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June 06, 2015, 02:14:35 PM

Offline mandaryn

Tiffany had a game she liked to play.  She never wanted to acknowledge the game in conversation, because any such talk would diminish how real she needed it to be.  The game was cyclical, each round taking place over a week or two.  In the beginning she would initiate sex by making a criticism, like, "I'm not going to fuck you if you can't do it right.  Do you think you can manage it this time?", all stated in her best bitch-bravado.  I'd just nod.  As the session progressed she would criticize periodically, treating me like some sub-par employee that just can't get it right, then, once I complied and did it how she asked, she would give minimal or begrudging praise("well that's better I guess," or "finally you idiot! Now make me cum.").  Over the course of the week she made every effort to role play an increasingly bitchy and demanding girlfriend, and she was good at it.  In sessions leading up to the climax, she would even start hitting or pulling hair, or forcing my face into her crotch and demanding, "eat my pussy!".  A kind of pressure would build with the underlying idea that, certainly, any self-respecting man would become tired of her shit.  The climax of the cycle had to come as a surprise to her.  There had to be the illusion of non-consent.  It was at this point that me, the self-respecting boyfriend who had had enough of her treatment was going to teach her a lesson.  At a time not of her choosing I would make some sort of comment in response to, well, pretty much anything she asked me.  Kind of like this;

T- babe, would you take out the trash?
Me- I have a better idea, why don't you suck my dick!
T- what the fuck did you say to me? (Gets her bitch look on and storms over to where I'm standing).
Me- (grabbing her hair and pulling her down to her knees) "you heard me, I'm sick of your bullshit, your going to do what the fuck I tell you, now suck my dick.  (She would resist, only to have me unzip myself and force her to do what I told her to do.
T- you fucking asshole (hitting and trying to push me away).

As the act progressed I would tell her what a sorry blow-job she gave and, grabbing her in some way, force her into the floor or the bed, or couch etc.  I'd take her clothes of by force while she resisted, telling her the whole time how hard she was about to get fucked, and how I just might fuck her ass (we reserved anal for this type of session).  She would continue to struggle while I forced her legs apart and maneuvered her into a submissive position.  She'd call me names, try to slap me, even scratch me, and half the fun was trying to have intercourse while she tried to stop it.  If she got too feisty I'd grab her hair and pull her face close to mine and tell her, "I'm not fucking with you, shut up and cooperate or I'm going to hurt you."  She was always great at feigning a fearful look, and would cooperate marginally for a time, then start to resist again.  I'd raise my fist up in the pretense of being about to punch her.  "What the fuck did I say?  I will fuck you up!  Take this dick and follow my instructions God dammit!  I will not tell you again."  The act would progress.  I'd fuck her hard, pounding her ass, pussy and mouth, making her gag on my dick, and forcing her face into the floor while I fucked her from behind.  In the moments when she would submit I would often hold her down while I forced her to come with a toy, not letting her move or participate, occasionally withdrawing the stimulus, asking "oh what, do you like that?  Do you want it back?" To which she would nod sullenly.  These moments were the only times I can remember her squirting, and when she did I would sometimes do it over and over until she was exhausted, then force myself on her, pounding her until I was ready to come while she was passive.

These sessions could end in one of two other ways; either her total surrender accompanied by moans of pleasure as the treatment continued, or resistance to the end, at which point I'd come in her while forcing her face down, or forcing her to deep throat me while I came.  As soon as it was over we'd cuddle like any normal couple would, and she'd usually tell me "fuck that was good.  You really scared me there a couple times.  I haven't come that much in a long time".  This would be the only acknowledgement that the cycle had ended...the only conversation she would have about the game.  And then it would start again, with my patient tolerance of my bitchy girlfriend.  Outside of this she really wasn't a bitch at all, but I never doubted she took great pleasure in this kind of dominance.  She was too good at it for it to be all role-play, but then I guess the better sessions were the ones when I let those frustrations out too.  The final session in the cycle usually resulted in both of us cumming so hard we'd sleep afterwards, and for the next few days we were in love, and just enjoyed the memory, often having a few days of just normal sex without the game.  I miss her.