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I love the story vile8r. you posted just enough to keep me hooked you tease
Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Rave Girl: Another Adventure with the Predators Club
« Last post by vile8r on July 12, 2018, 11:19:06 PM »
Ty and Reid half-carried, half-dragged the poor girl across the room to a door that entered into the small bathroom. Inside they set her on the toilet and let her take care of business. They washed her up a bit and splashed some water on her face.

She was dragged back to the living room. There, Morgan saw Clay sitting on a chair in the middle of the room. A pillow was on the floor in front of him. He was stroking his cock, looking at her with an evil grin.

The pretty teen was pushed down, so she was kneeling on the pillow, Clay’s cock directly in front of her face.
“So tell me, Morgan, are you good at sucking cock?” Clay asked.

She shook her head timidly. “I-I’ve never…..d-d-done that……with a boy,” she whimpered softly.

She was telling the truth too. Morgan had given a couple hand jobs to boys she had made out with, but so far she was very inexperienced at oral sex. She’d never had a boy’s penis anywhere near her mouth.

“Looks like we got a mouth virgin too,” Val smiled. “Damn, we really hit the jackpot tonight!”

“Yeah, you’re gonna learn how to suck cock tonight, baby,” Clay said. “You’re gonna suck us all. Now start by kissing it.”

He put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her in closer to his crotch. Morgan softly kissed his rock-hard shaft and Clay sighed feeling her warm, soft lips on him.

“Lick it… a popsicle,” he ordered.

Morgan began to lick along the shaft with just the tip of her tongue. Slow little licks, her nose turning up at the sour taste.
“Yeah, guess you ain’t gonna like tasting your own ass, are you?” Clay chuckled.

He watched as she also licked around his purple head, lapping at the drops of pre-cum oozing from the tip.

“Now take it in your mouth,” he said. “And don’t bite or I’ll punch you in the face.”

He watched as the first inch of his cock disappeared into her mouth. She stopped, pulling back, but Clay held the back of her head. Soon her mouth was sliding down again. It excited Clay as her cute lips parted and slowly slid downward over his cock.
It also felt wonderful knowing his was the first cock to be inside her mouth. Clay took a deep breath and groaned as much from the feel of her mouth as watching her.

“Little slut ain’t doing too bad for a first time,” Val remarked.
“Yeah, not bad at all,” Clay grinned, leaning back in the chair. “She’s got a hot little mouth.”

Between the two of them, they’d had dozens of girls’ mouths on their cocks, and were certainly qualified at assessing a girl’s oral abilities.
Morgan’s tongue slid along his cock as she moved her mouth up and down. Her hands were pressed against his thighs, and her breasts brushed against his legs each time she slid up and down with her warm sucking mouth.

Clay lifted his hips slightly, pushing his cock further into her mouth. Morgan gave a little gag.
“Come on, bitch! You gotta learn to take it deeper,” he said.

She paused, slid her mouth off his shaft, and looked up at him.
“I-I’m sorry…..I c-can’t do that….” she whimpered.

“I wasn’t asking you…..I was telling you!” Clay snapped. “Now get your little whore mouth back on my dick and start sucking. I wanna see my whole cock in your mouth!”

Morgan put her warm mouth back on Clay’s cock, and began moving her head up and down on him, only taking a couple inches at a time. With an impatient grunt, Clay grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved his meat as far in her mouth as he could.
Her cheeks bulged out and she tried to pull away. Clay held her tightly, feeling the tip of his cock push into her throat. Morgan pitifully whimpered and gagged around the invader in her mouth.

“Yeah! Skullfuck  ‘er!” Val laughed.

“She’ll learn to deep throat or she’ll fuckin’ choke,” Chad said, holding the videocam so he could get a good angle on the action.
Continuing to hold her by the hair, Clay jammed her head up and down on him, using her mouth like a pussy. After a while, with the sensation of her soft lips wrapped around him, and watching the tears roll down her pretty face, Clay felt his balls swelling.

Morgan heard him breathing harder and knew he was getting ready to cum. She fought to pull her mouth off him, but couldn’t. Spurts of his musky semen shot into her mouth and across her tongue. She retched, as she was forced to swallow the disgusting stuff.

“Oh…..that’s it!” Clay grinned. “Be a good little bitch and swallow it all.”

He slipped out of her mouth and Morgan was on her hands and knees, gagging and sputtering.

“Guess she needs to get a little more used to the taste of cum,” Val said, as he stepped up to her. “You get to suck me now, baby! Make it good!”
Play Room / Re: Vile8r's Humour
« Last post by vile8r on July 12, 2018, 07:50:55 PM »
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With a face like that i'm thinking doggie style!
LOL! My thoughts too!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Tutorial
« Last post by gscmar64 on July 12, 2018, 12:31:51 PM »
Well brokenwing I really didn't see this one going further until your comment got me thinking!

Part Two:

The door closes, minutes pass before Maureen tries to pull herself up onto the couch in front of her. Looking down at her legs, a rivet of cum slowly making it way down the inside of her legs, blood still flowing down the back of her left leg. Dazed,a little light headed Maureen sat down on the couch trying to make sense of what just occurred and that’s how Bill found her when he came to visit

Knocking on the door, calling out “Hey Babe it your man open up!” Maureen fearing that her attacker has returned cowards on the couch, her arms around her chest weakly about to speak when she hears the door knob turn. The door opens a crack “Maureen?, Mrs  Denane? Hello anyone home?” Walking in closing the door behind him, looking around , seeing nothing on the stairs, or in the hallway leading to the kitchen. Turning his head to the left, he spots Maureen sitting on the couch hugging herself

“Hey babe why didn’t you let me in?” going into the living room “Or at least call out come in?” Getting no reply even when in standing in front of her, reaching for her chin, lifting “Hey Maureen what’s wrong?”  Noticing for the first time that she was naked “Oh i get this is your idea of a come on right?” His hands grasp one of her arms “Let’s see what your hiding behind these arms!"

Suddenly Maureen jerks her arm out of his hands “No! leave me alone!”  She tries to jump up only for her leg to give out, she would have fell back onto the couch if it wasn’t for Bill reaching out and grabbing hold of her.

“Hey babe it’s me Bill!”

The name penetrating  “Bill!” throwing her arms around his neck, holding on for dear life “He broke in, chased me, cutting me, then fucked me!” Tears begin flowing down her face again. Bill immediately became concerned at her words.

“Who?, What?, Why?”  Letting her keep her hold on him “Mauren why don’t you start from the beginning?” Helping her sit back down on the couch. Once seated Maureen opened up telling him everything she could remember. The more he heard the madder he became. As she finishes a loud smack is heard as Bill's left fist strikes the palm of his right hand.

“The bastard I’ll kill him when I get a hold of him!” Once more moving to Maureen, lifting her up from the couch ‘First let’s get your leg looked after!” Carrying her out to his car then driving her to the hospital. Bill calls Mrs Denane and relating everything to her. An half hour later he’s joined by Mrs. Denane

“Any word Bill?”

“Not since they took her inside Mrs. D!” She goes to the nurse’s station where after five minutes she finally gets some answers. Turning to Bill motioning him to follow her, a nurse leads both of them through a maze of hallways to an isolated room where they are met by a female doctor and a female police officer

“You’re daughter is going to need some counselling to cope with her ordeal, the gash on her leg will require stitches, past that she seem in perfect health!’ the doctor states then walks away. The officer takes it from there “I’ve got the gist of the incident and understand her hesitation to press charges, maybe the two of you can change her mind about doing so!” Handing her card to Mrs. Denane then leaving them to enter Maureen’s cubicle.

Mrs Denane parts the curtain, seeing her daughter on the gurney, in the hospital gown the look of despair in her eyes “Oh god Maureen what did that bastard do to you?” Both burst into tears as they hug, Bill waiting outside, respecting their privacy or what passes for it.

“Whoever did this i’m going to make them pay for hurting you Maureen!” Her mother gripping her hand in hers gently squeezing “That school is going to regret assigning that bastard to my little girl!”

Outside the curtain Bill is on his phone “Yeah Jim i want to know who was assigned to tutor Maureen, why the third degree?” getting more pissed off by the second “Just tell me who and i’ll hang up!” A few seconds then “Glen Harrison, now was that so hard!” Closing his phone just as the curtain parts.

“Bill she wants you!” Mrs. Denane drawing back the curtain enough to admit him. The sight that greets his eyes breaks his heart and fires his inner anger. Maureen, his girl lying on a white sheet , her left leg bandaged in gauze and tape, the look of shame in her eyes Inside all Bill can think of is how Harrison is going to regret every hearing the name Maureen Denane.

“Bill! I don’t want you doing anything stupid like trying to get revenge for what he did to me!” Her lower lip trembling as the words comes out. “The officer said unless there is evidence at home, it will be a case of his word versus mine!” Now tears form in the corner of her eyes “I don’t want to see that bastard again so let’s just drop it here and now!"

Biting back his anger, Bill grasps Mauren’s right hand “Whatever you want babe, you got it!” Inside ‘Right after I rearrange his internal organs that is!’, gently squeezing her hand “You know I would do anything for you Maureen, including forgetting this!” Kissing the back of her hand before releasing it! Catching a glimpse of the time on the small digital clock on the wall in front of the head of the gurney “Damn babe I got to get to practice or coach will have my balls for breakfast!” Making to leave, I’ll call you when I’m done practice before coming over!”


Looking up at the clock above the DVD player “Well another one that not serious about getting a passing grade!” closing and collecting the various books and binders off the desk, then going to flop down onto his single bed. “Why did I ever sign up to become a tutor?” A  knock on the dorm room door then it opens a crack.

“Hey nerdstrom coast clear?”

Great Grant is back time to suffer more of the neanderthal's ribbing about ‘what a waste of testosterone” I was. “All Clear another one didn’t show up, sorry for asking you to leave Grant!”

“Hey don’t let it bother you Glen, maybe they hears about the reek of testosterone coming from here and got scared!” Coming in flopping onto his bed, I found something to do this afternoon to keep busy!” Winking at me as he undressed,tossing his pants onto the floor when i first spot the smear of blood on his leg

“What happened to your leg Grant?” pointing to the blood,his eyes following the direction of my finger, then shrugging his shoulders.

“No idea, good thing I came back to grab a shower before the party tonight over at the Delta house!” Reaching for the bathrobe and towel hanging over the headboard of his bed. Sure you won’t come over nerdstrom, I’m sure they could use a doorstop!”

“No I’m just going to stay here and study!”

“Whatever nerdstrom!” Out he goes leaving me to my books and solitude!

                                                                   To be continued

Play Room / Re: Vile8r's Humour
« Last post by kiwi on July 12, 2018, 10:11:35 AM »
With a face like that i'm thinking doggie style!
Play Room / Vile8r's Humour
« Last post by vile8r on July 12, 2018, 01:22:26 AM »
Forced Sex Stories / Re: "RUNAWAY" Chapters 1 - 20 & new Chapter 21 by brokenwing
« Last post by vile8r on July 12, 2018, 01:16:43 AM »
Brokenwing never has a "throwaway" chapter. They are all part of a bigger picture!
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This may very well be the best story I have read on this site. Your writing is phenomenal, keep it up!

Take my word for it Zaren, anything with "Written By brokenwing" is a must read story on this site.
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In my honest opinion she, Vile8r, jed and Emily are the best writers on this site!
Even what most would consider a throwaway chapter, you make me try to figure out where it's going to go, The idea of O.A.P. Sex with Sammi would have been wrong to me but then you're the writer all i can do is read what you post!
Chapter 21 "Things Are About To Change"

Within just a few minutes and a few steps of walking down the highway she realized besides being dark it was much cooler not really appropriate temperature for shorts.  She took a deep breath not very comfortable she was outside walking along side the highway alone in the dark.

An old green pickup truck pulled alongside where she was walking and an older red haired man with a full beard asked her if she needed a ride.  Immediately she answered, No thanks I'm just about where I was going."

She was very relieved when he pulled away and she didn't see him hit the brakes on the truck in front of her.  A few semi trucks went by not slowing down but she didn't have her thumb out either.  After walking for about forty minutes an old four door Chevy slowed as it was passing her and pulled over on the shoulder in the direction she was walking so either she had to stop walking or walk past the car.

She slowed her pace but didn't want to stop completely and she was pretty sure she could see two people in the car.  Finally as she approached the car a grey haired old woman popped her head out of the window, "Young lady please tell me you're not hitch hiking?"

The age of the woman, definitely in her sixties and the manner in which she asked the question caught Sammi by surprise and made her feel like a bad child being scolded by her grandmother, "Ummm Yes ma'am I ummm am trying to get farther Northwest."

"Young lady do you not know how dangerous hitchhiking is?  Especially for a pretty girl like you" the woman asked?

Sammi didn't intend to but rolled her eyes a bit, "Yes ma'am I'm sorry. My umm boyfriend and I had an argument and he kicked me out of his car" she lied.

The old woman reached to the back door and unlocked it, "Get in here young lady."

Sammi opened the back door and put her duffel bag and backpack in the car and sat down on the seat, "Thank you.  It was a bit colder out then I expected."

The old woman looked in the back seat and saw Sammi was in shorts, "Oh my goodness you're going to catch a death of cold.  This is Herbert and I'm Maud.  What's your name young lady?"

"I'm Sammi, nice to meet you" she replied and shook Maud's hand.

"Herbert, this is Sammi" the old woman said loudly to the old man driving, "He's a bit hard of hearing.  Where are you headed" Maud asked?

"What's her name" Herbert asked loudly?

"Sammi" Maud said again.

Sammi couldn't help giggle a little then answered, "Northwest."

You can go now" Maud said to Herbert loudly.  Then she looked back at Sammi, "Sammi, honey Northwest can mean a lot of things do you have a specific place you're going?"

Sammi thought about her answer a moment then decided to be honest, "No Ma'am I'm just trying to find a nice Northwest small town."

Maud responded enthusiastically, "Well we are headed up North to visit my daughter.  She says it's a nice small town she lives in.  I guess there is no problem if you want to ride there with us."

Sammi had to think about it a minute.  She wondered if she should try to get another ride or two but she was tired of the stress.  It was just too good an opportunity to pass up, "That sounds okay to me.  Are you and Herbert married?"

Maud laughed, "No, no, We met at the senior retirement community where we live.  We're just really good friends and Herbert has a car and still has his driver's license.  His vision isn't too bad but he's just a bit hard of hearing especially if his hearing aids are acting up."

"Huh, what'd she say?  I didn't get that" Herbert asked?

Maud answered, "Sammi said thank you for the ride."

Sammi giggled at Maud's interpretation of the conversation.  She looked around and looked at the road.  She highly doubted that they were going to sexually assault her so in that area she was safe.  But it would have been funny if it wasn't scary that his vision wasn't too bad and she knew his hearing was bad.  Would he hear an emergency vehicle approaching or a horn from another car or truck.  She couldn't help nervously giggle when she thought about Jose talking about all the bad drivers on the road including senior citizens.  She shook her head in disbelief that she was now in a car with maybe one of those drivers.

Fortunately the traffic didn't seem too bad so there weren't any incidents.  After a few hours when Sammi was just about drifting off to sleep she heard the old couple talking about stopping for breakfast.  She couldn't help but hear as they both spoke loud.  Within just a few more minutes they made a stop at one of the chain breakfast places.  It felt good to stretch her legs and she felt pretty relaxed and safe with them. 

The breakfast conversation was light and Sammi was relieved that Maud really liked to talk about herself.  She revealed that they were heading to the Northwest because her daughter had given birth to her first grandchild.  She even had several pictures with her and showed them to Sammi and Herbert.

Sammi felt bad because Herbert couldn't understand her high pitched voice very well.  But they all seemed to have a good time.  She wasn't sure if it was because he couldn't hear her well of if he just normally did that but Herbert seemed to stare at her quite a bit but Maud kept the conversation going and Sammi just blew it off. 

Herbert and Maud both got senior citizen discounts on their breakfast so Sammi decided to buy breakfast.  She knew she really needed to watch her money but after everything Joseph did for her she thought she should pay it forward.  With the discount the total check for all three of them wasn't much.

Soon they were once again on the road and Maud was the type of woman who could talk about anything and everything.  One of the things that Maud talked about was how much her daughter seemed to like the town where she lived.  She shared it was a pretty small town that had good schools and a low crime rate.  She said her daughter had even met the mayor and chief of police.  Maud even suggested it might be a good place for Sammi if she didn't have a more specific destination in mind besides Northwest. 

The conversation moved on to Maud's excitement to see her grandchild.  After what had happened with Jose, Sammi found herself more relaxed with this old couple then she had felt in a long time.  After going on an on about the her grandchild Maud started talking about the senior community where they lived. 

She talked about the multiple events they had, the trips they would take and the games they played.  She then bragged on Herbert saying he was the best at playing games everything from dominos, bridge, gin rummy and many more, so much that a lot of the other seniors wouldn't play if he was playing.  She said "Herbert is as sharp as a tack even at 90 years old and his vision is good too.  He wins at all the games of skill or math almost every time.  Don't you Herbert?"

"What's that" he quickly asked?

And both women chuckled and Maud added "He doesn't play Bingo unless he gets a seat where he can easily see what's called. 

With all the conversation the time passed quickly and before long they stopped for fast food.  They got out of the car and went in and each paid for their own food.  While standing in line Sammi first noticed that like a gentleman Herbert held the door for both Maud and her.  But he stood behind Sammi and she felt him 'accidentally' brush against her bottom.  After it happened two more times she started questioning how accidentally it really was.  But they all got their food and took a seat at a table.

Herbert sat next to Maud and directly across from Sammi and his eyes seemed to watch her every move.  But as always Maud kept the conversation going and had them all laughing.

After lunch once again they were on the highway Northwest.  Once on the road there was a bit of conversation but it only lasted about an hour before Sammi started finding herself nodding off to sleep.  She had hardly gotten a few hours of sleep and started with a very early day so it wasn't surprising to her that she was drifting in and out of sleep.  Maud recognized this and the conversation ceased for a few hours. 

Sammi woke again mid afternoon and immediately noticed Maud was sleeping so she sat silent in the backseat but watched the scenery passing by and the road.  Herbert had the oldies playing softly on the car radio.  She thought she saw him looking in the rear view mirror at her a few times. 

Maud woke a little before dark and pretty quickly started chatting about the senior community where they lived.  As the sun continued to set she started talking about watching for a place to eat dinner.  They drove almost another hour and it became fully dark before they found a place to stop for dinner. 

It felt good to get up and out of the car.  They stopped at a chain restaurant that served breakfast all day and had a gift shop.  They were seated again with Herbert and Maud side by side and Sammi tried to sit across from Maud but at the last second Herbert changed seats with Maud. 

After looking at the menus they ordered their food and mostly sat quietly all seeming tired.  The food came and all ate their food pretty quickly.  They talked about finding a hotel for the night soon to avoid Herbert having to drive too much in the dark. 

Maud asked Sammi if she wanted to just share a hotel room with two beds with them.  She said her and Herbert could share one bed and Sammi could have her own bed.  She said they could all save money that way rather then what it would cost to get two room.  Knowing she really needed to watch her money the young hitchhiker agreed.

After finishing eating and splitting the check they loaded back into the four door car and got back onto the highway.  They drove a bit longer then Maud would have liked but after just under two hours she spotted a road sign for one of the road side motels and they pulled off the highway. 

Herbert checked into the motel and got a room with two beds and they all carried in their own bags.  When they set their bags on the bed they were going to sleep in Maud picked the bed closest to the bathroom so Sammi sat her bags on the bed closest to the door.  Herbert waited on the two women to put their bags down then the 90 year old, with a huge smile on his face set his bags on the same bed where the young hitchhiker set her bags. 

Sammi stood there with her mouth wide open and Herbert had a mischievous grin on his face, "Want to share a bed young lady?"

But before Sammi had to find a delicate way to talk her way out of it the old woman swatted her travel companion and friend on his butt, "Behave yourself old man or you'll be sleeping on the floor" and she picked up his bags and put them on the bed with her bags.

"I was just funnin with you all.  Can't an old man make a joke?  Besides she might of said it was fine" he said waiting and after a few seconds the two women burst out in laughter, "Besides, I'm in the sexual prime of my life!  I'm hot to trot in the community.  I still got all my teeth" he smiled an exaggerated grin making the two woman laugh more, "Are you sure you don't want the Casanova of the Community to share your bed tonight" he asked Sammi with a huge smile on his face?

Maud got an extra blanket down from the closet tossed it on the floor and also grabbed his smallest bag setting it on the floor next to the blanket, keep it up Casanova of the Community and you'll be sleeping alone on the floor."

They all broke into laughter and he picked his small bag up setting it on the nightstand next to the bed close to the bathroom.

They then all proceeded to get ready for bed and before long they had all showered and brushed their teeth and we're ready for bed.

They turned most of the lights off and had the television on for a little while until everyone settled into bed.  As soon as the first person seemed to be sleeping the television and light were turned off.   It wasn't too long before they all had drifted into slumber.

Holly was absolutely exhausted from her experience at the bar.  She couldn't help be surprised by the fact that Viktor had brought her home instead of Roger and it almost felt liberating that someone besides Roger set the rules.  What she didn't think about was the fact she provided Viktor her address and even guided him finding her home.  She had no idea how Roger had met or knew any of his 'friends' or if any of them knew where Roger lived.

But it was a relief being away from Roger if even for a short time and more importantly out of his control.  Even though Viktor didn't treat her much if any better it was a bit fun to watch someone else tell Roger what to do. If course Viktor was no angel.  He had subjected her to the pool cue sticks squeezing her breasts, penetrating her sex and being used on the pool table.

He even broke his promise that if she participated with Dwayne during sex she would not have to have sex with anyone else but then after his promise Viktor fucked her against the wall in the bathroom.

But there was something different about what Viktor had her do with Dwayne and with him in the bathroom.  Before those two sexual experiences she pretty much had submitted and surrendered to sex with the men and did little more then just lie there and take it.

But somehow on the sofa with Dwayne, Viktor had convinced her to use her body and participate in the sex.  She never could have imagined how much a difference that made and she wasn't sure how to feel about that.  The difference between every other time and her last two sexual experiences were highly different.  By doing what Viktor asked and using her body to participate in the sex felt so incredibly different. 

While they had made a point on the pool table how her body naturally responded to stimulation, even pain by moving with the sexual stimulation and using her energy to participate it changed how EVERYTHING felt. 

That made Holly question everything about herself. Was she sick and twisted and turned on but strange me doing horrible things to her?  Was she a dirty, filthy pain slut like Roger had tattooed on her body? She knew her body responded to both Dwayne and Viktor but she had just met both men that day and knew virtually nothing about them.  She felt ashamed and depressed that her body responded and if she was honest with herself it might have even been pleasurable.

Like every little girl, Holly dreamt of romance and fairy tales and believed in true love and white weddings.  She knew about the butterflies a kiss on the cheek or lips from a boy could bring but she never would have imagined not being repulsed by complete stranger sex that felt something other then horrific. 

She realized she had no understanding of the power of shame and low self esteem.  While deep in her thoughts she heard Roger come home and her entire body tensed.

It was just a few minutes before he opened her door.  He walked in her room and every muscle in her body tightened.  He walked over to the bed where she was lying under the covers and stood over her.  He starred down in her eyes and she was frightened by what he thought.

Finally he spoke, "Did you have a nice time?"

"No" Sammi quickly but softly replied.

"Sure looked like you did to me.  You might say you didn't but your body said otherwise.  But not to worry more fun to come tomorrow" he said with a strange look on his face and turned and left the room. 

Holly laid there quite a while before going to sleep terrified about what was yet to come.

Sammi woke in the night several times because of her nightmares so when she heard Maud up and around before daylight she just felt that much more exhausted.  Maud was happy to find a coffee maker in the room and started coffee brewing.  It wasn't very long before Herbert was up as well as soon as the coffee was ready. 

Maud and Herbert after having their first cup of Joe started getting cleaned up to get back on the road.  When Sammi realized that she finally drug herself out of bed, used the toilet, cleaned up and got dressed as well.  She had a small cup of coffee not being much of a morning Joe drinker.

Before long they were packed up and once again on the road.  After a stop for breakfast Maud once again invites Sammi to travel all the way with her and Herbert to the town where her daughter and new grandchild live.

Sammi can't help but question should she stay on the main highway and catch one or two more rides, but each ride came with risks and she didn't even know if anyone was looking for her or even if her mom was worried about her or more important safe with Roger but she chose him.

She made her decision and told them she would like to travel the rest of the way with them to Maud's daughter's home town.  Maud seemed pleased about that decision and replied, Well we should be there in about eight hours or so.
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