Author Topic: SEEKING WOMEN FOR VARIOUS ROLEPLAYS  (Read 1007 times)

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May 28, 2017, 07:33:44 PM

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Hello all.  I have been away for a while, but now I am back and feeling better--and horny!
I am seeking female role players that like to do 1-on-1 rape role play scenarios (or 2f-on-1me).  I only do live chats via Yahoo Messenger or private chat room.

I also love phone sex role play, but understand that takes time to grow trust.

Here are scenarios I am interested in, and please feel free to suggest others:

SUPER HEROINE(s)-- defeated by my super villain and falling victim to his diabolical machinations-- tough & streetwise or virtuous & naive-- curvy, scantily clad in costumes and masked, but must have super powers and not just weapons and fighting skills.
BLACKMAIL-- A bad woman embezzling from her company gets caught,  A good wife wants to keep her husband safe from blackmail or debt collectors.
KIDNAPPED-- Raped to ensure your behavior, and to make sure your ransom will be paid when it's clear to the payer you are getting raped.
SOLD-- Hot young tease or sexy milf taken to become a product, sold to one of several rich rapists who will keep you imprisoned and used-- after you've been properly trained in your new life by an expert.
FREE RANGE-- A rapist takes your body, then takes your private information and threatens to hurt/rape a random friend, family member or colleague if you tell-- and then returns again and again to use you.
LESBIAN VICTIM-- twice as bad because you are unwilling & hate cock anyway, and this can be added to ANY other scenario.

I like it rough, but don't snuff or cause permanent injury.  Bondage & gags--lots of mmmpph's and garbled words get me HOT!  Willingness, switching to be willing, and her cumming in scenario turn me OFF (but I hope you soak your panties cumming IRL).

ABSOLUTELY NO UNDER-18 characters/players. No animals, pee/skat/vomit.  Violence yes (rough rape/beatings/torture) but snuff/mutilation, excessive blood NO! 

Interested?  Send me a private message here, or an email/messenger request via