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Thank you Zaren and Gscmar!
This may very well be the best story I have read on this site. Your writing is phenomenal, keep it up!
Sex Talk / Re: Why are women so irresistible and sexy?
« Last post by bulldog1975 on July 10, 2018, 06:05:17 PM »
A pair of tight white shorts with ass cheeks peeking out drives me wild.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Institutionalized
« Last post by shannyfries on July 09, 2018, 09:25:09 PM »
It's been weeks......
i like one who could play mindtricks on me, psychological torture, force, physical dominance... online rp :))
Sex Talk / Re: Blow jobs
« Last post by monochromelily on July 09, 2018, 09:41:16 AM »
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She just needs the right guy.  One who is caring, loving and gently orders her to swallow.

i like the contrast in "gently orders her to swallow"

if i get a guy like that, i'd def swallow too!

You just need your hair stroked and whispered words of encouragement, your head guided up and down by my hand with our eyes in constant contact.

Just like this!   

Hahaha! i love that. I don't even care if it's manipulative kindness to get me to swallow 😂 In fact, that might even be a turn on... mindtricks and all...
Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Rave Girl: Another Adventure with the Predators Club
« Last post by vile8r on July 06, 2018, 01:29:15 AM »
Holy crap, Unzy! Thank you for the reminder! LOL! I finished this story ages ago and I thought I had posted the rest. Apparently I did not. I will be posting it right away. Again.....Thank you for taking interest in my stories and bringing this to my attention.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Rave Girl: Another Adventure with the Predators Club
« Last post by unzy1 on July 02, 2018, 05:21:49 PM »
Hey vile.  Did you have an ending in mind for this one?
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Torturing Tayla
« Last post by archon on June 30, 2018, 12:52:16 PM »
Tayla woke with a start.  For a moment, she was disoriented.  Then everything came back.  She’d been castrated.  Her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend had cut her clit off.  She was back in the barn.  Her wrists were tied behind the post.  She was on her knees and her ankles were also tied, around the post.  She was gagged and blindfolded.
   “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.  But you bit Amy.  You had to know we weren’t gonna’ let that slide.  What were you thinking?  What did you hope to accomplish? Amy’s still pretty pissed.” Matt’s voice asked from the darkness, “Oh yeah, I know you’re awake.” Scarcely had he said this then Tayla heard the barn doors open and footsteps stomped towards her.  A hard kick to her stomach would’ve knocked her over if she weren’t bound.  A sharp kick to her head dazed her.  A punch to her cheek a kick to her ribs, a knee to her chin…Tayla couldn’t see where the next attack was coming from, no way to ready herself for it.  After a few minutes, Amy stormed out, with a few choice words for Tayla.  What she thought of her.
   “Fucking bitch, ho, whore, slut, cunt, dogfucker, skank…” she said as she left.  Tayla let her mind drift.  She was exhausted.  Her thoughts turned again to her family.  To James, who she’d met through her captor, Matt, to her children.
   “James,” she sobbed to herself “I love you,” she said convinced that Amy would return and kill her.  Amy did return and she wasn’t alone.  Tayla could make out several excited voices, whistles, catcalls and obscene and vulgar names.  She heard Matt call for silence.
   “Gentlemen.  Behind me, you see our plaything.  There are only two rules.  Number one, you may use her in any way you wish, which brings us to rule number two.  She has to be alive at the end.”  Tayla felt the ropes loosen and she was pushed face down.  Amy knelt on her back while unfastening the gag and removing her blindfold.
   “One more thing gentlemen.  Our little fuck-doll here has recently been castrated.”  A small cheer went up.  When the blindfold was removed, Tayla saw a small group of men, far smaller than the group that had gathered in the hose a few days ago.  The first guy looked like he played line backer for the NFL.  He grabbed the petite redhead and slammed her into the wall.
   “Hey cutie.  Don’t have your little clitty?  Too bad for you.” He punctuated the word ‘you’, by slamming into her.  She felt like he was splitting her apart.  She looked down to see he wasn’t even all the way in yet.  The pain was already tremendous.  Her petite body shook and convulsed as he pushed in.  He loved how her pussy clamped together in a vain attempt to keep him out, but only served to increase his pleasure.  He was going to make sure she missed her precious clit.  The pretty redhead couldn’t have imagined the suffering she would endure.  Her life was a living hell.  The big guy fucking her, found he couldn't long resist the pretty, suffering, redhead as she cried on the end of his shaft and shot his load deep within her.  He dropped her and she fell face down on her knees, before she could move, he drove his shaft into her ass and proceeded to rape her ass.  Tayla was sure he ass was destroyed.  Since he had cum a few seconds earlier, he was a long time cumming, the whole time, he ripped Tayla’s cute tight ass, the fantasy of many of her male friends.  Tayla finally felt his release.  With his foot, he flipped her over and squatted over her chest and slapped Tayla’s cheek with his cock.
   “You know what I want, cutie,” he said.  Tayla was afraid he’d dislocate her jaw, but she had little choice.  She opened her mouth.  He didn’t dislocate her jaw, but he did start to snake down her throat.
   “Clean it off!” he roared.  .
   “CLEAN IT OFF!  CLEAN IT OFF!”  the rest of the men chanted.  Tayla’s humiliation deepened.  He smiled he felt she’d cleaned him off, there was one more thing he wanted to do to the pretty redhead impaled on his cock.  With a small sigh, he shot a stream of piss down her throat into her stomach.  He stepped back as he pulled up his pants and did up his belt.  Tayla choked and gagged, gasping for breath, without warning, another cock was roughly shoved into her mouth.  At almost the same time, one was forcefully shoved into her torn anus.  She was thrown back and forth as her two rapists developed a rhythm.  She couldn’t do anything other than cry.
   “Just breathe through your nose baby and you’ll be fine,” the guy fucking her face mocked.  He enjoyed the sight of Tayla on all fours and choking on his cock.  The guy in her ass, came and was immediately replaced by another guy.  He began to slap her ass in the rhythm as she was pushed back and forth on two cocks.  Finally the skinny guy raping her face came hard and stepped back.  Tayla swallowed the sticky load and was ready for another cock.  The previous man up her ass plugged her mouth and the smell and taste of her own ass overpowered her almost as soon as her mouth was plugged, the rapist in her ass released  his load.  He was quickly replaced by another.  What she couldn’t see from her position was her torment was getting Amy hot.  Amy’s hand was down her panties and she was rubbing herself hard.  Matt was enjoying watching his ex-girlfriend get detroyed, to notice his current girlfriend was nearing an orgasm of her own. 
Oh tell me he's about to ride to find her! She deserves happiness!
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