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Role Play Ideas / Re: Something I've been thinking about lately
« Last post by SoftGameHunter on August 14, 2017, 01:29:50 PM »
It sounds like a fine story idea to me.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: "Daddy's Debt"
« Last post by brokenwing on August 13, 2017, 07:15:41 PM »
Daddy's Debt 3 Deviant Use of a Rose

As he finished working all the fabric of my panties into my mouth I was sure he was going to rape me and I prepared myself for that feeling as if I deserved to be punished for being turned on and getting wet by all the disgusting things he had done to me. 

He then very quietly asked me, "Are you ready for me to rape you Rose as I did your sister Amber?"  I shook my head no feeling my entire body trembling with fear. 

He continued, "Don't be scared Rose.  I am going to hurt you in many ways, but if you promise to do any deviant act that I ask you to do for a little while longer I will hold off on raping you for now.  Will you promise to do as I ask?  If at any point you do not do what I ask you to do I WILL rape you.  Do you promise?"

I was so scared and trembling hard throughout my body so scared to be raped the prospect of doing anything he asked for now sounded better then being raped.  I nodded hard up and down hoping that made it more real. 

The moment I replied he tugged hard on his belt pulling me to my feet.  Once I was standing he took a moment to look at my now almost naked body.  Only my shirt and bra remained on my arms by my wrists.  He walked around me seeming to look at every inch of me.  When he was behind me I felt him pull my bunched up shirt up from my wrists to around my elbows.  Once there I felt him place his hands on my forearms and slowly push my elbows together tightening the strain on my shoulders. 

I felt him tug and twist on my shirt seeming to work it tight keeping my elbows together then I felt and heard him use what I was pretty sure was my bra to keep my shirt tight like he managed to work it holding my elbows tight together.

He softly stoked his fingers up and down my upper arms and I'm not sure if he was asking me a question or stating what he already knew, "That's far more uncomfortable isn't it Rose.  But with your elbows together it forces you to push out your breasts for me and I like that.  Is that okay with you Rose even though it's more uncomfortable?  I can take it loose again but then it will be time for your rape!"

He reached towards my mouth and pulled my panties out of my mouth.

I have to admit I felt dumbfounded by what he had done, how he seemed to make me feel more uncomfortable, yet how he knew I would agree to accept it to avoid being raped. 

I took a moment and thought about my words carefully before answering his question, he was truly a monster, "It's much more uncomfortable but it's okay if that's what you want."

He smiled and rubbed my upper arm more firmly and then took hold of both of my arms guided me with my back to my bed gently guiding me to sit on the bed. 

Once I was seated he stood up over me looking at me with a very smug smile.  He then wandered around my room almost like a TV detective he then walked towards the head of my bed reached under the mattress and pulled my journal out from under the mattress.

"Amber told me that you have been journaling for several years every day Rose, is that true" he asked?"  I nodded but my heart skipped a beat knowing I had written so many of my private thoughts and feelings into my journal. 

He continued, "This particular journal only goes back a little over a month by the dates you've written in it, where are the rest of the journals Rose.  If you don't want to tell me you can just lie down on your bed and open your legs for me and we can get going on your rape."
I felt sick but wasn't ready to be raped so I replied to his question, "They're in that closet in the blue and red metal chests." I replied motioning towards the closet with my head.

As he walked towards my closet he continued to almost ramble in conversation, "Amber shared many of her and YOUR secrets Rose."  He opened the closet door taking out first the red and then the blue metal chest.  "The chests have locks on them Rose where are the keys" he asked?

"In the center drawer in a orange plastic cup in the desk" I replied once again motioning to the desk with my face. 

As he searched through the desk for the key he continued to speak, "Amber shared with me every deep dark secret you probably ever shared with her Rose."  He found the key taking several items out of the desk.  He took the keys over to the chests and unlocked both of them. He took a few of the journal books out of each chest and set them onto the desk.  He sat down on my bed and opened one of the journal books and started reading quietly to himself.

Finally after several minutes he got up  and then started walking around the room again like a TV detective.  He stopped by ambers night stand opened the drawer and took out her black sex toy and asked, "Who's is this Rose?"

"Amber's" I quickly replied.  As I did he walked over to where I was sitting and sat down next to me and asked, "Have you tried it too beautiful Rose?"  I couldn't hide my shame on my face and looked down with shame but out of the corner of my eye I saw him smile.

He quickly asked, "Amber said you never used it.  Did you sneak behind your sister's back Rose?  The greasy haired man who I'd never seen or met before today stared at me watching me squirm.  He had caught the lie I had told my sister.  He added, "I knew you were special Rose.  You're a very good girl!"

The smile on his face was frightening.  He took a moment and reached over to my desk where he had set the items he had taken out from the drawer.  I sat frozen when I saw what he had grabbed having no idea why he had picked them up.

He had picked up two black binder clips.

First he brought one to my left breast and clipped it onto my nipple.  It pinched and hurt like crazy.

"It's okay beautiful Rose, I'm not raping you right?  Your okay?  He took the second clip and moved it to my right breast clipping it on my nipple.  It hurt and with my hands cuffed behind my back I couldn't do anything about it.  I started crying and begged him, "Please, that hurts take them off me.  Please?"

"Not yet special girl.  Just don't focus on them.  Here focus on your Amber's black cock that you played with without her knowing" he said in a calm voice.

He moved the large black sex toy around in front of my face moving it around like a little boy would move a rocket ship playing with it.

He asked, "Can you small your sister on her toy Rose?  I put it inside her.  She got wet for me too Rose but not like you!"  He stroked my hair while he continued to move it in front of my face. 

The ache in my nipples seemed to intensify.  It really hurt.

But once again he tried to distract me from the nipple pain bribing my attention back to the black sex toy. "Smell her on it Rose, it got wet when I pushed it inside her."  As he said this he touched the black cock shaped toy across the base of my nose.  Instinctually I moved my head back from it.

"You promised Rose.  You agreed to do what I ask or it will be time for your rape." As he said this he moved a hand behind my head and gently guided my head back up where it had been.

"Inhale and smell Amber's fragrance Rose.  I know you're not ready to be raped...yet."  As he said this he once again pushed the black sex toy right under my nose.  He kept his hand on the back of my head and very slowly moved the black cock toy under my nose ever so lightly brushing it on the base of my nose. 

"It's a wonderful smell Rose but not as beautiful as your fragrance.  Now remember your promise or lie down on your back and open your legs.  Open you mouth for me Rose."

I couldn't believe he was asking me this but I knew he was clever reminding me of the consequences of not doing as he asked.  To my shame and horror I opened my lips.

"That's a good girl Rose I knew you were special."  He said as he turned the black cock sex toy and very slowly pushed the tip into my lips.

"You've never sucked a real cock so I just want you to taste and clean this off from being inside your sister. We're not going to teach you to deep throat yet.  Not on a toy, that's for sure.

I was both horrified and shocked by his words.  Had this been inside my sister, just over an hour ago?  I thought I was going to throw up for moment thinking about that.  And how did he know I hadn't ever given oral sex, my journals or my sister?

He moved the sex toy in and out of my lips a few times then pulled it from my mouth.  He flicked each of the binder clips on my nipples making them move.  He then ordered me to stick out my tongue, "Come on Rose be a good girl stick your tongue out for me."

I did as he asked and he slid the black sex toy cock back and forth over my tongue.

"How does it feel Rose to know that I pushed that in and out of your sister's sex and saved it for you so you could taste her?  It hasn't been cleaned!  Does it feel degrading?"  He asked with a smug look on his face. 

This time he first un-clipped one of the binder clips.  When he took it off my nipple it hurt more then when it was on it.  I felt it throb and swore I could feel my heartbeat in my nipple.  He clipped it back on my left nipple and then did the same on my right taking off the clip.  Again the pain in my right nipple intensified.  After a few moments he clipped it back on.

I just looked down feeling ashamed but he put two fingers under my chin lifting my head up.  He set the dildo down on the bed then stood up and walked over to the end of my sister's bed.  He picked up something and walked back and once again sat down next to me. 

He held up a pair of panties.  "These were on Amber earlier today.  I need you to keep your promise or lie down on your back and open your legs so I can rape you.  Ready to continue keeping your promise" he asked.  I nodded feeling ashamed.

He told me to open my mouth and I did so.  He held her panties up to my face and asked.  "First smell them, do you recognize her bouquet?"  I didn't want to but also didn't want to be raped so I smelled her panties.  "Open up for me beautiful Rose?" 

I very timidly opened my mouth, it was disgusting enough when he pushed my dirty panties into my mouth, but now he intended to push the panties my sister had been wearing today into my mouth?

He started to work the fabric into my mouth and he took a brief moment to show me he had turned the panties inside out and was inserting the fabric between the legs first.  He actually sniffed them first before beginning to push them in.  He worked them in slowly.

I started crying feeling so dirty and degraded.  It didn't effect him at all and he started working the material into my mouth saying softly, "You are so very special beautiful Rose.  You're such a good girl!  There's no rush just work them in slow.  Can you taste your sister?" 

Once he had them fully in my mouth he stood up and then pulled up on the belt pulling me to my feet.  He then quickly slapped off each of the binder clips.  That hurt and my nipples throbbed.  He then put a hand on my shoulder turning me facing the bed.  He then knelt partly on the bed pulling the belt to pull my upper body over the bed and down. 

He pulled the belt slowly and steadily until my upper body was on the bed.

I started to weep hard, sure he was about to rape me.  He used his feet to push my knees wider and then noticing my crying growing harder said, "Not yet beautiful Rose, not yet, but we are going to play a new game.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: "Daddy's Debt"
« Last post by brokenwing on August 13, 2017, 01:33:36 PM »

Daddy's Debt 2 The Value of A Rose

It was devastating to see the look in my sister's face.  I of course have known her my whole life and I had seen her after a break up with a boyfriend she really loved and even remembered what we both felt like when out pet dog died when I was ten and she was fourteen.  But the look in her face was the most devastated, destroyed and vacant expression I had ever seen.

I felt myself lose more tears for her and it was strange because when I looked at her rapist even he looked different to me.  When he entered our home I had a sense that he might be cruel, tough and possibly violent.  His appearance seemed intimidating and his hair looked greasy.  But while he still looked the same as when he walked through the door there was now a more frightening look in his eyes.  He had a daunting look of satisfaction and accomplishment.  Yet when he looked in my direction there was also disturbing look of desire and hunger that made me squirm on my seat.

The balding but hairy body fat man seemed to stay more in the background.  He stood over in a corner and it seemed to me stared a lot at Amber.  I couldn't tell if he was looking at her with compassion for what his partner had dove to her or if it was a look of sexual desire as well.  I felt a tiny bit of relief that he didn't seem to look in my direction often and when he did if he noticed me looking at him he would look away.

For about the next hour the two men searched through our apartment apparently looking for anything of value.  There really wasn't much for them to find as over the last year our father had been "getting rid of old things" we suspected that meant pawning anything of value.  They did manage to find a few pieces of jewelry that Amber and I had.  Nothing of significant value but some of the jewelry were items our mother had gotten for us on special occasions so they had sentimental value.  But what could we do, they had already raped Amber.  It was exceedingly depressing to me that she showed no emotion at all even when I was pretty sure she saw a necklace that I know she valued because our grandmother had given it to her on her sweet sixteen birthday.  Her eyes were just vacant and she looked very hurt.

I'm not real sure if the way she was cuffed by one wrist to the end table by the sofa had her very security restrained but she sat there moving very little.

I on the other hand would never have imagined how uncomfortable it could feel to have your wrists handcuffed not only behind your back but behind a chair.  With each passing minute my shoulders and wrists grew more sore.  It wasn't very different for my ankles but at least they were not pulled into an awkward position. 

The older man then looked at our father shaking his head, "There is just little of value here.  I don't understand how you continued to extend yourself.  Did you not believe me when I explained the consequences of your actions. 

I felt a lump form in my throat when he once again looked at the greasy buff man, the same man who raped my sister, looked at me and then looked towards our bedroom again.

The tall greasy built man first walked into the kitchen and got himself a glass of water.  He then took a container from his pocket put something into his mouth and then drank from the glass of water. 

I was realizing that because the old man had looked at me and the greasy haired man and then my bedroom that I was next.

My eyes started to well up with tears and I looked at my father.  I looked at him with desperation.  Throughout my thirteen years he had always been there for me whether it was to protect me after a bad dream, to pick me up after a fall and a scraped knee, even after a hard fall and a broken arm.

But he sat there quiet and I couldn't understand that.  I took a moment to look at my sister's face and she still had a very blank look on her face.  I could see a bit of sympathy and concern in her eyes for me, but I also was pretty confident she wouldn't be willing to go back to our room to take my place.

What was about to happen didn't seem real until tall greasy hair walked over to wear I was sitting and began to unlock the handcuffs on my ankles.

The moment he did I began to cry and beg, "Please don't do this, Please.  I'm sorry!  Daddy, please give him what he wants."

As I continued to beg he methodically un-cuffed both ankles and then un-cuffed my wrists out from behind the chair.  As soon as my arms were free from the chair he once again cuffed my wrists.  But the way he did it caught me completely off guard, this time the cuffs were much tighter and were pinching hard into the flesh and bone in my wrists. 

When he had me free from the chair, I knew I was about to face the same fate as my older sister and I collapsed down to the floor crying.

I can't say if I was trying to change anyone's mind, the old man, the bald man or the greasy haired man, or even might I somehow convince my dad to do something to rescue me but I threw the biggest collapsing and crying fit that I could ever remember.

But my fit didn't matter or seem to matter to any of them.  My blood ran cold when I first felt, then saw the greasy haired man lift me up by the upper arms off the ground with a frightening grin on his face.  There was an evil expression in his face I had never seen in another human being. 

Within seconds while I continued to weep he walked me into my bedroom.  The sound of my bedroom door closing was the most ominous sound I ever heard my bedroom door make.

It was strange because at that moment the thoughts of what I had witnessed just about an hour earlier came back to my mind when my sister, Amber had been taken to our bedroom.  I remembered the look on her face as the greasy haired man walked her in the bedroom.  I remembered the sound of the bedroom door closing and I remembered hearing her crying. 

Now here I was alone in the bedroom with the same man who I was pretty sure had raped my sister crying as she had cried. 

He walked me over to standing beside my bed, I was surprised he seemed to know which of the two twin beds was mine and I was shocked when no sooner were we standing there, when he started to ask me questions, "Rose you hate me, don't you?  You know I fucked your sister don't you?  You think I'm a monster don't you.  But I will make a deal with you.  If you are not aroused by what I do to you in the next 30 minutes, I will take you back into the other room and cuff you to the chair again without raping you."

He paused for a moment and then started talking again emphasizing his words, "BUT if I can demonstrate to you that you are aroused by what I do, I'm going to fuck you harder and longer then I did your sister and I'm going to do things to you that most woman twice your age have never had done to them."

He then started talking softly again, "Is it a deal?  If you aren't aroused by what the monster, me does to you in the next 30 minutes without touching you below your waist, I will walk you right out of that door in minutes.  BUT if I prove to you that you are turned on by the demeaning things I do to you I will do things to you that you never imagined.

I timidly and hesitantly nodded in agreement. 

I heard a few sobs of fear come up from my throat when he pulled my baby doll t-shirt up my stomach over my boobs and then up and over my head.  It wasn't easy to stretch my shirt over my head because the sleeves were trapped by my cuffed wrists.  But he worked at it and It hurt some the way he forced my neck to bend to allow him to pull my shirt up over my head.  He couldn't get it fully off so he worked it down my arms to my wrists.

I felt very humiliated standing there next to my bed in my bra and short shorts with my shirt bunched up around my wrists.  I had to wonder if my sister experienced the same humiliation.

Greasy haired man didn't seem in any hurry and really took time to look over my body.  His finger tips touched the lower arch in my bare back and my tummy.

When he unhooked my bra either the clasp got stuck or he intentionally fiddled with it to extend the fear and humiliation.  Because my arms were hand cuffed behind my back he also had to pull the bra up over my head since my arms were through the bra straps.  He actually had to loosen the straps so the bra could pull up enough to go over my head.

Other then my sister, my mother and my doctor no one else had ever seen my breasts.  But greasy haired man humiliated me.  He actually sat on the edge of my bed and softly traced his fingers over my 30 A cup breasts.  When I tried to turn to move away from his touch he grabbed at the bunched up shirt now at my wrists behind my back and lifted up my wrists.  They would only lift so much before it forced me to bend forward because of pain and as I bent forward his other hand was under one of my breasts and by bending forward to relieve the terrible strain in my shoulders I pushed my own breast into his hand. 

He held my wrists at the same level and cupped, rubbed and played with my breast.  When I tried to move my breast from his hand he just lifted my arms higher.  The higher he lifted my arms the more it hurt so I stopped resisting and stood partly bent forward as his other hand felt and rubbed my breast and his fingers began to play with my nipples.

He then very softly told me, "Stand still" and let go of my arms and brought his second hand under my chest and felt and rubbed both breasts and then pinched, tugged and rolled both my nipples with his fingers. 

I can't say before that moment I had ever felt so humiliated as I felt then.  It felt really strange to have a man I didn't know touch me there like that and felt so humiliating as I felt my nipples harden to what he was doing.  I'm pretty sure he noticed them harden because in a very soft voice he said, "That's a good girl" and continued to rub, pinch and pull on both my nipples. 

He caught me completely off guard when he stopped touching my breasts and I saw him pull his hands back and I heard him unfasten his belt.

My heart started to race and I was sure he was going to rape me that moment but instead he did something I never would have imagined.  He took the end of the belt and first hit one breast which made me jump but as I started to move to stand up he put his hand on my back keeping me bent over and then he hit my other breast with the end of his belt. 

The pain and shock of that had me crying again and I remembered hearing a slap sound followed by a cry when he was in the room with my sister and couldn't help wonder if the slap was from him hitting her with his belt and her crying after the hit.

I was so bewildered by him hitting my breasts with the belt I didn't realize the next thing he was doing until it was in place.  He put his belt around my neck and I'm pretty sure once it was around my neck he pushed the end through the buckle.  He did this very quickly and within just a second or two the belt was pulled firmly around my neck. 

He then made me feel extremely degraded as he pulled the belt over my head and began to walk me bent over around my room.  When I started to stand up from being bent over he quickly grabbed a hold of my shirt bunched around my wrists and lifted my wrists up away from my back straining my shoulders.

I was horrified as he walked me around like this but would switch between lifting my arms up which made me bend down and forward to relieve the pressure in my shoulders but when I bent lower he tugged on the belt making it tighten around my neck cutting off my air and choking me making me want to raise up hurting my own shoulders.

On two occasions he placed a hand on my shoulder and stopped me from walking and then while holding my shoulder where he wanted it he firmly tightened the pull on the belt until it completely cut off my ability to breath.  When he did this with a firm tug on the belt he said sternly in my ear, "Rose hold still.  Don't move.  Don't panic Rose, just hold very still."

As I did what I was told to do, holding still I felt the belt seem to pull tightening more around my neck and I could not speak or draw in air.  Once again he said firmly in my ear, "Don't you move Rose.  Just hold very still.  Don't panic."  As the pull on the belt stayed tight his other hand moved under me and cupped and rubbed my boob and his fingers pinched and pulled on my nipple.  Once again he said sternly, "Hold perfectly still for me Rose and it might be over very soon."

I felt my mouth open but that made no difference as I couldn't get any air.  I started feeling very strange needing air terribly but couldn't get any and I felt tingling in my body.  His hand underneath me went to my other breast and he massaged the boob and then played with that nipple.  That felt so very strange and my breasts felt extremely sensitive and it felt very intense when he pulled on the nipple.

I started to feel dizzy but he moved his hand under me back and forth from one breast to the other.  I felt my body rock on my feet and finally his hand went to my shoulder and the hand on the belt loosened its grip and he softly said, "Breath Rose." 

I finally felt air pull into my lungs and had to cough a few times.  His hand stayed on my shoulder and I took several deep breaths.  But once again he gently but firmly while holding my shoulder pulled the belt tight until I couldn't breath. 

Within moments of my inability to breath again he very quietly directed me, "Do...not...move!"  His hand then left my shoulder and returned to my left breast.  He squeezed my breast hard and it made it tingle like crazy and the nipple harden so much it hurt. 

Despite my inability to draw in a breath he seemed to patiently switch from one breast to the other.  My breasts ached and were more sensitive then I ever knew they could feel.  He continued to do this until I felt myself get dizzy and rocking back and forth and his hand left my breast went back to my shoulder and suddenly I was once again able to draw in breath.

After I had taken a few breaths he led me back to beside my bed still bent over at the waist. 

Once again he paused and pulled the belt tight again cutting off my ability to draw breath completely and again squeezed and rubbed my breasts and then pulled and pinched my nipples hard.  This time he held the belt tight longer then the two previous times.  My breasts ached more then they ever had during my period and they tingled and throbbed from what his hand was doing. 

It felt strange because the first time he cut off my ability to breath I was terrified.  The second time I was scared but this time I wasn't as scared because I was pretty sure he would eventually let me breath.

He held the belt tight longer then I expected and my whole body was tingling and my breasts and nipples felt like they were asleep like a person's leg sometimes goes asleep when you feel like needles and numbness. 

I thought I was about to pass out.  When suddenly I felt a rush of air pull into my lungs.

This time even as I pulled air in and breathed deep his hands continued to squeeze and rub my breasts and pinch, pull and roll my nipples and he softly said to me, "Good girl!"

After a few minutes of silence he started asking me weird questions, "Rose do you like me leading you around your room with my belt wrapped around your me neck?"  I shook my head no to that question but quickly another followed, "Do you like it when I pull my belt tight around your neck to where you can't breath Rose?"  Again I shook my head no.

"Do you feel humiliated and degraded with your shirt and bra bunched up around your wrists and your breasts exposed?"  This time I nodded to the affirmative to his question."  He asked another humiliating question, "Do you want me to touch, rub, squeeze and pinch your tits Rose?"  Once again I shook my head no.

"Good girl Rose, now we find out if we spend more time together and if I'm going to rape you like I did your sister" he said letting go of my breasts and pushing me upper body down on my bed.

"There is one thing remaining beautiful Rose.  Do you know how people can tell if a girl is turned on" he asked? 

Before I could answer he took firm hold of the stretchy white cotton and spandex shorts I was wearing and tugged them down my legs.  Once they were at my ankles he lifted first one foot pulling the shorts free from it then did the same with the second.

I had an idea I knew the answer to his question but just shook my head no.  He continued, "It's very easy beautiful Rose, they get wet between their legs."  As he said this he slowly and carefully pulled my panties down my legs again lifting one foot then the other to free the panties.

"So my lovely Rose, in just a moment both you and I will know if you were turned on by being led around your bedroom by my belt around your neck, by me choking you with my belt and with me touching, squeezing, pinching and pulling on your tits.  If your cute little panties here are not wet, I will let you put your clothes back on and take you back to your sister and father.  BUT if you were turned on by me, the monster, humiliating and degrading you, choking you and playing roughly with your tits I am going to rape you and do even more deviant things to your body.  Remember dear sweet Rose, you agreed earlier to these conditions" he said his voice very soft but serious.

He lifted my head off my bed by pulling my hair back and that hurt.  While holding my head up his other hand lifted my panties up to my face stopping just short of touching me.  He said so softly almost in a whisper, "Can you smell the beautiful fragrance beautiful Rose?" 

Very slowly he pushed the crotch of my panties to my nose and mouth.  I started to cry.  I was so very ashamed of the amount of wetness i felt smear onto my nose and lips from my panties. 

He let go of my hair but then took hold of his belt slowly tightening it around my neck and whispered, "Open your mouth sweet Rose I want you to taste your arousal and your wetness."

I couldn't have ever imagined being willing to do such a thing but it's amazing what a person will do when they can't breath so I opened my mouth. 

He pushed the crotch of my panties in my mouth first and I was ashamed how wet they were and how the wetness tasted.  His voice softly spoke in my ear and conscious, "Can you taste your arousal young Rose from being humiliated and degraded?"

His fingers continued to work the fabric of my panties into my mouth as he spoke, "You were turned on being led around your room like an animal, your wrists cuffed tightly and painfully behind your back as my hands painfully squeezed, pinched and pulled on your tits?"

"Breath through your nose." He said slowly loosening the grip on the belt but continuing to work my panties into my mouth.

"We are going to do so many deviant things together beautiful Rose.  Things only the dirtiest most disgusting porn starlets do.  I am going to rape you as I promised but it's the other things that you will remember forever" he said as he pushed the last of the fabric of my panties into my mouth. 

I wondered if he did any of this with Amber.  If that was why her eyes looked so vacant. 

What I knew for sure was that I was no longer the girl I had been till that day.

Forced Sex Stories / Re: "Daddy's Debt"
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Love the set up!
Introduce Yourself Here / Re: New from Germany
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Hello Blue! Glad to see you've joined us. Hope you enjoy your time here!
Introduce Yourself Here / Re: New from Germany
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Hi Blue,

Welcome, and I've seen you before.  You might find nipponteen on here once and a while, and I think I've seen others from Germany.
Introduce Yourself Here / New from Germany
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Hi, my name is Blue. Some of you will know me from RU.

Is there anybody else her from Germany?
Yeah, this is a weird title because my approach to what I want to write about is probably unique.  I hope others will join in with their semi-forced or pressured moments of a similar kind.  I only have in my entire life, three memories of semi-forced sexual play.  I'll start off with one of them.  If anyone read my intro, you would know I am turned on by voyeur, exhibitionism, candaulism and humiliation.  I suppose I spend a lot of time fantasizing about my wife being, let's say, stripped naked at a dance club while she stands there totally helpless and completely humiliated.  Like that scene with that blond girl in Suburbia.

I am not a cuck or a sub or anything like that.  I merely enjoy other men seeing my wife in the nude and she will play ball with me on this, as long as I adhere to three rules: 1) must be a place where other M/F couples go; 2) no cameras; 3) over 100 miles from where we live.  So we go to hot springs and baths such as at Tecopa or Jacumba, both in southern California, a few hours from where we live.  In my mind, I'm playing my own secret thoughts as she undresses near the strangers who are also where we are.  She is, in my fantasies, humiliated or was abducted or whatever, and she's being forced to strip and will later on be raped.

There are three moments in my past where the fetish play resulted in a semi-forced moment and were really humiliating.  But the memory, or portions of it, eventually turned me on.  So here's one of them:

When my wife and I were dating, we had an MMFF foursome with the guy who supplied her with coke, and the sex with him and his wife was a lot of fun, and was our third and last foursome we ever had.  I sort of miss that also.  But anyway, after the sex party, the wife tied me up and whipped me which was a lot of fun.  I am not normally into bdsm, but she did it in a fun way and was down ot her bra and panties.  Then, while I was tied up and helpless, the dealer "allowed" his two goons who normally delivered the coke to my girl's home, to enjoy my girl's tits.  I was completely helpless and she already had on her bra and panties, but the two guys stripped her of her bra and got off on her tits in every way. 

Afterward when we got home I began to love the memory of it, including my own humiliation over it.

My girl admitted to me she had a rape fantasy and wanted to role play rape with me raping her twice.  It was fun.  For her birthday I asked her if she would want a guy who was a guest star, to rape her.  She thought about it and said yes.  That's the next thing I'll write about here.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: "Daddy's Debt"
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One hell of a beginning brokenwing.  Can't wait for the next parts!

Introduce Yourself Here / Re: Hi
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rpgirl -  don't you recognize that???  it's a joke from Fast Times At Ridgemont High:

Stu Nahan: [Spicoli is dreaming that he's won a surfing competition] Hello everybody! I'm Stu Nahan, and I'd like you to meet this young man. His name, Jeff Spicoli. And Jeff, congratulations to you. Things looked kind of rough out there today.

Jeff Spicoli: Well, I'll tell you Stu, I did battle some humongous waves! But you know, just like I told the guy on ABC, "Danger is my business!"

Stu Nahan: You know, a lot of people expected maybe Mark "Cutback" Davis or Bob "Jungle Death" Gerrard would take the honors this year.

Jeff Spicoli: [laughs incredulously] Those guys are fags!

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