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November 27, 2016, 10:01:31 AM

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I'm Sara and looking for some forced sex fun. I have role played online in the past when I was younger but got scared off by what can only be described as some very weird people.
I am older now and probably in a better place personally to deal with that sort of issue, so am looking to play again.
I only play via Email as I found in the past that with the inevitable time difference (I'm in England) it is nearly impossible to play any other way.

I'll start with my likes and then go onto my dislikes later.

I love playing strong characters that get captured, humiliated and mistreated. Anything like a superheroine, catburglar, private detective, secret agent, spy, military, etc, really does it for me.

I love a long detailed build up (no, I drag you into the bush, ram my cock up your arse and cum!)

The more imaginative or inventive the scenario the better.

I like a good fight and will never go quietly unless you catch me in some fiendish trap or manage to surprise me!

I love being restrained, rope, chains, cuffs, tape, is all good with me.
Gags are also good!

I am willing to try most things, if I don't like them then I will simply say so. No sulking or disappearing halfway through a RP.

Ok now my dislikes.

I hate it when my RP partner starts writing for me. 'You start to enjoy it and moan in pleasure' please, please don't do this. If it is a matter of fact that's fine but no further. i.e 'I punch you hard in the stomach and you double over' that would be fine.

As hinted above don't tell me I start to enjoy it.

Don't ask for photos or to meet in real life I don't do that.

I don't do
Being maimed (I don't mind being slapped, punched or kicked but no cutting, broken bones, pulling teeth or nails out, etc).

Now if that hasn't scared you off please get in contact with me. All ideas welcome but please have a look at my likes.
I am easy going and a good rule with me is 'if in doubt about something ask me first'. I am nothing but honest.

Looking forward to meeting you in a dark ally somewhere or a villain's lair!

Sara xxx

Oh one final thing. I find real rape and sexual violence totally abhorrent. If you can't tell the difference between a harmless fantasy RP and the real thing then don't

December 22, 2016, 05:02:04 PM
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Hi Sara!  I like all of your likes and am totally on board with your dislikes.  They align nicely with mine.  How would you feel about playing a superheroine who is captured by a villianess and bound, tormented, and used by her and her henchmen?  If you prefer just men, I'm fine with doing the binding and tormenting and leaving the actual sex up to the henchmen and other bad guys to humiliate you and break your will down.  Please resist.  I like to use predicament bondage, pain for my victims, and usually painful sex.  Let me know if you want to have orgasms or just plain painful ravishings.  I may employ machines to force you to orgasm as a humiliation tactic.

January 10, 2017, 07:08:40 AM
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Greetings Sara.

Iím Dave.  Allow me to say Iím happy to hear you were not permanently discouraged from role play.   Under the right circumstances it can be an enjoyable pass time.  There was once a time, when I was somewhat discouraged at the quality of play, and stepped back for a little while; however, I used to the time to attempt (In my opinion unsuccessfully) to write a few stories. 

Just as important, I want it clearly understood I agree with your final comment.  When I first became interested in role play, a very smart lady told me, ďRole play needs to follow the same rules as BDSM.  It MUST without question be
safe, sane, consensual, and FUN!   If any of these is missing, then at least one of us is doing something seriously wrong.Ē   Quite simply, REAL rape and/or sexual violence is not safe, (possible unwanted pregnancy, possible sexually transmitted disease. Etc.)  It is not sane,
(There is no rhythm or valid reason to it.  As many prison inmates who have been convicted of rape will tell you.  Rape in not about sex, but more about control, or humiliation.  Real rape and/or sexual violence is certainly neither consensual, or fun; therefore at least one person, (the attacker.) Is doing something serious, even critically wrong.   So in order to help avoid any misunderstanding, or miscommunications might I suggest, that if as has been needed in other role plays it becomes necessary for us to communicate (by email) in a more mature, responsible, intelligent adult like manner we address each other with our names Sara and Dave.   On the other hand, in play other names will be used.  Okay?   Also might I request that if you feel you need to bring something up, DO NOT BE SHY.  I wonít bite.  I promise. 

I certainly have no problem with your dislikes, they are very similar to my own. 

The idea of you playing either a catburglar, or perhaps a military officer does strike my interest.  Iím also looking forward to a good fight with you.  Who knows, it might be fun.