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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy, and no aliens were actually raped.

Elfalador:  The Slave Planet


Of the more than 2000 sentient species humans encountered in their travels among the stars, less than a 1000 lived in environments tolerable to humans.  In general, different species did not find each other attractive, however any time a species discovered they had compatible genitalia with another species, certain perversions would always be practiced.  These perversions usually did not include the cooperation and consent of one of the participants.  Although human males were sometimes used in this way, it was more likely to be a human female that was kidnapped for sexual perversions.  One poor young woman was kidnapped and used under the guise of research, but eventually turned into an interspecies prostitute servicing one alien after another on a planet called Prak.

The attractiveness issue between species had one noticeable exception among humans.  The planet Elfalador had been visited by many races, but when humans first got there and saw the inhabitants they were stunned.  The pre-technology race of Elfaladorians looked remarkably human.  Both males and females appeared beautiful to humans.  The females were voluptuous with large mammalian breasts.  Anatomically they were nearly the same as humans although a small race generally under 1.5 meters tall (5 feet).  Had this been 27,000 years ago fans of Tolkien would certainly have called them Elves due to their pointed long ears.  The Elfaladorians had a profusion of hair and skin colors that seemed to be mostly regional.  Their hair which only grew on their head and nowhere else ranged from a familiar blonde to white and all the colors of the rainbow including red, blue, purple and green.  Their skin could also be pure white to light tan familiar to humans, but it could also be shades of light red, green and blue.

The Elfaladorians had a strange society.  Males and females lived in separate tribes and interacted only for sex and only during a female’s ovulation, which occurred only once during their 427 day year.  The day was approximately 26.2 human standard hours long, so the planets day night cycle was very close to human normal.  Sexual maturity began at around 5 (Elfaladorian) years old and full sexual maturity at about 8 years.  The species kept their youthful looks throughout their lives, which unfortunately was only about 20 to 25 Elfaladorian years (24 to 30 human years).  A typical female had about 10 children during her lifespan.  Children were able to care for themselves at about the age of 2 to 3.

The females were receptive to sex and male interaction at all times and would spend all their time with males if the males were willing.  Males chased away any non-ovulating female.  However once a female began emitting the ovulating pheromone, as many as 50 males would arrive from downwind to mate with the female.  The impatience of the males would often lead to them taking the female’s mouth and anus in addition to her vagina triple-teaming the poor girl.  The other orifices would not lead to procreation of course, but the males would not leave the girl alone until the pheromone dissipated.  The ovulation lasted about 3 days and a female might have a male ejaculate in her three orifices as many as 500 times in that time period.  Many of the adolescent females would perish under this assault, so girls 5 to 7 years old would often run for days trying not to get caught by the men the first couple time they ovulated.  Girls of 8 and older submitted willingly to the abuse and craved the male attention, but always wished the interaction would be spread out more instead of all at once and then nothing until next year.  Pregnancy was almost certain and the gestation was about 65 days.  The young matured fast.

The Elfaladorian female’s receptiveness to sex and ability to handle a great deal of sex in combination with their attractiveness to human males, led to the current problem.  Human males just could not resist these tiny beautiful sex machines.  The slave trade was highly illegal, but very difficult to stop.  All decent humans agreed publically it was evil, but none were willing to pay much to stop it.  Many of the wealthy who were vocal critics of the trade had secretly bought one or more Elfaladorian girls of their own.  Patrols around the planet were infrequent, and the slavers too numerous.

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Chapter I

The ship exited null space, and Captain Sakai immediately checked the monitors for the presence of other vessels.  He smiled seeing no other craft in the vicinity of the planet.  It was always a 50/50 chance that one of the patrol ships was present guarding the planet to prevent raids such as his.  He had some fear of the patrol ships, but he didn’t envy their crews.  It was common for 3 or more raiders to attack and destroy or chase away any ship guarding the planet.  One on one he wouldn’t try it, but raids such as this were very common.  If you exited null space and a patrol ship was present, sometimes you just waited a while to see if more ships showed up, contact each other and go after the patrol ship as a group.

Some ships raided in one region of the planet only.  That was amateur.  The variety of product you could get by jumping from region to region to load cargo more than made up for the time it took with higher profits.  Elf girls with various hair and skin colors from the regional areas appealed to different costumers.  The brothels in particular wanted variety.  Show up to a broker with only one type of girl, and they would only buy 30 or 40 girls as opposed to all of them if you had variety.  You got higher prices with variety too.  Captain Sakai sent his two raiding shuttles out, one to the equatorial region and one to a more temperate zone.  Only the extreme north and south poles ever got cold on this planet, so nearly the whole planet had female villages to raid.

Captain Sakai monitored the first shuttle as it found one of the female villages and landed.  Men on scooters quickly surrounded the village herding the females to the center.  From the audio, he could hear their shrieking screams of terror of the Elf girls.  In such raids all the adolescent girls were taken and then the ones just out of adolescence.  All the females were usually attractive if not very attractive, but buyers knew how short lived the Elves were and would only pay the most credits for those that would be around longest.  The very young were left alone; the Elf females raised children communally, often not knowing which children were their own, feeling motherly instincts to all of them.  He watched as his men began shackling the best girls out of the village.  A couple of the girls were obviously pregnant and released; a quick pregnancy test on the rest resulted in a couple more released.  It was strange that a species would only ovulate every 400 to 430 days yet have a gestation of 65 days.

As part of the ritual of capture, each man began raping one of the older girls not shackled for transport.  In a strange quirk of their culture, this actually had a calming effect on the girls.  It identified them as males and not some monsters from the sky.  The sight of a penis would cause instant arousal in Elf girls, and a human penis looked just like an Elf one except bigger.  And not unlike human culture in this regard, bigger was considered better, at least to a point.  Captain Sakai watched as his men humped older Elf girls who responded to the usage by wrapping their legs around the men and lifting up to each thrust or on their hands and knees shoving their hips back at the men.  A few were on their knees getting used in the mouth, and a couple more were on their stomachs.  The captured Elf girls not being fucked watched those that were being fucked and made hunching movements of envy.

Captain Sakai watched the other raid by the other shuttle approximately 1500 kilometers northwest of the first raid.  It went roughly the same as the first raid except the village was slightly bigger.  19 girls were captured in the first raid and 27 in the second raid.  They had room for about 250 girls in cargo.  That was all they could feed and fit in the ship until off-loading at the broker.  Once the shuttles returned, the Captain examined the merchandise as it was off-loaded.  Terrified and trembling Elf girls were walking huddled together.  Those from the equatorial region arriving now wore no clothing at all.  He knew the ones from the more temperate region would have some clothes, but not much.  Most of the Elf girls had crude jewelry as their only adornment.  He spotted an attractive blonde with ample breasts that was probably between 8 and 10 of their years old.  He motioned and a crewman brought the female over.  She was just under 1.5 meters tall (less than 5 feet) and stood in front of him shaking in fear looking up at him.

Staring down at the Elf girl, he opened his pants and pulled out his penis.  He placed her hand on it and her shakes stopped as she pulled on it moaning.  He gripped her pointed ears and pushed her lower to her knees.  He had to widen his stance to line up with her mouth.  This Elf girl had probably been through at least 2 or 3 ovulation cycles where men had caught her and was old enough to have done this before.  She opened wide as he moved forward and pushed past her lips stretching them wide.  She sucked strongly on him and reached up with both hands to grip the base not in her mouth.  He held her elaborately styled hair with both hands and plunged in and out of her mouth watching her crude earrings sway back and forth with his thrusting.  She kept her teeth off him and used her lips and tongue.  In a strange quirk of evolution, Elf girls instinctively knew to keep their teeth covered by their lips and to suck.  This was not learned behavior as it was in humans.  This one was actually pretty good at cocksucking.  He tried an experiment by grabbing her head hard and pushing deep.  He felt the tip go into her throat and down.  The Elf girl adjusted to the deeper thrust her saliva lubricating his entry.  He managed to get his cock all the way in to the base, something not always possible with the tiny Elf girls.  He could see the girl was starting to tremble in panic as she couldn’t breathe with his cock completely blocking her throat.  He slowly pulled out and resumed humping her face again occasionally going down her throat.  Human saliva was lubricating to some extent, but not like Elf girl saliva, which retained lubricating ability even exposed to air for a while.  He could feel himself getting ready to finish and thrust faster into her mouth.  He went rigid and began shooting into the Elf girl’s mouth.  The girl swallowed and swallowed to get it all down; they always did this instinctively.  During the gang rape that is the Elfaladorian sexual practice, when the girl is fucked practically non-stop in all her holes for 3 days, swallowing the male’s semen is her only sustenance and source of fluid to prevent dehydration.  He closed his pants and pulled the Elf girl to her feet.  “Shackle this one in my state room,” he told a crewman who took her by the arm and led her away.

After seeing to storage of the cargo making sure it was fed and watered appropriately, Captain Sakai went to his stateroom.  The Elf girl jumped when he came in and started trembling in fear.  She was chained by one arm to a ring near the bed.  He opened his pants and pulled out his cock to calm her.  Once she caught sight of it, she turned on her stomach and made hunching movements looking back at him.  Accepting this position from behind, he gripped her hips and placed his cock at the entrance to her vagina and slowly wiggled it inside.  Even though she had self-lubricated within seconds of seeing his cock, the Elf girl grunted in pain at his size.  This was certainly the biggest cock she ever had inside her.  He let her adjust for a few seconds, and then began thrusting into her.  The Elf girl moaned with pleasure and pushed back at him her mouth hung open.  She squealed with an orgasm and about 2 minutes later squealed again; in all she had four orgasms in less than 7 minutes.  The captain could feel the Elf girl’s vaginal muscles pulsating and working on him.  This, in combination with how tight the tiny female was, made it hard to hold back.  He reached under her and squeezed both her breasts as he jerked a few times releasing his semen inside her.  He lay down with the Elf girl to sleep.  She was very confused as no male of her species would remain with a female after ejaculation.  She curled up next to him and stared.  She reached for his cock and pulled on it, but he brushed her hand away and spoke, “Later.”  She of course couldn’t understand.  They had training videos to teach the Elf girls some basic phrases in Human Standard.  He fell asleep, and the Elf girl did too soon after.

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Chapter II

Captain Sakai woke in the night to the Elf girl squirming next to him trying to reach his cock.  With one hand chained, she was trying to reach with the other hand.  He noticed he was erect and thought why not.  “Lights,” he spoke and the dim lighting got a little brighter.  He turned the Elf girl on her stomach and got on top and spoke to her even though she couldn’t understand, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”  He started rubbing his cock head on her anus, and the Elf girl began whimpering.  She surely hoped for him to put it somewhere else.  The nice thing about Elf girls is there was never any resistance towards males no matter how much they dreaded what was going to happen.  This one had seen his size and knew it would hurt in this hole.  He rubbed his cock head around some more feeling the lubricant.  Elf girls had such interesting anatomy.  Due to the Elfaladorian sexual practices where males gang rape a girl in all three holes continuously, the same glands that quickly produce a lubricating fluid for vaginal entry were also present around the anus and inside the rectum.  There are fewer of the glands, so it takes a few seconds longer for it to get slick back there.  Obviously, evolution selected for this to protect the girls from damage.

Captain Sakai pushed hard, and the Elf girl squealed very loud as he broke through her anal barrier and pushed slowly but surely deep into her rectum.  She was crying, trembling and shaking her head back and forth.  He pushed inside her slowly, partly to test her ability to handle it and partly because the tiny Elf girl’s ass was gripping him so exquisitely, and he wanted this to last.  He could tell she had been invaded here before but not a great many times and certainly only by Elf males who would be half his size.  He felt greater resistance about three-quarters in.  This was the extent he could go right now without damaging her.  With further use she would open up more and allow complete penetration.  He began moving in and out of her slowly at first, but then plunging in and out faster and faster as the Elf girl seemed to be adjusting.  He could even feel her butt lifting up just a bit now with each forward thrust.  He could see in the mirror on the wall that she had her mouth hung open as if she expected something to be shoved in it too.  Just then he realized she had never seen a mirror before being in his stateroom.  He could see her beautiful green eyes watching his face above her and then looking at her own face as he continued to pound into her ass.  The tight grip her ass had on him only allowed him to last about 5 minutes, but the Elf girl manage to have a little squeaky orgasm just before he began shooting into her bowels.  They both went back to sleep as the light began dimming.

In the morning he unlocked the chain holding her arm and turned her on her back.  The Elf girl sighed and made happy sounds as he entered her vagina.  She immediately wrapped her arms and legs around him urging him to thrust faster even though no real words were spoken.  It took no time at all for the girl to start banging out little Elf orgasms.  He shot his load into her fifth orgasm.  As he dressed for the day, the Elf girl looked around the stateroom, and moved here and there, always looking at him to see if her movements were acceptable.  He watched with amusement as she picked up a pair of women’s shoes with a perplexed look.  He had various items like this always in the smallest sizes.  Such things seemed to delight all girls, human and Elf.  He showed her how to put them on and watched laughing out loud as she stumbled around the room on the heels.  She laughed with him starting to get the hang of the walking.  Captain Sakai opened the door and walked with the sometimes teetering girl to the main social area of the ship.

Crewmen were just arriving and watched chuckling as the Elf girl in heels awkwardly walked into the room and then fell to her knees.  One of the crewmen near the girl looked at the captain who nodded his head.  The crewman opened his pants in front of the Elf girl who froze in shock at the sight of his penis, and then she flung her arms back in surprise as a bit of drool dripped from her lower lip.  The crewman moved forward aiming his penis towards her mouth.  The Elf girl glanced briefly at the captain before opening wide to accept it inside and began sucking strongly on him.  A line began forming behind the first man.  Captain Sakai spoke, “Go ahead get another one and enjoy yourselves, but be done in 2 hours.  We have two more raids today.”  His mates impatient with getting inside the Elf girl themselves had the man move the girl on her hands and knees so they could use her from both ends.  When each man finished with her mouth or vagina, he was replaced by another, then another and so on.

Two men entered the holding pen and brought out another Elf girl who came from the second raid and a different village from the one that spent the night in his stateroom currently on her hands and knees with cocks being shoved in and out of her mouth and vagina.  This Elf girl had pinkish almost purple skin and whitish grey hair.  She was placed unresisting on her back on a piece of furniture and the men lost no time in fucking her pussy and mouth one after the other.  The purple Elf girl placed her arms under her back in a completely submissive pose as she worked her mouth on each crewman that one after the other shoved their cocks down her throat.  Her head was turned sideways and the men fucking her were jostling each other for position to get deeper thrusts.  Each of his 37 crewmen not on duty went at least once and most took both girls.  The Elf girl that spent the night in the captain stateroom collapsed on the floor with semen oozing from her mouth and vagina.  The purple Elf girl lay on the piece of future in the same situation.  Semen was seeping out of her vagina, and then she coughed and a great mass of cum came from deep in her belly onto the furniture.  The spent Elf girls were yanked to their feet and returned to the holding pen.  Captain Sakai would eventually allow his men to have pretty much any Elf girl they wanted when off duty during the return trip, but in these initial days of loading cargo, it always seemed to go better just allowing a few at a time to be used.  It was mostly for the Elf girls he did this, as they expected sex to be like this.

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Chapter III

At first watching the huge object descend from the sky and slow and touch the ground, Lanolei was extremely curious at what this strange thing was.  Suddenly, Lanolei was terrified when the huge sky creatures that came from the object descended on her village.  She ran screaming with her sisters, but the horrible creatures were all around them herding them to the center of the village.  As she looked closer she could see they looked a little like the Elfala people and rode things that moved.  When she saw them at a distance she thought the things they rode were part of them, and now she could see each combination was two separate creatures.  The creatures the Elfala looking people rode had no heads, arms or legs and looked like nothing alive she had ever seen.   The Elfala looking people got off the beasts with no alive features, and then the beasts did not move any more.  The Elfala looking people were way too big to be real Elfala, and they had stunted ears and wore strange clothes and carried many strange things.  At first she thought the ears had been cut, but she could see they were natural that way.  Some of them were placing metal ropes on her sisters, and then one came to her and put the metal ropes on her securing her to her sister Lenaloo.

Lanolei saw her older sisters were not placed in the metal ropes.  Their young were also left alone as were her sisters who were late with child.  The Elfala looking people came around to all of them and touched them with something.  When one of them touched her, she felt it bite her slightly.  The Elfala looking person looked at the thing and moved to Lenaloo.  When the Elfala looking person looked at the thing this time, Lenaloo was let go to her older sisters and their children.  Once the Elfala looking people went through and touched all of her sisters with the thing removing two more from the metal ropes, they began removing their strange clothing.  One of them was very near her, and then she saw it; the spear between Elfala looking person’s legs.  Instantly she felt the hunger of arousal.  It was a male she thought and stared at him looking him over especially his spear.  She began to think of the first time she saw a male’s spear this close and knowing it would be used on her.

When Lanolei had her first cycle, the older sisters told her to run and keep running.  Don’t look at the spear they said, because if you look at it, you will stop and let them have you.  If too many of them stick their spears inside you when you are this young, you will die.  She knew about that as soon as she entered adolescence.  Males would come for her older sisters.  There were always so many, and they would stick their spears in the sister in her cycle over and over non-stop for the three days it lasted.  She remembered seeing it since she was a child.  Everyone knew this would lead to the sister having a child, but the males wouldn’t just stick their spears in the vagina.  The sister’s mouth and anus would be also be invaded repeatedly and continuously for 3 days.  Lanolei ran through the forest’s thickest areas to make it harder for the males to find her.  There were places where the trees were so thick, she could pass through and the males would have to go around.  She could run faster than them, but the big fear is running into one group while trying to evade another.

Lanolei had been through three cycles.  The first two cycles she ran easily away from the males searching for her.  During her third cycle, and on the third and last day of that cycle, she stayed just ahead of a group following her.  Lanolei slowed watching them and counting.  There were eight males following her.  She had a good view of the surroundings and knew these were the only ones.  Most girls waited until their fourth cycle before letting the males catch them, but Lanolei was always adventurous.  She stopped and waited as the first male to reach her already had his spear visible.  Seeing the spear, her mouth hung open in a state of arousal, and she could feel the wetness between her legs.  The male flung her to the ground and entered her instantly causing her to squeal, and then he began thrusting.  Another came and forced both her and the male thrusting into her to the side.  Lanolei screamed as she felt him enter her anus and start his thrusting; she grunted with each thrust.  The third knelt by her head seized her hair and the spear was pushed past her lips.  The rest waited.  The eight males used her like this one after the other taking her three or four times each for almost half a day.  When evening fell she knew her cycle was ending, the males started to lose interest and eventually walked away leaving her gasping on the ground trying to recover with the male seed seeping from all her holes.  Sometime in the night before a predator found her, she managed to get up and began a slow painful walk to her village.

Lanolei watched the sky males rape her older sisters of the village.  After seeing the first male’s spear, she stopped thinking of them as Elfala looking people and started thinking of them as males.  She was making pelvic thrusts of envy.  The sight of the male spears made her want one or more of them inside her.  She was whimpering in frustration along with all her other sisters in the metal ropes.  These males used her sisters twice managing to use all of them at least once.  The large males then herded them towards the object that fell from the sky.  There was an opening to the object like an opening to enter one of their huts.  They all went inside, and the males pushed them to the metal ground and used the metal ropes to secure them to the wall.  Lanolei could feel the object move soon afterwards and wondered where the males were taking them.

Lanolei and her sisters were being led from the large metal thing into a much larger enclosed metal cave.  She had never been inside anything larger than their huts.  She looked around in fascination along with her sisters.  Across the cave another group of Elfala females who were not her sisters were being led into the cave as well.  These females had purple hair instead of white like she and most of her sisters, and they wore way too many clothes like they came from some place not as warm as her village.  The skin that was visible was not the white of her and her sisters, but was a slight pinkish brown.  One of the purple haired girls was pulled out of line by a male.  She was made to kneel on some object.  The male exposed his spear causing all the Elfala females to whimper including her.  The male thrust his spear in purple-haired girl’s mouth over and over while they were standing in the cave.  Lanolei watched as another, then another, and yet another male thrust his spear in the Elfala girl’s mouth.  The girl’s mouth was stretched very wide.  They held her purple hair and pushed their huge spears very far in her mouth.  Lanolei had never seen spears this big and wondered how the poor girl could take something so big and so far into her mouth.  She was close enough to see the girl’s throat was expanding, so the spear must actually be going down her throat.  After five of the males used her, she fell back on the object and the male’s seed flowed from her mouth down her chin to her neck.  Her eyes were wide and staring.

There was a male that must be the chief, because he was gesturing and speaking in some strange language to the other males.  When he did that, the other males would go off to do something.  Realizing this was the alpha male, Lanolei focused on him and stared wondering what his spear would look like.  As they moved them forward, Lanolei kept looking back at the chief.  Finally just before they moved her through a doorway, she saw him look at her and keep looking.  She couldn’t even see his spear, but she could still feel her arousal.

Within the group being loaded on board and as they were walking in shackles to the holding pens, Captain Sakai saw a late adolescent Elf girl turn and stare at him hard through her ghostly white hair hanging in her face.  In profile, the one breast that was visible was smaller than those of the full adults with her but, it was very nicely shaped.  There was a hunger in her eyes that was very appealing.  She was probably just under 1.4 meters tall (4’5”).  He usually chose one of the full adults, but it seemed this one chose him.  A crewman saw the Captain looking at her and said, “I’ll put her in your stateroom.”

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Chapter IV

In his stateroom, Captain Sakai undressed in front of the naked white haired adolescent Elf girl.  She was shackled to his bed by her ankle and sitting on it watching him.  When his penis was visible to her, he saw her lips part and her eyes dilate as the Elf girl stared at it.  He wasn’t sure why he found the almost tiny Lanolei so appealing.  They had offloaded the vast majority of the elf girls to brokers in three locations to be sold to wealthy clients, but saved a few for their own use.  He shared Lanolei with the men occasionally taking one of the others, but he preferred the demure white haired girl.

Gesturing that she should get on her hands and knees on the floor, the petite girl eagerly complied.  She was panting even before he entered her, and squealed with delight when he pushed his cock inside her.  Gripping her shoulder and pumping inside her, her mused about the current situation.  One of the less experienced slave raiders was destroyed as it approached Elfalador.  They had stepped up patrols again in one of those periodic attempts to end the trade in Elf girls.  This could go on longer than the previous blockades of the planet ending his own profits there for the foreseeable future.  This didn’t bother him overly much, as he was an enterprising man always open to new opportunities.

Torval Blut was staring at her again.  Even when one of the officers warned him about bothering her, he still seemed to follow her with his beady little eyes in that fat face everywhere she went.  The worst part was any nice looking boy that tried to talk to her would be bullied by him and chased away, and lots of boys wanted to talk to her.  Karalee was bored silly on this long voyage.  The star ship had a few more jumps to make before it reached their destination.  They were waiting for them to calculate the next jump with nearly everyone in the common area talking about the new world they were going to.  Soon they would have to go to their cramped room and ride out the jump.

The colony world was a few generations old.  The first to arrive after the terraforming was complete were the homesteaders.  She was glad her parents weren’t homesteaders.  It was not uncommon for many of them to die from the harsh conditions of a new world.  Once towns became established, other skills were necessary.  Her parents were low level administrators, who would work in the trade office in the planet capital.  The mines on the new world were productive.  The rare metals bringing in much needed wealth.

She was proud of her father that he had done so well.  He had been a manager for a while now, and would be in charge of an entire office once they got to their destination.  Her mother said she always knew he would do well, which was why she married him when she was only a standard year older than Karalee was now.  She doubted she would marry anyone when she turned 18.  At 35 her mother was gorgeous and many thought her to be 10 years younger than she actually was.  People thought they were sisters with their blond hair and busty figures.  Mom was bigger in the chest than she was, but mom said her breasts grew more even after she married dad.

She didn’t like the way the corpulent Torval was grinning as he watched her.  It was like he knew a secret no one else did.  Her thoughts were interrupted by an alarm.  There was confusion as the hundreds of people in the huge common area milled about.  There was shouting, and she was sure she heard blasts that sounded like gunfire.  Suddenly rough looking armed men came into the common area, and she got really scared knowing they weren’t from the ship.  The ship’s men were being manacled and forced to sit under armed guards.  All except Torval who walked among the intruders as if he knew them.

The few that had been in their tiny staterooms were also brought into the common area.  They seemed to be selecting and separating out a few of the passengers.  Just when Karalee noticed all those being separated were young pretty girls, Torval was in front of her and seized her wrist.  She grunted in pain and tried to fight him, but he began dragging her over with the other girls.  She saw her mother had been selected as well, but other than her mother, all the girls looked to range from 15 to 20’s.  She knew many of the girls.  As Torval placed her with them, he did not let go of her wrist.  A man who seemed to be in charge came over and asked Torval, “This must be the one you wanted?”
“OK, you got her until we sell them.”

The girls had been whispering to each other, but when the man said ‘sell them’, there was a shocked silence.  Humans didn’t sell other humans, did they?  They began herding the almost 40 girls out of the common area.  Most of them were crying, but Karalee was too stunned to cry.  She kept reflexively trying to pull out of Torval’s vise-like grip.  They were in the airlock and she could see the much smaller ship docked with the passenger liner.  The man in charge spoke again, “Strip.”
They just looked at him with confusion, so he shouted, “Your clothes.  Get them off you idiot girls!”

Torval reached over and clutched the neck of her dress and yanked down shredding the thin fabric exposing her breasts.  She started screaming along with the other girls as their clothes were torn from their bodies.  She saw her mother was almost calmly removing her own clothes.  It took only a few minutes before all of them were completely naked.  The evil man in charge spoke again as they were herded into the other ship through the airlock, “Don’t worry, you won’t be needing clothes where you’re going.”

Torval dragged her sobbing and naked into the new ship.  She tried to push his hands away when he groped her breasts, but he was too strong.  Everything was so surreal, and she couldn’t believe it was really happening.  He took her to a room on the ship.  She struggled as he forced her onto a mattress on the floor, but he soon had her wrists shackled above her head.  She kicked at him, but first one than the other ankle were shackled to opposite walls in the wall.  Her legs were spread obscenely wide, and she watch the fat horrible man who must be twice her age undress.  The shackles appeared to be well worn and had seen frequent use.

When he finished undressing and she saw it sticking out from under his fat belly, she began screaming again.  Soon he was on top of her slobbering on her breasts, pinching and biting her nipples painfully.  She felt him positioning himself, and then jerk his hips forward.  She hadn’t been a virgin for nearly two years now, but it had only been a couple times with boys she liked and who get her aroused first.  When Torval ripped into her, she screamed in agony.  He just laughed and thrust at her until he got it in deeper.  She turned her head away trying to will the repulsive act and hideous man away, but he grunted and puffed on top of her rooting inside her for what seemed like hours.  Eventually he stiffened on top of her, and she moaned in misery feeling his awful seed spilling into her body.  He lay on top of her crushing her with his weight making it hard to breath, until she felt him harden again.  The second rape was more of a throbbing soreness than the sharp pain of the first one; the man’s vile seed lubricating where their bodies were joined.  These were just the first of countless rapes by the terrible Torval Blut.

Captain Sakai shook his head at the din.  Elf girls were certainly quieter during their first rapes.  The men would quiet them down over time, and he knew they would take it easy on the girls.  He wouldn’t be happy if any of the goods were too damaged, and they knew that.  He pulled the older one with the huge tits into his stateroom.  Lanolei didn’t seem too happy seeing her, but it wasn’t her nature to complain to a male.  The woman was unusually cooperative, but she did try and get him to let her daughter go.  He was surprised that tasty morsel he let Blut have was this woman’s daughter.  He was sure they were sisters.  He asked her if she was 5 when she had her, and the woman didn’t seem displeased by the remark.  He’d let Blut have his fun with the girl for a while, but it wasn’t likely he would be on his ship for long.  He betrayed one ship and captain, and that wasn’t something he was willing to let happen to his ship.  He’d wait and mull that decision, but most likely the fat Blut would be breathing cold vacuum at some point.

This was a new venture for Captain Sakai.  You couldn’t get away with it for long selling human girls to humans, and there wasn’t the profit for it that compensated for the risk.  But selling human girls to aliens was a whole lot less risky and the prices being offered were just too good to pass up.  It took a while to find out how this market got started, but it seems some scientist on a planet he never heard of called Prak had made a series of pornographic holos of himself and other aliens having sex with a beautiful human girl.  Now every alien that could have sex with a human girl wanted to and were willing to pay well to shove their alien cocks inside human girl orifices.  They even understood human ideals of attractiveness and insisted on pretty girls with big tits.  He had a series of hormones at his disposal to inject into these girls to give them bigger tits over the coming months, even the ones already well-endowed like the girl he gave Blut.  Looking at the naked blond on his bed he thought, ‘Well, this one at least doesn’t need that.’

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Chapter V

Karalee heaved and forced the rising gorge down.  She hated it most when Torval tried to force it down her throat.  He was big and never seemed to be satisfied with how much of it she got in her mouth.  His hands were in her blond hair as he thrust at her face, his fat sweaty belly rubbing her forehead.  She worked hard at sucking him gripping it tight with her lips and slithering her tongue around it hoping for it to end soon.  When he was pleased, her life was a little less miserable.  The pain stick made sure she was very obedient.  She would do anything not to feel that again, which was why she was so very careful to keep her teeth off him.  She felt him shaking a little and knew it was coming and began swallowing.  He gripped her head hard, as his foul fluid squirted into her throat.

He tells me I’m better off than the other girls getting raped by multiple men, but at least they get out more and are allowed to walk around and talk to each other.  I’m stuck in Torval Blut’s cramped quarters.  I only get out when he lets me use the sonic bath to clean myself.  Sometimes I think the worst thing is that I have almost nothing that is mine.  I have no clothes.  All I have is my hair beads.  Most of them fell out, and I saved them.  I know it’s pathetic, but they are all I have.  Torval did give me some red nail polish, but I feel that is for him, not me.  I’ve almost come to the point of looking forward to the rapes.  At least I’m not bored to the point of insanity when he fucks me.  I’d kill myself if I could figure out how.

Karalee was shocked the first time she saw one of the Elf girls.  It wasn’t the blue hair, as she had tried that once herself a year ago.  She was fascinated by the long pointed ears.  The girl looked human, although rather short, except for those ears.  The Elf girl was kneeling in front of one of the crew caressing his manhood just before swallowing it.  The girl seemed to be far more enthusiastic than she was when Torval put it in her mouth.  Whenever she was allowed out, she looked desperately around for her mother, but never saw her.  She sometimes saw a human girl or an Elf girl and even recognized a few of the human girls, but they were never anyone she really knew.

Karalee first sensed this day would be different by the way Torval fucked her in the morning as soon as they woke.  He was almost gentle and took a very long time to finish.  He left the room briefly, but came back with a forelorn look on his face and made her suck him off.  After that Torval took her out and she was shocked to see a couple dark humanoid looking aliens.  They were human in size and somewhat in the face, but they were obviously not some human genetic variant.  They had pointed ears like the Elf girls, but Karalee could tell they were a different species than them too.  She was shaking in fear when other crewmen took her from Torval and brought her over very close to the aliens.

The dark alien felt the blond girl’s tit with his black hand making her jump and squeal in surprise, and asked something.
“Yes, they will get bigger,” answered Captain Sakai after hearing the translation.
He shook his head thinking the girl had great tits already, but these aliens insisted they be as big as possible.  She was forced to bend over while the alien leaned over and looked at her privates.  She squealed again feeling the alien inserted a finger in her vagina moving it around.  He moved the finger up and pushed it into her butt making her moan in misery.  When the aliens finished examining Karalee, Torval was allowed to take possession of her again.

This was the strangest day yet since her arrival here.  I mean to get felt up and fingered by an alien like he was some school boy she sneaked off with?  It looked like they were examining her for some reason, but she couldn’t fathom why.  Torval took her back to his quarters and fucked her again.  Right after that, he made her suck on him.  He had ejaculated inside her vagina twice and her mouth once already this morning, but wouldn’t let her stop.  She sucked and sucked until her mouth was sore and exhausted, but he was barely hard and just couldn’t manage to finish.  He wouldn’t let her stop though and raised the pain stick when she tried to reason with him that he needed more time.  There was a banging on the door, and Torval asked for more time.  A while later there was another banging and a voice said time was up.

The aliens were still there or at least some of the same species as they looked and dressed the same.  Otherwise, she saw only one other girl.  It was her friend Dara, and this was the first time she saw her since they were first taken from their ship.  She was her own age and they knew each other back on the planet of their birth.  Dara looked even more troubled than she felt, but when Dara saw her she brightened some, and the two girls ran to each other and hugged.
“What do you suppose these aliens want with us?” Karalee asked her friend.
“I think the same thing these men have been doing to us.” Dara answered.
“What do you mean?”
“The man who fucked me this morning told me to enjoy it, because it was probably the last human cock I would get shoved inside me.”
“You don’t mean they will…..?”  Karalee gestured towards the aliens.
“I think so,” answered her friend.

After a pause Dara asked, “Do your tits hurt?”
“A little, yes.  Why?”
“My tits are aching, and I can tell they are much bigger,” answered Dara.
Looking at her friend, Karalee said, “I was wondering about that.  You were always big chested, but you are getting huge.”
Karalee looked again at her dark haired friend thinking how she had always been jealous that Dara was bigger breasted than she was.  One of the few girls she knew that was bigger than her.  Briefly cupping one of her own breasts, she noticed it did seem a little bigger.

She was handed a bag and along with Dara and looked inside.  None of them were particularly impressed by what they saw, but each of them clutched the bag just glad to have something.  In her bag she saw some cheap jewelry probably made out of plastic.  She was hopeful seeing some clothing, but after looking closer she realized the clothing wouldn’t cover any of her private parts.  It was long gloves, boots, and a couple tops that didn’t even cover her breasts.  She didn’t know yet she would jealously guard these few possessions from other girls cherishing them, although sometimes trades with other girls would be made.  The girls filed through the airlock with the dark aliens on the other side.  A few girls ahead of them cried and tried to run back, but were hit with pain sticks.  She and Dara seemed to be the last ones.  A very sad Torval walked next to her his arm around her shoulder as if he were her boyfriend.

Torval was surprised the captain let him walk with Karalee through the universal airlock that connected the two ships.  He had hoped he would be allowed to keep her, but then there was always the Elf girls on board.  He waited and watched until the aliens closed their side, and the alien ship detached and began drifting away.  They engaged their drive, and just like that Karalee was gone.  He turned and went back to the lock to rejoin the crew.  He pressed the button to open the lock, but nothing happened.  That they closed it was expected, it being a safety precaution, but why won’t it open.  He saw the captain through the window with no expression on his face.  Torval heard the door behind him cycle, and had just enough time to started screaming before the air was ripped out of his lungs.  He was flung into space and froze solid in seconds.

Karalee and Dara looked around inside the alien ship with astonishment.  It looked like the walls, floor and ceiling were made of stone and the furniture of wood.  Karalee knelt down and touched the floor.  Dara bent down too, and both discovered it was imitation stone of some sort.  Karalee then touched a table to find out it wasn’t imitation and was made of real wood.  The aliens with them known as the Kree had always lived underground, first in the numerous caverns of their world, and then in stone caves they built.  The stone and wood made them feel comfortable, when they ventured into space.  The girls were still talking about the walls and furniture, when both of them suddenly had to sit down with waves of nausea flowing through them.  They knew that meant the ship had jumped and carried them away towards whatever strange fate that lay before them.

When the two girls felt the queasiness of the space jump pass and their stomach settle, they both noticed the two aliens with them had dropped their tunics to the floor and were nude.  Karalee instantly saw they had almost human looking genitalia, and the organs appeared to be erect.  Red-faced and terrified she turned away.  One of the aliens grabbed Dara first.  Karalee watched as the alien groped Dara’s breasts and then forced her down on her knees.  The dark alien had his hand in Dara’s long dark brown hair forcing her face close to it.  Dara shook her head refusing to open her mouth.  The alien hit her with the pain stick, and Dara screamed in agony.  Sobbing with tears rolling down her face, Dara opened her mouth letting the alien slide his reproductive organ inside.  Karalee could see the look of revulsion on her face.  Soon the alien was slamming his hips into Dara’s face driving the organ way too deep.  Dara was gagging horribly on it trying futilely to push the pointed eared dark alien away.

Karalee sensed the presence of the other alien behind her, and then he too fondled her aching breasts.  She tried to move away, but he pulled her hips back against him bending her over, and she felt his organ poking her butt cheek.  She desperately tried to pull away, but he held her firm and positioned his organ between her cheeks grinding it against her anus.  Realizing what he intended, she began shrieking, “Oh Diety, not there!!  Not there!!!”

He forced the tip inside her ass, as she began blubbering with tears dripping off her face.  She fought frantically to get away.  He forced her down on the fake stone floor never losing himself inside her.  Weeping and crying out for someone to save her, Karalee had a moment of thinking that not even Torval did this to her and even wished she was back with one of her own species even if it was Torval.  She screamed even louder feeling him force more of his organ deep into her bowels.  Soon she was moaning and whimpering on the floor with the dark alien rooting in her ass.  Her head turned to the side, she could see her friend Dara with the alien organ buried deep in her throat.  Dara had given up fighting and was trying to get air on each outstroke.

The dark alien grunted on top of her for what seemed like an eternity.  Her ass felt like it was on fire it hurt so much.  She noticed the alien abusing Dara suddenly made a loud groan, and her friend’s hands flailed about helplessly.  Karalee could see some white alien semen dripping out around the organ buried in her mouth, but could tell Dara was forced to swallow most of it.  The alien on top of her picked up speed, and she cried out with anguish at the pain.  Karalee felt him stiffen, and then a flood of slimy fluid filled her rectum.  She didn’t even notice him pulling out.  The next thing she knew was Dara was holding her head asking if she was alright.  Dara turned her head to the side and spit several times saying, “It tastes so awful.”

The girls held each other on the cold floor.  A different reptilian alien came in and moved about doing unknown things.  Dara and Karalee watched fearfully, but it barely noticed them.  It wore no clothing but didn’t seem to possess a sex organ they could see.  After a while two dark aliens came back.  It may have been the same two or new ones.  The girls didn’t know.  Dara whined as one of them pulled her to her feet and forced her towards the door.  The other one stared down at Karalee with a grin on his face.  He disrobed to her terror, and then lay on his back right next to her.  Shoving her to get her attention he pointed at his erect organ and motioned for her to get on top of him.  Karalee was immobile, but the alien showed her the pain stick.

Karalee hesitated, but when the alien gestured again with the pain stick, she slowly began moving.  Taking as long as she dared, she straddled the smiling alien.  Her rear end hurt terribly and fearful he would want to put it in there, she aimed her vagina at the horrid alien’s male organ.  She didn’t know if the use of her ass was a misunderstanding of human anatomy or not and didn’t want to take any chances.  With a loathsome grimace, she took it with her shaking hand and guided the repellent organ to her entrance.  She slowly settled down on it, feeling a revolting sickness as the vile organ penetrated her body.  Once she had settled completely on it, she just sobbed and waited.  The alien motioned for her to start moving.  She cried out in disgust, but slowly began to move up and down impaling herself on the alien’s hateful organ.  He jabbered something at her, and she understood and moved up and down faster.  The reptilian alien came over and watched.  Karalee closed her eyes in shame but didn’t stop moving.  It was humiliating enough being forced to do this with an alien, did the other one have to watch?  Trying unsuccessfully to will her thoughts away from the act, Karalee wondered what other obscene things she would be forced to do and where they were taking them.  Despite the gloom and wretchedness of her new situation and her absolute grief, she didn’t stop bouncing up and down on the dark alien’s cock.

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Nice new addition!  I am really starting to enjoy this story . . .the whole sex with aliens is just so hot!

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Great new stuff Jed! And I really like the pics too.

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Thanks Plaything, vile and bulldog.  There are just so many aliens in the Universe and so many girls for them to molest.

Just a thought for guests.  The pics vile is talking about are not visible unless you join the site.

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Chapter VI

Scholars debate whether the Kree have two genders or three.  The Kree that Karalee met so far would best be described as beta males.  Only about 1 out of 70 males born is an alpha.  Beta males can and do mate with females as Karalee was intimately familiar with, but at their own risk if an alpha is around.  Beta males have an instinctive subservience to alphas, especially since alphas are a head or more taller and two to three times more massive.  The betas do all the work and are a little smarter than both alphas and females, smart enough to achieve space travel.  However, the alphas are in charge.  There were only a few females on board the ship in the quarters with the only alpha on board.  The alpha had been trying some of the human females, and most of them had survived this.  At least Dara and Karalee’s mother didn’t die from the experience like a couple others did.  After many space jumps and the about a standard month that had gone by on the alien ship, Karalee had not yet seen an alpha, but she was about to.

Gruk as she called him just lay there and grinned as he always did when she rode him.  He was the only one she could tell from the others, because she somehow became his favorite after that first day cycle, when she was first forced to ride him the first time.  He came for her every day, whereas she wasn’t sure if she recognized any of the others that came to use her.  Each day cycle somewhere between six and twelve Kree came to use her.  She could tell the day cycle was longer than a standard day probably almost 30 hours.  It was hard to adjust, but at least the night cycle when they dimmed the lights was nice and long and allowed her to sleep as much as she needed.  She saw other human girls rarely, and they would always rush over and talk if a Kree wasn’t in the middle of using them.  She missed her mother, and was now unsure if she was actually taken onto the raider ship let alone aboard this alien ship.  She hadn’t seen Dara either since that first day here.

Gruk was a simple Kree and wanted the same exact thing from her each time, for her to ride him with his cock in her pussy.  Considering the alternatives, Karalee almost felt an affection for him.  To her absolute mortification, on two occasions while she was riding him and thinking of her old boyfriend, she accidently took herself to the edge and had an orgasm.   She bounced on him crying out as waves of pleasure coursed through her and then flopped down on him breathing hard.  He wasn’t impressed and tapped her on the head to get her moving again so he could finish.  Red faced with shame, she raised up and resumed gyrating on the dark alien.

She also found out that first use of her ass was no accident.  At least once and sometimes as many as three or four times a day, one of the Kree would rape her ass.  She learned to save some Kree semen and smear it back there as a lubricant to ease the pain of entry.  It was utterly disgusting to transfer alien semen from her pussy and work it into her ass, but she couldn’t figure out anything else to do.  It just hurt so bad otherwise.  It got easier over time, but she dreaded those days when her ass got used first and she had no lubricant.

To her surprise, the worst thing was being forced to pleasure them orally.  Dara’s reaction that first day cycle here to a Kree cumming in her mouth did not do justice of the awfulness of it.  The first time she was forced to suck on a Kree penis and he ejaculated in her mouth, the taste was unbelievably putrid.  As soon as the foul nasty substance hit her tongue, she heaved, gagged and then vomited on the floor.  The Kree hit her repeatedly with the pain stick until she was screaming in agony.  He even made her clean it up.  Torval’s semen wasn’t tasty by any means, but now she would gladly drink liters of it rather than have one drop of Kree semen in her mouth.  Torval would force his cock deep in her mouth and throat, so she had gotten used to that.  Now when she sensed a Kree was going to cum, she took him as deep as she could and begin swallowing it directly into her stomach trying desperately to avoid tasting the foul substance.  She had worried it might be toxic, but by now it was clear it wasn’t.  The horrid taste always hit her when the Kree pulled his cock out of her throat and mouth, but it was better than him cumming directly on her tongue.

Her breasts really ached now and were definitely bigger.  Karalee knew her mother said they might get bigger, but she knew this was from the injections she got on the raider ship.  All the Kree liked to feel her up, and their rough hands made her breasts hurt even more.  Gruk was breathing hard, so she thrust down on him vigorously trying to finish him off.  Karalee felt Gruk grab her butt cheeks, and he made that high pitched noise they make when they have an orgasm.  She gave a grimace of revulsion feeling that familiar flood of Gruk’s semen pouring into her body.

Two Kree came into the room and began chattering to Gruk.  She was looking down at his face, and he looked alarmed.  Suddenly he tossed her aside like a discarded broken toy.  He jumped up and ran out of the room with the other two Kree in what seemed like a panic.  Karalee watched them go, but then heard a sound behind her.  She turned and stared in shock at the huge creature in the room.  What little Karalee could muster of her mind pondered what this new horror might be.  It didn’t seem to be a Kree at first.  It was too tall and way too muscular and big.  Also Kree were dark black all over, and this monstrosity was dark brown over most of its body.  Looking closer Karalee let out a whimper seeing it was male, an alpha male to be exact.  It was getting an enormous erection and was staring directly at her.

Karalee was paralyzed in fear and glued to the floor as the massive beast ambled over.  She almost always kept her hair tied back to keep it out of the way, and the monster seized it like a handle and began dragging her kicking and wailing in fear over to a wooden bench.  With a grip on one arm and one leg, he flung her awkwardly on the bench.  The edge hurt as it dug into her back, but soon that was the least of her worries as the monster positioned his huge cock between her legs.  Shaking her head in disbelief and terror thinking it would never fit, Karalee began screaming.  The giant fiendish alien slammed his hips forward, and Karalee shrieked in agony feeling her body penetrated.  Her vaginal walls were stretching to the breaking point.  Soon the beast was humping her rapidly, and she did feel some tearing as it hurt terribly.  She couldn’t believe he got that huge organ inside her, and had a moment of thankfulness that Gruk had just emptied his balls inside her.  Without Gruk’s semen lubricating this giant’s entry, she surely would be torn to pieces.  The pain was excruciating, and the beast seemed to be pushing her internal organs up into her chest he was penetrating her so deep.  It went on and on, and soon she was whimpering feebly while the monster hammered away at her body.

She must have passed out before it was over, because next thing she knew Gruk and another Kree were carrying her to the cage they kept her in.  Her vaginal felt like a bomb had exploded inside it.  No other Kree came for her that day or the next day cycle.  The Kree left her alone to recover.  She was worth too much for them to allow her to die.

Day cycles went by and the routine of being used by the Kree resumed.  Karalee never forgot the alpha male, and when he showed up again she sobbed in despair, but didn’t try to run.  She was kneeling on the floor and expected to be flung on a bench or the floor to be fucked again, but the alpha male came over and stood in front of her.  He pressed the tip of his massive cock against her mouth and began forcing it inside.  She didn’t think it would fit there either, but soon her lips were stretched around its enormous girth.  Karalee was suddenly self-conscious about the fake jewelry and gloves she had put on out of boredom.  It was like she had made herself pretty for the creature.

Soon all thoughts of what she was wearing were gone, as the beast began forcing his huge member into her throat.  She was gagging horribly around the giant invading flesh and felt her throat trying to expand to accommodate the massive intrusion.  The beast began humping her face, and Karalee frantically tried to get air in her lungs on each outstroke.  He had her head gripped with both his huge hands and was slamming his hips into her face.  She could feel her throat bulging out each time he lunged forward and was terrified he would split her throat open or choke her to death.  She tried to work her tongue on his cock to get it over with, but after several minutes of awful throat-fucking, she was sure she would soon pass out.

The beast began shuddering, and Karalee prayed this meant it would soon be over.  The monster roared, and she felt it.  A torrent of alpha male Kree semen was spurting into her throat.  She swallowed as fast as she could, but it was getting into her lungs.  Choking and terrified she would drown in the gushing slimy mess, she pulled back and his semen began filling her mouth.  As another jet of his fluid erupted from his cock straight into her mouth and throat, she coughed and choked horribly, and Kree semen shot out her nostrils.  Just when she couldn’t believe how awful this experience was, the appallingly vile taste hit her.  As the indifferent creature ambled away, Karalee collapsed on the floor retching and spitting trying to expel the rancid putrid substance from her mouth.

Just when the fetid taste seemed to be fading, she heaved and vomited up more Kree semen, filling her mouth again with the foul bile laden mess.  She lay on the floor for a long time sputtering, spitting and crying in anguish.  Her eyes closed she felt rough hands force her on her hands and knees.  She yelped as a beta male Kree entered her vagina dry and unprepared.  She opened her eyes to see a beta male cock almost touching her lips.  There was no fight in her, and she opened wide accepting what at least was a smaller cock than the one she had just endured into her warm wet mouth.  She vowed she would suck this Kree dry getting every drop into her stomach before she would release his cock from her mouth, not wanting to taste Kree cum anymore.  The Kree double-teamed her enjoying the blond human slave.  Unknown to Karelee, they would be using her even more for next few cycles, as she and the others would soon be sold to different aliens.  She got tired of the Kree using her long blond hair as a handle to force her in different positions to abuse her, and got another girl to help her cut it shorter.  They had to use a jagged piece of metal they found, and it hurt.

In a transaction eerily similar to when the human raiders sold them to the Kree, Karalee and some other girls, most of whom she knew, were being marched through a long air lock aboard a different space ship.  She spotted Dara and tried to get closer, but the Kree wouldn’t let her.  They all wore strange boots, and she soon found out there was no gravity in this airlock and the boots held her to the floor, or what would pass for a floor in weightless space.  The large purple reptilian aliens they were sold to examined her much like the Kree did when they bought her.  Squeezing and touching her all over particularly her breasts.  They stuck large taloned scaly fingers inside her vagina and butt, and she tried unsuccessfully not to flinch.  As they boarded the alien ship, Karalee heard a woman screaming.  Girls screaming was a sound all too familiar to her, but this screaming seemed more than just familiar.  As she walked into the ship, Karalee’s mouth hung open at what she saw.  After all this time, it was her mother, and she was being savagely raped by one of the purple aliens.

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Nice . . .glad to see an addition to this story!

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This has to be among my favorites from you!!! I'm extremely happy you have taken it back up. Now if a certain New Mommy and you can get "The Organization" back up and running....

Tony V.             

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Very well done Jed! Love the graphic detail of Karalee sucking the alpha Kree's cock.