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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read this story it contains scenes of rape and non-consensual sex.
If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any person living or dead.

You’d better close your eyes
Ooohhh bow your head
Wait for the ricochet.
-   Deep Purple – Child in Time

Covex: Governor’s Residence 0910 local
Three medium vans turned right off the main road onto the short driveway that led to the Governors private offices. The three story building had twelve foot wall running around its grounds with one way in and out. The drive was lined with silver bark trees, in some ways similar to the earth silver birch, except it only blossoms once every seven local years and when it did the blossom has an iridescent component that made it shine in the dark.
Covex had been settled two hundred and fifteen years ago by Charles Rackman of the Rackman Corporation. The world, a “garden” world, has the right mixes of oxygen and nitrogen to support humans. The temperature was a little higher than earth average and the hydrosphere a little less, the residents found the climate warm but tolerable. The length of day on Covex is twenty five hours long and the length of the year is 356 days.
Charles Rackman had backing from the largest company in human space, the Solar Corporation, to begin the colonisation of Covex and to date the SC had not interfered in its development. The Solar Corporation was already the largest corporate body on earth when it stepped in to the power vacuum created when the nation governments on earth nearly brought about its economic collapse and destruction through pollution and war. This was the beginning of the end for the nation state and the corporations started to take over running of countries. Now the known universe is run by the most powerful corporations, some corrupt, some not so much, but all keeping a wary eye on possible competitors.
To encourage investment Rackman had allowed other, smaller, corporations to settle on Covex. Notable among these are the Southern Growers, specialising in food production to supply food to hostile worlds with no breathable atmosphere and limited production capacity of their own. The Gmix helium three producers, though most of their assets were in orbit around the systems gas giants and the other settlement of note was an extreme religious order calling themselves the Dominion, they occupied an island 300 kilometres from New Haven, the capital of Covex.
In the front seats of the lead van sat two men and a women all dressed in light blue coveralls, the women, sat in the middle, held a data pad in one hand and manipulated it with the other. The image on the screen was a complete layout of the governors’ private offices, showing the positions of all the guards.
 “Two at the entrance, one in the observation platform on the left, and the other is opening the gate.”
The driver nodded as the gates began to slide apart, the other man on the far side on the van drew out a pistol fitted with a silencer from within his coveralls, pulled the slide back and chambered the first round and held the pistol out of sight. The guard wondered up to the driver’s side of the van, he held a clipboard in his left hand, this sidearm in a holster on his right side and a bored expression on his face.
“Blind them,” said the driver to the women.
She stabbed a button on the screen and every security monitor in the residence went blank. The guard reached the drivers open window. He looked up into the cab in time to see the muzzle of the silenced pistol pointed at him. The weapon fired with the sound like a cough, and the bullet took the guard in the forehead and dumped him sprawled on his back. The driver depressed the accelerator and the moved the van to draw level with the gate and the second guard who was then dispatched in a similar manner to the first. The van accelerated forward and headed to the building entrance, the last van through the gate stopped momentarily and two light blue coverall clad figures jumped out of the rear door and moved to secure the gate. It was oh seven twelve hours local time and the coup d’état had begun.

The mercenary pushed through the entrance to the colony hub, swinging his G3 silenced sub machine gun forward and three quick silenced shots felled the two guards in the foyer. The receptionist looked up from the computer screen she had been looking at when she heard the sound of the guard next to her hitting the floor and looking surprised by the blood splatter that now cover the desk and her. The mercenary had already covered the distance from the entrance to the desk and grabbed the women by her long blonde hair and pulled her shrieking over the low desk and dumped her face down on the floor. He placed his knee in the middle of her back, to pin her to the floor, slung his weapon and grabbed both arms and using flexi cuffs secured her wrists behind her back. While other mercenaries entered and secured the foyer he ran his hands down her stockinged legs and flexi cuffed her ankles, she was a little under five and a half feet tall, slim and certainly didn’t weigh much, her skirt was just above the knee in length and her blouse fitted her quite snugly. He thought about using her for his own satisfaction, but quickly pushed the thought aside. He had a job to do.
He, was Ed Dabel, Colonel of the mercenary group Black Fox, currently hired by the hard core religious group, the Dominion, from the planet Covex to secure control from the Rackman Corporation. Ed stood up to check the other mercenaries were ready to move to stage two, and seeing that they had taken up positions covering the entrance, the elevators and the stairs, he smiled and raised his left hand with two fingers extended to indicate stage two should commence.
Five members of Black Fox remained in the foyer, the others, in two groups of ten moved to secure the offices, while Ed with three mercenaries in tow, headed up the stairs to the governors’ office. The essence of this operation was speed and surprise, the mercenaries moved quickly killing without hesitation anyone who offered any resistance within ten minutes the staff servants and members of the Rackman family had been subdued and secured. Ed was burst through the door of the governor’s office.  The governor was one George Rackman, great grandson of the founder of the Rackman Corporation. He was in his fifties with short grey hair and a well-groomed appearance. His expensive suit jacket hung from a peg behind the door and he sat at his desk looking at some documents with his secretary looking over his shoulder with one hand on the back of her bosses chair and the other on the table.  Her head was close to his and at first glance looked as if she was about to kiss her boss. She was older than Ed had expected, obviously hired to do the job and not for looks. She was still attractive, slim, short brown hair with a hint of grey and small breasts under her lose fitting blouse.
“Knock knock,” said Ed the G3’s muzzle covered the two of them.
George looked up, first irritation showing on his face due to being disturbed, then horror seeing the men in front of him, dressed in light blue coveralls and each holding a sub machine gun.
The three round burst from Ed’s machine gun into the desk silenced the question, the governors stare turned to the splinters raised where the bullets hit the desk. The mercenaries didn’t waste any time, one moved to the governor’s desk pushed George’s head to the desk with a violent shove the crack as it hit the desk audible and proceeded to secure his wrists with the flexi cuffs. One of the others grabbed the secretary by both wrists, forcing hands behind her back then cuffed them together. She screamed from the pain of her arms, the mercenary ignored her cries and forced her to her knees, his hand holding her neck tightly.
The governor found his voice and started to bluster. “You can’t do this, do you know who I am?”
Ed ignored him and said, “time.”
The mercenary that stood behind him, Major D’Alwis, looked at his watch and said.
“Twelve minutes fifty three seconds.”
“Two minutes three seconds ahead of schedule“, Ed smiled. “Take that sack of shit and put him with the others.”
The mercenaries started to move the prisoners out. “Not her,” said Ed. “She may be useful.”
The mercenaries instead moved the governor, still complaining, until one of them punched him in the face. His head flew back with blood coming from his nose, his legs buckled and only the mercenary holding him prevented him from hitting the floor. “Shut the fuck up,” said his attacker. The two mercenaries then dragged him from the room, each holding him up by the arm and his feet dragging and semi-conscious after the punch.
When they had left, Major D’Alwis manoeuvred the now sobbing secretary into an arm chair, sat her down then knelt and used a flexi cuff to tie her ankles together. He ran his hand up her stockinged leg and said.
“mmmmm.. you keep yourself in shape”.
She shuddered at his touch and a squeak escaped her lips, his hand moved under her skirt and caressed her thigh. She stared wide eyed in horror.
“Enough,” said the Colonel, “go see the building is secured, we still need the Dominion to do their thing”.
 The Major flashed an irritated look at his superior, but quickly changed it to a more neutral expression and said “Yes, sir”.
“Don’t worry Juan, there will be plenty of time to play afterwards”. Ed said soothingly, he didn’t normally accept insubordination from a junior, but Juan D’Alwis had proved himself time and again as a loyal and dependable soldier. 
The Major left the room smiling a cruel smile at the secretary, a whimpering sound escaped her lips as the door closed. Ed sat behind the desk in the recently vacated and very opulent chair, Ed removed the silencer from his sub machine gun and placed it and the weapon on the desk, and muzzle pointed at the secretary, and started rummaging around the desk. At that moment a loud crump of an explosion rattled the window panes and one was cracked by a piece of flying debris. Ed ducked out of reflex and the secretary screamed. Gunfire could be heard outside on the street.
“Shut up”, said Ed in a controlled voice. “That is just Dominion hitting the police station and my people shooting anyone stupid enough to fight them.”
The blood drained from the secretary’s face. “What.”
“Is happening”, Ed completed the question. “I thought it obvious, this is a coup”.
Again that matter of fact tone as he continued to rummage through the desk draws, evidently looking for something.
“What is your name?” he asked without looking up from what he was doing.
“Eileen”.  She whispered.
“Well Eileen, I am Colonel Dabel, you wouldn’t happen to know where the safe is located?”
Her eyes flicked to the large picture of Charles Rackman, founder of the Rackman Corporation, then quickly dropped to her lap. Ed caught the movement and smiled. He then stood and pulled the draw out of the desk and emptied the contents on the floor as he turned it upside down. There in a little plastic pocket secured to the underneath of the draw was an electronic key. Ed removed the centimetre square plastic disk from the plastic pocket and got up and walked to the large picture of Charles Rackman. Eileen whimpered again feeling guilty and ashamed that her actions had aided this monster.
Feeling with his fingers around the edge of the picture frame, Ed found the little catch to release it and it swung to the right revealing the safe behind. He place the key in the slot and the safe vibrated as the bolts where released allowing the door to open. He started pulling the documents out and dumping them on the floor until he found what he was looking for, a red plastic case about three centimetres by two. He smile put into a pocket inside his coveralls.
Eileen was sobbing, head downcast and tears streaming down her face.  Ed ignored her and moved to the window as he looked out over the town he could hear the gunfire from the battles that continued around the capital of Covex, it couldn’t really be called a city, it simply wasn’t large enough yet,  but one day would get that big. A knock at the door disturbed his thoughts and he turned to see Major D’Alwis walk in with a tall man dressed in combat uniform. Ed recognised him as Commander Sarfet, head of the Dominion’s military.  Sarfet smiled broadly at the Colonel gesturing around him.
“Well done my friend, this is a great day for the Dominion”, the smile got even broader.
“Commander”, greeted Ed Dabel. “A glorious day for the dominion, I trust all is going well elsewhere?”
“Very well indeed”, the smile never faltered. “We neutralised the police.”
“Yeah, I heard the bang,” interrupted Ed with a smile of his own.
“We control the downport and the media and you secured the governor and his office for me,” continued Sarfet.
“Very good.” Ed removed the plastic case from his pocket and held it up so Sarfet could see.
Eileen continued to sob unnoticed and ignored by all in the room.
“Is that it?” Asked Safet.
Dabel tossed the plastic case to Sarfet who caught it one handed, his smile getting even broader. “Yes!” he said in triumph, “the arming codes for the nuclear bombs that the unbeliever threatened us with on so many occasions. Where is he?” The voice turned cold as ice.
“Downstairs, with the others,” interjected Major D’Alwis, “I’ll have him put in your jeep, sir”.
“Very good, please do”. The Major left the room to make the arrangements.
Eileen gave a heartfelt sob, George Rackman, the man who she worked for so diligently for so long and who she had loved from a distance, was being carted off to who knew what.
“That just leaves the final payment on our contract”, said Dabel, still ignoring the sobbing Eileen.
Sarfet produced a small data pad from his pocket, tapped at the screen and smiled broadly again, “that is the final payment authorised and of cause you are free to take any of the prisoners you like. You have been instrumental in the dawning of a new day on Covex, one that will see the ascendance of the Dominion “.
The Major re-entered the room along with one of the Commanders aides. The aide came to attention at the sight of Sarfet, fear clearly showing in his eyes.
“Excellency, His High Holiness has requested an update of our progress.”
“Yes of course”, Sarfet replied without looking away from Dabel. “I will see you again Colonel, before you leave”.
“Yes, Commander, our transport is not due here for another three days, until then we will be camped at the downport”.
“Very good”, Sarfet said and turned and left the room with his aide in tow.
“Major”, Dabel addressed D’Alwis. “Make preparations to move the prisoners back to the downport, have this one taken and secured in my quarters.” He indicated Eileen, still sobbing quietly. “And ensure there is enough ‘entertainment’ for all the soldiers, they have done well and I’m very pleased”.
D’Alwis beamed. “Consider it done!”

Covex: Downport 0117 local

When Colonel Dabel finally made it back to his quarters, it was past midnight, local time. Covex had a day of twenty five hours in length. His temporary quarters were located in an administrative office off the downport’s departure lounge. It was small, enough room for a cot and a small desk, Eileen was sat on the floor she had a metal collar secured to her ankle and a long chain attached it to the cot, she also had a faraway look in her eyes. She’d been given a drug normally referred to as flash, banned by most planetary governments, it made the recipient very docile and susceptible to suggestion. Ed closed the door, hung his G3 sub machine gun from a hook on the wall using its sling and slumped into the chair at the desk. He looked at Eileen, she was in her early forties her guessed, slim body, small breasts hidden under her lose blouse, and her shapely legs covered with white stockings. She looked after herself that was evident, as he got older himself he had developed a taste for the more mature woman.
He had expected to finish up sooner, but it took longer to organise transport for the mercenaries and the prisoners. Then the drive though the capital and out to the downport had taken three hours. Setting up the temporary operations, communications centre and securing the prisoners had taken another two hours, before he could start standing down his troops. Finally with guards posted, several women and a couple of men from among the prisoners had been given to his troops to use as they pleased and his mercenaries started to party, releasing the pent up emotions from the day’s fight and celebrating the end of a successful contract and there transport would be heading to Hell, a planet that sold slaves to other planets.  There they would stand down for some well-deserved R&R. The contract had been for most of a standard year culminating in the assault on the capital. As always with Dabel after a fight the need for procreation was strong.
“Stand up,” he said to her. She complied though now she looked at Dabel, she stood there waving slightly like she might topple over at any moment. “Take your top off.” Ed commanded. She started to unbutton her blouse, her white skin showing as she uncovered it, her small breasts held by the white satin bra she wore, the blouse fell to the ground.
 “Now the skirt,” said Ed, feeling his penis start to strain against his coveralls.
Without looking down her fingers found the clasp holding the waistband of her skirt together, as soon as she released it the skirt fell to the floor. Ed undid the zip at the front of his coveralls his hand pulled out his now erect penis, holding it at its base he slowly rubbed in an up and down motion while looking at Eileen standing in front in her white satin panties and bra and the white stockings. He motioned with his hand for her to come closer. Then reached for her arm and pulled her down to her knees with her head inches away from his cock.
“Suck it.” Again the command.
Her head moved forward, he placed a hand on the back of it and pushed his cock toward her mouth. Her lips parted as she took in the head of his penis.
“Use your tongue.”
He felt tongue around his cock licking the pre-cum, he used the hand on her head to force her lips down the shaft of his cock taking half of it into her mouth, then raising it again by pulling on her hair.
“Now you do it.” Her mouth started moving up and down the shaft, starting slowly but then moving more quickly, her tongue licking. Ed moved his hips in time with her feeling his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, fucking her mouth getting faster, holding each side of her head making her take more with each up thrust, feeling his cock reach the back of her throat, the drug supressing the gag reflex. Her saliva now dribbling out of her mouth. Feeling himself building to a climax he forced his cock into her mouth faster and faster until his thick cum burst from his penis filling her mouth. He leaned back against the wall, spent, watching Eileen suck his cock clean. She sat back, cum on her lips and her chin. Feeling the release from the tensions of the day he started to feel drowse, tucking his cock back into his coveralls Ed pushed himself to his feet and took a step toward the cot and lay down on his back. Closing his eyes, feeling the fatigue catching up.
“Sleep.” He told the girl, who curled up on the floor beside the cot.
Eileen woke from a bad dream, the worst nightmare she’d had in years. She tried to stretch but couldn’t push her legs out, something was in the way. She opened her eyes and tried to lift her head and sudden pain seemed to strike at her eye balls from inside her head. Her eyes closed and she lay still as the pain subsided. Experimentally, she opened her eyes slowly and let her vision focus, she seemed to be curled up and the end of a small bed and something solid was next to her head. Then the memories came flooding back, the soldiers the dead bodies, the shooting and explosions, been tied up, her beloved George carried off to who knew where. Then the tears started to roll down her cheeks as she ever so slowly raised herself onto an elbow, the movement made her whimper, but it wasn’t as bad as the first time.  She had a bad taste in her mouth and something had dried and formed a crust on her lips and chin. Then noticed the leg in the light blue coverall, her eyes travelled up the body she was lying next too, across his exposed hair covered stomach and chest and onto the sleeping face of Colonel Dabel. The tears ran freely down her cheeks, she raised the small blanket that covered her breathed a pathetic sigh of relief that she still had her underwear on. “Not raped,” she thought.
Dabel was no stranger to bad dreams, he experienced the same dream after every fight. The situation had been real back in the days when he fought in the armies of the Solar Corporation, the biggest corporation in the known universe. On Titan III Dabel had been a lieutenant in 65th Division, assigned to a counter insurgency operation. Dabel’s platoon was ambushed and surrounded and fought day and night for five days. By the time relief arrived most of the platoon were dead with the notable exception of Dabel and a Sargent of Spanish heritage named D’Alwis. In the dream the dead soldiers, men and women, accused Dabel of incompetence and dereliction of duty, wasting their lives on a fool hardy plan. The faces a thing from horror, some without jaws or eyes. Bodies blown apart, missing legs and arms. A soldier lying on the ground with her guts spilling into the dirt. Dabel woke with a start and saw Eileen propped upon one elbow looking back at him.
“You need a shower,” he said to her. Then after making a show of sniffing his own armpit, grimaced and a said. “Smells like I need one too.”
He carefully moved his legs and swung round and planted both feet on the floor, his coverall zip was still down, his penis slightly tumescent, he need a piss as well. Eileen still had not moved, the tears no longer falling she just stared, fearful about what would happen next. There was a discrete knock on the door. Ed pulled the coverall zip up to his stomach and said.
“Come in.”
Major D’Alwis opened the door lent in. “Morning, sir.”
“Morning, Juan, what’s up? And what is the time?”
Still not entering the room Major D’Alwis, glanced at his watch.
“It’s oh six thirty local; our baggage has caught up with us arrived this morning.”
“Great, organise a clean uniform for me,” said Dabel. “Do we have any showers setup?”
“Yes, sir. Down the hall third on the left, along with some fresh towels.” D’Alwis smiled. “Took advantage of them myself.”
Ed started to push himself up off the cot. He turned to Eileen and said.
“Come on, you need a clean-up as well.”
She still stared without moving.
“Don’t make this difficult!” He warned.
She slowly started to get up trying the keep the blanket around herself and maintain her modesty. D’Alwis pushed the door open wide and step back to allow his boss walk out of the room. When Ed stood in the corridor he found two naked people, chained together, standing a few feet away both holding bags. The women must have been around 26, she was black, overweight and five foot four inches in height, her hair extensions came down to her shoulders, she had big saggy breasts each with a huge black nipple and the hairiest bush Ed had seen in a long while. She wore a metal collar which was attached to the man by a chain about half a metre long, similarly her left wrist and ankle were chained to the man next to her.  The man was white, older, and taller with short greying hair and a body that hadn’t seen any strenuous exercise is a long time. It was also covered in cuts and bruises. Behind the pair stood one of the groups soldiers, Rifleman Carter. Dressed in a clean set of BDUs and holding his M21 assault rifle across his chest.
“Your bags, sir.” Said D’Alwis by way of explanation. “I’ll organise your uniform to be brought down to the showers, and a new set of coveralls for her.” He indicated Eileen now standing in the doorway still clutching the blanket around herself.
“Who are they, don’t remember them from the governor’s office?”
“Err: No, the guys found them hiding in the departure lounge last night, apparently refused to be separated so they chained them together and fucked the shit out of both. I found them huddled in a corner so I got them cleaned up and decided to put them to work.”
Ed grunted, neither the man nor the women took their eyes from the floor tiles at their feet.
“What else?” Ed asked as started to walk towards the shower. The Major fell into step beside him and Eileen shuffled after them with the naked couple slowly following.
“Oh, Commander Sarfet will coming to see you at ten hundred hours local, didn’t say what it was about.”
“Okay, the sooner we are off this planet the better I’ll like it,” said Dabel with a grimace, ”whatever he wants I’m sure it can’t be good for us.”
“Agreed,” said D’Alwis, “Oh talking of which the Misfit has dropped out of jump space and will make orbit in approximately eighteen hours.”
Dabel raised an eyebrow and gave the Major a quizzical look.
“Something about a jump space storm heading this way, so they dropped out of jump space closer to Covex, we need to jump out again no later than 42 hours from now.”
“Ok, see that we’re packed and ready, as soon as they make orbit we’ll commence loading ops.”
“Very good, sir.”
They reached the showers, Major D’Alwis took his leave. Ed walked into the showers, Eileen followed, and Carter indicated the black woman and white man should follow. Ed pulled off his coveralls and threw them into a bin, he stood under one of the shower heads and the water started to cascade down and over his body. Feeling the warm water help revive the Colonel after a couple of minutes he turned around. Eileen still stood in the middle of the floor clutching the blanket. He stepped out from under the shower and moved so he stood in front on her, he ripped the blanket from her grasp and threw it at the naked white man still holding his bag. He then turned Eileen around unclipped her bra and threw it at the black women, he then pulled her panties off and each stocking then pushed Eileen under a shower head until the water started running then resumed his own shower.
“Carter,” shouted Dabel. When the rifleman appeared a moment later he continued. “Unchain those two.”
Carter removed the chains.
Ed looked at the naked white man. “Put that bag down and take the other to my room, then come back here. “
He did as he was asked and was soon shuffling down the corridor back to the Colonels room. Ed then looked at the black woman who was rubbing her wrist where the cuff had held her chained.
“Give Eileen a hand getting clean.” The black woman hesitated, but then moved to Eileen and using the soap blocks, proceeded to wash her. It was then Ed noticed a small tattoo of a butterfly on Eileen arse cheek. I wonder he thought, then put away the thought for later.
Ed was feeling refreshed, then remembered his slightly swollen member and the need for a piss, so he relaxed and urinated in the shower with a loud sigh of relief.  He turned and looked at the black woman and her hands washing Eileen white body. The sight caused his penis to swell and feeling reinvigorated after his shower he want to fuck. Walking up behind the black woman ran his finger into the crack of her arse while grabbing her neck with the other hand and forcing her bend over. His finger found her arsehole and forced his way in up to the second joint. The woman shrieked at the unexpected assault. Ed removed his finger, took a soap block used the lather to lubricate his cock, soaping it from tip to base. He ran his soapy fingers around the dark and inviting hole. He then guided his cock so the head pushed against the sphincter, he started to apply pressure, her arsehole resisted for a few seconds then his slippery cock head penetrated her hole. The woman cried out, feeling the excitement mount he slowly pushed his cock further into her rectum, the woman cried out again.
“Scream bitch,” he said, his voice cold and without emotion. And withdrew so the tip of his cock was nearly out and then thrust it back in hard and fast. The black woman started to scream as his cock kept thrusting harder and harder into her already abused arsehole, she screamed out again in pain, pleading with Ed to stop the assault on her so sore arsehole.
Ed thrust faster in and out of her arse, the woman screaming with each thrust that buried his cock deep inside her rectum. He felt himself building to a climax, thrusting deep as he could get and with one mighty thrust his cum jetted out of his cock to fill her rectum he jerked several times each time trying to bury his cock deeper into the woman’s arse. He withdrew and let the woman collapse onto the floor of the shower room still sobbing. He washed his cock in the shower then pulling a shocked Eileen out from under the falling water went to dry off with the towel.
Eileen was learning to keep up with what was expected of her, the pain in her head now a distant memory, she couldn’t help but stare at the helpless crying black woman on the floor. She dried herself as quickly as she could, relieved that it was not her on the receiving end of the arse rape.
Once dressed Dabel led Eileen back towards his room, the white man was standing at the entrance to the showers, she saw the look of hatred he gave Dabel as he passed. Dabel was oblivious to it and gave no indication if he even saw the expression.
“Carter, have some fun if you want then get those two into holding with the others.”
Carter had seen the expression and hit the man in the stomach with the butt of his assault rifle, he doubled over and collapsed on the floor. Carter rolled him face down and cuffed his hands behind his back and cuffed his ankles. Happy he wasn’t going anywhere Carter lent the rifle against the wall and undid the trousers of his BDUs and advanced on the black woman his erect penis leading the way.
He rolled the woman onto her back spread her legs and knelt between them, she whimpered and screamed again as Carter thrust his cock into her sopping wet cunt.
“You slut you’re really getting off on this, scream for me.” He slapped her face hard, she cried out and screamed for him to stop. He slapped her again and again, the screaming rose in volume. Carter pounded her black cunt and started on her tits, sucking and then biting her nipples. Pumping his cock in and out until with one big thrust his cum exploded inside her at the same time grabbing her breasts squeezing hard until the jerking stopped.

Covex: Downport 0956 local

Ed Dabel sat in the makeshift headquarters for the Black Fox mercenaries, two of his troopers monitored the radios, communicating with those on guard and monitoring the Dominion radio traffic for anything that could threaten Black Fox. Eileen sat quietly next to Dabel, taking in everything that was going on around her. The peace was suddenly broken as Commander Safet and his entourage swept into the departure lounge. Ed rose from his chair and strode toward the Commander with his hand outstretched. Sarfet was a big man over six feet tall, broad shouldered, he seemed as wide as he was tall. He wore a dress military uniform decorated with dozens of medals. He took Ed’s proffered hand in his huge bear like one and shook it enthusiastically.
“Colonel Dabel, my very good friend,” his booming voice filled the large room. “I wish to thank you again, before you leave us. Your exemplary work in readying the forces of the Dominion for its historic date with destiny.”
“All in a day’s work Commander,” replied Ed, it was hard not to smile at the big man’s enthusiasm.
The Commander put his big arm around Ed’s shoulders and said. “Come walk with me.”
“How’s the clear up going?” asked Ed as they moved off together toward a quiet corner of the departure lounge.
“Good, very good, a few pockets of resistance, but they are being removed as we speak.” Sarfet lowered his voice and continued. “But, that’s not what I am here for. I need.” He paused. “A small favour.”
“If it’s in my power to help, I’ll do what I can.” Replied Ed carefully.
“I understand you are taking your prisoners back to Hell, to sell them to slavers?”
“Yes, Commander.”
The Commander smiled his most endearing smile. “I would like to add some; special prisoners for you to take,” he paused again then continued. “There was an errr, how do you put it, an unfortunate incident.”
Ed inwardly groaned, what now, he thought to himself.
“A group of Dominion troops were sent to detain the scientists working on that obelisk discovered out near the Winchester settlement.” Sarfet paused again. “Well to cut a long story short some of the scientists resisted the Dominion forces and there were a few deaths.” Sarfet shrugged his shoulders as if to say it couldn’t be helped.
Oh shit, thought Ed, out loud he said.
“They were working for the Solar Corporation, if I remember rightly,” the question was rhetorical and Sarfet just nodded his head and then added.
“You see the predicament I find myself in.” he pulled Ed closer and lowered his voice even more. “If the Solar Corporation find out I’m very much afraid the Dominion would find itself in a very difficult position, we need time to secure our position here.”
“Yes, I see your point, a couple of corporate assault carriers turning up in orbit might present you with a bit of a problem.”
Sarfet beamed. “You do understand, so it’s agreed then you take the ones that are left, sell them to whoever and I will get rid of their ship and we’ll tell the Solar Corporation that they left soon after the takeover. Just to sweeten the deal I’ve added thirty more women for you to sell,” Sarfet, winked and then dropped his arm from Ed’s shoulder and stepped back. “I wish you and your soldiers a very good journey home and I thank you once again for all your help,” his voice once again a loud enough for all to hear.
Ed had not agreed to anything, but knew he had no choice, Sarfet was not a man to say no too. Sarfet made a big show of shaking his hand and they walked back towards the makeshift ops room. Ed then confirmed his own suspicions as the entourage consisted of about twenty armed soldiers, no choice at all thought Ed.
With that the Commander and the entourage swept out of the departure lounge. Ed strolled back to the makeshift headquarters deep in thought, as Major D’Alwis entered the room and hurried over.
Ed indicated for Juan to follow him, then motioned for Eileen to come as well and walked back to his quarters, Eileen followed the pair into the room and sat on the cot next to Ed while Juan took the chair. Ed stared for a moment unseeing at the opposite wall.
“We seem to have been given some forty more prisoners,” D’Alwis started.
Ed looked up. “We have been right royally shafted!” The anger in his voice a palpable thing.
Eileen shivered, the anger within the man terrified her all over again. Then she had the most intense moment of déjà vu, but said nothing and studied face of Ed Dabel, there seemed to be something oddly familiar but she couldn’t say what it was.
Juan waited to see if Ed would explain further, he too hesitant at the anger. He had known his boss long enough to gauge his moods so remained quiet until Ed decided to speak.
“Those bastards,” Ed buried his face in his hands trying to think.
“Colonel,” Juan started, then when there was no response continued. ”Ed, what have they done?”
Ed looked up into the eyes of his long-time friend and said. “Some of those new prisoners are from the Solar Corporation’s archaeological team, the Dominion wants them to disappear and we are been setup to take the fall.”
“Ah,” said Juan, ”but, why not just kill them.”
“Because he wants to get rid of us as well, no lose ends,” said Ed. “Definitely no one around to contradict whatever story he concocts and sells to the SC: Where are they now?”
“The prisoners? Being secured with the rest: Why?”
“Juan, go and separate them from the prisoners we already have, and then make sure those from the SC are in there own room,” said Ed
“Ok,” said Juan getting up to leave.
“Also, have Narissa and Lau take a look at them, full body scans.”
“Will do, what are you thinking, what are they looking for?”
“I don’t know for sure, but tell them to look for anything unusual,” Ed said deep in thought. “When is the Misfit due in orbit?”
“Oh one twenty five, local,” he said and left to organise the scans.
Eileen studied the brooding man a bit longer, a dozen questions entered her mind that she was desperate to ask him, but didn’t have the courage to voice. Something about him triggered a hint of a memory, but the details wouldn’t come, just a nagging familiarity. Her resolved hardened and in a faint voice asked.
“Why did you come to Covex?” As soon as the words were out of her mouth she wished she’d said nothing. He didn’t appear to react at all, like he’d not heard her. Then he turned his gaze on her and she tried to shrink away from it.
“Because I’m looking for someone.”
“Who?” The word escaped her lips before she realised she had said it, and she flinched expecting the worse. But, he just stared at her, no anger in his eyes, something else, was it pity?
He said nothing his expression becoming unreadable, like a shutter had come down on a shop front so you could no longer see what was inside. He stood up and indicated she should do the same and left the small room that was his quarters.

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