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Forced Sex Stories / Re: Stolen: Chapter 2 (Latest Chapter added: 09-07)
« Last post by brokenwing on September 10, 2017, 11:13:24 PM »
Incredible read so far.  Horrifying!  The written word puts you into the room with her and on the cold muddy rough floor.  I even felt I sensed a perception for what seemed like an overwhelming large room with an un-reachable high ceiling.

I felt like I could smell the alcohol on "daddy's" drunk breath. 

The situation just seems to be getting more bleak.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Cusp of Womanhood
« Last post by Emily on September 09, 2017, 02:41:15 PM »
Thank for keeping your promise and posting this today! :D
Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Cusp of Womanhood
« Last post by Jed on September 09, 2017, 12:25:19 PM »
I Canít Stop Thinking About Him

I didnít sleep well all night, and I didnít go to the carnival that day on Thursday with the other kids.  I lied and told mom I didnít feel well and stayed in bed until well after noon.  I also went to bed early and lay there thinking of him, and what he did to me, and what he made me do.  The worst thing being how he pushed me away when he was done with me.  I couldnít stop thinking about it, and I couldnít stop thinking about him.  It was like I could feel his hands on me while I tried to sleep.  I looked and it was almost 10PM, and I still couldnít stop thinking about him.  I knew I didnít want him to see me or make me do anything ever again, but I had to get another look at him.  So then, I finally got up and got dressed and sneaked out and walked the 15 minutes it took to get to the fairgrounds.

At the carnival, I hung in the shadows.  Drunken men walked by and tried to talk to me, shouting nasty things about my body.  One even tried to grab my arm, but I slipped away from him.  I was looking for him, but I didnít want him to see me.  I was afraid of what would happen if he did.  I finally found him over by the dunking booth.

Last year someone told me there was always a man or two that hung back behind the dunking booth.  The man in clown makeup in the dunking cage made people mad, and made them want to dunk him.  He would yell things at the men, and insult them to get them to pay for and throw balls to dunk him.  Sometimes the clown made people so mad, they wanted to hurt him.  The men who watched were there in case someone wanted to try and beat him up.  I guess that was what he was doing there, protecting the clown dunking man.

He was with another guy talking, and then he turned and looked right at me.  I donít know how he knew I was there or could even see me in the dark.  I was frozen in place, and he began walking towards me.  I wanted to run, but my legs turned to jello.  And then he was there and put his rough big hand on my neck squeezing.  I knew then I was lost, and my shoulders slumped in defeat.

He led me by the neck around and between tents and through a back gate.  It was not a gate for getting in or out of the carnival.  It was where the carnival people had their trucks and trailers and stuff.  He led me to on old dented, rusty and dirty trailer and opened the door pushing me inside.  Once inside he pushed me towards a bed in the back and ordered, ďTake your clothes off little bird.Ē

I stood there next to the bed, my head down and whispered, ďYouíre really going to take my virginity this time arenít you?Ē
ďBut I donít want you to, please donít.Ē my shaky voice getting pleading.
ďEven you know itís too late to stop that.Ē

Somehow, I did know that.  I knew I was defeated.  I didnít have to come back to the carnival and find him, but I did.  I could have run when he looked at me, but I donít think I wanted to.  I brushed a few tears off my cheek, and looked at his hard stare and stern face.  Under his gaze, I knew what I had to do and began undressing.  I was slow on purpose somehow hoping he would say, ĎNever mind,í but he didnít.  I expected him to tell me to get undressed faster, but he patiently watched me.

Even before I met him, I suspected there was something really wrong with me.  Now undressing in front of him, I was positive there was something broken and damaged about me.  I know Iím way too young for sex.  It seems like it was only yesterday I didnít have breasts or any hair down there, but now as I pushed my panties off my hips letting them drop to the floor, I still felt like a little kid.  Now naked in front of this much older and larger man, I briefly went to cover my chest and crotch with my arm and hands, and then dropped them to my sides knowing how useless that was.  The reason why I knew I was broken and damaged was despite my fear of what he was about to do, I was also completely turned on and already a little wet from undressing for him.

He had me sit on the bed next to him while he undressed.  I inhaled the smell of him again with him so close, that intoxicating man smell.  Once he was naked, and I could see him far better than before, I found I couldnít look.  While I averted my gaze, I could see him put an old tattered blanket down on the bed.  What happened next surprised me.  He put something up to my neck, around it and then buckled it.  He then hooked it to a strap to it.  I knew what it was, a dog collar, and he just leashed me like I was his pet.

I felt a shudder go through my body thinking about being his pet.  The shudder wasnít all bad despite me wanting to hate it.  He pulled me up on his lap then, his hand on my body like last night touching my breasts and almost immediately I heard myself moan.  I could feel it hard under me so very close to my vagina.  Then he did something that for some reason surprised me.  He kissed me.

It wasnít the kind of kiss I ever experienced.  His mouth was open and his tongue forced its way into my mouth.  I was moaning into his mouth and kissing him back.  I donít know when I did it, but my arms were around his neck while we kissed.  He turned and very slowly pushed me down on the tattered blanket.  I began panicking then and started to struggle.  Once he got me on my back I struggled even harder, and thatís when he slapped me across the face really hard, and said in a mild and not even angry voice, ďNothing is stopping this, so you might as well quit that.Ē

My face stung from the slap, and while I was in a little shock at being slapped, something Iím not sure ever happened to me, it seemed to instantly calm me.  He took the grip of the leash and tied in through a metal eyehook in the wall.  I watched in fascination knowing I could easily untie it.  Somehow my eyes wandered and I saw there were more of these eyehooks around the sides and back of the bed that were the walls of the trailer.  Seeing him tie the leach to one had me envisioning tying girls was the reason for them.  I couldnít help it, but the thought of being tied up in his bed brought me right back to being very turned on.

His knees pushing between my knees to open my legs brought my attention back to him.  It seemed to be very practiced, the motion he made that forced my legs open until they were widely spread.  As he lowered himself between my legs, I wanted to try and push him away.  Instead, I found my hands on his hips just holding them.  I then felt it, that thing that had been in my mouth, probing me down there.  I realized I was whispering a prayer.  I havenít prayed since I was 6, but I was now.  He had it right there at my folds, and I tensed waiting for it.

Already wincing in anticipation with my whole body rigid, I thought to myself, this is really going to hurt.
Don't ask. This came from a discussion on another site, but since I insist on sharing everything...

A Random Dragon Vignette

Once upon a time in the land of Gueliphidichia, the people lived happy and prosperous lives, selling magic clam shells to both sides in the perpetual war between the goblins and the Keebler elves. One day their serenity was disturbed by a fire breathing dragon that descended upon them from the skies above. As they ran screaming, the mighty dragon, a hundred feet long, circled over their heads.

"Give me your most beauteous maiden, bronze-skinned and voluptuous, as naked tribute or I shall rain fire down upon all your lands!" the dragon roared. "You have six hours!"

He flew off, and the panicked Gueliphidichians scrambled to find their maiden for sacrifice. Immediately everyone knew that only the stunning Indariniaphelicia, daughter of Olafudrondinkonelly, could suffice. They found her hiding in terror under the floorboards of the distillery. Quickly the people dragged her off, stripped her naked, bathed her, and chained her to a stout pole at the top of Kilamarthiacooninan's Hill, outside the capital city. From a distance they watched as the mighty dragon descended upon her.

He was clearly happy. His dragonhood was fully extended under him as he landed and approached yon fair maiden, who fought mightily, screaming in terror. "Fear not, yon maiden," the dragon said to her. "I have come to make you my dragon mate. You shall sleep on beds spun of gold and dine on the finest feasts. Wealth exceeding one hundred of the richest kingdoms will be at your disposal for the rest of your life."

"Oh. Cool!" yon fair maiden said with a broad smile.

But then, as the horrified people looked on, yon dragon while gazing into the eyes of his human female betrothed suddenly was accursed of a single hiccup. In a flash of flame and a puff of smoke, she was gone.

"Accursed Vindaloo take-out!" The dragon cried. "Why do I keep ordering their Spicy Sanchez Special? Whenever shall I learn!" And then he took off and was gone forever.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: On-Line Boyfriend
« Last post by blondiecath on September 08, 2017, 04:06:23 AM »
Nice to hear there's more coming Jed, this is a good one :)
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Stolen: Chapter 2 (Latest Chapter added: 09-07)
« Last post by gscmar64 on September 07, 2017, 04:41:29 PM »
great place to have him take her. She can feel dirty while cleaning up without leaving the room!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Stolen
« Last post by Emily on September 07, 2017, 03:49:38 PM »
Written: 09-07-2017
Revised: 09-07-2017   

September 21st. Thirteen days before the Room.

   Just a few days after my thirteenth birthday, my Mom got married to a man named Gregory. Now Gregory, or Daddy, as he Ďaskedí me to call him, was not a nice man. While it was true that he had treated my Mom like royalty, and his friends and others equally well, he treated me as little more than a parasite. His words, not mine. He hated me, and while he hid it well around others and even my Mom, he had no such restraint in showing his contempt for me, any time that he and I were alone. No matter how small and unimportant a grievance I made against him was, he would scream at me, berate me, and more than once, even strike me.

   Last year he slapped me just simply for humming a song I liked while he was trying to watch the football game. He struck me so hard, that it left a red welt on my cheek. I had to lie to my Mom when she got home from work, telling her it was from soccer practice. All the while, he sat in the living room with his eyes glued to me, making sure I didnít speak a bad word against him.

   That was the first time he hit me, and it wouldnít be the last. That was also the first moment that I realized just how much he hated my very existence. He had after all, called me a parasite, and on the day of my thirteenth birthday no less. What kind of a person does that to a child? He didnít give me a hug, nor a present or even a simple ĎHappy Birthday.í No, instead what I got was being left humiliated, insulted, and scared.

   I still remember that afternoon perfectly. It was the perfect day. A windy autumn afternoon, that was neither too warm nor too cold. The sun was out, and the skies were blue and clear. I thought that nothing could ruin a day like that, not even him. It was my thirteenth birthday, with a party where I was surrounded by all of my friends and family, and Greg, too. I didnít think that given the circumstances, heíd even consider doing something to ruin it, but he did. I shouldíve known something was up when he called me into the house for seemingly no reason.

   I didnít want to go, but my Mom heard my protests, and saw my hesitation and told me not to argue with him. I begrudgingly stomped inside, all alone with my soon-to-be step dad.

   The very moment I stepped inside, he shut the sliding doors behind us. I had just gotten out of pool, and was leaving a trail of water on the floor. He roughly grabbed my wrist and pulled me aside, just out of view of the glass. I protested and received in return a firm slap to my face and a comment on how I was a dirty girl, for making such a mess on the floor. I could smell the alcohol on his breath as he spoke, and knew he had been drinking in secret.

   Greg was a mean drunk. He held his liquor well, and he didnít telegraph his intoxication much. But as cruel as he was sober, he was another kind of evil when he was drinking. At least, to me he was.

    I tried to yell at him, reasoning that he had forced me inside without a towel, but he struck me before I could. He then pressed his hand against my mouth tightly. I was terrified, but I did not move. He had hit me before, but this was different. I chose to remain still, afraid of what he might do if I didnít.

   He then shoved me hard against the wall of the kitchen. Just inches away from the door, with my Mom and friends outside swimming and enjoying what was, for them, an enjoyable party. Greg was giving me a much different experience though, and I had no idea at that moment what his intentions truly were. While I hated him, and he had been physical with me in the past, it was never like this; it never felt inappropriate and wrong like this did.

   After all, he was mere inches away from me. I could feel the warmth from his body radiating against mine. His hand was still pressed tightly over my lips, and he leaned forward and began to whisper in my ear.

   ďDonít fucking move.Ē He said threateningly. ďAnd donít make a fucking sound, understand?Ē

   And I didnít. I just nodded and remained perfectly still against the wall, terrified and sniffling. I then felt his fingers brush against my tummy. He commented on how smooth I felt, and how I was finally becoming a woman. Then he started to kiss my neck, sucking and gently nibbling at my flesh. His fingers didnít once leave my tummy as he did.

   I closed my eyes and tried to shut it all out. His kisses. His fingers massaging my stomach. Everything. Greg had no intention of allowing me such a comfort, however. The next thing I knew, I was on the floor, coughing and heaving. He had punched me hard in the stomach. Hard enough to knock the air from my lungs, and hard enough for me to get the message.

   ďStand up, idiot.Ē Greg said, begetting no response. ďStand up, I stand! Weíre going to the bathroom.Ē He repeated louder.

   This time I stood up. I knew better after what he had just done than to ignore or disobey him. I always knew there was a monster lurking in there, but I had never realized just how bad it really was. As he led me through the kitchen and down the hall to the bathroom, I figured I was about to find out first hand. As I stepped inside after him, he closed the door slowly before shoving me hard against it. I heard it lock as he turned the knob and knew just then that my fate had been sealed.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: "Daddy's Debt"
« Last post by Emmy on September 06, 2017, 10:34:32 PM »
Wow very twisted! I cannot wait to see what mind games he has for her
News and Current Events / And another cop joins the ranks of the unemployed!
« Last post by vile8r on September 06, 2017, 08:42:33 PM »
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Most likely this cop will be looking for a new job after this! LOL
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Stolen
« Last post by vile8r on September 06, 2017, 07:14:53 PM »
I expect nothing less from Emily!
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