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May 25, 2015, 03:08:09 PM

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I'm seeking women (over age 18)  for detailed, rough rape role plays.  I'd prefer more than one because time zones and work schedules make it difficult to keep just one at a time going without big gaps in time.  So I'd like our rp sessions to be like chapters of a story, and we can continue them in an on-going, serial fashion until they conclude, or until we decide it's time to start a new one.

I can be a variety of scenarios. Blackmailer, kidnapper, intruder, random abduction, white slaver, super villain etc.  Like the phases of the moon, I go through role preferences--right now, blackmailer is prominent, but I enjoy many types of characters.

I like a variety of victims.  Strong and defiant like female business execs, super heroines who are sexy but superior and virtuous (overconfident and naive), stuck up because she's rich and/or hot, etc.

NO JUDGEMENTS:  If we have chemistry, great.  If we don't, it happens.  No problem.

OVER 18 ONLY.  No underage players or characters.  I don't mind young and naive, but you and your character will be old enough to vote.  No exceptions.

I prefer Yahoo Messenger.  It's dependable and I have it on home PC and phone. 

One-on-one scenarios.  I really only like watching gang rape in vids.  However, I would love to have two female victims.  Perhaps one as a non-player character I describe.  Perhaps a conference chat with two players. Mmmm!

Gag noises (typed out MMMPPHH's)
Garbled words (misspelled to simulate talking thru gags or around cock)
The word RAPE  (since it's not real life, using the taboo word a lot helps)
IRL PLAYER RP  (the scenario behind the scenario.  I like you, the player, to wear a gag or do other things as if I'm there toying with you)

No pee/scat/vomit.  Please don't even get close
No gore or mutilations.  Maybe a little blood, bruising, and torture, but no major injury.
No snuff.  However, being afraid of being killed is always good.
No under age play.
Slow responses:  If you get distracted, multi-task and leave me hanging, or are just a really bad typist, this kills the mood.
NO LIKING IT.   The PLAYER should enjoy, but it's a turn off when the character switches and likes it, becomes a willing slave, cums, etc.

I hope you find me if you feel compatible with the above.  Sorry if it sounds picky.  PM me here or send a Yahoo IM request if interested (mention this board when you do).


May 26, 2015, 01:35:14 AM
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Offline Britney Stevens

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You sound like just the kind of thug the police have warned me about!

However, I'm extremely vulnerable when restrained, and ultimately helpless when gagged.  Your post made me very... nervous... ;)

Check out my profile and pic - perhaps I should investigate your dark deeds!


May 26, 2015, 11:45:10 PM
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Thanks, Britney, and thank you to all of the ladies who have contacted me expressing interest. 

I appreciate your openness and the acceptance of our fetish within this online community. It's a great outlet.