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Forced Sex Stories / Re: Who's Arresting Who?
« Last post by vile8r on November 22, 2017, 10:05:04 AM »
Deputy Lemay drove along down the picturesque road toward the campground at Elk Lake. She had grown up in this area, and yet she never got tired of the gorgeous scenery. She rounded a curve and went by the old Henderson place. It had been a large dairy farm at one time. The old barn and some of the outbuildings still stood, but the house was gone. Some vandals had burned it down several years ago.

 As Darcy passed the old driveway, she caught movement out of the corner of her right eye. She slammed on the brakes and looked back. Sonuvabitch! There was two figures running through the tall grass towards the barn. It looked like they were carrying backpacks.

A thought ran through Darcy's mind immediately. The escaped juveniles! It had to be!  Who the hell else would be out here? No one lived around for several miles and it was too far from the campground. Deputy Lemay's heart began to pound.

If it was them, why did she only see two? Maybe they'd split up! That made sense. Five people traveling together would be far more conspicuous! But what should she do? She was supposed to call in back-up if she saw them.

But it would take a while for another patrol car to get out here! Still she'd better follow the sheriff's orders.
She had pulled over to the side of the road and she grabbed the mike of her two-way radio. "Attention dispatch! This is Deputy Lemay in Car 2! I am at the old Henderson farm north of town. I have a 10-10....repeat.....I have a 10-10!"

The radio was response. She tried again and still nothing. Then she realized the little green light on the transmitter that indicated she was sending, wasn't on! Her heart sunk. They had been having some recent troubles with their radio system malfunctioning. Around town, it never seemed to be an issue, but once they got away from town, the radios would act up and not want to transmit properly. It was an old radio system and had been growing increasingly unreliable.

The sheriff had put in a requisition to the Hollister town council for a new, more reliable radio system. But due to budget restraints, they'd been told to hold tight for a couple more months. Now what was she going to do? Darcy reached in her pocket and pulled out her cellphone. She'd just have to call her uncle and get him to send out some backup for her. She looked at her phone screen. No reception!

She knew what she had to do. She was going to have to apprehend these kids herself. But hey, there was only two of them! She had seen no signs of the other three. And how hard should it be to arrest two teenage kids? She had a gun, they didn't!

This was just the kind of thing too, that would really vindicate herself to the other officers on the force! Deputy Lemay brought in two escaped prisoners! Maybe then, she wouldn't be thought of as just the sheriff's cute niece!
She turned around in the road and headed back to the driveway. She drove up to the barn slowly. She knew the kids were likely inside by now. Darcy stepped out of the car. Looking at her equipment belt, she saw she had her baton and sidearm and her taser. Good! She was well armed and ready.
She approached the barn warily, her service revolver drawn.


In the trees by the road, Des, Eddy, and Greg watched as the police cruiser entered the old farmyard.
"Shit, it's the cops, man!" Eddy whispered. "We're fucked!"

"Just be quiet," Des hissed. "They haven't seen us. They only saw Nick and Kurt."

They then watched as the car came to a stop near the barn, and a single police officer stepped out. A female police officer!
"Hey, check out the hottie cop!" Eddy said.

"Yeah, she ain't too shabby, is she?" Des grinned.
"Looks pretty sweet for a cop," said Eddy.
"You ever thought about doing a lady cop?" Des asked.

"Oh fuck, all the time! I wanted to do a couple of the guards they had back at the jail. If I had the chance to do a hot cop, I'd go for it."
"Well, how about now?" Des smirked. "There's five of of her. Hey, if we're gonna get sent back to the slammer, we might as well make the best of our time outside. We do a cop, we'll be heroes back at juvey!"

"You're serious!" Eddy stated, his mouth hanging open.

"Damn right, I'm serious. We got her out herself....let's have some action with the bitch. Let's do her like we did that stuck-up cunt at school."
"B-but....she's got a gun," Greg piped up.

"So what?" Des retorted. "She doesn't know we're here. We can get the drop on her. Look at her! You think she's gonna be able to take on five of us at once? We'll have that cocky bitch on her back and our dicks in and out before she knows what happened. So whaddaya say? I know you'd like to get your dick wet, wouldn't you, Greg?"

"I-I don't...know!" Greg said sheepishly.

"Oh fuck off!" Des snapped. "Look at that! That's a woman, Greg! Not some little junior high school girl! You got the chance to slide the ol' weiner into some prime cunt. Don't tell me you don't know!"

"Hell, I'm in," said Eddy.
"I knew you would be, Eddy. I know you too well," said Des. "Okay, let's do this!"

Darcy walked into the barn. There was still enough daylight outside that she had no problem seeing.
"Okay, you two!" She yelled. "This is Deputy Sheriff Lemay of the Hollister police department! I know you're in here. I'm ordering you to come out now! Keep your hands out where I can see them!"

Nick and Kurt came stepping out from behind the wall of an old milking stall. Both held their hands high in the air.
"Get over here and get on the ground," Darcy barked.

"Okay...okay! Just don't shoot us! We're not armed!" said Nick. He had a strange smirk on his face as he looked over at his friend.
"What's going on?" asked Darcy nervously, as she held her gun straight out in front of her.

She began to get a bad feeling and was just about to look behind her, when two strong arms wrapped around her, catching her in a powerful bear hug. Too late, Darcy realized she had just walked into a trap!

Nick had seen Des slowly and quietly sneak up behind the female deputy. Now he lunged forward and brought his right arm down on Darcy's wrist, making her drop her gun. She had been so surprised and shocked, she wasn't even able to get a shot off. Seeing her now disarmed, Kurt jumped in as well. Within a few seconds, all five boys had swarmed her, wrestling and pulling Deputy Lemay down to the ground.

"Get off me, you assholes! NOW!" she screamed.

As she was pinned to the floor of the barn, Nick grabbed her by the front of her shirt.

"Where's your partner?" he demanded.

"I-I don't have one!" she spat.
"She's telling the truth," said Des. "We saw her get out of her car. She's alone."

"We need to hide her car," said Eddy. "If someone drives by, they're  gonna see it."

"I know who you boys are!" Darcy snapped. "You're all in a lot of trouble. And even more, now that you've assaulted a peace officer!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Des snarled. "You fucked up big time, sweetie, trying to take us all down by yourself!"
"Yeah, but maybe she's got backup coming," Nick said.

"Do you?" asked Des.

Darcy was silent for a second, then she spoke. "Yeah....yeah, I do!"

"She's fuckin' lyin'," Eddy smirked. "If she'd had back up coming, she'd have waited until they were here! She only saw Nick and Kurt and figured there was only two of us!"

Darcy was silent again. "I have....b-backup coming....I'm not lying." She realized she wasn't sounding very authoritative.
Des looked at Eddy and back at Darcy. "I think you're right Eddy. The bitch is feeding us bullshit."

The look of despair on Darcy's face was all they needed to see. She knew she was screwed! She had just broken one of the cardinal rules of policing.....always get backup! And now, here she was, disarmed and at the mercy of five teenage boys....dangerous teenage boys! With NO backup and no one even really knowing where she was!
Forced Sex Stories / Natalie's Regret
« Last post by TheDirtyPrincess on November 22, 2017, 07:38:37 AM »
WARNING: This is a story about rape. Rape is bad; don’t do it, OK?

Natalie pulled at the hem of her dress, regretting her decision to take the dare of her friends and go out without wearing any underwear. She’d always been one to accept a dare, but now, standing in the dim lights of the crowded bar and with a dress that only went a few inches below her ass, Natalie was thinking that she’d made a bad decision. Especially as she was attracting glances from a lot of men; Natalie was convinced they could tell she was wearing nothing underneath her dress.

Natalie looked around to try and see where he friends were but they were nowhere in sight. Hoping to gain a respite from all the stares she was getting, Natalie pushed her way through the crowd towards following the signs that pointed in the direction of the toilets. As Natalie moved amongst the throng of people, she tensed as she felt hands reaching out to grab at her ass; amidst so many people, though, Natalie had no way of knowing who was grabbing at her. As each hand touched her ass, Natalie felt increasingly self-conscious, her sense of feeling violated not helped by the fact she was wearing nothing under her dress.

Finally, Natalie made it to the corridor where the toilets were, with the men’s and women’s toilets directly opposite each other. Natalie walked down the corridor towards the toilets, but as she went to enter the women’s toilets, a hand was suddenly placed firmly over her mouth whilst an arm grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into the men’s room. Natalie started to panic but there was nothing she could do as she was marched over to a line of sinks that went down the middle of toilets.

Natalie found herself being bent over the sinks; suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed her wrists, pulling them across the sinks and Natalie was totally helpless as someone behind her hiked up her dress to expose her bare ass. Natalie tried to struggle but was clipped around the head with several heavy slaps, the blows stunning Natalie, leaving her unable to defend herself as a rock hard cock was jammed forcefully into her pussy. Natalie thought about screaming but her resistance had been broken; there were at least two people involved, and they’d already shown a willingness to get physical. She feared that if she caused any more trouble that she’d suffer more than a few slaps around the head.

So Natalie just stayed there, tears streaming down her face as she was raped. The stranger raped her for several minutes before pushing into her as far as he could go and unloading several waves of cum deep into her pussy. Natalie felt warm breath on her neck as the stranger withdrew himself from her; for a moment, Natalie wondered if her ordeal was over, but that idea was soon dispelled when Natalie felt a second cock being shoved into her pussy and she was now being raped again.

As the second assailant was raping her, Natalie raised her head to looked in front of her; whoever was holding her arms, keeping her pinned down, was too close for Natalie to see anything but a plain black shirt. When the second rapist was done, he pushed into Natalie as far as he could go as he unloaded his cum into her, Natalie tensing as she felt every wave of the warm fluid hitting the walls of her pussy. True to her risk-taking nature, Natalie was not on any kind of birth control, and she dreaded the idea of getting pregnant as a result of this ordeal.

But such thoughts were soon pushed from her mind as she heard the men’s room door opened; was this her chance to be rescued?

Far from it, as whoever entered the toilets just laughed and Natalie heard footsteps as this new stranger approached. Natalie was frozen with fear as she heard the sound of a zipper, and she tensed up again, dreading the feeling of a third cock being rammed into her pussy. But that dread grew into pure horror when Natalie felt the stranger spread her ass cheeks to expose her asshole; the stranger spat on the asshole a few times and before Natalie could brace herself, a rock hard cock was being rammed into her ass, its owner shoving it inside Natalie as hard as he could. Natalie screamed, a high pitched yell, but a hand was quickly clamped over her mouth to stifle any sound.

Natalie still screamed, though, as this third stranger began anally raping her. With each thrust of the stranger’s cock, Natalie felt excruciating pain coursing through her body, the agony almost too much for her to take. Over and over again, the stranger jammed his cock into Natalie’s ass, and over and over again Natalie felt agonizing pain throughout her body. After several minutes of this torture, the stranger pushed himself as deep into Natalie as he could go before firing off a tremendous load of cum into her. It was like nothing Natalie had ever felt before; Natalie had never experimented with anal sex. This was the first time Natalie had felt a cock in her ass. She didn’t like how it felt.

As the third stranger withdrew from Natalie, she found herself being pulled to her feet, her dress slipping down to cover her up. With tears still in her eyes, Natalie could barely see as she found herself being marched out of the men’s room and down the corridor, but instead of going back towards the main area of the bar, Natalie was being taken down the other end of the corridor. They came up to a door that led to an alley behind the bar. In the event of a fire, it was to be used as a means of escape. Someone reached ahead of Natalie and opened the door before a pair of hands shoved Natalie out of the door and into the alley, the door then slamming shut behind her.

Outside, Natalie burst into tears, the emotional trauma now starting to hit home. What had turned into a simple case of taking a dare had turned into a horrific nightmare. After several minutes of heavy crying, Natalie wiped the tears from her eyes and looked around, trying to figure out which way to go. The alley was long and the way out didn’t seem obvious, so Natalie went towards the direction of the sound of traffic. As Natalie passed a dumpster and a garbage can, she stumbled over something, but before she could fall, hands reached out to grab her and stop her from falling.

Natalie turned to thank whoever it was that had caught her, but before she could say anything, Natalie found herself being pushed forward and bent over the garbage can. Natalie could sense the presence of people either side of her, and this was confirmed when she found her arms being held down tightly to keep her in place and unable to move.

Whoever was behind Natalie pulled up her dress, her ass now exposed.

“Oh no”, thought Natalie. “Not again”.

The End

Forced Sex Stories / Re: Closing Time: Rachel's Ordeal
« Last post by vile8r on November 21, 2017, 11:45:37 PM »
Andy stood at the end of the pool table and dropped his pants, showing a fat, thick cock standing at attention. It had a large purple head the size of a golf ball and veins stood out along the length of the shaft.

Andy told Carson and Derwin to let go of Rachel’s legs. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to the edge of the table so her legs were dangling over the edge. Owen and Bruce continued to hold her arms.

“Oh Rachel, baby,” Andy said, licking his lips as he gazed down at her reddened and swollen pussy lips. Her abused cunt still looked damn good, even after being savagely fucked by the five other men, although cum and a small bit of blood oozed from it.
“I have waited for this moment since the day you walked into my office! Been dyin’ to get inside that sweet little hole of yers!”

Using Rachel’s ripped shorts, Andy wiped away some of the excess cum dripping out of her and smeared on her inner thighs. Then with his large sweaty hands, he lifted her legs up and placed them on his shoulders.

“Oh G-g-god! NOOOOOO! A-Andy! Please! NOOOOOOOO!” Rachel begged as she shook her head from side to side.

It was bad enough being raped by these other men, but now for it to happen from the one man she thought she could trust…..! I mean, she always knew Andy was a sexist pig, but it had always seemed so harmless. She had never imagined he would actually go through with something like this!

Rachel’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she screamed as Andy’s thick shaft penetrated her. He pushed in about halfway and then pulled back. Then shoved in again, even harder. He let out a grunt of pleasure as his thick rod bottomed out.

“God……damn!” Andy exclaimed. He was doing it! He was fucking Rachel!

He began to slowly rape the object of his masturbation fantasies, his big hands wrapped around her thighs. His flabby ass cheeks shook and jiggled, as he worked his nasty fuck tool in and out of the blonde girl. Rachel lay there, her eyes tightly closed, her mouth wide open, letting out gasps of pain as the thick shaft stretched her open.

  Andy’s fat gut pressed against her and she felt small droplets of his sweat fall on her. He was so repulsive! In and out……in and out……in and out…..! His fat dick sawed back and forth inside her, the purple head like a small fist pounding her insides.

  He was so out of shape, Andy would have to slow down after every 5 or 6 thrusts and catch his breath, just holding himself inside her. Then, slowly, he would start up again. He didn’t care, though. It felt so great having his cock buried in her, he didn’t care if he was at it all night long!

Andy’s fat, flabby body was quite a contrast to the more wiry, muscular bodies of the construction workers.

 But soon, his balls were ready to release their seed. However, unlike the others, Andy had no intention of cumming inside her. He loved spraying loads on a girl’s stomach. And that was exactly what he did as he pulled his slimy dick out of Rachel and furiously stroked it.
  He grinned as he watched a thick stream of spooge shoot forth and deposit itself on Rachel’s tummy. Andy continued to stroke himself, milking all the cum out of his balls that he could.

  He backed away from Rachel, admiring the gobs and streaks of cum stuck to her smooth tummy. The other men released her arms and she slid off the table into a heap on the floor.

“Damn, that was some of the best fucking I’ve had in a long time!” said Andy.

“You and me both,” said Carson, slapping Andy on the back. “You laid into her good!”

“Well, like I said, I been waitin’ fer that fer a long time!” Andy replied.

“So what’s next?” asked Bruce. “We ain’t done with her yet, are we?”

“Shit, no!” said Carson. “But let’s take a break and have ourselves a drink first!”

Andy had pulled his pants back up and he went to the bar and came back with a tray of free beers for everyone.
“It’s on the house!” he chuckled.

The men sat at a table as they plotted their next move.

“I think we oughtta get some mouth action from her,” said Owen.

“Fuck yeah!” agreed Derwin. “Nothing better than some hot bitch’s mouth wrapped around a cock!”

“Hey Andy,” said Tad suddenly. “You see the mess Rachel left on your pool table? She’s left a hell of a fuckstain on it!”

Andy looked over and scowled at the large puddle of semen pooled in the middle of the table.

“You messy bitch!” he snarled at her. “A good whore would know how to keep all that inside her. Those pool tables are expensive to get re-covered!”

“I say make her lick it up!” Tad snickered.

“Good idea!” said Andy as he pulled Rachel to her feet and pushed her onto the table. “Start licking up your mess….all of it!”

“N-no……I-I c-can’t…..” she whimpered.

“You can…..and you WILL!” snapped Andy.

Rachel closed her eyes as she slowly began to lap at the slimy mess. It tasted horrid!

“Look at that ass!” said Carson as he watched her on her hands and knees. “She’s been wiggling that at us all night long! Getting us all hard as hell!”

“Then let’s do her ass!” Tad shouted out.

“Yeah!” said Carson. “ We’re gonna teach her a lesson of what happens when you shake that cute little thing around!”

“All right!” whooped Tad.

Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by gscmar64 on November 21, 2017, 09:09:33 PM »
A damn fine read Evilbastard, as I said else where only one little lapse- you totally glossed over her initial finding out what Theo did and it's fucked her over!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by DirtySerenity on November 21, 2017, 07:16:43 PM »
I'm lovin this story. I'm ready for more. You're getting me addicted.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by EvilBastard on November 21, 2017, 05:24:38 PM »
When Wally is about to order Sandy to lick all their dicks clean Tony came in whispering “Her daughter is coming.” Quickly Wally throws her the bathrobe and not a moment too soon. The very second she ties the belt her 6 year old walks in, looks at the boys with a serious frown and then turns to her mommy, oblivious of the cum in her hair and face.

“Mommy, I am hungry. When is breakfast?”

Sandy looks at Wally and he smiles, not a happy smile, but at least he tries.

“Breakfast will be soon sweetie” he says “Sorry about keeping your mom, but we are leaving now.”

“I don’t wanna leave” Theo pouts “I want to play some more.”

“Later Theo, I promise” Wally tells him “But now Mrs. M. needs to take care of her kids.”

Then he turns to the little girl and continues “Run up sweetie, tell your brothers that mommy will make breakfast now.”

He waits until the girl is gone and then turns to Sandy again “Make sure you bring them kids to your parents and be at this address at 2 pm. Not a minute later, you hear, or you will be punished.” He shoves a note into the pocket of her bathrobe and then he adds “Wear a summer dress, no shoes, no bra. Oh, when you expect your hubby back?”

“I … I am not sure, in 3 weeks, maybe 4” Sandy is too scared to lie to him now.

“Excellent” Wally grins evilly “Remember bitchy, 2 pm, not a second later.”

They all leave, not too happy about it, they could have played with Mrs. M. for hours, even days, but getting her this afternoon without interruptions is better than nothing.

As soon as they are outside Marty asks “Why are you so happy that her hubby aint be back for weeks? Even if he is at home, he would be out at work all day.”

Wally rolls his eyes in despair “You idiot, as long as he is outa town, he wont see possible bruises or marks on her. I figure we will have to let anything heal for about a week, so since he aint gonna be back for at least 3 weeks, we don’t have to be careful for another 2.”

Everyone grins at that and admires Wally for thinking about all the little details. He is a great leader and they all accept that, even Theo who doesn’t really understand what is going on.

“Now everyone get a couple of hours sleep. We meet at Tony’s. We will need 2 cars, mine is in the shop, so who can get one?”

Pete and Tony volunteer there wheels and while everyone else is going home, Wally accompanies Theo. This wont be easy, but he knows he has to speak to Theo’s parents to make sure they wont get too suspicious when they all suddenly include the retard.

Wally is a charmer, and after 30 minutes of assuring them how bad they all feel for being such irresponsible morons all those years, he actually convinces them that the gang wants to make good on every cruel trick they have played on Theo and they even call Wally an “upstanding young man” and a “responsible adult”. With that settled Wally promises to pick up Theo around 1:30 pm and gets some sleep himself, not much, but it has to do for now.

They all meet at Tony’s house at 1 pm, none of them feels tired even though they hardly slept.

“Where are we going?” Jake asks

“My uncle’s house” Wally explains “He is a musician and on tour right now. I have a key and it is in the Elms.”

Pete whistles and grins “Shady ville huh? That’s a great location. Nobody will ever notice anything.”

They all nod. The Elms are a shabby part of town, low rent, low income district and even a lot of bums. People there don’t care for anyone but themselves and nobody would call the police if they would hear someone scream. It is the perfect place to play with their new Milf toy.

Wally puts a sports bag in the trunk of Tony’s car before he picks up Theo and they all drive to his uncle’s house. It is an ugly part of town alright. There is not one building that has seen a fresh coat of paint in decades. The yards have not been cared for and are overgrown with weeds and wild grass and the streets are grungy and dirty, in short, it is a perfect place to play with Sandy.

They get inside the house and open all the windows because the air is stuffy inside. Wally has barely time to show them the rooms, especially the grimy old concrete basement before they all hear a car stopping in front of the house. Sandy gets out, looks on the note again and shivers a little when she realizes there is no mistake, this is the address Wally gave her. She is wearing a blue summer dress and her feet are bare, as instructed and the moment she walks towards the house they all see that she obeyed not wearing a bra too. Her soft, saggy mommy titties happily bounce under the thin fabric of the dress and she blushes deeply, knowing very well that everyone will immediately notice that she is braless.

Meekly she knocks at the door and Jake opens, looking at his watch “1:54 pm, you are cutting it close bitchy.”

Theo run towards Sandy and hugs her “Hello Mrs. M., I am so happy you are here. Now we can play again.” He turn to Wally and says “She is not nekkid”

Everyone laughs and Sandy blushes even deeper. “You heard Theo” Wally chuckles “Get naked and by the way, from now on, when you are inside with only us present, you will immediately take all your clothes off, you get that?”

Sandy sniffles softly and a few stubborn tears roll down her cheeks while she grabs the hem of the dress, pulls it over her head and lets it slide to the floor. Her panties follow soon after and she is completely exposed again, naked in front of those cruel young men.

“What the hell is that?” Pete cries out angrily and points to the fading imprint of a bra on Sandy’s bare skin “We said NO fucking bra you bitch!”

“I … I … sorry, please, I just … just wore a bra to bring the children to my parents. I took it off right after. I swear …”

Before Sandy can continue Wally backhands her so hard that she almost loses her balance.

“We agreed on church and work you bitch” he yells at her “Are your parents church or work?”

“No … no … but … pl….please … they would … would know something is not right. Please … my parents …and a few … a few other places are the same … the same as church and work. Please understand … you … you wouldn’t want anyone getting suspicious … would you?”

Wally thinks about this for a moment “Hmm, parents huh? Define other places.”

“Just … like maybe places that … that would be … conservative. Doctor’s office … and … supermarket … and PTA meetings … the theater … and … and anywhere were people would … would feel uncomfortable when my … my boobies would bounce so much.”

“You just said EVERYWHERE! That’s not the deal we agreed upon. Let’s examine this. Doctor’s office, NO FUCKING BRA and because you tried to pull one over on us, NO PANTIES either. Supermarket, NO BRA, let them see how your pathetic udders jiggle, PTA meeting, ok, I know some of those hypocrites, we will allow a bra, theater, let me guess, you don’t mean a movie theater, so we are talking about dressing up here, that is definitely a NO BRA situation. But, just to be fair to your prudish nature, should you ever have to go to a funeral, we will allow you to wear a bra there too. And guys, what do you say, we do allow one when she goes to her parents?”

They all grin and pretend to think about it. “Ok I guess” Marty says and the rest nods their approval.

Theo is confused about all the yelling and talking, so he just steps up to the naked Sandy and starts to squeeze her soft titties, smiling happy, enjoying the smooth skin.

“I like your tits Mrs. M. and I like how they jump and wiggle. If people get mad at you when they see them bounce under your clothes, you tell them that I like it, ok?” before the guys can laugh he has another idea “Or, or I go with you and hold them, I can hold them so they wont bounce see” To prove his words he grabs Sandy’s udders with all his strength and squeezes them so hard that she cries out in pain.

Everyone laughs now, the idea of the retard following Sandy around, holding her soft skin bags with his hands to prevent people from seeing how they wiggle is just too funny. But Theo is angry now, angry at Sandy for crying out in pain when he just wanted to help. Not letting go of her tits he lifts her up high enough to be face to face with him, which is quite a task, considering that he is 6’ 1’’ and she is 5’ 4’’ and of course it causes her to scream in agony. The strain on her soft boobs is incredible and her full weight is now tearing at them. Not that Sandy weighs that much, 117 pounds makes her a lightweight, but her tits have not been created to support that.

Even angrier now because she is screaming again, Theo throws the poor mom halfway across the room, letting her crash into a wall. “You are mean to me” he grumbles “I don’t want to play with you anymore.”

The guys watch all this in awe. They had no idea how strong the retard is and right now they really don’t want to mess with him. But then Marty breaks the silence

“Am I the only one who thought that was awesome?” he asks “Not reta… uhmm, Theo getting mad, more like suspending Sandy from her tits? I mean like AWSOME! That was so fucking sexy.”

“Hell yeah” Pete agrees and all but Jake nod to that “Maybe we can tie her udders and hang her by them sometime.” Pete grins

“Damn yes” Steve grins happy at that idea “And then fuck her while she is suspended by her tits. That would be something.”

“Fucking her is the clue” Wally interrupts their fantasy “Or are you all queers or eunuchs now? I thought we bring her here to have some fun?”     

Please keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by EvilBastard on November 21, 2017, 05:19:30 PM »
Thank you all for the encouragement, it really, really helps me to write this little fantasy story. It may be silly, but when I don't get any response, I lose interest in my own story, so please keep your comments coming
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Who's Arresting Who?
« Last post by gscmar64 on November 21, 2017, 02:52:03 PM »
great setup and two perfect ladies to  imagine as the main leads!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by gscmar64 on November 21, 2017, 02:43:28 PM »
 ;) just watch the read count and you'll know if it's liked or not! By now you should be aware that you developed a dedicated little following who reading this fantastic story!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by DirtySerenity on November 21, 2017, 10:08:17 AM »
You should most definitely continue. This is a fantastic story. I can't wait to see what all you have the boys do to Mrs. M.
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