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May 02, 2015, 01:05:54 PM

Offline Nyx

This story is about rape. Don't try at home.

NOTE: This might not all make sense immediately. I probably should have said this on RU when I posted it there too. Stay with me and hopefully it will all make sense when I post the ending.

Dear Diary,
   It started in the woods. It always does doesn’t it? That’s how all the stories go. It’s a cliché; one that I’m perfectly happy with. I think it’s because the woods have such an attractive quality. Everything there is beautiful. The sights, the sounds, the feeling. I met him at the bank of the river near the waterfall. The moon hid for a moment behind the clouds and I lost my footing in the darkness. He pulled me out right before I went over the edge. I’ve never believed in love at first sight, but I think this was it. Everything about the night was so perfect. It’s funny that I can’t seem to recall specifics, but it doesn’t really matter. I’m going to see him again tonight.

Where are the stars? Jesus Christ. It’s so dark out here I can barely see my hand in front of my face. Wait. There it is. Just up ahead. It seems brighter there for some reason. The clearing is empty. I’m immediately let down. I knew it was too good to be true. Wait! There he is! I can see him and I quicken my pace. His perfect hair moves slightly with the wind. I feel….terror? There’s nothing to be scared of. He’ll take care of me. His eyes pierce me like a thousand daggers and my stomach does flips. I stop moving and close my eyes. I take a deep breath trying to send away the fear inside of me. I open my eyes and I’m right in front of him. I didn’t even realize I had resumed walking. I feel better. He calls to me with his eyes and my fear is back. It starts in the pit of my stomach and snakes through me until it has a firm grasp around my neck. My imagination is going to choke me to death. He smiles. I can breathe again. His teeth… Oh my god his teeth. His canines are huge and he has a feral look in those beautiful eyes. I try to run and find that I’m stuck. He throws me to the ground with a ferocity I’ve never experienced. He bites. I can’t see his face at my neck but I can feel his sharp teeth on me. It hurts so bad I feel like he’s going to rip through. I begin to thrash like a wild animal. Perhaps even more wild than him.  The pain becomes more agonizing with every move I make.

I suddenly realize that I’m no longer wearing my clothes. I don’t know when or how we became separated but they’re the least of my worries as he pulls his head up and looks into the very core of my being. I see my life running down his chin and pooling onto my neck. The sticky liquid is disgusting and smells of metal. He stands over me, looming like a lion ready to pounce. He rolls my body over so quickly that he must have stomped me backwards. It happens so fast that I barely notice the lacerations on my side from the rocks underneath my body.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, I scream out loud for the first time as he thrusts his dick into my dry vagina. I feel like I’m going to implode at any second. Suddenly, I’m on my back again without his penis ever leaving my body. He leans over me and bites into the fleshiest part of my breast as he continues pounding. “Please…” I whimper, “Please stop. It hurts so much.” He stops for a moment and looks at me, seemingly confused.

“Why would I do that?” The coldness in the words penetrates me and hurts far worse than anything else I’ve felt so far. His body starts to tense up and I feel a new pain. A fiery, wet pain inside of me. It burns. He pulls his dick out of my sore vagina and grabs me by the neck. He looks at me closely, as if studying my emotions. Then I feel his dick probing again. My ass cheeks start to spread and I know he’s not going to stop until he’s killed me…..

May 02, 2015, 01:32:34 PM
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Very nice Nyx

May 10, 2015, 07:07:59 PM
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Great job Nyx! I like your writing.

May 10, 2015, 11:23:49 PM
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Nyx, I love your descriptions.