Author Topic: Hoosier ladies for role play  (Read 1029 times)

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August 17, 2016, 12:17:29 PM

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You know who you are :)  We have a few new ones here and autumn is approaching.  So, if you like walk in the woods with a gentleman and have a pre-planned fantasy rape let me know.

August 29, 2016, 09:58:21 PM
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I'm not exactly a hoosier lady, but other then that I think I qualify.

- - - - -

Fall has for a long time now, been a favourite time of year.  It's not to hot, it's not to cold.  I love going into the wood and looking at all the different colours of the leaves.  On one of those walks I for some reason began to fantasize, day dream
if you wish.  It was a fantasy of me being taken here in the woods by a man.  He would drag me off the beaten path and
deep into the woods.  He would tie me up, and then slowly, methodically take his time, and his pleasure from me, and my

- - - - -

if you're interested Please let me know.