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September 07, 2015, 06:11:34 PM

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The feud between the two families has been happening for decades.  What started the feud has been forgotten.  In the mountains of Tennessee the law and justice is settled by the mountain folk during the 60's.  One such justice was served on a foggy summer night after the son of one of the families (who was a Vietnam soldier on home for leave) forced two sisters and a cousin from the other family to go into his own private cabin of stone and wood.  There he raped all three during the night.  The oldest sister managed to escape, after the other two were brutally murdered.

After he realized the eldest of the three escaped, the Vietnam soldier hid the two nude bodies down in his cellar before he left the cabin to escape.  But, he did not get very far as the men folk of the three women found him.  They found him guilty of kidnapping, rape, and murder -- even though he refused to say where the bodies are at.

The men dragged the soldier back to the cabin where he raped the women before and took their turns assaulting and beating him until he was near death.  They decided to let him live what life he had in the dark and damp conditions of his cellar, and they threw his badly battered body down into it.  He managed to get up to light an oil lamp and listened at they nailed the only entrance/exit doorway onto wooden beams.  They done the same to the two doorways to the cabin.

With what little strength he had the soldier moved the two naked bodies of the women that he raped and murdered out to the open and left them on the stone floor.  He used a ritual that he learned from satanist that he hoped would used the dead women as his sex slaves after death.  He laid between them naked as well, and soon after he also died.

His ghostly spirit left his body, but the ritual did not do what he wanted.  He is allowed to walk these woods and attack any women he wanted for the next 100 years and seed more demonic babies, then he will be a servant for the demon itself ... forever.

His house has been abandoned and forgotten for all the years.  The families that fought are now long dead -- fighting because they thought that each family raped their women.  They killed each other.  Not knowing that a spirit is the cause.  Now, it's 2015. 

A female hiker in search of the old homes of the feud came across one that was never listed.  She approached it and entered an open door that appeared to be forced open from the outside.  The back door is nailed closed..  She looked around searching for treasures or even diaries that would do good for her book that she is writing.

Finally, she seen the door to the cellar.  Like the front door, it appeared to be ripped open but from the inside.  She used a flashlight as she went downstairs.  An eerie coldness surrounded her as she searched for more treasures, and as the light scanned the floor it came across three human skeletons on the floor.  At first she froze, then could not believe what she seen the hands of the middle skeleton are placed between the legs of the skeletons next to it.  Hair from the outer skeletons gave her the impression that they were female, as well as the pelvis bones.  She moved closer to them ... the skull of the center skeleton turned towards her!

She stumbled as he moved backward and seen the 'ghostly" spirits of two young girls hovering. "RUN!!  YOU ARE NOT SAFE HERE!! RUN, AND NEVER COME BACK BEFORE THE MASTER FINDS YOU!!!"

(Continue in the Ghost House on on-going role play if you are interested ladies)