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July 16, 2017, 12:58:44 PM

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We can play over using whichever method you prefer whether it be PMs here, email, skype/yahoo/google or any chat application. 

For your character, I request that you be:

  • Highly sexual but very repressed
  • Raised as a good girl, taught to think sex wasn't something women should want or enjoy
  • Highly responsive to sexual stimulation and able to cum from light stroking or massaging whether it be directed at your sex, or your breasts, or even your neck, or feet, or ears - basically, targeted stimulation to any erogenous zone can make you cum
  • Highly docile and passive, preferring to whimper, beg, plead for someone to stop rather than scream or physically fight back (I would much rather psychologically dominate you rather than use pain or physical force - though I will use force if your character pushes me that route

Basically we are playing out my rape fantasy. But I not only want to physically violate you, I want to mentally violate you also, forcing you to enjoy what is being done to you. When forced into that situation, your body betrays you and you are forced to physically enjoy what is demanded of you. I want to see the conflict of emotions in your eyes as you verbally resist my advances but your body remains compliant to whatever I wish to do to it. I want to see the helplessness and confusion in your eyes as well as the repressed lust and surrender. I want to watch you cowering on the bed as you watch me put on a condom, knowing what I am about to do to you. I want to hear you pleading with me not to do it but at the same time hear you whimper and moan as I touch you, enjoy you, and have my way with you. I want to feel you weakly pushing me away with your hands and wriggling to free yourself all while spreading your legs for me invitingly and grinding your pelvis against mine as I use you for my own pleasure.

One last thing, and this might be a deal breaker for some people - I may take control of your character to make things go the way I want it to. For those times, I request that you respond in your post describing to what is happening to your character from your point of view.

In return, I offer very detailed and descriptive writing and can incorporate any kinks you may have.  If you are interested, please send me a message.

September 19, 2017, 06:48:28 PM
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Your post is intriguing.  There is an intellectual layer to your premise that is quite enticing.  I would be very interested in discussing things further. 

As for my part, I prefer chat based RP because of the 'flow' of dialogue.  I am also quite open to long-term partnerships, if you have ideas about the conclusion of your scenario.   In other words, when it's over is my character 'yours', does she awaken to other things, or does she simply return to her life with a new perspective?

I, also enjoy creative, descriptive scening and look forward to interacting with you.  Please, feel free to contact me and tell me your thoughts and impressions.  If you have any questions regarding myself, specifically - do not hesitate to ask, as I am very open and forthcoming.  Thanks.

May 01, 2018, 11:46:06 AM
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This fantasy perfectly suits mine. A good old catholic school girl who's never been touched, discovers in a horrible manner the pleasure of touch. She's conflicted about how she feels about being violated and how her body actually reacts to it. I love the contrast. More so, how your character could be manipulative in a psychological manner.

I wanna try this out! Hit me up if you're still looking! :)