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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.  In addition, although persons of distinct nationalities, ethnicities, cultures or religions may be portrayed, no offence is meant to anyone.


Chapter I: Blast

Kelly is sitting at home alone, curled up on the sofa in her baggy cotton pyjamas under her favourite blanket eating chocolate praline with caramel ice cream out of the tub with a tea spoon. When her boyfriend, now her ex-boyfriend, Steve laughed at her saying there were bigger spoons, she used to snap back "I don't tell you how to drink beer, so don't tell me how to eat my ice cream!". At first his teasing had been kind of fun and he was so persistent in asking her out. But once the novelty of their relationship wore of she found he soon neglected her and his jokes got meaner.

She stabs the spoon in to the tub and shakes herself. She is trying to get over him not think about him and so she focuses on the movie again. The Long Kiss Goodnight is the perfect movie for Kelly. It has action and a wife and mother, Geena Davis, who can kick ass and you can never go wrong with Samuel L Jacksons sarcastic humour. Her smart phone chimes, another message from Eve threatening to drive all the way out there and drag Kelly's ass into town for a drink. It is the fifth one in the last hour and they are getting shorter by the time. Eve is probably already draped over some guy’s lap at the Dancing Dog and is now only sending messages out of a notion of loyalty to her jilted friend.

Kelly is just considering replying to Eve when the lights flicker and dim and the TV shut itself off. A strange acid green light around the edge of the closed curtains catches her eye as the lights continue to dim and brighten erratically. The light starts to move as if from a passing vehicle which seems odd so Kelly stands up and goes to open the curtains for a look. As she reaches to pull back the curtain her world explodes. For a split second she can see her hand silhouetted by the blinding flash of light that dazzles even through the curtains before her. Then it feels like a giant hand swats her backwards in a crack of sound and shower of glass and curtain to land on the sofa. Then the ceiling falls and she passes out.

Slowly she became aware of her body. Everything aches, her hands and arms feel like they are on fire and there is a weight pressing down on her hips and legs. Her ears are filled with a ringing muted roar. She can taste blood in her mouth and smells an acrid smoke next. As her mind fights through the shocking throb of pain in her head she thinks "What the fuck was that!”. Instinctively she reaches to hold her aching head as she groans and then gasps in surprise. Her arms are trapped between her chest and whatever is pressing down on her. She starts to cough as dust and smoke fill the air in the dark pocket she lies in. And a dreadful fear creeps over her. "Fire!"

Driven by that fear alone, she wriggles and squirms all the time yelling for help, her voice is oddly muffled to her own ears, as best she can try to free herself. Her memory is fuzzy but she feels certain that she is still in the lounge, the softness under her must be the sofa. Then she feels a cold rush of air around her legs as something slips off of her. Her ears are still ringing and she struggles to focus her eyes filled with tears and dust. All she can make out is a flickering amber light and shadows. Kelly finds she can now slide down by bending her legs, and there is more room then to get her arms free. Within a minute she has squirrelled her way out. And into hell.
Everywhere around her is just a jumble of bricks, timber and dust. The wall is gone, the roof has fallen in and as she stands up she turns around to a stunning sight. Where once had been the yard where she parks her car and the woodshed was now a burning crater twenty metres across. For what seems like an hour she stares in utter disbelief at how close she had come to being killed. Shaking herself she looks down and starts to check herself over for injuries. Her arms and hands have some cuts and bruises, there are dark stains where the blood has seeped into her pyjamas but nothing is broken. She feels her head and although it's pounding there are no obvious lumps or cuts. Just her hair full of gritty dust.

A lump of plasterboard land next to her and Kelly decides she had better get outside. Looking around she quickly see the rest of the house is buried and she'd have to climb over the rubble so the only option left to her is to try and get out by the missing side of the house. Staring at her bare feet she tries to pick the safest route through the debris by the fickle flickering fire light. Stepping with slow deliberate caution she avoids the gleaming glass shards and sticks to the clearer patches. Finally as the shock starts to fade, she feels the cold night air through her pyjamas as she starts to shiver. Luckily whatever caused the crater through up a large ring of soil around it, making for softer going and shielding her somewhat from the heat and smoke of the fire. 

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Mmmmm a good start Badman!

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Chapter II: Encounter

Kelly hugs herself as she half staggers and stumbles her way out and onto the grass beside the standing corner of her house. All around her is the eerie half-light of the fires and destruction. She gazes at the surreal sight of a blazing tree at the bottom of the garden well away from the house and the centre of the destruction. So hard to see in the darkness, she tries to inch her way along the wall to the back door to the kitchen when the scream starts. Like an axe it bites deep into the night and Kelly's fragile head forcing her to cover her ears. Terrified by the power and the pain it causes she huddles down to defend herself.

And as suddenly as it started it just stops. Kelly squats in the shadow of the house panting and trembling with real fear. Instinctively she knows the sound was wholly unnatural. Slowly standing up, she starts to feel very wobbly and weak, her body overwhelmed by shock and fear. Right now she wants to yell for help or just curl up and go to sleep but she knows neither are good ideas, so she focuses on getting inside the undamaged part of the house and getting some clothes. With a goal in mind she reaches out and walks along the side of the house, hand over hand as she feels her way to the door frame. She gropes to the handle and turns it, but it won't move and she realises it is still locked from when she came home. "Shit!" she whispers

She turns to walk further along the wall to the garage and the side door to the garage that she never remembers to lock but her foot catches on something and so she misses her footing and nearly falls. It feels like her ankle has hooked a loose cable or string as she tries to shake it off. Then it tightens around her ankle and she screams as she tries to tug herself free but it only tightens more and starts to pull her. Pull her towards the crater and back to where the scream came from. Struggling wildly, kicking at it with her other foot, she grabs a hold of the brickwork around the door. "Help! Somebody help me!!!!" She screams as she thrashes in terror, trying to break free.
The cold and aches are forgotten as she feels her leg stretch further. Until her body is stretched out and her fingers begin to ache from her grip on the bricks. Her body caught in a nightmare tug of war.
With an inexorable strength the tension grows, with her back stretched and her belly taught, she finds it harder to breathe and she begins to pant at the exertion. Unable to see what's caught her, she tries to use her other heel to bash down and kick it off. Whether she lands a lucky blow or her resistance frustrates her attacker the piercing scream rises again only quieter. Still though she very nearly tries to cover her ears from the fresh assault. Within a second a mass of writhing black root like things burst from the edge of the pit, erupting from the soil and waving in unison from side to side. They curl over towards her and as they touch the ground, they begin to probe along the ground in eerie silence. Automatically Kelly pulls back her free leg and doubles her effort to hold on. Even holding her breathe trying not to move.

Then she feels something finger-like prodding on the bottom of her trapped foot and it then slides over the tendril holding her ankle in its vice like grip and continues up her taught calf muscle, wrapping around her leg as it inches under her pyjama bottoms. Now terror grips her like being plunged into a bath of ice and her whole body shudders. If everything didn't seem so real, so harsh and hard, Kelly could almost allow herself to believe it is all a fucked up nightmare and that somehow she has consumed an acid tab. As it is, she starts to tremble as the adrenaline kicks in big time and her heart races as she pants hard with the exertion of just holding on.

Her fingers, hands and arms feel like they are on fire as she maintains her grip on the door frame by will alone. Certain that she is fighting for her life and that every minute, every second she holds on, she hopes that help will come. She starts to growl and swear through gritted teeth and clenched jaws to push through the pain and burning lactic acid flooded muscles. Inch by inch the tendril slides up around her thigh as she grits her teeth. Terrified at first as it winds its way up her hip and relieved a little when it slides out of her waist band and across her bare belly stretched taught as she struggles to breath her lungs aching. Where she would normally twitch and giggle her fear suppresses her ticklishness. The pyjama top is pushed up exposing her pendulous breasts as winds its way up her chest and onto her neck.

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Chapter III: Recovery

Far away the mechanical wailing of sirens begins. At first she thinks her ears are playing tricks on her but the night is soon filled with unmistakable cacophony of many sirens and the darkness is strobed with reflected blue flashes. As the sirens die one by one, to the sounds of brakes and doors slamming, she whispers a silent prayer of thanks. Her nightmare is almost over.

As flash lights start piercing the night in all directions, she hears men voices and the sound of radios and even a small generator engine starting up. The tendrils don’t slacken their grip, pulling her aching body almost horizontal but they have stopped moving. Trying to get as much air into her lungs as she can, Kelly yells “Hey, over here!”.

Suddenly, the tendrils shudder and start moving again as her grips starts to slip she screams out “HELP!”, which is a mistake as the tendril on her neck snaps forward and enters her mouth like a blunt finger. She continues to scream as she lets go, falling to the ground as she tries to prise the obscene thing now curling around the inside of her mouth. She tries to bite it, to get a grip and pull it out but it’s no use. It’s as tough as any old tree root that it resembles as she feels herself sliding back towards the hole behind.
Then suddenly there are lights, bodies and voices.

“It’s okay, stay still, Miss we’ve got yu…HOLY SHIT Derek, what is that thing? Is it moving?”, bright light dazzles her as they inspect her face. She feels hands pulling at the fibrous tendril on her shoulder and by her mouth.

A voice on the radio, then the other guy stammers back, “Captain, it’s Baker and Allen. You better get to the side of the house quick, there’s something really weird going on! I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Miss! Miss can you hear me?”

Kelly tries to nod and speak but all that comes out is a muffled grunt. Now struggling to clamp down on the tendril as it probes towards her throat, she barely comprehends the conversation going on around her.

“Baker, report!”, a new voice barks.

“Captain, we found her like this with this thing wrapped around her tight and it’s moving”, his voice is filled with doubt and fear.

“Allen have you got your hatchet? Good. I want you to go down past her feet and ankles and cut this thing loose whatever it is. She ain’t got time for us to stand around gawking, sooner we get her to the ambulance, the sooner they can get this thing off of her. What are you waiting for son, Christmas?”

The Captain steps back to bark orders into his radio as Derek leans over her and as calmly as he can manage, starts talking quietly to her. “Miss, you hang on in there. My buddy Dave’s going to have you cut loose in a jiffy and then we’ll get the medics to have a look at that thing. Ok?” Squeezing her hand between his as he tries to reassure her.

“Ready Derek. 3….2…1…. thwack”.

Instantly Kelly is yanked into the air by her leg as the tendril explodes out of the ground, slamming both Derek and Dave to the ground as the ear shattering high pitched scream rips through the air. Dangling like a rag doll, Kelly screams and the tendril in her mouth launches down her throat with horrifying speed.

As the awful thing slides deep into her gullet and down into her belly, she heaves and chokes trying to push it back out. Blind panic sets in as she thrashes her leg and claws at her neck trying to stop it invading her body further. Desperate for air, her vision fading around the edges as her lungs convulse, she starts to accept she is going to die from suffocation before this is over.

The air is torn by the roar of a helicopter arriving overhead as the world is filled with a harsh white light from its massive searchlight. Then a loudspeaker kicks into life and fills the air.
“This is ….. General Grange... of US ….me. We … ere to … with this …dent. Stan… own and move back.”

Kelly feels herself slipping from consciousness as her stomach churns with the pressure of the tendril probing and prodding deep inside her gut. She supresses a giggle as she imagines Eve’s wry comments about her predicament. She’s vaguely aware that her top has fallen off and her bare breasts are hanging out there for all to see. “Just my luck”, she curses dreamily, “all these hot men about and I look like shit” 

The world is upside down to her and viewed from a long way away and it’s only a mild curiosity that strikes her as she sees men in head to toe black body armour scrambling around the base of the branch or limb that’s holding her up. Then they run away, which seems very odd to her.

There’s a bright flash followed by a huge shockwave that slams into her body. Ears ringing and blind from the flash, she feels herself falling as the severed tendril collapses to the ground taking her with it. Inside and outside on her body, the severed tendril writhes and twists crushing her leg hard and racing down inside her gut.

She sinks deeper into the grey cotton wool unconscious as the creature’s screams emerge through the harsh ringing in her ears. The last thought, as she feels hands lift her in the air, when the tendril unceremoniously pushes out of her ass and slides like an ardent lover’s finger into her pussy, is “Whoa, you didn’t even by me a drink you bastard!”.