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June 12, 2015, 08:55:50 AM

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here are a few roles i like....if you like them pm me on yahoo

we useed to date but we broke up and you want me back so you seduce your way back into my pants then end up fucking my ass soming you have never done and i really hate it  so i wont refuse again   ill be wearing t and jeans need to play my age at school in the can start from there ...very long very slow role so dont rush it .....if you like the roleplay layout im me with how you wanna start it

(ways to make me give in faster kissing my lips slowly and softly (not trying to get ur toung in my mouth ) kissing my neck (again soft and slow even if i say not to) getting me on my back (after a LOT of kissing and not being told not to) getting my shirt half way up to get to my belly botton works really well oif you can pull that off

smacking grabing pinching my ass over my jeans.. is a good way to remind me i still love u and you still own my ass with a  romance side at the same time sexy but not pushy  also telling me what a smart mouth i have and what you will put in it if i keep talking back to you)

(to make sure i know you own my ass even if we broke as soon as you can how you do that is up to you....(grabbing my pussy and making me tell you that its your pussy before you let go is a nice way to remind me you own it just a idea up to you if you do that or not )

we used to date we broke up u want me back ..even if i dont like it at school the mall and other public place's u corner me and force finger my ass every time u can...since im shy u know i wont be trying to get try away much dont want others to see whats going on even if i hate it you just keep doing it tel i give up and agree to date you again

we are best freinds i broke up with my bf a few days ago so you make your move seducing me and with what my ex told u i like lets say its friday night im at home hear the door bell and open it wearing t and jeans

ill be 15 your 13 im "babysitting" you already know im some what subbmissive so b4 to long you have me on my knees giving u a blowjob like it or not just dont rush the role wearing t and jeans ...u can start with ur mom just left im on the sofa

(the last time i watched you looked at my phone text from my bf it was more or less me trying to talk my way out of giving him a bj witch i really really hate so he used it some as punishment for talking back but i dont know you read that ..use that in the role if u want at your own pace ) 

last weekend you force fucked my ass for saying no to gving you a blowjob and now the next week end you see me at the mall you walk over and ask again    and when i say no you  remind  me what  happens if i say no

im 15 your 14 and have been bullying my little brother so i try to stop you but end up on my knees sucking your cock after being over power'd by you wearing a tight t shirt and jeans that are super tight with a belt

im 15 your 13 your my younger brothers best find who is spending the night you cant sleep and you walk into the den to find me wearing pj bottoms and tank-top you have had a crush on me so you blackmail male me into giving you a BJ after showing my a few pics of my kissing the guy i was told to break up with and while im doing that you can just take more pics this time pics of me on my knees sucking your cock to use to get more BJ's later on when and where you want

im 15 your 17 your my older brothers best friend and one day you notice just how much i have grown up the last few months...nice tight ass and nice tits one day when you know im alone you drop by and try to seduce me and when i refuse you bent me over the  back of the sofa and fuck my ass making it clear that you own my ass now and there is nothing i can do about it....a long slow rp

you know i have always thought your hot but since your not really my type i never wanted to do anything with you