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What a great beginning Emily! Looking forwards to her degradation at the agency's hands !
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Hollywood Noire: Chapter 1 (M/f-teen, reluctance, blackmail)
« Last post by Emily on August 27, 2017, 03:54:47 PM »
Written: 08-27-2017
Revised: 09-02-2017

   Annabelle Winter sat nervously in the exquisite office of one of Los Angeles’ oldest, and most infamous, modeling agencies. She had been waiting for almost an hour, and her tapping feet had begun to mark the white marble floor of the lavish office. The Golden Reel Agency, with it’s infamous reputation for scandals and low budget pictures, was hardly the first agency on the fifteen-year old girl’s list. In fact, it was the only major agency that hadn’t yet turned her down.

   She had heard every kind of criticism imaginable. Some said she was too tall, others too short. She looked too old, she looked too young. Being rejected was one thing; hearing in full detail, every tiny criticism of her appearance was entirely another. Like I didn’t already struggle enough with that, she found herself thinking each time some out-of-shape, woefully unattractive, middle-aged man told her that she wasn’t beautiful enough, or tall enough, or skinny enough for their agency.

   All of it had been enough to tank her confidence, which is precisely the reason she sat so nervously now. This was the last of the major players. If she was rejected by them, there was virtually no chance that she’d be able to model professionally, let alone become an actress, as she had long aspired. Being so lost in thought, she hadn’t noticed the bespectacled woman that had suddenly appeared before her.

“Excuse me, dear.” The woman peaked at the clipboard in her hand. “Annabelle, was it?”

   Annabelle looked up and nodded, her left foot still tapping away. A fact that didn’t escape the woman’s stony gaze.

   “Nervous, huh?” She asked politely.


   “Don’t be.” She smiled at Annabelle. “You’re exactly the kind of girl that we hire. Young, blonde-haired and blue-eyed, and that face of yours, a perfect picture of youthful innocence.”

   “Umm, thanks… I guess?” Annabelle replied awkwardly.

   “You’re welcome, dear. Now,” she said, pointing at the door behind her desk, “You can go on in. Mr. De Santa is expecting you.”

   Annabelle forced her foot to stop kicking, and took a deep breath, before exhaling slowly. “Any advice?” She asked, with the look of a desperate child.

   The secretary bent down to face Annabelle. She placed a hand on her knee and said, “Just be yourself. Don’t be what you think he wants you to be. He’ll see through it. If he asks you a lot of questions, don’t be nervous; it’s a good thing, it means he’s seriously interested.”

   She gave Annabelle a soft smile before standing back up and gesturing the young teen towards the door. “Go and get it, girl.” She whispered cheerfully.

   Annabelle smiled back and stood up. She brushed a few wispy strands of blonde hair from her face and walked towards the door. She stopped just before entering and took a deep breath again. You can do this, Annie. You were born to do this. Okay, let’s go. Annabelle stepped inside and she heard the door close behind her with an audible locking noise. She put on a smile and inched closer to the desk where Mr. De Santa was sitting with a cigar between his lips and a glass of scotch in his left hand.

   Mr. De Santa was a handsome man. Annabelle noticed that the moment she saw him. Even with the age difference between them, she had no reservations admitting it. He was tall and slender, with broad shoulders and a figure that screamed ‘this is an important man.’ He had this unexplainable air of quiet confidence about him; a scent that lingered in the air long after he had left a room.

   Perhaps it was his stout eyes, steely and cold, with a stare that could pierce your very soul. Or maybe it was his hair, grey and thick; a sign of his age and experience. Whatever it is that had caused such an attraction, Annabelle could not say, but she did not find him repulsive like the rest of the agency heads. There was something about that made Annie feel as though she could trust him, that he could be someone she would respect and admire.   

   Annabelle stopped directly in front of the desk where he was sat, and curtsied. “Umm, hi, Sir. I’m Ann-” She began, before being abruptly interrupted by the imposing man before her.

   “Annabelle Winter, yes? Come, take a seat, sweetheart.” He motioned her to the seat opposite him, “We have much to discuss.” Annabelle smiled politely before taking a seat in the elegant chair across from him.

   “So,” he spoke, “Let’s see what we have here, shall we?” He asked rhetorically as he set his drink aside, the sound of ice clanging against glass echoed through the room as he continued to puff at his cigar, before flipping open the teenage girl’s portfolio that sat neatly on his desk that could only be described with the words ‘organized chaos.’ 

   He began to recite the information to the letter from the first page. “Annabelle Winter, or Annie for short. Let’s see, you’re four-feet, eleven inches. Ninety-seven pounds. Born, July 13th, 2002.” He looked her up and down, then asked, “That makes you what, fifteen?”

   Annabelle nodded. She began to tap her left foot nervously again.

   Mr. De Santa noticed immediately, staring at the teen girl’s long, slender legs. Milky white and smooth, he considered for a moment how they would feel wrapped around him. He shook his head of such a thought and then politely asked, “Nervous, are we, dear?”

   Annabelle chuckled nervously. “Yeah, sorry, Sir. It’s just, I’ve been-“

   “Rejected by every other major agency in town, correct?” He interjected, speaking in a polite, yet firm tone.

   “How did you know that?” Annabelle asked curiously.

   “No need to worry about that my dear,” He assured her with a smile. “It is simply my job to know everything about the models who walk through my door. This agency would be irrelevant if I didn’t.”

   His assurance seemed to calm the aspiring starlet down a bit, as she again halted her incessant stomping. He smiled at the young girl, noticing her relaxing demeanor, and she smiled back at him.

   Mr. De Santa quickly flipped to the second page of her portfolio and began to read through a list of references and the girl’s previous experience in acting and modeling. Unfortunately for Annabelle, there hadn’t been much to flip through, having only worked a few small modeling jobs for local establishments, and her only acting credit being an extra in a commercial for a Dodge dealership in her hometown.

   “I see you don’t have much experience. Even for your age, I expected a bit more.” He spoke critically in a tone Annabelle had heard before; a tone that meant rejection was just a few moments away.

   He flipped through the next few pages, catching a fleeting glimpse of Annabelle’s modeling samples. They were tame, mostly stock poses that you’d find in any portfolio. But there was one page that caught his eye, the stills from her commercial. “Now, now, what do we have here.” He mused, leaning towards the open pages and tapping his finger on the desk.

   Annabelle looked up and peeked at the page he had stopped on. It was her modeling work she did for the dealership back home! The shoot had been for the annual summer clearance sale and they had required the girls to wear bikinis and wash the cars. She looked up at Mr. De Santa and saw a look of interest washed across his wrinkled face. Her face flushed with embarrassment, realizing that he was showing attraction and lust.

   The eagle-eyed man who was to decide her future this afternoon noticed this, and smiled at her. “No need to be embarrassed, dear. I see a hundred stills of girls your age and younger like this every day.” He pressed his oily finger to Annabelle’s scantily clad image on the page. “You certainly have potential. But whether or not you’ll reach it is entirely another story.” He lectured.

   “Annabelle, I know this may sound like an odd request, but would you be interested in doing a small shoot right now? I want to see how you do in a live environment, rather than just seeing you in stills.” Mr. De Santa inquired, extinguishing his cigar in the ash tray and taking a sip of his scotch as he waited for the young teen to answer.

   “Umm, okay, yeah.” She agreed, somewhat reluctantly. Annabelle wanted this job more than anything in the world, but something about Mr. De Santa had begun to make her feel uneasy. The teenager reasoned it was probably nothing, chalking it up to her nervousness and the fact that her future was hanging on this one, single interview.

   “Excellent.” He replied, “We’ll proceed to the room next door.” He pointed towards a paneled door that was almost indistinguishable from the wall. Had he not pointed it out to her, she probably wouldn’t even have noticed it.

   “It’s a small modeling set of sorts. There’s a private change room, an extensive wardrobe, and of course, state-of-the-art camera equipment. Only the finest for our models, I assure you.” He smiled and began to walk towards the hidden door, with Annabelle following closely behind him.

   She watched as he slid the panel door open, and stepped to the side, beckoning her inside. Annabelle smiled politely as she passed him, and stopped to check out the room as Mr. De Santa entered and closed the door behind him, again with the same audible locking noise she heard when she first entered his office.

   Annabelle sighed in relief when she saw the room. It was exactly as he said, a simple modeling studio. There was a camera set on a tri-pod in the center, with camera umbrellas and lighting directed towards an opulent couch, the kind you’d expect to see in some nineteenth century manor. The walls were white, with no windows, and the floor, the same beautiful white marble as the waiting room. Mr. De Santa wasn’t kidding about ‘sparing no expense.’ The room must have cost a fortune to design!

   “So, my little model-to-be… is it everything you had hoped it would be?” He asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.

   Annabelle nodded, then replied, “Yeah, it’s incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it.” She was still marveling at the lavish room, stuck in a state of perpetual awe.

   “Glad to hear it, honey. Now, why don’t you go in the changing room and pick something to wear and we can get started?” He suggested.

   “Okay. Is it that room over there?” Annie pointed towards the only other door in the room. She felt stupid asking, but she wanted to be sure and get everything just right.

   “That’s the one. Go on, I’ll get the equipment ready.” He whispered, giving the teenager a playful, encouraging smack on her bottom.

   She felt uneasy at his actions, but decided it wasn’t worth losing her last, best opportunity at becoming an actress over. As she was about to enter the wardrobe, Mr. De Santa suddenly blurted out, “Annabelle!”

   She turned around quickly, thinking she had done something wrong or to otherwise displease him. She felt relief as he continued, “Remember, do good today and you’ll get your shot.” Then that ease turned to anxiety as he continued, “But do poorly and, well, there’s always college if you’re a smart one. If not, well, this town can always use more waitresses.”

   Annabelle swallowed and nodded, then turned back around and entered the wardrobe, closing and locking the door behind her. As the door closed, the lights went on and her jaw dropped at the sheer size of the wardrobe. It was like a walk-in department store! There must have been thousands of outfits hanging neatly from the walls lining the long hallway.

   As she walked slowly down the hall, she let her hands run through the clothes as she passed them. The feeling of so many types of fabrics was exciting to touch, and she stopped at the end of the hall, and began to finger through all of the dresses that hanged there.
   So many choices were presented before her, but only one piece caught her eye. As she pulled it from the hanger, she knew it was the one. The perfect dress that would win her a job at the Golden Reel. It was a beautiful, elegant red evening dress. Backless, with a deep plunge that would show off her cleavage exceptionally well. It looked short too, as though it would leave her upper thighs exposed.

   Annabelle turned to the mirror at the back wall, and held the dress against her body. She looked herself up and down and smiled. This is the one. She slowly put the dress back on the hanger, taking great care as to not wrinkle it. The teenager then kicked off her sneakers, and bent down to pull her socks off her feet. She tossed them both aside.

   Next, she untucked her white tank top from her skirt and pulled it up and over her head. She tossed it aside to the pile, and then proceeded to reach behind her. Annie unclasped the hooks of her bra, gently removed the cups from her chest and pulled her arms through, discarding the garment aside with the rest of her clothes. Lastly came her skirt, a tiny black cotton skirt, the kind that swayed so easily in the lightest of breezes. She pulled it down her legs and stepped out of it.

   As Annabelle reached for the dress hanging next to her, she couldn’t help but peak at herself in the mirror. She stared critically at her body, analyzing every perceived blemish and flaw; nothing was good enough in her eyes. Not her narrow hips. Not her slim, taut stomach. Not even her breasts, barely filling a 32B-cup and her small, pinkish nipples looked like those of a little girl rather than a teenager. You can do this, Annie. He wouldn’t have asked for this if he didn’t intend to possibly give you a job. He even said if this went well that he would. Annabelle took a few deep breaths to calm herself down a little. Once she had, she took the dress from the hanger and slipped it on.

   The ever-critical girl twirled in front of the mirror, sizing herself up. She saw her bare flesh exposed from the back of the dress, and it felt incredibly short. She peered down at her legs to see the hem of the dress inches above her knees, leaving very little to the imagination. Normally, she would have never considered such a dress, but she knew what he wanted to see, and she had little choice but to give it to him.

   She turned away from the mirror with a small air of newly-found confidence and walked up the hall, to the make-up station. She applied ruby red lipstick to her lips, the bare essentials like foundation and eye liner, and put her hair in a simple bun. For the first time in her life, Annabelle looked in the mirror and loved what she saw. She couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked. Sexy, young and yet, elegant, too. She smiled to herself and walked towards the door to the other room with a strut of confidence. This job is mine. I deserve this. She told herself as she stepped back into the room.

   Mr. De Santa stood in front of her, turned to the camera and without even looking at her, motioned her towards the casting couch. She felt a little insulted at first. No compliments, no comments, hell, not even so much as a proper glance was directed towards her. Annabelle shrugged it off and inched closer to the couch, before sitting down, her legs crossed and her demeanor slightly nervous.

   “You clean up well, dear.” He smiled, his head poking out from the left of the camera. “Really, really well. I knew you had potential, kid. So, let it out and let it shine, give me a smile.” He ordered.

   Annabelle nodded and smiled at the camera. She looked so cute, so young and innocent, like a child of half her age marveling at the new phone they got for Christmas. He snapped a few shots to capture such wonder on film.

   “Put one hand behind your head, and the other on your thigh. Give me a slight smile, and bite your lip.” He ordered again, and she followed suit.

   “Good, girl.” He praised, snapping several more shots of the youthful beauty before him. “Now, spread your legs a little.”

   That’s a strange request, she thought. Oh, well. Focus, Annie. Just do as he says and you’ll be a star, just like he promised. Annie uncrossed her legs and parted them ever-so-slightly. Mr. De Santa smiled as he could see the slightest trace of her black, lace panties peeking out from between them.

   He continued to happily snap away with the camera before directing her yet again. “Now, arch your back, chest outwards, and put both hands behind your head.”

   She complied yet again, and was rewarded with the sound of camera snaps as Mr. De Santa took several more shots of her. Alright, Annie. So far so good, he looks happy. He’s smiling at least, that’s good, right? She thought to herself as the camera continued to flash. You’ll be a real model soon. With an official agency backing you. Annabelle Winter of the Golden Reel Modeling Agency. The girl was star-struck at the mere notion of her being a real, officially-represented actress and model.

   Mr. De Santa suddenly stopped shooting, and then began to walk towards the couch. She held her pose, unsure of what the proper procedure was. He sat next to her, and placed his rough, wrinkly hand on the small of her bare, arched back. He gently pushed inwards, causing the young teen to arch her back further.

   “I want to you know that you’re very beautiful, Annabelle.” He whispered as he began to gently rub her back.

   “I l-l-like Annie, Sir.” She corrected, unsure of what else to say.

   “Well, Annie. I know how much to want a chance at this agency, and I know that this is the last shot you have in LA. So, I’m going to make you an offer. A generous one, at that.” He spoke bluntly, that false smile of his now turned to a serious face.

   “What’s that, Sir?” Annie asked curiously.

   “Well, Annie,” He began to explain, letting his hand slide down her back and slip just under the fabric above her bottom. “Have you ever been naked in front of the camera before?”
   Annie’s heart sunk as the words slithered out of his mouth like a snake through the grass. She simply shook her head; a great feeling of unease washing over her, knowing exactly where this was going.

   “That’s okay, dear. No experience required for this job.” He joked, causing only further unease for the teenage girl beside him. “My offer is this: you’re going to take the dress off, and the panties too; then you’re going to model for me. Do that and I’ll offer you a contract. Twelve shoots, over three months. Total contract valued at just over thirty-six thousand dollars.”

   Annie was speechless. The teenager could barely comprehend the reality of the situation. On one hand, the very notion of being naked in front of this man repulsed her deeply. But… three months of guaranteed modeling work, with the exposure that came with a big agency behind her, and a sum of money she couldn’t even imagine. It was more than her mother made in a year working at the dinner.   

   Mr. De Santa noticed her silence and began to gently rub her back under the dress. His fingers traced the lacy lines of her black panties. “I know it’s a lot to put on you, dear. But in this business, you’ll be expected to do a lot of things you never thought you would to get ahead. If you won’t even model naked, then you may as well give up on being a model.”

   He saw the contemplative look in her cerulean eyes and continued to play her as though she was a violin. “I can give you a career, a chance at the top, but you have to be willing to make sacrifices. You do this for me, and I’ll give you the shot at the life you’ve always dreamed of.” He whispered in her ear.

   Annabelle gasped as his fingers began to dance just underneath the hem of her panties. She felt them tickling her, teasing her into giving him an answer; the one he wanted her to give. She turned to face him and gave him a soft, sly smile. She nodded and said, “Okay.”
Forced Sex Stories / Hollywood Noire: Chapter 3 (Updated: September 3rd.)
« Last post by Emily on August 27, 2017, 03:50:06 PM »
Emily Honeywell's
Hollywood Noire

Written By: Emily Honeywell & Minnie McFarlane

Editor: Emily Honeywell
Editor: Minnie McFarlane


This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real events or person(s) is purely coincidental. While I enjoy the themes contained herein purely as fantasy, I should stress that I do not condone the violent, reprehensible, and illegal acts found herein.


Hollywood Noire is an erotic tale about the seedy underbelly of Hollywood and the entertainment industry. It explores the inner-workings of the fictional Golden Reel Modeling Agency in Los Angeles through the eyes of one of it's newest young starlets, a fifteen-year old newcomer named Annabelle Winter. Coming from a poor, working-class family that struggles with keeping a roof over their heads, she sees it as a glamorous way out and the first step to becoming the actress she's dreamed about since she was little. Instead, she finds the grass isn't always greener at the top of the hill, and that the sunny exterior of Hollywood is just a front for something much darker lurking beneath it's pristine surface. 


Older Male/Female, Teen Female/Teen Male, Non-Consent, Bondage, Bestiality, Blackmail.


[Pg. 1, Pst. 02] [08-27-2017] Chapter 01: The Interview
[Pg. 1, Pst. 05] [08-30-2017] Chapter 02: Private Shoot
[Pg. 1, Pst. 09] [09-03-2017] Chapter 03: An Ominous Sign


Chapter 04: Of Things To Come
Chapter 05: Contractual Obligations
Chapter 06: The Choices We Make

Forced Sex Stories / Re: More Than Laundry
« Last post by gscmar64 on August 27, 2017, 02:26:11 PM »
May be This will show I'm not all that bad of a guy!

Part Five

Being unfamiliar where things go it took me over forty minutes to do the dishes, wash the table top then take the garbage out. All the while Christy remained on the couch, like I left her. When I came back in, she’s no long sobbing, hell she not making any noise that I can hear, seems she cried herself to a semblance of sleep. Now that gave me an idea

Gentle rolling her onto her back, leaving her in peace while I go get my phone. Coming back  snapping  two pictures of the body that has captured me desires. Gently spreading her legs open, there more than a trace of my cum still coming from her pussy, snapping more pictures. Returning her to her original position gently opening spreading her right ass cheek taking more pictures of her little brown hole.

Going down the hallway past her room to a slim door, hoping like me they use the small closet behind it as a linen closet. They do so I get a blanket to cover Christy with and leave her to recover from what I made her do so far. Checking my watch, a little after six o’clock, I decide to learn more about my latest conquest. Going to her desk, finding a notebook splayed open, a planner that she’s using as a type of diary. Picking it up scanning random entries, until i notice “This mo d um!”

Remembering what my sister’s were like I move to her bed and lift the mattress and bingo! Taking out a hardcover book with the usual hasp lock keeping it closed. Not believing I would find the key, I take a chance and go to the bathroom looking for a hair clip. Finding an entire jar of them I take one and pop the lock in seconds with it. Returning to her bedroom, so I”m not caught reading her most personal thoughts. Scanning random entries again i learn that she into pop music, baby animals and lately  having lots of what she would call ‘dirty thought’

Reading more intently her second last entry “Tim agreed to be my first. I’m so excited but he wants to roleplay our encounter. Something that he calls a kinky encounter that just perfect for a girl like me. I can hardly wait.” Continuing onto her last entry “This morning I lost my virginity but not to Tim!” Mr. Mullens took me like I imagined Tim would have!” Then I read words that shocked me “He was so gentle and respectful that I would love to have him  back between my legs again!”

“Oh Christy, such a virginal reactional! Well little girl I’ll be more than willing fill you up anytime you want!” Closing the diary and returning it under the mattress , I return to the living room finding Christy sitting up the blanket wrapped around her like a snuggie , only her arms were covered also.She looks to me as I take a seat beside her.

“So you would have me back between your legs again would you?” The expression on her face made me want to take her once more right there. Moving as far away as possible from me she opens her mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.

Letting her off the hook. “Your diary is interesting reading Christy!” Moving so she kind of trapped between the side of the couch and me “And you can definitely believe that I’m more than willing to fuck you whenever you want!’ Pursing my lips and blowing her an air kiss.

She turns red “You’ve read my diary!” Embarrassed knowing what she wrote about me! “Well that was before you forced yourself into my life!” Covering her head with the blanket so she didn’t have to look at me. “Why don’t you just leave me alone!”

“Because I promised your dad to look out for you!” Gripping the blanket and lowering it “But mostly After Sunday morning I want to fuck you every way I can!” Takin the front of the blanket out of Christy’s hand, opening it out so I could see those darling tits, the  toned stomach and the her lap. “So have you decided what I’m going to get from you in your bedroom Christy!”

Taking her hand “Coming or do you want me to carry you to your room ?”

“Neither just do what you’re going to do to me here and get it over with!”

"But Christy your little girl’s room just begs to see you taken in it so it can become a big girl’s room! Gently pulling her up off the couch to her feet “And since I do like make overs, your’s have already started now it’s your rooms time!” before she can struggle i scoop her up, carrying her down the hall, stopping outside of her room “If I may make a suggestion, you’re already aware that anal is going to hurt so you may want something soft to thrash on while I fuck your ass open!”

She tries to get way, kicking her legs  wide to throw me off balance. Succeeding when her left knee comes in contact with the side of my ribs. Once out of me arms she bolts towards her parent’s room swinging the door closed as I swiftly recover. Just as he door’s about to latch, I ram into it, making it fly open, knocking her backwards to the floor. Grabbing her by her arms I drag her back towards her room.

Once there, “Last chance ass or mouth, choice is your’s Christy!” Standing between her and the door, letting go of her arms, She crawls to the end of her bed, getting up on her knees using her bed to lean on.

“Please don’t fuck my ass, your finger felt like it was tearing my apart!” tears flowing down her cheeks “Please just fuck my pussy again!”

“Your pussy wasn’t a choice, ass or mouth?”

Just above a whisper then,” I’ll suck your cock!”

As the last syllable of mouth comes out I move in front of her, Lifting her chin up “Well then open wide!” Grasping my cock with my free hand rubbing the tip along her bottom lip then the upper one!”  Now make an ‘o’ shape Christy and slide your tongue along my shaft.  As i push forwards i grimace as her upper teeth scrapes the middle of my shaft. Knowing she lacks experience, I grip her hair pulling her off my cock.

Keep this in mind when  sucking a cock “Curl your upper lip under your top teeth.!” Moving it with my fingers “Guys won’t be so pleased with scraping skin off his cock. Sliding my cock back into her mouth, this time there’s no unpleasant sensation as it slides over her lips into the back of her throat.  To encourage her “Oh yeah Christy that’s a fast learner!” taking the sides of her head, my thumbs  just under her earlobes I help her take more of my cock into her mouth.

Looking down I amazed to see her brown eyes looking up at me then close as if trying to wipe tears out of them. Setting the rhythm for her, pulling here up and down my shaft, letting go and letting her do it herself. “Jesus Christ Christy you’re a natural cocksucker!”. She has about three in a half inches of my cock in her mouth and i’m happy with that considering this is her first cock!’ For more than five minute she works me, as I feel my balls churn i let the first shot go off into her mouth before pulling out and aiming my cock down to her tits.

Without being told she swallow what i shot into her mouth. Feeling the hot sticky liquid splash onto her skin of her tits and shoulders She looks up confused at my actions. “I don’t think you’re ready to swallow a full load of cum Christy” When i’m done cumming, I help her up, “With more practice I’ll make you swallow more until you’re drinking it all down like a milkshake!” Taking her hand leading her to the bathroom

“Bet you like to shower wouldn’t you?

                                                              More To Come
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Love & Control
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Forced Sex Stories / Re: Girlhood: Prologue / Chapter 1 (08/24/2017)
« Last post by vile8r on August 26, 2017, 12:05:36 PM »
We have a classic in the making! Great start Minnie!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: More Than Laundry
« Last post by gscmar64 on August 26, 2017, 12:04:35 PM »
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You're a bad man! Banging her in the laundry room,while the poor girl was blindfolded, she thinking you were her boyfriend, then violating her on her parents' couch...NOW, taking her into the sanctity of her own bedroom to do God-knows-what to her! You're a bad man! But please......continue!

To paraphase Jessica Rabbit "I'm not a bad man I just write that way!! (and that can be taken in any context you want to!)
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Girlhood: Prologue / Chapter 1 (08/24/2017)
« Last post by Jed on August 26, 2017, 08:54:34 AM »
This is a very nice start Minnie.  I'll be checking for more and looking forward to it.

Now about my payment for moving the story for you?
Forced Sex Stories / Re: "Daddy's Debt"
« Last post by Jed on August 26, 2017, 08:34:08 AM »
When I read the first chapter a few days ago it seemed a little predictable and a little like a couple of my stories (also ones that were predictable).

I read the remaining chapters over the last couple evenings and found them to be incredibly arousing, so much so I actually 'saved' most of the last chapter to read last night (and I read it again this morning).

I saw somewhere someone calling you the master of psychological rape, and I couldn't agree more.  The inclusion of erotic asphyxiation as a means to both arouse and control the girl is genius (and very hot).  And she hasn't even been penetrated yet except for the interrupted oral on her father.

You know I get a little squeamish at girls under 14 in stories, but I'm not minding at all she's 13 in this one.  Please continue her training Brokenwing, looking forward to more even if it makes my lap try to make my laptop tip over. . . . again.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Girlhood: Prologue / Chapter 1 (08/24/2017)
« Last post by minniemcf on August 26, 2017, 02:28:23 AM »
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Great Start. looking forwards to reading more!

Thanks! I'm looking forward to writing more, so it works out well for both of us! :)
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