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Forced Sex Stories / Re: "RUNAWAY" Chapters 1 & 2. by brokenwing
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Chapter 3  "Escalation From Physical to Sexual Abusse"

Sammi sat straight up in the truck passenger seat and felt herself trembling.  Both Joseph and Ol'Jack were looking at her.  "You okay" Joseph asked then continued, "You were talking and groaning in your sleep but you looked tired so I didn't want to wake ya."

Sammi just nodded affirmation that she was okay but then thought about her dream and what she might have been saying and asked, "What was I talking about?"

"Not much of nothin I could understand" Joseph replied but enough ya woke yourself up.  He continued, "Why don't ya go stretch out in the sleeper back yonder it's as good a mattress as in most road side motels and ya look pretty tired.  Ya probably haven't gotten much shut eye since ya hit the road anyway."

Sammi thought about Joseph's offer.  He certainly had not tried anything yet, but of course with what Roger had done and how creepy some of her mother's previous boyfriends had seemed she was a bit hesitant. 

Almost as if he could read her mind Joseph added, "I'm sure Ol'Jack will be happy to keep ya company if' he doesn't stretch out and take up too much of the bed space and stretch out them legs of his.  Hell, your his friend now, he wouldn't let a soul hurt ya, even me, watch!"

Joseph reached across and swatted Sammi on the knee ONCE on his second play swat Ol'Jack had a hold of Joseph's hand and was growling.

"See what I mean?  I'm surprised I got a hold of ya the first time.  Ya pet that damn dog, can't no one hurt ya.  If I really tried to hurt ya, he'd tear my arm up if not bite it off.  He ain't as fast as he used to be but no ones taken nothin from my truck since he sleeps in here.  Only bad thing when he's sound asleep he's a bit hard a hearing.  Now why don't cha crawl on back there in the sleeper, change into your nightie if you want and get some shuteye.  Ol'Jack will keep ya safe."

Sammi contemplated the idea for a couple minutes but the idea of changing clothes, she was wearing the same clothes she was wearing when she boarded the first bus over three days ago, sounded really good as well as stretching out to sleep rather then just slumped down in the front seat.  She looked at the dog that had been riding next to her almost the entire time she was in the truck.  She looked down at him and quietly asked him what he thought.  Ol'Jack just looked in her eyes like he understood.

Just to make sure she asked, "Are you sure it's okay?" 

"Of course.  Otherwise I wouldn't have suggested it" Joseph answered. 

Sammi thought about for another minute, thinking about how Roger treated her, pretty sure there was no exit out of the back of cab of the truck.  Once again she looked at Ol'Jack, "Okay thank you.  I'd like to very much."

Sammi carefully crawled behind the curtain into the back of the truck taking her small backpack with her.  Ol'Jack quickly followed.  It looked nicer back there then she thought it would.  She asked Joseph's permission to use the linens on the bed and he quickly agreed saying they were clean, he had not yet slept there since he picked up his load. 

Sammi happily turned back the blanket and sheet.  The bed looked so inviting and she quickly got out clean clothes to put on.  She kept looking to the front of the cab to see if Joseph was looking back but he wasn't.  She quickly changed into fresh panties, gym shorts and a tank top , she had a plastic bag in her back pack for the dirty clothes and placed them in the bag.  She then crawled under the covers once she'd removed her shoes.

The cool clean sheets felt great on her skin.  The moment she laid still in the bed Ol'Jack crawled onto the sleeper on top of the blanket lying down next to her.

She pet the dog a few minutes and then rested her head on the pillow.

It wasn't very long before exhaustion kicked in and she quickly fell asleep.

Despite her exhaustion it wasn't very long before the horror of things at home flooded into her mind again and she started dreaming about what he had done that night.

Immediately the memory of him on top of her in her bed was vivid in her mind as if it was once again happening.  Suddenly the physical pain snapped her mind back to the realization of why he was in her bed, he was there to rape her.

It felt like a knife had been thrust inside her between her legs, regardless of her wetness the stretch of her vagina and sudden harsh tearing of her hymen was the harshest pain she had ever felt.

The brutality and physical assault on her breast had for a few minutes shifted her thoughts away from the reality that he had come into her room to rape her but other then anticipating the word she realized she had no understanding of what rape meant.

While she knew sex between a male and female, that is intercourse, was a male sex organ penetrating the female sex organ.  She could not have imagined it could feel so much like being punched or kicked between her legs.  She could not fathom that people did this out of love.

One thing she knew for sure, what he was doing to her now was not coming from a place of love.

She was horrified by the depth of pain she felt as well as the painful stretch.  Without thought she realized she pushed her own knees higher and wider trying to ease the pain between her legs, but he just took advantage of that forcing more of his body deeper inside her. 

For the next few minutes she was unaware of any other sensations in her body other then the sensation of each thrust he made feeling like a punch inside her between her legs and the powerful sensation of the tearing of the flesh of her hymen. 

She had no idea that he was enjoying her assault more then he had any other.  Her small size, age and inexperience allowed him to control and manipulate her like he never had any other person before her.  This motivated him to put every ounce of his strength and energy into every thrust, punch, grip and squeeze of her body. 

He realized he had to slow the pace of his thrusts or he would explode inside her quickly and not allow him to subject her to an assault she would never forget.  So after his first several hard fast thrusts he slowed the pace to delay his own orgasm.

It was then that he noticed that she had moved her legs higher and wider, he assumed in an effort to lesson the pain he was inflicting inside her.  But by doing so the back of her knees were in reach of his hands.

From discussions with her mother he knew she had previously taken both dance and gymnastics lessons.  He quickly decided to see how far he could test and push the flexibility of those activities.

He first made sure to get a firm grip on both legs. Once he was sure he had a good grip he slowly worked to force her calfs, ankles and feet higher and closer to her ears. 

Unlike before, he didn't want to force her legs up too quickly but wanted to find their limit and then work to increase and intensify the stretch and pain. 

As he had hoped he managed to work he ankles closer to her shoulders.  As he began to feel the resistance of her flexibility he would hold her legs firmly against their own resistance and then once again thrust his hips and cock in hard long thrusts.  After doing this a few minutes he realized she could grip and hold her own calves.

He first had her hold one and then the other leg and once he realized she would do as told he began to use his hands to first squeeze her hips and thighs and eventually increased the squeeze and then began to press his knuckles against her hips and thighs. 

He then once again began to grab and squeeze her breasts with his hands. 

He once again moved his hips in a steady stroke and would alternate slapping her face, punching her breasts, squeezing her breasts and then added hitting her hips and thighs.  He fought desperately to pace himself wanting to maximize the physical assault to her body as he raped her.  He even made a point to stop thrusting his hips to delay his orgasm.

It excited him like never before to know that her first sexual experience was the horrifying sexual  and physical assault he was inflicting on her now.  He was overwhelmed with the desire for her to assume what he was inflicting on her was typical sex. 

He even came to the realization that she may not have been kissed very much and he decided he wanted her to even associate the basic kiss with the pain and control he was forcing upon her.

He moved his mouth by her ear and commanded her, "Kiss me!"  Then he moved his mouth to hers.  When she hesitated he punched her in the side knocking the air from her lungs.  He gave her a moment to get her breath back and then once again said in her ear, "Kiss me!"

It took one more punch to one of her breasts before the next time he put his mouth on hers for her to open her mouth.  When she did he thrust his tongue in her mouth.  He forced a hard French kiss on her mouth and increased the stroke of his cock inside her to slow long strokes.  He also decided to intertwine his fingers in her hair and forced his mouth hard on hers while pulling her hair and holding her face firm to his.

After a few minutes of this he let go of her head and hair with his hand but continued to push his face hard to hers.  Then his hands went to her breasts again.  He started squeezing the entire breast and then worked towards pinching and squeezing the nipples, all while kissing her mouth and moving his cock in her pussy. 

Finally he couldn't resist anymore and increased his tempo trying to focus on kissing her mouth hard and squeezing and pinching her breasts and nipples as hard as he could while thrusting his hips for full aggressive strokes and as hard as he could.  He tried to focus his mind on pressing his tongue deep inter her mouth, groping and squeezing her breasts from the base until reaching the nipple where he worked to squeeze his fingers as tight as he could all in an effort to limit his focus on the pleasure to his cock in hopes of delaying his own eruption if even just a few seconds longer to prolong the sexual assault.

His focus on the hard kiss and pinching and squeezing her breasts seemed to work and he lasted much longer then he could have hoped.  But he couldn't hold back his own climax forever and he finally felt his body release his fluids into his girlfriend's daughter.

With his ejaculation he felt the energy draining from his body as he now did focus on his last few strokes trying to squirt ever drop of his cum inside her.  He did his best to manage every additional stroke he could until he felt the hardness leave his cock. 

As he felt the energy drain from his body he tried to make sure his hips, legs, knees and elbows were sitting somewhere on her body he hoped would continue to cause pain or at least discomfort.

He even forced himself to push one last hard kiss to her mouth and even efforted to give her tongue a quick bite. As he felt his energy drop even more he moved his mouth to her ear and said very softly, "You are mine now.  You belong to me to do with whatever I want.   Your mom knew I was coming to your room to use you and even despite your loud groans from our love making never even knocked on your door.  I know this was your first time and it was very, very special.  I don't want you to ever forget what your first time was like, how incredibly hard your nipples got or how wet you were between your legs anticipating me being inside you.  You even opened your legs wider for me because you couldn't wait to feel me deeper inside you."[/color=pink]

Forced Sex Stories / Re: "RUNAWAY" Chapters 1 & 2. by brokenwing
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Always a delight to see a new story by brokenwing!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: "RUNAWAY" by brokenwing
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Chapter 2  "Reason To Run"

The sound of Joseph's question broke Sammi's memory flashback, "Ready to get something to eat?  There's a good diner up here a bit with plenty of parking."

"Sure" Sammi replied noticing she was hungry and letting her mind wander to the question if the place was expensive? 

Only a few minutes after making the suggestion Joseph pulled the big rig off the interstate and into the truck stop diner.  Before getting out of the truck himself, he instructed Sammi how to safely crawl down from the cab of the truck. 

As the two walked from the truck to the diner Joseph realized how short and petite Sammi stood.  They both went to the washroom first then met in a booth to dine together.  Sammi was careful in what she chose to order very well aware of her limited money.  Joseph ordered a T-Bone steak and a baked potato.  He told her she should order more then a salad as this diner had good food but she declined.

For the first several minutes Joseph just talked small talk about the diner and weather and area.  He was relived that while speaking softly Sammi was at least engaged in the conversation.  Especially when he brought up Ol'Jack, she lit up and even smiled, it was obvious she liked dogs.  He used the opportunity to ask if she ever had her own Pet dog.  Sammi shared about having a dog when she was little but revealed living in apartments kept her mom from being willing to have a pet any time recently.

He then decided to see if she might talk about more personal things.  He decided to jump in with both feet.  "You seem like ya got quite a few bruises.  Is that why you're out here hitching rides on the highway, or are ya just really clumsy?"

For a moment her eyes dropped, she tilted her head down and shifted uncomfortably in her seat.  He voice grew even softer when she replied, "Clumsy I guess."  She tried to put a fake smile on her face, but now that Joseph had seen her genuine smile when talking about Ol'Jack he was confident he could tell the difference.  He thought about his question and was frustrated that he gave her the easy alternate answer asking if she was clumsy.

"No one should lay their hands on a pretty young lady like you..." he paused to choose his words more carefully, "...on anyone.  Some of them bruises look like hand prints from being grabbed or held."  Again Joseph was upset with himself for not being more strategic with his words."  He decided to be more direct, "No young man got any right to lay his hands on ya."

Once again he paused and thought carefully about his words and then added, "Nor your Pa neither.  Especially a little thing like you.  Can't imagine you're much of a whirling dervish."  Then he decided to try to lighten the mood, "Although I'd imagine you move a bit slower then Ol'Jack."

He was relived that tease seemed to work and while still looking down she at least put a little smile on her face.  The waitress stopped by and refreshed his coffee.  When she did he ordered an order of French fries.

"They got the best fries here, even Ol'Jack likes them" he joked but also having noticed she ate every bite of her salad hoped she might eat some of the fries.

He tried to keep the conversation light over the next several minutes sharing some of the trouble his dog had gotten him into and sharing funny stories of the dog passing gas in the cab of the truck.  Once again he managed to get her to relax and he was happy and relieved when she started eating some of the fries.

Joseph couldn't help notice that despite the bruises and her petite frame, Sammi was a very attractive young woman.  For such a petite female she had ample breasts.  Her long brown hair was pretty and those grey blue eyes could catch any man's attention.  He waist was tiny but her hips nice and round.  He felt a bit guilty for noticing but it was lonely being a long haul truck driver. 

If he hadn't seen the bruises and the fact that he did not guess she was even over the age of eighteen he might have considered giving his old sex tool some exercise.  But he was not the type of man to take advantage of a female running away from trouble.  He just hoped Sammi's trouble didn't find her while she was with him.

When they were close to finishing their food Joseph excused himself and went over to the counter and spoke with Donna the waitress.  Sammi had noticed that he and Donna seemed quite familiar with one another so she thought nothing of him going to talk to her.

He came back, finished his cup of coffee, suggested they both take one more restroom break and then hit the road again.  When she came out from using the bathroom she tried to pay Donna for her salad but Donna said it had already been paid.

When he came out, Sammi tried to give him the money, but he wouldn't take it and joked that he bought her dinner since she had to take care of Ol'Jack.  She tried a few more times but Joseph wouldn't take the money. 

They climbed back in the truck and headed out on the highway once again.  Joseph teased her that she should take a turn driving.  But when she seemed to take him seriously and said she'd try he asked to see her commercial driver's license which she of course did not have and tensed up when he thought maybe he was asking to see her ID.

But he quickly got her relaxed and laughing saying that Ol'Jack had tried to get behind the wheel one time but he was lucky the blood hound couldn't reach the pedals and see over the dash. 

Once again he started up the melodic country and western music and after getting food in her belly Sammi started feeling sleepy and began to doze off and started to drift in and out of a dream of more of what Roger did to her...

The physical abuse only continued to escalate and Holly was pretty sure she heard her mom crying a couple times as well after hearing them argue.  She was pretty sure Roger was hitting her mom too.  But her mom was the one who had to make the decision to kick him out or call the cops but that didn't happen.

Her mother's new boyfriend had only been living in their apartment a little over a month when things escalated more.  It happened one night after her mother had made a romantic dinner for her most recent live in boyfriend.  She cooked an Italian meal and even had purchased and opened a bottle of wine.  Her mom sent her to her room early with a plate so she could be alone with him. 

Not too much time passed before she heard their voices getting louder apparently in an argument.  She turned on some music to drown out the arguing.

The music helped some and the noise seemed to die down and eventually she got tired, got ready for bed and turned off her lights getting under the covers.  When she turned off her music she thought she heard her mom crying but it either didn't last long or she was mistaken and after not hearing anything more she eventually drifted off to sleep.

She was startled awake by tremendous weight landing on her body and a firm hand over her mouth.  It was aggressive and brutal and snapped her quickly out of a tight sleep.  His pure weight alone was overpowering much more then any play wrestling match with friends even with a few of her guy friends.  He pinned her body underneath him so much easier then she ever could have expected.  Her own covers made it easier to restrain her arms and legs from fighting him off.

His hand left her mouth long enough to slap her hard first from left to right, then back hand from right to left and then a third slap like the first again. 

He punched her hard with his other fist in the chest knocking the air from her lungs.  She wondered if his intent was to kill her.

Within moments he somehow managed to get under the covers with her and she could feel his flesh rubbing against her flesh.  His legs were hairy and she realized he only seemed to have on  underwear.

She wasn't even sure how he managed it other then intense pain from what she thought were his knees and likely one hand but in a matter of seconds she felt her own legs forced open wide.

She was pretty sure she felt him seem to kneel hard on her right thigh muscles and she realized she pushed her left thigh and knee wide as she felt first one, then two and then a third hard punch on her left thigh muscle after which out of instinct and desperation to stop the rapid hard punches she pushed her own leg as wide as she could as several more punches pounded her inner thigh.

Her arms made feeble attempts to push him off her but just pushing them up towards him seemed to emphasize the pain in her chest muscles where he had punched.  When she attempted to cry out for help the base of his hand shoved up hard on her chin forcing her mouth to close so hard and fast she bit her own tongue causing her to taste sone blood.  The hit to her jaw left her a bit woozy and she realized this wasn't like some movie where the girl magical shoves the guy off her body.  Roger was over six foot tall and in pretty good shape other than a beer gut but he had to easily weigh more then two hundred pounds and likely more then twice if not three times her weight.

She wasn't sure if it was the sound of the fabric tearing or the unfamiliar pain of the hard pull of the fabric tight into her skin but she felt her panties digging into her flesh before they finally were pulled hard and fast out from around her hips and harshly from between her legs. 

With her legs wide and the burn of the torn panties harsh on her hips and legs she knew she was about to be raped.

But it was like he wanted to give her time to think and anticipate what was about to happen because she didn't immediately feel the pain between her legs she knew would be coming.

Instead she first felt him punch hard into her stomach and then into her right breast three times and then into her left breast three times.

Only after punching both breasts did she then feel him tug her nightshirt up hard.  Unlike her panties that only had about an inch of material on each hip her nightshirt had a seam on each side from under her arm all the way down to her waist.

It was only then with the intensity of his actions that she realized there was no longer a hand over her mouth.  Instead his hands would thrust down hard onto her breasts before digging his fingers like claws into the shirt and breast flesh.  She then would feel a harsh pull on both her shirt and her breast flesh.  Each pull lifting her upper body up off the mattress but the weight on his legs on her thighs kept him from lifting her fully off the mattress.

"Notice my girl despite how loud you are groaning your mother is ignoring you, she doesn't care what I do with you, but you already knew that" he said in a cruel voice.

He continued alternating between hands not letting go until the shirt allowed her breast to pull free from his grip only because his legs pinned her lower body to the mattress. 

Only after doing this five times to each breath did she realize the fabric was beginning to tear. 

Only after a dozen punch then pulls on each breast did the fabric tear enough to begin to expose her breast flesh and she of course hadn't wore a bra to bed.  She only realized this when on the next punch on her left breast when his fist pulled up it no longer pulled on the flesh of her full breast but was now focused pinching directly on her Areola and nipple.  She only realized it was exposed as there was no longer material between his hand and her flesh to slide free.  His fingers pinched her nipples hard and only seemed to release when he chose.  The moment he released her left nipple he did the same to her right.

She had never been punched or knelt on like this before, even play wrestling had never come close to anything like this.  Her body felt pummeled and brutalized and under complete assault.

He repeated the intense pinch and pull multiple times to each nipple.  Despite the intense pain she was shocked to feel the most intense sensitivity and hardening in each nipple like she could not imagine.  Even between each pull her nipples and areolas remained hard puffy and engorged with heightened sensitivity. 

She was shocked that she wasn't sure how many times he had done it when she realized it was now his mouth alternating from one nipple to the other. 

Only when she felt the wetness that she thought was blood did she realize it was his mouth and the wetness his saliva.  Despite the intense ache in her thighs, breasts and nipples it was sending sensations deep into her body that she had never experienced.  Only then did she realize she had tossed her head back, closed her eyes tight and was squirming, struggling and writhing beneath him. 

His mouth would suck as much of her young breast flesh into his mouth as he could and then hold tight.  After doing this to each nipple several times he began to carefully close his jaw letting his teeth press against the swollen firm flesh. 

The first few times he was careful to not break the skin but tried to tighten the bite as much as he could without doing so.

She couldn't say for sure but it was only then that she realized he was rubbing her sex and it was soaking wet.  She could feel wetness being smeared all around between her legs all over her sex, thighs, hips and her lower belly.

She was terrified at her next sensation as she felt his teeth begin to scrape from outside her Areola down towards the nipple.  The first few times he did this while his teeth scraped over the oh so sensitive flesh it felt more like the sensation of someone scratching an itch hard on her back except on her breast and Areola.  But as his teeth reached the base of her nipple they tightened to the hardest pinch she ever had experienced or imagined.  It hurt intensely when his teeth tightened, but he held tight for what seemed like a long time so that when he released the bite, her nipple hurt more then when he was biting.

She hated him and hated herself even more when she felt intense anticipation for him to do the same to her other breast and nipple and he did not disappoint. 

As he continued to do this another time to each breast she was pretty sure he was biting a little harder and she was sure his teeth held longer each time.  But she did not fear the bite, it was the release of the bite that caused more pain.  Once again she was unsure how many times he had done it but she realized at some point he had started pinching her other nipple while his teeth bit the other.  She wasn't sure what he was using as the pinch felt far more intense then fingernails could cause and unlike his mouth that felt warm it felt cool and metallic.

But it did intensify the sensations throughout not only her breast and nipples but throughout her entire body.  Just as she didn't think it could get any more excessive he started gripping the base of her breasts with his hands and squeezing hard.  That hurt even more yet increased the sensation to the extreme.  She couldn't really even describe the sensation but it was like both breasts were being trapped and pinched in a heavy door at the same time.

Despite the almost unbearable pain she had never felt any sexual stimulation in her breast or nipples other than her own timid caress. She had barely kissed a boy she liked let alone had any type of rough sexual play.  Now her bare breasts were being squeezed, pulled, pinched, sucked and bitten and even though terribly painful her breasts felt more stimulation then she knew they could feel. 

Movie Discussions / Re: Anyone into horror movies?
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Thanks for the tip
Movie Discussions / Re: Anyone into horror movies?
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Watched The Strangers last night. Save your money and wait until it comes out on Netflix.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: "RUNAWAY" by brokenwing
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Finally a new story that has my mouth watering in anticipation!
Forced Sex Stories / "RUNAWAY" Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4 by brokenwing
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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction. Any resemblance to real places, people, or events is purely coincidental. If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere.  This story is one of pure fantasy.

"RUNAWAY" by brokenwing

Chapter 1  "Taking A Beating"

Sammi worked really hard to establish her life on her own as a runaway thousands of miles from  her mom, Rachel, and her mom's latest boyfriend Roger.

It had not been easy traveling across multiple states with limited money she had earned babysitting.  It didn't take her long to realize it also wasn't easy to find even the most basic job without any type of identification or a birth certificate. She didn't know if her mom had reported her missing but not wanting to take a chance she took the first name of her beloved childhood dog, Sammi, and thought herself clever to take the sir name Shepherd.  Sammi was a chocolate lab but she had never heard of anyone with the last name Labrador so why not have a last name with the same initial as her fictitious first name and one she could easily remember and hopefully quickly learn to respond to, so Sammi Shepherd she became. 

Her real name was Holly, but she knew she needed to learn not to respond to that name should anyone be sent to find her.  She went so far as to make an audio recording of her name and set the recording to go off unexpectedly and work on ignoring the sound of her own name.

It took every ounce of her courage to make the decision to escape the physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her mother's most recent boyfriend Roger. 

It still was difficult without any form of identification and especially since she ran away at the age of fifteen to find ways to make money all while trying to get as far away from home as she could get.  She managed to get to the bus station by making the full five mile walk.  She had saved just under $500 in cash but she knew she could not spend all of it on a bus ticket because she also needed money for food. 

She bought a bus ticket that would get her three states away from home for just under $200 and to a city that was on three major interstates helping to hide the direction she headed should her mom or the police discover the bus she had taken.

From the bus station she walked towards one of the three interstates and with a lump in her throat she put her thumb out to hitch hike for a ride.

She was surprised that she didn't wait very long before an eighteen wheeler tractor trailer stopped to pick her up.

Joseph Johnson was 58 and had been a long haul truck driver since he was 23.  Over the years he had grown more cautious about who he was willing to give a ride to because it was not as safe to pick up even women because on occasion even they might pull a knife on a truck driver to steal his cash.

He made the decision that day to stop because of the size of the young woman standing on the side of the road in the black t-shirt with colorful screen print and black skirt with blue and purple designs on it.  He got a chuckle off the high top sneakers she was wearing with both purple and white shoe laces. 

When he was around her age, girls would not be seen in sneakers and a skirt.  But he watched the small girl climb up into the cab of his truck.  At just barely five foot tall Sammi appeared younger than her age of fifteen.  Besides her petite appearance Joseph was struck by her dark brown hair and the contrast of her her blue grey eyes.

"Where ya heading" Joseph asked watching the girl climb into the cab pretty sure she had either never done so before or if she had she only had a time or two.

"West" Sammi replied and he shrugged and shook his head at the lack of specifics but nodded agreement, motioned for her to take a seat and once she was safely seated he put the truck into gear and pulled back onto the highway.  He also was surprised at the small size of the bag she was carrying and was pretty sure she had brought little with her.  He continued and introduced himself, "I'm Joseph Willis from Pigeon Forge Tennessee."

"Hi, I'm Sammi...Sammi Shepherd" she replied trying to sound confident in her made up name and intentionally not saying where she was from. 

Joseph nodded at her answer, also noticing that she didn't say where she was from.  But he knew a young woman like her wouldn't be hitch hiking if there wasn't a reason so he accepted her answer at face value and said, "West it is" and he worked the large eighteen wheel monster back up to highway speed. 

He was traveling with a full load and almost blew past the hitch hiker not wanting to risk her trying to rob him or worse try to hijack his load.  But her tiny size, her clothing and lack of much of a bag with her told Joseph he was pretty safe picking her up.  That was unless she was trouble of a different type.  The one thing he was pretty sure of was that she was naive to the ways of the highway.

The first several minutes of the ride Joseph could tell Sammi was tense and on edge and in a way he was glad to see that as he didn't think the young woman had any idea of how to stay safe on the highway so he put his favorite country and western CD on and quickly began to sing along with the music he had heard many times.

Sammi was startled by movement from behind her in the cab when suddenly a grey haired dog shoved his head and body forward giving her a good sniff and making her jump up off the seat quite a bit.  It gave Joseph quite a chuckle and he quickly said, "No need to worry about Ol' Jack, he's too old, slow and friendly to hurt a soul."

The grey blood hound gave Sammi a good sniffing and Joseph continued, "You're sitting in his normal seat.  That is when he's not catching Z's in back."

Sammi could not only see the grey fur on the blood hound but also lots of silver fur around his face letting her know he was likely an older dog.  Within seconds of sniffing all around her body his snout was in her face and he was licking her face and she couldn't help but laugh.

Joseph couldn't help but shake his head, the old blood hound could befriend any female within minutes and was already half on Sammi's lap. 

Sammi seemed to relax with the help of the music and the attention of Ol'Jack and Joseph continued to navigate the heavy truck down the highway.  He couldn't help glance over at the young woman sitting in the cab with him.  She was uniquely lovely with her contrasting brown hair and blue grey eyes but he couldn't help worry about how young she might be.  He didn't need any problems should a highway patrol officer pull him over and start asking questions.

As Sammi sat petting the old friendly dog and the country and western music played in the background her mind couldn't help but think about why she was riding in a tractor trailer with a complete stranger.

Holly's mother's latest boyfriend Roger had only been living in their apartment for a few months before he started watching her and she was pretty sure some of her bras and panties had disappeared from her dirty laundry hamper when she later went to run a load of laundry later. 

Shortly after that day when she though some of her undies had vanished one evening while preparing dinner minutes after her mom arrived home from work Roger raised his voice at Holly for slopping spaghetti sauce on the stove while cooking.  When he barked at her in the loud tone of voice she replied, "I'm sorry!  It's not like I did it on purpose."  But before she got the last word out of her mouth his right hand slapped her left cheek hard enough to make a loud slap sound followed quickly by him shouting loudly, "Don't talk back to me young lady."

For a second the room was quiet but then he stepped to her mom, kissed her on the cheek and asked her, "How was your day?"

For a moment she thought her mom would defend her and tell him not to touch her, but she just responded to his question as if she didn't see or hear the slap saying work had been stressful and she didn't really want to talk about it.  He gave her mom a hug of compassion and it was like the slap across the face never happened.

The next evening he was watching a game on the TV and Holly walked by him too slow texting on her phone with her mom sitting on the sofa reading a book and he grabbed her by the wrist, pulled her towards him and hit her twice hard on the butt and a third hit on the back of her bare upper thigh since she had on short shorts. 

Once again the room was silent for a moment but he broke the silence demanding, "You're not see through like glass.  Don't Lolly gag in front of the tube when I'm watching a game."

She looked at her mom hoping for a reaction but her mom acted like she heard nothing and kept her eyes on her book.  So she just stormed out of the room angry her own mother didn't defend her.

Two days later before her mom got home she came home from school and dropped her book bag on the floor and tossed her jacket over the end of the sofa.  This time, with just the two of them home he bolted in her direction, grabbed hold of her first by her hair and then by the back of her neck, pushed her towards her jacket yelling for her to pick it up and hang it up in the closet.  She did as she was told and picked up her jacket and he the forcibly pushed her half bent over towards the closet.  She turned the knob on the closet door, opened it and he pulled her standing straight up by the neck. 

She hung the jacket up on a hook in the closet.  The moment the jacket was hanging in the closet he yanked her out still with a hard grip on her neck.  He then pushed her towards her backpack.  The moment they were next to it his other hand swung and hit her on her lower belly below her navel causing her to bend over and knocking the wind out of her lungs.

"Pick up that fucking backpack" he commanded.  It took her a moment to gather her composure, no one had ever hit her before in the stomach or anywhere.  But she dug deep and somehow found the strength to pick up her backpack.  The moment she had it in her hand he pulled hard on the back of her neck bringing her once again upright.

Then he pushed her hard towards the stairs, up to the second floor and her bedroom.  He guided her fully into her room walking her to the desk and pointed at it and said firmly, "There is where you place your backpack when you come home from school.  Put it there!"

The moment she set it on the desk he shoved her towards her bed.  When they were a foot and a half away he faced her towards her bed raised his food and planted it squarely on her but half kicking her and half shoving her to the bed.

Her thighs hit the mattress hard and her forward energy made her fall and collapse on her bed with a grunt.

He simply turned and walked out of the room.  It was not the first time nor the last that he physically assaulted her until the day she ran away.

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Not yet. I'm not allowed to with out my friends.
Movie Discussions / Re: Anyone into horror movies?
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I might go see The Strangers tonight. Have you seen it?
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Loved it!
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