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Chapter 14:

Jaelynn was very concerned about the possibility she could be carrying a youngling. It shouldn’t be happening! She wasn’t even half old enough to bear offspring. A thought crept across her mind, maybe it was different when fairies procreated with humans!
  In Idyllica, a male fairy’s seed juice wasn’t even fertile until they turned 500. A female fairy could do all the coupling she wanted to until she turned that age. She would never become pregnant.

 Jaelynn wondered what she would do. Her parents would be furious with her, they would disown her! IF she ever saw her parents again!

She realized she was becoming rather attached to the Cliff. He was not really a good-looking man, he had too much hair on his face and body and his breath sometimes stank like rotten food. But Jaelynn liked his rod and how he used it. He made her feel so good inside.

Cliff rolled over in bed and saw Jaelynn sitting crosslegged in his chair. She looked like she was deep in thought. Cliff felt his cock stir as he admired the nubile curves of the tiny fairy.

“What’s the matter, Jaelynn?” he asked.

 She could not tell him her problem right now. In fact she didn’t WANT to tell him. Would he get mad at her? Jaelynn didn’t know. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled at the Cliff.

“I-I’m okay, just dreaming,” she said in her tiny voice.

She padded over to the bed and climbed in with Cliff. Immediately she could tell his rod was hard. She pulled the blankets back. Cliff looked on with wonder and let out a loud sigh of intense pleasure as he felt Jaelynn close her warm mouth around his turgid pole. Her wings came out and her body began to rise, her lips still wrapped tightly around Cliff.

“Oh God, I am in heaven!” he muttered to himself as he watched Jaelynn do her magic.

A little while later, Cliff, totally sated, his balls actually aching from cumming so hard, climbed out of bed. Jaelynn climbed out with him.

He prepared a breakfast of porridge, scrambled eggs, strips of fried elk meat and some fried potatoes and onions. Jaelynn ate heartily.

Cliff looked out the window. It was a bright, frosty morning, sunlight glinting off the snow outside the cabin.

“It’s a good morning to go hunting, Jaelynn,” he said.

“Hunting?” she asked.

“Yes, hunting. I have to find some meat for us. Supplies are getting low.”

It repulsed Jaelynn to think that Cliff was going out to kill innocent animals, but at the same time, she salivated at the thought of fresh elk meat. It was very confusing to her.

Cliff got dressed and ready to go outside. He took his rifle and bow from their place beside the door. He gave Jaelynn a kiss before he left.

  “I shouldn’t be gone too long. The fire is stoked up and should be good until I get back. If it starts to die down, you know how to throw a log on it. Watch the window and don’t let anybody into the cabin! You’ll be fine by yourself.”

Jaelynn didn’t want Cliff to leave and she tried to cling to his arm but he shook her off. He went out the door into the crisp, cold morning. Jaelynn shivered as she caught the draft of cold air from the door.

She climbed into Cliff’s big chair and curled up with a heavy blanket wrapped around her. Before she knew it, with her belly full from breakfast, Jaelynn drifted off to sleep.

She was woken a little while later, when she felt a cold draft of air hit her. Someone was coming through the door! Cliff was home already? Jaelynn jumped up from the chair and her blood ran cold.

Standing inside the door, just taking off his boots and parka, was the disgusting old human from the day before. Bob!

He smiled at her with his few teeth and cackled.

“Heh, heh, knew ya’d be here by yerself! I saw that asshole Cliff headin’ up yonder toward Wolverine Gorge. He’ll be a while. In the meantime, ah come over tuh git a little bit o’ funning wit’ ya! Felt purty good last night, yer sweet li’l mouth on mah cock. Today, I’s gonna check out that tight li’l snatch o’ yers!”

Jaelynn didn’t know what he was referring to with the word ‘snatch’ but she had a good idea. The disgusting old prospector wanted to couple with her.

He came across the floor at Jaelynn. Letting out her high-pitched scream of danger, Jaelynn tried to fend him off. Bob lunged at her and grabbed her ankle as she tried to jump out of the chair.

“Come here, ya little bitch!” he growled. “Gonna fuck you good!”

He dragged Jaelynn across the floor to the bed. She screamed and cried out,

Jaelynn closed her eyes and concentrated as hard as she could. She knew fairies could communicate telepathically, but her mind shouldn’t be developed enough for that yet. Still she thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. Suddenly, she saw images of elk and trees and snow. It was working! She was inside Cliff’s mind! She could see his thoughts!


Cliff suddenly stopped in his tracks as he slogged through the deep snow heading down into the gorge where he liked to hunt. He was not too far from the cabin, he could still see the smoke from the chimney.

He shook his head. It was like he had just heard someone yell inside his head. It sounded like Jaelynn and she sounded like she was in danger! Cliff suddenly had a bad feeling. He turned around and began to head back towards the cabin.

Bob threw Jaelynn down onto the bed. The large man was no match for her and he manhandled her like a little doll. He had stuffed a rag into her mouth to stifle her piercing screams. Holding her down with one hand, he had unbuckled his pants with the other.

Jaelynn looked at his grotesque rod with horror. It was bad enough she had had to put it in her mouth, now he was going to put it in her mating hole! Jaelynn fought and squirmed. Bob brought a big meaty hand down, slapping her savagely across the face.

“Settle down, ya li’l slut!” he yelled.

He pried Jaelynn’s flailing legs apart and dropped his heavy, foul-smelling body on top of her. Jaelynn could feel him guiding his fat cock up to the entrance of her mating hole.

Bob’s heart was pounding. He hadn’t raped a girl in a long time. The first time had been so many years ago, he had almost forgotten it happened. It was a summer in the 1980s, he recalled that much.
 It was that family in northern California. The yuppie parents and their two bratty daughters. They had been hiking in the mountains. Bob was prospecting then in the northern Sierras. He came across their campsite, only a half mile from his cabin. He didn’t like trespassers on his claim.
  He had held them all at gunpoint with his old hunting rifle. Dad got mouthy and Bob had to shoot him. Then Mom had gotten tied up and thrown in her tent. The two daughters had their own tent.

 He remembered they were both really cute. Both were blonde, one 14, the other 16. Real tight, little bodies! Their names had been Hope and Morgan. He raped them both. In their tent, one tied up and forced to watch as Bob raped one, then the other. Then he had slit their throats.

After, he went to Mom’s tent and spent the whole night with her, raping her several times and in several different ways. Then he slit her throat too, when morning came. He dumped the bodies in an old mine shaft.

He burned all their belongings and threw the burnt remains down the mine shaft too, then covered it over with rocks. There wasn’t a single trace left of those people.

Police found their van still parked at a rest stop at the foot of the mountain. There was a big search, all kinds of stuff on the TV and in the newspapers about the missing family. They were never found and police finally stopped the search.

Bob had cleared out of the area long before any police or rangers showed up. He packed up his stuff and came here to Wyoming. He’d been here ever since.

Jaelynn felt a horrible tearing pain as he pressed into her. Her body felt like it was ripping in half. Cliff also had a big rod but Jaelynn was used to him now. Bob was rough and brutal and she didn’t want him inside her at all. He leaned down and bit on her tiny nipples. He was like an animal as he thrust and rammed in and out of her.

Jaelynn never knew what came over her. She had never before ever tried to use any of her magic powers, though she knew they were there. They were raw and undeveloped. But suddenly, she thought to herself, she wanted this man to be dead.

She’d never had these feelings before with Cliff, but she truly hated this foul man who was coupling with her right now, against her will. She pictured in her mind, a log from beside the fireplace, smashing him in the head. She looked over toward the large stone fireplace and concentrated, seeing a piece of firewood slowly rise off the floor.

Bob was thoroughly enjoying himself, raping the little fairy. She was so tight and he was in ecstasy. He could feel his balls beginning to tighten.

Oh yeah, he thought, gonna dump a big load in this little honey!

Everything went black. He never saw what hit him as the firelog flew across the room and smashed into the back of his head with incredible force, shattering his skull. Bob’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and his mouth dropped open, a small dribble of blood running down his chin. He fell backwards and landed in a heap on the floor beside the bed.

Jaelynn ripped the rag out of her mouth. She screamed at the top of her lungs.
Cliff was only a few hundred feet from the cabin when he heard the screams. What the hell? He ran faster and burst through the door into the cabin.

Jaelynn literally flew across the room and wrapped her little arms around Cliff’s neck. She was sobbing heavily.

Cliff noticed the blood streaked on Jaelynn’s thighs. Then he saw Bob lying at the foot of his bed, his pants around his ankles.

“Well, that old sonuvabitch!” he growled. “I’ll fucking kill him!”

Then he noticed the large pool of blood coming from Bob’s head. Killing him was going to be a moot point. Apparently, it had already happened.

Jaelynn was speaking gibberish, pointing at Bob and then pointing at the log on the floor beside him. Cliff couldn’t make out a word she was saying.

“Hold it, hold it, hold it!” he barked angrily at Jaelynn. “Take a deep breath!”

“Now, tell me what happened!”

“The-the-man, h-he….putting h-his rod……..his r-rod…..h-he put it in me! And-and I……m-magic….to make the wood….f-fly!”

“Let me get this straight,” said Cliff, setting Jaelynn down on a chair. “Old Bob, the fucking old pervert, came in here and raped you and you killed him with a piece of wood?”

Jaelynn nodded frantically.

Cliff looked at Bob’s bashed in skull.
“Well, whatever you did, you did it good! He’s dead as a door nail. Can’t say as I blame ya. The old bugger deserved it. Now I gotta do something with the body! Dammit! I should have known that old shit was likely watching the cabin. Likely saw the minute I left!”

Cliff sat down in his chair for a few minutes to collect his thoughts. Well, he could dispose of the body without too much trouble. There were a lot of wolves around, he could take ol’ Bob’s body out somewhere and leave it for the wolves. They’d make quick work of it.

Jaelynn crawled into his lap and snuggled against him, shaking like a leaf.

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I was checking Vile, and you had another short post before I went.

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Chapter 15:

The two repulsive creatures approached Lori. One mounting her from behind and the other standing in front of her. Again, she gagged as his putrid cock snaked its way between her lips. The goblin behind grunted as he pumped his slimy member in and out of her.

It felt so weird, it was as if the goblin just stood still and his penis moved of its own volition in and out of her. He was large, but not near as large as Rugnak. But the goblin’s cock seemed to lubricate itself inside her, making it feel very gross and slimy. Lori felt it slip and slide in and out of her, the thick veins on the shaft throbbing and pulsating.

The goblin in front of her, gripped her head tightly with his clawed hands. His cock too, just moved in and out of her mouth like it had a life of its own. It pushed its way right down into her throat and back out again. It was like a snake in her mouth.

They both came at the same time into Lori. More viscous, foul slime shot down her throat and simultaneously, she felt a wave of warm gooey-ness deposited inside her womb. Lori’s mind raced with horror at the thought that one of these despicable creatures could be impregnating her!

The goblins left her lying on the stone bench, as she struggled to catch her breath. She coughed and gagged, trying to get the taste of the horrid goblin jizz out of her mouth.
 The goblins were speaking in some kind of guttural gibberish to each other and slapping each other on the back.

“The goblins like you,” cackled Lesbiella. “You’re lucky they didn’t find you before Rugnak, or you’d belong to them!”

Oh yes! I’m SO fortunate! thought Lori.

“Hehehehe, girlie! It looks like your stay in Idyllica will be a busy one. The goblins will spread the word that Rugnak has a human fucktoy, and everyone will want to have a piece of you. For a price of course, set by Rugnak!”

“Shut up you….you old h-hag!” Lori spat.

She was still very disgusted and sickened by Lesbiella’s assault on her.

She struggled to get back up to her knees. After the savage rapes, her whole body ached.

“You know, at least I don’t look like you! No one would want to touch you, you repulsive old witch!”

Lesbiella’s face turned red and her eyes flashed a bright green.

“You little ungrateful cow!” she screeched. “I saved you after Rugnak almost killed you, and then you insult me? I’ll show you! I can be just as beautiful as you, little girl!”

“Hah! There pr-probably isn’t a potion p-powerful enough to d-do that!” scoffed Lori.

Rugnak and the goblins cowered in a corner of the cave. They had seen Lesbiella mad before and knew it was not a good thing.

Lesbiella grabbed a bottle of red liquid off the shelf and began to gulp it down. Waving her witch’s wand, she then began to chant a strange incantation that Lori could not understand.

Lesbiella was engulfed in a strange blue light that swirled and danced around her. Suddenly, the light disappeared and there before Lori, stood a strikingly beautiful woman. She had long, silky blonde hair and full red lips, with gorgeous porcelain skin. Her body was curvy and voluptuous with long slender legs. Lesbiella looked like a goddess.

“See?” the woman shrieked. “Now I’m the pretty one!”

The goblins looked upon Lesbiella in her new form. Even Rugnak’s mouth fell open. His large cock stirred to life. They had never seen such a vision of beauty. Suddenly, the goblins jumped at her, knocking her to the floor.

“WHAT ARE YOU VILE IDIOTS DOING?” screamed Lesbiella.

The goblins began to rip and tear at Lesbiella’s dress. They grunted and squealed in excitement.

You see, goblins are very simple creatures. They have a very small brain and are very single-minded. When they see something to eat, they eat it, when they see something they want to kill, they kill it. And now, well, they saw something they wanted to fuck!

It didn’t matter she was Lesbiella, evil witch of the Northern Mountains. They just saw a pretty creature that stirred their inhuman lust. Rugnak too, was blinded by her attractiveness and he wanted to sate his sexual hunger as well. He batted one of the goblins out of the way as he pulled Lesbiella’s legs wide apart.

“MEEEEEEEE!” he roared.

“NOOOOOOO! NOOOOOO! RUGNAK! GET AWAY!” Lesbiella screamed with terror.
She suddenly realized with abject terror, she had been outsmarted by the human female. Lesbiella’s wand was knocked out of her hand and lying on the floor and she could not reach it. She could not switch back to her original form!

Too late, as the enormous troll sunk his swollen rod between Lesbiella’s thighs and began savagely fucking her. The three goblins fought over who was going to get to stick their dick in her mouth.
Finally, one of the goblins managed to get his member jammed between Lesbiella’s jaws, muffling her screams.

Lori watched the horrendous scene before her. The creatures attacked Lesbiella with savagery and lust. They seemed to completely forget about Lori. She eyed the cave entrance and realized this was a golden opportunity. In a flash she was up and running.

The goblins and Rugnak were totally oblivious to her as she ran for the entrance. Rugnak was still pounding away at Lesbiella’s pussy with no mercy. Another goblin was assaulting her mouth. Green goblin cum covered her face and chin.

Lori exited the cave and ran as fast as she could manage down the rocky slope towards the trees. Her body was still in agony, but due to Lesbiella’s curative powers she had used on Lori, she felt herself regaining strength quickly.

Lori entered the trees and kept running, trying to put as much distance between her and the cave as possible. She had no idea where she was at, or where she was going. She just wanted to get away. And she hoped to hell she didn’t run into any more vile creatures in this strange world!

Lori wasn’t sure how long she had ran but she finally slowed down to catch her breath. Then she heard it. A loud roar of anguish off in the distance. It was Rugnak! He had discovered she was gone!

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Chapter 16

Lori ran looking back in fear knowing Rugnak would be looking for her.  She was still wearing her hiking boots from when she first arrived in this horrible place but nothing else.  The tropical climate meant she was only uncomfortable about being nude and the occasional scratch of brush as she ran.  Looking back again, she stumbled over a tree root and fell.  Turning over and sitting up, Lori looked up and screamed.

This new terrifying creature was even bigger than Rugnak, probably over 12 feet tall with a massive head.  It was pale in color while Rugnak was dark, and it was covered in coarse black hair.  Lori looked at the beast’s awfully ugly face with its bloodshot red eyes, huge bulbous nose, gnarled rotted teeth and misshapen ears.  She then looked down to see a huge penis stiffening to stand out from the creature’s body.  Lori had a surreal moment thinking, ‘Is this place only populated by horny monsters?’

Muk the ogre could not believe his luck finding a meal so soon after leaving his cave.  Then he noticed his dinner was female, nude and pretty.  As he was always horny, he dropped his massive club he had been about to use to brain her, so he could fuck his dinner first.  He grabbed the ankles of the struggling pretty blonde girl hauling her to the remains of a rotted stump covered in moss.  Yanking the girl’s ankles wide apart he placed her hips on the soft moss.  Kneeling between her legs spreading his knees to get his huge frame low enough, he lined up his cock to her entrance.

Lori had stopped screaming momentarily staring in fascination at this new monstrosity before her and while he was dragging her, but the feel of yet another huge penis pressing at her entrance made her begin horse screaming again.  The huge creature shoved forward stretching her as wide as if she was giving birth in reverse.  Despite the healing and stretching of her vagina by Lesbiella to accommodate Rugnak’s cock, this new beast with an even bigger cock would surely have torn her up again except his entry was lubricated by the residual cauldron of troll and goblin semen still inside her.

Shaking her head in disbelief at the never ending abuse of her body in this horrible place, Lori stared up at the disfigured grotesque countenance of this new monstrosity, as it began hammering away at her still sore vagina.  Lori winced with each thrust and made little whimpering cries as her throat had finally been screamed raw.  She noticed that this new monster looked more human than the troll or goblins, but that was hardly of any comfort considering it also had a bigger cock that was repeatedly shoving her insides back squashing her internal organs.

Huge drops of viscous drool and snot were leaking from the monster’s mouth and nose splashing on her face and breasts despite her attempts to move her head aside.  The creature’s huge hands held her upper thighs very hard as it continued the pounding into her tortured body.  The monster was obviously enjoying itself immensely grinning very wide and making happy grunting sounds with each rocking of his hips plunging a massive cock inside her.

Lori had stopped anything resembling struggling knowing the futility of it and using her hands just tried to clear her face of the nasty fluids that kept dripping from the monster.  She was wincing and gasping each time the creature lunged forward stretching her wide.  The hideous creature’s thrusting got too wild and he slipped out of her.  Sensing an opportunity, Lori tried to turn and crawl away, but the thing grabbed her waist and leg pulling her back and entering her painfully from behind.  The insidious agonizing use of her body resumed with a vengeance, as he penetrated her hard and deep.

The monster’s thrusting seemed to get more insistent and faster, and his hands tightened on her thighs pulling her onto his cock.  With a great bellowing roar, the beast thrust deep, and Lori felt a torrent of fluid enter her body in waves knowing the thing was cumming inside her.  Ogre sperm joined troll and goblin sperm jostling each other searching for ova to fertilize inside her.

Draining his cock inside the tiny female feeling it still squirting, Muk was extremely pleased at how good her tight pussy felt in comparison to his couplings with ogre females.  He briefly considered keeping her to use this same way, but being an even simpler creature than the troll, his hunger resurfaced.  Muk turned to look for his club as the last spasm of his cock shot more ogre semen inside the female.  It was his last act on Idyllica.

Barely able to see and wavering near unconsciousness, Lori felt another splash of nasty liquid on her face not knowing it was ogre blood.  Desperately trying to clear her eyes and see, Lori felt the large softening still huge penis leave her body and the beast fall to the side.  She then saw Rugnak had found her and had just crushed the skull of the beast with its own club.

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Chapter 17

Cliff dragged Bob the prospector’s body on a make shift sled through the snow away from the cabin.  At some point he realized he was near the area he first encountered Jaelynn.  Dumping Bob where he knew the wolves would find him, he went looking for the cave that he remembered was here and that Jaelynn had described.  He had no trouble finding it having been there many times.  Cliff was surprised at what he found.  The campsite just inside the cave obviously belonged to a girl.  The girl was small as her clothes were all there stuffed in the sleeping bag including the parka.  He pulled them out looking at them.  If that wasn’t strange enough, a girl camping in winter and leaving her clothes, the boots were missing.  It had obviously been a long time since the girl left.  ‘Left?’ thought Cliff.  There was no way this girl left willingly without her clothes and gear.

Cliff went through the pack and pulled out some items looking at everything.  There was a holstered 9mm Berretta that he immediately saved shoving in his pants.   He found a small wallet that had the girl’s driver’s license in it seeing by the picture she was a pretty blond named Lori, 19 years old, and it said she was 5’3” and 105 pounds.  To his shock, deep in the pack there was a picture of a much younger him.  This girl had a picture of him from around when he had been arrested many years ago.  Sitting down and thinking, Cliff came to the conclusion the girl was here looking for him.  Could she be a former victim?  No, she was too young.  It was so long ago, maybe she was the daughter of a former victim?

Gathering up all he wanted he stuffed the girl’s clothes in the pack but left the sleeping bag thinking maybe he would retrieve it later.  The clothes were just a little too big for Jaelynn, but not by much.  This girl had been small.

Jaelynn looked with fascination at the clothes having been making due mostly with Cliff’s shirts as sort of dresses tying them around her waist with rope.  She washed the clothes.  There were a few small holes where mice had nibbled, but they were still in good shape otherwise.  She had to roll sleeves and pants cuffs up just little, but for the first time in a long while she felt really dressed.

Thinking about the cave and now having the warm parka to wear, Jaelynn wanted to go there out of curiosity.  Walking in the snow she was wearing Bob’s boots that she had put on several pairs of socks to get to fit.  She had on a warm parka that Cliff had found in the cave.  They made it to the cave entrance after about an hour of walking.  Jaelynn looked around the campsite seeing the sleeping bag still laid out beside the remains of a fire.

A blue glow started in the back of the cave.  Jaelynn immediately recognized it and leaped in Cliff’s arms for protection.  The swirling blue vortex accelerated towards them and enveloped them before Cliff had a chance to turn and run.  He could feel his feet give way and a flying sensation as everything real disappeared to be replaced by swirling nothingness.  As he and Jaelynn were caught in this swirling nightmare, he thought he saw something pass them, two something’s that were there and then gone.

They were both dumped back in the cave, except Cliff noticed immediately it was warm.
“Idyllica!” Jaelynn yelled excited and confused.
Cliff was stunned to silence trying to fully comprehend what happened absently opening his jacket in the much warmer climate.  Jaelynn shucked the parka immediately and other clothes down to the shirt with holes cut for her wings and the lost girl’s panties.  She was happy and only barely aware Cliff was with her.
“What the fuck do we do now?” Cliff asked without his usual self-assurance.
Jaelynn was extremely anxious to try and fly having not been able to really get far off the ground and only for a minute or two.
“This is my world Cliff.  I can fly here and look for dangers on the ground.”
“I don’t want you going off without me”
“But Cliff, there are dangerous things here and nearly all of them are on the ground.  Let me fly around and see if it’s safe for you to come with me.”
Reluctantly, Cliff agreed as long as she came back after a very quick look around.

With great enthusiasm, Jaelynn took off flying out of the cave’s mouth and above the trees.  The freedom she felt had her giddy with pleasure as she soared and swooped down between trees laughing at being able to fly again.  It might have been better to show some caution, as not even 10 minutes after leaving Cliff, she flew into a net and became entangled.  Struggling desperately to free herself, Jaelynn could hear the rattling of things tied to the net designed to tell the owner that something had been caught.


The beautiful fairies Kera and Synthia were Jaelynn’s best friends and had looked long and hard for her over the last several days often in very dangerous places on Idyllica.  Their families had scolded them numerous times for the chances they had taken.  They often asked forest creatures about Jaelynn.  One day a woodland nymph pointed towards a dark cave saying a fairy had gone in there, but the nymph had run off because she smelled a troll.  The cave didn’t look that scary, but the mention of a troll made the two little fairies shudder in fear.

While Jaelynn had hair of auburn, Kera had what would be called dark brown hair, and Synthia had hair so blond it was almost white.  They were near the same age as Jaelynn being nearly sexually mature their bodies pushing out in ways that were getting looks by boy fairies and even older male fairies.  They were both proud of their beauty and the promise of future couplings with the handsomest of boy fairies.

Cautiously Kera and Synthia entered the cave and looked around for clues of Jaelynn.  It wasn’t long in the cave before they both noticed and were mesmerized by a tiny blue light in the back of the cave that rapidly got larger and closer to them.  It seemed to be swirling like a whirlpool of water.  As it got closer they could see what looked like a tunnel in the light.  Both the girl fairies turned and tried to run, but they could feel themselves being sucked back towards the light.  There was an irresistible pull and they seemed to be flying in the air.  At one point both girls thought they saw Jaelynn wrapped in heavy strange clothes and a weird looking troll flying past them.

Both girls landed with a thud in the cave.  The immediate sensation they felt was extreme cold.  They could see they were still in a cave, but it looked different.  Shivering in their gossamer dresses the girls walked to the cave entrance and looked with wonder and fear at a frozen landscape wondering what terrible place the blue light had sent them.

They knew they couldn’t go anywhere and didn’t know what to do.  There was a strange large caterpillar looking thing on the cave floor near the remains of a fire.  Touching it and then exploring it more, the girls saw there was no danger.  It took very little time for them to understand they could get warm inside it.  The girls crawled in the sleeping bag holding each other for warmth as the afternoon turned to evening and then night set it and they slept with hunger gnawing at their bellies.

It was a subdued Lori that Rugnak pulled half dragging and half walking back to his lair.  Part way there he threw her in a creek to wash off the ogre blood, saliva, snot and the various types of semen that had ran down her legs.  The creek was snow melt run-off from the mountains that had her shivering the rest of the way back to Rugnak’s lair despite the warm climate.  Once in his hole in the ground, Rugnak secured her with a rope by her neck to a root of the tree his lair was under.  The knots were large and tight, and although Lori could reach them, she doubted she could ever untie them.

Rugnak heated an old stew of meat and various tubers that had been basically rotting since before he took her to Lesbiella.  Lori could tell it had gone partially bad but ate some anyway being famished.  It made her a little queasy, but she could tell it was also giving her some strength.  Unfortunately, it didn’t give her strength to resist what happened next.  Rugnak rejuvenated from his meal soon wanted to satisfy other base desires.

Lori was flung on her belly on the dirt floor and held down with Rugnak’s huge hand.  She was shaking in fear knowing he was going to use her again.  She heard a noise as if he was getting ready to spit, and then he did spit and she felt the nasty slimy wad hit her butt.  Lori started screaming and begging for him to take her the regular way even before his finger began smearing the viscous saliva around her anus.  She struggled violently, but his hand held her down easy like a bug pinned to a board for a child’s science project.  Lori groaned loud feeling one of his gigantic fingers press hard and breach the seal of her anus entering her rectum.  He worked the finger around grunting with troll laughter at her frantic pleas and movements.

Feeling Rugnak’s weight on her back, Lori who never had any previous significant religious upbringing began praying in vain for intervention.  She felt the troll place his huge penis on her only slightly troll finger loosened anus.  Lori’s prayers turned to screams as the troll lunged forward and deep into her bowels with a single mighty thrust opening her ass beyond wide.  Lori’s screams turned to inarticulate gurgling as the troll began thrusting with long deep strokes exploring just how far into her rectum he could go.  Lesbiella had prepared Lori’s ass somewhat for this treatment, enough so that she would survive what would have been a life ending anal fuck, but the pain was beyond excruciating.  Head slightly to the side, Lori’s mouth was open wide in a silent scream tongue hanging out directly on the filthy dirt floor with only faint animalistic mewing noises coming out, as Rugnak was really slamming his cock into her.

No female troll ass ever felt this good Rugnak thought with shear ecstasy his hips flattening the girl’s butt cheeks with each pounding out of control thrust.  Her tight ass gripped his cock exquisitely pulling on it and milking it.  In the back of his feeble mind he started to worry he was killing his new fucktoy and rammed inside her rapidly trying to finish.  Soon he felt his pleasure building and slammed into her a few final times groaning loud and releasing copious amounts of slimy troll semen into the girl’s bowels.  Withdrawing quickly and examining his property for damage, Rugnak was relieved to hear her rasping breath and to see only a little blood mixed in with his semen in the wide gaping hole that was her ass.

Lori had briefly lost consciousness, but regained it as Rugnak moved her onto his hard sleeping bench.  There was a strange sensation beyond the numbing pain in her backside, and she wondered what it was not knowing that cool air had entered her gaping and very slowly closing ass.  Lori lost consciousness again and stayed out this time.

Lori woke in the morning to Rugnak pulling her up by her hair.  She had been dreaming she was with her mother on one of her mother’s sober days, and they were playing in a park.  The impossible reality of her current situation slammed into her as the fog of sleep drifted away.  Blinking she saw Rugnak’s erect turgid cock inches from her face and the closest view she had of it so far.  It was impossibly big, and she couldn’t believe it had been inside her, especially inside her ass.  Rugnak forced her mouth open, and Lori tried to tell him it could not possibly fit, but his cockhead was shoved to her mouth forcing it very wide as it nuzzled between her lips stretching them taut around it.  He pushed along her tongue as the foul taste sent her reeling in disgust.  Not only was it filthy on its own, but he certainly hadn’t washed it since it had been in her ass.  He pushed until it hit the back of her throat making her heave.  He could only get a small amount of his huge cock in her mouth as he began moving.

Lori was sure her lips were going to crack and bleed as they tried to stretch around the gigantic thing moving in her mouth.  She felt her teeth scrape it, and Rugnak growled yanking it out of her mouth.  A hand bigger than her head slammed into her the side of her face making her vision go blurry with sparks in front of her eyes.  Her jaw felt unhinged from the blow, and she briefly thought teeth had been knocked loose.  From the side of her peripheral vision, she could see his hand go back again for another strike, and she leaned forward opening very wide taking his cock back in her mouth.  Grunting in satisfaction he pushed it back in her mouth and began moving it.  Lori swirled her tongue along the underside of the glans and shaft as it slid back and forth.

Her lips in a perfect tight wet ring around it gripped it hard, as the troll lunged in and out, pulling back until just the glans was in her mouth then shoving forward hitting the back of her throat.  Rugnak was gripping her head pistoning his cock in and out of her mouth as her lips had no choice but stretch tight over it.  Her jaw was soon aching as she fought to breathe and keep her teeth off him.  The troll was grunting with pleasure and forcing it deeper in her mouth trying to open her throat for it making Lori gag wretchedly each time it plugged her throat.  He was moving fast, but then seemed to drive it even more rapidly into her mouth as his grunts got louder until with a roar he began cumming shooting prodigious amount of semen into her mouth and throat.

The amount of semen was just too much for her to swallow it all and with her lips stretched so tight around his cock preventing any exit from her mouth, there was only one place for it to go.  The troll’s cum filled her sinuses and then began bubbling out of her nose slowly at first, but then in two steady streams out each nostril for several seconds.  This horrific disgusting slimy mess filling her mouth and sinuses cutting off all oxygen making it impossible for Lori to breathe.  She had barely been getting any air in her lungs at all during the entire mouth fuck, and now she was weakening to the point of losing consciousness.  Finally Rugnak pulled his soften cock from her mouth, and Lori collapsed on her hands and knees choking and gagging, troll cum leaking in long thick viscous strands from her mouth and nose.

Lesbiella’s prediction came true, because not long after Rugnak had finished with her, four goblins arrived at Rugnak’s lair to barter for her use.  She was sold for a steel knife and a hind quarter of venison.  Lori wasn’t sure how she knew, but it seemed these were new goblins that hadn’t used her before, so the word about her was spreading.

Whimpering as the nasty creature she now knew was called a goblin positioned itself in front of her, she felt a clawed hand grip her head talons digging in just short of drawing blood.  Lori swallowed hard looking with complete revulsion at the wriggling penis near her mouth.  The talons dug in just a bit more pulling her head closer, and the snake like goblin penis began pushing between her lips.  In complete helplessness and resignation Lori opened her mouth allowing the squirming revolting thing to worm its way into her mouth tasting that same horrid nastiness she had the last time a goblin cock was in her mouth.  Shoving hard the goblin speared it to the back of her throat and beyond causing her to heave and push desperately and unsuccessfully at the goblins hips.  While the troll’s cock could not yet fit down her throat, this wasn’t true for the goblin’s slimy nasty rod as it wiggled down her throat filling it, the dirty hairy goblins balls resting on her chin.  Holding her head hard the goblin began humping her face shoving her nose into its pubic hair and the dirty balls bouncing on her chin.  She began working her tongue on it feeling the protruding veins trying to please the goblin and get this over with.

Lori could feel another set of clawed hands on her butt.  Two taloned thumbs dug in and pulled her butt cheeks apart, and she felt another squirming pulsating goblin penis press against her anus.  The tip pressed and pushed until it broke her anal ring open, and Lori could feel the thick veins here too as it painfully wiggled into her rectum.  She had a hard time keeping her teeth off the goblin in front of her feeling shooting pain in her behind.  Rugnak’s rape of her ass last night had made it horribly sore today, and she wanted to scream in pain around the goblin cock.  Neither goblin had mercy for her as they pounded into her from both ends in what would be a long morning of gobbling fucking as the four would each use her twice.

When the goblins finally left, two strange creatures that looked like half man and half goat showed up, man from the waist up except for goat horns and goat from the waist down.  They had to wait while Rugnak fucked her pussy.  The satyrs then paid for her use and soon she was filled with goat penises.  The randy beasts used her four times each before they left.  It went on like this day after day as goblins, trolls, satyrs, minotaurs, centaurs, and a whole host of fantastical Idyllican
creatures came to use her body making Rugnak wealthy as wealthy goes for this world.

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Chapter 18

It was Kera that woke first in the late morning groggy and fatigued with hunger to whispered voices.  Shaking Synthia awake they saw six large beings staring down at them.  Just like when Jaelynn first saw Cliff, they wondered if these were some sort of trolls because of their size.  They weren’t as ugly as trolls were supposed to be, but neither of them had ever seen a troll.  Seeing them awake they spoke in what was obviously asking them questions, but the girls couldn’t understand the language.  Both girls were very afraid as the beings that they could tell were males got more insistent with their tone.

Impatiently, two of the males pulled them out of the warm bag they were in.  As their wings unfolded, the beings jumped in surprise and stood stunned for several minutes.  The hushed talking went on for even longer this time as the girls tried to listen and understand shivering in the cold.  Eventually the male beings started setting up small thin walled structures watching them constantly while doing it.  It was obvious they were to sleep in and that the beings were staying the night even though it seemed early in the day.  After seeming satisfied with the structures and the placement of the bags for sleeping in them, wood was gathered and a fire made.  The beings let the girls get close to the fire finally feeling some warmth.  They then offered them some bars made of grains, nuts and dried fruit, and Kera and Synthia ate them gratefully.

Kera and Synthia listened to them talking with great uncertainty, as they were starting to pick out words and the things being said.  Neither girl liked the way they kept looking at them, as they were obviously staring at their breasts or butt like some boy fairies do sometimes.  There was some talk about ‘passing them from tent to tent’ whatever that meant.  Synthia whispered to Kera she was sure these males were going to take them some place tomorrow.
“Where?” asked Kera.
“I think one of them has a place he calls by the strange name ‘Basement Dungeon’.  I think they are taking us there, but I can tell they are planning something else too before that.”

Both girls looked with alarm as the males crowded around them lifting them to their feet.  Synthia jumped feeling a hand on her butt, and turned to see who would be so bold.
“Oh!” Kera yelped feeling a hand on her butt too.
“Oh!” Synthia gasped even louder than Kera as the male in front of her squeezed both her breasts through her gossamer dress.
Both girls were astonished by what was happening.  No boy fairy would ever behave like this even to older girl fairies they were coupling with, and they were too young for coupling.

The hem of Kera’s dress was being lifted, and she tried to push it back down, but it was being forced higher until her arms were forced above her head.  She started a high pitched shrieking for fairy help as the dress was pulled from her body and heard Synthia doing the same.  A hand slapped her face hard, and she stopped emitting the call for help.  Her larger than usual breasts for a fairy were bare and she covered them with her hands.  Her lower under garment was yanked to her ankles, and she yelped and tried to cover her mating spot with one hand and her breasts with her arm.  Glancing over she saw Synthia was also naked and cowering in front of these horrible creatures that had no decency.  The male groping her said words she didn’t understand, “Check out the tits on this one!”

Both girls cried and sobbed as they were poked, squeezed and prodded by the males for a while until by some agreement that seemed to have been formed that selected two males.  Each girl was pulled and dragged struggling and crying towards one of the sleeping structures by the two males, while the remaining four males watched laughing and waiting their turn.  Both Kera and Synthia started to have real fears that these troll like creatures might actually try and couple with them as they were pushed into separate tents.

Jaelynn struggled to no avail caught in the net, and began screaming as she saw the beast that owned the net approach.  She wondered how she could have ever thought her handsome Cliff was a troll seeing the real thing in front of her now.  The laughing troll reached for her, and she screamed.  Her screams got louder from great pain as she felt first one then the other of her wings snapped at the base and just hanging by tissue.  The troll pulled out a knife, and her wings were cut off completely and dropped to the ground.  Crying and in severe pain Jaelynn knew she could regenerate them given enough time, but it would take at least a year.  The troll pulled her from the net and carried her struggling body to his lair.

Lori got a rare break from customers when Rugnak left to check his net, although she was sure someone or something would be waiting to pay for her use soon.  She dragged her heavy chain over to the stew pot ladling out some in a bowl to eat.  She tried not to think of what kind of meat it was as she chewed.  She scratched under her metal collar.  The damn thing always itched.  Dwarves like the seven that had just used her body and left made this collar and chain as part of their payment for her body.  Lori snorted losing some stew back in her bowl.  ‘Seven dwarves,’ she thought with mild amusement.  ‘I must be Snow White?’

The large lair had been dug out in many directions making it big and ornate for a troll.  Jaelynn had no idea of that though as the troll shredded the clothes from her body and flung her on her back.  Forcing her legs apart and spitting on her mating spot, Jaelynn got a brief look at the huge ugly cock of the troll much bigger than Cliff’s just before it was shoved into her body to her shrieking cries.  It hurt so bad as the troll fucked her hard, as she pleaded and begged him to stop.  She screamed, cried and yelled but nothing would stop the horrible plunging of that monstrous cock into her body.

Lori watched with great interest as the troll brought in a tiny crying auburn haired girl and ripped the clothes from her and began raping her.
After watching for a while Lori thought with slight amusement and a great deal of pity for the girl, ‘It looks like we got another slut for Rugnak’s whorehouse.
Lori’s brows knit in confusion as she heard the pretty girl yell for someone named Cliff to come and save her thinking, ‘That’s the name of the man I was trying to kill that started this whole mess.’
Looking at the shredded clothes on the floor she thought with even more surprise, ‘Are those my shirt and panties?’

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Chapter 19

Jay and the rest of the gang stared in amazement at the two young girls. Well, they looked like girls anyway! Were it not for their pointed ears and wings, the gang would have thought they had just stumbled across a couple really hot teenage girls.

  But these were the strangest teenage girls they had ever seen!  Not only that, but what were two teenage girls doing in a cave in the mountains….in wintertime….and dressed like they had just stepped out of a Walt Disney movie?
  That was what Jay was immediately reminded of. His little sister had always liked Tinkerbell, the fairy from Peter Pan, and these two girls looked just like her!

Jay Two Feathers and his cousin Dakota lived on a nearby Indian reservation at the foot of the mountain. Employment opportunities were not plentiful on the reserve, where poverty was rampant. So Jay and his cousin had gotten themselves involved in the drug trade. It brought in some decent cash for them, in spite of the risk.

 That was what brought Jay, Dakota, and the other four men with him to the cave. They had made arrangements with some suppliers in northern California to drop a shipment of marijuana in an isolated meadow up on the mountain.
   Jay and Dakota knew the area well, having been raised nearby. The only people in the area were Cliff, a crabby old trapper and an old prospector named Bob. Bob was easy to deal with. Just bring him a couple young girls from the reservation every now and then and he just looked the other way.

 Cliff, well Jay hardly ever saw him anyway. He was a hermit and didn’t show his face much to anybody. Word was that he was no friend of law enforcement, so Jay figured he would never tell anybody anyway, if he ever saw something.

 The plane was supposed to drop the shipment later that night, so Jay and the others planned on holing up in the cave until the time for the rendezvous. The other four men were all from the city and weren’t keen on spending any more time than they had to in the wilderness. But their boss had tasked them with making sure this drop went off without a hitch, so they had to be there.

But now, finding these two hotties in the cave, Jay realized they would have something to keep themselves occupied. Jay and Dakota really liked white girls. They especially loved raping them! Over the years, they had enjoyed a few of the white girls from the nearby town. Best thing was, they were usually so humiliated afterwards about being raped by natives, they never told anybody!

  These two girls had pretty good tans, but they didn’t look native, so Jay figured they had to be white girls.

“Who are these chicks? Some kinda weird tree-hugger cunts?” asked Dakota. He didn’t worry about what he said in front of them as it seemed obvious they didn’t know too much English. He had seen all kinds of odd city girls come out here to the wilderness to “save” the owls and squirrels and the fucking trees, whatever the current media fad was.

“I don’t know,” said Jay. “They’re kinda freaky-looking but they got nice bods. I say we pass ‘em around, get ourselves a bit of cunt while we’re waiting for the drop.”

“Take them back to the basement dungeon later?” said Dakota.

“We‘ll see,” Jay answered.

The “basement dungeon“ was in an old abandoned house on the edge of the reservation. Jay and Dakota had been known to keep kidnapped white girls there, sometimes for months at a time. They’d use them, then dispose of them like garbage.

“You guys wanna do these little bitches?” Jay asked the other men casually.

The other four men, Ricky; Darrell; Luke; and Will, were all white and in their mid to late 20s. They were all hardened street thugs from the city. None of them particularly wanted to be here out in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere, but now finding some hot cunt made things at least somewhat all right. They were never going to say no to a good old gang rape!

“Fuckin’ yeah,” said Ricky. “I’ll drive a cock in ‘em.”

The men began to gather around the two girls. They looked a bit on the young side, at least ten years younger than any of the men, but Ricky didn’t mind. He liked the younger ones anyway. Especially ever since he had raped the 14 year-old daughter of the family in the apartment next to his in the tenements years ago. He had only been 18.

The young girls, or whatever they were, were fondled and groped roughly by the men. Large strong hands grabbed at butts and breasts and between their legs.

Dakota and Luke siezed Kera and tugged her dress up above her waist. They pulled and tugged at it, forcing her arms above her head. She screamed for help, loud and piercing. It reverberated off the cave walls. Synthia also began screaming too as men pulled and tore at her clothing.

Dakota slapped her face hard, almost knocking her unconscious.

“Holy fuck, bitch! That hurts the fucking ears!”

Her whole head ringing, Kera immediately shut up. She heard Synthia cease her cries too. Kera tried to cover her bare breasts. She was very embarrassed. No males EVER saw her naked like this! And she would never show her naked body to a male until someday when she was ready to couple.
  Her undergarments covering her mating spot were pulled down and now Kera was getting very scared. What were these troll-things going to do to them? Oh how she wished she was back in Idyllica! Was this what happened to her friend Jaelynn? Did she fall prey to vicious troll-beings too?

“I’m doing this cunt first!” said Jay as he pulled Synthia toward one of the tents.

“I’ll take this one, then,” said Dakota, pulling Kera by the hair. “Come with me, you white bitch!”

Crying and sobbing, Kera was pulled into one of the sleep-shelters and thrown down onto a bag like what she and Synthia had been curled up in when the troll-things had found them. Dakota dropped himself on top of her, pinning her arms above her head with one hand as he fumbled with the button on his pants with the other.

“Oh yeah!” he said as he pulled his rigid cock out of his underwear. Kera had never seen an erect mating rod before and she was terrified. It looked really big! No way it could fit into her!

Clamping a big hand over Kera’s mouth, he jammed himself between Kera’s outstretched thighs. Involuntarily, she let out another piercing scream but was muffled by Dakota’s hand this time. The pain was unbelievable!
 He pulled his hips back and rammed into her again, his rod splitting her open and burrowing into her depths.

“Fuckin’…….nice!………Wow…….fuckin’……tight!” Dakota grunted out loud.

He hadn’t had a girl this tight in a long time and her wiggling and squirming just helped to intensify the sensation. After fucking her missionary for a while, Dakota pulled out and rolled her onto her stomach.
  With a loud “UHHHHHHHHHHH!”, he entered her, pushing her head down into the sleeping bag. Dakota studied her folded up wings as he fucked her from behind.

He was surprised and a little freaked out to realize the wings were natural! He had heard legends as a young kid about wood nymphs and forest spirits. Could these two girls be something like that? He shrugged. Mehhhhh, whatever! They were still damn good fucking!
  His large cock worked in and out of Kera’s incredibly tight little hole. Slowly she had ceased her struggling and now just lay there with the big Indian man humping away on top of her. He smelled foul, strange smells that Kera could not identify. She had always heard that trolls smelled terrible and now she knew it to be true.

  Every pounding thrust felt as if he was going to split her in half. With her very sensitive fairy-ears, Kera could hear the slapping of the other man’s body on top of Synthia in the next tent.

Synthia was also in her own personal hell as Jay punched his cock in and out of the squirming girl.  She could not believe her worst nightmare was coming true……being captured by a troll!
   She and Kera and Jaelynn had always been so careful as young fairies in Idyllica. They’d had a couple close calls…..of which they never told their parents…..but they were always careful to stay away from trolls and ogres.

   Jay was not even like a troll, he acted more like an animal. His heavy body pressed her down onto the sleeping bag and he pulled her lithe body up tight against him. His thick, hard mating rod hurt her insides.
  Jay suddenly let out a loud groan and collapsed on top of Synthia. She felt something wet inside her. What had he put in her?
  As he pulled out, she saw a white viscous liquid coating the tip of his rod. What was it? Was that what he put inside her? She shuddered to think about it. Hopefully, it wasn’t some kind of magic liquid that would transform her into a troll herself!

  Synthia was relieved when Jay lifted himself off her. But her nightmare was only starting. Jay left the tent and she heard him say something to the others outside. Next thing, two of them were climbing into the tent!

It was Ricky and Darrell. Both had terrible wolfish looks on their faces as they admired the tight little body of Synthia spread out on the sleeping bag. Before she knew it, Ricky was on her and had his mating rod stuck in her.

“Fuck! Sonuvabitch!” he exclaimed. “This girl is awesome, man! Fuckin’ tightest little snatch I’ve ever had!”

Darrell knelt beside Synthia’s head and began forcing his rod into her mouth. She felt like puking and was having a hard time breathing around it. It was the grossest thing Synthia had ever tasted! Even worse than the time her older brother had tricked her into eating a marsh-weed.

  It was thick and hot in her mouth and smelled bad.

“Dat’s right, little bitch! Suck my meat!” Darrell sneered as he pressed her nose right into his hairy crotch.

In the other tent, Kera was being relentlessly assaulted by Luke and Will. Luke had his rod inside her and Will worked himself in and out of the poor fairy’s mouth. They pulled out at the same time and let white jizz spray all over her.
  Kera was mortified! What was this disgusting stuff? She didn’t want it on her skin and she tried to wipe it off but it was all sticky and just stuck to her hands.
  Will and Luke high-fived each other and switched positions, Will impaling Kera on his swollen cock and Luke forcing his meat between her small jaws.
  After Ricky and Darrell had their turns with Synthia, Jay and Dakota climbed into the tent with her. They had an argument over who got to fuck her first, and ended up flipping a coin. Jay lost and ended up instead making her suck on him as Dakota pounded her doggy style.
  Later, they switched spots, and Jay was able to sink himself inside the small fairy.

 “Fuck, this is weird, man!” he said to Dakota. “We’ve been fucking these little bitches raw and they ain’t even bleeding! It’s like they just heal themselves!”

At the next tent, Ricky and Darrell had pestered the other men to hurry up.

“Come on, motherfuckers! We want a turn with the little slut!” Ricky complained.

“Shut the fuck up,” yelled Luke. “You’ll get ‘er when we’re done!”

So it went, the six men taking their turns on the poor, helpless, young fairies from the wondrous world of Idyllica. Now being welcomed to a new harsh, brutal world.

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One of my favorite stories. 

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Chapter 20

Cliff fought his way through the thick underbrush of the forest. He didn’t want Jaelynn to take off on him, but now she was gone!  And she had been gone for a while.
  Common sense would have told Cliff, the crafty little bugger had duped him and escaped. But he didn’t believe that. He had heard her scream earlier. Actually, he felt  her scream was more appropriate!
  It was just like when Jaelynn was being attacked by filthy old Bob. Cliff didn’t really hear or know she was in trouble…..he just felt it! Cliff had sensed that Jaelynn was in grave danger but he couldn’t find where she had went.

  The most disturbing thing was the visions Cliff kept getting in his head. Jaelynn….in some kind of cave… horrible pain and agony……a dark ominous shape hovering over her……thrusting and grunting. Cliff had to find her!

Cliff couldn’t get over this new world he was in. The sky was such a bright shade of blue. He wasn’t sure if it was the air or what, but he hadn’t felt so energetic and rejuvenated in years. He felt like he was 20 years old again!
 The grass and shrubs seemed so green and lush…..and the trees! They were at least twice the size of the largest trees in Wyoming. Cliff hadn’t seen such  huge trees in all his life.
 He saw a lot of the same type of wildlife there was back home. Squirrels, rabbits, groundhogs, eagles and songbirds. Cliff imagined his world being much like this several hundred years ago, before the onslaught of human settlement and industrialization.

  He looked up at the massive mountain range that loomed over the forest.
Where had Jaelynn gone?

The arrow whizzed by Cliff’s head missing him by inches and embedding itself in the trunk of a large tree. Cliff dove for the cover of a nearby shrub, bringing his rifle up to his shoulder.
 He knew that the arrow was a warning shot. It could have just as easily been buried between his eyes. Whoever shot it, meant to miss!

“Who’s out there?” hollered Cliff. “I’ve got a gun and I ain’t afraid to use it!”

He didn’t know what kind of weapons they had on Idyllica, but he was pretty sure no one had a 30.06 calibre hunting rifle. Cliff was confident enough with his shooting abilities to know he could handle himself in a fight if he had to. But then again, did anyone in Idyllica even know what the hell a gun was?

  Cliff  saw her step out from behind a tree. One of the tallest, most gorgeous blondes he had ever seen. She was well over six feet tall, with bronzed, tanned skin and curves that just didn’t stop. Her long blonde hair fell halfway down her back and framed a face which Cliff could only describe as being that of a goddess, with high cheekbones, deep blue eyes and full red lips. Cliff figured she couldn’t be much more than about 21 or 22 years old, but in this weird world, who the hell knew?

She was clad in what looked like a leather bikini that barely covered the private parts of her body. The woman also carried a long, very-nasty-looking sword and had a couple other long knives on a belt around her waist.

“Show yourself!” she barked very authoritatively. “And do not think about using your weapon. My warriors are surrounding you and will put an arrow through your head at a second’s notice!”

Cliff didn’t know what to do! But he figured this woman sounded like she meant business. They’d already just about put an arrow in his head.  He had no doubt, that if they wanted, he’d be dead in a matter of seconds.
  He walked out from behind the shrub, holding the rifle away from him with one hand and the other raised in the air.

  “Don’t shoot! I mean you no harm,” he yelled. “I’m a stranger here.”

He saw the blonde warrior-girl looking him up and down. She gave him a disapproving glare. Cliff realized he probably did look a little weird in his denim jeans and camo hunting vest. He had shed his heavy coat earlier. It was way too hot!

“Well, a very odd-looking stranger, if I must say,” she spat.

She let out a whistle and slowly, Cliff saw the rest of her party seemingly appear out of nowhere, emerging from their hiding spots in the forest. They all resembled the blonde woman. Tall, well-toned bodies, beautiful faces, skimpily dressed, and armed to the teeth!
  There was six in total. A couple were blonde and fair-skinned like their leader, the others were dark-haired. One girl was also dark-skinned. They all looked young, between their late teens to early twenties.

“Wh-who are you people?” asked Cliff.

“You are a stranger in our land and you ask who WE are?” said the leader. “We should be asking who YOU are, man-creature!”

“My name is Cliff. I came here through some weird kind of portal. I am looking for my friend.”

“Who is your friend?” the blonde woman asked.

“Her name is Jaelynn. She’s a fairy.”

“What business do you have with fairies?” the blonde asked sternly.

“Well, if you must know, she came to me!” Cliff retorted. “And now she’s disappeared and I think she’s in trouble. She’s been……communicating…..with me….with her mind. I know that sounds strange……but it’s true.”

“Not strange at all,” said one of the other female warriors. “She is a mind-talker. She is special. Not all fairies can do that!”

“What is she telling you?” asked the warrior leader.

“I’m not sure, but I think she’s in a cave somewhere and there is a large…….creature…..hurting….her!”

“A troll has her!” the dark-skinned woman stated emphatically. “Their nets are strung up all over this mountain. She is in great danger. He will kill her!”

Cliff’s stomach dropped.

“We have to find her! Now!” Cliff said.

“That is dangerous,” stated another of the warriors. “You don’t just go wandering into a troll’s cave without being prepared. It’s a good way to get your skull smashed.”

“WHO are you?” Cliff asked once again.

“I am Princess Marva,” said the leader. “Heir to the throne of the kingdom of Valeria! These are my loyal warriors.”

Marva pointed to the two other blondes. “Calista and Hanna.”

“That is Ursa, Alexa and Thea ,” pointing to the dark-haired girls. “And one of my finest archers, Audra!” pointing to the dark-skinned woman.

“Where is Valeria?” asked Cliff.

“It is on the other side of the Sapphire Mountains, along the shores of Lake Cydonia. It is a good five days’ walk from here,” explained Marva.

“What brings you here, then?” asked Cliff.

“We are troll-killers,” Marva announced proudly. “Trolls and goblins are a blight on the land. They venture into Valeria, killing and marauding. My mother, Queen Prada, has put a bounty on their heads. It is a great honour for  a warrior to bring home the severed head of a troll. But it is also very dangerous and fraught with peril. Trolls are vicious, bloodthirsty creatures.”

“Don’t you have men to do this job, if it‘s so dangerous?” asked Cliff.

All the women laughed out loud.

“Men?” Calista guffawed. “You mean our man-pets? They are not warriors! They stay home and raise the young. They cook and clean! Most would not know one end of a hunting bow from the other!”

Cliff had a puzzled look on his face. This Valeria sounded like a strange place indeed. But it intrigued him. Nothing sexier than a hot woman who knew how to handle weapons! He felt his cock getting hard in his pants.

“You look nothing like a man-pet,’ said Hanna. “You have facial hair. And large muscles.”

“You got that right, honey,” Cliff sneered. “I ain’t nobody’s pet!”

“Will you join us on our hunt?” asked Marva. “You have no arrows or swords, but I see you have some sort of a weapon. You have the look of a warrior.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say I’m a warrior,” Cliff chuckled. “But I can handle myself in a good fight. And if it’s a good shot, you need, well, there ain’t nobody better!”

Marva looked quizzically at Cliff’s rifle.
“Just what exactly is that thing anyways?”

“It’s a high-powered hunting rifle. This baby can bring down a bull elk at 1000 yards, no problem. I’m sure it can be a good troll-stopper!”

“How does it work?” asked Alexa.

“It shoots bullets. These little things, “ Cliff took a bullet from the pocket of his vest.

“THAT tiny thing won’t kill a troll!”exclaimed Ursa. “You need these!”
She brandished one of the four foot long arrows from her quiver.

“A rifle fires a bullet at high speed! VERY high speed!” said Cliff. “It may look small, but when it hits something, it blows the shit out of it!”
The women continued to look at Cliff blankly. He realized these people had no clue of the theory of high-velocity ballistics. He saw a small rabbit hopping past about 300 yards away.

  Lifting the rifle to his shoulder, he sighted through the scope and flipped off the safety. The rifle boomed and jumped. The small rabbit exploded in a shower of blood and fur, the impact flipping it nearly five feet in the air.

The six women jumped with shock and fear. Clliff spun around to see the startled looks on their faces. They were all covering their ears.

“That….that thing is a weapon of Hades!” spat Marva fearfully. “We must leave now! That noise will attract every goblin, troll and ogre on the mountain!”

They began to make their way through the heavy forest. Where they were going, Cliff wasn’t sure. He was just following Marva. And he had to agree, the scenery wasn’t too bad at all as he watched her firm round ass and long toned legs. I could definitely see myself tapping that! He thought amusingly.

Cliff figured they must have walked for about a half hour, in a more or less westerly direction, judging from the position of the sun. If that even applied on Idyllica! He had no idea.

They entered another cave, the entrance hidden from view by foliage. Marva barked orders to the other women.

“Calista, Audra and Alexa, you take the first shift on watch! Hanna, Ursa and Thea, get a fire going and prepare the evening meal.”

Cliff watched as Ursa dumped several plump, dead rabbits out of a sack she had slung over her shoulder. She began to gut and skin them. In a matter of minutes the three women had a small fire going and a delicious-smelling rabbit stew boiling in a pot.
  From other sacks they had stored in the cave, they had pulled out wild vegetables and greens, bread and cheese, wild berries and fruit. It was obvious to Cliff, these women had been camping out in this cave for a while. There was a row of sleeping mats along one far wall.

As they waited for the meal to be ready, Marva and Cliff sat on some large flat stones near the fire and talked. Marva asked Cliff questions about his home and he asked her some questions about Idyllica.
  Marva revealed to Cliff that she and her warriors were not just out to randomly hunt down trolls and goblins. She had a personal vendetta against the trolls.
 About a year ago, her younger sister Olivia, had been leading a hunting party, looking for two trolls along the northern boundary of Valeria. They had ventured down from the mountains and attacked a farm, torturing and slaughtering the family and killing and eating all the livestock.
  It was Olivia’s first time at leading a hunting party and Marva explained how her mother, Queen Prada, had been reluctant to allow her to go. But Olivia was a headstrong girl and persuaded her.

  The hunting party was ambushed on their first night out. Several good warriors were lost, not even having a chance to draw their weapons. But worst of all, the trolls recognized, from the crest on her belt, that Olivia was from the royal family.
  In the melee, she was grabbed and carried away by the trolls. The remainder of the hunting party frantically searched for her but to no avail. They finally found her remains in a clearing in the woods the next morning.
  Her nude body was hanging upside down by the ankles from a large tree branch. The trolls had beheaded her and her severed head was impaled on a stake a few yards away from the body. Judging from the nature of the injuries to her body, it was obvious she had been quite literally…….raped and sodomized to death!
  Her body was a mass of bruises, cuts and burns. Both her breasts were gone, apparently bitten right off. Her eyes were gouged out and it also appeared that, in addition to her vagina and anus, the trolls had also used her mouth for their perverted abuse.

Queen Prada had been beside herself with grief. Olivia was her youngest daughter. Marva too, had went into a period of mourning for several months. When she re-emerged, she was determined to seek vengeance for her little sister. Ever since, she and her band of warriors had been diligently searching for the two trolls.

“But they are crafty and elusive,” she said, with an exasperated tone. “Several times, we have had them within our grasp, and every time they have managed to escape.”

“You have pretty good archers. Surely it is not that hard to bring down a troll?”

“Trolls are very hard to kill!” said Marva. “Their skin is very tough and leathery. Spears and arrows can pierce it but not deep enough to cause mortal wounds. The best ways to kill a troll is an arrow through one of their eyes, or sever the large artery that runs up their neck just behind their left ear.”

“Well, I’ll have to remember that,” said Cliff.
The meal was ready and the women and Cliff gathered around the firepit. They ate large helpings of the sumptuous stew along with cooked greens.
Cliff used a piece of bread to sop up the remains of the stew on his plate. They washed down the food with some strong wine that Marva had produced from somewhere. Cliff couldn’t help but notice, he was getting a buzz from it.
  After supper the women cleaned up and then went out to relief the others on watch. It was dark outside by now. The women who had been on watch came into the cave to eat their supper and get some sleep before their next shift.

  Marva rolled out a spare sleeping mat for Cliff. He was exhausted from the day’s activities and was just going to lie down on it, when Marva also laid down beside him. She leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

“Wh-what’s that about?” he asked.

“Do you not find me desirable, Cliff?” she whispered.

Cliff paused for a moment. He wasn’t sure what exactly to say or how to say it.

“Ummmmm, yeah! I find you, ummmm, extremely desirable!” he stammered.

“You are not like any of my man-pets back at the palace. You have an aura around you,” she said, her face only inches away from him. “An aura of power, of dominance. I have noticed your hard rod earlier. I could see it in your clothing, that we have aroused you.”

Cliff felt himself blushing, something he didn’t do very often.

“Well….I….uhhhh….it’s just…..a man….uhhhh….thing.”

“I wish to have your rod inside me,” Marva stated abruptly.

She sat up and began to undress. Her top came off, exposing the most beautiful set of tits Cliff figured he had ever laid eyes on. Then she slipped her bottoms off. Cliff could make out  her pink labia, framed by a small shaved bush of golden blonde hair.

This is the hottest fucking woman I’ve ever seen in my life, thought Cliff, his heart beginning to pound in excitement.

He glanced over at the other women gathered around the fire.
“Shouldn’t we, uh, go someplace more private?” he asked, jerking a thumb towards the others.

“It is all right,” said Marva. “They won’t mind watching. Later I’m sure they will also want you. They have been away from Valeria for weeks and they miss their man-pets. There is only so much pleasuring you can do with a carved wooden stick or each other’s fingers and tongues.”

Cliff couldn’t hide the smile on his face. Sonuvabitch! He’d hit the fucking jackpot! It was like he’d just been invited to the Playboy mansion by Hef himself!

Marva’s hands moved down and began to unbuckle Cliff’s pants.

“Come on, let’s see this body of yours,” she said.

Cliff quickly undressed. The air in the cave was cool on his body, but not so much to be uncomfortable. Marva’s eyes widened as she gazed at his erect manhood.

“By the gods! That is magnificent!” she beamed. “Much larger than any man-pet I know!”

“Like I said before,” Cliff replied. “I ain’t nobody’s pet! You’re gonna get fucked by a real man!”

Marva wrapped her hands around his swollen shaft and slowly stroked. Her head dipped down as she knelt between his legs and her tongue snaked around the tip of his cock. Cliff let out a loud gasp of pleasure as her warm lips closed around him, pulling him into her mouth.
 Holy shit! This girl may be a trained warrior, but she could suck cock like nobody’s business!

Her head bobbed up and down, taking Cliff’s entire length into her mouth. He wrapped his hands in her golden hair and thrust his hips into her face.

Her fingers were kneading and massaging his balls, doing things he didn’t even know a girl could do! Her lips locked around him tightly and she relaxed her throat muscles, allowing him to push in deeper. Cliff felt himself getting ready to cum. But Marva gave his balls a gentle squeeze.

“Not yet, Cliff. It’s not time.”

She pushed Cliff onto his back and straddled his waist. In the dim light of the cave, Cliff could just make out the sensuous curves of her body, her full, round breasts jutting out from her chest as she arched her back, and her flat, rock-hard stomach. She reached down and guided Cliff up to her tight, wet slit.
Marva let out a small squeal of delight as she felt his thick cock slide inside her, her pussy lips stretching around the fat, purple head. Placing her hands against Cliff’s chest, she allowed herself to settle down on top of him. She began to rotate her hips, her cunt muscles gripping him tightly, like they were trying to pull him up deeper inside her.
  Cliff reached up and ran his hands across her firm tits, squeezing her large nipples.

I can’t believe it, he smiled to himself. First I got to fuck a real fairy… I’m doing a real honest-to-god princess!

Wrapping his hands around her ass, Cliff began thrusting up, trying to get a rhythm established with Marva’s hips. Man, her cunt felt good! Cliff panted and grunted as he drove up into her. Marva’s head was thrown back in ecstasy as Cliff gripped her waist and pulled her down hard onto his raging tool. Her fingernails dug into his chest. The feel of her smooth body against his was heavenly.
   Cliff rolled over, putting Marva underneath him. His cock momentarily slipped out of her. Bracing his knees against the sleeping mat, Cliff bucked his hips, re-entering Marva in a single powerful thrust. Her hips slammed up against him as her long legs wrapped around his midsection, pulling him tight against her.
 “Fuck me, Cliff! By all that’s holy in the universe…..fuck me!”

Now in a better position to lay his weight into her, Cliff began a hard, relentless fuck of the beautiful woman. Their two bodies made loud slapping sounds as Cliff buried himself balls deep into Marva with each thrust.

“OHHHHHH…….OHHHHHHH………OHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Marva began to moan, reaching a fever pitch as she approached orgasm. Her legs tightened around Cliff in a powerful grip. Her fingers dug into his shoulders, drawing blood.

  Cliff continued to pound into her, Marva pulling her hips up off the sleeping mat to meet every thrust. He was having a hard time deciding if he was fucking her or the other way around.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” she yelled out loud as Cliff felt her body go rigid and her pussy clamped down on him like a vise. Her head was thrown back, her eyes tightly closed.

Seconds later, Cliff was also ready to cum. Marva seemed to sense that he was as she looked up at him.

“It’s okay, Cliff. Spill your load inside me.”

Cliff didn’t know the women of Valeria ingested natural herbs that altered their ovulation cycles. It was their own holistic method of preventing pregnancies.

Cliff let out a couple loud grunts as he shoved his hips forward, feeling the warm rush of semen erupt from the tip of his cock. He continued to pump hard into Marva. The two of them collapsed on the sleeping mat.

“Whoa, Marva! That was……pretty damn good!” said Cliff, trying to catch his breath.

“Mmmmmmm, you are like a god!” exclaimed Marva. “I’ve never been fucked like that in my life. Even my best man-pets are no match for you!”

They passed out,  spooning each other on the sleeping mat. Cliff didn’t know how long he had been sleeping, but he was suddenly woken by someone shaking his shoulder. He looked up to see it was the blonde girl, Hanna. She was completely naked.

“Come, Cliff! Come to my mat, please,” she whispered, taking him by the hand.

Cliff slowly got to his feet and followed Hanna. Marva didn’t even stir as he left her. Hanna led him over to her sleeping mat. The dark-haired girl, Ursa was lying on another mat beside Hanna’s. She was also naked. Cliff couldn’t help but notice, both women were exquisite!

“We both want you,” said Hanna, as she pulled Cliff down to her sleeping mat. Ursa sidled up to him, her hand sliding along his thigh towards his cock.

Cliff could see, it was going to be a LONG, HARD night!

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Always make me happy to see more of this story being posted.

October 13, 2014, 11:30:13 PM
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Chapter 21

Lori laid on the pile of filthy straw in a corner of Rugnak’s lair, watching with morbid fascination as the large, ugly troll fucked the young girl. At least she thought it was a young girl! 
   She had very pretty features and gorgeous tanned skin. The two bloody stumps protruding from her back had Lori perplexed, though. What the hell were those things?

 She didn’t want to watch, but she found she couldn’t look away. Was that what it looked like when she was getting fucked by Rugnak?

The large bulk of the troll towered over the petite girl as he pumped and fucked away inside her. Her screams and cries reverberated off the wall of the cave.
  Rugnak finally let out a loud roar as he came. His mouth hung open and large gobs of slobber dripped down onto the back of Jaelynn. He held himself inside her for a minute, then pulled out. His cock made a wet slurping sound. His semen oozed out of her tiny pussy like a river.

  The troll picked up the small fairy and placed her in a metal cage hanging suspended about 10 feet off the floor of the lair. Then he tromped off down a dark corridor, with a contented look on his face. Lori could have swore she heard him whistling.

“Hey!” Lori called out to the girl in the cage. “Hey! Can you hear me?”

“Y-y-yes,” Jaelynn whimpered. She was in great pain after the severe fucking she had received from the troll.

“Who are you? And where did you come from? Why are you wearing my clothes?”

“I-I found the cl-clothes in a cave. Cliff t-told m-me to take th-them,” Jaelynn explained. Lori couldn’t help but think but the girl’s voice sounded like that of a 5 year-old.

“Cliff? You were with Cliff?” Lori asked. “What was a honey like you doing with a douche bag like him?”

“I went through a…..a…portal…..and he…he found me,” said Jaelynn. “He took me to h-his h-home.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet he took you to his house,” Lori sneered. “So…’re from here? What is this place?”

“This is…..Idyllica….my home,” said Jaelynn. “ I am a…a woodland fairy. I live in Merrywood Forest…..far from here.”

“Merrywood Forest? What the fuck? Am I in some goddamn Disney movie? Where the hell is Snow White and the fucking seven dwarves?”

“Dwarves live here…..” said Jaelynn. “But I do not know who this, ummm, Snow White is.”

“Never mind! It was a joke,” Lori deadpanned. “But if you’re from here, we have got to find a way out of this cave! This fucking monster is going to kill us both! You would not believe the shit I've already been through!”
“H-he tore off my wings,” Jaelynn cried. “I can’t fly now. I hope that Cliff will come to rescue us.”

Lori didn’t reply. Yeah, she thought. Isn’t that something? I came out to Wyoming to kill that sonuvabitch for raping my mother, and now I have to depend on him to rescue me!

Rugnak showed up after awhile. He came over to where Lori was and looked down at her. Lori laid with her back to him, holding her breath in fear. She was sure he was going to fuck her again. She could smell his hot, fetid breath on her skin.
  But he turned away. She saw him go over to Jaelynn’s cage and look her over too. Then he left the cave.

  How long he was gone, Lori didn’t know. But she could tell it was getting dark outside when he finally reappeared. He had brought back two small deer with him that he had killed.
  Lori watched as he skinned and butchered the deer and hung their carcasses in a corner of the lair. He tossed a few chunks of venison into the large stew pot that hung over a firepit in the center of the lair.
  Later he brought a small bowl of the stew over to Lori. He set it in front of her and made a series of grunts, indicating she should eat it. Lori ate the warm stew with her hands. It still didn’t smell that good, but Lori had to admit, she was getting used to the taste. And at least it was food.
  She noticed that Rugnak also gave Jaelynn a small bowl of stew. The little fairy picked at it slowly.

   They weren’t quite finished eating, when three small creatures entered the lair. She had never seen these before. They looked like small men. They had beards and pointed ears and large, bulbous noses. They only stood about four feet tall.
   Lori couldn’t believe it! She knew what they were! They were gnomes. Just like she had seen in storybooks and peoples’ gardens. Real honest-to-goodness gnomes.
   They spoke to Rugnak. Lori could actually understand some of what they said.

One of the gnomes pointed up to the cage where Jaelynn was being kept.

“We want the little one!”

Rugnak gave a series of grunts and snorts and held out his hand. The gnome opened a small sack he carried and pulled out a homemade axe. Rugnak looked it over, weighing it in his hand and inspecting the workmanship of the steel blade.
  Then he opened the cage and pulled Jaelynn out. He handed her to the gnome and he and one of the others dragged her over  to another pile of straw. Jaelynn squealed and cried in terror.
   The third gnome reached into a small bag tied to his belt and pulled out what looked like several green sparkling gems. He handed them to Rugnak who placed them in a wooden bowl on a rock shelf. Then the gnome began to walk over to Lori.

“Oh God…..NO!” Lori protested as she tried to back away. But she was chained to the rock wall and could not escape. The gnome motioned to her to spread her legs. She shook her head in refusal.
  The nasty little gnome slapped her hard across the side of her head and yelled at her.


He was pulling down his pants, exposing a cock that was out of proportion to his small size. The little gnome was almost as round as he was tall but his erect penis jutted out from his portly gut. It was at least 9 to 10 inches long and extremely thick.
  “Get away from me, you sick little creature!” Lori cried.

She heard a piercing scream and looked over to where the other two gnomes had Jaelynn on her back. One of the gnomes was preparing to mount her as the other one fondled and licked Jaelynn’s small tits.
  The gnome penetrated the fairy with his large member and began to brutally rape her. Lori turned back to the gnome attempting to fuck her. He used his rough hands to yank her legs apart.
  Even though he was small, he had incredible strength. He snarled with lust as he pushed Lori onto her back and began to mount her. He took both her wrists in his hands and held her with an iron grip as he slammed his cock over and over into her.

Jaelynn continued to scream and cry as the other two gnomes raped and molested her. Her tiny body was pummeled as hard, forceful thrusts lifted her off the floor. She closed her eyes, not wanting to look at these despicable little men.
  She wondered where Cliff could be and why he was not rescuing her. How she longed for his big strong arms to hold her and keep her safe. She was trying to send him messages with her mind, like the day Ol' Bob the prospector came to the cabin. But all she could see was darkness. like Cliff was inside a cave or something. Whatever it was she wasn't getting through to him.

   The gnome that was not fucking her, began to force her mouth open and pushed the tip of his penis between her lips. It was horrible-tasting and smelled like one of the dead squirrels that Jaelynn and her siblings sometimes found in the meadows of Merrywood Forest. She gagged as he pushed it in deeper.
  He was jabbering in an excited tone to the other gnome who nodded his head and began fucking Jaelynn faster. Poor little Jaelynn was being rocked back and forth between the two gnomes, barely able to breathe as the large cock filled her mouth.

  The gnome in her pussy grunted like a pig as he came inside her. Several minutes later the other gnome squirted into her throat. His semen was thick and foul-tasting, nothing at all like Cliff’s.

  The two gnomes switched positions and Jaelynn was forced to endure the whole experience over again. Over on the other side of the lair, Lori was in an ordeal of her own. Her gnome had now flipped her on her stomach and was continuing to pump his hard member inside her. He was not as large as Rugnak but was still extremely repugnant.
  He had foul breath and slobber from his mouth dripped onto Lori’s bare back, pooling on her skin.

  He pulled out of Lori and flipped her onto her back again. This time he crawled up, hovering over her face as he pushed into her mouth. Lori almost retched at the taste of his rancid cock. The nasty gnome grabbed handfuls of her hair as he fucked her face. After several minutes of thrusting and jabbing his meat into her throat, he came hard. Large gobs of gnome spunk splashed across the roof of her mouth.

  The gnomes pulled their clothes back on and left the lair. They slapped each other on the backs and were singing some kind of little song as they headed down the path from Rugnak’s lair.
  Rugnak picked up Jaelynn and threw her back in her cage. He checked on Lori and made sure the shackles on her wrists were tight. Then he wandered down a dark corridor to his sleeping spot. The lair grew dark and quiet as the fire in the hearth slowly died down.

Next morning, Rugnak was up early. He took Lori and Jaelynn outside to relieve themselves. Then he took them back in to his filthy lair. Lori could see his cock was growing hard and she knew what was happening next. He pushed Jaelynn and Lori down onto their knees in front of him.
  He motioned that they should both begin to lick his thick shaft with their tongues. Jaelynn began to cry but a slap from Rugnak silenced her and she started lapping at his foul penis. Lori took her cue and began to lick on the other side of his shaft.

  Rugnak had a contented grin on his face as he watched his two little pets service him. The young troll was developing quite a reputation throughout Idyllica as the word spread about the human female, and now he had in his possession, a very cute and attractive young fairy.
  Trolls usually raped fairies when they caught them and then ate them. But this one Rugnak liked. She made his fuck stick hard when he looked at her and Rugnak liked that.

  Lori and Jaelynn continued to lick and suck on his meat with their warm mouths. Rugnak could feel the stirring in his large balls that told him he was ready to spurt out the white juice from the tip of his cock.
  Rugnak looked up as a dark shadow suddenly filled the doorway of the lair. Rugnak growled and reached for his club.  But he stopped as the shadow spoke.

“Do not attempt to harm me, foul creature! I am Morbos, Witch-king of the Northern Mountains. I will strike you down like an insect!”

Rugnak backed away from the mysterious figure. Lori and Jaelynn were transfixed, still kneeling on the floor.

 Morbos was clothed all in a flowing black cloak, his head and face covered by a large hood. They could not see his face except for two intensely glowing yellow eyes. He carried a long, ornately carved, wooden staff with the skull and antlers of a male deer adorning the top.

“You are the troll-creature with the human female. I wish to purchase her from you.”

Rugnak shook his head and muttered something in a guttural voice. What ever it was he said, the dark figure seemed to understand.

“It is not negotiable, creature! I have searched for a human female for a long time. My…..grimmox…… requires a mate and I want…….HER!“

Lori and Jaelynn were shocked to see the look of terror on the troll’s face as he heard the word, “grimmox”. They also noticed how Morbos seemed to put heavy emphasis on it when he spoke. As if he was trying to strike fear in Rugnak.

Rugnak pointed to Lori and grunted something.

“Oh, have no fear! I will compensate you greatly. And I also want the fairy too. There is something about her I find desirable.”

Rugnak gestured angrily and emitted a series of grunts and jabbering.
Morbos slammed his staff down onto the stone floor of the lair. A ball of fire about two feet in diameter shot from the deer skull and exploded against the far wall of the lair.

“I WILL NOT BE DENIED!” Morbos shouted. “You will take my price and you will not protest!”

Rugnak was on his knees, blubbering in fright and holding his hands in front of his face.

“I do not know who this Morbos dude is,“ Lori whispered to Jaelynn, “but he’s got the troll’s number. The big idiot is scared shitless!”

Jaelynn, however, was also terrified. She remembered her grandfather tell stories about the Witch-king. Jaelynn and her brothers and sisters and cousins had always thought they were just myths. But now she saw, he really existed! And he scared her a lot! What did he want with them?

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Thanks for more of the story.  :D

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Nice stories, I always loved reading erotic articles. It's the mind that gives us a different sexual pleasure.

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Hope there will be more soon

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Say 'pretty please' and maybe it will happen in the next couple days.......

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Vile8r and Jed this is one of the best stories more please!  PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE!!!!   ;D

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Chapter 22

Kera woke in the fowled sleeping bag well after dawn seeing light coming faintly inside the thin structure she think the trolls called a tent.  Although she could feel her body healing itself, her mating spot and jaws both ached horribly.  She tried to move, but soon realized both her legs were tied together, and her wrists were tied behind her back.  One of the troll’s arms was across her naked body as he snored.  She tried screaming through the gag in her mouth but only muffled noises came out.  She managed to worm her way to the entrance and see out, but it was so very cold and her clothes were gone.  She felt something grasp her ankle and drag her back.  One of the trolls laughing cut the bonds on her legs and then yanked them wide apart settled in between them.  She tried to scream again as she was penetrated.

Synthia heard Kera’s muffled attempts to scream and woke in the other tent on her stomach.  A troll was partially on top of her and waking as well.  She struggled against him and then began wailing as she felt him poke at her.  From behind, he pushed it inside her just like last night.  She cried and pounded her fists on the ground in frustration as being abused yet again by these trolls.

The men passed the sobbing girls around for an hour and a half in the morning before packing up to leave.  They stuffed the nude girls into the sleeping bag they found them in and tossed them on the sled with the dope.  When they got off the mountain to their jeeps, there was some argument about who would get to keep the girls.  After some haggling, Darrell, Ricky, Luke and Will agreed to take a bigger share of the bales of pot in exchange for letting Jay and Dakota keep the girls.  It was a good deal for the cousins.

The Two Feather cousins Jay and Dakota may have seemed like simple Native Americans off the Rez, but they were astute business men and were soon making tons of money selling the fairies to wealthy men willing to pay handsomely to fuck a real live fairy.  Clandestine advertising on the web got them the clients they were looking for.  By then then had been used so many times, they no longer made a huge fuss about it and just tried to avoid getting punished.

Synthia gritted her teeth and kept her wings folded in her body to prevent damage.  The male was not as big as many that had abused her body, but she still didn’t want her wings crushed she thought as he rooted in her waste hole from behind.  He had her flung over a purple cushion belly down on a gaudy purple bed.  She had been brought here earlier in the day, and this was the third time he made her couple with him.  She tried to detach her mind from the repugnant activity being perpetrated on her body, but then she thought of Kera and wondered what horrible thing was happening to her.

Later the man made her use her mouth on his rod.  He had used her so many times that it took her a very long time to finish him off.  Synthia could barely move her mouth afterwards, as her jaw felt numb and sore.  At least the amount of his seed she was forced to swallow was less, him having squirted twice in her mating spot and once in her butt.

Jacob Weller was an imposing man.  Well, imposing doesn’t do it justice.  He was a terrifying man.  It wasn’t just that he was worth nearly a billion dollars and was truly evil, but he was also 7 feet tall and morbidly obese.  Many women are willing to bed down with a wealthy man no matter how ugly he was as long as money got spent on her, but Jacob was among the ugliest.  Big, fat and bald, he was naturally hairless due to a genetic defect and made no attempt to hide it.  The other issue was that things are proportional and bigger is not always better.  Women who were willing to overlook his ugliness, changed their minds quick getting a look at what he was packing between his legs.  Jacob being Jacob did not take them changing their minds well.  His money always got him out of the problems that a rape charge would bring.  It didn’t help he had a fascination with small women and the exotic.

The man Jay had taken her a long way based on how long she was tied up in the back of the thing that moved called a van.  He stopped and talked briefly with someone before going through a fence.  She could see the largest building she ever saw and someone told Jay, “Take her to his garden around the back.”
Kera did what she was told these days.  The beatings she had to endure with the thing called a cattle prod were even worse than the things they made her do with the trolls.  It took her body a long time to get used to having mating rods shoved in it all the time, but mentally she never got used to it.  Sometimes men paid for both her and Synthia for just one man or a whole group of them, but this time it was just her alone.

Jay made her walk through a gate into a garden and told her she better do whatever the man inside said.  She knew she had to.  Nothing prepared her for what she saw.  It was the biggest troll she saw yet, and maybe even a real troll this time even through the men kept saying that they weren’t trolls.  He was huge and fat sitting on a rock completely nude beckoning her over.  Shaking like a leaf she walked closer looking back at Jay who made threatening gestures for her to keep going.

His mating rod was the biggest she had seen yet, and she had lost count how many had been forced inside her.  Its size terrified her.  Knowing what was expected, she hoped she could help him finish without him trying to get that thing inside her.  Trembling horribly she walked up to him while he grinned at her like some demon out of purgatory, purgatory being a real place in Idyllica filled with real demons.  His rod looked even bigger up close.  It was bigger than her arm and almost as big as her leg.  She took hold of it with both hands and straddled it clenching both thighs on it working it back and forth using hands and thighs to stimulate him.  He leaned back and seemed to be enjoying what she was doing and she got hopeful this would be enough, but it wasn’t of course.  A huge meaty hand reached out, and she cringed as it touched her head and pressed down.

Many of these trolls had done that before, and she knew what he wanted.  She crouched down on her knees and took it in her hand and began licking the head and shaft thinking he has to know it would never fit in my mouth.  She stopped licking looking at him for more direction, and he got annoyed gesturing for her to keep licking.  She alternated between licking the shaft and sucking on the tip.  Kera had her eyes closed trying to imagine herself back on Idyllica, so she didn’t see his hands moving.  She let out a screech feeling him grab her by a leg and breast lifting her high in the air.  He flipped her around until she landed on his fat belly and obese breasts.

He pulled her further up, and she jumped as her crotch touched his face.  She jumped again as his tongue made startling contact with her mating spot.  It felt huge licking her opening, and then she felt him forcing his tongue inside her.  He pushed her hand with his massive hand, and understanding she reached out straining and finally getting hold of his rod.  It was hard to reach, but she got it and tried to move her hand on it, while he licked her mating spot.  Not many of the trolls did that to her before, and a couple times in the past she actually liked it, well her body liked it anyway, as it was always humiliating.  It didn’t hurt at least.

As she felt her body responding to his licking, she suddenly understood why he was doing it.  He was going to couple with her and was trying to get her ready for that.  She quivered in fear thinking of his huge rod and him trying to get it inside her.  The trolls commented often about how she and Synthia could heal themselves.  It was amazing to them apparently that then could fit large things inside their mating spots and waste holes, yet still feel ‘tight’ as they called it when they coupled with them.  The worst thing they ever did to them they called ‘fisting’ when they shoved a closed hand inside them past the wrist.  She knew this troll coupling with her would be as bad or worse than the fisting.

Kera could feel her body’s natural protective secretions flowing, and knew the troll could taste them.  Sensing she was as ready as she ever would be, he gripped her thighs and lifted her without effort down between his legs again.  He turned her around facing away from him, and Kera felt his rod press against her mating spot.  Despite this being the countless time she would have to take a troll rod into her body, she felt tears rolling down her cheek as she reached back grasping his enormous rod guiding it to her mating spot and not her waste hole.

She stroked it with her hand and rubbed it around her mating spot wet from the troll’s mouth and her own secretions.  Gritting her teeth, she began cramming it inside her, while backing against him.  She gave a little high pitch squeal as the head popped inside and heard his low growl of pleasure.  She felt stretched to her extreme limits but backed up more feeling it slowly enter her body pushing her tunnel to the point of tearing her insides.  She backed up feeling his gigantic rod go deeper inside her body.  Kera began moving it in and out bracing herself with hands on the fat troll’s knees.

Kera hoped it would be enough, but she couldn’t move fast enough for this troll.  He seized her hips making her screech in fear, and began yanking her entire body back and forth on his rod.  She could feel her internal organs being squashed he penetrated her so deep.  She let out cries of pain at the thrusting and finally did feel a few rips in the lining of her mating tunnel and tried to will her body to heal itself, even while the nasty beast was still violating her body.  It was horrible and even worse than the fisting.

He was grunting with effort slamming his rod into her.  Kera did not know what a ragdoll was, but she was being treated like one at this moment, as her only efforts now were to try and not let her head and face hit the rocks that were so close by still holding onto his knees and keeping her head up.  The pounding went on for several minutes, but then she could feel his corpulent body shaking.

Without warning he abruptly yanked her off his rod and flipped her around until her face was inches from the tip of his rod.  He yelled at her to open her mouth, and knowing exactly why she reluctantly opened wide just as a huge stream of his seed sprang forth hitting her directly in the face.  A good deal went in her mouth, and she swallowed the revolting stuff just before opening her mouth to catch a second slightly less forceful stream.

Kera collapsed to her knees coughing and sputtering while the troll roared with laughter.  The troll’s seed coated her entire face, and it was all over her hair.  She could feel her mating tunnel gaping open and trying to close, as she used her mind and magic to accelerate the healing process.

With great exertion, the troll raised himself off the rock and grabbing her by the arm he pulled her over to a pool of water and tossed her in.  The water was cool and felt good.  She used it to wash his seed from her face and hair while the troll watched with a malevolent stare and grin.  As she cleaned herself under his gaze, she realized he would only want her clean because he planned to use her again.  With a choking sob she concentrated again on healing herself thinking about the misery her life had become, hers and Synthia’s.

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