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September 25, 2017, 09:09:52 AM

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  • So, who wants to be kidnapped? ;)
Hey everyone, Im pretty new to the site. And hoping to find some girls to have some fun with ;)

A girl friend of mine was telling me a story about going into a gas station one morning, dressed for work in a blouse and pencil skirt. While walking into the store, a construction worker in the parking lot started whistling and harassing her from his truck. She was pissed. But it inspired a roleplay Id like to try out!

Looking for a female to play this girl, who reports this guy for harassing her and gets him fired because of it. He gets pissed, and instead of accepting what he did was wrong, he wants payback. He follows her every move.. finds out where she lives, where she works, and spends her free time.

Then one night after work... ;)

Any women interested in pursuing this with me, send me a message. I prefer to roleplay on yahoo or some form of IM, so you must be open to that!