the void, into the endless plane of worms.

“Who created this!” I screamed into the night sky. My pussy was tingling. I so wanted a worm in it. A big juicy one. One ready to rupture if I touched it wrong. One ready to turn to guts inside my pussy, its slimy innards mixing with my own! What could be more heavenly? What?

I didn’t even have a flail to whip myself. I slapped my face as I walked, trying to stay focused, one short, slow step after another. One step at a time. Don’t touch the worms! The worms are evil to the core. They are not life as we understand it! They are the only life we’ve ever found indigenous to multiple planets, and this should be impossible. They are the death of every planet, and for whatever coincidental, cruel, mocking reason, the female of the human species craves them. I crave them. Lindsey Carter. I’m still Lindsey May Carter! Yes, I am! I’m recording this! If I’m not recording as Lindsey Carter, then who are you watching? And get your eyes up here!

It is cold, but my naked body is sweating badly. I’m trembling. My mind is going fast. I’ll never make it to the other ship. Ten miles may as well be ten thousand. Each step through the worms is like a step through deep mud. I’ve walked for hours now. Maybe I’ve gone a mile. I can see my fuselage behind me, way, way back there. Yes, but visible, and moving. It is sinking. I never even closed the door! I stripped naked and ran outside into the field of worms, sacrificing my ship for my worms. I doomed myself.

I sank to my knees, bringing the undulating, slithering mass of worms closer to my aching pussy. Such wonderful, fat, quivering worms! They were snakes. They were pythons. They were centipedes and millipedes. But they were round, and thick, and fat, and they belonged mated to my pussy.

With a cry of joy and a broad smile, I fell forward, pressing my front side to the endless plane of life that was the worms! My breasts crawled with them. My pussy was as open as I could make it, with my legs spread wide, my fingers parting myself. Get in me, fat worms! “Enter me!” I cried. “I am your home!” Yes, the worms make you cum! Oh heavenly cum! It was no curse, I saw. The plane of worms was a blessing.

Blessing are worms, they are for in me. I’m Lindsey Cars, captain of the UCF. My body is wonderful for the bugs and critters of the great planet chose me. I am not lost who I am, not today. The sun rises, and the worms lose dormancy. Now they live! I am Lind, all, yes. Captain. Worms in me! Worms in me! Mouth! Anus. Loving Cunt, life source. Mother of worms! Linseed. Eat me, colossus of worms, up high above! Swallow this me I need. Lin. Crashed. No thoughts go while eat love shit worms! worms! wrms! wwwwwrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

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WOW! Very original and what an imagination!

April 22, 2017, 11:50:55 AM
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Thanks! I was getting a little bummed that no one was reading it on the other site. I'm wondering if I should try to expand this one. There seems to be plenty to work with.

April 22, 2017, 01:45:23 PM
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It has some potential for more, yes! You should try and expand the story.