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October 16, 2019, 07:02:43 PM

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Tammy made me watch "Logan's Run" again with the idea that it would give me a scenario to write about. Redheaded devil was right!

Part One- No sex, just acquiring my runner!

March 2nd, 2274

Thanks to the moron leaders in 2019 the population of the city now lives in a dome city.

I’ve just come on duty when Francis 7 ran past me asking if I’ve seen Logan 5 run by or a girl in  green dress. I told Francis 7 that I hadn’t seen anything, the bribe the piece of ass with Logan gave me more than paid for my silence.

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Logan was going on about something called sanctuary! The piece of ass, Jessica 6 gave me a tip that a runner was gone to take off tonight a little after Carrousel towards Arcade. Claims she was an identical twin to her. Man I liked what I saw on her so I looked the other way as they both ran into The New You Shop. Looking at  my memo minder I see that Carrousel was just about to get under way, so I made my way back to Arcade.

Piece of ass was right, no sooner did I enter the halls of Arcade than over my com-link came “Runner Arcade lower level”.  Calling in, “Gerald 3 have her in my sight central! Will pursue!”  I spotted her alright and I had to admit she was almost identical to Jessica 6 , a little flatter in the chest department but the rest of her was nothing to sneeze at. I call out “Runner!”

She freezes and holds out her palm to me “Pleas-s-s--s-e-e-e-e they has to be a mis-s-s-s-t-a-k-e-e-e!”  Shaking by trying to make her way to the tube “I-i-i-i-i was-s-s-s-s-s red, I’m-m-m-m-m-m-m only Twenty-y-y-y-y-y-y-y!”

Before she could make the tube I was on her holding my gun towards her.. “Give me your hand?” She backs away, trembling so bad that I feared she might bolt instead of doing what I wanted her too. Once more I screech at her “Give me yOUR HAND!”, getting louder after seeing no one was around. Before she could do anything I grab her and place my gun to her head “If you want to escape Give ME your hand!”

She stops struggling, holding her hand out to me.”I’m going to do something that will make you mine!” Letting go of her, holstering my gun, extracting a black tube from my pants pocket, pressing it against her life clock. A click and she cries out in pain, a bit of blood dripping from her palm. From behind us “Alright Sandman shoot her!” I spin and my gun is out and aimed at the voice, a girl about the same size as the one in front of me. I don’t hesitate, firing a homer into the witness, killing her instantly.

While I watch the body twitch "Tell my your name!"

“Julie 8”

“Gerald 3!

Turning back to the stunned Runner “Don’t say anything, just listen! Go home hide until midnight then go  on the Circuit and come to me when I call! In a muff scarf, nothing else!” Lifting her chin “If you don’t come to me, I’ll hunt you down and terminate you like I was tasked to do!” Turning away from her, “Now go!”  Turning my attention to my duty “Runner terminated in Arcade, Request clean up!” Like I did with the real runners hand I use my special tool and extract the life clock.

Within minutes the sanitization crew was on scene, vaporizing the body. I terminated three more Runners before the end of my shift. Showering, I left for my quarters and the piece of ass who owed me big time and I knew the only thing I would accept for payment. Turning on the Circuit I call Julie8, she materializes in my quarters almost naked, her hands bound behind her in the muff scarf!, thigh high black stockings

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“Nice touch now come with me Runner and show me how grateful you are for me sparing your life!”

“No! Please I’ve done nothing wrong, I just want to live that’s all!”

“And you will as my dedicated sex slave or….” Lifting my gun up from beside my thigh Going through elaborate movement to train my gun on her making sure she knew it was set for homer. She backs up away from me “you have three choices Julie 8,  a homer, dropped off at Cathedral for the cubs to play with or my bed!” turning my back on her “Think hard about it!”

“Please! I don’t want to die by being torn apart by the cubs and  obvious you didn’t shoot me when you had to clear opportunity, so why don’t you just forget about me!”

Moving right to her, my left hand out to fondle her clef between her legs “Why Julie because you owe me you very life.” Sliding  my finger into her slit “You’re mine to do as I please with and I’m please to fuck you whenever I want to!”  Moving my finger in and out of her faster! “So Julie what’s it going to be?”

                                                                                                         To Be Concluded

November 11, 2019, 01:53:17 PM
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The Conclusion

Julie 8 refuses to say anything, so I slip a second finger into her wet moist pussy. Building up speed I soon have her breathing a little heavier. Moving behind her, with her arms technically bound I continuing to pump my fingers into her super moist slit using my free hand to grope her breast. Whispering into her ear “Admit it Julie 8 you love the idea of me doing this to you!”

“I-i-i-i don-n-n-n-t-t!”

“Then why are you not telling me to stop it!” going in for the truth “Why is your pussy dripping your juice all over my hand and floor!” Getting to the heart of the matter “You know Julie that i am going to fuck you and there is nothing you can do to prevent it!” pulling my fingers out of her pussy, steering her to the wall, pressing her against it. Spread her legs wider I align my cock to her pussy and thrust home, making her cry out in a combination of pleasure and pain,

“You love to sheath cock don’t you Julie 8?” Not letting her get used to my cock invading her pussy “You want nothing more than to be fucked morning, noon and night!”

A throaty, “Noooooooooooooo!” is her reply and she begins to grind her ass into my crotch. Since I’m taller I bend back, picking her up off the floor walking her towards the door to the main corridor. She has enough awareness of what I was about to do. “Nooo please not in the main corridor, not where anyone could see us!”

“Then admit it and I won’t!” Moving a hand to her clit, rubbing it when it wasn’t hard against my pelvic bone.

She was so physically turned on that she actually said it “Yesssssssssssssssss!, I want to be your slave-e-e-e-e-e-e-e!”

Hearing what I wanted her to say I put her back on the floor, pulling out of her pussy then taking her to the bed. I don’t say anything she just lays down pinning her arms under her, spreading her legs to accept me as her lover. I look down at her “No not that like that prove it to me- BEG ME!”
Her eyes widen, “Please Gerald 3, please fill me with you hard cock!” all the time her eyes locked onto mine> As I lie down on top of her taking her right nipple into my mouth I tease her by moving my hips enough that the tip of my cock just touched her outer pussy lips. Only her eyes and voice could convey just how I was sexually teasing her “Nooooooooooooooo, not my titssssssss please Gerald 3eeeeeeeeeee, stuff my cunttttttttttttttttt with you hard cockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”

Thrusting in hard and deep she cries out unintelligibly. Lifting myself up off her I place my hand on her shoulders giving me the ability to pull her down onto my cock as I thrust into her pussy. “Oh god yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Tears of pleasure and pain streaming down her face, as I used her like a rag doll. Very time it felt like I was close to cumming in her i pulled out and got up to make a drink, waiting until I was semi flaccid  before returning to her .

I lost track of the number of times I did that to her. Twice I brought her to an orgasm, the last time almost succeeded in making me cum in her but I pulled out and cooled off before coming back to fuck her more. The last time I forced her over onto her stomach, pulling her ass up so she was on her knees before plunging back into her pussy. God she was still tight even though she orgasmed twice to my knowledge.

This time, when I felt myself building up to a climax I didn’t pull out, nor did I give her a warning. Releasing everything onto her soaked pussy, I continued to pump my cock in and out of her until I brought her to a third orgasm. She arched her back, shuddered and collapsed onto the mattress. I don’t say anything, just wiping my cock on her back, making for the lounge when done. Just before I go through the door “When you can come to me in the lounge and be ready to clean my cock with your mouth!”

I’m sitting there watching the Circuit when I sensed movement behind me. Turning I’m met by the barrel of my pistol, “Oh what going to shoot me with my own gun Julie 8- good luck with that!”

She doesn’t say anything just tighten her finger against the trigger! A ‘zzzt’ then the sound of something hitting the floor “Damn now I’ve got to find another runner to make a sex slave.!” going to bed I change everything before calling for Disposal. Maybe tomorrow I’ll find a runner who is willing to trade being alive and a sex slave over being free and dead!