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Warning!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt

   I’ve heard that people like me are one in ten million.  Some become rich as gamblers, others become heroes.  Who knows?  I might try them both some day.  But for now, I’m totally content being what I am.  I am a control freak.
   At a young age, I discovered an ability to force my will on others.  It was quite easy to simply use the power of my childlike mind to obtain what I want.  I didn’t even think it was odd.  It was just something that seemed to come naturally.  It was a handy ability to simply think another child to give me their new bike, their bag of candy, or even to say things they had no intention of saying.
   To this day I still smile when I think of the bully who tried to pick a fight with me after school.  He was in junior high, while I was a quite fourth grader.  He shoved me down into the dirt and drew back his fist to pummel me further.  I felt the rage burning inside my head.  At my will, I stopped his hand in midair.  As he froze helplessly, I forced every child on the playground to come up, take a turn, and punch him with all their strength.  By the time the recess bell ended, the bully was bruised and bloody, never to bully again.
   Sitting in my desk in the quiet classroom, a quiet realization swept over me.  I could control more than one person simply by thinking is into reality.  How far could my control go?  I was determined to test it.  My eyes roamed the classroom and rested on a Marcia.  She was the prettiest girl in the entire class.  Her dresses who always neat and clean, and she carried herself with an air of juvenile superiority.  Focusing my thoughts, I extended my control.  To my amazement and to her quiet horror, her hands slid her dress up her young thighs.  Unable to cry out, her fingers reached her cotton panties and slowly slide them down her legs.  The rest of the class didn’t notice her actions.  They were totally engrossed in the new spelling list.  I caused Marcia to slowly slide her dress back down to a respectful distance and place her panties in her desk.  Silent tears rolled down her face as she realized the shocking thing she had just done.
   Smiling evilly, I looked around the classroom again and again.  My eyes fell on another class bully, Warren.  He made most of our lives miserable with his taunting and bullying.  With a silent chuckle, I allowed my control to reach him.  Without saying a word, I caused him to rise, face the class, clear his throat causing us all to gaze his way, and wet his pants before the crowd that he’d bullied for so long.  Titters of laughter turned to outright guffaws as this once bully finally was humbled.
   Miss Hoyle noticing what he’d done quickly escorted him from the classroom lecturing him on how he should have been a “big boy” and told her he was going to have an accident.  The day passed quickly from that point on.  My attempts at control were minor at first.  I knew somehow that I should not bring attention to myself.  That would be dangerous.
   But to have this power and not use it, was almost painful.  The years passed and I was successful in covering my talent.  But puberty hit with all the madness that usually accompanies it.  Before long, my curiosity about the opposite sex began to monopolize my thoughts.
   I started slowly.  For an unexplained reason,  a girl at the pool would remove her bikini top and expose to full breasts to all present.  My erection driving against my swimming trunks begged for release, but I still wasn’t confident enough.  I had to continue to explore the wonder of women.  My freshman year of high school, I was no longer content to jack off thinking about the girls unexplainably exposing themselves.  It was time for me to find out what all the fuss was about.
   Walking through the town, I looked at the beautiful females that surrounded me.  Which one would be my first.  Would it be a head cheerleader that assumed that her shit didn’t stink?  How about the school whore?  I’m sure she wouldn’t object.  None of these seemed to fire my imagination. 
   The weekend came and went with no release to my tension.  Walking into my first hour class dejectedly, I heard a voice I had never heard before.  There at the front of the class was a beautiful young woman.  Her sweater hugged her full breasts tightly.  Her skirt revealed just enough leg to tantalize me.
   “Good morning, class,” she began displaying her perfect white teeth.  “I’m going to be your substitute French teacher for the rest of the year.  Your old teacher has been taken ill, and will be unable to finish the year.  My name is Miss Baylor.”
   I had difficulty concentrating the rest of the hour.  As the rest of the class conjugated verbs, I watched her form move around the room.  Could I control her enough?  There was only one way to fnd out.  As she sat at her desk, I reached out with my thoughts.  Her left hand rested on the hem of her skirt and she slowly slid her skirt upward revealing gorgeous thighs begging to be touched.  Extending my control even more, her hand slid higher and exposed her black panties.  Her hand caressed them, and at my beckoning, returned the skirt to the normal position.  No one had noticed her actions.  Her eyes only had a confused look on them as if she wondered why she would do such a thing.
   She was going to be my first.  Today would be the day I would find out what all the fuss was about.  My head and loins both throbbed the rest of the day.  All I could think of was getting my hands on that soft body and getting my cock deep inside her.
   The final bell rang, and as usual the student sprang from the high school prison.  I was in no hurry to leave.  Instead, I was impatient for Miss Hoyle to exit the building.  One by one, the teachers exited, climbed into their car, and drove to their respective homes.  My heart beat rapidly and my breath was coming in jerks.  There was in urgency inside me that begged for release.
   She climbed into her light blue Chevrolet, started it, and began driving out of the parking lot.  With the briefest of thoughts, she pulled over to the curb in front of me.  I didn’t hesitate; I threw open the door and jumped in.  My Hoyle put her car into gear and began driving.  While I controlled her actions, her thoughts were her own.  I could see the fright in her eyes as her body refused to obey her.  Driving down the highway out of town, my eyes gazed upon her legs.  She was horrified was her hand uncontrollably slid her skirt up, exposing her thighs to my gaze.
   “Miss Hoyle,” I began trying to pass the time.  “What is your first name?”
   As I released her mouth to speak, she said, “What’s happening?  Why can’t I control what I’m doing.”
   “You’re going to be my first, Miss Hoyle,” I said.  My hand slowly reached out and touched her leg.  It was softer than I had imagined it to be.  I touched her silk panties and could feel the heat emanating from her womanhood.
   “Stop it!” she cried out.  “You’re going to be in so much trouble.”
   “Why?” I said as I leaned back and enjoyed the ride.  “You picked me up.  You showed me your legs.  You’re going to be the one to give one of your students his first fuck.”
   At that, she began to cry.  A single thought from me silenced her sobs, but the terror was still in her eyes.  At my will, she turned down a deserted lane and slowly drove to the end.  Turning off the car, she got out, stood in front of it, and awaited my next mental command.
   “Kiss me,” I commanded.  Pressing my lips hard against hers, I could feel her lips respond.  Our tongues intertwined playfully with each other.  Her arms encircled me and she pulled me close.  I could feel every curve.
   Taking her soft hand, I led her through the forest.  There in a private clearing, I released her hand and stood a distance apart from her.  Her eyes begged me to stop, but I had not released her voice.  I didn’t even have to speak the command for her to begin disrobing.  Her hands moved over the buttons of her blouse as she removed it and cast it aside.  Her short skirt soon fell to her ankles and was tossed over a nearby bush.  I admired her tanned form clan only in her matching bra and panties. 
   “How old are you, Miss Hoyle?” I asked as I began to disrobe in front of her.
   “Please let me go,” she whimpered.  “I promise I won’t tell.”
   “I could have easily commanded you to drive into the river,” I said in a threatening tone.  “Now answer my questions.  How old are you?”
   “I’m t-t-twenty four,” she stammered. 
   “What’s your first name?” I said laughing.  “Since I’m going to fuck you, it’s only right I know your first name.”
   “Laura,” she whispered.  “Please don’t do this.”
   I’d heard enough from her.  At my mental command, she removed her bra exposing her full breasts to my attentions.  Her nipples were dark and begging to be touched.  My commands continued and her panties were soon removed and tossed aside.  Slowly, she stretched out on the ground.  My hands were shaking by the time I knelt next to her.  Sliding myself close to her, my hands roamed freely over her body.  Sucking her nipples hungrily, I caused her hands to caress my head and pull me down to maul them even harder. 
   Her pussy was dark with closely trimmed hair.  I touched it gently at first.  It was so soft.  But what caught my attention was the smell.  Instead of repulsing me, the aroma enticed me even more.  Gingerly, I slide a finger in her pussy.  At first I thought she’d pissed her pants, but then I discovered that it wasn’t piss.  But it made the inside of her pussy slick. 
   “I love you, Laura,” I said,  “Isn’t that what the guy is supposed to say?”
   Her legs spread widely, my fumbled thrusts missed the opening the first few times,  But then, I found the opening, and shoved forward with all my strength.  It felt better than I could have anticipated.  It was better than any of the jack off sessions that I’d had watching my neighbor through my bedroom window.  Moving in and out felt even better.
   “You are so beautiful,” I said as I caressed her breasts.  I covered her mouth with kisses as my hands moved over every exposed curve.
   Faster and faster I thrust myself inside her.  Her eyes soaked with tears as I took full possession of her.  I’d heard of guys fucking all night, but I wasn’t ready for that.  Fast as a wild hare, I pounded her open pussy until I felt myself explode deep inside her.  With one final thrust, I felt myself empty inside her.
   Resting on her naked form, I caressed her and allowed her to speak.  Laura wept uncontrollably for a while before she was able to speak.
   “You little bastard,” she rasped.  “I’ll have you put in prison for this.”
   I rose with a cold look on my face.  Pulling on my clothes, I gave her the silent command to dress herself.  As she fixed her disheveled clothing and hair, I forced her to again take my hand in a loving manner as we walked back to her car.  Silently, we both got into her small automobile and began the drive home.  It was getting dark.  I would be expected home soon.  With no warning from me, Laura began to accelerate down the highway.  Her car engine screamed with the speed.  The river bridge loomed ahead.  With a slow smile, I allowed her foot to be jammed down on the brake pedal, bringing us to a screeching halt.
   “Listen to me, Laura,” I said as I reached out and fondled her breast under her blouse.  “I could just as easily caused you to let me out and continue your journey straight into the river.  I stopped you for one reason; I like you.”
   “What do you want?” she gasped in terror.
   “For a while,” I began, “you are going to be my girlfriend.  Don’t worry.  I won’t tell anyone what we’re up to.  But keep yourself available.  I’m only a thought away.  If you displease me or tell anyone what’s happened, you’ll finish you drive into the river.  You understand me?”
   “Yes,” Laura said as she wept quietly.
   “Now kiss me goodbye,” I said.  “I have to get home.”
   Unbidden by my mental commands, Laura leaned over, kissed me gently, our mouths exploring one another one last time that evening.  She drove off leaving me standing by the bridge.  As her car moved rapidly away I sent one last command.
   “Give me an A in French this semester.”

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This character is too interesting.  I can't walk away from him. :D

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verry nice bulldog n ur right the character is too interesting

March 24, 2015, 05:30:57 PM
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Holy Smoly that is a hot one!!!!!  I hope there is more!!!!!

March 24, 2015, 07:35:02 PM
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I have to agree . . .this is a really good story!  And I hope there is more too!

March 25, 2015, 02:12:59 AM
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Keep up the great work bulldog! Love your stories!

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I like this one too.  Great writing Bulldog.

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Warning!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

Control Freak (continued)
   At first, I used my powers like a kid with a new toy.  I could walk in the mall, pick out any young teen, and soon I would have her in a secluded place, her clothes tossed aside at my whim, and deflower every orifice she had.  Some would weep afterwards, not knowing why she had done such a thing or even my identity.  Others would curl up into a tight ball in the fetal position, afraid to move or cry out.  I didn’t care anything about them.  All of humanity became my playthings.
   Soon afterwards, my conscience began to bother me.  I had this power, this ability, and I was using it all for my own benefit.  I never considered myself selfish, but I had to admit that there must be some reason for me to have this power.  Somehow it must be for more than my own self-centered gratification.  Perhaps I could actually use this talent to do great good.  It was not my intention to be a super hero, but perhaps I could be a hero behind the scenes.  I could do some good, but keep my identity a secret.
   It seemed like a good plan.  All that remained was to find a way to use my power to benefit someone other than myself.  Armed with a juvenile desire to do the right thing, I patrolled my neighborhood looking for wrongs to right. I didn’t have long to wait.
   Coming down our quiet street was Manny the trash man.  People made fun of Manny.  He was slow-witted, incredibly heavy, and smelled much like the refuse he hauled.  Yet every week, he would faithfully drive his route, carry away the waste of our lives, and never respond to any of the insults or jeers that came his way.
   “Hey fat ass,” I heard a woman’s voice call out.  “Get your big butt out of that truck and fetch my cans from the back.  I didn’t feel like carrying them to the curb this morning.”
   I looked up and saw Mrs. Hoyt, our esteemed neighbor’s wife.  She had emerged from her house and with a haughty look, ordered Manny to go all the way behind her house to fetch her garbage cans.  He didn’t show it outwardly, but I knew that her taunts and insults hurt Manny.  Maybe she would be the first wrong that I would right.
   “Get out of that truck, stupid ox, and get my cans for me.  It won’t make any difference to you since you smell like shit anyway,” she taunted looking at him as if he was somehow less than human.  “Move it,  or my husband will fire you and send you packing out of this town.”
   Manny slowly climbed down from his truck, his sad eyes looking around wondering if anyone else had heard the taunts thrown his way.  Slowly walking to her fence, he reached for the gate.  It refused to budge.
   “I think it’s locked,” he said in a low morose voice.  “Can I go through the house and get into your backyard and get the cans?”
   “Hell no!” she practically shrieked.  “Why the fuck would I let an ape like you inside of my nice clean house?  You wait here, and I’ll go around and open the gate.”
   I never like Alice Hoyt.  She was rude, disliked the neighbors kids, and gave the entire world that she was somehow superior.  Maybe it was time to put her in her place.  This would be the perfect opportunity.
   As Manny waited patiently for the gate to open, I sprinted through the back alleys of the neighborhood to my safe vantage point.  Hidden in the bushes of the mayor’s back yard, I waited for Manny and Mrs. Hoyt to come into the back yard.  I didn’t have long to wait.  She led the way lecturing Manny about the notion that she shouldn’t have to tell him to pick up her cans for her.  He ought to have sense enough to know to do so.  Manny looked sheepishly around the backyard, luxurious by his standards.  With the neatly manicured lawn, pristine swimming pool, and huge gazebo, it represented a lifestyle that was far beyond anything he would ever achieve.
   Listening to her haranguing voice as simple Manny moved to do her bidding, I decided that enough was enough.  As he secured the lids on her cans, I cast a simple controlling thought toward her.  I could feel her resistance, but it was useless.
   In silence, she unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it on the ground.  I’d never thought of Mrs. Hoyt as sexy before, but she was in possession of a couple of beautiful breasts.  Manny turned and I could hear his shocked intake of breath.  Reaching behind her back, she unclasped her bra and placed it at his feet.  Her eyes were full of horror and fear.  She had no idea why she was doing such a thing.  Her short pleated skirt was quickly removed, and she stood before Manny the garbage man, clad only in the briefest of thongs.
   The power of my mind reached out and drove her to her knees.  I could sense the confusion and fear in Manny’s simple mind.  What was she doing?  Was he in trouble?  The briefest bit of concentration on my part froze him on the spot and silence any protest that he might have.  With a smile, I reached out with my mind.
   Mrs. Hoyt reached out a soft hand with its manicured nails.  She unzipped the zipper on Manny’s filthy jeans, reached inside, and gently slid out his cock.  It might have smelled terrible, but I gave her no choice.  Her lips began to slide slowly up and down the sweaty shaft.  Her open mouth engulfed it and she began to suck eagerly. 
   Manny’s cock hardened, and I was shocked at the size of it.  Manny was huge and his hardening cock was more a weapon than an organ.  Yet she continued to suck on it hungrily with no will of her own.  It didn’t take much concentration to keep him in place.  As her mouth feasted on his rock hard shaft, Manny began to emit low moans.  I wondered if he’d ever had such a fine woman suck his dick.  But I wasn’t going to let her off the hook by just giving a blow job.
   At my will, she stopped her attentions to his massive cock and rose to stand.  Taking his stained and calloused hand, she led him to the poolside where she’d placed a tanning blanket to tan later that day.  She removed her thong, threw it aside, and reclined upon the blanket.  I could see the tears in her eyes and feel her horror as I forced her to spread her fit tanned thighs and finger her neatly manicured pussy. 
   I gave Manny the mental command to disrobe.  His obese hairy frame repulsed her even more, but I have her no release for her emotions.  She was trapped within her body, helpless to the justice I saw fit to deliver.  She almost freed herself from my control for a second and emitted a slight gasp, but I quickly regained control of her.
   Slowly, Manny lowered his massive frame to her petite body.  At that point I realized that he was not following my commands, but his own instincts.
   “Way to go, Manny,” I whispered from my hiding place.  “Fuck her hard.”
   Her slim frame was obstructed by his massive body.  Folds of fat draped over her and only her legs and arms were visible.  But it was apparent that Manny’s huge cock had invaded her.  His large hairy ass moved up and down as he filled her again and again.  Despite my control, she began gasping for air as his huge frame prevented her from getting enough oxygen as he filled her pussy over and over.  Manny’s hands squeezed her tits roughly.  His stubble filled face kissed her lips over and over as his intentions continued.  Her gasping for breath began to concern me.  I only had a desire to bring her to justice, not kill her.
   Reaching out with my mind, I took control of the situation again.  Manny rolled off her, and I allowed her to take some much needed gasps of air.  Before she could cry out, I sent out another mental command.  To her revulsion and fear, she turned her back to Manny, and presented her soft and supple ass to the brute who had been fucking her.
   With no urging from me, he reached out his massive hands, spread the cheeks of her ass, and guided the swollen head of his cock to her tight virgin asshole.  With the force of an animal, he shoved forward, impaling her helpless form.
   “You treat me like shit,” I heard him say.  “Now you are just a whore.”
   With no hesitation, his shaft began  assaulting her wounded ass.  Her gasps filled her back yard.  Her body, wracked in agony, began to respond to his attentions.  Manny soon reached out, grabbed both of her perfectly shaped tits, and filled her bowels with steady streams of cum.
   Mrs. Hoyt fell forward, Manny’s huge frame holding her down.  The spasms of her upturned ass milked the last bit of cum from his huge cock.  At my command, Manny rose, dressed, and carried the garbage cans to his truck where he emptied them as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
   Alice Hoyt lay there on the blanket in shock and revulsion.  What had possessed her to do such a thing?  What would the huge ape do next?  What if her husband found out what she had done?  Slowly relinquishing my control, her body became wracked with cries of horror and agony that had been previously unreleased.  Manny’s cum leaked from her wounded ass and ran down her legs.  Feeling somehow filthy and used, she crawled to her swimming pool and cast herself into it.  Scrubbing her body feverishly as if trying to someone remove what had been done to her, she stopped suddenly as Manny came back into the yard carrying her empty cans.
   “I’ll be back Monday,” he said.  “Leave the gate unlocked for me.”
   Alice Hoyt sobbed the rest of the day uncontrollably.  She could find no reason for her insane actions.  Her only thought was of revenge.  She would have Manny arrested.  He would spend the rest of his life in prison.  Her anger burned uncontrollably.  It continued until her doorbell rang.
   Answering the door, she saw no one there.  Placed on her front step was an envelope containing several pictures of her disrobing, sucking Manny’s huge cock, and being sodomized by the huge man.  Enclosed was my note:

“If you think the pictures are good, you should see the video that I’ve taken.  Continue to show Manny the same kindness on Mondays, or the video and pictures will be released and the whole town will know what a whore you are.”

   For the next several weeks, Manny would walk into her unlocked gate on Mondays, fuck Alice Hoyt by the pool, and continue on his trash route.  No one knew why Manny was always smiling when he left the mayors house.  No one knew why Alice Hoyt simply got up on Tuesday morning, went into her locked garage, started her car, and waited until the fumes ended her life.
   Maybe I went too far.

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Bulldog . . .I like this story so much . . .I do hope there is more!

March 31, 2015, 06:13:05 PM
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I have several ideas :D

April 20, 2015, 11:56:30 AM
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Warning!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt

Control Freak (continued)

   Most people hate family vacations; I always enjoyed them.  It gave me an entire new territory to explore and new victims to dominate.  We hit the usual tourist traps and there always was someone to catch and hold my interest.  Sometimes they were other teens like myself while other times they were an older woman who needed someone like me to teach her a lesson.
   As of yet, I had not seen anyone who caught and held my attention during this summer vacation at the Wisconsin Dells.  There were a few prospects the first few days.  Russian girls who had immigrated to this country for jobs were on every corner.  I played for a while having them expose themselves to me in every enticing manner. But these were not girls that really drew me in.  Maybe I was getting picky.
   After two days of steady rain, I was getting cabin fever.  I couldn’t swim in the pool, and the streets were deserted as people stayed inside watching the rain ruin their vacation plans.  Finally, my father saw my frantic pacing and handed me a $20 bill.
   “Go out and see a movie,” he said.  “You’re driving me crazy pacing back and forth.  It’s just a little rain; it won’t kill you.”
   I was old enough to realize that he wanted to get me out of the cabin so he could fuck mom.  I had no desire to see or be any part of that, so I accepted the money gracefully, and trotted through the town streets, moving from awning to awning in a desperate attempt to stay dry.
   The afternoon matinee was going to start in a few minutes.  Cursing to myself, I noticed that the movie being shown was a stupid kid movie.  No chance to see any movie star tits in this show.  But it was better than getting rained on.
   Sitting in the back of the nearly deserted movie theater,  I saw her come in immediately.  She was wearing a pain of jean shorts that were far too small for her.  Her breasts strained against her top.  No doubt about it; she was enticing me with her every move.  One thing was going to hinder my intentions, she was not alone.  Her mother walked in with her and joined her in the center seating area of the old theater.
   “Alice,” I heard the mother call, “I’ll save our seats.  You go get us some popcorn and drinks.”
   “Yes, Mom,” she sighed and flounced up the aisle.  In the dim light I could see her more clearly.  She was only thirteen or fourteen years old.  What was she doing dressed like that?  I was nearly a grown man.  What was I doing thinking about violating that young girl?
   I watched as she brought the refreshments back.  Her movements were not those of a young girl, but someone trying desperately to look much older than her years.  She tossed her hair in a sensual motion and the idea of getting deep inside her soon filled my mind.  The familiar throbbing in my head ensured and I could feel my mind reaching out.
   Looking over the old theater, I could see there were very few patrons.  One old couple down front whispered and complained about the cost.  Another couple down front were making out madly, ignoring anyone else in the theater.  I would wait and make my move when the theater was plunged into near total darkness.
   The lights lowered and the screen was soone  emblazoned with future attractions and the familiar request to silence all cell phones.  As the main feature began, I sent out my first mental command.  To the mother, I delivered once voiceless command, “Sleep.”
   Her head lowered slowly, and her breathing became slow and regular.  She was completely asleep.  No doubt she needed it.  Now my attention could be focused on the sweet young daughter.
   “Come to me,” I whispered concentrating mightily.  Without knowing why and unable to resist me, the young flower rose and walked slowly up the aisle and slid into the seat beside me.  I could feel the resistance in her mind as my hand touched her soft leg.  It slid up her thigh and traced the lines of her tight shorts.
   “You want to look like a woman?” I whispered to her.  “Then maybe I should make you into a woman.” 
   Her eyes were wide with fear. What was she doing?  She didn’t  know me.  Every attempt to cry out or flee was stopped.  Her body had stopped obeying her commands and was following my desires.  I could hear her intake of breath as I slowly unbuttoned her top and ran my hand over her bare young breast.
   “I bet mama told you that you’re too old to go around showing your tits like this,” I chuckled teasing her young nipples.  In the darkness, I could feel them harden at my attentions.  “I bet you’ve played with these tits while you were alone, didn’t you?”
   I could sense her horror and shame.  Her mind was screaming loudly, trying to resist, but I had full control.  But why the hell was I doing all the work?  At my command, her young fingers unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her shoulders.  As my hands moved over her young torso, I could feel the goosebumps on her soft skin.
   “I bet all the boys want you,” I whispered evilly in her ear.  “All the boys in the neighborhood jack off thinking about you, sweetie.  All the boys want to fuck you.”
   Her inner panic rose.  For almost an instant, I lost control of her.  Her mouth opened widely to scream, but I quickly regained control of the situation.  “So you want to fight?  Don’t you know that I’m in complete control?  Let me prove it.” 
   At my command, she reached over, unzipped my pants, took out my cock and slid her young lips up and down the hardening shaft.  Reaching out to stroke her young head, I grasped  her hair and forced her down even farther.
   “Suck it, Alice,” I grunted.  “This is what you should be doing with all the boys in the neighborhood.”  She continued to gobble my hard cock until I could feel myself getting close to release.  I raised her head and looked into her frightened eyes.  “You’re so good at this, Alice.  I bet your daddy would like you to do this to him.”
   Still fighting my control, I saw a single tear slide down her face.  She was strong, stronger than most.  No wonder I sensed something special about her.  Bracing myself for a mental battle, I sent the next command to her embattled mind.
   “Strip off those shorts,” I whispered to her.  Her hands trembled with the effort of disobedience, but my grip on her psyche was far too strong.  She unbuttoned them and slid them down her bare legs.  To my amazement, she wasn’t wearing any panties.
   “You are a whore, Alice,” I laughed in a low voice.  “If mommy knew you were running around without panties, she’d whip your ass.”
   Glancing at the screen, I could see the movie was about half over.  If I was going to make a genuine conquest, it had better be now.  At my command, Alice stood, her naked body exposed to what little light there was in the dim theater.  In horror she straddled my lap and could feel my erection driving against her.
   Pulling her face close, I looked her squarely in her terror filled eyes.  My control my be perfect for this.  Thrusting upward, my cock entered her young pussy.  I could hear the silent screams in my mind.  My attack had vanquished her young hymen.  It tore brutally under my attack.  My urgent thrusts continued to impale her mercilessly.  Placing my hands on the soft skin of her shoulders, I began rapid steady thrusts, causing her breasts to bounce in a tantalizing manner.  I wasn’t there to please her; I was there to own her.  My teeth nipped at her firm breasts.  Every curve was open to my exploration.  The effort to control her was almost nonexistent.  She had accepted her fate.
   Mercifully, I allowed her tears to flow, but not a sound to leave her mouth.  As they flowed in shame and degradation, I pulled her close and whispered to her in the darkness.  “This is what all the boys you come in contact with want, Alice.  I’ve done you a great favor by showing you this.  Since you dressed like a whore, I’ve decided to treat you like one.”
   Her tears continued to flow as she dressed silently as per my command.  I guided her with my mind back to her seat and gave her the command to sleep in the same manner I had done her mother.  Who knows?  She might awaken and think the entire event had been a bad dream.
   Leaving the theater before the picture was over, I emerged and noticed that the sun had broken through the clouds.  Maybe this vacation wasn’t going to be a complete bust after all.

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I am enjoying this story can't wait to see what happens next

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Wow! That was great!