Author Topic: 24yo submissive girl looking for a male RP partner.  (Read 1168 times)

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June 28, 2017, 02:51:10 PM

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Im a 24 year old girl who is looking for a detailed and articulate roleplay partner. No agerestrictions, but you'd have to be playing someone in their mid-late twenties. I dont have any particular scene in mind, but i do have some requirements when it comes to your part. Id be playing a shy girl who's never been with anyone dominant before. You'd be this mysterious, handsome, lean but toned, ruggedly sexy guy that lures me in and takes advantage. The number one turn on for me is getting choked. Not to the point of losing consciousness but enough for me to get lightheaded. Some breathplay is ok, but its mostly the restriction of bloodflow to my brain that gets me hot. My absolute turn offs are humiliation, violence, pain (a little pain is ok, but not alot), anal, and anything disgusting (like scat, pee, vomit etc).

Your role would be to play someone thats generally sweet and caring, but the passion and lust of it all takes over and makes you a different person in bed. You lose control so to speak, occationally snapping out of it but quickly lose control again.

You can call me Kat. I have long, dark, naturally straight hair, yellowish green eyes and fair skin. Im petite and slim (160cm and 49kg). My breasts are a perky c-cup, my pussy is tight and always clean shaved. Round, firm and toned butt.

I dont send pictures of myself to ensure my privacy.

If this sounds interesting, message me for more information.