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July 26, 2015, 08:03:46 AM

Offline Jed

There really aren't many role play rules, as long as it's between consenting people over 18.  However, please observe the following:

1. Do not join in an active role play unless specifically invited or the role play specifically asks for more people.  It's OK to ask privately by personal message (PM) if you can join.  If you have an on-going role play, it's best to make it clear if it's fully open to others, closed for the specified people only or open by invitation only.

2. Please describe characters as sexually mature or maturing even if under age.  Role plays using prepubescent characters will be deleted and the participants warned.  Repeated violations of this rule will result in banning.

If you have any issues with someone during a role play, please let the moderators know.  Issues, in addition to the rules above, could for example be someone going past pre-established limits (e.g. I told him no scat, and he did it anyway).

Oh, and the last rule is have fun.