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March 18, 2015, 12:25:48 AM
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Love love love this story, more please, i beg of you.

March 18, 2015, 03:54:41 AM
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Love love love this story, more please, i beg of you.
I'm working on more atm.

March 29, 2015, 04:44:06 PM
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!!!!!!!! I gotta know what happens !!!!!

March 29, 2015, 07:39:56 PM
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This is a really great story . . .I'm ready for some more too!

March 29, 2015, 09:40:15 PM
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Yes yes, people LOL! I'm working on it! I know I said that a while ago, but truly, I am!

March 30, 2015, 08:55:02 PM
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Seeing is believing vile.  Oh crap, I just realized when he posts, then I'm up.......

June 20, 2015, 12:19:45 AM
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It's been a long time everybody! TOO LONG! But I am getting more of the story done and finally I have some to post. There will be much more coming very soon. I apologize for the wait. I hope I can make it up to you all.

Cliff woke up, a soft female body pressed against him. Slowly, his memory returned to him from the night before. The dull ache between his legs also helped him remember.

  He recalled the awesome fuck he’d had with Marva, the Valerian warrior princess. Then Hanna leading him by the hand to her sleeping mat, where both she and Ursa had pleasured him. Cliff smiled to himself, replaying the scene in his mind where he had watched the golden-haired Hanna and the exquisitely gorgeous Ursa, both licking and sucking on his balls and cock at the same time. Their tongues had felt like soft silk on his shaft.

  Later, after he had finished with the two beauties, Cliff had zonked out on a sleeping mat beside Marva. He slept….for a few hours. Then he had felt a soft hand in the darkness, slowly squeezing his ball sack and massaging him back to hardness. When he looked up, he had seen it was the blonde goddess, Calista!.
  Once again, Cliff had received a truly memorable fuck. And afterwards, the two of them had collapsed in each other’s arms, which was where Cliff found himself now.
     Earlier, the day before, Cliff had checked out Calista pretty good. Of all the  Valerians, Calista looked to be the youngest. AND one of the absolute prettiest, not that any of the rest were slouches in the looks department either. But Calista had such, a fresh, innocent look about her. Had she lived in Cliff’s world, she’d more likely be a high school cheerleader than a hardened warrior.
And what a body! In the dim light of the cave, Cliff admired her tight curves. Her flat tummy as hard as a slab of granite and her spectacular breasts, the round globes of flesh jutting from her chest.
   Cliff felt a stirring between his legs and realized he had morning wood. Morning wood like he couldn’t remember having in years. He slowly rolled Calista on her back. She barely stirred as Cliff pushed her thighs apart and mounted her. His thick purple helmet parted her soft pussy lips and Cliff let out a low groan as he slipped inside her.
   Calista awoke as Cliff bucked his hips, driving in deeper. Calista involuntarily arched her back  and she wrapped her silky thighs around Cliff’s waist. As her exquisitely tight cunt squeezed and milked his cock, he thrust powerfully into her. Cliff realized she might look young and innocent, but this girl was ALL woman! He had banged four of the women the previous night, but Cliff found a reserve of energy he hadn’t had since he was a young buck in his 20s.
  This Idyllica place was one fucked-up world, in his view anyway, but there was something in the air that made him feel so…..young! And as he plowed the incredibly beautiful, young woman, he swore to God, his cock even felt harder.

Cliff could feel himself building to a powerful orgasm. Geez! After all the times he had cum the night before, he figured his balls would be worn out by now.
 Calista was also approaching that point as she arched her back and thrust her toned hips up to meet Cliff’s solid thrusts.

“Yesssss……yessssss…..Cliff…..ohhhhhhh……fuck me!”

Ursa came running into the cave. She was panting heavily, looking like she had just run a mile.

“Trolls! Coming up the valley! Two of them!” She yelled excitedly.

Marva was on her feet in seconds, throwing on her clothes.

“Everybody to their positions! Cliff! Calista! Enough rutting! We have trolls to kill!”

Calista jumped up, pushing Cliff away. “I am sorry, Cliff-man. But we must go.”
She leaned in and whispered in his ear. “If we have a successful hunt, tonight I shall give your rod such a riding as it will never forget!”

Cliff lay back on the sleeping mat, his erection slowly softening.
Damn trolls! he thought as he also quickly threw on his clothes and grabbed his rifle.

  The other Valerians had already been awake and preparing their morning breakfast. Cliff realized, with a twinge of modesty, they had likely been watching him fuck Calista. These women blew him away with their seemingly casual attitude about having sex with other people around.

  Cliff wasn’t used to it. But to these warrior-women, it was like the most normal and natural thing. He really wanted to visit this Valeria place and see how they lived.

Marva was barking out orders. “Calista, Hanna and Ursa, take up positions on the east side. Thea, Alexa, and Audra, go to the west side. Await my orders! Cliff, you stay with me. My warriors will distract them with their arrows, while I deliver the death blows to these creatures.”

They made their way down the slope outside the cave. The other women disappeared, melting into the underbrush, as they went to take up positions on either side of the steep wooded valley. Marva and Cliff concealed themselves behind a clump of large boulders where they could observe the trail where the trolls would be very soon passing by.

It wasn’t long before they could hear the trolls, walking down the trail. Their heavy feet could be heard, crushing and snapping branches. Trolls didn’t have many natural enemies in Idyllica, and stealth and subtlety were not something they had to worry about. Trolls never cared how noisy they were, walking through the forests.

Marva raised her left hand and as the trolls entered the clearing in front of the cave, she brought her hand down. Cliff could not see the Valerians hiding in the trees, but immediately, the foul beasts were surrounded in a volley of arrows, raining down on them from both sides of the trail.
  Some arrows penetrated soft spots in the trolls’ skin, but it wasn’t enough to really injure them. It was more annoying to them than anything. Like mosquito bites.

  The trolls roared and bellowed, swatting at the arrows and whipping their heads around to find the source of the projectiles. Marva saw her opportunity.
Running  hard across the short open space between the boulders and the trolls, Marva launched herself in the air, to land on the back of one of the trolls, its hide a dull brownish-green hue. It spun around, trying to bat at Marva. Its roars of anger echoed through the trees.

  The other troll was searching for the archers in the trees, dozens of arrows stuck in it’s tough, leathery hide. It roared in anger, smashing trees with its powerful fists.

On the back of the troll, Marva clamped her muscular thighs around its neck as she hung on tightly. She whipped out her sword and plunged it into the skull of the troll just behind his left ear. He yowled in pain and tried to reach around to pluck Marva off his back. She pulled the sword out and a fountain of purplish-green blood shot out from the wound in the troll's neck. The troll lurched and Marva lost her hold. She tumbled to the ground.
As the troll spotted her, he tried to stomp on her with one of his big feet. She quickly rolled out of his way, but the troll was still coming at her. Now Marva was in trouble, she could not make it back to the safety of the boulders in time. The other warriors fired arrows at the troll, trying to draw it away from Marva, but to no use.
 Cliff could not sit still any longer. 
“I’ll deal with this sonuvabitch!” Cliff growled under his breath as he hoisted his rifle to his shoulder, flipping off the safety. The troll’s head loomed large, filling the entire viewfinder on his rifle scope. Cliff zeroed in on the troll’s left eye.

He heard Marva’s scream as the troll reached down to grab her. His finger pulled the trigger and the rifle boomed. It sounded like thunder in the narrow confines of the ravine. Cliff saw the bullet strike home in the center of the troll’s eye.

There was a spray of greenish-blood and tissue, as the troll’s eye exploded, the high-velocity projectile continuing on, to embed itself in the brain of the creature. The troll roared in pain and agony, its head slamming back. Cliff already had another round chambered and was lifting the rifle to his shoulder again, when the troll fell backwards onto the ground.

It laid there, twitching in its death throes. Within a few more seconds, it ceased moving at all.

Cliff pumped his fist. “Yes! Fuck you!” he yelled.

The other troll looked on, mortified as it watched its partner dying. It let out a high keening wail and swung a big fist, crashing against a tree trunk.

Marva came running breathlessly back to the boulders.

"We have made a grave error!" she yelled, trying to catch her breath. "The troll we just killed was the other's mate! It is a female!"

"That's good, isn't it?" Cliff asked. "You don't want the sonuvabitches breeding, do you?"

"Trolls mate for life," Marva replied. "If you kill the mate, the other one goes berserk. We have to get out of here!"

They both looked up as they heard frenzied screams coming from the woods where the other Valerian warriors were hiding. The troll had ripped a small tree out of the ground and was using it like a club, swinging it at the other trees, mowing everything down in its path. The warriors were frantically trying to get out of its way.

Marva and Cliff watched in horror as the tree that Audra was in was struck by the troll. She fell nearly thirty feet from her perch and hit the ground hard, the air knocked out of her. She tried to stand up, wobbling unsteadily as the large troll lunged at her. The troll struck Audra with the back of its meaty hand, and she flew backwards nearly ten feet, slamming against a tree trunk and instantly slumping to the ground. She laid on the ground motionless.

"Audra!" Hanna screamed.

She launched herself out of the tree she was in, her sword drawn. She tried to land on the back of the troll, but it sidestepped her. Hanna bounced off the troll's heavy shoulder and landed on the ground. She rolled and jumped up, her sword ready for action.

The troll looked at her for a moment and paused. Then he bent down and swept her up with one hand.

"Let go of me, you foul beast!" she cried.

She tried to hack at its hand with her sword, but the troll knocked the weapon from her hands. The other warriors fired arrows at it.

"NO! STOP!" yelled Marva. "You'll hit Hanna!"

With the beautiful blonde warrior clenched firmly in its fist, the troll took off down the ravine, moving remarkably fast for it size. Hanna's screams echoed through the trees.

Marva and Cliff came running out from behind the boulders. The other warriors were making their way back into the clearing.

"That monster has Hanna!" Thea sobbed.

"She is doomed!" said Ursa. "He terrible, terrible things to her! He will kill her!"

Marva held her hand up to silence her warriors. "Quiet! We will not allow Hanna to die at the hands of that creature. We will follow it to its lair and rescue her."

"Are you sure that's very smart?" Cliff asked incredulously. "That troll kicked your ass already!"

Marva flashed him a look of anger. "I saw what happened to my sister at the hands of trolls! I am not letting Hanna suffer like that!"

"How will you find its lair?"

"It's not hard," Calista spoke up. "Trolls don't hide their tracks very well. And once we get close, we'll know by the stench!"

Alexa and Thea had went to attend to Audra. She was hurt badly and drifting in and out of consciousness. She had an ugly, deep wound on the back of her head and one of her arms was at a weird angle, obviously broken.

"Audra is in very grave condition," Alexa told Marva.

"Alexa, you are the healer, you and Thea take Audra back to the cavern. Tend to her there and wait for our return," Marva ordered. "I will take Ursa and Calista to rescue Hanna. Cliff, you will come too. We can make use of your weapon."

"Isn't it going to be kinda dangerous going into this troll's cave?" Cliff asked.

"I would rather die attempting to save one of my warriors than to leave her to an unspeakable fate," Marva snapped.

"Well then, let's go," said Cliff. "Time is a-wasting!"

"But-but your highness," Alexa protested. "What if you don't come back?"

"Then you shall return to Valeria without me. Tell Queen Prada.....I died an honorable death."

Marva hugged the warriors staying behind with the wounded Audra. Then with Cliff, Ursa and Calista, the four of them headed down the trail in pursuit of the troll and Hanna.

As they made their way through the woods, they had no trouble following the troll's trail. Broken and bent branches and trodden-down grass made it easy to track him. But as they travelled higher up onto the side of the mountain, the trees disappeared and the foursome found themselves on a barren, rocky slope. Just ahead, they could make out the large form of the troll picking his way up the slope towards a cavern at the base of a sheer cliff.

They tried to move faster but the path was treacherous. A steep rocky slope on their left side and a dangerous drop of several hundred feet into a wooded river gorge on their right. A misplaced step could be disastrous.

"We must hurry!" Marva urged. "We must try to stop him before he gets to the cavern!"

"I can try a shot from here," said Cliff. "It can't be more than 700 or 800 yards. Well within range."

"Yes," said Marva. "But can you get a killing shot from this far away?"

"Hey, I've brought down deer and elk from this distance no problem. Maybe I can't kill him, but I'll slow the sonuvabitch down and give us time to get closer."

Ursa and Calista had already began running ahead, trying to get within distance to fire their arrows at him. Ursa fired an arrow, watching it clatter off the rocks only a few yards to the troll's left. It turned around and roared. They could see the creature holding Hanna with one arm around her. With his free hand, he picked up a boulder that five strong men together would have struggled to move. Cliff was awed with the brute strength of these things.

With a loud grunt, the troll heaved the boulder at the slope above the trail. It landed amongst the scree high up on the slope. It began to roll back down, and bringing more rocks with it.

"Oh shit!" Cliff yelled. "The bastard started a rockslide! And it's headed straight for us!"

The ground rumbled and shook as the rockslide gained momentum, bearing down on the hapless people on the trail. Cliff and Marva realized they were trapped. Not only that, but Ursa and Calista were too far ahead. The rockslide was going to cut them off and they would be trapped on the troll's side.
 As the air filled with dust and the deafening sound of the rocks rolling down the slope, Cliff and Marva began to desperately run back towards the shelter of the treebelt. Cliff looked over his shoulder. There was no damn way they'd make it! This was it , he figured. This is how it's all gonna end!

  Looking ahead, he spotted what looked like a small outcropping near the trail. Yes! If he and Marva could make it, they could hide underneath it and it would hopefully give them shelter from the torrent of rocks csacading down the mountain.

"There! Get to that outcrop!" Cliff yelled to Marva. He could barely hear himself over the roar, The rocks were nearly on top of them and the dust made it hard to breathe.

She nodded and began running harder in front of Cliff. Two large rocks zipped past Cliff heads as the rockslide crashed down onto the trail. He gave Marva a hard shove from behind. The last thing he remembered seeing, was the warrior woman hitting the ground and rolling under the shelter of the outcrop.

Something hard struck Cliff just behind his left shoulder. He heard Marva scream. A wave of sharp pain ripped through his body. Cliff vaguely recalled the sensation of falling. This is it, he thought. I've been knocked off the trail and I'm plummeting to my death. Then everything went black.

Cliff opened his eyes slowly. He was in intense pain and he couldn't move his body. Somewhere he could hear the soothing sound of a small waterfall and the gurgling sound of water flowing.

"Lie still, you are badly hurt."

It was the sweetest, most sensuous voice Cliff had ever heard. He felt the soft touch of a woman's hand on his forehead. Well, what he assumed was a woman anyway. You never knew around this place. He tried to reach up to grab the hand but his arm wouldn't function.

"Lie still!"

The source of the beautiful voice came into Cliff's view. It was a woman, well kind of a woman. Her facial features and auburn hair immediately reminded him of Jaelynn, but she was taller, and much more grown-up looking. She appeared to be in her mid-20s but he knew age could be very deceptive in Idyllica.

 Cliff realized she was one of the most spectacular looking females he had ever laid eyes on. She was totally naked except for some sort of belt around her waist with a small pouch attached to it. It looked like it was weaved out of leaves or grass or something. Like a fairy, this woman had wings on her back too. He admired the subtle curves of her body, her exquisitely tanned skin that almost sparkled. Her perfectly toned arms and legs.

She looked down at him and smiled.

"Wh-who are you?" he asked, his voice a strained whisper. "What are you?"

 His throat was dry and he was very thirsty. She held up a small wooden flask to his dry lips and he drank from it. The cool water was very refreshing.

"My name is Nyx. I am a wood nymph. And your name is Cliff."

How the hell did she know that? he wondered.

"I found you by the banks of the river. You had fallen. Your shoulder is hurt very badly."

"Wha-what the.....what the hell?" Cliff muttered. "What is a ny-nymph?"

"We are guardians of the trees and plants and water," Nyx explained.

"Y-you look like....fairies," Cliff said. He was weak and it was a struggle to talk.

"We are similar to fairies," said Nyx, giving Cliff another sip of water. "But our powers are greater. Except for your friend, Jaelynn. She is a me. That is rare for a fairy.....but not uncommom. She must develop her powers carefully."

Cliff tried to sit up, as soon as he heard Nyx mention Jaelynn. Another stab of pain made him cry out and he fell back again.
"You-you know her? How? must help me save her!"

"I do not know her," said Nyx. "But I know of her. You think of have feelings for her."

Cliff began to clue in. This....this creature, could obviously read his mind. He wondered what else she could read in there. If his mind was a novel, it would be a pretty nasty one.

"Wh-where is Marva? And-and the others?"

"Marva is fine. She survived the rockfall. The other women are alive too."

Cliff tried to look around him. He had originally thought he was in a cavern but as he surveyed his surroundings, he realized it wasn't a cavern. The trees around him were extremely tall, well over two hundred feet. They grew together to form a dense canopy overhead. A small river and waterfall were nearby. It seemed like the place was bathed in sunlight, but the more Cliff looked, the more he realized, the light was coming from the trunks of the trees.
  The trunks and branches and leaves seemed to be luminescent and bright, relaxing light seemed to exude from them, illuminating everything. Cliff laid back on his bed and a feeling washed over him. A feeling of peace and relaxation the likes of which he had never felt in his life. He also suddenly realized he was naked!

"Hey.....wh-where are clothes?"

The wood nymph giggled. "Oh, you have no need of such garments. They impede the healing process."

Cliff saw Nyx holding a small wooden bowl of some kind of green, weird-smelling mush.

"Lie still, Cliff-man. I must apply this poultice made from the leaves of the averia tree."

From the luminescent appearance of the mush, Cliff figured she must be referring to the large trees surrounding them. They must hold some kind of healing power.

Indeed, as she daubed the poultice onto the skin of his wounded shoulder, Cliff could almost instantaneously feel an intense tingling sensation. As though the poultice was penetrating deep into his skin, into his body. Cliff noticed something else too. As the very attractive wood nymph knelt close to him, his cock grew hard.

 Well, obviously he wasn't injured enough to still get a woody!  Cliff smirked to himself. He twitched suddenly as Nyx wrapped an incredibly warm and soft hand around him.

"Mmmmm, a very agressive male. An alpha of your species, obviously. Even when injured, your reproductive instincts are active. You see a female and you must dominate her, even as your body is unable to function properly."

Cliff couldn't help but think, the way this strange woman spoke to him was extremely arousing. As he closed his eyes and enjoyed the slow, sensuous stroking of his cock, he heard a soft voice in his head. Distant, but very clear. It was like someone else was talking inside his head.

"Relax, Cliff-man. In time, I will allow you inside me."

The extreme soothing effects of the healing poultice were making Cliff very drowsy and eventually he drifted off into a deep sleep.

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I had SUCH a bad night and you just swooped in and made everything better :) I absolutely love this.

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Thank you Nyx. More action is on the way with Nyx and Cliff. Glad you're liking my wood nymph character.

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Yay!  So glad to see more of this story!