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June 24, 2015, 02:49:14 PM

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July 5, 1990
Waiting alone in her room, I smiled at the décor.  It was typical rich Jewish princess style with just a hint of rebellion added.  Her bed was covered with expensive plush toys and ornate pillows while her walls were covered with posters of popular metal bands.  It was like she was two people.
Gazing out the window, I observed her sunning herself by the pool.  The sight of her liberally oiling her young body was exciting to the casual observer, but I wasn’t there to watch.  I was a man on a mission.  Seeing her run her hands over her body was exciting, but I was not about to stroke my cock to gain release.  Destiny demanded that I wait.
Finally, she rose from her expensive chaise and slipped on a short robe.  I guess she figured she had spent enough time by the pool.  Hearing the back door open, I prepared myself for what must be done.  By my calculations, I’d have at least three uninterrupted hours with her before I had to leave this location.  That would be plenty of time to accomplish my agenda.
Hearing her coming up the steps, caused my breathing to quicken.  Standing silently behind the door of her room, I waited until she had entered and removed her robe.  Her dark hair fell about her shoulders and her body, though slightly chubby, shone with the layer of the lotion.  I slammed the door securely as she turned to face me.
“Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she screamed in fear as she bolted for her bathroom door.  Catching her by her brown hair, I dragged her roughly back to the center of the room.  “Help!” she screamed again.  “Someone help me!”
“Shut up that screaming,” I snapped to her.  Pulling my gun, I pressed it firmly against her forehead.  “I know it’s the servants’ day off.  No one will be back for a few hours.  We can have plenty of time together.”
“What do you want?” she cried out.  “Please leave and I won’t call the police.  Please don’t hurt me.”  Her large brown eyes showed the fear that she was fealing.
“I want to help you,” I said grinning evilly.  “You have no idea the favor I’m going to do for you.”
“What favor?” she whispered  still terrified.  “Please don’t rape me.  I’m a virgin.”
“Yes,” I laughed.  “You’re a good Jewish girl.  You’ve dated a few guys from Beverly Hills High, but so far you haven’t even let one get into your panties.  The whole world knows what a good little virgin you are.”
“P-p-please don’t hurt me,” she sobbed.  “Please don’t kill me.”
“If you do what I say, when I say to do it, I promise that I won’t kill you.”  Her eyes widened at my words.  “I even promise that I won’t bust your precious cherry.  What do you say to that?”
“What do you want?” she said.  Fear still gripped her, but she was figuring that talking was better than getting raped.
“You do exactly what I say, and I will leave you just as I found you,” I spoke evenly to her.
“Okay,” she replied tentatively.  “What do you want?”
“Listen, girl,” I continued.  If you hesitate or struggle at all, I promise you that I not only will rape the shit out of every hole that you have, but I guarantee that you will never walk again.  Now do you understand me?”
“Yes,” she whispered in a defeated tone.
“Okay,” I said relaxing a bit.  “Let’s get started.”  Lifting her chin slightly, I looked into her eyes.  “What’s your name, honey?”
“M-monica,” she said as a long tear ran down her cheek.
“Remove your top, Monica,” I said in a low tone.  My gun was aimed straight at her head.  “Don’t hesitate and be quick about it.”
Her tears came profusely as she slid the straps of her blue swimsuit from her shoulders, undid the clasp, and allowed it to fall to the floor.  In vain, she tried to use her arms to cover her full breasts, but I wasn’t about to allow even that.
“Now remove those bottoms,” I said in a commanding voice.  “You’re taking far too long.”
“Please,” she said as she began untying the strings holding her bottoms on.  “You said you weren’t going to rape me.”
“Just obey me and we’ll get along just fine,” I said.  “Kneel on the floor in front of me.”
Slowly she moved across the floor.  Her full young breasts swayed as she moved.  Yes she might have been a trifle on the heavy side, but she still had a beauty that would catch any man’s attention.  I smiled at the look on her face as I unzipped my fly and my cock, erect at the sight of her young unspoiled form, sprang forth erect.
“You ever hear of girls sucking a guys cock?” I asked gesturing with the barrel of my revolver.
“Yes,” Monica replied in horror.  “I heard of the bad girls doing that to boys.”
“You mean you’ve never given a blow job?” I laughed?  I took a step towards her.  The sight of my swollen shaft repulsed her.
“Never,” she gasped.  “Good girls don’t do that even when they get married.”
“Today you’re going to learn to give a blowjob,” I grunted leveling my gun at head.  “Open your mouth, and I’ll slide my cock in gently.  I want you to get used to the taste.”
Horrified she opened her mouth.  Looking in her eyes, I could practically read her mind.
“I know what you’re thinking,” I snapped angrily.  “You’re thinking of biting it and trying to get away.  Let me warn you.  If I feel even a tooth on my cock, I will put a hole through your head before you can move.  Now open your mouth and be nice.”
Tears streaming down her pretty face, I guided the head of my cock to her soft lips.  I traced the outline of her mouth gently and almost teasingly allowed the head to graze her tongue.
“Stick the tongue out a little, Monica,” I whispered.  “Lick the head of the shaft like a lollipop.”  Haltingly she obeyed.  Her tongue licked it slowly and delicately.  I felt myself getting even harder at the sight of her tongue teasing my cock.
“Let your tongue make circles on the head,” I whispered.  “That will feel even better.”  Defeated, she began to trace the swollen head over and over.  The veins on the shaft protruded as the excitement grew.”
“Is that all,” she cried gagging.  I had pulled back for a moment to give her time to catch her breath.  “I’ve  done what you asked.”
“You’re not done yet,” I laughed.  “I’m going to slide my cock farther into your mouth.  Let your tongue rest on the base of it and your lips form a nice seal around it.”
“Why?” she cried.  “Why are you making me do this?”
“You need to learn how to please a man without fucking him,” I chuckled.  “I’m doing you a big favor.  Now open up, lover.”
Her mouth opened and my cock moved along her wet tongue.  Each thrust moved a little farther into her young throat.  About the time I knew she was about to gag, I withdrew just enough to give her relief.  Her eyes had glazed over.  It was if she was shocked by what she was doing.
“Relax your throat,” I ordered her.  “I’m going to go a little deeper.”
“Ack, ack, ack,” she cried out as my cock touched the back of her throat with each thrust.  Her lips were stretched around the shaft as I slowly, deliciously fucked her open mouth.
“Give me your hand,” I ordered her.  Taking her hand, I placed it on the base of my shaft.  “Stroke it as I slide it into your sweet mouth,” I groaned.  “That feels even better.”
After a few tentative tries, she learned to match the rhythm of her strokes to my even thrusts.  I could feel myself getting ready to explode.  But I decided to delay it for a while.
“Spread your thighs and finger your pussy,” I snapped to her.  I saw her horrified look.  She was about to refuse me when I lowered the barrel  between her eyes.  “You can’t tell me you don’t lay up here in your room and play with your pussy while you look at the posters,” I threatened.  “Now get yourself off while you suck my cock.”
Repulsed by what she was doing, her fingers moved slowly, almost mechanically.  Her young mouth welcomed my shaft again and again.  To my amazement, I began to see a change come over her.  Her dark nipples began to harden.  I could smell the scent of her juices as her finger moved vigorously across her clit.  Her hair pussy was soaked as she pleasured herself in my presence.
“Suck faster, baby,” I ordered.  I began thrusting forward into her strained mouth vigorously.  Unconsciously her fingers moved in and out of her cunt and matched the rhythm.    I don’t think she was ready for what was going to happen.
“I’m coming,” I groaned and filled her young throat and mouth with thick globs of cum.  In revulsion and horror, Monica pulled away and began to vomit on her expensive carpet.
Curled up into a ball, she cried loudly, ashamed of what she’d done.  I stood waiting patiently for her to stop.  Her sobs eased and she lay there silently, hoping that I would leave.
“We’re not done yet, honey,” I laughed.  “You can use that sweet mouth of yours to get a man hard all over again if you do it right.  Now crawl over here and let’s see what you can do.”
Her eyes were defeated.  Wiping her mouth, she crawled to me and slowly began to kiss and suck my soft cock.  Before long her efforts were rewarded.  I was hard and ready for more.  The fear was gone from her eyes.  Something different was there.
“See what I’m trying to teach you?” I said as she gobbled the length of my shaft.  “You can make a guy happy without letting him fuck you.  You can even pleasure yourself while doing so.”  The rest of the day I spent teaching her how to use her mouth in amazing ways.  As our time together was coming to and end, her head was hanging off the edge of the bed , my hands cupped her full breasts as I throat fucked her one last time.”
Covering her face with hot cum, I knew that my time had just about run out.  She knelt on the side of her bed, unashamed of her nakedness.  She was tired, but I could tell I had started something inside her.
“What did you do this?” she asked.  “Why me?”
“I’ve done you a huge favor,” I smiled with my hand on the door.  “Believe me, you’re going to be remembered.”
Exiting her room, I reached out and pushed a small control button on my wrist.  With a flash of light and a brief second of disorientation, I found myself back in my lab.  Sitting at my desk, I began to write in my scientific journal.
“June 24, 2022,
My first attempt at time travel went well.  Thanks to my research, I was able to meet and interact with my subject without altering the time line.  Other journeys must be researched to establish whether  this can be done with other subjects.  Because of my interaction, the name Monica Lewinsky has been clearly established in history.”

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Always love a good blow job story . . .

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And that how it ALL started! Thanks to you bulldog, you bastard! LOL!