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Welcome! This new story is a collaboration of myself with another well-known and well-loved author of this site.

Just remember this is a story of pure fantasy and fiction. It may be a "fairy tale" but it is not intended for children under 18 years of age or anybody who is easily offended by violent and graphic sexual situations. Any resemblance to real people, places or situations is purely coincidental, although I must say, if you have ever been in a REAL situation like this, we'd all love to hear about it! The author(s) of this story do not promote or condone the sexual abuse of anybody, real or magical! So please.....sit back and enjoy!

Fairy Tales Can Come True!

A collaboration of Vile8r and Jed

Chapter 1 by Vile8r

The sun was just coming over the mountains and beginning to bathe the valley below in its soft morning glow. Jaelynn soared high in the warm updrafts as she surveyed the exquisite panorama.
  To the north and east were the majestic, snowy peaks of the Sapphire Mountains. To the south was a limitless expanse of small rolling hills and meadows and lakes. Well, it wasn’t quite limitless. Far at the edge of the horizon, Jaelynn could  just make out a hazy blue line that she knew was the coast of the Sea of Aqualonia.

  Jaelynn swooped as she  almost collided with a flock of geese, who gave her honks and stern glares as they flew by.

Crabby old things!  she thought to herself.

Jaelynn, you see, was a woodland fairy. And this was the world of Idyllica, a land where many wondrous, magical creatures resided. Fairies of all sorts, elves, dwarves, mermaids, unicorns, satyrs, all lived here. And a few not so nice creatures too, like ogres and trolls.
  But they stayed mostly high in the mountains or farther east in the Black Woods. Trolls didn’t like sunlight much and spent most of their time in mountain caves or burrows, only coming out at night.
Jaelynn was a very beautiful, young girl fairy. She was approaching her 200th birthday, which may seem pretty old to us humans. But in the lifespan of a fairy, she was only in her “teen” years. To see her, one would equate her to a extremely attractive 16 or 17 year-old human girl. Except that 17 year-old human girls didn’t have silky transparent wings and could fly!

She had long slender legs and arms and exquisite, smooth tanned skin. Jaelynn had long, lustrous auburn-coloured hair that stretched down her back. She noticed over the last several years her body had lost the skinny gawkiness of a little girl and was becoming more curvy and shapely. Her clothing seemed to fit tighter around her too.

  The boy fairies seemed to like hanging around her a lot more.

And she noticed other changes too. On her chest, what used to be small bumps, were growing larger. And between her legs, in her “mating spot”, as her mother called it, it felt funny when she touched down there. It made her body tingle and she would get sweaty even if it was a cool evening. It was very puzzling to her.
Jaelynn glided down to the valley below. The woodland fairies of her clan lived in Merrywood Forest at the foot of the Sapphire Mountains. There were many different clans of fairies in Idyllica, identified by markings on their wings.
  She flew low over the lush green meadows and quickly-flowing streams, her wings a blur in the dawn sunlight. She waved at a couple baby fawns out grazing and cavorting with their mothers.

Hmmmm, thought Jaelynn. I haven’t met those two yet. I’ll have to go introduce myself later.

Woodland fairies were very friendly and sociable and made friends with all the creatures of the forest. Using their magic, they helped keep the forests safe and helped the animals if they became hurt or sick.

Jaelynn approached a huge tree at the edge of the forest. It towered nearly two hundred feet into the sky and the trunk was close to twenty feet in diameter at the base. This was Family Tree. It was where Jaelynn lived with her parents and many siblings. It was also home to her grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, basically her whole clan!

Jaelynn flew through an opening in the trunk of the tree on her family’s level.
Her mother, Sirina, was busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Her younger brothers and sisters were gathered at the long wooden table in the dining area. And it WAS a long table! Jaelynn had 15 brothers and sisters!

Jaelynn’s mother set out bowls of steaming acorn porridge for everybody.

Her father entered the room and gave her a stern look.

“Jaelynn, were you out flying this morning already?”

“Yes, Father, I was,” said Jaelynn, looking at the floor as she spoke. It was customary among fairies to not make eye contact with their elders when they spoke to them. It was a sign of respect and they were only to look up if they were told.
“I’ve told you to be careful about that,” her father scolded. “At this time of morning, the nighthawks can still be out and they have no conscience about making a meal out of a careless fairy!”

“I can fly faster than any old nighthawk!” Jaelynn replied.

“Don’t be so sure of yourself, Miss Smarty-pants,” he said. “They can dive on you before you even know they’re there!”

“I’ll be careful, okay?” said Jaelynn with a petulant tone.

“And retract your wings when you’re in the house!” her father ordered. “How many times do you have to be told?”

“A million times?” asked Jaelynn’s little brother, Jaros.

“You just be quiet and eat your porridge,” said Jaelynn’s mother.

Jaelynn sat down at the table and also dug into her porridge. It was delicious, as usual. Jaelynn smiled to herself. Her mother always made the best porridge.

“I’m going for a fly after breakfast too,” she told her father as they ate.

“Well, don’t be gone all day,” he said. “And as usual. Stay away from the portal!”
Jaelynn rolled her eyes as she looked down at the table.

“Yes, father!” she said impatiently. “I know!”

“Well, I mean it,” he said gruffly. “Portals are very serious business and you haven’t taken any training yet. You realize if you went through a portal and couldn’t get it closed, other things can get in the portal from the other side and come into Idyllica. They could be very bad things!”

“Yes, you’ve only told me that….a million times!” She glanced over at Jaros and winked.

Portals were magic gateways between Idyllica and other worlds. Fairies could use the portals to go to other worlds and work magic. Jaelynn had heard of many stories about the wondrous adventures other fairies had went on in other worlds. Some of the worlds were very nice, some were not so much.

  One world the fairies liked to visit was a place called Earth. Earth was a lot like Idyllica. The people who lived there were called humans and looked a lot like fairies but without wings.

 Many portals were hidden away in secret locations, some were fairly easy to find. The problem with portals was that some were evil and some were good. If you came across an evil portal, any number of bad things could happen to you. You could end up in an evil world and have now way to return, or you could lose your magic powers by passing through it. Or you could end up in the Black Woods, in a troll’s stew pot!
Actually, a stew pot would be lucky for you! Most trolls were very mean and liked to torture fairies. Especially the girl ones. They did…….bad things….to them.

And you could not tell a good portal from a bad one. Unless you were properly trained in the use of magic. Which Jaelynn was not! Yet!
  Someday soon she would be travelling to Golden City and enrolling in Magic Academy. Magic Academy was something all fairies had to go to.
  All fairies were born with innate magic abilities but those abilities needed to be nurtured and drawn out from a fairy’s subconscious mind. Fairies had to learn how to properly control and use their magic. A fairy with no control over her magic could be very destructive or allow themselves to be enslaved by a witch.

 Fairies had to spend many, many years at Magic Academy before they earned a wand. Master Fairies earned a gold tiara as well, or if they were males, a gold bracelet. All the fairies that taught magic at the Academy were Master Fairies.

But back to portals. Not only did you need a control of magic to determine if a portal was good or evil, you needed magic to open a portal and to close it again. May Queen Mirabel, the ruler of Idyllica, have mercy on you should you open a portal and leave it open, allowing whatever was in the other world to enter Idyllica.

   Some of the old legends said that was how trolls and ogres ended up in Idyllica. The fairies responsible for letting them in were banished to a world called Silicar, a world of horrible heat, sand and rock, populated by horrific lizards and snakes. They were supposedly never heard from again. Jaelynn remembered her Grampa Robbi telling her and her cousins that story when she was but a small fairy-let. It scared the wits out of her. She could not imagine being banished from Idyllica!

   BUT….some evil portals would open on their own. And either stay open or not allow whoever went through them to come back. Yes, a lot of things could happen to you around portals. Which was why fairies treated them with the utmost respect. MOST fairies anyway!

Jaelynn was not what you would call an average fairy. She had a very adventurous, rebellious nature, much to her elders’ consternation. Jaelynn, from a very early age, liked to explore. Which was not completely unusual for a fairy.
  But most fairies liked to explore places like forests and meadows and streams. Jaelynn liked to fly up into the mountains, where there were more dangers for a fairy. Hawks and eagles living in the high rocks loved to dine on fairies. As well there was always the risk of running into a troll or ogre.

   They would sometimes stretch thin nets across a mountain pass and snag whatever happened to walk…or fly….past. One of Jaelynn’s uncles had had the same adventurous spirit as she and it had led to his eventual demise. He had disappeared years ago and it was widely believed by her clan that he had fell prey to an ogre’s net.

Jaelynn’s parents could not hold her back. Once a fairy’s wings were fully developed, it was a natural urge to fly. All they could do was try and warn and educate her of the dangers. Idyllica was a beautiful, serene world, but there were places and creatures that could do you much harm.

Jaelynn just had a hard time listening to her parents. Most fairies were very respectful and obedient of their elders, but not Jaelynn. Listening to their constant lectures was so boring! She was too much of a free spirit and it concerned her father very much.
There was nothing wrong with her being a free spirit, he just wanted her to do it AFTER she’d had her magic training. When she would be better educated of the dangers in the world and how to deal with them.

The portal her father referred to was in a cave not too far from Family Tree. It was a good portal, or so her father said. Still, she and her young siblings and cousins were expressly forbidden to go near it. Jaelynn knew her father had been through it many times but he, of course, had his magic training.

“I will stay far, far away from the portal, I PROMISE!” she said.

“Okay,” her father said. “AND stay out of the mountains too! There is so much to do in the meadow, you don’t need to be up there.”

“Oh, Tarkas, she is very careful, you know. Don’t be so grumpy with her all the time,” Jaelynn’s mother chided him.

“I just don’t want her to end up like her Uncle Nobbi,” said Tarkas.

After breakfast, Jaelynn had to help her mother clean up the dishes and do her morning chores of cleaning up their tree dwelling.

“Mother, the squirrels have chewed another hole in the roof of my bedroom,” complained Jaelynn.

 Even though Family Tree was populated by her fairy clan, they still had to contend with various animals who also made the tree their home. Including a family of squirrels who loved in the level above them. The squirrels were usually good neighbours but occasionally pushed their luck, trying to expand their living area.

“Oh, I’ll send your father to talk to them again,” said Jaelynn’s mother with an air of exasperation.

“My chores are all done and I’m going out now,” said Jaelynn.

“I think she’s going flying to meet some boys,” said her younger sister, Mysty, with a giggle.

Jaelynn had changed into a new dress. It was made of a silky, semi-transparent fabric. Her mother wove it from the petals of roses. In addition to having a pinkish iridescent colour, it also emanated a pleasant, perfumy scent. This particular dress was getting a little small for Jaelynn. It came down only a few inches below her “mating spot” and also barely covered her very round curvy behind. Her budding breasts were barely contained in the top of the dress.
Her mother gave her a frown.
“Hmmmm, yes, that looks more like a mating dress to me!” she said.

“Mother, it is not! It’s just getting a little small!” Jaelynn protested.

Fairies did not mate and have young ones until they were usually at least 500. When they were of the proper age to begin procreating, the females would dress provocatively and make themselves as attractive as they could. That included wearing very revealing clothing, called “mating dresses”.

 But when fairies were younger, it still didn’t stop them from “coupling” with attractive members of the opposite gender. They just couldn’t procreate. Jaelynn knew the way some of the other boy fairies in the forest were beginning to act towards her, they probably had “coupling” on their minds. And who knows, she thought, maybe one day I will let one of them.

Jaelynn gave her parents a kiss on the hand as she left the tree dwelling. A kiss on the hand was a fairy’s way of saying , “I love you!”. She flew off into the beautiful day, glancing back over her shoulder at Family Tree. It was the last time she would ever see it.

She passed several other Family Trees, homes of other fairy clans. She thought about stopping and asking her friends, Kera and Synthia, if they wanted to go flying with her. Then decided she would just go on her own. Her friends were such worry-warts, they never wanted to explore anywhere fun.

Jaelynn began to climb higher into the faster updrafts. They helped her fly better and could carry her miles from home. She was headed toward a large imposing peak of the Sapphire Mountains. She had never been close to that particular mountain and decided she would explore there today.

As Jaelynn approached the lower slopes, just above the treeline, she looked down and saw mountain goats perched on the rocky ledges. How fun it would be, to be a mountain goat, she mused. Although, she wouldn’t like living up on the side of a mountain all the time. Way too cold and windy! Even now she could feel cooler breezes coming off the snowy peak of the mountain.

Then she saw it! A cave tucked away amongst a pile of large boulders! Seeing a cave was not so unusual but this one was. There was a strange bluish glow visible from the entrance. A portal?!
  But Jaelynn knew of no portals in this part of the mountains. Her father told her the only portal in this area was the one in the hill near their Family Tree. And he knew the locations of a lot of portals! Jaelynn’s Grampa Robbi was known as a portal-keeper.
Portal-keepers looked after large maps of Idyllica and charted the locations of all the portals, good and bad. If a new portal was found, fairies would report it to her grampa, who would then add it to the maps.

Jaelynn was so excited.  Had she found a new portal? Her Grampa Robbi would be so proud. But where had this portal come from? Surely, her father or her grampa would have known of its existence by now, being so close to the valley.
Upon closer examination, Jaelynn realized there had been a rockslide in the area very recently. That must have been what happened! There was a rockslide and it uncovered an ancient portal that no one else in Idyllica knew about!

  Jaelynn knew the proper thing was to turn around and head for Family Tree. Her father and grampa would need to come here immediately and investigate this portal and determine if it was good or evil. But something stopped her. A strange compulsion came over her.

Jaelynn found herself unable to stop looking down at the bluish glow emanating from the cave entrance. It seemed to be calling to her. She felt a buzzing sensation in her head and she flew down lower to the cave. The buzzing in her head became louder.

It was not painful, just kind of annoying. As she approached the cave entrance, she noticed the buzzing went away. She walked cautiously up to the entrance. The bluish glow was brighter now and it filled the air around her. She knew she was walking but when she looked down, her feet were not moving.

Jaelynn’s heart began pounding in terror. She remembered something her father had told her about portals. Not only could some evil portals open on their own, if you got too close too them, they could suck you in! The evil powers could seize you and pull you in and there was nothing you could do to stop it. Jaelynn suddenly realized she was being pulled into an evil portal. She turned around and tried to run back.

 Too late! She felt what seemed to be invisible hands or tentacles, wrap around her arms and legs and she was yanked right up off the ground. She beat her wings furiously, trying to fly away, but it was no use. She was held too tight!

“AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! HELLLLLLPPPPPPPPP MEEEEE!” she let out a high-pitched scream of horror. The invisible hands dragged her into the cave. She tried to grab at the walls of the cave with her hands. The invisible tentacles seemed to wrap in her hair and around her throat, squeezing and pulling. She looked over her shoulder and screamed again.

The blue glow was transforming into a swirling vortex and what looked like a long, long tunnel. Jaelynn felt herself literally thrown into the mouth of the vortex and her body began spinning round and round. She had the sensation of falling but yet when she looked around her she seemed to be staying in one spot. She could not feel the hands on her body anymore. Then everything went black.
Jaelynn didn’t know how long she had laid there. She slowly looked around her. She was lying on the hard rocky floor of a cave. Her head pounded terribly. Dim light streamed through the entrance of the cave. Jaelynn struggled to her feet.

  Wobbling unsteadily, she stepped out of the cave. She was in a forest. High mountain peaks loomed over the trees. It looked like Idyllica, but Jaelynn knew it was not. The smell of the air was all different, and it was cold! Terribly cold! A strong wind was blowing and small white flakes of snow were falling. Dark grey clouds filled the sky.

  Jaelynn suddenly came to the realization she was in another world! But what world? Tears began to stream down her face. WHAT HAD SHE DONE? She had been sucked into an evil portal and deposited who-knew-where! And with absolutely no way of knowing how to get back! She was in trouble. BIG TROUBLE!

Jaelynn walked down the rocky slope towards the trees. She heard a small rustling sound in the trees. Like a twig being snapped. And another one. Something was moving through the trees. Whoever or whatever, it was, they were being very cautious, not wishing to be heard. But a fairy had very acute hearing.

The smallest twig being broken, an animal brushing against a branch, fairies could hear it. Whatever it was, Jaelynn wanted to be in the air when it came out of the trees. Jaelynn beat her wings but her feet barely came off the ground two feet. What the……?!! She couldn’t fly!

Try as she may, beating her wings as hard as she could, she could not rise off the ground. In panic Jaelynn looked over her shoulder as the creature came into the clearing. She let out a high-pitched squeal.

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Chapter 2:

Somewhere in the Wind River Range of Wyoming, a cow elk wondered through the timber in the general direction of the creek, her head raising often and testing the wind for danger.  Always alert she continued down the ravine.  Breeding season was past so the large bull that had gathered her and a few other cows into his harem had moved on.  The time of loud noises was past when the most dangerous predator was around, the one on two legs.

After nearly 5 years of living in the wilderness essentially alone and extensive hunting experience before that, Cliff could move rapidly and silently even though he was a great bear of a man.  Keeping downwind so she couldn’t scent him, Cliff found a good spot.  Kneeling in the brush, Cliff watched the cow elk approach.  He had spotted her 20 minutes ago and quickly moved to intercept.  He carried a recurve bow with a quiver attached to the side.  Dressed in camouflage, a spruce branch was stuck in the quiver to further break up his outline.  Bow raised and arrow nocked, Cliff waited for the right moment.  Any sign of movement and the cow elk would bolt, and drawing the bow was movement.  The bow had a 75 pound draw weight nearly double what most men hunted with.  When the elk’s head was blocked by a tree trunk, Cliff drew the bow.  Straining at full draw Cliff waited for the elk to move past the tree exposing her ribcage.  Cliff released and caught a glimpse of the feather fletching disappearing into her ribs.  The elk bolted down the ravine.  Cliff sat down to wait.  About 10 minutes should be enough.  Legal hunting season was long past, and the bow was silent not bringing the game warden’s unwanted attention.

He found his arrow, the entire length splashed with blood.  It was a through shot, and the blood trail was easy to follow.  The elk had only made it about 250 yards before expiring.  Cliff gutted her saving the heart and liver, skinned her out, boned out the meat and used the skin to hold the meat tying it into a bag and makeshift back pack.  Carrying about 200 pounds on his back he started the long journey back to his cabin.

Later in his cabin Cliff contemplated his life while smoking the meat for jerky and eating pan fried elk liver.  His granddad had built the cabin.  It and the land it stood on was his.  He had some inheritance from his parents, but he only used that mostly for canned goods, dry goods and to pay the minimal property taxes for his 25 acres adjacent to the Bridger Wilderness Area.  The rusty jeep was used to go to town only as often as he had to.  He tried living in town, but it was well known he was on the sex-offenders watch list even though he had been out of prison for 9 years.  People harassed him and didn’t want him around.  Well fine, he didn’t need them.
Cliff was best when he was outside stimulated by the wilderness, his blood pumping as he stalked his next meal.  When he was shut up in his cabin, his thoughts went towards a different kind of stalking and his blood pumping for a different reason.  Even though he was 41 now, the urges were just as bad.  Cliff started to reach for himself and touched it but then pulled his hand back.  He was thinking of the first one, her was name Arlene.  She had long dark hair, brown eyes and a nice figure.

Arlene wasn’t sure what she wanted to do from here on out.  She graduated high school this year and broke up with her boyfriend Tommy.  It was her decision; he was fine for high school, but she thought she needed an upgrade now that she was 18.  Dad and mom had the ranch, but she didn’t want that hard life any more.  There was a big young man at the counter of the diner she and her friends were sitting at a booth and talking with diet cokes in front of them.  He looked to be in his early 20’s, and Arlene kept looking over until she caught his eye and smiled at him.  The young man looked around until he finally figured out she was smiling at him.  He gave her a nervous smile back.

Outside the diner and with her friends giving her some space, she approached the young man, “Hi, I’m Arlene.”
“Uh, I’m Cliff.”
“Do you live nearby?  I’ve never seen you before Cliff.”
“My folks live about 20 miles up the valley.  I’m still with them helping out until I know what I’m going to do.”
“Sounds like my life.  That’s not far.  I wonder why we never saw each other?” said Arlene.
“Different school district, and I don’t leave the ranch much, I guess.”
The banter went back and forth and eventually Cliff got a piece of paper with her phone number.

Arlene wasn’t sure how old Cliff was but she knew he would be considered too old if her parents saw him.  Cliff was a little ashamed of the old pickup he drove when he met Arlene back at the diner.  She didn’t see what he was driving when he met her.  The truck had been further in town by the hardware store.  He did his best to clean it up before he met her at the diner.  Arlene wanted to meet during day to keep her parent’s suspicions low about her being on a date.

They ate and he tried to participate in the conversation a little to get over his shyness, but it didn’t matter much as she seemed to like talking and him saying ‘Uh, huh’ once in a while seemed to be enough.  They went for a drive and he drove part way up the jeep trail to park.  They sat in the truck for a few minutes not speaking; Cliff was too shy and didn’t know what to do.  Arlene came to his rescue and leaned in and starting kissing him.  Cliff became instantly aroused and wrapped her in his large arms kissing her back.

Arlene started getting scared.  Cliff was being too rough and had his hand on her breast now.  She was putting up resistance now and pleaded, “Cliff stop, please!  This is too much!”
He ignored her and began pushing up her dress.  She tried to push his hands down.  Suddenly, Cliff stopped touching her and opened the truck door.  Arlene breathed a sigh of relief thinking everything was going to be OK.

Cliff seized her arm pulling her towards him, and then pushed her on her back on the truck seat.  She was kicking at him, but it didn’t hurt.  He opened and dropped his pants to the ground.  Pulling her in closer he shoved her dress up, moved between her legs standing outside the truck and tore her panties off her as if they were made of tissue paper.  Her legs were now dangling outside the truck on either side of him.

Arlene screamed very loud when Cliff entered her.  She wasn’t a virgin and the kissing had got her a little wet, so it could have hurt worse, but he was so big, much bigger than Tommy her old boyfriend.  She cried over and over as he moved inside her thrusting back and forth.  After what seemed like an eternity she felt him stiffen on top of her as his semen poured into her body.  Arlene let out a wail knowing what that could mean and knowing he hadn’t used a condom.  Later, Cliff drove her back to her parent’s car in silence.  Afraid to tell her parents she was with a man in his 20’s and thinking they might blame her, Arlene didn’t tell anyone, but she wouldn’t see him again.

Cliff could feel his blood surging.  He had to have a girl.  If not Arlene again, then he would find another one.  The whole dating and waiting thing was too slow.  Cliff starting thinking about where and how he could get another girl.

Back to the present, Cliff turned in for the night and had a restless sleep thinking about each of the girls he had raped during his crime spree.  The next morning he woke at dawn and began doing chores around the cabin.  Breakfast was pan fried elk heart with onions and potatoes.  He left the cabin and walked to gather a little kindling.  He snapped a few branches and thought he heard a high pitched squeak that didn’t belong in the woods.  No bird sounds like that.  As quiet as he could, he went towards the sound.

Entering a clearing Cliff saw a young girl, but to his shocked the girl was hopping into the air a few feet higher than anyone should be able to jump.  A stunned Cliff reached up and rubbed his eyes.  It didn’t help; he could still see her wings.  ‘Wings on a girl?’  ‘Am I going crazy,’ Cliff thought but he started moving quickly towards the girl as she cowered in terror.  She was babbling in some high pitched language that didn’t even sound like a human could speak.

It’s as big as a troll thought Jaelynn as the being ran towards her.  She was frozen in place, not able to run.  Crying she thought, ‘I’m a Fairy, I’m supposed to fly, not run.’  In a moment the huge male stood in front of her with a shocked look.  She trembled and didn’t resist when he picked her up and started walking.  They entered a wooden house, but it was made of dead wood instead of live wood, not like a proper house.  It was not in a tree either.  Jaelynn gasped seeing dead animal heads on the walls.  ‘What is this creature going to do to me,’ thought Jaelynn. 

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An all time favorite by two of my all time favorite writers!

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very cool story I hope there is more to it

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very cool story I hope there is more to it

There is a great deal more, but not my turn...LOL

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Chapter 3:

Cliff set the “young girl” down on his tattered couch. She scurried away, trying to curl herself up in a little ball at the far end. Cliff watched as her wings slowly retracted into her back.

“What kind of fucking freaky thing are you?” he asked out loud.

Now that her wings were gone, she looked more like a normal teen girl, except for her large brown eyes and pointed ears. Cliff’s eyes began to roam across her tanned body. He didn’t know who or what this girl was, but goddamn, she was pretty damn fine-looking!

 She was lucky if she was 5 feet tall, Cliff estimated her at about 4’ 10”, nearly two feet shorter than him. When he was carrying her, she felt  like maybe 85-90 lbs. “Shit, I’ve picked up rabbits heavier than you,” he thought.

From the looks of her, she appeared to be maybe 15-16 years old, certainly no older than 17. Sometimes on his infrequent trips into town, Cliff would catch a few glimpses of the local teenage hotties walking down the sidewalk. He would try not to stare but sometimes it was pretty hard! Damn, the clothes they wore nowadays! This girl, or whatever she was, looked a lot like she was around the age of some of those schoolgirls in town.

 And what a body! Not really big tits, but just a nice little handful. Slender, tapered legs and a sweet little ass. And her lips and face! Very exotic-looking. Cliff couldn’t help but notice his cock throbbing in his pants. This girl was hot!

She was wearing some kind of sexy little shimmery dress that barely covered her. A pleasant perfume-like odour seemed to come from it. It was almost see-through as Cliff could just make out the small dark circles of her aureolas on her perky breasts. It had slid up on her smooth thighs, totally exposing her. She didn’t appear to be wearing any kind of undergarments.

Cliff sat down on the couch and gently pulled her knees apart. He glanced down between, peeking at the little pink cleft down there. Hmmm, no hair! But she was at least definitely female!  And how! That had to be one of the sweetest little pussies he had ever seen in his life!. And he’d seen quite a few.
As he touched her knees, her whole body suddenly went rigid and she let out a high-pitched squeal that reverberated through the house. Cliff gritted his teeth as his ears ached from the sharp noise.

It was a defense mechanism Jaelynn had been taught when she was young. It was supposed to alert other fairies that one was in danger. Cliff slapped his hand over her mouth.

“Jesus fuck! Shut the hell up!” he growled. “They’ll hear you all the way to town! Settle down! I ain’t gonna fuckin’ hurt ya!”

Slowly, as she listened to the troll-thing growl at her, she let her body relax and she stopped the squealing. The man took his hand off her mouth.

He looked her straight in the eyes, but she kept looking down towards the floor. He reached out and gripped her by the chin, lifting her face up to him.
“Holy shit, she’s got smooth skin!” Cliff observed.

“Look at me!” he said gruffly. “Who the fuck are you? What’s your name?”

Jaelynn looked at him, her eyes as large as dinner plates. The strange troll, or whatever he was, had spoken to her. She spoke back, slowly and haltingly.

To Cliff, it at first sounded like a small mouse squeaking, but he suddenly realized there was a word in there.

“Jaelynn?” Did you say Jaelynn?”

She nodded. His voice was very gruff and deep, like a troll’s, but she was able to make out that he was repeating her name.

He reached out and brushed the long auburn hair bunched up over her shoulders. It was the silkiest, most lustrous hair he had ever touched! She began to tense up again and Cliff prepared to muffle her if she let out that infernal squeal again, but she didn’t do it this time.

Cliff got up off the couch and sat down in his well-worn recliner. He kept staring at the girl, who remained curled up on the couch. She had her legs pulled up to her chest and her arms wrapped around her knees. She looked back at him with a look of terror like he had never seen before. He had seen scared girls before, but nothing like this.  This girl looked at him like he was evil incarnate.

What the hell had he found? She certainly wasn’t some lost college girl out hiking in the woods or one of those tree-hugger chicks he had come across occasionally. This girl was definitely not dressed for hiking or camping!

She was dressed more like she should be dancing on the stage down at Bruno’s Roadhouse or giving $25 blowjobs behind the dumpsters at the truckstop.

Did someone dump her out here in the wilds? A teenage hooker somebody banged and then threw out of his car? Cliff shook his head at that idea too. It was at least 30 miles out to the highway. No way some dumb whore could have made it this far away from the highway.

She didn’t even have shoes, and she wasn’t that dirty. So Cliff knew she hadn’t been out here that long. And then there was the matter of her wings! What kind of chick had wings?

Maybe she was an alien! Cliff had seen a few odd things during his years out  here in the woods. Strange, weird lights over the trees at night, stuff like that. Maybe she got left behind by her flying saucer people.

Again he shook his head. He didn’t believe in all that UFO shit.

He began to think about other things though. What kind of human-like creature could have wings and look this good? His mind wandered back to his days as a little kid and reading books in school. Fairy tales! Yes! That was where he had seen girls with wings. Stories about fairies!

Could this girl be a real-life fairy? Cliff had heard urban legends about people seeing woodland fairies. But he held those stories in the same regard as he did stories about UFOs. Usually, he figured it was someone who had smoked a little too much wacky tobacky!

Well, Cliff knew what he had saw! And he knew he wasn’t smoking any thing! He hadn’t done that shit since high school. He always figured a real life fairy should be a lot smaller. Wasn’t Tinkerbell in Peter Pan just a tiny little thing?
Cliff shrugged his shoulders.  How the fuck should he know?

All he knew was, he had something that wasn’t quite of this world sitting on his couch. She had a killer body and face that was giving him one hell of a hard-on! Where she was from didn’t concern Cliff. She could be from another country, another planet, another dimension. Who knew? Who cared?

What it did mean was she likely had no family or anything around who would be looking for her. Cliff felt the old stirring in his gut. That same old stirring that had gotten him in so much trouble over the years. But this time he didn’t have to worry about any trouble.

He had dreamt about something like this but didn’t know if it would ever actually happen. For most men (well every man like him anyway) this was only a fantasy. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized, he had found the perfect victim!

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Chapter 4:

Jaelynn was terrified of the troll, but when he pulled her legs apart and looked at her mating spot, her terror magnified and she gave a warning cry, but no other fairies came to her rescue.  She was sure the troll was going to do what the scary stories said they did with fairies and try and couple with her.  She knew what a male fairy’s mating rod looked like, and couldn’t image what the rod of this troll would look like.

The troll kept speaking his harsh gruff words she couldn’t understand.  Over and over he spoke and by some magic Jaelynn started picking out a word here and a word there that she almost understood.  At some point she understood he wanted know her name and she told him, and he understood.  The speaking went on for a while, and he was saying many things.  She could tell that eventually she would understand him.

The troll began fixing something that could only be his food, but it smelled like the flesh of an animal burning making her sick to her stomach.  He brought over something brown and burnt on the edges and tried to put it in her mouth, but she cried and shook her head.  He stopped trying after a few attempts.  He pulled out two metal cylinders and used another metal tool to open them.  He poured the contents of both into what looked like a cook pan and heated it.  When he brought this over, she could see it was some green vegetable with what looked like legumes.  She was very hungry and ate some of the food with the ponged tool the troll gave her.  It tasted old but not like it had gone bad.

The troll was looking at her in a way that did not seem nice.  Jaelynn wasn’t so happy with her dress anymore and remembered what her mother said about it looking like a mating dress.  She knew the troll could see a little of her body through the dress.  She began crying again as he reached for her.  He took hold of her shimmering dress and began pulling on it.  Jaelynn began shrieking for help that she knew would never come as the troll tore her dress from her body.

Cliff watched the tiny thing who called herself Jaelynn and remembered the girl he grabbed after Arlene so many years ago.  He didn’t even ask her name; only found out later reading the paper.  When he decided to just grab girls, he knew it couldn’t be too close to home.  From the west side of the Wind River Range, he drove all the way east to Casper putting nearly 200 miles on his truck.  He had other reasons to be there, but when he saw the girl walking with no one around, he slowed his truck to look.  He started to drive away as she was too young and 5 foot nothing; but in the side mirror after pulling past he saw her breasts sticking out in the shirt she was wearing and pulled over.  He got out and pretended to look at his front right tire.  The girl eventually walked up and spoke, “Hey mister, your truck OK?”

Cliff stood and turned not speaking looking down at her from his six and half foot height.  He clamped a huge hand over her mouth and pulled the passenger door open.  Throwing the girl on the floor boards, he quickly tied her hands behind her back and gagged her.  Walking around, he got in and drove off.  Entering Interstate 25, he drove north for several miles to the first exit and looked for some place secluded.  Pulling off into the prairie, he drove well off the main road.

The girl had light brown hair and could have been anything from 14 to 16.  She had nice breasts and a very pretty face with a pert nose and long eyelashes.  She was groaning through the gag and pleading with him with her eyes.  He pulled a blanket out and got out of the truck.  Spreading the blanket out on the ground, he then got the girl out of the truck and throw her on the blanket.  The girl tried to scream through her gag as he pulled her shoes and socks off followed by yanking her jeans off.  He shoved her shirt up above her head and began mauling her breasts as she squirmed around trying not to let him.  He pulled her panties off and stood above her undressing.

Missy kept trying to scream as the big man in his 20’s pulled her legs apart and lowered himself between them.  She knew what he was going to do and saw him spit several times in his hand rubbing it on her.  She tried to pull away.  She couldn’t see it, but she could feel it pressing against her as he moved forward.  “MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFffffffffffffffff,” came out as she tried to scream through the gag when he lunged forward.  Missy felt something tear horribly inside her and continued trying to scream though the gag as he thrust in and out of her.  There was dirt all over her hair as the girl flung her head around in protest at this intrusion into her body, but the man just kept plunging into her.  It just went on and on and eventually she had no fight left in her, and she just lay under man waiting for him to finish with her.   She came around a little as his thrusting got faster and more urgent.  Suddenly, he stiffened above her, and she felt his fluid shooting into her.

When the man left in his truck, Missy wandered essentially nude with only her shirt and bra dangling from her tied arms towards the occasional car light of the main road.   Getting to the road she waited for the next car.  A family pulled over and a man found a blanket to cover her.  They took her to the hospital.
Jaelynn tried to shriek for fairy help when the troll tore her dress from her.  In an instant, she was completely nude.  He picked her up and took her struggling futilely in his big troll arms to what looked like a sleeping area.  Jaelynn cried and pleaded with him as the troll took rope and bound her hands together and taking a length of it tied the end to a big log going from floor to ceiling.

His huge hands grabbed her legs by the ankles and pulled them wide apart as he leaned in and looked at her mating spot even closer than before.  Jaelynn was petrified in fear and had stopped shrieking, but she began shrieking again when he poked one of his huge troll fingers at her mating spot.  He released her and put his hands over his ears as she shrieked, and she thought he would stop.  But he didn’t stop, as he took some cloth and shoved it into her mouth and tied it in place.  He poked his finger at her again at her mating spot and then into her just a little as she tried to shriek through the cloth.  Jaelynn heard him say a word that sounded like, ‘tight.’

He got up from her and went and got some of that stuff he cooked the animal flesh in and came back and spoke, “Ah think ah need some help gettin into you.”
Jaelynn wasn’t sure what he meant, but then understood as he smeared the greasy stuff on her mating spot and put it aside.  The troll began undressing and finally dropped his pants to the floor, and she saw it, his mating rod.  It looked bigger than her arm, and Jaelynn knew the troll was going to couple with her.  He smeared the greasy stuff on his rod and bent over her.  She tried to plead with him with her eyes, but she knew it wouldn’t work.

The troll spread her legs very wide as he moved between them.  Jaelynn could feel his rod pushing at her mating spot, but she had just given up to her fate.  She knew the troll was just going to do this over and over to her.  She had heard stories that fairies like her wouldn’t die from this.  It would hurt every time, but her body would repair itself just in time for the next attack.  The troll lunged forward, and Jaelynn tried to shriek again at her body being torn apart.

Jaelynn had never felt such pain as this monster troll drove deep inside her.  She had flirted with the boy fairies and even considered how it would be to couple with a few of them.  She never thought her first coupling would be with a troll.  Jaelynn continued to try and shriek and the troll moved on top of her, and she felt his rod splitting her in half each time he plunged into her.  She couldn’t see anything but his huge naked hairy troll chest in front of her face as it moved in time with the rod moving in and out of her.

Jaelynn had never felt so much sorrow and made piteous noises through her gag lying under the troll using her body.  The troll was moving even faster and it hurt even more as she was sure he was pushing even deeper into her body.  Then the troll pushed really deep and lifted his head up and made a horrible sound.  Jaelynn could feel something wet enter her body; it was filling her, and felt like some kind of liquid.  The troll fell on her body crushing her and suffocating her.  Jaelynn wanted to die.

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Chapter 5:

 Cliff sat on the edge of the bed and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Sonuvabitch! That was a good fuck!

He smiled to himself as he rolled  a cigarette. Taking a deep puff, he exhaled the smoke. Cliff looked over at Jaelynn. He’d had some tight fucks in his life, but damn! Nothing like that! This girl was a special one. He had a feeling he was gonna have some good times with her.

The tiny girl, or whatever she was, was trying to curl her legs up against her chest, making herself into a little ball. There was a few streaks of blood on her inner thighs and a dribble of his cum oozing out of her.

Cliff was kind of surprised. For as tight as she had been and the way it felt like he was splitting her in half, he had expected to see more blood. When you raped a virgin, blood was just something you expected to see. He remembered that Missy girl he had raped. She had bled a lot! Quite a few of them did. But this Jaelynn, she was different.

He got up off the bed and padded over to his dresser. Reaching into the top drawer, he pulled out a ring gag. He had bought this many years ago at a sex shop on a rare visit to the city. He looked over at Jaelynn.

Yeah, she had a pretty small mouth, but it should fit okay.

Cliff didn’t want to use the ring gag but he still wasn’t sure what kind of creature this Jaelynn was. He wasn’t going to stick his dick in her mouth without some kind of protection. For all he knew, she might have a mouthful of fangs!

Until he was sure, he was going to err on the side of caution. Cliff hadn’t used the ring gag in a while. He remembered the last time he had and a sick smile crept across his face. It had been about 2 years ago.

Her name had been Marnie. Marnie was a 22 year-old college student. Cute as a button too! Short blonde hair, big blue eyes and full, pouty lips. She’d stood about 5’ 2” and had a great body, although her tits were quite small. Cliff remembered making fun of her for that.

“What the fuck, bitch? I’ve got bigger tits than you!” he had taunted her.

Marnie had had a summer job working for the lumber company down in the valley. She was studying environmental sciences in college and they had hired her to help with some environmental assessment they needed to do so they could do some logging in the area. Only problem was, the dumb bitch got lost and ended up on Cliff’s property, about 5 miles from where she was supposed to be! Her quad had run out of gas and her cell phone had no reception. She’d had a two-way radio, but she had lost that in the river when she tried fording it. The girl was in a bad way!

Cliff, being the good Samaritan he was, told her he would help her get back to where she needed to be but it was getting dark. He had a few jerry cans of gas and he said he’d give her some fuel in the morning and draw her a map so she could find her way back to the logging road.
 She accepted his invitation to come in for some fresh venison stew he was cooking and he told her she could sleep on his couch. That was her biggest mistake. As soon as Cliff had closed the door behind her, the fun had begun.
  He lost count of how many times he raped her that night. Then she tried to get tough when he was forcing her to suck his cock and had given Cliff a nasty bite. He lost his shit!

  After knocking several of her teeth out with a series of punches to the mouth, he had brought out the ring gag and jammed that between her jaws. Then little Marnie had received one of the most savage face fucks, he had ever given a girl. He came within an inch of completely choking her to death.

Cliff didn’t like getting that mad, but sonuvabitch! She’d hurt him bad! He had the teeth marks on his dick for days afterwards.

He had kept Marnie there most of the night, until she was practically unconscious and could hardly walk. He dragged her down to the meadow and then left her there.
   He knew there was several wolves in the area and sure enough, by morning, they had disposed of her, her body dragged off into the trees and half eaten. Cliff had tore her clothing up and scattered it around the meadow too. Her quad was also taken down to the meadow and parked in some swampy ground to make it look like she had gotten stuck.

  A search party found her remains a few days later. They were so mutilated, no one was able to determine she had been sexually assaulted. The conclusion they came to, as Cliff had planned, was she had became lost, got her quad stuck in the mud, and fell prey to a wolf attack as she had struck out looking for help.
 Cliff had came along when they were bundling up her remains and pulling her quad out of the mud. He asked what had happened and the rescue party told him.

“Yep, that’s what’ll happen when you send these college kids out on their own in the bush,” he admonished them. “The high country ain’t no place for amateurs!”

Cliff walked back over to the bed, the cigarette half hanging out of his mouth.

Jaelynn’s eyes were wide with terror as she looked up at this strange troll. He was breathing smoke! Was he also a dragon? He had to be! Jaelynn remembered him eating the charred meat of some poor animal. Only dragons did that! Was he going to cook her flesh and eat her too?

The troll pulled the cloth from her mouth. Jaelynn was going to scream again but thought against it. Her screams had brought no help before, so it was useless. The troll put his greasy fingers on her bottom lip and pulled her mouth open.

Before she could react, something was jammed in her mouth. A metal ring of some sort. It hurt as her jaws were forced wide open and the cold metal grated against her teeth. She couldn’t move her tongue. The troll reached around behind her head and tied two leather straps together that were attached to the ring.

He untied her wrists and pulled her up off the bed. He slung her over his shoulder and carried her effortlessly out to his chair in the other room. Sitting down in his chair, he forced Jaelynn to kneel in front of him. Jaelynn noticed with horror, his rod was hard again and it stuck straight up between his legs.

It looked even bigger when he was sitting down and it was right in front of her face.

Cliff put a big hand on the back of Jaelynn’s head and pushed her mouth down onto him.

“OHHHHHH! SHIT!” he moaned, letting his head fall back.

  Cliff felt the head of his cock push along the roof of her mouth. Her tongue felt so warm and soft on his shaft.
Jaelynn’s tiny body bucked and jumped as she struggled to take the large member in her small mouth. Her little hands pounded at his meaty thighs but it was like beating on the trunk of a large tree. Her air was being cut off as Cliff’s thick shaft pushed in.
  Suddenly, as an involuntary reaction to danger, Jaelynn’s wings popped out of her back! She beat them furiously but to no avail. Her body could not rise more than a couple feet off the floor.

Cliff jumped in his chair as the fairy’s wings popped out of her back.

“What the fuck?!” he yelled out loud.
Her body raised up a couple feet but it seemed she could go no further and she settled back down to the floor. She tried it again, but still no success. Cliff didn’t know what the fuck she was trying to do, but the sensation on his cock was incredible each time her body lifted.

 Her head would move down on him and he was able to ram himself deep into her throat. Jaelynn made horrible choking and gagging sounds and would stop beating her wings. After trying four or five times to fly, she finally settled down and let her wings go back in her body.

Damn! thought Cliff. I wanted you to keep going. That felt fucking awesome!

Cliff had his hand wrapped in her silky auburn hair and he jammed her head up and down on him. He looked down, watching his cock slide through the ring gag.

This girl’s mouth felt great! Cliff felt his balls beginning to swell. He was gonna cum hard!

Jaelynn had tears running down her face and slobber oozed from her mouth and down her chin. The large meaty rod pounded in and out, pushing into her throat and back out again. She felt dizzy as she fought to breathe. Was he trying to kill her?

The troll began to let out a sound like he had before when he let the wet stuff go in her body. Except this time, Jaelynn felt it spurt into her mouth. She tried to squeal and pull away but he had an iron grip on her head. The horrible-tasting, foul liquid oozed into her throat and she was forced to swallow.

Was this stuff poisonous? Jaelynn didn’t think so. It had done nothing to her when he put it in her mating spot, but what it would do if she put it in her stomach, she wasn’t so sure.

Cliff held her head on him until he was sure she had swallowed it all, then he let her up for air. He felt light-headed. That had been a great face fuck!
He pulled the petite girl up onto his lap and let her curl up on him. She was shivering and scared. He untied the ring gag and took it out of her mouth. She seemed to like that.

She was whimpering and crying like a small animal. Cliff brushed his hand through her hair.

“Don’t worry….Jaelynn, I guess your name is. I’m not gonna hurt you as long as you’re good. You’re something else….and you and I are gonna have some fun. I won’t use the ring gag again. Just wanted to use it this first time.”

“H-home…..Id-Idyllica! W-want Idyllica….home!” Jaelynn whimpered softly, in a barely audible voice that sounded like a small child talking.

“Idyllica? Is that yer home? Don’t know where the fuck that is!” Cliff said gruffly. “Never fuckin’ heard of such a place! And if it’s yer home, well, yer shit outta luck. This is gonna be yer new home!”

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This is such a great story!!!!!

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Chapter 6:

The troll pulled Jaelynn over to the sleeping area and pushed her into it.  He covered them with thick materials that at least felt warm but did not smell very good.   The troll had his huge thick arm wrapped around her with his hand covering her breast.  She felt the troll’s breathing steady as he went to sleep.  Waiting for what seemed a long time and watching the fire in the stone area dim, Jaelynn began sliding slowly and carefully out from under the troll’s arm.  She had to escape this horrible creature.  Finally standing nude and shivering in the cold dwelling, she realized how cold it had gotten with the fire nearly out.

Finding some cloth to wrap herself up in Jaelynn carefully and quietly opened the door to the dwelling.  The shock of the pitch black night was nothing compared to the horrible chill that went straight to her bones as a blast of icy cold air hit her body.  Her bare feet in particular hurt from the cold.  She had never experienced such cold.  Standing there Jaelynn realized she did not want to die; she wanted to live and one day find her way back to Idyllica.  Quietly closing the door, Jaelynn shivered in the intense cold and looked around the dwelling for a way to get warm.  In frustration, humiliation and with a few quiet sobs she realized there was only one warm place to go, and that was back next to the troll.

Trying to slide carefully back into the sleeping area shivering from the cold and needing the troll’s warmth, Jaelynn tried to control her sobbing to avoid waking the troll.
“Cold out thar ain’t it?” the troll said chuckling and making her jump.
Jaelynn realized the troll had been awake the whole time she was thinking of leaving the dwelling, and he could have got up and caught her even if it was warm out.  She was a prisoner here even when not restrained.

The troll enveloped her in his arms, and Jaelynn felt repelled at his touch, but grateful for the warmth as her body was still shaking from the cold.  She cried out feeling the troll’s hand reach down and forced her legs apart.  A huge thick finger began rubbing her mating spot, and then it slipped a little inside her just a little causing her to cry out in pain.  He kept rubbing until her body’s natural biological response made moisture, and his rubbing felt less rough and painful even though she still found it repugnant.  Jaelynn felt the troll’s finger slowly withdraw from her body.

The troll pushed her on her side facing away, and he began to poke at her again.  This time Jaelynn knew it was not his finger and began wailing as something larger pushed at her very hard until with great pain it gained entry.
Her wing’s came out and buffeted him in the face causing him to yell, “Dammit, I’ll rip em off you, if you don’t quit.”
Jaelynn forced herself to retract her wings, but had a hard time keeping them in, as the troll kept pushing repeatedly at her mating spot getting a little of his rod in each time he shoved hard.

With a series of thrusts the troll surged deep into her body.  Jaelynn cried as the troll began moving inside her shoving his mating rod deep, just to pull it almost all the way out and shove it deep again.  The first time he did this he tore her body terribly and only her magical recuperative powers healed her so quickly.  Part of that healing seemed to prepare her just a little for this horrible experience.  Although Jaelynn was sure some of her insides were tearing like the first time, she knew the damage was less, and her body would repair itself even more quickly.

Her wailing and crying turning to just whimpering and the occasional sob, Jaelynn could feel the troll’s thrusting into her mating spot become more urgent and rapid.  One of the troll’s hands squeezed and gripped her breast, while the other was pulling her hair.  Both hands were hurting her.  Although the troll’s head was far above hers, she could feel his hot stinking breath on the top of her head.

The troll was gasping as his body thrust very fast and deep into hers, and Jaelynn remembered what happened before.  She cried out as his grip on her hair hurt even more as the troll’s hips jammed against her very fast until suddenly he shoved very deep and gave a terrifying roar.  Jaelynn could feel that horrible slimy liquid pour into her body as the troll’s hips worked against her a few final times.  The troll stopped moving and Jaelynn felt his grips on her hair and breast relax.  She felt his breathing change and knew he had gone asleep.  His mating rod although smaller and not hard any more was still inside her.  Jaelynn squeezed her muscles inside her body and managed to push it out of her.  She could feel his fluid leaking out of her and cried until she fell asleep.

Jaelynn’s high metabolic rate required frequent although small meals, so when she woke as light peeked into the dwelling, she felt fatigue due to intense hunger.  The troll was awake looking at her.  Swallowing hard Jaelynn attempted to communicate with the troll. “Jaelynn hungry.”
“Yer hungry, huh?  Well, I just might be able to help ya.”
Jaelynn nodded and waited hopeful for some food, but the troll was pushing on her shoulders.  Jaelynn didn’t understand, but then the troll’s enormous mating rod bumped her face.  Startled Jaelynn looked at it up close and sobbed seeing it was hard and knowing that meant the troll was aroused.  She remembered yesterday when he put that thing on her face that forced her mouth open and then pushed his mating rod in her mouth.  It didn’t make sense to do that; it wasn’t how her people mated.

“You use your mouth on me lak yesterday, an ah will get ya sumthin ta eat,” the troll said to her.
Jaelynn remembered and didn’t want that thing on her mouth again that forced it open, but she also didn’t want his rod in her mouth again, but she was so hungry.  If I do this she thought, the troll will give me food.
The troll spoke again and showed her his massive fist, “I don’t wanna feel your teeth, ya hear?”
Jaelynn understood and trembled at the thought of what to troll would do if she bit him.

Jaelynn couldn’t believe something so huge had already fit in her mouth as she looked at the troll’s mating rod.  The troll pushed her hard on her head towards it, and with great reluctance Jaelynn opened her mouth as wide as she could.  The troll pushed her mouth down on his rod very hard, and Jaelynn immediately felt like she was suffocating.  It stretched her lips very wide as the troll pushed it far in her mouth and to her throat making her choke.

Jaelynn could feel the troll’s hands in her hair forcing his mating rod deeper and deeper in her mouth.  He turned her to the side forcing her to go with him.  Just as he did in the night, the troll began humping his hips into her again, just this time it was her mouth.
“Suck on me dammit!  Use your tongue!” the troll said to her.
Understanding the troll, Jaelynn tried to do what he said thinking it might go faster, and then he would feed her.

Jaelynn sucked on the monstrous rod in her mouth.  She was desperately for him to finish even if she had to swallow that horrible vile tasting slimy fluid again; Jaelynn was sure she would suffocate soon, and tried harder to suck on the rod in her mouth.  The troll was grunting now and pushing harder, deeper and faster into her mouth, as she frantically sucked at the rod, she was getting hardly any air now.  The troll’s hips jerked at her mouth a few more quick times, and Jaelynn felt the nasty slimy fluid squirt into her mouth.  To keep from choking on it, she swallowed several times to get it all down.
“Keep sucking,” the troll said to her, and Jaelynn suck more on the rod until it became soft.

Finally, the troll pulled his horrible rod from her mouth and got up.  Jaelynn watched him carefully and saw him open a metal cylinder and a glass cylinder.  One had a green vegetable in it and the other had little reddish purple balls in it.  Jaelynn was very hungry, but she noticed she felt a little energy coming back to her body.  She was confused for a while as she watched the troll heat the food, but then Jaelynn realized swallowing the troll’s fluid must have given her a little energy.  The troll put food in front of her as she sat up in the sleeping area and spoke, “Spinach and beets.”
Jaelynn ate some of the food, but then couldn’t eat more now and looked at the troll and asked, “Eat more later?”
The troll nodded his head in a way she took to mean ‘yes.’

Jaelynn wrapped up in a thick cloth and watched the troll burn meat in some fat.  It smelled terrible, and Jaelynn wondered what poor creature had to die to feed the troll.  After the troll ate, he ignore her for a while.  She looked outside the dwelling and saw him raising and lowering a heavy metal tool cutting wood with it.  He brought some of the wood inside and added more to the fire.

The troll looked at her, and Jaelynn trembled in fear.  He walked over and sat with her pulling the cloth off her naked body and pulling her into his lap.  The troll pushed his hand underneath her and started probing around.  Jaelynn knew he was going to push his finger in her again and probably his rod would follow, and she began crying that it was going to happen again so soon.  His finger was poking her in the wrong place.  He was not pushing at her mating spot; he was pushing at her waste hole.  Turning to the troll, Jaelynn tried to communicate with him, “No…no…not mating spot….wrong.”
The troll smiled at her baring his carnivorous teeth, “Ah know what hole ahm poken girl.”
With that spoken, Jaelynn screamed as the troll’s finger pushed into her waste hole.  It hurt and felt so big inside there.  Why would he do that Jaelynn thought crying.  It made even less sense than putting his rod in her mouth.

With Jaelynn in his lap and his middle finger squeezed tight in her butt, Cliff thought about that girl from near Logan, Utah so many years ago when he was in his early 20’s.  Cliff had got a pre-packaged ham and cheese sub, some chips and a coke in the convenience store, when he rounded the corner and saw the girl bent over getting something off a bottom shelf.  He nearly dropped his food looking at her firm round butt.  He pretended not to be looking when she stood and tuned towards him, but she smirked at him knowing he had looked at her.

The young man was handsome, and Lisa didn’t mind he was checking out her butt.  She knew she had a nice butt especially wearing a tight dress instead of the loose jeans she usually wore on the ranch.  The young man waved the coke in his hand for her to go ahead of him at the checkout counter, and she smiled at him and went.  Lisa thought about talking with him, but her parents expected her home and she only recently was allowed to take the truck by herself at 17.  She knew he was too old for her too, but it did give her a thrill that he looked at her.  Pulling out of the parking lot in her dad’s truck, she didn’t notice the young man getting in a truck and pull out following her.

Cliff watched the beautiful dark brown haired girl with that perfect ass swaying away from him in the lime green dress.  When she left he followed her for about 8 miles and she pulled down a dirt road with dust flying.  Cliff had trouble driving in the dust, but he knew she couldn’t see him.  The girl stopped at a gate getting out and unlocking it.  He pulled up behind, and she didn’t see him at first.

Turning in surprise, Lisa saw the handsome young man had followed her.  She immediately felt flattered and didn’t have any fear as he approached, but suddenly he grabbed her and flung her stomach first on the ground dust flying into her eyes and mouth.  She felt her dress being pushed up as she coughed on the dust.  She tried to get up, but something slammed into her back knocking the wind out of her.  She could feel her dress being pushed up past her waist and her panties being yanked down.

Cliff got his pants down and was about to shove his cock in her pussy from behind when he stopped and looked at her beautiful bare butt.  He had never butt-fucked a girl before, so without a further thought spit on her asshole and worked the saliva in with a finger spit again, and then in a single plunge shoved his cock deep in her ass.

Lisa screamed at the man’s penetration of her body.  She wasn’t a virgin but no boy had ever done this.  Lisa continued screaming as she could feel him tearing into her shoving it back and forth.  She tried to reach back and knock him off, but he was so big on top of her.  Finally, he grabbed both her wrists and held them in one hand as he brutally pounded into her rear.  Lisa’s screams turned to a wail and then just whimpering while the man just kept driving deep into her body violating it in a horrible way.

Cliff was ecstatic at the feel of her ass gripping him.  It was rough at first, but he was sliding nicely in and out of her butt now.  Her screams increasing his pleasure as he redoubled his efforts of seeing how deep and fast he could fuck her ass.  Cliff felt like his head was going to explode when his orgasm reached its peak, and he slammed one final time in the girl’s ass releasing his jism deep in her bowels.  Pulling out and looking at the girl sobbing in the dirt her face grimy from dust sticking to her tear streaked face.  Cliff heard a truck coming from the ranch up the road, yanked his pants up and ran for his truck.  He stopped and grabbed the keys from ignition of the girl’s truck and flung them away to block the gate.  Driving like a maniac, he got clean away.

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I am love love loving this story!!!!

October 01, 2014, 12:39:25 AM
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Offline vile8r

Chapter 7:

Jaelynn took a big breath of relief as Cliff pulled his finger from her small waste hole. What was this creature doing? It had been very painful with his finger inside her, even more than when he had been inside her mating spot! Things didn’t go IN a waste hole, they came OUT!

Fairies were very fastidious and kept that part of their body extremely clean. Cliff took note of that as he looked at her tight little pink rosebud.

“Sonuvabitch!” he muttered. “That’s the cleanest little asshole I’ve ever seen!”

His cock was growing hard as he contemplated what he wanted to do. He knew this little thing was gonna raise serious hell if he tried to fuck her ass. But knowing how tight her pussy had been, he just knew her ass was going to be heaven!
Of all the raping Cliff had done over the years, ass-fucking was one of his favourite things. Most times, like with the Logan, Utah girl, he had just decided he wanted to do it. There were also times when he had found out a girl was on the rag and so did her up the ass instead. Sometimes, he used it as a punishment for something a girl had done to him.

Like that girl he raped in the back room of a diner one time just outside Salt Lake City. Gina had been her name. A cute 18 year old redhead. But rather feisty. She threw hot coffee at him. Although she missed his face, which was what she was aiming for, it did hit him in the shoulder. He rubbed his left shoulder, still feeling the scarred tissue even though it had been 15 years ago.
  After tying the little bitch down on the counter in the kitchen and yanking her black slacks down to her knees, Cliff had lit into her virgin ass like a man possessed. He shoved an onion in her mouth to keep her quiet.
   Whatever the circumstances, fucking a girl’s ass was just a lot of fun. And he knew little Jaelynn was going to be no exception.

Cliff got up from the chair, and cradling the fairy in his powerful arms, he carried her to the bed. He grabbed an old blanket he kept for the winter when it got colder and spread it out on top of the bed. He laid her on her stomach and bound her wrists with the rope he had used earlier. He went back to the stove and came back carrying a tin can that held some congealed animal fat.

Jaelynn, with her heightened sense of smell, could detect the scent of it right away. She wondered, with terror in her eyes, what the troll intended to do. Was he going to invade her in her mating spot again?

Cliff took a dollop of animal grease and smeared it on Jaelynn’s anus. He pushed his finger inside her again, forcing some of the gross stuff into her. She watched over her shoulder as he smeared a glob on the tip of his rod, which was hard and sticking straight out again.

Cliff rubbed the tip of his cock over Jaelynn’s ass entrance and then, pushing Jaelynn’s face down into the pillow, began forcing himself inside her. Holy shit! She was tight!

Jaelynn began to buck and fight as she suddenly realized what the troll was trying to do! In the name of the Queen, what was he doing???

Jaelynn let out a squeal, that even with her face pressed into the pillow, was loud in the room. Her wings tried to spring out, but this time Cliff was ready and he had pressed his big hands onto her back, preventing her wings from popping out.


Cliff wiggled and worked his hips as he struggled to push himself deeper. Jaelynn’s tiny rectal muscles gripped him tighter than he had ever been. He huffed and puffed with the exertion of trying to move his cock inside her. Slowly the animal grease began to do its job and he felt it become easier to stroke in and out.

Cliff was only able to get about half of his cock in at first. He wrapped his hands around Jaelynn and braced his knees against the mattress. Letting out an animal-like roar, he pulled back and plunged his cock inside her again, this time bottoming out. He felt the flesh of her ass tunnel tearing as his entire shaft buried itself inside her.

Jaelynn, in spite of Cliff holding her down, jumped and twisted and squirmed like an animal, finding strength she never knew she had. She was delirious from the pain. Cliff slapped her across the back of the head and grabbed a big handful of her silky auburn hair.

“YEAHHHHHHHHH!” he roared again as he began to pump his swollen cock in and out of her. It was the most awesome ass-fuck Cliff had ever experienced!

Jaelynn’s squeals and whimpers, although they hurt Cliff’s ears, were merely getting him more excited. He thought about Gina in the diner, She had screamed a lot too, although it was muffled by the big red onion in her mouth. She had bled a lot too. Cliff knew, after he had pulled out of her that day, that he had caused some serious damage inside the young waitress.

Jaelynn was bleeding a lot too…at first! Cliff noticed with wonderment, that after bleeding like crazy for the first couple minutes, Jaelynn suddenly stopped bleeding! It was like her ass was healing itself as he fucked her. He noticed it had gotten quiet all of a sudden. He looked down and saw that Jaelynn had went still, her body limp like she was unconscious.

He didn’t realize, Jaelynn’s body had shut itself down to help her deal with the pain and had already started to heal itself. Cliff didn’t give a shit anyway. Bracing his hands on the bed, his hips bounced up and down, as he pounded the tiny ass. Feeling his cock ready to explode from being enveloped in the tight channel, he felt a dribble of slobber run down his chin as his body let out a powerful shudder. Hot cum raced up his shaft and he fired a large load into the poor little fairy’s bowels.

Sweat running down his body like water, Cliff pulled out, his cock making a large sucking sound. Cum and blood oozed out of her and pooled on the old blanket. He rolled over beside the limp form of Jaelynn and stared at the wooden ceiling. Cliff panted like a dog as he tried to catch his breath.
DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN THAT WAS AWESOME! he exclaimed to himself.

Jaelynn still wasn’t moving. He hoped he hadn’t killed her. Suddenly though, he saw her eyes flicker open. Ahhhh, okay, she was all right!

Cliff got up off the bed. His legs were weak and he stumbled a bit. He chuckled to himself. He hadn’t felt this weak in the legs since he had fucked that Lisa chick in the ass. He plopped down in his chair and lit up a cigarette.
He was getting out of shape for all this fucking! He knew he didn’t have the energy he used to. But hey, this little Jaelynn thing wasn’t going anywhere. He could take ALL the time he wanted with her. He was gonna look forward to this winter!

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Chapter 8:

Jaelynn regained consciousness on her stomach to great agony.  Her head turned to the side, she could see the troll wipe his rod briefly with a dirty cloth.  Slowly remembering what he did, Jaelynn’s mind just could not understand why he did that.  She knew that fairies got pleasure from the joining of the rod and mating spot, but the horror of having to put her mouth on the troll’s rod and swallow his vile fluid, and now this incomprehensible excruciating violation of her waste hole with his rod.  Jaelynn did not know such misery could exist.  The troll came back and untied her, but she didn’t move.

After an hour Jaelynn was able to move onto her hands and knees, but when she tried to sit on the edge of the bed, she screamed in pain and had to stay on her hip sideways.  She knew her body was healing itself, but it was using all her reserves of energy to do that.  “Food!” Jaelynn begged the troll.
“You know what you got to do to get food?” the troll answered.
Jaelynn sobbed thinking about what he made her do for food last time.  She tried to move and just collapsed from weakness.

Cliff saw how weak she was and went and got some canned carrots and peas heating it in a pan.  He gave her water and just a small amount of the food.  Eating it in just a few seconds, Jaelynn held out the bowl in a parody of Oliver Twist begging, “More.”
“You want more, you know what you need to do?” the troll said sitting on the bed next to her opening his pants.  He pulled her off the bed to her knees in front of him, the fairy wincing at each movement.

The meager food in her belly was already giving her just a little strength, but she knew her body had not finished the repairs it required.  She needed more food.  Moving towards the troll’s softened rod, the smell hit her.  It smelled like the place at the base of the Family Tree that was home, where fairies fertilized their home with their own waste.  The troll had only wiped off the obvious flecks of her waste on his rod.  It was still coated with her waste, and she became nauseated smelling it.  The troll grabbed her auburn hair forcing her face closer, “Open yer mouth girl!”

Fairy digestion is very rapid, but there were a few remnants of the food still in her stomach that were trying leave, as Jaelynn heaved several times and forced the food back down.  Opening her mouth and taking the soft tip in, she heaved and retched again at the awful taste.  The troll was not clean anyway, but with his old sweat and her waste on his rod, the taste was horrid beyond belief.  Miserable and desperate to get rid of the awful taste, Jaelynn began sucking and swallowing; generating saliva to clean the troll’s rod and swallowing her own waste particles into her stomach still heaving at the repellant task.

Eventually the taste began to fade as she cleaned the troll’s rod completely, but it was still mostly soft.  Jaelynn knew by now it should be hard, and he would only stop when his fluid left it and entered her mouth.  Still sucking and licking desperately at the troll’s rod trying to get him hard, Jaelynn wondered if using her mating spot in the night, her mouth in the morning and her waste hole just a while ago had drained the troll.  If he couldn’t do it anymore, why did he make her keep trying with her mouth?

Cliff remembered picking up a girl in a bar in Billings, Montana.  He was 22 and she was 23 with red hair and a nice body with just a few freckles.  She made out with him in the parking lot for a while and gave him her number, as he agreed to drive her home.  To her surprise and horror, he didn’t take her home pulling over on the way.  He tore her panties off from under her dress and raped her in the front seat of his truck.  While she cried underneath him, he got hard again and managed to fuck her a second time.  But this still wasn’t enough; terrifying the girl with threats, he made her suck his limp cock for almost two hours before giving up and shoving her out of the truck and driving off.

Jaelynn was trying so hard to please the troll, so he would give her more food.  After what seemed like an eternity she felt him slowly get hard, and she just kept sucking trying to get more of it into her tiny mouth.  As it grew, it stretched her lips wide as her head moved up and down desperately trying to earn more food.  She heard the troll moan and took that as a good sign forcing her very tired lips and tongue to redouble their efforts on the troll’s rod.  It still a long time but eventually and finally, the troll grabbed her head hard, roared out loud and some of his fluid hit the back of her throat, and Jaelynn began swallowing gaining a little more energy as her body began processing the troll’s seed.

When the troll brought her more food, her jaw, lips and tongue were very sore and it was difficult to eat.  Jaelynn forced herself to eat more than a fairy would normally, as she knew her body was going to burn more energy repairing the damage inside her waste hole.  She ate and ate until her stomach felt like it would burst.

Cliff was completely drained as he tied the fairy’s wrists to the bed.  The weather was milder tonight, and he didn’t want her to get any ideas about trying to leave.  He wished he could cum again, but that seemed unlikely for a while, maybe in the night.  Looking at her tiny pretty body, he got an idea of something to try.

An exhausted and hurting Jaelynn knew the troll would not be able to make his rod hard again for a while, and her body would be spared at least for a little while from his further torment.  That’s what Jaelynn was thinking until the troll forced her legs apart and moved his head between them.  She tried to kick, but the troll’s head moved directly between her legs.  She felt something moist touch her mating spot and struggled more.  Realizing it was the troll’s tongue, Jaelynn was again disturbed and horrified by the things the troll did.  She felt his hands under her legs, and then they were gripping and pinching her breasts.

Cliff began licking at Jaelynn’s pussy.  Her clit was in the same location as a regular girl’s, and he began tonguing it as he pinched her nipples.  She was moving her hips as he licked just a little.  He continued to lick and suddenly shoved his tongue completely inside her pussy.  He felt the fairy creature buck under him in a way that was different from her usual resistance.  Withdrawing his tongue, he began licking with long strokes of his tongue paying particular attention to the fairy’s clit.

Jaelynn thought there was nothing that could shock her about this troll any more.  When she felt his tongue on her mating spot, her body reacted involuntarily; and then she felt his tongue inside her mating spot, her whole body jumped, and a wave of feeling went through her that was definitely not pain.  His massive hands on her breasts did not hurt as well, and she felt her nipples get hard and tingly.  To Jaelynn’s complete confusion her hips started moving in rhythm to the troll’s long licks on her mating spot.  She knew she was making little quiet vocalizations she couldn’t explain.  It felt really good, and she was completely astounded by these reactions.  She hated the cruel troll who used her body over and over for his pleasure, so why did this feel so good?  Her hips just kept moving to the troll’s tongue and suddenly her back arched off the sleeping surface, her eyes lost their focus and her mouth opened wide, “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
Her whole body went limp and flopped on the sleeping area as shakes and tremors went through her body.  Jaelynn heard a loud horrible noise and realized it was the troll as his face had lifted from between her legs.

Jaelynn cringed hearing the troll laughing very loud at her body’s reactions and the loud noise she made of pleasure.  She did her best to curl into a tight ball crying in total shame and disgust at how she reacted to the troll.  Not only did the troll give her pleasure against her will, she made it clear to him the rapture she felt.  This was the worst thing to happen to her since she came to this awful place.  She felt the troll get in the sleeping area and press himself against her nude body with his soft rod pressing against her butt.  He was soon asleep as she continued to cry quietly.

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Chapter 9:

 Jaelynn slept fitfully. She dreamed of Idyllica. How she missed her home! She thought about her mother and father and her siblings. What she wouldn’t do right now for a big bowl of her mother’s acorn porridge!
  She wondered if her dad and the other fairies in Merrywood Forest were looking for her. No doubt, by now they would have assumed the worst and if they hadn’t found the evil portal she had went through, they likely would think she was caught in a troll’s net. In a way they were, right! She was being held captive by  a troll and she was finding out that all the horror stories her grampa had told about how trolls turned fairies into their slaves were true!

  Jaelynn finally did fall sleep for a few hours. She was awoke when she realized the large bulk of Cliff was gone from the sleeping area. Jaelynn looked around. He was nowhere in the cabin. It was cold, unbearably cold, in the cabin. She noticed the fire in the large hearth was almost completely out.
  Suddenly the front door burst open and Cliff stepped in, covered in white. He carried a big armful of firewood. He dropped the wood in front of the fireplace and shook snow off himself like a big dog.

“Sonuvabitch!” he said. He looked over and saw Jaelynn was awake. He smiled.
“Don’t know where that fucking weather came from. It was nice when we went to bed. There’s a goddamn foot of snow out there now and no signs of it slowing down!”

“Sn-snow?” asked Jaelynn in her tiny voice.

“Yeah! Snow! This fucking white shit!” said Cliff picking up a handful off the floor that had fallen from his boots.

Jaelynn continued to give him a blank look so he dropped the conversation. He went to work stoking up the fireplace. Then he stripped all his clothes off and climbed back into bed with Jaelynn. His body was cold and she tried to scramble away.

“Come back here, you little bitch,” he chuckled. “You’re gonna get Uncle Cliff warmed up!”

He wrapped his hands around Jaelynn and pulled her back against him. The minute her soft body came in contact with him, he felt his cock stiffen. He had another new idea.
  He flipped over onto his back and pulled Jaelynn on top of him.

“No…….please troll! No! Can I please have p-p-porridge first?” she whimpered. Jaelynn was terribly hungry.

Cliff stopped for a second. He was taken aback. It was the most she had ever said to him. She thought he was a troll? Cliff laughed.

“I ain’t no troll, you dumb chick! I’m a man! M-A-N! Man!”

“M-man?” stuttered Jaelynn.

“Yes! A man! And you know the fucking rules I have spelled out for you. Food is valuable around here and with this blizzard now, I ain’t gonna be able to hunt for a day or two! I’m not really suffering for food, but if you want some, yer gonna have to earn it! Not only that, but you and me are stuck in this cabin….and I’m gonna need some entertainment. So what you’re gonna do, my little dear is learn to ride my cock!”

Jaelynn looked at him strangely. She was beginning to figure out that “cock” referred to his “rod” and “pussy” and “cunt” meant her mating spot. Rather crude words, but then this creature was very crude too. And again she realized she would have to let him put his rod inside her in order for her to get food. Well, at least he seemed to want to put it in her mating spot and not her mouth or waste hole!

Cliff lifted her petite body and set her on top of his raging erection. She let out a gasp of pain and shock as the thick shaft spread her open and he slipped inside her. Jaelynn noticed her body had pretty well healed from the things he had done to her waste hole, but it still hurt for his thick rod to penetrate her.

Jaelynn placed her hands on Cliff’s broad hairy chest to steady herself. Cliff wrapped his hands around her slender waist and bounced her up and down on top of him. He thrust his hips up, letting out groans of pleasure as he buried himself balls deep in her incredibly tight passage.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! I cannot get enough of that sweet little pussy of yours!” he said as he began to piston in and out of her. He looked up at the beautiful female form of Jaelynn straddling his cock. Her pert little breasts jutted out from her chest and her eyes rolled back.

Cliff slowly released his grip on Jaelynn’s hips and suddenly realized, she was not slowing down her rhythm as he let her go! NO! She was speeding up! The little hottie was fucking HIM!

Jaelynn didn’t know what was coming over her. She didn’t know if it was the position he had her in or what, but for some reason, his rod, even though it still caused her some pain, was feeling…..good inside her! It was the same feeling she had had last night when the troll….or man….whatever he was, had licked her with his tongue.
Her body was tingly and feeling hot, in spite of the coolness of the cabin. Although it was getting warmer now that the fire was burning good in the fireplace.

  Cliff licked his lips and his hips slammed up against Jaelynn in response to her movements on top of him. Jaelynn was involuntarily rotating her hips, causing herself to grind down onto Cliff’s rod. It felt…..great!

“That’s it…..that’s it! OH fuck yeah! Fuck me you little slut! COME ON FUCK ME!” Cliff panted.

His thick member slid in and out easily and he noticed Jaelynn was lubricated like she had never been before. The little slut was hot to trot!

Jaelynn let out a squeal similar to the night before and sweat ran down her face like rain. Cliff surprised himself with the power of his orgasm as he felt hot semen race up his shaft and spurt violently into Jaelynn in wave after wave of pleasure. Her tight pussy clamped around him and he could feel the muscles in her tiny cunt squeeze and milk him along his entire length.

Finally spent, Jaelynn collapsed on top of the big man, softly sobbing in humiliation and anger at herself. Cliff stroked her hair as she lay her head on his chest.

“Oh baby, you definitely earned one fuck of a good breakfast today!”

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Chapter 10

Jaelynn lay on top of the troll….no man…..trying to understand what was going on.  She hated herself for how she just acted, but his rod…..cock…..felt so good inside her.  The pleasure she just got was wonderful, and it felt good lying on his chest.  His hand on her hair felt really good too.  She wanted this to last longer, but she was weak from the exertion and needed food.  Moving her head to look at him, “Jaelynn hungry.”
He moved Jaelynn off his chest squeezing a breast while doing it making her jump.  He laughed and she jumped again at the loud noise afraid, but then looking at him she relaxed as that cruel look was missing from his face this time.

Getting up from the bed Cliff went to make them breakfast.  Jaelynn wrapped a blanket around herself and followed him walking uncomfortably on the cold floor.  Cliff looked down at her feet, and went to and rummaged around in a chest pulling out a few pairs of socks handing them to Jaelynn.  She seemed to understand and sat on the floor putting the socks on one after the other to keep her feet warm.  When she looked up he gave her a pair of moccasins.  They were still way too big even with multiple socks on.  Cliff watched as she looked around and found some small rags stuffing the toes of the moccasins.

Cliff started frying some pieces of elk with a few potatoes and some onions.  He looked in the pantry shaking his head and pulled out a single can of asparagus.  Opening and dumping the asparagus in a pan he began heating it while the elk and potatoes finished.  Cliff noticed Jaelynn standing next to him wrinkling her nose as if it didn’t smell good.  Pulling the elk and potatoes off the heat, he took a small piece of elk and tried to feed it to her.  She screamed and covered her face.  Taking Jaelynn by the arm and not gently he led her over to the pantry where cans were stacked and showed them to her.
“There ain’t enough food, if all yer gonna eat is this.” He said.
Taking the small piece of meat he shoved it at her lips.  When she refused to open them, he forced them open and pushed the meat in.  He clamped his hand on her mouth not letting her spit it out.

Jaelynn tried not to let him put the burnt flesh of a poor animal in her mouth, but when it hit her tongue, it was not as horrid as she thought it would be.  He wouldn’t let her spit it out, so she chewed a few times and swallowed.  Then remembering that is was once part of a beautiful animal, she started crying thinking about how no fairy would eat a brother or sister.  Only the most horrible bad fairy would be a cannibal.  After she swallowed, he shoved a bigger piece in her mouth.  She ate it.  He put the plate down and made her sit at the table.  Jaelynn picked up the fork and started eating the meat knowing that something terrible was going to happen to her for doing it.  While chewing she thought of the scary stories about cannibals.  She might as well be eating another fairy, Jaelynn thought as she chewed and swallowed the meat in complete shame and horror.  What bothered her the most was she liked it.

Cliff pulled a large 6 foot long wash tub near the fire and began filling it with water.  The fire warmed the water a little but not enough.  Placing 2 big pots of water on the wood stove to heat, he saw Jaelynn watching and knew she didn’t know what he was doing.
“I need a bath.  I want to smell better for you.  You still smell OK to me, but ay bet you want one too.”
‘Bath’ and ‘smell’ were new words for Jaelynn, so she wasn’t completely sure what he meant.  She hoped it meant she could clean herself and maybe the troll… would do that too.

Once the water was hot, Jaelynn saw the man remove his clothes and get in.  He looked at her and gestured for her to come over.  Jaelynn walked cautiously over, and the man pushed the blanket off her body.  He pointed at her feet, and she removed the coverings until she was nude there too.  Once she stood back up, the man pulled her laughing into the water.  She squeaked in surprise at being pulled in.  The man began rubbing something on her, and she realized it was cleaning her.  He took a very long time cleaning her breasts and between her legs, but he cleaned all of her body.  He turned her around and handed her the soap.  She held it for a second, and then understanding started washing the man’s chest, arms and then his legs.  He lifted out of the water and pointed, so with trembling hand’s she washed that thing he called a cock.  He washed her hair and then she washed his.  They got out together and used a cloth to dry themselves.  Jaelynn looking at the man’s naked body started to feel a strange itching need inside her she didn’t understand.  As some time went by the itching need did not go away, it just got stronger.

Later an hour or so after the bath, Cliff felt Jaelynn come up next to him brushing against him.  He looked down at her and saw she had a confused expression on her face looking up at him, and it looked like she found something distasteful, and she looked extremely frustrated.
“What do you want Jaelynn?” he asked.
“Jaelynn want……Jaelynn want……” she started but stopped and began crying.
“Yes Jaelynn, what do you want?” he asked again.
Taking her time and seeming really confused with tears running down her face, she finally said, “Jaelynn want cock.”

Cliff was stunned and speechless for almost a minute before he decided to torment her a little.
“Do ya want my cock here?” he said touch her mouth with a finger.
“No!” Jaelynn said obviously even more frustrated.
Running his hand down her back he poked her butt with a finger, “Do ya want my cock here?”
Jaelynn jumped at the poke.  Trembling in fear and frustration now, Jaelynn stomped her feet.
“No, my pussy,” she said in the clearest tone she had used yet.

Cliff spoke, “If I put my cock in your pussy, I will want you to use your mouth on my cock later.”
Jaelynn hesitated, then she nodded knowing that motion with her head meant she was saying ‘yes’.
Cliff continued, “I will want you to use your mouth on my cock really good.  You will suck me good?”
Jaelynn spoke, “Jaelynn suck cock really good.  Please……man....Cliff……….Jaelynn suck cock really good………later”
Still trembling Jaelynn reached to Cliff’s pants and began squeezing his cock through his pants.  She could feel it getting hard, and it made that awful itching need inside her get even worse.  She could feel herself getting wet between her legs.

Cliff pointed to the bed, and she dropped the cloth around her body, Jaelynn running her wings coming out lifting her off the floor and landing her on the bed.  She retracted her wings and had a moment of confusion before finally deciding on lying on her back with her legs open facing Cliff.  Looking at the coverings on her feet, she removed them quickly knowing how he liked her naked.  She watched Cliff getting undressed, and then walking over.  Jaelynn could feel her hips moving in anticipation.  ‘What is wrong with me?’ she thought wondering what her parents would say about her behavior.  There were stories of girl fairies that wanted rods too much.  They were considered very bad girls.  As Cliff positioned himself between her legs, her thoughts went back to satisfying that awful itching need inside her.   Jaelynn was already moaning when she felt Cliff’s cock pushed just inside her.  Wrapping her legs around him and gripping his butt with her hands she pulled him in further.

Cliff was surprised again by Jaelynn.  She pulled him in with strength he didn’t think was possible.  Shoving his cock deep inside the fairy and feeling her pussy squeezing him made him wonder how he got so lucky after all the bad luck the last several years.  Soon he wished he had ear plugs as the fairy bucked and screamed in a high pitch underneath him as he pounded into her.  Her screaming turned into an obvious orgasm as she thrashed under him.  Cliff winced at the volume but didn’t pause his hips driving his cock into the tiny girl.  Jaelynn went limp under him for about half a minute, and then moaned as her arms and legs wrapped around him again.

Jaelynn couldn’t believe the pleasure that went through her body while the man Cliff pushed his rod into her repeatedly, that thing he called a cock.  Waves and waves of pleasure rocked her body until she felt like a warm puddle.  He wasn’t done though and kept moving inside her.  Almost immediately the pleasure started building in her again, and she could hear herself moaning.  Jaelynn held the man hard again while he pumped his cock in and out of her.  Before long she felt the pleasure start again and screamed very loud twitching with spasms underneath him.  She felt Cliff jerk on top of her and then felt the now familiar feel of him shooting his fluid inside her.  Crawling on top of the man afterwards Jaelynn kissed his chest and said, “Jaelynn suck you really good when you ready.”

Chapter 11

Lori had been researching the man and searching for the man for a while, ever since she was 16.  Here it was three years later, and she had found him; the man that had raped her mother when her mother was just a teenager.  Her mother had gone through a series of disastrous relationships after that of which Lisa was the result of the first one.  Eventually her mother’s addictions caught up with her and she died when Lisa was 15.  The man had never been implicated in her mother’s rape, but Lisa knew this was the guy.  She had a plan to confront him at his cabin, but didn’t want to warn him by driving up the dirt road he used, besides there was a good chance it was impassible in the snow.  She drove on another better road into the wilderness, and hiked the 15 miles to get to his cabin.  She had some interest in caves and stopped at one she had marked on the topographical map she carried.  It wasn’t deep, and she camped at its entrance out of the falling snow knowing she was not far from Cliff’s cabin.

Removing her pack from her shoulders, Lori set it on the ground and removed the sleeping bag unrolling and fluffing it.  She opened her parka a little airing it out from the exertion of the hike.  She stared longingly at the dead wood around and outside the cave entrance thinking about how much she wanted to make a fire, but she didn’t want to warn Cliff with any smoke in the air near his cabin.  Lori pulled the 9mm Berretta from her pack checking to make sure a round was chambered and set it back in the holster sticking slightly out of a pocket of her pack.  She still hadn’t decided for sure if she was going to kill Cliff directly or shoot both his kneecaps to see if he could survive the winter without functional legs. 

Lori ate some beef jerky, dried fruit and some nuts chasing it with copious amounts of water.  She removed her parka, boots and all her outer layers stuffing all the clothes but her parka and outer pants in her sleeping bag.  Lori removed all the rest of her clothes inside the sleeping bag using the old trick of making air pockets with the clothes to increase the insulating properties of her sleeping bag.  She was exhausted and fell asleep instantly.

Tossing in the night in the cave Lori had the nightmare again.  She had it almost every night.  Her mother was passed out, and the man her mother had come home with was in Lori’s bedroom.  Lori was just a tiny 14 year old blond girl, but the man saw how pretty she was earlier before she went to bed.  Lori woke to the man’s hand clamping her mouth and pulling the covers down.  She struggled, but the man pushed her nightgown up and pulled her panties down past her knees and then past her ankles.  He mauled her growing breasts and climbed on the bed forcing her knees apart.  Lori’s tears drenched her face as she felt something poking her.  She screamed in pain into the hand over her mouth when the man lunged forward tearing into her body.  She lay under him while he huffed and grunted lunging in and out of her for what seemed like hours until he filled her with a nasty slimy wetness.  Lori woke gasping in the cave.  It took her a long time to get back to sleep thinking about how her own rape was also Cliff’s fault.

Waking well after dawn, Lori cursed herself for sleeping so late.  All the water she drank last night had the usual affect, and she crawled out of the sleeping bag in a hurry.  Just pulling her boots on and nothing else, she walked shivering further into the cave to urinate.  The 5’3” pretty blond squatted relieving herself completely nude except for her boots.  Standing, she was stunned to see a blue glow swirling as a vortex and what looked like a long tunnel.  The glow enveloped her, and she felt yanked forward and a sensation of falling.  While falling she caught a glimpse of a small girl with reddish hair going the opposite direction.  Lori could swear she saw wings on the girls back.  Suddenly Lori hit the floor of the cave hard on her back.  Lying prone, she could see she was still in the cave but it looked different.  Just before losing consciousness, Lori wondered why it wasn’t cold anymore; if fact, it felt warm, humid and tropical.

Rugnak was stalking the pretty auburn haired fairy hoping to capture and enslave her for his pleasure.  A couple times in his long life he had caught fairies and ate them, but this one was really pretty.  He would only eat her if she died from him fucking her.  He had never fucked a fairy, but he knew it could be done.  They couldn’t handle a rod his size at first, but he heard their bodies would repair until they could handle it.  Some died before they adjusted.  If this one died, she would just go in his stew pot.

Getting closer Rugnak saw a blue glow and the fairy vanished into it.  Standing and cursing his luck, Rugnak was stunned when the fairy appeared again falling to the cave floor, but she was now nude except for foot coverings.  Looking closer he saw the hair was yellow, not auburn, and she was a little bigger.  Turning her over, he realized it was not the same female at all and not a fairy as she had no wings.  It was a creature he had not seen before, but she was just as pretty as the fairy, and he was really horny.  Picking her up, he carried her out of the cave.  The cave probably belonged to ogres or other trolls who would steal her from him.  Some of the denizens of Idyllica believed trolls turned to stone in the sunlight.  It wasn’t true, they just didn’t like the sun preferring the dark.  Rugnak had a lair he built under ground and carried the girl there.  Finally arriving he carried her down into the entrance closing in behind him seeing better in the dimmer light.  He placed her on her back on his sleeping mound and looked again at his prize.

Lori had a sensation of movement, and there was a rough feel on her body like tree bark.  Moving in and out of consciousness, Lori knew she was dreaming.  The nightmarish huge face could not be real, dark with big mouth of rotting teeth and pointed large ears.  Its arms were bigger than her torso.  This could not be real.  She seemed to be moving through a dark forest of extremely tall trees.  No sun was visible, but it was day time she could tell.  It got darker as they entered some opening under a huge tree trunk and moved downwards finally stopping, and she felt herself being placed on her back.  The huge bulk of whatever it was loomed over her.  She was starting to come around, and in the dim light she could see the thing.  Something gripped both her ankles, and she felt her legs being spread very wide.  Fully awake, she began screaming.

Rugnak did not want to damage the girl too much with his rod.  He wanted to fuck her many times, and he figured she would be dry inside.  Troll saliva is very slimy, so he knelt down and yanked her legs apart exposing her mating spot.  He began licking coating it with his saliva.  His tongue was half the size of his rod and he pushed it as far as he could inside her.  She was making loud noises, thrashing around and striking blows on his head, but he barely noticed.

That horrid face was between her legs, and Lori felt the slime from his tongue on her vagina.  She screamed and hit the monster, but it ignored her as it probed her deep with its tongue, its thick bulbous lips enveloping her whole pelvic region mouthing her.  Still screaming and hitting, she never felt something so foul and nasty as the creature used its mouth on her, its tongue deep in her vagina.  The stench was also unbelievable as if the creature had never bathed.  The tongue slowly withdrew from her body as the terrifyingly ugly face moved away with several long thick revolting strands of viscous saliva still connecting his face to her crotch.

The creature moved up still holding her legs wide as the gooey strands of the monster’s saliva began breaking one by one.  Lori could see it; a massive dark grey penis much larger than any human penis could be with rough ridges on it.  Lori had screamed herself horse already and stopped in disbelief staring at what can’t be real whimpering with tears running down her temples.  The monster moved forward until it touched the opening of her vaginal.
Lori started almost chanting, “It’s not real….it’s not real…’s not real….”
The creature shoved forward, and Lori screamed the loudest she had yet.

Lori felt her vaginal walls tearing and extreme pain, and she knew for certain now this was real.  The rape that tore her virginity from her at 14 didn’t hurt anywhere near this much.  She knew she was bleeding severely as the monster started pounding his huge penis into her.  She could feel her insides being pushed back and knew they were being damaged in addition to what had to be severe tears in her vaginal walls.  The monster was tearing her apart.  Lori knew she was going to die and just wanted it to happen soon.  The monster just kept grunting and shoving that enormous penis into her.  Wavering in and out of consciousness for several minutes, Lori heard the monster make a hideous sound shoving deep inside her.  She could feel a deluge of nasty fluid pour into her body and knew it was the monster’s semen.

Rugnak examined his new property with great concern.  He knew he had damaged her much more than he intended; blood was pouring out of her mating spot.  Fairies sometime repair themselves, but he didn’t know about this creature.  In a panic he grabbed her up and left his lair with an idea.  A couple hours away was a witch who made potions that could heal.  He would take her there.  Nearing the place where the witch lived Rugnak could tell the female was weak and might not live.  If she was going to die, he wanted to fuck her one last time.

Lori weak but conscious could feel the monster place her on her hands and knees.  She had no fight left in her as he shoved his penis into her again from behind and began pounding into her body.  She just kept wishing to die and end this pain.  They were outside in dim light with some trees around.  The creatures massive hands gripped her breasts holding her in place as her brutally raped her a second time.
“Please just let me die,” she said out loud as the monster continued driving deep inside her relentlessly.

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I like the picture!!!!  Nice touch!!!!

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Loving this story guys

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Chapter 12:

There wasn’t much to do that day as the snow continued to fall outside. Cliff decided he would just relax today. Tomorrow, if it quit snowing, he’d have his work cut out for him. Shovelling snow around the cabin and then walking his trapline to get his traps dug out.

It usually took the snowplow a couple days to get out this far and clear his road and then he’d be able to get to town and pick up some groceries. With the fire burning in the fireplace and heating up the cabin and the nubile little fairy snuggled up to him in the bed, Cliff soon found himself nodding off. Before he knew it, he was sound asleep.

Jaelynn too nodded off. She had the best sleep she had had since the Cliff brought her there. She was feeling mysteriously content in this dwelling. It had seemed like such a horrid place at first, with dead animal heads on the wall and the smell of burnt animal flesh. But today it felt cozy, like when it rained in Idyllica and she and her siblings were forced to stay inside Home Tree for the day. They would gather around in a sitting circle to listen to her Grampa Robbi tell stories.

Jaelynn woke up and looked out from under the covers. The Cliff had fallen asleep and his big solid body pressed against her. Jaelynn felt hungry. She really wanted a bowl of her mom’s acorn porridge but she knew that wasn’t possible at the moment.
  However, she knew the Cliff would not give her food unless she did things for him… make his rod hard and to make him happy. She wondered if the Cliff did that to all the female humans too?
  She did not wish to wake him. He seemed so peaceful and content. Earlier he had seemed angry. Jaelynn could not believe what her body was doing, but it seemed like her mating spot tingled and got damp when she thought about the Cliff’s rod. She reached down between her legs and touched herself. She let out an involuntary yelp and quickly slapped her hand over her own mouth. A warm wave of pleasure washed over her body.
  She decided she wanted to make him feel good like he had done to her earlier. Maybe if she did, the Cliff would be happy and feed her. Jaelynn knew it was so wrong, but she really hoped she could chew on some of the burnt animal meat again. It gave her a lot of energy!

Jaelynn wrapped her small hand around the Cliff’s rod, which was soft. Even then it was still 3 times larger than a fairy’s rod. Sliding down along his body, Jaelynn rubbed her lips along his shaft and felt it begin to harden. Her little soft tongue began to lick up and down on it.

Cliff stirred a bit but kept sleeping. His lips curled up in a smile. He was having one fuck of a good dream. He didn’t know why but he was dreaming about the time he had came across the young college girl broken down on the side of the road when he was driving in Northern California.

A smoking little blonde. Nineteen years old and with the body of a cheerleader. In fact she had told him that’s what she was. Stephanie was her name and she attended school at USC. She was travelling to meet her boyfriend at Lake Tahoe. But her trip ended about 40 miles from there.
  After Cliff fixed her broken fan belt with a nylon he had borrowed from her suitcase, he had used the old broken one to wrap around her throat as he raped her in the backseat of her car. She had been a fighter, but man, she had been good fucking!  With her t-shirt pushed up over her tits, her denim mini-skirt bunched up around her waist, and her lithe, agile body twisting underneath him, it had been a sight to behold!

 But the things she had done with her mouth had been the best. It was amazing, the blow job you could get when you threatened to bash a girl’s head in with a crescent wrench. When threatened with horrible, bloody death, a woman’s survival instinct really kicked in!

Her mouth slid so easily up and down on him and she did such a great job of slathering up his cock with her saliva. And how she was able to get his cock so far into her throat, it was just awesome! Just like it was right now!…..Right now????

Cliff’s eyes flew open and he felt a small draft against his face. What the hell? He shook the sleep from his eyes. Jaelynn wasn’t beside him but something was hovering over him. He shook his head again and it all came into clear focus.
  Sure enough, there was the beautiful nude form of Jaelynn hovering about two feet above his body. Her wings were a blur, holding her body steady above him. Her long auburn hair hung down over her face and her bright red lips were wrapped tightly around him. Both of her little hands were wrapped around his thick raging hard-on as her body moved up and down on him.

 Her lips were tightened around him like an elastic band and each time she moved down on him, her throat opening seemed to expand and swallow him right up. It was almost like she had turned her mouth into a….a…vagina!

Cliff arched his back and let out a pleasurable groan. This was the most exquisite blowjob he had ever had in his life! By keeping her body hovering over him and focussing all her weight through her mouth onto him….wow! No human woman had ever made him feel like this!
The entire bed shook as Cliff gripped the sides of the mattress and his body bucked. Cum shot up his shaft like a bolt of lightning and down Jaelynn’s throat. She expertly swallowed it all, not a drop escaping her lips.

For once, Jaelynn realized, the Cliff’s rod juice actually tasted not too bad. It felt warm and satisfying in her stomach. Jaelynn slowly settled back down onto the bed, her wings retracting. She was drenched in sweat and her face was flushed. She was very exhausted.

“What the hell brought that on?” asked Cliff, not that he was really complaining.

Meanwhile back in Idyllica:

Rugnak huffed like a steam engine as he pumped his massive penis in and out of the girl. Lori’s whole body had went limp. She was still conscious, but she couldn’t scream any longer. Her throat was raw and sore from screaming. Her mouth hung open, slobber running out and her eyes were only half open. The monster’s large cock ripped and tore at her insides. Every thrust caused bursts of extreme pain  to shoot through her body.

   The foul creature grunted and drooled, his warm slimy spit pooling on her back. Suddenly he let out a loud roar as she felt his shaft go rigid and a stream of wetness filled her insides. He had cum inside her again.

He pulled out of her and she collapsed on the grass. She could feel cool air inside her as her vagina struggled to recover back to its original shape. Her pussy was horribly bruised and distended and Lori felt blood on her thighs. She was hurt, and hurt bad! Lori drifted into unconsciousness.

Rugnak looked down at the frail girl. He was smart enough to know he had done something bad to the girl. She had lots of life juice running out of her mating spot. He knew that wasn’t a good thing. He had to get her to the witch fast. He didn’t want to lose his new toy.

Rugnak carried her lifeless body up a rocky slope to the entrance of a large cave. Smoke drifted from the entrance and a foul odor emanated from it. He entered the dim cave and saw a large metal cauldron sitting over top a large fire.
  Green and blue vapours wafted up from the cauldron and it smelled terrible. Rugnak saw an old woman dressed in a black cloak, with long white scraggly hair sitting in a rocking chair nearby. She stood up immediately.

The woman was tall, close to six feet. She was very thin and emaciated, her hands looked like claws. Her face was thin with a long nose and sunken eyes.
Her skin was pockmarked with warts and scars.

This was Lesbiella, a member of the Coven of Mountain Witches, who dwelled in this part of Idyllica.

“Rugnak!” she barked in a high-pitched voice. “What are you doing here?”

Rugnak, in spite of his size, was scared of witches. He knew if they became mad, they could do all sorts of nasty things to him. His friend Darnak, had stolen from Lesbiella once and she turned his hands and feet into stumps. Not being able to use his hands or feet, Darnak had almost starved to death before he was finally able to beg Lesbiella to return his body to normal.

Rugnak dumped Lori’s limp body on the floor. Lesbiella walked over to survey the pretty young girl.
“Well, well, Rugnak, it appears you found yourself an Earth girl. And you’ve been playing with her, haven’t you?”

Rugnak shrugged his shoulders. He grunted and spoke in a harsh, guttural voice that the witch was able to understand.

“Me….me have fun with girl-thing. She make……lots of……life juice!”

“Yes, I see she made lots of life-juice! Rugnak, you have to be careful with creatures like this! They cannot…..handle you….and your…..bigness.”

Lesbiella pointed to Rugnak’s now limp but still sizable penis, dangling between his legs.

“They’re not made for you!”

Rugnak gave her a look like a small child whose favourite kitten was dying. He pointed to Lori and then to the cauldron.
“You fix……you fix…….girl? Rugnak want……play more. She……feel good!”

Lesbiella shook her head. “Yes, I can fix her. It will take a little while, but I can fix her. And you will owe me. I want you to get me some deer antlers and I need several eagle wings. And a bag of bat droppings. Can you do that?”

Rugnak nodded. “Me do that…..for Lesbiella. Me do that!”

Lesbiella had Rugnak carry Lori over to a long wooden bench that stood about  four feet above the floor. He laid her down on the bench. Lesbiella secured Lori’s wrists and ankles to shackles attached to the corners of the bench.

Lesbiella admired the curves of the young girl, running a crooked finger along her breasts and down across her stomach. Mmmmmmm, thought Lesbiella, this is a pretty one!

She walked over to a work bench that was lined with a large assortment of bottles and jars containing all matters of animal organs, magic potions, and other distasteful things.

She picked out several bottles of foul-smelling liquid and poured them into a wooden bowl. She stirred the mixture with a metal ladle, purple and green mist rising from the bowl. Even Rugnak had to stifle his gag reflex from the stench. Lesbiella seemed oblivious to it.

She poured the mixture into a small metal cylinder and screwed a lid onto the open end of the cylinder. She walked over to the inert form of Lori and began to insert the cylinder, about 3 inches in diameter, into Lori’s battered vagina. Lori’s eyes suddenly flew open.

She screamed as she saw the grotesque old lady hovering over her and tugged and yanked at the shackles holding her.


Lori’s head whipped around as she tried to focus in the dim light of the cave. Wherever she was, it stank something fierce. And this old hag was sticking something cold and metallic inside her. What the fuck was going on?

The old lady stepped back. The cylinder was fully inside Lori now. The witch held her hand over Lori’s pussy entrance and began to intone some type of weird incantation in a language that was totally unintelligible to Lori.

She could feel the cylinder inside her beginning to turn warm and it seemed like a fluid of some sort was seeping from the cylinder and into her body. It felt strangely refreshing. The pain that had been racking her body earlier was slowly dissipating.

Lesbiella looked over at the large troll who was standing nearby watching the whole process.
“It’s working, Rugnak. It will take a few hours but soon your little plaything will be as good as new. Now you run along, and go get my payment. This girl doesn’t leave my cave until you’re back with the things I asked for.”

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Chapter 13

Jaelynn ate the burnt meat with relish still feeling extremely guilty, but there was a nasty deliciousness to the guilty feeling that matched the deliciousness of the food.  She was sure once she got her strength back from the food, she would be begging Cliff for his rod…….cock again in her mating spot.  Shaking her head at that thought, she wondered again what had happened to her.  Only bad girl fairies behaved like this.  No she thought, she had never heard any story of a fairy as bad as she was.  Examining yet another piece of some poor friendly animal for a few seconds she put it in her mouth and started chewing closing her eyes in delight at how wonderful it tasted.  Cliff had finished eating a few minutes ago and went outside yet she was still hungry.  Suddenly Jaelynn jumped in surprise, as there was a voice outside that was not Cliff’s.

Jaelynn listened and tried to pick out the conversation.
“I don’t care what you think you saw Bob, there ain’t no girl in my cabin,” Cliff said.
Jaelynn peeked out the window and saw a very ugly old person smaller than Cliff who spoke, “I saw her floaten over ya and given ya some head.  Unless she do that fur me too, I’m a gonna tell folks what you got here.”  Jaelynn saw Cliff’s shoulders slump.

Cliff considered grabbing a log and beating the old gold miner to death with it, but he knew eventually there would be questions about his disappearance, and those questions would lead to the discovery of Jaelynn.  He didn’t want to lose her.  He walked into the cabin with a grizzled Bob who stared hard at little Jaelyn saying, “She be a pretty little thing.  Don’t seem far you got her, and dat Jed has some sweet pretty girl in his cave in the next valley over.  What about something for old Bob?”

After his ugliness, the next thing Jaelynn noticed was the awful smell.  Cliff had smelled before he started taking baths with her, but he never smelled anywhere near this bad.  Jaelynn had a piece of meat on a fork when the ugly man got closer and the smell got worse.  He spoke to her while opening his filthy pants, “How about we get sumpin’ else in dat mouth but elk.”  Cliff just didn’t want to watch this and stepped outside but stayed within hearing.

Jaelynn sat stunned for a several seconds watching the ugly man pull out a very dirty rod.  There was grime all over it and it smelled of dried old urine and semen.  Bob used his hand on himself frequently and wasn’t too worried about cleaning up afterwards.  Jaelynn slowly lowered the fork with the elk on it to the table.  She understood that Cliff wanted her to suck this ugly man’s rod, and that Cliff was not happy about it, but she didn’t understand why as tears began running down her cheeks.

Bob snatched up the fork popping the elk in his mouth and chewed carefully with the few teeth he had.  Finally impatient with Jaelynn’s inaction he took hold of her auburn hair pulling her face to his cock.  He watched the strange winged girl sob a few times, but then slowly part her lips.  Bob let out a groan as he felt his cock slide between her lips heading for the back of her throat.

Jaelynn retched at the awful taste and soon gagged as the man kept pushing it deeper into her mouth.  Once Cliff had made her suck him after he had shoved his rod in her waste hole.  This man’s rod tasted even worse than her own waste did.  She started doing what she did before and began sucking and swallowing to clean the rod and try and get rid of the taste.  Her stomach churned and she retched and gagged while she worked on the hideous man’s rod.  She didn’t have to move her head, because the man was gripping her hair and humping her mouth and making noises of pleasure similar to what Cliff makes.  Hoping to make it end soon, Jaelynn sucked strongly on the rod or cock as they called it, gripping it tight with her lips and swirling her tongue around it.  It was smaller than Cliff’s, so she could fit more of it in her mouth, and it was easier to work on it.  Just like with Cliff the man’s humping got less rhythmic as his whole body jerked against her face.  Soon his vile fluid was pouring into her throat, and she desperately swallowed to get it all down.

The man pulled his drained cock from between her lips and called out to Cliff to come in.  “I’m done wit her fur now, but ahm a gonna come back every few days an get me more ah dis girl.  I’m thinking ah fuck her next.”  Jaelynn knew what that meant and watched as Cliff stood there speechless.  The ugly old man cackled with laughter as he closed his pants, and then walked out of the cabin.

Jaelynn didn’t want to be around Cliff the rest of the day, and Cliff was embarrassed at what he let Bob do.  Jaelynn didn’t want to sleep with him, but it was the only warm place to sleep.  When Cliff got on top of her she tried to fight him, but it was half-hearted.  The wrestling around with Cliff got her breathing hard and feeling really aroused, so soon she was begging for his cock.  She cried out with pleasure when it entered her and gripped him tight as he fucked her.

Later lying in bed with Cliff Jaelynn started thinking about how she was long overdue for that little bit of bleeding that happened every 42 days when fairies reach puberty as they approached 200 years old.  The bleeding only stopped when………  Jaelynn bolted up in the bed thinking furiously, ‘Fairies can’t procreate until they get close to 500 years old, and Cliff isn’t even a fairy.  How can this be?”

Lori began feeling better and looked at the hideous old woman thinking, ‘At least she looks almost human, not like that horrible creature that raped her twice’.  Lori tried to move and was reminded again she was shackled.

“How are you feeling dearie?” the old woman asked.
“You speak English?” Lori asked.
“Yes, I can speak a few Earth languages.  You are not the first human to make your way to Idyllica,” answered Lesbiella.
“Help me, please help me,” pleaded Lori.
“Oh dearie, you belong to Rugnak.  He will want you back, but he will be gone a while and I think you can show me some appreciation for repairing your body,” Lesbiella said as her clawed hand roughly caressed Lori’s breast.
Lori started screaming as Lesbiella climbed her bony frame up on top of Lori with her knees on either side of Lori’s head.  Lesbiella lifted her filthy dress revealing her nasty smelling privates.

Lori tried to move her head away, but old hag’s claw like hands held her head in place like a vise.  A nasty foul smelling vagina was being push on her mouth, but Lori clamped her lips shut.
Lesbiella spoke, “Well dearie, maybe if you use your tongue real nice on me, maybe I won’t explain anal sex to Rugnak?”
Lori cringed at the thought of that hideous monster shoving his huge penis into her ass surely destroying her body.  In total fear and disgust she pushed her tongue out of her mouth and touched the old hag’s vagina.  It tasted nasty as if she had never washed in her life.

The witch reached behind her to Lori’s crotch and pulled the cylinder that healed Lori’s vagina out and immediately stuck her thumb in.  To remind Lori of the threat, Lesbiella worked a long bony middle finger under Lori and poked it in her butt penetrating several inches into her.  Lori winced at the intrusion feeling the finger and thumb inside her.  She had a crazy though about the bowling ball joke when guys would do this to a girl.

Lori was disgusted at the hideous hag’s crotch being shoved repeatedly on her face, but she wanted to get this over with and moved her tongue on the horrible tasting vagina as best she could licking it with long strokes of her tongue retching several times at the taste.  She had done this a couple times with one of her girlfriends a year ago just as an experiment, but she was not usually attracted to women, certainly not this horrible witch.  Lori could feel the disgusting witch’s fingers probing inside her as her tongue continued to labor.  The witch was hunching her crotch hard on her face, and Lori hoped it would soon be over.  The hideous woman began gasping, and Lori could feel a nasty foul fluid coat her face as the witch had her orgasm.  Finally, Lori could feel the fingers withdraw from her butt and vagina.

“That was nice dearie.  Just to show you my appreciation I’ll prepare your ass so Rugnak doesn’t damage it too much when he fucks you there,” the witch said as she climbed off Lori and stood next to her.
Lori cried out and said, “You said you wouldn’t tell him about anal sex?”
“I won’t dearie, but trolls always do that.”
Lori watched as the witch took the large cylinder that had been in her vagina and lifted her a little off the table to press it against her anus.  The thing had shrunk in diameter, but it was still very large.  The witch shoved hard to Lori’s screams twisting and pushing to work the cylinder into her ass.  Once inside Lori felt it warm and began sobbing in pain as it expanded inside her stretching her.  It just kept expanding causing incredible pain, and then Lori could feel her insides tearing as it got bigger and bigger in diameter.  Lori could feel blood leaking out of her as the object got even bigger, but then the pain started to subside just like with her vagina, and Lori knew it was repairing the damage it had just caused.  Remembering why the witch was doing this Lori sobbed over and over knowing the horrible creature that raped her would likely take her anally at some point.

The cylinder remained in her ass periodically changing size.  Each time it got big in diameter Lori would scream as she felt her rectum tear, and then the object would repair the damage gradually widening her and preparing her for Rugnak.  Eventually the witch removed it.  Some food was brought and Lori was starving and began eating and swallowing without tasting and not wanting to think of what it might be she was eating.

Although he knew where to get bat droppings and managed to kill a deer for the antlers, Rugnak had a difficult time finding the eagle wings.  Eventually three goblins he met had these and asked what he had to pay for them.  All Rugnak really had worth anything was the girl he found.  Explaining what he had the goblins were suspicious but willing to follow him back to Lesbiella.

Lori still spread out naked and shackled on the bench began sobbing as she saw the hideous creature that raped her had returned.  There were three other monsters with him that were smaller than the beast the witch said was a troll, but they were even uglier.  Lori lifted her head and could see the three creatures were male and looking at her with obvious interest.  The penises hanging between their legs were moving and twitching in a revolting and terrifying way like live snakes.

Conferring with Rugnak, the goblins handed over the eagle wings, and Rugnak handed all the items he brought to Lesbiella who nodded the debt was paid.  Excited and horny Rugnak ran over to Lori and shoved his slimy tongue between her legs as she screamed in terror.  Lesbiella released the shackles, and Rugnak flipped Lori on her stomach.  He turned her sideways on the bench and yank her legs wide apart.  Lori continued screaming as she felt the monster’s penis pushed at her vagina.  With a hard push the huge horrible cock popped in and painfully stretched her pussy as he shoved inside her.  Rugnak began grunting in ecstasy as he worked his gigantic cock in and out of Lori.

One of the goblins couldn’t wait and ran around in front of Lori grabbing a handful of her blond hair lifting her head.  Lori tried to twist her head away, but to her horror the snake-like penis found her mouth and wormed its way in.  It tasted foul like some decaying animal.  The creature began humping her mouth indifferent to her lack of cooperation.  Lori could not believe this was happening, this nightmare that didn’t end.  She could feel her vagina stretched to its limits and tried to scream around the horrid penis moving in her mouth each time the monstrous troll penis pushed her cervix in.  The sensations of being used at both ends of her body were more than she could take.  The goblin’s penis had wormed its way partly down her throat making her gag and retch.  The penis in her mouth had stiffened some, but it still wiggled like a worm on a hook.

The troll and goblin thrust in unison making terrible noises of pleasure.  After what seemed like an eternity the creature in front of her pulled her face completely against his body shoving his penis down her throat and fluid began squirting.  Lori choked on the viscous goblin semen coating and plugging her throat.  She tried to pull her head back for air finally being forced to swallow several times to clear her throat.  Finally, the creature pulled its softening wiggling penis slowly out of her throat dripping its semen as it went.  When the putrid taste of goblin semen hit her tongue, Lori gagged so violently, it briefly distracted her from the troll pounding into her vagina.  As she tried to recover spitting and retching, she felt the troll grip her legs tighter and plunge faster into her.  Suddenly she could feel a deluge of the troll’s semen enter her body.  Lori sobbed with relief when the troll pulled his huge penis from her body, but then she started shrieking as the two remaining goblins came to claim her.

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