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December 25, 2015, 05:47:07 AM

Offline Sparx

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read the following tales of violence, rape and non-consensual sex.  These stories feature the written depictions of sexual acts that could not happen in reality and may contain characters under the age of 18. These stories are fiction and no characters portrayed are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, stop reading now. No one is being hurt here, and this is pure fantasy.

For those who wish to continue, please enjoy.


Welcome to the sneak peek for the new project for the sci fi / fantasy boards I plan to work on. The idea behind Malignancy Shorts is to be really short, one post stories set in the Malignancy universe. I have a main trilogy planned, but as I write it if any little plot point strikes me as making a good little side story, this is where I will put it. To be honest, the first story I'm going to post might be the only one that makes it to submission, at this point I really don't know. If you read it and enjoy it, please leave a comment so I know if people are into this.

I also have to make special mention that this first story is starring our very own, very quiet and shy member Storm_Girl. Here you go baby, I hope you like this.

So without further ado, I present Crash Site.

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Offline Sparx

Crash Site

By Sparx

The fallen city stood next to the coast like a festering tumor, as if the pollution and excesses of human life had manifested themselves and taken root upon the surface of the Earth. The unnatural, alien infestation spread over the ground and corrupted anything it touched, writhing and pulsating. The ocean that spread out to the horizon was contaminated by that same infestation in a wide, hundred kilometer arc and it was worse each day. It was spreading inland as well. It had to be contained before it was completely unmanageable. Perhaps it already was.

A firing line of artillery stood several kilometers out from the city, surveillance drones in the air high above marked coordinates and fed targeting data to the troops and their massive weapons below. The drones hovered well away from the city proper, a cloud of sickening spores spread in the air and the density over the city proper made flight there nearly impossible. Anything moving in the air closer to the city would have to stay low, where the clouds of spores where much thinner.

Convoys of tanks and armored transport vehicles filled with national guardsmen and NATO troops stood idling, awaiting their cue. The infestation had reached the suburbs on the fringes of the sprawling port city, and so that’s where the fighting would start. The troops would move forward in a staggered firing line, pushing as deep into the heart of the city as they could, clearing the repulsive infestation as they went and handling some of the more kinetic alien elements. Not one of the soldiers on the ground knew where this thing had come from. Rumors were that it had seeped out of the ocean and began taking over. Cities all along the coastline had been overwhelmed and it was worsening every day.

The artillery boomed, sending massive incendiary shells arcing through the air. Nearly a minute would pass and the soldiers would feel the shells impact and detonate, far away over the rolling hills. It was time. They mounted up, tires and tank tracks spitting dirt and broken concrete as they tore down the roads and damaged freeways towards the front line.


Behind the artillery line, as the firing commenced, two helicopters lifted into the air and flew wide and low, making for the contaminated ocean. They followed the coastal waters towards the city. The water below looked toxic and sickly, broiling and steaming, like something you would see in a toxic dump in some apocalyptic splatter punk comic book. It was choking the life from the water, as it was doing on land as well.

The lead helicopter was a heavily armed gunship. Heavy automatic cannons and rocket pods bristled from weapon mounts on the aircraft’s nose and flanks. The transport chopper that trailed it did an admirable job of keeping up, the twin shadows flitting over the water and beaches below.

At a set coordinate, the helicopters veered inland, streaking between the crumbling buildings and staying low, always low. Looking back towards where they had taken off from, the pilots and passengers could see the blooming hellfire of the artillery strikes. High altitude aircraft that could easily stay above the spore clouds, were starting their bombing runs now just as the two helicopters crossed into the city. As long as the helicopters stayed on course they would be safe from the devastating friendly fire. If the frontal assault pushed through and achieved their objectives it would be a crucial step in the war that was just beginning. Combat data showed that was an unlikely case however, and the pilot of the transport helicopter had been briefed on that unsettling reality. She knew that the heavy bombardment was serving as a distraction; distraction for her and the highly trained Special Forces operators that she was flying into the heart of the hot zone.

The pilot wore a form fitting grey flight suit, like a set of tight coveralls, and a high tech flight helmet, her beautiful eyes covered by the formed glass screen. Those eyes flicked back and forth as she read data being projected onto the heads up display on the inside of that helmet glass. It gave her a distance to target read and a holographic waypoint and GPS plotted route, though she knew it by heart after studying the tactical maps for the operation. She snapped on the radio in her helmet and spoke into the mic poised in front of her lips.

“This is call sign Stormy on approach to target, come in tac-comm. Over.” She remained focussed on her flight path as she radioed operation headquarters with her situation report.

“This is tactical command, ETA on insertion point? Over.” The crisp voice came clearly through her headset.

“ETA two minutes. Going radio silent.” Stormy reported and clicked her radio transmission off. They didn’t know the full capabilities of the enemy by any measure, but preliminary intel was pointing to sensory assets far more sophisticated than thought possible by an organism that seemed to be purely organic, with no technology at its disposal. It could very well intercept radio transmissions and track their position, they simply didn’t know.

“Two minutes.” Stormy spoke into her mic again, after flicking the switch to activate the intercom for her passengers.  The pair of helicopters swerved between crumbling, infested skyscrapers before bursting into the open over a park. Stormy could see figures moving down there, too far and they were moving too fast to see clearly but she guessed they must be snatchers. They could even be trying to track the invading aircraft from the ground.

Thirty seconds later they were flying low over the far side of that park, the trees twisted up in the organic filthy that grew like a cancer and enveloped anything it touched. Stormy had never set foot on the growth herself, but she had heard stories. Intel suggested that it contained some kind of nervous response system to stimulus. It acted like a security system, snatcher packs would come slithering up from the depths of the city if any invader set foot on its slippery surface.

They were in an older part of the city now, farther South. Stormy made visual contact with the drop zone and veered towards it, the attack helicopter moving out wide to cover. The drop zone was a surprisingly intact parking garage, eight stories tall. As she brought her bird nearer, Stormy swooped up, next to the only taller building in the vicinity. It was an office building of some kind. She hovered next to the roof and gave the all clear hand signal to the passengers in the back.

A five person team of highly trained special forces operators, all women. Combat data was coming back proof positive that women made better soldiers in this war. The organism wanted them alive, and took almost any measure to achieve that. It was a sure weakness. Male combatants and civilians alike were slaughtered wholesale.

The sixth passenger was some kind of government agent. A stunningly beautiful Japanese woman, she was reportedly the only survivor to escape from the enemy. Her long black hair snapped in the wind wildly as she watched the team sniper unhook her harness and move to the open chopper doorway. Stormy’s bird had a door gunner on each side, and the sniper patted the one on the shoulder as she moved passed, leaping from the hovering aircraft to the building’s roof below. She turned and nodded to Stormy who pulled the craft quickly away and swooped down to the parking garage.

Snatchers were already coming up the structure’s stairs and onto the roof as the bird touched down, the gunner on that side cutting loose with his rotary barrel cannon. The sound of the gatling gun firing always made Stormy think of some glutinous monster belching long and loud, the chaotic snatchers being torn apart in the hellfire of lead and heat. Around the parking structure, Stormy could see a swarm forming, pouring out between the buildings. The attack chopper opened up, it’s huge cannon blasting into the seething mass of flesh and alien growth. Rockets speared to earth, a plume of grey blue smoke following them to fiery eruptions that devastated the oncoming horde. The special forces team and their VIP wasted not a moment, snapping from their harnesses and hopping down out of the helicopter on the clear side. The sniper high in her perch cracked off echoing shots, terminating snatchers as the climbed the side of the building, or burst out of the stairwells on the near side of the structure.

Once they were all clear, Stormy drew the stick back and rose into the air. She gained altitude and began a slow orbit of the landing zone, her gunners providing a withering barrage of cover fire. The combined raw power of the two helicopters, and the tactical gun work of the highly trained soldiers on the ground cleared a path off the top level of the structure. The attack helicopter held the waves of snatchers that struggled to pour into the vicinity at bay with its powerful weapons. Stormy even spotted some hulking Combat Forms in the chaos below. Strange pods where beginning to arc up from the ground and burst in the air, scattering dangerous spores. It was time to leave and Stormy pulled her nose towards her exit route, the GPS in her helmet display glowing.

As Stormy moved towards the exit lane between two buildings the attack helicopter took a direct hit from a spore pod. The pod hit hard, pushing through the fuselage of the bird as if in slow motion before it burst. The caustic spores ate at the helicopter instantaneously before the whole aircraft burst into flames. The concussive blast rocked Stormy’s bird and she screamed. She veered towards the exit, almost losing control and then she was safe between the buildings. She snapped her radio back on in a frenzy.

“Mayday, mayday!” Stormy tried to remain calm. “Escort bird down, I say again, call sign Archer is down!”

“Package delivered? Over.” Came the cold reply.

“Roger that!” Stormy was shouting into her mic, she could feel her heart beating hard in her chest.

“Copy that, proceed on exfil path. Over.” The radio clicked to silence.

Stormy used all her skills as a pilot, swinging through the narrow streets, high buildings on either side of her. Her rotor blades barely cleared the buildings in some places. She saw a huge fireball explosion not far ahead and knew she was nearing the front line. A couple more turns and she would be clear. She came around a building in a wide arc, coming to the narrowest street yet.

She was going to die. The though filled her mind as the looming hulk of a collapsed building came up before her. That insidious growth covered it, filled up, supported it and swelled up in the space between the buildings. Stormy yanked on the stick, rearing her bird up hard into the air. She was clearing the barrier but just barely. She squeezed her eyes shut as she pulled on the controls, her arms stretched to breaking. She waited for the sickening metal crunch her helicopter would make if it collided with that living wall of pulsating alien flesh and building debris.

She was clear. Her helicopter shot up and out of the buildings, arcing into the blue sky. Stormy let off the throttle as her heart settled back down out of her throat. She let out a huge breath and tried to turn as smoothly as possible towards the battle lines and relative safety.

A red indicator lit up in her helmet and an alarm chirped at her. She had broken the ceiling and entered the spore cloud. The cloud hung over the city, over the roof tops. It impeded any aircraft that tried to fly over the city proper and was the reason the two choppers had stayed so low in their approach. Down on the streets you would not even notice the spores in most places, but up here they clogged into her engines and swirled into the cockpit. Despite their breathing gear, the two door gunners starting choking and hacking. Stormy’s eyes were watering as she tried to find a safe place to descend to a safer altitude among the buildings. She was scanning the streets when she saw the anti-air spore pods arcing up towards her struggling bird.

The first and second pods missed, careening passed at breakneck speed. The third projectile clipped Stormy’s tail, shearing it off and sending the helicopter into a spin. The helicopter lost altitude quickly and bounced off the roof of a building, leaving metal scraps of the landing gear in its wake. Above the streets again, falling between the buildings, the crippled aircraft slammed into the side of a building, the bird’s lazy spiral pulling it free as it went into a tumble, losing forward momentum.

The helicopter slammed into the ground and the frontage of several small stores, decimating everything it touched until finally coming to a rest on its side. Stormy’s world went black.


Smoke and sparks wavered into view as Stormy opened her eyes. She had no idea how long she had been unconscious. She was hanging in her harness awkwardly and after letting her head clear for a moment, she reached for the clasp and snapped herself free. She lowered herself into an awkward crouch in the sideways cockpit and removed her helmet. There was a huge crack in it, through the glass screen and up into the armored casing. The helmet had probably saved her life. She shimmied through the pilot seats and into the back. She dropped through and landed in something wet.

The door gunner on the low side was crushed, his torn body spilling gore in the interior of the crashed helicopter. Stormy checked the other gunner and found that he was unconscious, but alive. She lifted herself up passed him and put her head out of the open door that was now on the top side of the fallen bird and scanned her surroundings. The street was empty but Stormy could hear the fighting not far away. A crowd of squirming forms was gathering down the street, moving this way. Snatchers were inbound.

Stormy dropped back into the helicopter and went to a wide case attached to the wall. Snapping it open, she pulled out a combat webbing harness and swung it over her shoulder. It was loaded with sub machine gun ammunition and a single grenade. She pulled it on over her flight suit and snapped the buckles tightly shut with satisfying clicks. She snatched a high tech sub machine gun from the case as well and loaded a clip, working the gun and clicking a round into the chamber. The gun had a strap and she slung it over her shoulder before climbing back up out of the helicopter to crouch on the door, outside in the light.

The trapped gunner woke, coughing up blood. “Ah fuck.” He groaned. Stormy reached in to help him, looking over her shoulder at the dozen or so approaching monstrosities.

“Can you move?” She shouted to him, drawing his attention. He looked around, somewhat dazed and analysed his situation before he looked at her. He looked back down at his harness and nodded. Reaching up painfully he snapped himself free, falling hard deeper into the crashed bird. The first snatcher was reaching the perimeter of the crash and Stormy took aim, cutting loose a short burst from her weapon. The shots took the creature in the torso and head, blasting it apart. It screeched an insane sound as it died and fell away, Stormy turning whip quick and reaching her hand back into the helicopter. The man grabbed her wrist and she hoisted with all her might as he scrambled out of the bird.

Another snatcher lunged at them. Stormy screamed as she was knocked away tumbling from the helicopter and the man fell back into its broken depths. The creature went after him, as did the next pair that reached the crash. Stormy was scrambling backwards as they tore him apart out of sight and she somehow got her feet under her and ran, away and through a broken storefront and into the closest building. She sprinted for the back, passed cash registers and fallen shelves. She looked over her shoulder as she burst through the door into the back storage area and saw the snatchers in close pursuit. She saw the exit sign in front of her, the door was hanging open and she could see the alley behind the store. She stopped, spinning a one-eighty and took a knee. She cut loose with her firearm as the first snatcher came through the swinging doors.

The creature had once been human, the parasitic organism inside the man’s body corrupting and twisting him into a nightmarish shell. Segmented appendages and razer teeth sprouted chaotically from the man’s grotesquely deformed body as he lurched towards her.

The burst of fire from Stormy’s gun cut the monster down, along with the pair that followed it. The magazine in her weapon ran dry and Stormy rose, ejecting the clip as she turned, hurrying for her exit. She reached to her webbing and snatched the grenade from its clasp. The safety pin popped free and Stormy dropped it in the doorway as she ran through.

Stormy’s sprint carried her to safety and four seconds later the grenade detonated, shattering the rear of that small store. Fishing a fresh magazine from her webbing harness, Stormy ran as fast as she could into the twisting maze of alleys that sprawled before her. The sounds of commotion and pursuit fell away behind her and she slowed. There didn’t seem to be as much of that sickening infection here clinging to the walls, and Stormy headed towards the light ahead.

The alley opened up to a chain link fence beyond which lay a sloping bank that led down to a dry canal. Peering out to her right, she knew she was closing in on the NATO front line. She estimated that she should be able to follow the canal directly over to where the fighting was, and her allies. She slung her weapon and climbed easily over the fence, staying as low as she could as she made her way down the bank and into the canal. The pulsating infestation was thicker here, lying in patches every few meters and Stormy was careful to avoid stepping on its glistening surface. Ahead, a series of overpasses cast shadow and gloom upon her route.

Stormy set off at a jog, moving through light and dark as she passed under the first underpass. The infestation was growing thicker, seeping out of grates and spilling over the concrete sides of the canal. Stormy had to zig zag to avoid it in places. Under the second overpass the distant sounds of battle dimmed briefly before she burst out into the light again, scanning her surroundings as she went.

The sky was seemingly overcast, but when Stormy looked up she knew that the muted light was caused by the spore cloud choking the air above the city. It was an oppressive feeling. She came to the third overpass and slowed to a walk, stopping just before crossing the boundary into shadow. The infestation was thick here, pulsating on the ground in lazy webs of unnatural organic flesh. The sides of the canal sloped up sharply at each side and were covered in a tangled mess of nightmarish growth back up to the dark recesses where the sloping concrete met the underside of the overpass bridge. Long stringy strands of the organic filth hung from the ceiling up above her and thick bulbous pods dangled heavily from those strands in places. Stormy considered going around, but she picked a clear path where she wouldn’t have to touch any of the organic growth and so took her first step into the shade.

She walked passed the first of the pods without incident, her breathing loud in her ears. Her eyes scanned the squirming growth but it was something she didn’t understand, she didn’t know what she was looking for. She watched for movement, for any shape that caught her eye as a possible threat. She looked up at the disgusting growths hanging above her, at the pods that dangled around her.

A sound almost like a kitten mewling reached her ears, from up within the darker shadows. Her eyes followed the infestation where it ran down the sloping concrete towards her, almost as if it had spilled and flowed before hardening. The sound came again. It was soft and weak, high pitched. It definitely was like a small animal or a child even, but it was wrong somehow. Something shifted amidst the sickening growth up in the dark, mostly hidden. It was big and Stormy raised her sub machine gun slowly towards it.

The dangling pod next to her head burst, showering Stormy in a fine mist. She gasped, startled and unwittingly inhaled the cloud of microscopic particles. It hit her instantly. She was dazed, her vision swimming as her body lost all sensation. It lasted only a few seconds. As clarity returned Stormy found that she had collapsed to the ground, her gun falling from her hands. She put a hand to her head, her vision blurry. She became acutely aware of something large coming down the sloping wall towards her, a hulking shape in the shadows.

As her vision cleared she turned her face up to look at the organism creeping down the wall towards her. It clung to the wall, its many segmented legs moving efficiently and in sync. Its thick, tapered carapace swept back over the soft body beneath, hunched low over those clicking alien appendages. It was rearing up as it neared her, the legs pulling back and exposing the thing’s underside. An array of shark black eyes fixated on her as she tried to regain her composure, eyes never leaving the slithering fiend as her hand groped blindly for her firearm. Quivering pockets on the organism’s underside erupted, spewing a tangled mess of thick squirming tendrils that snapped and twisted around Stormy as they hit her. She was knocked back, screaming as the tendrils frantically squirmed to bind her, twisting around her slender arms and waist. They snatched at her legs, tightening, pulling her in towards the monster. The thing was chittering as a trio of thick tendrils lashed at her neck, one twisting around her throat while the other two slithered into the neck of her flight suit and pushed inside.

Stormy ground her teeth, squealing and crying as she felt one of those tendrils push down the front of her flight suit, between her breasts and slither over her flat stomach. The length of it began to lash and flex, pulling away from her in calculated waves, breaking the zipper on her suit and tearing it open bit by bit. Another long tendril wrapped itself under her jawline, slithering up her cheek while the she squeezed her eyes shut and the second tendril inside her flight suit squirmed and wrapped itself around one of her perky breasts.

The tendrils where long and dark, they swelled and shrunk as they moved, twisting around her, securing their embrace. One of the things was slipping down the back of her suit now, leaving a slick trail down the middle of her back as the zipper in front broke and popped, the clasp inching down faster and faster as the tendrils tugged at her suit. The member down her back began to pull as the zipper opened, pulling the suit off her shoulders, exposing her breasts and the tendril assaulting her there. Her arms were pulled back in her sleeves as her jump suit was being torn away. She only wore panties under the flight suit.

A tendril slipped into her jumpsuit and slithered between her legs making Stormy yelp as it slithered over her flimsy panties and the soft pussy beneath. She tugged one of her arms free of the sleeve, grabbing at the tendril with a small hand, pulling on it.

“No!” She screamed as it pushed against her pussy tighter. One of her boots was pulled off and her legs were pulled out from under her. The tendrils dragged her part way up the wall, towards the creature as something large and hard began to emerge from the creature’s textured and bulbous underside.

It was some kind of beak, dripping slime as it slowly pushed towards her. Her crumpled flight suit was around her waist now, tendrils twisting around her arms and pulling them above her head as several more wrapped around the bunched up fabric of her flight suit and pulled it lower still, exposing her hips and delicate pink thong.

That insidious beak opened like a flower, the grotesque throat it protruded from swelling. Within, Stormy could see a strange bulging sack and a tangled nest of pale tentacles twisting around it protectively. They squirmed and wiggled, emerging slowly before Stormy’s wide, fearful eyes. The head of the first turned towards her and she screamed.

The shape was wrong but it was undoubtedly the tip of a phallic member. A small opening on the very tip quivered and contracted as the pale tentacle extended and moved slowly towards her. Behind the bulbous pale head, rows of fleshy ridges extended down the length of the shaft for perhaps six or seven inches. After that the tentacle was smooth and ghostly white.

A second, almost identical tentacle emerged after the first, quivering and shaking in an almost familiar, animalistic way. The creature made that same, pitiful sound that had baited Stormy into weakness as the pair of phallic tentacles wavered through the air towards her. They came at her inquisitively, swaying this way and that. One moved slowly towards her stomach as the other dipped lower, moving between her legs. It darted towards her, pressing its white tip against the fabric of her panties in a lightning quick move. Stormy snapped her legs shut, smooth thighs squeezing the impossible tentacle between her legs. It squirmed and struggled as tendrils twisted and twined around her legs as her flight suit was pulled down to her ankles.

The other tentacle touched her stomach gently as Stormy struggled, slithering up her body and between her breasts. A pair of tendrils wrapped around her tits, squeezing them together tightly around the thick white member. The tip of it poked out through the top of her cleavage and rested there, squirming gently between her tits.

Her legs were pried open, tendrils wrapping her thighs and calves, her flight suit now pulled free of her body except where it caught on the one combat boot she still wore, her other foot only clad in a sock. The tentacle between her tits snaked up in front of her and moved towards her face. Her legs were pried apart and lifted, held securely behind the knees as the pale member nuzzled her pussy through her panties. Her panties were soaked, from her own juices and from the monster’s slime, it was hard to tell. It pulled away slowly as manipulative tendrils began to tug at the flimsy straps of her thong. Stormy was squirming and screaming, clenching her teeth and turning her head with a whimper as the tentacle in front of her face moved towards her mouth, following her as her face turned away. The creature was making a strange noise, chirping at her as it tugged her panties away and that phallic head pressed against the bare, wet lips of her little pussy. It pressed and rubbed against her as one of the darker tendrils moved in and flicked at her vulnerable asshole with its slender tip. Stormy was cursing and squealing from behind pressed lips as she turned her head this way and that, trying to avoid the tentacle at her mouth, her dark hair a tangled mess.

The tentacle between her legs pressed against the opening of her pussy hard. Quivering and shaking the whole length of the tentacle, the head made a sick wet sound as it vibrated and pushed against her, finally forcing inside roughly. Stormy’s lungs filled with air as she gasped from the penetration. Her back arched in her living bonds as she felt the alien member plunge deep inside her. She screamed as she felt it fill her, her mouth open and the second tentacle slithered its way passed her lips and into the soft, wet confines of her mouth. Her arms were brought to her sides and held tightly as the thing began to fuck her mouth and pussy, bouncing her body there on the concrete. Those beady inhuman eyes drank in her body as her tits bounced and the tempo of the creature’s fucking increased. The tendrils holding her tightened as her body shook, the rough ridges on the member in her mouth scraping over her lips as the ones on the other tentacle sent crazy electric vibrations through her pussy.

The thing was in the back of her throat now, before pulling out until just the head rested in her mouth and then plunged again. That tendril between her buttocks was pressing and flicking against her sensitive anus as the thick, pale member drove into her wet pussy again and again.

Stormy felt the spasm traveling the length of the tentacle in her mouth moments before the creature came. Hot, thick fluid filled her mouth as the alien ejaculate burst from the creature’s member. It spurted from her mouth around the pale shaft as more kept being pumped into her mouth. She was forced to swallow and drink, her throat working as she took the beast’s load. It pulled free of her mouth, insidious cum dripping from her lips and tongue, and retreated back down between her tits as the tempo of the tentacle fucking her pussy increased. The tendril around her neck tightened, pulling her head up to look, forcing her to look into the depths of that creature’s insane beak, at the throbbing sack nestled within. She was forced to watch as the creature came a second time, the other tentacle bursting inside her pussy. She watched that bulbous sack twitch and contract as it pumped the alien sperm down the long, sinewy tentacle and into her body.

Cum was spilling from her pussy and the creature was still caught in the throes of its orgasm, its whole frame twitching and contracting. When it had spent its load, that second tentacle withdrew like the first but the beast was not donr with her. It twisted the tendrils tight and began to drag her up the canal wall, towards its nest. Recovering from the assault, Stormy began to struggle as she was pulled up, lifted into the air. She fought, prying at the tendrils as they twisted around and squeezed her tender tits, slithering over her ass and legs. One was squeezing her throat as she fought back, almost prying one loose as the creature lifted her and held her face close to one of those bulbous hanging pods. She looked at it in sudden realization just as it burst, blasting away her senses for a moment. When she came to, she was up high on the wall, the creature backing up slowly into its nest. It pulled her close, turning her in the air to face it, pulling her into its beak and pressing her chest and face and tits against that sickening sack as the pale tentacles emerged once more and slithered down the length of her body. The dark tendrils where pulling at her buttocks, spreading her ass as one of the pale tentacles pressed its tip against that impossibly tight ring of her anus. It was quivering and vibrating as Stormy screamed from the pressure.

“God no please.” She pleaded but the alien creature had no remorse as it pressed harder into her ass. Stormy let out an unbelievable sound, almost a sigh, a sound she had never heard herself make as the alien tentacle finally forced up into her tight ass. Her body was shaking as it pressed deeper, released pressure and forced deeper still. The second tentacle speared her abused pussy without mercy, easily penetrating the wet and slippery lips. They filled her, she couldn’t stand it, her eyes rolling back as they began pumping her and she could feel the swell of the tentacles pressing together through the walls of the inside of her body, forcing in harder and harder. Her tongue was lolling out of her mouth when one more of those hanging pods burst in her face. She was plunged into nothing once more, the only sensation left of her being was the two hard tentacles thrusting inside her body.

As her clarity returned she heard her own voice screaming. She was being slammed, pressed hard into that creature’s beak, pressed tight against that disgusting sack as it began to quiver and pulse, the pulses travelling down the length of each tentacle and into her body as the creature came again, filling her tight holes with thick sticky sperm.

When it was finished, the pale tentacles pulled out of her and began to slither and caress her soft, smooth body, the creature retreating further into its disgusting nest as the dark tendrils held her out, high over the concrete below. She dangled there, naked and upside down, exposed.  Those things were all over her body as the blood rushed to her head, her long hair hanging below her.

She could hear the approaching snatcher packs now. Knew the swarms were coming. Coming to drag her into the depths of the city and to whatever horrors awaited her. It was only a matter of time.

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Hey Sparx ^^

Honestly that was one of the hottest stories I've ever read and hit right on the spot especially with the character.

Btw I pm in FFF you but not sure if u received it.

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Two thumbs up Sparx! Awesome!