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So I'm giving the whole story writing thing a go. Been working on this one for a little while and would really love any feedback you guys might have. The first chapter is a little slow to be honest. But I think the story is pretty fun and even gets a little weird at times. Hope you guys like it!

Be careful what you wish for

Chapter 1

When Sam first received a letter from her estranged uncle she would never have expected that it would have led her here. She was a short drive away from her Uncle's mansion outside the European town of Dinant, in the province of Belgium. Even now she could barely believe that she was about to inherit his entire estate and assets. She didn't now him that well, in fact, she only remembered meeting him once or twice when she was a child. Still, the letter and seemed sincere enough and he had written about how much he had missed seeing the family he had that lived so far away.

Sam had lived a majority of her life in England, growing up in Norwich and getting her education there. Life was great until her parents died in a car accident when she was in her late teens. It took a huge toll on her and after her grieving period she was looking to make a big change in her life. Now, as if her wish had been granted, she was about to make that change. It had been a crazy few days for her, deciding to take time off from her job and travel all the way to Belgium per her uncle's request.

Sam looked eagerly out of the cab window as it took her up a long driveway towards her uncle's mansion. As it came into view she could see that it was a very old style looking property. It wasn't so much a mansion but more a castle. It's outer design was very much like what you'd expect to see in a Dracula movie. at least three stories high, with what looked like a tower on the eastern wing. It gave Sam the creeps more than anything, definitely not the kind of place that she fancied living in.

The cab stopped and Sam got out, paying the driver as well as giving him a tip. He thanked her and headed back down the drive. A slightly scared Sam headed to the huge front doors of the Mansion and knocked on the steel of the huge door. After a few moments the was a loud creaking noise and then the door began to move. Sam took a few steps back as the cold, rusty, doors opened before her. She peered inside, unable to make out much through the darkness. Unsure what to make of it, all and feeling quite frightened, she tentatively stepped through the doors into the giant castle.

"Uncle!? it's me Sam!" shouted the spooked girl.

There was no response. Sam stood in the dark room the only light coming from outside. There was a creaking noise as the steel doors began to close behind her. Sam felt panic grip her as the door closed, sealing her inside the castle in pitch black darkness. Almost immediately after the doors closed there was a faint buzzing noise followed by light flashing. Within a few seconds the room lit up around her, filling with light. Sam could see she was in a main hall of sorts. There was a flight of stairs before her and hallways to her left and right. The room she stood in was huge. It was very rustic in style. It actually felt quite homely on the inside. The floor was all wooden, the walls brick. A giant wooden clock stood beside the front doors. She noticed that it had stopped and wasn't ticking anymore.

"Uncle! are you here? I have the letter you sent!" shouted Sam, hoping for some kind of response.

There was nothing but silence. Sam sighed loudly. She felt uncomfortable being in a strange place like this. She had written back to her uncle upon deciding to accept the offer to go visit him. She told him the date she would arrive and she had received a letter back from him saying how happy he would be when she arrived. Now here she was and there was no sign of anyone here. She pulled her cell phone from the pocket of her jeans, quickly seeing that she wasn't getting any signal. "Shit!" she said to herself, getting frustrated. She looked down the left hallway and figured that was as good a place as any to start. She could look around for her uncle and hopefully find him. It wasn't like there was much else she cold do.

Sam crept down the left hallway which led to a wooden door at the end. She reached the door and knock softly a couple of time. "Uncle, it's me Sam!" she said, knocking a few more times. She paused and waited for a response but there was none. She placed her hand on the door knob and found that it turned. Slowly, she opened the door and peered inside, finding a bedroom. The small room consisted of a single bed, a dresser, two hanging paintings on the wall opposite the bed, and a gas lamp. Sam looked at the paintings, noticing how old they looked. One of them showed a group of three blonde children. Two boys and a girl. They all looked about ten years old in the Paintings, almost identical to each other. They're facial features were amazingly similar. Blonde hair, blue eyes, relatively effeminate faces, even the boys. It was quite a nice painting, showing them all sitting underneath a tree outside the castle which could be seen in the background. The second painting showed an old man sitting on a wooden chair carving a wooden object in his hands. It looked like her uncle, at least a younger version of him anyway. He had a bit of a sad demeanour about him. He looked very lonely.

Sam turned her attention back to looking for him and left the room, closing the door behind her. She made her way back to the big room and again yelled as loud as she could. All Sam heard back was her echo as it travelled through the room and down the halls. She was getting quite frustrated now. Wondering what time it was, she looked at her watch and saw it was close to 9pm. Then she noticed something strange. Her watch didn't seem to be ticking or moving at all. It was frozen on 8:56. Why had it stopped? she'd only just bought it as a replacement for the one she lost a few weeks ago. The battery couldn't be flat already. It was seriously weird and making her all the more anxious about the situation. She took a deep breath and forgot about her watch. She decided to look upstairs for signs of anyone. She made her way up the wooden stair case, hearing the loud creaking of the floorboards as she put her weight on each step. when she reached the top she saw that she was at the start of another hallway.

She walked down the hall, seeing a steel door on the left hand side about halfway down. A little further down there was a right turn which led down another hallway. She decided to continue to the end of the hall she was in which eventually opened up into a living room of sorts. Lot's of furniture around the room, chairs, sofa's, lamps, and rugs on the wooden floor. There was a gas heater on the far side of the room and another painting above it. As Sam was admiring the room she thought she heard a creaking sound behind her. Wide eyed, she quickly turned around and looked down the hallway which had led her here. There was a loud metallic clunk and Sam could swear that she just saw the steel door close suddenly.

"Hello!?" said Sam, feeling uneasy.

Nothing happened. Not sure what to do, she walked forward slowly. She was seriously freaked out but at least she knew someone else was here. She approached the door and soon stood in front of it. She was hesitant to do anything at first, unsure exactly what she was getting herself into. She breathed deeply and placed her hand on the cold steel, door knob. It wasn't locked. Something about this was really scary. Sam breathed deeply a few times and opened her eyes, ready to proceed. Then she suddenly noticed something in the corner of her eye. She looked to her right and saw a dark shadowy figure standing at the entrance of the living room. Sam gasped as the figure seemingly appeared out of nowhere. She let go of the door knob and started backing away, down the hall. She couldn't make out any features of the figure. It was like a...shadow standing several feet away from her. She continued backing away, goose bumps all over her. Suddenly, without warning, the shadowy figure let out a horrifying growl and flew towards her with incredible speed. Sam screamed at the top of her lungs, raising her hands up in front of her as it rushed her, everything going black as she was knocked to the ground.

Sam stirred. She opened her eyes and as they came into focus she saw that she was looking at the ceiling. She felt incredibly exhausted, every part of her body felt tired and fatigued. She was lying in a bed, a huge queen bed with maroon coloured covers, made of velvet. The bed sheets felt like silk against her naked skin. Suddenly it clicked, she was naked. Sam lifted the sheets up and looked herself up and down. She was indeed naked from head to toe. She felt herself all over, feeling her arms, chest, abdomen and legs. She felt okay physically, apart from feeling so tired. She couldn't find any marks or irregularities on herself. She pulled the sheets back up, looking around the room. There was a huge mirror in front of her, it was so tall it went from the floor to the ceiling. It practically reflected the entire room back to her, it was that big. Sam thought back to what she last remembered. She remembered the shadow thing that attacked her and how cold she had felt when it touched her. Then everything went dark and she woke up here. All Sam wanted to do now was get out of here. This place was dangerous and whatever attacked her before was the stuff of nightmares. She pulled the sheets off and slowly got out of the bed. As soon as she got to her feet she felt weak in her legs. She could barely take two steps forward without having to lean on the bed or the nearby table. She felt cold, her skin covered in goose bumps again. She saw herself in the mirror. Her long black hair looked very unkept. It cascaded down her shoulders, almost reaching her breasts. She observed her figure in the mirror, taking a few steps towards it.

There was something about her reflection that had her attention. She had always been into staying in shape and being health, taking pride in her appearance, as any woman does. She'd never noticed until now how good a shape she was in. Her body looked fantastic. In fact, she looked better than she ever had. Her breasts were full and perky, even looking a little bigger than they usually did. Her arse looked perfect. She always worked on her arse in the gym when she got the chance but was never happy with it. Now, it looked phenomenal. Sam couldn't get over how good she looked. She got closer to the mirror, checking herself out in closer detail. She studied her face, looking into her own eyes.

"Looking good today, Sammy." she said to herself.

She studied her face. Admiring her pretty nose and green eyes. She felt so drawn to herself at the moment. She couldn't quite put her finger on it. She placed her hand on her hair, playing with it a little, running her hands down the length of her hair, down to her breast. Slowly, she began cupping her left breast, observing herself in the mirror as she did so. "mmm" she moaned softly to herself, squeezing her breast firmly with her hand. Her thumb rubbed against her nipple, making it  harden within seconds and become erect as she continued to squeeze her breast, closing her eyes and arching her neck to the right. It felt good touching herself like this. It felt like the stress was going away, her exhaustion leaving her as it was replaced with a much better feeling. She needed more. She moved her hand away from her breast down past her belly. She looked at her refection again, peering into her own eyes. It felt nice...peaceful even. She felt her own fingers trace down past her navel to the soft patch of dark pubic hair around her pussy. As she looked into the deep green of her eyes, she whimpered softly, feeling her fingers rubbing down the lips of her nether regions.

"Mmmhh" moaned Sam.

Her mind felt calm and peaceful, kind of empty and free of thought. She stared into the mirror, her right hand keeping her propped up against the mirror, her left hand sinking two fingers deep into her pussy. She couldn't stop looking into the mirror, her face was blank and her eyes were almost glazed over. She began grinding her hips down, gyrating them as she fingered herself in front of the mirror. Her fingers were two knuckles deep inside her pussy, probing as far inside as possible. She couldn't stop herself, the blissful feeling of her pussy being plundered and the peaceful feeling in her head was heavenly. Sam was practically in a trance as she continued fingering herself before the mirror. Her whimpers became louder and more frequent as the tempo lifted. Her hips thrust against her fingers, her arse moving around as she humped her fingers.

As Sam stared lovingly into the mirror the green she was so engrossed in began to turn to blue. It still made her feel happy, but it was definitely changing. Still, she couldn't look away nor could she stop fingering herself. It was like she had lost control of her body and all that mattered was the feeling building up in her loins. Her body felt amazing, like she was high on some kind of drug. It was only building up more and more. Her pussy was so wet that her hand was coated in her own juices. As she furiously fingered herself her whimpers turning to moans and then to cries. She moved her other hand down between her thighs and began rubbing her clitoris, moaning loudly as the stimulation of her clit heightened the pleasure. While she was staring into the mirror she saw the nothing but the blue of her eyes which suddenly made her blink and snap out of her trance. She still saw blue eyes in her own reflection, sky blue. She wanted to stop but couldn't. Her fingers still powered in and out of her pussy. She broke her gaze and looked down to the floor as she feverishly fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit. She breathed loudly, sounding like a panting dog. Her knees went weak and her heart was beating like a drum. She let out a high pitched cry and looked back at the mirror.

Before her, was not Sam's own face, but a completely different one being reflected. Her long dark hair had been replaced by blonde. Her rounded face replaced by a much thinner and slender one. Her full lips replaced by thinner ones. This couldn't be right! It was like a completely different head was on her body. The face was different but the expression matched. One of fright. Sam wanted to be scared but instead she was feeling nothing but lust within her. She rubbed her clit wildly and fingered herself relentlessly until finally climaxing. Her Orgasm ripped through her body, making Sam cry out loud and fall down onto her knees then she sat on her butt, still rubbing herself as she rode out her orgasm. She closed her eyes, loving every second of her powerful orgasm. It slowly subsided and Sam stopped rubbing.

She looked at her reflection and saw her own face again, with one exception. In her reflection her eyes were still blue. Sam closed her eyes, sure that her mind was playing tricks on her. She kept her eyes closed for ten of fifteen seconds and then opened them again, hoping to see the green eyes she had been born with. She breathed deeply and opened her eyes...then gasping. Before her, in the mirrors reflection, was the dark shadow from before standing right behind her.

Sam shrieked and went to crawl towards the door a few metres ahead of her. She didn't make It a single metre before she felt something cold clamp around her ankle and pull her back. She was forcibly dragged towards the bed and felt herself being lifted into the air. She was weightless for a few moments, before feeling herself yanked towards the bed, falling on top of it. She landed on the bed with a grunt, before the dark shadow materialized on top of her. Sam cried out in fear as the faceless shadow seemingly held her down on the bed. Her body felt freezing cold and as the shadows head neared hers, Sam passed out from both fear and exhaustion.

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I like it so far zodiac give us some more please

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This is great Zodiac! I knew you'd do a good job!

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Thanks guys. I really appreciate your encouraging words. Hope you like the rest of the story.

Chapter 2

It was dark. Somewhere, deep in her subconscious, Sam felt awareness. It was as if she felt herself floating, as if she were drifting upwards, completely weightless. She could also feel a sense of evil all around her, smothering her, passing through her and touching her very soul. Suddenly it was like she had become one with it and it was leeching her soul. The feeling lingered, then, after a prolonged moment of absolute inertia, something crackled within her, something that felt like pure energy rippling through every inch of her being, like a bolt of lighting. Suddenly she felt like she was falling, helplessly careering downwards into nothingness. An overwhelming feeling of fear gripped her mind as she felt like she was falling down an endless empty hole. it went on and on until a very sudden jolt hit Sam and she opened her eyes with a gasp.

Sam looked around, seeing the same bedroom she had been in before. The huge mirror before her. Nervously, she sat up and looked around the room. It was deafly quiet. She looked in the mirror, seeing her reflection. Her eyes were still blue.

"What's happening to me?" she said to herself, feeling a great sense of dread.

She decided she had to get out of here. Whatever happened before was too crazy for her to comprehend. All that mattered now was getting out of this place and back home. Sam gathered her wits and got out of the bed. She averted her eyes from the mirror and looked around the room. She was still naked from head to toe and desperate to find some clothes. She couldn't see any sign of the clothes she had been wearing when she arrived here. That was scary enough just to think about. She tried to put everything else she had seen out of her mind, otherwise she'd probably end up in the corner of the room in the fetal position. There was an old chest of draws beside the bed, she decided to check it out. She opened up the first draw and inside was a light blue dress. It looked like something you'd see in a Cinderella play or something. There were white gloves that looked long enough to reach the elbows and a jewelled necklace. This wasn't what Sam was looking for. She moved the dress aside, looking for something else, when she saw a scrap of paper.

Sam picked up the torn piece of paper which looked like it had once been a page of a book. it had been folded several times and looked very aged, like it had been there a long time. She unfolded the paper and saw that there was writing on it and an photograph. The Photo looked like one of those instant ones that printed out of the camera after you took the picture. As Sam studied the photo she quickly saw that it was of her. It was of her standing at the entrance of the castle door. It's point of view was above to the right, looking down on her. Someone had been watching her as soon as she had arrived in the cab. She stopped looking at the photo and instead looked at the note which read: Put the dress and the necklace on

Sam desperately looked through the draws, hoping there was some other kind of clothing, but there was nothing else. Whatever was going on here was seriously freaking her out. How stupid had she been to even come here? she thought to herself. She took a deep breath and picked up the dress, looking it over. There was nothing else to wear and she wasn't about to start walking around this horrible place naked. She decided she'd put it on, then find a way out of here. she gently slipped on the dress, feeling the firmness of the corset that seem to make up part of the dress around her abdomen. She found she could reach around and tie the laces around the back and tighten the dress. She reluctantly looked at herself before the mirror, still seeing the foreign blue eyes looking back at her. It frightened Sam. How could this be real? She collected herself and fucused on the dress. It was so long, you could just make out her ankles. it was tight around her stomach and chest. Somehow it really pronounced her breasts and gave her a very large bust. The top itself also lower cut, so that a large amount of cleavage was visible. Sam grabbed the necklace and quickly put it on, immediately feeling it's weight. A large blue jewel was the main focal point of the necklace, with a golden trimming around it, at least two inches thick.

Sam hated it. She did however have clothes on now so she could at least loom around for a way out of this place. She took one look in the mirror and suddenly a different face greeted her. It was a different face, though familiar. Once again she had long blonde hair and completely different facial features than normal. Sam felt a sudden and strong sense of sorrow come over her. It hit her so fast she almost had to sit on the bed. It was so strong, but she had to look away. determined, she made her way towards the door and opened it.

She stepped into a large room. Much like the living room she had seen before but this one was filled with stuffed animals. The room was very large and expansive, with several doors leading to other places. Around the walls were the various heads of animals, all on plaque's. There was a bear's head, a wolf's head, and even an elephants head. She could see wooden display cases in corners of the room, showing guns and weapons in them. Sam didn't know much about guns but she could tell just by looking that they were very old. She guessed her uncle had either been a hunter or a big fan of taxidermy. The whole room reminded Sam of death. She had no clue where to go or which door to go through. This whole place was so big it would be really easy to get lost in. She decided to try the door to her right, in hopes it might lead to a hallway or stairs. She walked towards it and as she placed her hand on the door knob the sound of music could be heard. It was soft, classical music. it was loud enough, it felt like it was coming from all around her, not from one particular direction. As she listened to it, she felt the same sensation as before. A very sad and depressed feeling washed over her very suddenly, like a wave. Sam couldn't control it. Her eyes began to well up with tears as the music played. She didn't know where this sudden emotion was coming from, but it was like a knife in her heart it was that strong. She tried ignoring it as best she could and turned the door knob, opening the door.

Inside was a room that looked like a kind of theatre room. There were golden chandeliers on the ceiling, a big marroon matt on the floor. Also in the room was a dark red coloured lounge in front of her and a few feet in front of that was a projector which hat a reel of film inside it. At the far end of the room was a viewing screen that took up most of the back wall of the room. Sam wanted to leave the room, her thoughts focused on getting the hell out of this place. She knew it wasn't safe here, not with that shadow thing that was here. Whatever this place was, it wasn't normal. The classical music around her suddenly stopped and the door behind her slammed shut. Sam jumped, scared out of her wits as the lights dimmed around her.

"Nooo!" cried Sam, holding her hands to her chest.

Soon the room was dark and all the lights off. Sam turned and struggled with the door, desperately trying to bust it open. The door didn't budge. Sam heard a sound and looked to see the projector come to life and light up the screen at the end of the room. She could only watch as there were several flickers and then the film reel began to move and play before her eyes.

The film began playing and showed three people, standing in front of a fireplace, as if posing for the camera. There were two men and a woman, all blonde haired and blue eyes. If she had to guess she would say they were in there late teens and probably even related. The two males looked could even have passed as twins, if not for the different hair cuts. The woman also blonde haired and blue eyed, shared similar features. They wore very formal clothes. The men wearing dinner suits, the woman a beautiful purple gown. They looked at each other very lovingly as the camera lingered on the trio, then zoomed in on each of their faces. Sam saw something in the woman, something very familiar. There was a deep connection, one Sam could feel just watching this. The film suddenly cut to Just the woman and one of the men. They were walking down a path outside the castle, almost hand in hand. It showed them walking away from the camera, looking at the scenery around them and then at each other. The expression in their faces was almost definitely love, that much was obvious. Sam could feel emotions rushing through her, almost uncontrollably. it was very strange and very strong.

Again the film cut, this time to a bedroom. The camera was in a fixed position, looking towards a double bed. Sam could see the left side of the screen was actually a reflection and soon realized that this was the same room she had woken up in just before. The film looked grainy and from time to time would drift in and out of focus, but there was no mistaking the room this was. The woman stood before the mirror, looking at herself. She wore a tight fitting green dress that seemed to hug so tightly that every inch of her body was emphasised. The strapless dress was accompanied by white high heels and a necklace. The same necklace Sam had on now.

Sam touched the necklace on her neck, fiddling with the jewel. She watched on as the film continued. The woman posed a little in front of the mirror, playing with her hair and putting them in plaits. Then suddenly interrupted by one of the male's who walked up behind her. She seemed to notice him in the mirror and smiled as he helped finish off her hair. He then placed his hands around her waist and pulled her tightly to him, pressing against her. She showed an expression of weariness. Her hesitation was obvious but the male rubbed her belly softly before drifting his hand further down. Sam could see the expression on the woman's face change slightly and then close her eyes, placing her hands on the male's as he slowly moved them down towards her crotch. By now, Sam was sure these two were related in some way. The resemblance between them was too close for them to not share the same blood line.

The film continued. The male began to rub between the girl thighs, pressing his fingers in and firmly rubbing there with four fingers as she placed her hand over his. This continued for a few minutes, both he and her looking like they were lost in passion. The Male suddenly reached down with his other hand and yanked up the woman's dress right up to her hips. the back of her thighs and her backside were completely exposed. It seemed she had no underwear on at all as the camera zoomed in closer into the pair. The male pulled his hand away from her crotch and placed it on the full, rounded, cheeks of the blonde's arse, squeezing the left cheek firmly. Her reflection showed her mouth open wide and her eyes tightly shut as the male slapped her backside and her own fingers rubbed her crotch as she held the front of her dress up with her other hand. The camera zoomed in on the reflection of her face in the mirror, capturing the look of bliss on her face. After a few minutes the camera pulled back a bit and the showed the male pulling his pants down, exposing his cock. It looked erect already and the passionate couple wasted no time, the male positioning his cock between her cheeks and thrusting into her. Suddenly the woman reached out and placed her hands against the mirror as she pushed her arse back against him. The male Placed his hands on her hips and began fucking her with quick thrusts, his arse powering away as he leaned in and kissed the back of her neck.

As she watched on, Sam could feel tingling in her own loins. It seemed to come from nowhere. Her skin felt warm, especially around  her forehead and face. Her heart began to beat faster as she watched on, her eyes glued to the screen.

The male was fucking the blonde as fast and as hard as he could. He moved his right hand up and reached around, gripping her right breast and squeezing it. The expression on her face was of pure lust. She was biting her lip and furiously rubbing her clit as the male fucked her roughly. The two fucked wildly for several minutes, the mirror shaking from the movement the two were exhibiting. The camera zooming in on her tits as the male pulled the top down, and they popped out. They were large mounds of flesh, bouncing wildly as she was getting rammed against the mirror. Two of his fingers squeezing her nipple between them as he groped her tit roughly. This drove her wild, making her open her mouth and is appeared she was crying out, though there was no sound in the film. Sam was still finding herself growing hot and bothered. It was like her reproductive system had just suddenly switched on. She could feel herself getting wet and her loins tingling. They were crying for attention. Sam frowned, her heart racing and her face going red as if she were flushed. She tried looking away from the screen but she couldn't do it.

The film went on, showing the pair continue to fuck wildly. Suddenly the male stopped and his pulled her into him, clutching her hips tightly, his ass clenching. He leaned over his sister, his chest firmly against her back. He kissed and sucked the back of her neck as it appeared he was blowing his load into her. The two  stayed as they were for a while, both with their eyes closed and their chests heaving. Sam herself felt the strangest sensation between her legs. She felt like she had just peed herself. A warm feeling spreading through her. She didn't know what it was but it made her heart race faster and her clit tingle.

She felt her hands wandering down to her crotch, her mouth open and her eyes closed. It was like she had no control of her body or her actions. She hiked the blue dress up at the front, as the blonde had done in the film and began stoking her wet pussy. She moaned as her fingers found her clit and she rubbed. She opened her eyes and looked at the screen which showed the two fixing themselves up. The male went out of frame and the woman straightened her dress. As Sam stroked her pussy and then slipped a couple of fingers deep inside she saw the film cut to a similar point of view.

This time, the camera captured the reflection of the bed, which showed the blonde woman laying there. She appeared to have a gown on and was sleeping beneath the sheets. There was no date, but it seemed this was a different day, going by her hair and the style of bed sheets. The film continued, showing the woman sleep peacefully in her bed until a figure entered and sat on the end of the bed. At first Sam thought it was the same one who had been fucking her against the mirror, but as she looked at him, there seemed a slight difference. The hair was different and he looked a little taller. Sam watched as he looked over the girl sleeping soundly on her back. After a little while he leaned over and kissed her face. At first it was a peck. Then another. Then another which led to a more passionate kiss. He really began laying it on her and kissed her very passionately. It was then she woke up and looked quite shocked. Sam watched as the woman tried pushing him off her. The male suddenly leapt on her, pulling the sheets down to her feet and straddling her on the bed, trapping her on her back beneath him.

Sam felt her own mood change from lust to fear. Like a switch, her entire frame of mind changed. Her heart went from pounding to more like sinking. It was like she was experiencing the blonde woman's emotions herself. Again she couldn't make herself look away. Her eyes remained glued to the screen as she watched on. She saw the male lean his head down over the terrified woman. She clearly didn't want this, but it didn't stop him. His hand squeezed her beasts through her gown as her forcibly pressed his mouth against hers and kissed her again. Sam was sure by now, these two were siblings. Definitely brother and sister. She watched on, her stomach turning as she saw the male rip the sisters top and her breast spill free. She tried desperately to fight push him off her but he quickly grabbed her hand and forced them above her head. Holding her wrists together, he reached back down and violently grasped his sisters breast, again kissing her mouth.

The girl struggled. She looked terrified as her brother continued the assault. He moved his hand down from her chest to her crotch, hiking up her gown and exposing her underwear. She kicked and shook but it didn't deter her brother, instead it seemed to fuel him. He reached his hand into her underwear and it was easy to see he was roughly rubbing her between her legs. His motions were rough and violent definitely an attack. let of her wrists and placed it around throat, seemingly choking her as he fingered her with the other hand. Her face showed fright and terror, her fist clutching the bed sheets as she was assaulted. He stepped up his attack, yanking her underwear down her thighs to her knees. He moved his hand away from her throat and reached down to his pants, undoing a belt and pulling them down as he straddled his sisters stomach. She tried to get up but he quickly pushed her back down, pressing down on her shoulder and using his other hand to press her head against the pillow, covering up her mouth with his palm.

He finished pulling his pants and underwear off, then re-positioned himself on top of her. He kept his hand firmly on her face as he used his other hand to guide his cock to his sisters pussy. Her eyes said it all as he thrust forward and buried his cock in her, with one slow thrust, feeding it into her. He began slow thrusts in and out of her, moving one hand to her breast, the other still firmly pressing against her face, pinning her head against the pillow. He picked up his thrusts a little bit as spread her thighs wider apart and forcibly fucked her on the bed. Sam felt her emotions stir, feeling a mix of fear and excitement within her. Her fingers were still resting against her snatch, slightly damp. Her skin was still warm and tingly, her clitoris the same. She couldn't bring herself to move away or even look away. it was all so overpowering.

She watched on, the brother picking up his pace. His thrusts now shaking the bed as he powered into his sister. Her tits shook as she was rocked with every inward thrust. Her smaller body trapped under her brother. The scene went on before Sam, for several minutes the brother fucked her, relentlessly. As it did go on Sam felt less and lees fear and more and more turned on. She was watching a girl being raped by her own brother, somehow experiencing the emotions she had been. But now, she was soaking wet and her fingers could only do so much. She masturbated as the film continued and the brother fucked his sister in her bed. She wasn't sure how much time had elapsed but at one point the sister's legs wrapped around her brothers waist. He fucked her harders, pulling her hair and slapping her ass as legs pulled him tightly into her. The bed rocked furiously  the two siblings looked more like lovers now. it went on and on until she held the brother tight and looked like had orgasmed. As she did, Sam felt herself get weak at the knees. Her heart fluttered and the eyes closed tight. The necklace felt warm against her skin, her nipples hard.

Suddenly out of nowhere, she felt hands on her shoulders. Her mind was foggy but she felt compelled not to be scared. She wast turned around to face whoever it was. She couldn't open her eyes. It was like they'd been glued shut. She felt her dress lifted up and soon something soft and wet was delving deep inside her pussy. Sam moaned, breathing loudly and giving into the amazing sensation between her thighs. She felt amazing, her entire body tingling and pulsing with pure pleasure. She wished she could open her eyes, see who it was. Maybe it didn't mind.

"Give yourself to me" came a gruff voice.

Sam's heart was pounding. She couldn't deny the strong feeling within her anymore. Between soft pants, she nodded.

"I'm yours" she answered.

"Tell me again." said the voice.

"I am yours" answered Sam, as if under hypnosis.

"To do what?" replied the voice

"Whatever you want"  Said Sam

"Good girl"

Sam felt herself being picked up, carried, and then placed on the sofa, on her back. She felt her legs being spread further apart. then pulled to the end of the sofa so her legs were hanging over the side. She still couldn't open eyes, but that didn't matter when she felt a something hard and thick pressing against the entrance of her pussy. She sighed loudly as pressed into and an inch sank into her.

"You want this, don't you?" said the voice.

"Yes..." answered Sam.

"How much?"

"So, so, much!"

"Hmph! then you're ours now, little girl" laughed the voice.

Sam gasped as her pussy was stretched wide by the intrusion of the massive shaft that entered. She let out a low groan as it inched further and further inside of her. Her mouth opened wide as her pussy engulfed inch after inch until she thought it was going to go all the way through her. Finally it pulled back and she felt herself being fucked. She gripped the material of the sofa as she was roughly fucked. The massive cock felt amazing inside her, making her squeal every time it slammed hard into her and large ball smacked against her asshole. The feeling was so amazing, she couldn't deny it. Her pussy tightly gripped the invading cock as the sounds of their bodied colliding filled the room. Suddenly audio from the film kicked in and the sounds of the brother and sisters love making came through loudly.

Sam could suddenly open her eyes. She looked across to the film playing, seeing the sister in a similar position as she was, her legs draped over the end of the bed as the brother fucked her. Sam moaned as her pussy was being slammed, shaking her entire body. The cried of her moans were matching the sisters in the film. She looked away from the screen and focused on who was fucking her. she suddenly saw a familiar face. leaning over her, his face inches from hers was the blonde male who had been fucking his sister against the mirror. He was exactly how he had looked, except for one thing. His skin was blue and pale, his eyes blank . His body looked like the kind you would see in a morgue. His hands were firmly gripping waist, but even through her dress she could feel how could they were.

Sam should have felt panic, but instead could feel nothing but sorrow and attraction to him. He continued fucking her and even kissed her on the mouth. She felt tentative but couldn't stop herself kissing him back. His cold mouth met hers and their tongues became entwined. He lay on top of her and soon the two were making love on the sofa. Sam moaned loudly as he thrust in and out of her again and again. His body pressed tightly against hers. Her mind was filled with lust. Her heart with love. How? she didn't know. She couldn't stop. She held him tight, eyes closed as he fucked her with slow deep thrusts making her grunt with each impact. Then as she cried out loud, she felt him cum inside her. She froze still on the sofa as she felt him empty his balls into her, his cold breath on her neck. Her entire womb went cold as it spread through her like a tidal wave. Suddenly everything went quiet and she couldn't feel him anymore. She opened her eyes and couldn't see him anymore. The lights were back on and the projector was off. She sat up on the sofa and felt her crotch. Her pussy was wet, but she couldn't feel any cum inside her. All the feelings and emotions she had been feeling had left her. She felt cold and seriously freaked out. The door to the room opened slowly, seemingly all by itself.

Sam knew she had to get out of here. Whatever was going on was influencing her. Making her do things. She had to leave before it was too late.


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Nice story Zodiac, I hope there is more?

August 18, 2015, 06:46:06 PM
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is there more??

August 19, 2015, 08:13:44 PM
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Wow Zodiac . . .that's a really good story!  I'm with Jed and Fancy . . .is there more?

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Hey guys. It’s taken me a while to get this chapter how I wanted it. There was just something I didn't like about it no matter how many times I changed a certain part of it. Anyway, I'm as happy with it as I think I will ever be so here it is.

Chapter 3

Sam left the viewing room as quickly as she could, her mind focused on getting the hell out of this place. What had just happened...what she'd just done...that wasn't her. Something had been compelling her to do what she did. Her mind kept flashing back to what had just happened on the couch. She could scarcely believe it had actually happened. She felt weird inside, her body kind of cold. She tried as hard as she could to put it out of her mind. What mattered most now was getting as far away from this place as possible. She found herself back in the room with all the stuffed animal heads. There were doorways in several directions, who knows where they would lead. She knew she needed to head downstairs. She looked to her right and there was a closed wooden door with a brass handle. Sam decided it was as good a place to try as any other. She slowly approached the door and tried the handle. It didn't seem locked, so she gently turned the handle and opened the door. As she entered, she saw that she was in some kind of art gallery. The room itself was huge, easily the biggest room she had been in so far. Both walls had large paintings on them, old paintings which seemed to match the overall feel of the entire castle. There were large busts of various people that she didn't recognize sitting atop wooden pedestals in front of the paintings. Sam also saw, in the middle of the room, a large bronze statue of a man. She really wasn't interested in taking a tour of the room, but the statue had caught her eye. She took a few steps towards it and studied it, seeing that it looked very similar to her uncle. It must have been a statue of him. His face showed a very angry expression. He was posed in such a way that he loomed over you with a lot of authority. He gave Sam the same feeling as her old school headmaster used to when she played and got in trouble up at school.

Sam turned her attention away from the statue, trying to refocus on finding a way out of the castle. She walked back towards the door she had come through when all of a sudden there was loud echoing thud. Sam jumped in fright, looking over at the wall on her right and seeing that one of the paintings had fallen off the wall. It had landed facing down and left a huge mark on the wall where the painting had been. She could see something on the wall apart from a discoloration. It looked like there was writing on the wall where the painting had been. She walked closer and as she neared it she could definitely make out writing on the wall. In red writing were the words: He killed her!

The writing looked very wild and uncontrolled, like it had been written in a hurry. The thing that was most weird was that it didn't look like it had been there that long. In fact, it looked like it had been written on the wall very recently. Sam looked down at the painting on the floor and saw that stuck to the back of it was a very old child's drawing. It showed three kids and an adult all crudely drawn, depicting them outside in the sun. Everyone had been drawn with happy faces. Sam noticed that with the three kids, the girl of the group had her hand held by the adults, while the two male kids were on further away but happily besides one another. It seemed like a perfectly innocent child's drawing. Sam felt compelled to pick the painting up and lean it against the wall. She bent over and lifted the top of the painting up with a groan as she lifted it up on its side and then rested the back of it against the wall. She stepped back and studied the painting as she caught her breath. She could see it was a portrait of the blonde girl she had seen in the film she had just watched and also the girl she had seen in her own reflection.

The girl showed very little emotion on her face, but at the same time, Sam couldn't help but feel a sense of sorrow from her. She wore a similar dress as what Sam had on now, except it was pink. The girl was very elegant and proper in the painting, but when Sam studied her blue eyes she immediately felt sad. In the bottom right hand corner of the painting was writing which read: in honour of Alexia

Whoever she was, she had been troubled. Sam knew that much. Who had killed Alexia? One of the brothers? Or her uncle? This place was beginning to show a dark past and now more than ever, Sam felt like she needed to get the hell out of here. She turned back towards the door and quickly made her way back over to it, opening it wide and heading back into the living room. There had to be a staircase close by. She looked around desperately, unsure which way to go. This place was so incredibly big it was almost daunting thinking which way to go next.

To the left hand side, Sam could see a door that stood out from the others. It was painted to be white, to match the colour of the wallpaper. It looked like a steel door which had been painted as opposed to a wooden door like a majority of the others in the house. Sam made her way over to the door and touched it, feeling a cold steel against her skin. She could also feel a cold draft on her bare feet, coming from underneath the door. She tried her luck with the handle and too her surprise, found that it turned easily. The door itself was quite heavy and it took all of her strength to even budge it. Sam groaned and heaved, desperately trying to open it. Finally, the door began to move and within a few moments she had opened it wide enough to feel a cold breeze coming through the gap. She kept going and a little while later she had the door open completely. Cold night air blew against Sam's face as she stood in the doorway looking out. A lone lantern attached to the wall ahead showed her that she was looking out at a stone balcony of sorts. The wind was incredibly cold and strong enough to move her dress. She took a few steps out onto the balcony, immediately feeling the cold, stone, ground on the soles of her feet. Sam was shivering but she took a few more steps forward. It was hard to make out much at all, but she could see that there was a walk way along the side of the wall and even some more lights a meter or so ahead.

She wasn't sure about this, but she was outside. If she could find a way down to the front yard or even the back yard, then there was a good chance of her getting out of here. Sam crossed her arms and began walking forward, following the stone wall. To her right, a balcony, which seemed to lead to complete blackness. Sam couldn't get over how dark the sky was tonight. There didn't seem to be any stars in the sky and the moon seemed to be constantly hidden behind thick, dark, clouds. It was all very creepy, combined with the freezing cold wind which was making Sam shiver almost uncontrollably. She continued down the walkway, reaching the next lantern which was fixed onto the wall. Onwards she went for a few more meters until there was a loud slam from behind her. She turned to see that the metal door she had come through was now firmly closed. There was no going back now. She continued on until to her amazement, she found steps leading down. Feeling thankful, Sam made her way down the steps, being careful not to slip on the damp stone. The steps seemed to keep going and going, on and on and on. It was dark and hard to make out what was in front of her. Finally Sam reached the bottom of the steps, finding herself in almost complete darkness.

She looked around, studying the ground. She could feel very fine gravel beneath her feet, not too sharp or painful to walk on. It felt like a path. There was enough light so that she could see about two feet ahead of her. She began walking forward, following what felt like a path. Her dress was blowing in the wind wildly, as was her hair. It was picking up rather than dying down. Sam did her best to ignore it, focusing on moving forward. She was hoping that the way she was going was leading to the front of the castle, where she could at least be safe from what was inside. She kept moving, walking in a straight line and keeping an eye on her surrounds. Eventually there was a turn in the path which turned left. She followed it as best she could, a lantern fixed to the wall on her left flickered on and off. The cold wind blew Sam’s dress up, forcing her to hold it down with her hands, cold air whirling around her legs and thighs. She shivered in the cold, continuing onwards. As she turned a corner she saw a well-lit area ahead with metal steel fencing on the right hand side, mostly covered in vines and weeds. She was following a narrow path which had tiny white pebbles on it, on the right hand side was the castle walls. Directly ahead she could make out courtyard of some kind. It must have been the rear of the castle. As she made her way forward it opened right up and more lanterns lit up the courtyard, although they were continually flickering. Tall fencing surrounded the courtyard, again, all covered in vines and overgrowth. It didn’t take long for Sam to realize that she wasn’t getting out of the castle grounds this way. Her heart sank as she came to a realization that this was a dead end.

Sam wanted to scream. She couldn’t bare it anymore. She looked around the courtyard and saw a large round fountain which had no water in it. She walked over to the large round fountain and sat on the edge of it, feeling herself begin to cry. She wept as she dropped her head down, sniffling and wiping tears from her eyes. The cruel freezing winds whirled around the courtyard, blowing against Sam and sent chills right through her. She fell forward onto her hands and knees, feeling the cold damp grass. She felt like she could freeze to death she was that cold. Her skin covered in goose bumps and her lips going blue. She’d lost hope by now and her resolve was fading fast. Cold and shivering, Sam fell flat on her stomach, overcome by fatigue and the incredibly freezing winds. The lights flickered around her, then got brighter and brighter. As if a surge of energy pulsed through them, they began to illuminate the entire courtyard in a yellow light. Sam looked up and saw something at the front of the courtyard. A dark shadow began to form before her. The shadow took the form of a human, almost looking like a man made out of black smoke. She watched on as whatever it was began to approach her almost floating along above the ground. Sam didn’t bother trying to get up or even moving…there was nowhere to run.

The shadow loomed over Sam as she lay exhausted on the grass. It hovered for a few moments, observing her. She could hear whispers coming from it, hurried whispers that were made up of one or two words at most.

“Join us!...give in!’re ours!...NO ESCAPE!!”

The whispered words repeated around Sam as the shadowy figure began to ascend on her. They sounded threatening and violent in tone. The whispers seemed to get louder and louder around her until eventually it was like they were her own thoughts inside her head. Sam cried out loud as she was engulfed in darkness, the bright light dimming around her and the cold wind slowly dissipating. Her skin felt like hundreds of tiny needles were pricking every inch of her. The taste of copper and metal filled her mouth and it was becoming harder to breath. She felt herself become weightless and it was like she was being lifted off the ground. By now she was completely enveloped in a black, shadowy swarm, unable to see much at all. She felt like she was about to die, like this was how it was all going to end for her. The same whispers continued to taunt her, flooding her head.

“You’re ours!”

“Join us!”

Sam felt her dress start to pull and become tight, as if it was being tugged on. Soon there was a loud ripping sound and the dress began to tear and fall apart. She could feel the material of the dress tearing around her body and fall away. Even the necklace she had on was pulled on and eventually snapped, then pulled off her neck. Sam felt as though she were floating in space or something, completely in darkness or some kind of void. Then she felt the last remaining shreds of the dress pulled away from her body, leaving her completely naked. She found it hard but she managed to open her eyes, immediately feeling a sharp stinging sensation. She quickly closed her eyes again and waited for the pain to ease. She felt like she was floating on her back, the feeling of little pinpricks all over her body. She began to feel pressure on parts of her body, like something pressing against her. At first it was light pressure against her stomach and chest. Then it grew and even seemed to spread to her arms and thighs. The pressure around her abdomen and stomach was making it harder and harder for her to breath. Sam couldn’t move a muscle as she seemingly floated there in nothingness. The pressure continued to grow and within a few seconds her lungs couldn’t take in anymore air. She gasped as the air cut off and she began to suffocate. She was forced to open her eyes, immediately feeling the same stinging feeling she had before. "This is it." she thought to herself. This was how she was going to die.

Suddenly, the pressure stopped and Sam could breath again. The feeling of weightlessness was gone and she could move freely. Whilst catching her breath, she wiped her eyes and opened them wide, looking around her. The darkness she had been shrouded in was gone completely with no sign of the shadowy figure. She was still in the courtyard but it was deathly silent and there wasn’t a hint of wind. The lights weren’t flickering and there was actually a little humidity in the air. Sam looked herself over and saw that she was in fact naked from head to toe. She was about to get up when she saw someone approaching her. She recognized who it was pretty quickly. She had seen this man before, in the viewing room. Just like before, he looked like a zombie who had risen from the dead. His skin was awfully pale and almost blue. His eyes were almost completely white. Sam watched as he approached her with a slight smile on his face. The clothes he was wearing weren’t modern, in fact, they were probably eighteenth century at the latest. Sam thought about running but her legs were like jelly and there was no way she’d be able to run. She sat there as the male approached her and then stood a few inches away, gazing upon her. Her mind flashed back to the viewing room…to what she had done. This was definitely the same one who had been in there with her…doing things to her.

“Who are you?” asked Sam

There was no answer from him. He simply stood there with a grin on his face.

“Please, I just want to get out of here!” Pleaded Sam

There was prolonged pause from the male and then he knelt down beside her. Sam could almost see right through him as he crouched. She watched as he reached his hand out and touched her leg. There was a cold feel to his fingers as they danced across the skin of her calf. He looked at her leg, studying it, then looked into her eyes. He smiled again and moved his hand further up her leg, past her knee. His hand drifted slowly up to her thigh, grasping it firmly. Sam tried to move her leg but he kept it firmly in place and forced her to stay as she was. He began softly stroking Sam’s inner thigh with his cold fingers, working them close to her crotch. Sam’s skin began to tingle from the touch and within a few seconds his hand was firmly between her thighs. She squirmed, trying to evade his touch and also trying to clamp her thighs together. He changed position and grabbed her arm, pulling her back closer towards him and used both hands to pry her thighs apart, giving him a clear view of her pussy and easy access. As he held her thighs wide apart, he leaned his head forward and immediately began licking her snatch. Sam let out a gasp as his tongue ran up her slit, from the bottom to the very top, seeking out her clit. His tongue felt amazing as it ran up her pussy, She’d never felt anything quite like it. The way his tongue felt, was unlike anything she had experienced.

He continued teasing her clit with his tongue, then pressed his entire mouth against it and sucked. Sam leaned back, sighing as he went down on her in the middle of the courtyard. The feeling was overpowering and Sam couldn’t resist the tremendous pleasure coming from her nether regions. She groaned again as he sucked and coaxed her clit out from its hood. He sucked directly on the hard little nub that was her clit, lovingly teasing it with his tongue. Sam cried out in pleasure, laying down on her back as her pussy pulsed with pleasure. He moved his mouth away from her clit and down a little, snaking his tongue into Sam’s wet, puffy, fuck hole. He teased her clit with his thumb as he forced his tongue as deep into her pussy as he could. Sam writhed on the ground, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip. She was completely giving in to this, unable to resist. His tongue swirled around inside her, so deep and thick. It just kept going and going, like a snake. It stretched the walls of her pussy wide, penetrating further than and human tongue possibly could. Sam whimpered and let out a girly cry as his tongue was at least 8 inches deep inside her. Its soft slimy texture felt amazing against the insides of her pussy, especially when they tightened around it, like a vice. It continued on, as well as the constant rubbing of her clit. Sam couldn’t control herself, feeling pleasure like she’d never felt before. Her arse moved around on the ground as her hips swayed and gyrated. She grunted as it felt like his tongue was licking the entrance of her womb. His tongue probed and rubbed, as did his fingers against her clit.
“Ahh!!” cried Sam as she felt her pussy tremble and quaver.

His tongue brushed against her innards and found the panting girls g spot, immediately drawing a loud continued moan from her as she suddenly hit orgasm. Sam trembled on the ground as the orgasm rocked her and her pussy leaked her own cum. She lay on her back, catching her breath and recovering from her orgasm. As she opened her eyes, she saw the male leaning over her, face to face. He looked her in the eyes for a few moments and then leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. Their kiss lingered, and Sam could feel a coolness enter her lungs. It was like she was inhaling something from his mouth and it immediately made Sam feel funny. She began to feel overcome with a horny feeling. It was so incredibly strong and sudden as it spread throughout her body until every fibre of her being was compelled to do one thing. Her skin was warm and tingly all over, her heart beating faster as the need to be fucked filled Sam's soul. All she could think about was how much she wanted his cock to fill her with its seed. She could feel his cold tongue inside her mouth, rubbing against her tongue. She felt drawn to him like no one she had ever known. She began kissing him back as he used his hand to lift her left leg up and position it around his waist. Sam obliged him by moving her right leg and wrapping it around his waist, holding him tightly to her.

The kiss continued as he grasped the side of her face with his right hand and stroked her ear. Sam soon felt something pressing against the entrance of her pussy and as they shared a passionate kiss. She waited anxiously as he teased her a little and then went for it. Sam grunted as he entered her with a single thrust, drawing a loud cry from her as his ,cold but hard cock, filled her tight pussy. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes as he pulled back and then thrust hard into her again, taking in the slight grimace she gave when he entered her. Sam let out a cry as he thrust deep into her wet pussy. she wasn't used to something of that size and girth inside her. it was slightly painful to take every inch of his dick inside of her, but it didn't stop her enthusiasm. The male picked up the pace and fucked Sam with steady even strokes, rocking her back and forth with each thrust.

Sam opened her eyes and looked into his cold, almost dead ones. Up close she could see that he was definitely one of the males from the movie that had played in the viewing room. She grunted again as he thrust hard into her, spearing her tight pussy and delving deep inside her. Was this one of the brothers of the girl...of Alexia? It had to have been. She gasped loudly as he picked the pace of his strokes and fucked her hard and fast on the ground, driving into her. Her moans and sighs filled the air as she hugged him tightly to her, her pussy being stretched by his massive cock. It felt huge inside her, stretching the walls of her pussy wide and pushing deep, feeling like it was getting thicker by the minute. He slammed into her quickly with hurried strokes, his ass a blur. His fury was relentless and Sam could do nothing but take it as he fucked her wildly. He didn’t tire or even make much noise as he continued his assault on Sam’s pussy. He focused on her blue eyes and stared deeply as he went on and on with focus and purpose.

Sam had never been handled like this in her life. Her body was violently shaken with each impact, grunts forced from her as each collision hit hard. His balls slapped hard against her arse as he drove into her again and again and again. He wasn’t showing signs of exhaustion either, not even breaking a sweat. Sam on the other hand, was bathed in it. Her body hot and sweaty as he was being practically fucked into the ground. She was waiting for him to tire but he was nowhere close. He continued staring right into her eyes and fucked her relentlessly as moan after moan escaped her mouth. This continued as she felt the head of his cock bashing against her insides, forcing its way deep inside her, towards her womb. He slowed a little, keeping his cock in place a few moments so that she could feel him so deep. Sam felt like her whole body was filled with his cock and it was about to push through to her chest. She grimaced again as he lowered head and kissed her roughly on the mouth. She moaned into his mouth as his tongue entered hers, delving deep inside. In it snaked, going right to the back of her mouth. She felt him remove her legs from around his waist and actually pull his cock free from her snatch.

He grabbed her by both ass cheeks and as he tightly gripped them he moved her so that he was laying on her side with her back towards him. Sam let him do what he wanted and closed her eyes as she felt the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy again. She felt her head forcibly turned so she was looking over her shoulder and he locked lips with her again, his tongue snaking into her mouth. She tensed up as she felt his cock pressing against her gaping fuck hole and slowly push past the lips of her pussy, spearing deep inside her. She grunted softly as once again, he fed the entire length of his thick cock inside her. Using his arm, He moved her leg so he could get a good angle, powering into the girl with fast thrusts. He pulled her black hair with his other hand, pulling it harshly as a sign of dominance. He continued kissing her roughly on the mouth, his tongue practically half way down her throat. Sam was just about gagging on his tongue it was that far inside her mouth. The fucking continued in this position as Sam reached her own hand down between her legs and began rubbing her clit with two fingers, all while the male power fucked her into oblivion. Her body was shaking wildly as he slammed into her again and again. She was dripping with sweat as the fucking went on and on. Her pussy was gripping his cock tightly as it surged up inside her, touching parts of her that had never been touched before. She moved her hips and ass around so he could get as deep as possible. She lovingly kissed him back as his tongue retracted a little and she could take a few deep breaths. She was feeling pretty tired from how long this was going but she couldn’t stop. She moaned loudly as he fucked her so deep and hard she could swear the head of his cock was bashing against the entrance of her womb.

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Sam cried.

He reached his arm over and roughly mauled one of Sam’s breast, squeezing it tightly in his hand. He squeezed her nipple painfully between his thumb and forefinger. Sam was a panting, moaning, mess as he fucked her relentlessly and groped her as he pleased. She was putty in his hands and the walls of her pussy were tightly gripping his cock as it plunged in and out of it and getting wetter and wetter. He broke their long enduring kiss and gripped her jaw in his hand, studying the lustful expression in her eyes.
“Ride me, Alexia” he said, letting go of Sam and changing position so that he was laying on his back.

He lay flat on his back, his cock standing up proudly as he waited. Sam turned over and saw that he was waiting. Filled with lust she stared hungrily at his cock and didn’t hesitate to crawl over his body and straddled him as he lay there. Within seconds Sam was lowering herself down onto his cock and moaned as it took in inch after inch until she had engulfed the entire length of it. She moaned loudly and quickly began to ride his cock for all she was worth, gyrating her hips and biting her lower lip as she fucked him. She worked herself on the cock faster and faster, feeling him deep inside her as she three her head back and moaned loudly. She felt his cold hands firmly mauling her breasts as rode up and down on his thick, hard, cock. she was entranced with what she was doing and was going all out. Sweat ran down the side of her face which was flushed and red as she used all the energy she could muster to milk his cock with the tight muscles of her pussy. Her moans and panting filled the air as she continued fucking him, feeling his throbbing cock deep inside her. Her pussy was dripping wet and she felt her loins tingling in pleasure, drawing her closer to a second orgasm.

The male compounded her sexual high by reaching a hand around and slipping two firm fingers between the cheeks of Sam's arse. He pressed his fingers against her butthole and started to ease a single finger up into it as she was riding his cock. Sam gasped at the sudden intrusion, feeling the tip of his finger sink into her butthole an inch or so deep.

Ugh! cried Sam as she felt his finger go deeper into her arse.

As she brought herself down on his cock, his finger went deeper into her arse. He pushed his finger further up so it would go deeper when she came down on his cock. As he did this, he used his other hand twist and pull on the nipple of her left breast. All the while his cock thrust deep inside her and was lovingly hugged by the walls of her tight, wet, pussy. Sam was excited by the way he was handling her and rode his cock with total abandon, moaning loudly and even squeezing her other breast herself as she fucked him. She felt herself getting closer to orgasm, her heart beating wildly as she fucked herself on his cock. His cock was trembling inside her as it bashed against the entrance of her womb. She cried out loudly as his finger went deep into arsehole, going as far as it could. at the same time his cock speared deep inside her and painfully stretched her pussy as it was about to blow it's load. Sam sensed this and began grinding her hips down on his as she gyrated them and clenched her pussy muscles.

She was rewarded with the feeling of cool, sticky, jizz shooting directly into her womb as he blew his load deep inside her. Several large shots of his cum sprayed the inside of Sam's pussy. the male made a noise for the first time, a small groan. Sam felt several more spurt of almost cold cum inside her. That, and a final finger thrust in her arsehole, was all it took to get to her second powerful orgasm.

Aaaaaaah!! cried Sam as it rocked through her body.

She let out several more moans as she felt a few last spurts of jizz spray into her womb and her own orgasm ripple through. then she fell forward onto the male, panting wildly. She was quickly moved aside so she was laying on the grass and felt his finger leave her arse. The male stood up and looked down at her. As he did, there was a change in the air and the lights began to flicker again. Sam lay exhausted on the ground as the male gave her a smile and turned to walk away.

"Who...are you?" asked a dazed Sam.

He looked back at her and after a slight pause said "Sebastian"

Sam watched as he walked away and seemingly disappeared before her eyes, walking towards a wall of the castle and passing straight through it. She lay exhausted on the ground, her crotch region cold and sore. She felt the wind picking up around her again and desperately tried to get to her feet but was too tired to even stand. the lights flickered and the wind howled around her making her shiver as she tried to sit up. She heard the faint metallic scraping sound coming from the distance. she wasn't what direction it was coming from, but it sounded close. she looked all around her, unsure what to expect. The tired girl felt helpless as she lay shivering on the grass of the courtyard. then, from the corner of her eye she noticed someone come into view. A figure came walking towards her from the right side of the courtyard.

As the figure neared her, Sam could see that it was a male. he was wearing overalls and looked like a groundkeeper. As he came close, the light caught his face and Sam could see him clearly. He was a scruffy looking older gentleman. He clothes were covered in dirt and his face was old and wrinkled. Sam was too fatigued to run or even move much at all. she felt like all her energy had been drained. The older man approached her and before she could say anything she felt herself grow dizzy and disorientated. She lay quietly on the grass shivering as the older man stood over her. He leaned over her as she felt herself growing sleepy. The next thing Sam knew she was being carried somewhere by the older man. She soon sensed that she was out of the cold and back indoors, back inside the castle. She began to see that she was never going to escape this place. Whoever they were here, whatever they wanted. they weren't going to let her leave. She began to wish that she had died back in the courtyard. She didn't know what fate awaited her but she was sure death would be a better one. She closed her eyes and passed out as she felt herself being carried away into some unknown area of the castle.

Chapter 4 coming soon

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Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for your next post! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job.