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March 04, 2015, 12:44:23 PM

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Anyone else would have stalked her in the shadows.  I don't see the need.  In the bright noonday sun, I watched her enjoying her lunch with her co-workers, listened as the bitched and moaned about their lives, smiled as they shared assorted dirty little secrets about their boyfriends, and even accompanied my choice back to her office.

Quietly I watched her sit at her desk, go about her mundane job, and when she thought no one was watching, adjust her bra.  From my position, I could admire her full thighs, shapely ass, and natural breasts as much as I wanted.  Even though I could have easily reached out and grabbed her at any time, I fought the temptation.  Now was not the time.

Quitting time came and unobserved by her or the bevy of females who worked in her building, I strolled leisurely behind her, admiring the sway of her bottom as she strutted her sensuality down the street.  Instead of going straight home, she walked into a downtown apartment store and shopped in a relaxed fashion in the ladies lingerie section.  As she picked up various frilly things, I caught myself nodding or shaking my head as if I was the one approving her purchases.  But she couldn't see me.

After purchasing a rather striking black teddy, she left the store, purchased a sandwich from a nearby vender, and walked through the darkening streets to her apartment.  Still unseen by her, I followed her up the aged stairways, careful not to make any noise lest I betray my presence.  I could smell her perfume. My cock was hardening with the idea of getting my hands upon her.  Fumbling with her keys, still unaware of my presence, I moved closer. 

At first I thought she had detected me.  She glanced nervously up and down the hall, but she couldn't see me.  "Silly," she laughed.  Opening her door and wrestling with her recent purchases, I had plenty of time to enter her apartment undetected.  As she walked through the house, kicking off her shoes, I looked around.  It was a typical single girl's apartment.  There were pictures of friends, family, and a few personal decorations tastefully hung through the apartment.  Her living room opened into a small kitchen and another door led to her bedroom.  Standing there at the entrance of her bedroom, I inhaled deeply.  I love the scent of a woman. 

Unknown to her, I observed her eat her sandwich and check her email on her laptop.  From my position, I could even read her messages that she sent to friends.  With a smile, I watched as she opened a porn site.  For the next half hour, she watched a couple of women on women videos and even a woman being forcefully fucked by a well hung black man.  During this time I observed her right hand slowly slide her skirt up and manipulate her clit through her panties. 

I fought the temptation to reach out and take her at that time, because this was the best show in town.  Her hand moved deftly and soon her mouth was open ecstasy as she brought her self to silent orgasm.  She quaked in her office chair as she pleasured herself over and over.  Finally, enough was enough.  She stood, began unbuttoning her blouse, and walked into the bedroom.  Unseen by her beautiful eyes, I observed her remove her clothing, drop it neatly into her hamper, and make her way into her bathroom.  The only way I could describe her was "magnificent."

Hearing the water turn on, I observed her adjusting the temperature of the shower.  As she stepped in, I moved a little closer to admire her form through the opaque shower curtain.  I wanted her.  I could feel the mania possessing me.

As she showered slowly, I could hear her singing to herself.  For some reason, that made her even more desirable.  Moving quickly, I soon obtained pieces of her clothing, arranged them on the bed to be used as restraints, and waited patiently for her to finish washing her beautiful body.

I could smell the sweetness of her shampoo as she rinsed herself.  Soon the water stopped and she began reaching through the curtain to dry herself with the towel.  Unnoticed by her, I enjoyed seeing her breasts sway back and forth as she endeavored to dry herself completely.  Wrapping herself in her towel, she entered her bedroom to prepare for bed.  It was then that I struck.

Covering her mouth with my hand, I pulled her struggling form close, "Don't scream or you'll regret it."

Terrified she began to squeal.  In expert fashion, my arm encircled her neck and cut off her air supply.  Her struggling ceased and she lapsed into merciful unconsciousness.  Before permanent harm could be done, I released my hold, shoved a gag made from her panties worn that day and an old bra.  Using rags of torn clothing and discarded panty hose, she was soon helplessly restrained.  Her soft arms and legs tied wide apart.  Her body was open to my every whim.

"Mmmmph," she moaned through the gag.  She awakened to find herself tied helplessly on her own bed.

"Maybe you would like some music," I said softly.  My voice caused her to struggle even harder against her bonds.  Reaching over to her radio, I turned it on and select some romantic music for us.  "Just setting the mood," I chuckled.

I reached out my hand and touched her ankle.  It was so soft.  Hearing her cries of protest, I allowed my hand to travel higher, up her inner thigh, to feel her soft pussy.  It wasn't shaved, but it was trimmed quite closely.  Stretching out on the bed next to her brought about a fresh burst of struggles.  Her screams muffled by the gag were quite entertaining to me.  She stiffened as I began to caress and squeeze her full breasts.  As my lips moved over her full nipples, she stiffened in terror.

"How many guys have you entertained up here," I whispered in her ear.  "Can't answer, dear?  That's okay.  I guarantee you'll remember me the rest of your life."

Tears were rolling down her cheeks.  On a moments whim, I stretched my body on top of her, allowing her warm flesh to tantalize my own form.  I gently licked on of her tears and could feel real terror as I whispered in her ear, "You taste delicious."

My cock was demanding satisfaction.  Fully erect I began to slide it across the lips of her pussy.  Her voice rose in protest, but she could do nothing to stop it.  After a few minutes of caressing each curve and teasing her pussy, her own juices began to welcome me despite her desire to fight.  Slowly, deliciously, I guided the engorged head of my cock into her welcoming cunt.  Even though she thrashed in vain, I continued and soon I was balls deep in the beauty I had observed all day.

"I've been watching you," I whispered as I continued long slow thrusts deep inside her.  "I watched you spread your legs all day at work.  You know the men who work there watch, don't you?  They want to do what I'm doing right now."

Her crying intensified as I ravaged her.  "You shake your sweet ass up and down the street.  Think of all the men who have watched you walk by and thought of nothing else but getting deep into this sweet pussy of yours.  Tonight I'm fucking you for all the men you've ever teased."

Her breasts swayed madly as I pounded myself into her.  I could feel my sweat running off my body onto hers.  Her crying had stopped as if she'd resigned herself to her fate.  Reaching behind her, I cupped her sweet ass in my hands and began moving rapidly.  "Maybe I'll put a baby inside you.  How would you like to have your rapist's baby?"

She shook her head in protest.  But I wasn't there to please her.  I was there to satisfy myself.  With a particularly hard thrust and loud grunt I emptied myself inside her.  I could feel myself spurt over and over.  I could even feel her pulse through the head of my cock.  This was a magic moment.

Stretched out beside her, I whispered in her ear, "Do you know how many other things I could do to you?"  Muffled weeping was all that I heard from her.  "Remember something, lover.  I can come back anytime I want, and we can do this all over again.  Maybe I'll even tap that ass of yours."

I rose to leave.  Looking back, I admired her naked form still bound helplessly to her bed.  "Yes, I'm just liable to come back some time.  There's nothing you can do to stop me.  Don't worry about getting loose.  I'll leave your front door standing wide open.  I'm sure one of your neighbors will come in and check on you."

Laughing, I left her there.  The streets were dark by the time I left her building.  The night air was quite cool, and I walked quickly through the streets.  Finally arriving at my own apartment, I pushed the correct combination of numbers on my lock and walked inside.  The lab was just as I'd left it.  The machinery humming, ready to be used.  With a smile I looked into the mirror and noted with satisfaction that there was no reflection looking back at me.  Entering the warm booth, I pushed the button and soon the warm rays bathed my naked body.  After what seemed to be the longest time, the readings showed that my body had indeed regained full visibility. 

Some day I might share my invention with the rest of the world, but for now, it's my own toy.  Seeing my face greeting me in the mirror I laughed and said, "I haven't seen you all day."

Wrapped in my robe, I sat at my desk and recorded in my scientific journal:

"Each time I use the invisibility booth, it seems to take longer and longer for me to regain visibility.  Can it be that one day it will be unable to restore me?  I guess I will find out.  But there are much worse things that being totally invisible."

March 04, 2015, 05:25:32 PM
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OMG that is so hot!!!!!!!

March 04, 2015, 09:35:14 PM
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I have to agree . . .very hot indeed!

March 05, 2015, 01:06:07 AM
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The invisible man!!!  I knew there was a classic monster I forgot in my tale The Bride.  I'm glad you used him so elegantly here.  Thanks for posting and nice job.

March 07, 2015, 11:04:25 AM
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The rape scene from "Hollow Man" has always been a favorite of mine and this story reminds me a lot of it. Great story and excellent premise.

July 22, 2016, 01:36:49 PM
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The invisible man by H.G. Wells was a story I enjoyed reading during my school time. It's fun seeing someone who wants to embrace such an interesting gift instead of be plagued with anger and regret over it and well...not killed by an angry mob hahaha