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February 15, 2018, 12:43:20 AM

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Hello all!  I already know this thread's going to be long no matter how I slice it, but I'll try to organize it into neat categories.

About Me:
  • I am an experienced and literate roleplayer.
  • I create my own characters, and will very rarely create new ones specifically for a roleplay, and if I do, they will not be my main for that rp.
  • Most of my characters are either aliens, furries, or hybrids.
  • I will not dom unless I decide to on my own.  But if I approach you and offer, don't be afraid to make requests for kinks or such. :3
  • I do not have a post length requirement as I feel like it's too intimidating (it certainly is for me). As long as you give me something to work with, I will be happy.
  • I'm married in a monogamous relationship, but my husband has always been okay with me smut rping.
  • I will not rp in public forums, only in PMs or IMs, and I prefer not to dish out my Discord or Skype to strangers.

Rules (For lack of a better word):
  • Do not control my characters without permission (so never). That includes thoughts and bodily reactions such as getting wet or screaming. If you think my character should have a reaction I didn't write, you can ask me about it OOC, but do not take matters into your own hands.
  • Don't ask me to "pick an anime" for my face claim! You get what I drew by my damn self.
  • Please provide a writing sample as I did below so I can get an idea of how compatible we are.  I'm sorry, but I require a basic understanding of spelling and grammar.
  • If you read my thread and PM me to roleplay, don't just disregard everything I said and assume you can just suggest an idea that is clearly not my style and get me to rp anyway.  I will make it as clear as possible what I like and dislike in this thread, so you have no excuse.

Favorite Kinks:
  • Non-con or dub-con (required unless I say I'm in the mood for something else)
  • Fear
  • Degradation
  • Humilation
  • Torture
  • Taunting
  • Begging
  • Squishing (as in against a wall or floor, not like actually crushing)
  • Punishment / "Earning" basic needs
  • Exhaustion
  • Tentacles

  • Consensual (not why I'm here, but I have managed to enjoy consensual smuts as well).
  • Ask about anything except scat and incest. I will not roleplay these unless I have decided our writing styles connect well enough to make those work.

  • Death
  • Bad Ends (we can clarify this if it actually comes up)
  • Godmodding or screwing with my characters' minds without asking
  • Characters (and/or writers) ignoring what I say so it feels like nothing I write affects the story anyway.
  • Diapers
  • Bimbofication

Pairing ideas to start off with if you need them:
  • Master/Slave
  • Master/Pet
  • Kidnapper/Captive
  • Pirate Captain/Prisoner
  • Police officer/boss (I'm willing to play either - I'm just used to being the lower ranked officer lol)
  • Rival/Rival
  • Predator/Prey
  • Monster/Victim
  • Tentacle rape/torture

Roleplay Sample: Finally, Julie stirred, immediately letting out a long, hoarse groan. All her nerves still burned. Her muscles burned. But she could move well enough, at least to move her arm up to her head and hold it up. Her eyes were heavy and her vision was blurred at first. She took a few moments to adjust. For once, she was thankful to wake up to darkness, save for the campfire. Daylight would have likely amplified her headache. "Ugghh... w... what...?" she murmured, barely conscious yet.

Characters (I have two mains):

Name: Julie Carp
Age: 22
Species: Human hybridized w/ lion
Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Orientation: Demisexual
Quirks: Has a lisp; having her tail scratched or pulled turns her on big time; has a fetish for cop jargon being used in the bedroom;
Likes: Justice, the color red, tequila, dancing, succeeding, being praised for her accomplishments;
Dislikes: Failing, being scolded or yelled at, losing control of her anger, being left alone, feeling like someone doesn't believe in her, seeing injustice or people hurt;
Strengths: Clever, sassy, good with words, thinks fast, works great with Flo, stubborn as hell, very high pain tolerance;
Weaknesses: Easily angered, tends to let her emotions control her actions and that often gets her in huge trouble, emotional, gets too personal;
Description: LONG brown hair, cat ears, lion tail, fangs and buck teeth, claws, golden eyes.
Abilities:Can run up to 35 mph in short bursts due to her lion DNA – not as fast as a lion, but faster than a human.  Retractable claws and fangs.  Keen senses.  Her fractal, Flo, lets her control electricity, but not generate it, and it is still bound by the laws of physics.
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Name: Chives R. Tillory
Age: 107 (33 earth years)
Species: Black steel
Gender: Male
Sex: Hermaphrodite (like all members of his species)
Orientation: Bicurious
Quirks: Has sort of a xenophilia thing that he’s really embarrassed about despite consciously acknowledging the worth of other species.
Likes: Paperwork, exploration, salt water taffy, fractal studies, the color purple, being right, having power, being worshiped;
Dislikes: Being confused, being wrong, losing control, pests;
Strengths: Book-smart, observant, good at making calculations on the fly, physically strong, pain-tolerant, good with words, patient, expertly wields his fractal’s powers;
Weaknesses: Too cocky for his own good, not combat-trained, not street-smart, will sink in water, very weak against electricity, too reliant on his fractal, can get sick, occasionally focuses so much on his own plans that he fails to anticipate what others will do to ruin them;
Abilities: Like all black steels of his breed, Chives is able to extend wings from his back to fly, as well as a blade from each of his arms.  Other than that, the rest of “his” abilities come from his fractal, which allows him to take on traits (or the full form) of any creature he chooses, provided he has ingested enough of their fresh blood/meat for his fractal to work with.  He can also only transform into one of them at a time, fully or partially.  And as with all fractals, if he doesn’t want his clothes destroyed, he needs to grow living ones (like plants) and connect them to himself so the fractal reads it as part of him.
Description: Chives has light gray hair that stays close to his head, but goes down to the bottom of his neck. He has pale yellow eyes that practically glow when he’s excited. He has very dark, almost black skin with segment lines going up his arms. His blood is dark purple, and so his tongue is too. He has no nose, ears, or belly button (though in place of where a belly button may be is a slit where he can lay eggs from). And his feet are literally shaped like boots.
NSFW facts: He has a purple tentabulge (called a sceurlob) that is much softer than the rest of him and only comes out when he’s aroused, and no external scrotum. The sceurlob hides in between two holes on top of each other (called twyl).
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Some quick rules/facts for him:
  • No romance. :/ Sorry.
  • He's far stronger than any human, so bring some power armor or drugs or somethin (electricity is a good go-to).
  • He's an intelligent asshole and your character has my permission to treat him like shit (unless on the off chance we're trying to build a respectable relationship).