Author Topic: Seeking anonymous RL safe fantasy rape from hung male and hot older female...  (Read 659 times)

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June 02, 2015, 12:39:43 PM

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  • hi! i'm danne
i'm 22, 5'-6", 115, 34D/23/34. i live in the New York/Manhattan area (currently out west visiting family) This what i'm CRAVING: a safe rape by an older hung male and hot older female. i luv being bound, gagged, blindfolded and completely forced!! i also luv acting like i hate and completely detest what is happening to me. i want someone to be in complete control over me. i love anal, i can deep throat without gagging, i swallow and i luv pussy! i'm also becoming more dependent on being spanked during intercourse to achieve orgasm. oh, and one last thing. my pussy gets REALLY wet when i'm called those three little names... SLUT, BITCH and WHORE. but i need to know that my tormentors will be safe with me, i will not agree to do anything unless they show me proof of passing STD screenings and i will gladly do the same. email / PM me with interests. thank you for considering me. xxxooo skippy (my picture is attached)