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Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by EvilBastard on January 09, 2018, 07:24:20 PM »
Now we are all on the same page again :)
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by EvilBastard on January 09, 2018, 07:23:14 PM »
They are all sitting in the living room of Wally’s uncle’s house while Sandy is preparing snacks in the kitchen and Steven is just telling them that he heard from a new dogging place not that far away when Sandy walks in with a tray and stops in panic, her eyes wide open.

“Please … please … no dogs. I am very much afraid of them” she whispers

“We know you are” Wally smiles “You told us at the farm. But Steven is talking about dogging, not dogs.”

“Dogging?” Sandy’s face is puzzled “That sounds like dogs, does it not?”

“Yeah, but it’s like …” Steven wants to explain when Wally quickly stops him

“You don’t know what dogging is Sandy?” He asks innocently

She shakes her head while putting the snacks on the table “If it doesn’t have anything to do with dogs, no, I don’t”

“Well, much better than letting Steven explain it to you, why don’t we all show you what it is?” Wally grins evilly and the others chuckle in agreement.

They need 2 cars and for a moment they have to decide who is going to ride with whom. Of course they all want to be in the car with Sandy, but obviously that isn’t possible, so they finally decide that Steven, because he came up with dogging and Wally, because he was the one who had the idea of taking Sandy there, would ride with her and the others would follow in Tony’s car.

The young mom doesn’t really understand why everyone seems so happy, but she knows that it can’t be good for her. Very reluctantly she puts on her light summer dress again and is not surprised when Wally tells her to leave her panties and sandals.

“No need for those Sandy” he grins “You will understand when we get there.”

Exactly 50 miles later he stops the car, makes Sandy get out and take off her dress before she is allowed back on the passenger seat. “50 miles are 50 miles” he snickers when the young mom is back in the car, extremely uncomfortable with herself now. But it gets a lot worse when Wally pulls over at the next gas station.

“You fill her up Sandy” he says matter-of-factly “I will go inside and pay.”

“But … but … I am naked” Sandy tries to point out the obvious, but Wally just shrugs his shoulders “So what? It’s not that I expect you to pull a credit card out of your cunt and pay. Hop to it Sandy.”

Whimpering in shame and humiliation the young mom has to get out of the car and get gas, as Wally said before, 50 miles are 50 miles.

Of course this is just the very soft beginning of what is coming and Sandy’s nerves do somersaults forward and backwards when they pull off the highway and drive onto a parking lot surrounded by woods. It is early and “only” 7 men are there sitting on a bench, drinking beer when they arrive. None of the local hags seems to be there yet, so they all look up when the cars pull over.

“That’s dogging” Wally grins “A place where interested people meet for fucking. Now get out of the car Sandy and present yourself to those nice gentlemen.”

“Please … Walter … please no … I … I only agreed to … to do that for you … you guys … not others … please.”

“Name one rule that says that no one else may fuck you Sandy” Wally growls

Of course she can’t and so the terrified Milf has no choice but to get out of the car.

The guys on the bench smile extremely happy. They are eager enough to fuck the usual old and ugly bitches that are desperate enough to frequent these places, but a looker like Sandy is extremely rare and the fact that she is already completely naked is a bonus. No time to waste on undressing. One of them jumps up and take photos of the cute mom, the others patiently wait and just stare at her. The rules say that she must be the one who chooses the order of who will fuck her when.

Of course neither Sandy nor the guys know those rules, so there is a bit of confusion at first but as soon as they understand why the men are just staring at Sandy and playing with their rock hard cocks, Wally makes Sandy decide.

For hours the young mom is raped in every hole. More men and later even a fat, ugly woman arrive who looks at Sandy as if she wants to kill her then and there. But there are enough men now who don’t want to wait for Sandy, so she does get some action too.

It is after midnight when the last of those guys gives Sandy’s stretched asshole a good-bye fuck and the guys have fantastic video and photo material to add to the blackmail collection. Who would ever believe her now when it is so obvious that she is a slut who must really enjoy being passed from one horny guy to another in a public parking lot.

On the way back Wally makes Sandy sit on a garbage bag because she is leaking cum from her ass and cunt and he doesn’t want his car smell like that forever. The young mom has trouble to sit though, she is hurting so bad and she definitely walks funny now. But that doesn't save her from a really nasty gang rape back at Wally’s uncle’s house. The guys are in dire need to empty their balls now that they have watched Sandy’s dogging ordeal.

Josh is frustrated, he had been so careful choosing his career, I mean, what can go wrong at a 17 to 1 ratio of female coworkers to male? That is exactly why Josh became a male nurse, and it worked like a charm in college, he never had that much pussy before in his life. Unfortunately after college came work and though the ratio is still the same, the surroundings are quite different. Most of his female colleagues are married, or old, or fat, or ugly, or all of that and those who are young and single are looking to get themselves a Doctor, not a colleague.

And his decision to go to neurology hasn’t been that smart either. Josh figured with all those head cases he wouldn’t have to work too hard, but he has been wrong again. Being 1 of 2 male nurses in this department, he was destined to lift heavy patients and give sponge bathes to all the male patients unable to get out of bed. Yup, he is extremely frustrated!

But then Josh notices something very strange, that coma patient Mr. Roderik, in room 454, who always gets a hard-on when he is washing him, now suddenly reacts without ever being touched. But not always, just sometimes, so Josh is getting curious, what the hell is making Mr. Roderik hard? It only takes him 2 shifts to find out that the old geezer’s tool goes up as soon as a certain nurse walks in his room, and that nurse is Sandy. Weird, or is it? He can’t see her, he is in a coma, so what in hell’s name is riding him to react to that one?

Josh checks the duty roster and finds out that Sandy has been on nightshift not too long ago. Something must have happened when she was all alone with Mr. Roderik, but what? He needs to know, but neither the old geezer nor Sandy will tell him, so Josh decides to bluff. The next time Sandy is on, he innocently asks her to help him with a patient and she happily agrees until he walks into room 454. Sandy hesitates and Josh grins, so she has noticed it too, did she?

“Ok Sandy” he takes a deep breath “Now don’t make this hard, because I KNOW what you did to Mr. Roderik and you should be ashamed of yourself. That poor man is helpless in a coma!”

“No … no … please Josh … it … it is not what you think … I … I …” Sandy blushes deeply and a few tears start rolling down her cheeks.

Josh loves this, the young blond with those incredible blue eyes has always been one of his choices, he tried many times to get into her pants, but she being married and a stuck up prude, he never succeeded, so maybe now he finally would get his chance.

“Not what I think? Sandy I don’t think, I KNOW!” he bluffed again, knowing that her tears and blushing is almost like a confession “And I have no choice but to report you to administration. What you did is not just unethical, I mean really, that man is completely helpless, it is a crime!”

“Please Josh … please … don’t report this … me! I … I didn’t have a choice … I … I …” Sandy breaks up, she can’t very well tell anyone that she is being blackmailed, so how could she explain that she is completely innocent, but she also can’t let him report this, she would immediately lose her job and would probably never work as a nurse again.

“Please Josh … can’t we … I mean … I … will never do this again … could you … could you just forget it … please!”

It takes all his willpower not to smile but Josh manages barely and pretends to think about it. “Well, maybe if you can explain, maybe if I understand why you did this. But not here, let me think, hmmm, ok. When the shift is over you will meet me in the old operating room in the basement, you know the one that is used for storage right now. But right after the shift is over, no delays, no excuses. If you can convince me that you are innocent, I will not report it, but you better be damn convincing!”

Without another word he turns and leaves Sandy to freshen up, this is so fucking great, finally he will get some pussy again, and even better, some good looking Milf pussy.

Right after the shift is over Josh goes straight to the old operation theater in the basement and he can’t help but grin when Sandy is already there waiting for him. Her hands are trembling and she is close to tears again and when he looks at her, she lowers her eyes.

“Please Josh” she begins but he interrupts her

“Not like this Sandy, you will talk to me like you handled Mr. Roderik, so start stripping.”

It is just another bluff, but it works. Blushing deeply the young mom begins to undress. She looks almost exactly how Josh imagined, ok, her tits are smaller and saggier than he thought, but he had been 100% sure that a prude like Sandy would not shave her cunt, so that doesn’t come as a surprise.

Shivering Sandy stands in front of Josh, but she actually has expected this. If her being blackmailed has told her anything at all, then it is that apparently all men who are not gay love to see her naked body and abuse it in any way possible. Those young men who are blackmailing her, Marty’s grandfather and his weird friend, the bums in the old factory district, those doctors Wally made her go to and certainly the men at the lake too. And now Josh, but then, he already has the reputation to be a womanizer, there is not one somewhat good looking nurse in the hospital that he has not tried to seduce.

Josh is delighted, finally he has one of the prime meat nurses naked and unable to turn him down. His pants stretch quite a bit with his cock stirring, but he wants to enjoy this moment a little while longer. Of course he had imagined this a bit more romantic, but this way is even better. No need to waste good time and money to take Sandy to dinner, to dance and listen to whatever she would want to tell him, nope, just order her to strip and she gets naked. Much, much better this way. But for the moment he pretends to be shocked, slowly he walks around his naked victim and mumbles

“Geez, this is what gets Mr. Roderik hart? Saggy, small tits, a hairy cunt, well ok, your ass is firm. I guess when you are in a coma you can’t be choosy, can you?”

He waits for the hurtful remarks to sink in and sits down before he continues “Ok Sandy, this is your chance to convince me that you don’t deserve to go on report. Come close and kneel and then tell me what possessed you to violate a helpless patient.”

Obediently Sandy kneels naked at his side and doesn’t even resist when he grabs her long, blond hair in a painful grip. She has had enough time to think about what she will tell Josh without revealing that she is being blackmailed.

“Well … Josh … I … I heard that Mr. Roderik … uhm … reacted to touch when you washed him … and … and I was told that … that when a man … gets hard … it is somewhat painful for him … if … if he is unable to … to relief that pressure … and since Mr. Roderik has been in a coma for a long time … without a chance of relief … I … I thought I should help him to … to get rid of that pain.”

“Who told you that?”

“Uhm … a friend … he … he is studying to become a nurse too.”

“Well, it is kinda true” Josh grins, Sandy just gave him a great excuse to fuck her later “So you did what you did to help a patient in pain? Hmm, commendable, but still very wrong. You do understand that you need to be punished for that, don’t you Sandy?”

“Please, please Josh, don’t report this. I beg you, it will never happen again. PLEASE!”

“I think I might not have to report you Sandy” Josh loves this “But you still need to be punished. Do you accept whatever punishment I will choose for you if I don’t report you to administration?”

Sandy gulps, she knows that this will not be good, but anything has to be better than being fired maybe even go to trial for abusing a patient, so she nods bravely, which is pretty hard with Josh holding her hair so tight.

Without saying another word he pulls her up, over his knees and begins to spank her bare bottom as hard as he can. Sandy squeals in pain, but doesn’t resist. Josh loves it and doesn’t stop before his arm is beginning to hurt and Sandy’s ass is glowing red, only then he unceremoniously pushes her off his lap.

“Now we have a new problem Sandy” he grins and points to the clearly visible bump in his pants “You might not look like much with them saggy udders and hairy cunt, but a man has needs, as you so rightly mentioned earlier, and since you like to help relief man pressure, I think I will take you up on that. Go over to that table and bend forward.”

Whimpering but not really surprised Sandy obeys and moments later Josh is behind her and rams his rock hard cock deep into her tight asshole. Grunting happily he fucks her brutally mumbling about not having expected a stuck up goody-goody like herself having a well-used asshole. Well, just 8 weeks ago he would have found it virgin, but Sandy will surely not tell him that.


Once Josh has exploded deep into her, he immediately pulls out and forces Sandy to lick his dick and balls clean, which still horrifies the young mom because she has to lick what just has been deep in her intestines and is definitely full of germs. But when she expertly licks his cock, Josh gets hard again and just a few minutes later he makes Sandy ride him to get rid of the anew pressure she has caused. All her fault, of cause!


“That was not too bad Sandy” Josh tells her when he is done “Not really bad at all. You know, I don’t have a girlfriend, and, as you so wonderfully put it, a man has needs. So from now on you will be allowed to satisfy my needs as often as they appear. This old operating room will finally see some action again.” Josh laughs seeing the horror in Sandy’s eyes. He doesn’t know it, but poor Sandy is now blackmailed by 2 different parties, her life is getting worse and worse.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by EvilBastard on January 09, 2018, 07:21:54 PM »
That's easily done. I always post after getting comments, probably my vanity that is getting me going, but I do love to hear something from my readers, even if they tell me that they don't like something or another :-[ But you are right, let me bring FFF up to speed now.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
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The big problem comment here is i've already read what you're alluding to future events. Might I suggests delaying posting new on the other site until here and there are being posted simultaneously?
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
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Don't worry, the lake (mis)adventures will return with a lot more fun things to do, this was just a slow introduction to public nudity
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by EvilBastard on January 08, 2018, 06:39:27 PM »
Sandy is in her tub, enjoying the hot water when the bathroom door opens and Wally comes in.

“WHAT? … How?” she screams and he grins

“I had a key made weeks ago, just in case, you know.” He chuckles, “don’t get all excited about that. But seriously, we have to talk, so please dry yourself off and come downstairs. Oh, and no need to get dressed Sandy, ok?!”

Sandy is angry, this should not have happened, it is wrong that Wally has a key to her house and more important, the 6 weeks are over, he has no right to be here anymore and he has no right to tell her to stay naked either. Still, she is unsure about this and it doesn’t really matter if he sees her body one more time, after those 6 weeks he probably knows every inch of it. Reluctantly Sandy gets out of the wonderful hot water and towels herself off. She is not really surprised to find the whole gang in her living room, all sitting on the floor, having left a spot for her to sit in the middle.

Before anyone can say anything Sandy starts “You should not be here, none of you. And I want my key Walter. The 6 weeks are over, I kept my promise, now you have to keep yours and delete all those awful pictures and recordings.”

“Ah yes, Sandy” Wally looks at the sweet, naked Milf almost apologetic “We did promise to delete those pics, and before you get all mad, we will delete them today. But, well, how do I say this now, we promised to delete what we had when you agreed to our terms. We never promised anything about those pics and vids we took after that, so those are not part of our deal.”

Sandy pales, she should have expected some deception, but she is way too naive for Wally and he tricked her easy. But why? And what do they want now? Surely they have raped her enough and certainly they realize that they can’t go on with this forever. And why do they want to talk if all they ever do is bark orders? Sandy takes a deep breath and swallows a few stubborn tears.

“So … you … you want to blackmail me again now? Are you not tired of this yet? It has already cost all of us 6 weeks of our lives, is this not getting boring for you?”

“Gosh Sandy” Wally pretends to be hurt “Give us some credit, will you. I means we made mistakes, oh yes we did, but we are new to this. Let’s call those last 6 weeks a test, ok? I mean we learned from our mistakes, and if you are honest with yourself, you also learned a lot. I mean, just look at you now, sitting completely naked on the floor, surrounded by 6 horny guys and you are no longer ashamed. 6 weeks ago your face would have been so red that we would have expected your head to blow up any second, but now you are confident and sure of your sweet body, even your saggy tits don’t bother you anymore. So please, don’t make this look as if you haven’t profited by all this.”

Sandy gasps, is he really trying to make this look as if they did all the rape, the humiliation and degradation to help her become a better person? That Walter sure has some nerve. Well, he is right about one thing though, she is no longer overly sensitive when it comes to her body. During those 6 weeks more people have seen, touched and used her than in the 33 years before, even though they did all that against her will. Oh my god, Wally is doing it again, he is manipulating her. Angry Sandy shakes her head.

“I am not trying anything Walter, we agreed on 6 weeks, 6 weeks that have been hell for me, I might add. That time is over now, and there is no way I will let you continue raping and abusing me. I insist that you delete all pictures and videos you took during that time and let me go back to my life!”

“Your life, Sandy? Let me ask you something. We noticed that nice photo of you near the stairs. That was taken in London, England, right? Trafalgar Square if I am not mistaken. When did you go to London?”

Irritated Sandy looks over to the picture “Yes, that was in London, last year. You know my husband is an engineer and travels all over the world to install machines. Whenever he has to go for a longer time, I try to visit him there for a week or two. But what has this to do with you blackmailing me?”

“You are wearing a very nice dress on that picture. It shows a lot of your sexy legs, doesn’t it? I believe those kinds of dresses are called <<a lil’ black one>>, aren’t they? Oh, and I had a very close look at the picture and I think that you are not wearing a bra under that dress. Isn’t that true Sandy?”

Sandy blushes furiously, how could he have spotted that? She has to clear her throat before she answers

“So? I am wearing a sexy dress and I am braless on that photo. I still don’t understand what it has to do with blackmailing me now.”

“Let me rephrase then. When you are alone with your husband thousands of miles away from home, you wear sexy dresses, showing a lot of skin and you go braless. Since you don’t do that here, I have to assume that you do it for your husband. Doesn’t that mean he likes it when you wear as little as possible? Doesn’t that mean he likes your titties to bounce and swing IN PUBLIC?”

A few tears start to roll down Sandy’s cheeks, damn that Walter, he is very good. Silently she nods and Wally grins.

“Now you see it, don’t you? We might be pretty crude and sometimes downright mean to you, but we really do force you to do what your hubby loves. So why limit it to faraway places? Let him enjoy this here too, and while he is happy, a lot of others here will be happy with seeing so much of you too. You have sensational legs Sandy and a firm ass, and even if people make fun of saggy tits, they do enjoy to see the natural way yours leap and wiggle under your tops or even more when they are naked. Don’t let some jealous women or uptight men irritate you, you are sexy!”

Wally smiles encouraging and the guys nod before he continues.

“But never mind your hubby, or anyone else, look at those pics Sandy. Those photos were taken by us, of you. You didn’t prevent us from taking them, you didn’t specify any conditions when you knew we had them, so they are legally ours. What is legally ours, we can use for any objective, even commercial purposes. And here comes the deal, we do NOT use those photos, and for that you will stay our sex toy for as long as we don’t get bored with you.”

Sandy can hardly see the pictures spread out on her living room floor, she is crying too hard now, but she does notice that they all show her naked, drinking beer, wanking Mr. Roderik, being raped by 3 of the guys at the same time. She would be completely ruined if those photos would surface. Her husband would probably believe her that they blackmailed her, but he would not forgive Sandy for not telling him that. Most other people would just see a slut. No, posting or showing those pictures anywhere or to anyone would ruin her life forever.

“Can … can we at least … at least agree on … on some rules again … please.” She whispers

“That’s why we are all here Sandy” Wally smiles benevolently “We do need better rules than last time. I told you we have learned from our mistakes. Now stop crying Sandy and let’s find a wonderful way for us to plan the future. There are 7 of us, no, not Theo, you are the 7th person here, we all have a say and the majority will decide. That’s only fair, isn’t it?”

6 of them and 1 of her and the majority will decide, what is fair about that? But Sandy has no choice, maybe, just maybe she will be able to sway them on one point or another.
To Sandy’s great surprise the rule changes the guys want to discuss are mostly rules that she hates. In section 1 paragraph 1 they add the possibility for her to wear shoes with every outfit she may wear as long as she asks first, paragraph 4 is therefore taken off completely. In section 2 paragraphs 2, 3, 5 and 7 are taken off without replacements and in section 3 paragraphs 5 and 8 are scrapped. Section 4 stays as it is, but paragraph 2 gets and addition saying that she may be ordered to get naked within her safety zone if no harm can come from it.

So far so good, but that is just the work over for the old rules, now everyone is encouraged to suggest NEW rules.

“When she screws up, she will be punished” Jake proposes immediately.

“Ok” Steven nods “but punishment will be up to Sandy. First of all, it has to be something that at least 3 of us agree is fair for the crime she committed, and second, whoever punishes her has to give her an option of a physical and a nonphysical penalty. She will decide which one.”

Jake hates that idea but he is the only one, so the motion is carried by 6 to 1 votes and Sandy gratefully smiles at Steven.

“I want to make sure there is no cheating.” Pete says “Like when Sandy goes to some party or meeting and is not allowed to wear a bra. I want a rule that says she has to go to the restroom and take a prove pic and send that to us when we request it.”

“I … I can’t take photos with my cell phone” Sandy intervenes.

“Well then we have to get her a cheap pre-paid for that.” Pete insists and the motion caries.

“Ok, so if you are somewhere we can’t be and you get an SMS to prove that you are braless, you have exactly 5 minutes to get somewhere private and send a pic of your titties, understand Sandy?” Pete explains to make very sure and she nods.

“Now I have something to add” Wally smiles at Sandy “You have improved Sandy, but you are still not comfortable with your body. I like you to get used to being naked some more. Now don’t frown, I mean in accepted situations, where it is considered natural to be naked. So for this the 50 mile rule doesn’t apply. Like a shower after work, why don’t you use the nurses showers after work Sandy?”

“I … I only life 15 minutes away from the hospital, I can take a shower at home.”

“Sandy, that is only half the truth. Look me in the eye and tell me that you are not ashamed to get all naked with all your colleagues around.”

Blushing Sandy turns away and Wally laughs “Ok, from now on you will after every shift, and don’t pretend you have something to do and wait until they are all gone, you will go with them. Another place is the lake. I know it’s only about 15 miles from here, but there is a clothes optional beach so you could go naked without anyone being suspicious.”

“It … it is clothes optional Walter, not a nude beach. My … my option is a bathing suit.”

“Not any longer Sandy, but I can see that this is a bit heavy for you at the moment, so I will settle for topless this year. Don’t try my patience though, if you don’t stop arguing, it is back to completely nude.”

With a deep sigh Sandy stops herself from saying anything else. So much for taking the children to the lake, they will have to be contend with the neighborhood swimming pool.

“And there is the sauna Sandy” Wally continues “I know you have been there with some friends on lady’s night, but from now on you will go on mixed nights.”

Sandy pales again, the sauna belongs to the gym and is open to all members and guests, but Mondays for women only. She had been there with her friends Susan and Kimberly a few times, on Mondays of course, never any other day. Half the people from the suburb are members in the gym, who knows who she might meet there. But then, most go there just for a work out, in fact she never heard anyone talking about using the sauna, so with a little luck she might get in and out unnoticed, especially when she will choose odd times and always watch for slippers or flip flops in front of the cabins that show if someone is already inside.

“Oh, and don’t think you can sit there wrapped in a towel or wearing a bathrobe, that would be weird in a sauna. You will sit on your towel and hang up your bathrobe like everyone else Sandy!”

Dammit Walter is good, as if he is reading her thoughts. Blushing Sandy nods, it’s not as if she could say or do anything to prevent it.

To Sandy’s surprise no one else has any new humiliating rule ideas so they all just rape her and actually leave, giving her time to think it all over. The moment they are out of the house Steven nudges Wally “Your dad is going to the sauna, aint he?”

“Yup” Wally laughs “I know he would love to see Sandy naked, so I am giving him a chance. It’s pretty much improbable of course, with all those small sauna cabins and all that privacy stuff, but who knows, he might run into her one night and I’ll bet he would enjoy that a lot.”


After just one time with the children at the swimming pool, Sandy gets a call from Jake.

“We know what you are doing, either you take your kids to the lake tomorrow, or this will be treated as a break of rules and you will have to be punished. Do you understand that Sandy?”

“Yes Jake, I understand” Sandy sighs. She had to try it, but somehow she had known that it would probably not work.

The next day she is at the lake and anxiously looks around if there are any people she knows. It is still early and to her relieve she doesn’t recognize anyone, but it still takes all her willpower to just take off her t-shirt, knowing that it must look to everyone as if she is voluntarily, shamelessly presenting her soft boobies to the public. It doesn’t help at all noticing that she is the only woman topless at the beach, but it is clothes optional, so at least she is not doing anything wrong.

The beach has been clothes optional for 3 years, but usually, during the day time when parents and grandparents come here with their kids and grandchildren, everyone is dressed properly. Only some nights, when the college kids have their parties here, there is some nudity. So of course Sandy’s naked tits attract attention quickly. A couple of young men decide right where Sandy set up her things for her and the kids is the perfect place to stand and discuss baseball.

Sandy escapes them only when she goes for a swim with her children, but the water is cold and she can’t stay inside the lake forever, and as soon as she gets out, an old man, he must be at least 90, tells her “Nice boobies Miss, very nice boobies. I haven’t been this happy ever since my Martha died. Thank you!”

That makes Sandy smile, at least one person isn’t just staring but feels compelled to compliment her. That feeling doesn’t hold on very long though. Some fat old guy walks around Sandy for a long, long time, pretending to … whatever he is pretending to do, but he stares at her soft, saggy mommy tits as if they are a juicy steak that he is going to sink his teeth in any second now.

After Sandy has enough of him, she moves their things way down to the tree line, as far as possible from the lake. The kids are not happy about that, but it does work for a while. People don’t notice her that easy now and she can finally relax a little. But then some horny middle aged man comes along and sprouts a proud boner in his swimming trunks. For a while he just stares but then he approaches Sandy

“Ok, $50  in the bushes over there, but I want the full program, sucking and fucking.”

“You … you …” Sandy is so angry she can’t even think of what she wants to call him “Get the hell out of here before I call the police” she yells.

For a moment it actually looks as if he is going to attack the half-naked young mom, but Sandy’s screaming has attracted some attention and so he decides that it might be better to leave.

The tree line suddenly doesn’t look so good to Sandy anymore and she moves their things back closer to the lake again. Maybe her screaming at that pervert has helped though, because for the next hour and a half nobody stares too obvious anymore and the young mom is beginning to relax again, until, yes well until a young man that looks vaguely familiar sits down right in front of her and, without saying a word, stares at her tits, her legs, even her feet. When Sandy finally has enough of him and asks him to move along, he just replies

“It’s a free county Ma’am” and stays where he is.

But Sandy now knows why he looks familiar, when he said “Ma’am” she remembered, he is the bag boy at the supermarket she used to shop. That’s too much for the young mom, she calls the children, packs her things and leaves and just in time, because when they are on their way to the car, they run into 2 families from the neighborhood who just arrived.

Wally and Steve have been watching her all day and had a grant time. They stayed out of her sight, but did see pretty much everything that went on.

“Very funny” Steven chuckles “Too bad that she didn’t stay long enough to give the Jefferson’s and the Rylie’s a good look at her udders. I can just imagine what would have happened if Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Rylie would have gotten a hard-on in front of their wives and kids while watching Sandy’s titties bounce and wiggle.”

“Oh that would have been so sweet” Wally laughs “But even though I really want to display Sandy in the future to pretty much everyone she knows, for the moment I am happy that she gets used to being exposed to strangers. You know what is the best of all this?”


“She is getting used to it without losing her innocence and shame. She still blushes and stutters and even more important, she still feels guilty. That’s what I love about our Sandy, no matter what we do to her, she will never turn into a slut.”

“You’re right” Steven smiles “I love that about her too. Let’s drive over and play with those soft udders, I really have to fuck her right now, this day has made me horny like hell.”

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Oh this isn't over yet, but with a nice twist  8). Just be patient and I promise you don't have to be as patient as a coma patient ;D
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Should have her caught by the administration and made to pay the price to stay on staff!
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Ever since they have been back from the farm, Wally has done some research on Sandy’s fear of dogs. To his surprise he finds out that it is not uncommon, almost like the fear of flying, even though in Sandy’s case it is a bit extreme. The technical term for this phobia is cynophobia and it is a subtype of animal phobias. But even more interesting for Wally is, that every dog owner in the suburb knows about Sandy’s irrational fear. She and her husband have informed everybody long ago and asked them to please stay away from her when walking their dogs.

Wally watches Sandy closely and is impressed how she handles situations when a dog does come too close. It doesn’t look as if she is frozen in fear, more like as if she stopped because she is deep in thought at that moment, but she only starts to move again when the dog is at least 25 yards away from her. Clever, Wally thinks, with every dog owner knowing about her phobia, they all make sure to get their mutts away from the young mom quickly, so her little deception does fool anyone else witnessing it.

But Wally isn’t satisfied with this, he wants to see the real thing. The problem is where to get a dog and make it look as if this will not be intentional. Ever since they made Sandy jog in the park twice a week, to shake and bounce her mommy udders, Sandy has asked them to please stop this exercise. So there is a chance to manipulate her again. Wally tells his sweet victim that she doesn’t have to jog any more, but she needs the fresh air, so it will now be ok for her to just take a walk there. Sandy smiles happy, even thanking him, thinking that her titties will still wiggle a lot when taking a walk, but definitely a lot less than when jogging.

Wally arranges two things before her next visit to the park, one, he borrows the Hungarian Vizsla from a friend, a very gentle female, who would never hurt anyone. His buddy is happy to let Wally have her during the day because he has to work and the dog needs to get out. But Wally goes a lot further than just getting her, he makes the dog sniff Sandy’s clothes and every time she does that, she gets a treat from him, so soon the Vizsla bitch searches for anything that smells like Sandy.

The second detail Wally has to arrange is a bit harder. He has to get the punks who now hang out in the park to trust him. With enough Vodka he manages that and then he tells them about that crazy Milf, who totally freezes when a dog comes too close. He points Sandy out to them when she is walking in the park again and one of those punks grins.

“Oh you mean wobbly tits, yeah, we’ve seen her. So what is this about freezing up? I mean like, totally unable to move or what?”

“Yup, she will not move a muscle until the dog is at least 25 yards away. I mean if she freezes up, you could pull up her t-shirt and get prove that she aint wearing a bra, and you could pull down her pants to see if she is wearing panties, she wouldn’t do anything to prevent that, she can’t, I swear.”

“Whoa, that would be fun” the punks laugh, and Wally’s plan is set in motion.

The next day Sandy is scheduled for a walk, Wally is there with the Vizsla bitch, hiding well enough from her sight, but close enough for the dog to smell that a treat is coming soon. Just when Sandy passes the spot where the punks hang out, Wally removes the collar from the dog and watches how the excited beast runs straight over to Sandy. Instantly the young mom stops moving, her eyes desperately searching for the owner of that dog coming to her rescue.

The Vizsla happily wags her tail, sniffing the frozen up mom and the punks stare at her, not believing their luck. When, after a few minutes no dog owner arrives, and actually no other person is close to them, the leader gets up, walks over to Sandy and grabs both of her tits through the t-shirt. Tears roll down her cheeks, but she doesn’t move a muscle, so he knows that it is all true. Laughing evilly he pulls up Sandy’s t-shirt, revealing her soft mommy udders and when she still doesn’t defend herself, he opens her belt and pulls down her jeans to her ankles, showing the world that indeed she is not wearing panties.

Just when the others are coming closer and he is fingering Sandy’s dry pussy, a man comes along, sees what is happening and calls out to them to leave that poor woman alone. Reluctantly the punks leave, but to the surprise of that man, Sandy still doesn’t move. What is wrong with that woman? He walks closer, but when he sees the dog now moving an inch from Sandy’s side, he stops unsure.

His yelling has been heard by enough people who all now come over to see what is going on and when they ask him, he just points at Sandy, standing there, her t-shirt up, her jeans at her ankles, practically naked and unmoving, except for the tears running down her cheeks.

Wally almost pisses himself laughing in his hiding place. This is so worth all the research, borrowing the dog and spending money on Vodka for the punks. Prudish, stuck up Goody-Goody Sandy presenting her privates in public, and this park is not 10 minutes from her house. But of course wally didn’t violate the 50 miles rule, a Vizsla bitch and some punks caused all this, Sandy doesn’t even know he is here. But enough fun for the moment, Wally whistles, the dog looks at Sandy one last time, not getting a treat, so she runs off and as soon as she is out of sight, Sandy is able to move again and quickly covers herself and runs as fast as she can towards the parking lot to get in her car.

Wally grins, the frozen Sandy test was a success, now he knows she didn’t exaggerate and next time she will not get away this easy.


To make up for the time Sandy needed when in Italy and on the farm, the young nurse has arranged to work a nightshift. It is 10 nights in a row, every day from 9 pm to 7:30 am, this will more than compensate for the 4 shifts she didn’t do. Of course Sandy knows that the guys will not let her get much sleep during the days, but at least the nights at work should be peaceful.

The shock of running into Wally on her second night is deep. What the hell is he doing in the hospital, how did he get by security? If they catch him here, he will be in major trouble. But he just grins at Sandy

“Don’t you worry your pretty lil’ head about me, not only do I have permission to be here, I also got a recommendation from the dean of the nurses college for my initiative.” Wally laughs and continues “See I approached him, telling him that I start college in September, and that I have a registered nurse tutoring me, and bla, bla, bla. Then I told him that I would just love to familiarize myself more with the different shifts and he thought that is very commendable. So he got in touch with the hospital administration and they also thought it is a grand idea for a student to volunteer helping out in the hospital as long as they do it for free. So here am I, I have the official permission of my dean and your administrator, and since you are my tutor already, everyone thought it would be good if I would work with you tonight."

Sandy is baffled, that Walter sure knows how to manipulate people and make himself look good in the process. She isn’t happy about this, but what can happen? Their own rules state that she is allowed to wear a bra at work and can’t be forced to go naked within 50 miles of home and work. Strange though, it did happen twice already, once when those homeless people caught her in the old factory district and then again 2 days ago in the park. But Sandy has to admit that both incidents didn’t have anything to do with her blackmailers, right?

For a couple of hours she shows Wally what her duties are, and when, around midnight, even the most stubborn patient is asleep, she gets out the paperwork that the dayshift wasn’t able to finish and tells him

“This is something you will not be able to do until you will have graduated, so if you like, you can sit in the nurses’ station and read, or sleep or whatever you like to do. I will get you in time for wake up call, this should be interesting for you.”

“Sounds good” Wally grins and Sandy can feel that a BUT is coming “but before I will take a break, there is something I really, really want to do.”

Closing her eyes to prevent panic the young nurse waits for the second shoe to drop.

“I want to picture how a hospital in my fantasy would look. I think all nurses should always be naked, so be a good girl Sandy, drop your uniform, but do wear the lab coat and your stethoscope for me, oh, and wear a cap, I find those adorable.”

“No Walter” Sandy shakes her head “You promised that I wouldn’t have to do things like that within 50 miles, it is in your own rules.”

“Oh I know it is” he laughs “for your safety. We don’t want you to lose your job, but seriously, everyone is asleep, I will be the only one to see you, so there is no harm to it at all.”

“A patient can wake up at any time Walter, and we are in neurology, I have to attend to them right away, so I can’t do what you ask.”

“You will be wearing your lab coat Sandy, all you have to do is button it when a call comes in and in the dim light of the patient’s room you will look fully and completely dressed. That will not take longer than 1 minute tops. Be a good girl and do it for me, it’s not a request you know, so stop arguing and get naked.”

With a deep sigh Sandy bites back her tears and 2 minutes later she is wearing only an open lab coat, a stethoscope and the silly cap she usually doesn’t wear. Wally makes her stand in front of the nurses’ station and takes a few pictures “To show the guys” he chuckles.

The young nurse nods and walks back to get dressed again when Wally stops her.

“Not yet Sandy, first we will go to 454, I want a pic with you and a patient.”

“No way, not in a patient’s room” Sandy is pale like a sheet.

“He is comatose, you are in no danger to be seen by a patient, how long has he been in a coma? 8 weeks? 9 weeks? He will not wake up now, so don’t make this hard on yourself Sandy, let’s go.”

She can’t argue with that, Mr. Roderik has been in a coma forever and is not expected to wake up anymore. He has a brain tumor the size of an egg in his head and will in all probability not survive. But still, naked, or at least almost naked in a patient’s room? That is a definite no-no. But Wally insists and Sandy has no choice but follow him.

Again the ashamed young nurse has to pose for pictures, and then Wally shows that he really did read the file by smirking and innocently asking

“So he gets hard when he is washed, isn’t he? Coma or not, he still is a man.”

Sandy blushes deeply “I … I don’t know. It says so in his file … but … but I never washed him … so I am not sure if that is true.”

“You do know what that means, don’t you Sandy? He is in pain, desperate pain in his balls and shouldn’t nurses do everything in their powers to relieve patients from pain?”

“No, you got that wrong Walter. Involuntary erections don’t come from pain at all, it is just a ... a normal body function.”

“You can’t know that Sandy, you are a woman. Believe me when I tell you when a guy gets a hard-on he is in grave need to shoot his load. And if that is not possible, it will get worse for him every day. So be a good nurse, wank Mr. Roderik so he can relax again. Oh, and take your lab coat and stethoscope off, we don’t want those to get sprayed with cum.”

She should have known better, with Wally there is always something humiliating in store for her, but what can she do? The 6 weeks are not up yet and she has promised to obey without hesitation. Sandy takes off her lab coat and folds it on the chair, puts her stethoscope on top of it, pulls back the blanket and gently touches the patient’s dick. The file is right, he does react to touch. In seconds the naked nurse holds a fully erect cock in her hand and wanks him off while Wally takes more pictures. If anyone from the hospital would see this, she would never be allowed to work with patients again and that is exactly what Wally needs as ammunition, because Sandy’s 6 weeks will be up in 8 days, and he will need everything to make her understand that her blackmail will not be over then.

Mr. Roderik really has a lot of pressure on his balls and when he explodes cum splatters as far as in Sandy face, her tits and all over his tummy and legs. Wally tells her to clean herself and him and to her relieve he hands the young nurse a wet sponge for that. While she is bend over the patient to get all the sperm off him, Wally steps behind Sandy and uses her cunt for his own satisfaction. Of course Sandy has to clean his dick with her tongue, not a sponge when he is done.

“You’ll be leaking for a while” he chuckles watching his cum dripping out of Sandy’s cunt “You better not get dressed just yet, or my sperm will stick in your panties and uniform and you know that a lotta people are able to smell that, don’t you?”

For another hour Sandy is forced to stay naked wearing nothing but her lab coat before she can finally put on her uniform again. This is the worst ever nightshift she has done, and to think that Wally might show up again tomorrow and every night doesn’t make it easier for poor Sandy. The next 2 nights Wally shows up and forces the young nurse to wank Mr. Roderik and the result is terrible. As soon as Sandy walks into 454 the coma patient gets hard now, it is uncertain if he really senses her now, or just smells her, or whatever, but when Sandy is close, his cock gets hard. The third night Wally falls victim to his own manipulation game, he is called to emergency to help out there and for the rest of the nightshift he doesn’t get back to neurology but is made to work pretty hard on stations that need another helping hand.

To Sandy’s surprise the guys do let her sleep a lot more during the days than she expected. Only Theo shows up now and then to play Wii with her and get his pecker sucked. How will Wally make Theo understand that those days will be over soon?

The very last nightshift comes and goes and when Sandy gets home this morning she smiles at the kitchen calendar. Today has a big red circle around it, because today her 6 weeks of hell are over. She is free again, free to be herself. First a long, hot bath, and then she will drive to her in-laws and pick up the kids. She will make sure the children will have a wonderful rest holidays, with day trips to the lake and to a theme park. And, if everything works out in Italy, her husband will be back in 2 weeks. Maybe then they can use the last 2 weeks of the summer holidays to go up to their cottage.

Life is good again! (Or is it? Sandy would not smile so happy if she would know that at this very moment the gang is sitting in Tony’s room, sorting the most humiliating and cruel pictures of the naked young mom to “convince” her that this blackmail has just begun.)

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more
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Oh there is tons more  ;D It goes up and down for poor Sandy. Whenever she thinks it is getting a little better, it gets worse
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