Author Topic: WANTED: Female Fitness Pro/body builder rape roleplay  (Read 809 times)

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October 22, 2016, 10:42:33 PM

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I've been seeing more and more female body builders working toward the perfect combination of strength and curves, and doing excellent work-- toned, athletic, flexible, tight, with nice figures--defined but not overly bulked up.  Fierce but feminine.

My fantasy is to find a female fitness pro who's gorgeous from head to toe (bragging about her curvy ass and the SQUATS she does), but she has become cocky, and maybe a bit condescending with people who don't live up to her fitness standards.  Her excellent physical fitness makes her overconfident in the presence of people in lessor shape.

So, I am the ordinary guy, a new solo client using a false identity and paying in cash, who catches her during one of those moments, makes her helpless, and rapes her repeatedly using her own workout equipment to hold her in various bondage positions.  Maybe I stun gun her first, or roofie her energy drink, or when she's got her hands close together on a piece of weight lifting equipment, I slip on cuffs and lock her onto it.

During each rape, I "compliment" her on how great her body is, and how I appreciate her working out so I have such an excellent rape workout.  She's super angry at first, cursing into her gag, and aggressively struggles but can't break free to fight or  escape her violation.

Then, she has PLENTY of full sized mirrors to see her rape, using my cock and various gym devices to ravage her.  She can also see the aftermath as she lays there humiliated, trying to hold back tears of weakness (the "cool down)... and she can clearly see me as I prepare to make her helpless AGAIN with chloroform, before moving her to a new position on her gear for another RAPE.  Just me... an ordinary, kind of out-of-shape guy, using her extraordinarily fit and lovely bod as I see... FIT.

Ideally, this would be an excellent audio (phone sex) or instant messenger rp.  Send me a private message here or an email if interested.