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Forced Sex Stories / Re: Not The Perfect Guy
« Last post by vile8r on December 10, 2017, 10:04:45 AM »
The two men were at the car in a flash. Rachelle was fumbling around, trying to pick up her shirt on the floor of the car. When she saw the boys coming to the car, she quickly tried to pull it back on. She was too late.
  Wenzel reached in and yanked the shirt away from her, while grabbing one of her arms.

 "Come on sweetie! Come out here and join the party!"

 "Nice titties, Rachelle!" Wenzel smirked. "Always wondered what those puppies looked like."

 "Get away from me, you pigs!" she cried out.

Lyle reached in and grabbed her other arm, and between the two of them, they yarded her out of the backseat. They pulled her over to stand beside Colin.
  In the course of her struggle, she had lost one of her boots, so she was standing with one bare foot. Shivering in the cool breeze, Rachelle tried her best to cover her breasts with her arms. Still, she couldn't help but notice the leering stares of the other men as they checked her out, standing there in her skimpy white shorts.

 "Now, I'm gonna ask again! Where's my money?" Lennie repeated.

 "I-I have some....but not all of it," Colin stammered.

 "I want it all," stated Lennie. "I gave you a whole week, Iverson!"

 "I d-don t have it all.....and I don't know when I can get it. I-I m working on it, L-Lennie. I just need more t-time!"

 "That doesn't fly with me, Iverson," Lennie spat. "I told you, you had ONE week to get me my money, and I meant it! So now, I may just have to take something else in trade."

 "I-I don't really have anything to trade," said Colin, getting increasingly flustered. He had no idea how to talk himself out of this situation.

 "You don't, huh?" asked Lennie. "What about your car?"

 "No! No fucking way!" said Colin, shaking his head.

 "Ok then, how about your girlfriend?" Lennie asked, his eyes scanning her up and down hungrily.

 "Absolutely not!" said Colin.

Rachelle was looking perplexed. "Colin, what the hell is going on here? Why do these guys want money from you? I want answers...and now!"

 "Yeah," chuckled Lennie. "She wants answers, so why don't you give her some, loverboy?"

Colin took a deep breath and looked over at Rachelle.

 "I-I'm really sorry, Rachelle, but...but...I've been keeping a secret from you. Please don't hate me for it!"

 "Spill it out, Colin! I wanna know!" she said angrily.

 "Okay," he said, sweat running down his forehead. "I'm a drug dealer, all right? I work for Lennie, and I-I sell school!"

Rachelle had a disgusted look on her face. Tessa had been right all along! Colin Iverson was NOT the person she thought he was. She couldn't believe she had been duped for so long.

 "Now tell her the best part," said Lennie, with an amused grin.

Colin took another deep breath.
 "I-I owe Lennie a bunch of money....and now.....he wants it!"

 "Yeah, don't forget to tell her how much," sneered Lennie. "It's two grand!"

 "What the fuck? You owe him TWO grand?" Rachelle asked incredulously.

 "Yeah, he does," said Lennie. "And now we gotta figure out how he's gonna pay it back." 
He turned to Colin again.

 "So here's the deal, asshole. I'm gonna give you three choices."

Lennie held up three fingers.

 "Choice one- you're gonna give us your ride and you can find your own way home. Choice two-give us your sweet little whore for the night. I know we can find some use for her! Or....last but not least, you can have choice three, and that is, we kick the living shit out of you. Believe me, the last choice is gonna hurt a lot more than the other two! Only problem with choice three, after we beat you half to death, you'll still owe me the money. So now...what's it gonna be?"

 "Colin! What are you gonna do? These guys mean business! I'm really scared! Don't let them touch me!"

Colin buried his face in his hands. His whole body was vibrating with fright. There was NO way he could let them take his car! What would he tell his parents? He couldn't hardly say he had to hand it over to a drug gang he had ripped off. And if he said it was stolen, the cops would ask a lot of questions too. Colin knew he was not a good liar.

  And letting them kick his ass was out of the question too. Colin had to admit to himself, he was a big coward! It terrified him, that he might get his ass kicked anyway, no matter what choice he made. There was only one choice he could make.
   He had to let them take Rachelle. Yes, he knew what was likely going to happen to her. But it was the best solution. Lennie and the boys would have some fun, the debt would be paid off, and he'd be back in Lennie's good books. He knew they'd be rough with Rachelle, but they wouldn't hurt her that bad.

He looked up, and not making eye contact with Rachelle, pointed to her.

 "All right. It's a deal! You....can have....Rachelle!"

Rachelle stood with her mouth hanging open. She couldn't believe what she had just heard him say.


 "Hey, you heard the man," said Lennie."Grab her, she's ours!"

 "All right!" said Wenzel as he swooped in. "Told you I was getting fucked tonight, Dunc!"

 "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Rachelle. "Colin! For fuck's sake! What are you doing? Don't let them touch me!"

 "Guess loverboy there, doesn't care as much about you as you thought he did," Lennie chuckled. "Well, you can come with us tonight. We'll appreciate you!"

 "NNNNNNOOOOOOOO! OH GOD! SOMEONE HELLLPPPPPPPP MEEEE!" Rachelle wailed as Wenzel and Lyle dragged her, kicking and fighting, towards the van.

  She lost her other boot as she kicked at the boys holding her by the arms. Lennie walked over to Colin and sucker-punched him in the face. Colin dropped like a sack of potatoes.

Lennie pulled him back up to his knees by the front of his shirt. Blood gushed from his nose.

 "That's for making me look for you tonight! I'll consider your little debt paid off now. It's gonna be a lot of fun fucking the shit out of your cute little girlfriend. I gotta say, you may be a piece of shit, Iverson, but you got good taste in girls. Just tell me, is she nice and tight?"

Colin didn't answer right away. Lennie cocked his fist back to strike Colin again.

"Answer me! Is she tight?"

 "Y-yeah, she is,"  said Colin, looking down at the ground.

 "Heh heh, that's good to know! By the time we're done, though, she might not be so tight anymore."

Lennie let Colin go and he collapsed face first in the dirt. He lay there as he listened to the van back up, and drive off. He could hear Rachelle's high-pitched screams from inside the van. He knew it was a horrible, selfish thing he had done, but it was the only thing he could do.

Inside the van was a scene of mayhem. Marvin was now driving and Lennie had climbed in the back. Wenzel had Rachelle pulled up onto his lap. She was fighting and squirming, trying to get away.
 Wenzel had his arms wrapped around her, pinning her arms to her sides. Lennie sat beside them. He had unsnapped her shorts and pushed his hand down inside them. Rachelle squealed loudly as she felt his hand go inside her panties and two fingers were forced up inside her.
  Lennie smiled as he felt the dampness of her panties.

 "Sonuvabitch, boys! This little fox is rarin' to go! She was all wet for her little loverboy!"

 "Well, she's gonna be getting our cocks now instead!" said Craig.

 "She's really tight too," Lennie added. "Gonna be some prime fuckin'!"

 "Please....oh God....oh God.....just let me go.....please! Don't hurt me!" Rachelle sobbed.

 "Oh baby, it ain't gonna hurt," said Duncan. "We'll make it feel really good!"

Lennie had pulled his fingers out of her pussy and he now sniffed at them.

 "Damn, I love the smell of young pussy! How old are you Rachelle?"


 "Wow!" said Lennie. "Ain't fucked a 16 year-old in a while! Gonna feel good!"

 "Fuck, will you guys quit your yapping and let's just fuck this bitch!" said Lyle impatiently.

 "Yeah!" Wenzel agreed.

 "Just hold onto your nuts!" snapped Lennie. "We'll fuck her when I say we do! Marvin, how much farther to go to the old cabin?"

 "About another mile, Lennie. We're almost there!" Marvin yelled back from the driver's seat.

The old cabin was a place they used for partying in the summertime. They'd been coming there since high school. It was a clearing in the woods at the end of an old logging trail. An old trapper's cabin sat in the middle of the clearing. The cabin itself had been partially burnt in a fire many years ago and now a couple of the walls and the roof had collapsed in on themselves.
  The cabin itself, was not usable, but the large clearing around it, provided an excellent spot for camping and partying. Beside the cabin was a big firepit for building bonfires, along with a couple old benches hewed out of logs.

Marvin came to a stop beside the cabin and the side door was thrown open. Rachelle was carried out of the van by Wenzel and Lyle again, the others taking opportunities to squeeze and fondle her bare breasts.
  Rachelle screamed at the top of her lungs as she was hauled over towards the firepit. There was still a fair bit of daylight in the evening sky. More than enough for the men to see what they were doing. Rachelle was dumped on the ground.

  Lennie stepped in and picked her up by a couple of the belt loops on the back of her shorts. The 210 lb. man had no problem hoisting the petite girl in the air. Her shorts were sucked up into the crack of her pussy and ass giving her a severe wedgie.

 "OWWWWWWWW! STOP! PUT ME DOWN!" she cried out.

The men laughed as they stood in a circle and watched Lennie swing her around like a little doll.

 "You're pretty small," Lennie remarked. "You sure you can take all our cocks in that tight little cunt?"

 "Let's find out!" said Marvin.

Lennie dropped Rachelle back on the ground and pointed to Lyle and Craig.

 Get those shorts off her!  he barked.

Lyle and Craig hoisted her up between the two of them. Craig held her arms, while Lyle began tugging her shorts down over her slender hips.

 "STOP IT! STOP IT!" she sobbed.

Rachelle kicked and flailed her legs but to no avail, as her shorts were slowly pulled down off her. She felt the cool evening air move across her naked body. Her shorts were slipped over her feet and tossed away.
  Lyle made short work of the skimpy pink thong panties she was wearing, ripping them off with one hard tug.

  Rachelle let out another loud scream that echoed in the clearing. This was her ultimate nightmare. Not just to be raped, but to be gang raped! It was only something she had read about in the news, never imagining it could happen to her.

The men all cheered as they now saw Rachelle's curvy, tight body in all it's naked glory. They leered at the small trimmed patch of dark pubic hair between her legs, her flat, toned tummy and small, round globes jutting from her chest. Their cocks were all hard as stone in anticipation of the action about to occur.
   Craig and Lyle were instructed by Lennie to bring Rachelle over to a large log lying on the ground by the fire pit. She was thrown down on her stomach, draped over the log. Two other guys jumped in to help hold her down. Lyle and Wenzel each held one of her arms, Craig and Duncan pulled her legs wide apart and held them.

  Lennie had his pants down and his hard cock jutted straight out, pre-cum glistening on the tip. He knelt down behind Rachelle and spit into his hand. He rubbed it around on the end of his cock.

 "Ready for a fuckin', little girl?" he asked. "I know Iverson's been banging you, but now you re gonna get fucked by a real man!"


It took one hard thrust by Lennie and he was inside her, slamming her hips painfully against the rough log.

 "AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Rachelle screamed. His large cock hammered at her insides as Lennie pulled back and rammed into her again.

Over and over, he pulled back and drove in, enjoying the sensation of her tight pussy wrapping around his meat.

 "Fuck boys!" Lennie said as he paused for a second. "This is the best-feeling cunt I've had in a while! Nothin' better in the world than tight high school cunt!"

Tears streamed down Rachelle's face as Lennie resumed his hard rape of the teen girl. She could feel his sweaty body slapping against her as his cock drove up inside her. It was like a relentless steel piston. She wondered, if Lennie hurt this much, how was she going to endure taking all of their cocks?

The other thing that terrified her, was the fact she realized Lennie was not using a condom! She and Colin had always practiced safe sex. Now there was the real possibility one of these animals could get her pregnant!

Her fears were soon justified as Lennie let out a loud whoop.

 "Here I cum, boys!" he yelled. Rachelle let out another loud shriek as she felt his cock pulse inside her.


Lennie continued pumping as his balls unloaded into her. Rachelle felt sick to her stomach as she felt the wetness spread through her womb. Lennie pulled out of her, sweat running down his face.

 "Well, that pays back some of the money your boyfriend owes me! I'm definitely gonna have to shake his hand for sharing you!"
As he stood up he turned towards Marvin. "She's all yours, Marv!"

Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by EvilBastard on December 10, 2017, 08:30:42 AM »
The door is open, so Sandy steps inside carefully looking around. Nobody in sight, so she meekly calls out “Hello”

The house is filthy, thick layers of dust everywhere, the furniture are old and everything reminds the young nurse of a horror movie. If it wouldn’t be for the cars outside and footprints in the dust one the floor she would have thought that she is all alone. But then she hears familiar voices and quickly takes off her dress, knowing that she isn’t allowed to wear anything inside a building.

“Hey, she is here” That is definitely Marty’s voice

“I thought I heard a car pulling up” Tony replies

“Yep, the lost toy has returned” Wally chuckles

Moments later doors open and footsteps are heard and soon the naked mom is surrounded by 6 of her blackmailers, only Theo is missing from the group. They are all in a great mood, especially when they see that Sandy has obediently taken her dress off and the cooler evening air has covered her soft skin in goose bumps and made her fat nipples stand out proud.

“Welcome Sandy” Steve is the first one downstairs “I bet you missed us, didn’t you?”

Luckily the others arrive and safe the young mom from answering. Everyone admires her tan lines, it is quite obvious that Sandy has spent the last week mostly wearing her bikini and not much else. She shivers a little, not so much from the cool evening air, but from shame and humiliation when everyone is talking at once.

“Alright” as usual it is Wally who takes control “Let’s get rid of the immediate pressure on our balls first and talk about the rest later.”

He grabs Sandy’s hand and leads her upstairs into a big bedroom that has obviously been more or less cleaned by one or more of them. Not that it really is dirt-free, but at least the layers of dust have been removed and the bed has new sheets and pillows.

Pete gets on the bed first, and Sandy is pushed on top of him, Jake (of course) enters her ass as soon as Pete is inside her cunt and Steve comes around to use Sandy’s throat. They all are excited and it doesn’t take long for them to reach their climax, but to Sandy’s surprise they all pull out before they cum and each one shoots their sperm into a glass pitcher standing on a nightstand. Before Sandy can even ask why, Wally crawls under her to take Pete’s place, Tony rapes her ass and Marty fills her throat. They all finish with exploding into that pitcher too, so that it now contains quite a lot of gooey, salty cum and, of course Sandy doesn’t get a second to recover after all 6 have satisfied themselves in her, the moment they are done Wally barks

“Ok, that was liberating, so now let’s go downstairs and tell our toy what we have planned.”

When Sandy doesn’t get up immediately, Jake grabs her hair and pulls the whimpering Milf out of the bed, he doesn’t let go of her until they all are downstairs again.

“A toast” Marty calls and everyone grabs a glass which Steve fills halfway with whisky, only Sandy’s glass is filled from the glass pitcher they all used to cum in. In horror the young mom watches the thick, slushy mass filling her glass to the rim, it looks and smells disgusting, but Sandy knows that she has no choice but drink it all, so when Tony says “Bottoms up” she sighs deeply and pours the vile mix of 6 guy’s cum down her throat, trying to do it as quickly as possible before a gag reflex can set in.

“Looks like Sandy still remembers who she is” Jake snickers happy

“Yep” Tony agrees “She is a natural. Just 2 weeks of our training and she understands her position in society.”

“I knew she would” Wally smiles and can’t hide a certain feeling of pride “Deep in her heart Sandy has always known that she is inferior and was born to obey her betters. Why else has nature taken away the feeling of pleasure in her cunt? It is clearly a sign that she has to concentrate on giving pleasure to others, not to have sex for her own selfish reasons. Am I right Sandy?”

The young mom blushes deeply, Wally has hit a nerve with his bold statement and she actually has wondered before if her inability to enjoy sex might be some form of punishment. She never thought that it might have been a sign from nature, or god, but in a warped way Wally might be right about this, or isn’t he? She nods, more to herself than to the others, but of course they all think that she agrees to Wally’s statement and grin.

“Ok” Wally takes charge again “Look around Sandy, this place is filthy. We brought all the necessary cleaning equipment, so whenever you are not in use by any of us, you will scrub, vacuum and clean until this house is spotless. Of course your major task is to provide your holes for our pleasure and you will also prepare all meals and serve us food and drinks. As you can see, the vacation is over, so get to work.”

“You forgot to mention the bedrooms” Pete interrupts “I still can’t believe there are 8 bedrooms in this place.”

“Well, my grandparents didn’t have no internet and out here you only get 3 TV stations. So they had 7 kids instead.” Marty laughs.

“Whoa, you have 6 uncles and aunts?” Steve is impressed.

“11 actually, my mom comes from a big family too. Why do you think I’m an only child, they hated having to share everything with their siblings.”

“I thought they took one look at you when you were born and decided that they already have the winning entry for and stopped right then” Tony chuckles and everybody laughs.

“Ok” Wally pulls them back to reality “Yes Sandy, there are 8 bedrooms up there. We more or less cleaned 6 of them so we will have a place to sleep, but you will still have enough work getting them spotless. Since we are nice guys, we decided to give you a room too. Oh yes, one more thing, you will stay naked, no matter what. We are far enough from home, so there is no need for you to cover your empty skin bags, your hairy cunt or you ass outside.”   

“Yeah” Jake gets into the discussion now “And even though there are 4 bathrooms in the house, none of those is for you. You wanna piss or take a shit, you will announce it to all of us and will ask for permission. And none of this I-need-to-use-the-bathroom-crap either, you will say PISS or SHIT like any normal person. And your shower is outside, next to the barn, where the hired help washed themselves during harvest season. Don’t think you can sneak off and use a toilet when we are all asleep bitch, if we catch you, you will think the last time I used my belt on your ass was a Disneyland picnic. Got that?”

Sandy is no longer able to fight her tears, the idea of what kind of humiliation is waiting for her is just too much, and, very much to Jake’s enjoyment, her eyes begin to water and big tears start to drip down her cheeks. He had fought Wally on disciplinary actions and though the majority of the guys had turned down most of his ideas, they finally did agree on at least some kind of punishment if and when Sandy would break one rule or another.

Wally has insisted to make it a trial before punishment though, like in a courtroom, with the one accusing Sandy of anything as the DA, Sandy as her own defense attorney, witnesses to the crime, one of them playing the judge and the rest would be the jury. Even Jake liked that idea, knowing that in all probability he would be the DA most of the time, and Sandy would be way too scared to really defend herself.

Jake had opted for hanging by her tits for maximum penalty, but he had been the only one on that, all others had voted for a maximum of 20 strokes with a belt or whip. But at least Jake had been successful in getting them to agree that it doesn’t have to go on Sandy’s ass. Her back, her tits, her thighs and her cunt are now optional too, and for the very improbable case that she would try to run away, a bastinado would also be possible. But Jake’s proposal to tie their victim up at night didn’t get a majority either, even though Pete loved the idea and Marty wasn’t against it.

“Familiarize yourself with the house Sandy” Wally ordered “And hop to it. There is lots to do.”

Sandy swallows a few times and wipes her tears away, no use crying now, she tells herself and nods to Wally.

“Yes Walter” she says, her voice still a bit shaky “If you would kindly point me to the kitchen, I like to start there” and quickly she adds “with your permission, of course.”

Wally grins, now that is what he wants to hear from his victim. His plan has been all along to force Sandy to slowly accept her role. The others might be in for just the rape and fun, but Wally wants to get Sandy to completely forget about women’s liberation, about anything that is her and submit to the role of being some expendable toy who needs to prove her worth every day so she may be allowed to stay and serve. Nope, there is no freedom in this for Sandy. Not after 6 weeks, not ever. Wally will keep her as long as she will look pretty enough for him and then, well he is sure he will find someone who will want a submissive slave when he is done with her. Maybe some old guy, who will still think her attractive when she no longer is that for him. But for now the naked mom of 3 kids is perfect for him and a textbook test subject to work on.

Marty shows Sandy where the kitchen is and she is not really surprised that it is a very big kitchen, not after she heard what Marty said about 7 kids. The guys have been shopping, boxes and bags of food are stacked on the table and the young mom realizes that she will be here for a while. There are enough groceries for a week at least, but before she can put them away, the place desperately needs cleaning. Wally didn’t lie when he said they got everything to tidy up this place, Sandy finds a hole box of cleaning utensils and begins right away.

It is almost 1 am when the tired young nurse is satisfied with the kitchen. The guys never interrupted her, playing video games and drinking in the living room. Sandy puts the last bit of food into the fridge and only then she starts to wonder why an abandoned farm has electricity. She can’t know that Wally had insisted that Marty would call his grandparents up front and not just take over their farm. His grandfather had been skeptical, but his grandmother was thrilled to hear that one of her grandkids would want to camp out on the farm with a few friends. She arranged that they would have electricity for the time they would be there and even informed the neighbors that a few boys would be there, just in case they would think them vagrants and call the sheriff. 

Now 1 am might not sound that late, but Sandy got up at 5:30 am Italian time to catch her plane back home, and Italy is 6 hours ahead of us, so for her it really has been a very long day. Not that the guys care about how tired the young mom is, they all decided earlier that Sandy should not get any sleep for at least 48 hours and those 48 hours started when she arrived at the farm, when Sandy had been up and about for 16 ½ hours already, so she has a long time to go before they will let her rest.

“You took your sweet time in the kitchen” Tony grumbled when Sandy finally comes out.

“Yeah, what’s the matter with you?” Steve pretended to be angry but could hardly suppress a grin.

“If you think that you can buy time by going slow, you have another thing coming” Wally adds “So don’t stand around like an empty coat hanger, dust the living room, then vacuum it and after that scrub that floor so clean that we can eat off it, which by the way you might have to do if you dawdle again.” 

They all grin happily when Sandy blushes and hurries back to the kitchen to get the cleaning utensils. It is fun watching the naked mom at work, all women should do housework in the nude, ok, all women who are pretty enough anyways.

Watching Sandy dust is exciting, all that stretching and getting on her toes is quite sexy, the vacuuming isn’t really that much fun and quite noisy, but when she gets on her hands and knees and starts to scrub the old hardwood floor, Marty can’t hold back any longer. He unceremoniously approaches her from behind and rapes her ass before Sandy can even react. The others laugh at her surprised face, but then they join in and the tired nurse gets gang banged once again.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Not The Perfect Guy
« Last post by gscmar64 on December 10, 2017, 07:36:30 AM »
knowing how you love to plot out a story i for one love the romantic build up leading to her unwilling indulgence in the opposite sex. Please commence at you convenience
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by gscmar64 on December 10, 2017, 07:32:05 AM »
Love how logically this story is progressing
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Not The Perfect Guy
« Last post by DirtySerenity on December 09, 2017, 08:22:50 PM »
LOL, yeah you've probably kinda guessed what is gonna happen next. But stay tuned, and see how it all transpires!

Oh trust me I'm staying tuned. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Not The Perfect Guy
« Last post by vile8r on December 09, 2017, 07:50:39 PM »
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So good vile! I look forward to the hell I know is coming.

LOL, yeah you've probably kinda guessed what is gonna happen next. But stay tuned, and see how it all transpires!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Not The Perfect Guy
« Last post by DirtySerenity on December 09, 2017, 06:43:21 PM »
So good vile! I look forward to the hell I know is coming.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Not The Perfect Guy
« Last post by vile8r on December 09, 2017, 05:23:52 PM »
Later that night, Colin and Rachelle were snuggled together in the backseat of his car. It felt good, her sweaty, naked body pressed against him. Colin could feel her small, hard nipples rubbing on his chest.
 "What's the matter, sweetie?" she asked. "You haven't seemed like yourself tonight. Is something wrong?"

 "Nah," he said. "Nothing much. I just had a fight with my dad before I left home. He pissed me off."

 "Yeah, parents are good at that , aren't they?" the dark-haired girl said.

 "Well, I'll get over it," said Colin. "I always do."

 "How about I help you take your mind off it?" Rachelle asked with a mischievous grin.

Colin watched as she started to slide down his body and felt her warm hand cup his balls. He laid back and relaxed as her soft mouth closed around his shaft. Yeah, she was right. This was definitely taking his mind off his problems as his cock was pulled into her mouth.
The week went by, and Colin didn't come anywhere close to getting his money for Lennie. He called in a couple loans he had with a few people at school, but it only amounted to $500. He knew there was NO way he could go to his parents for cash.
  He contemplated pawning a few things, like his laptop and the tv in his bedroom. But again, he wondered how he'd explain it to his parents when they noticed the stuff was missing. He knew Rachelle's family was rich, but asking her for money, would make her ask way too many questions.

  Colin had decided that Lennie was just gonna have to accept the $500 he had now. He would explain to Lennie that he just needed more time. Surely, if Lennie saw he was at least making an effort to pay him back, things should be okay. Shouldn't they? Colin didn't realize how wrong he was!

It was Friday night again, and Colin decided he would just get away from town. If Lennie couldn't find him, he couldn't collect his money. He asked Rachelle if she'd like to go for a drive. She was more than happy to say yes.

  "We're not going to Lookout Point tonight, though," he said.

 "Oh? Where are you taking me then?" she asked playfully.

 "I thought maybe we'd drive up towards Moose Lake. It's really nice there and it's a really nice evening. It'll be fun to see some new scenery."

 "Sounds good to me!" she giggled as she climbed in the car.

Colin was loving her outfit she was wearing that night. Rachelle had on a pair of cute white short -shorts that really showed off her slender tanned legs, and a tight black tank top that hugged her firm, round tits. On her feet she wore a pair of brown faux leather boots.

 Her long black hair hung loosely around her shoulders. Colin felt his cock growing hard instantly. He'd had a stressful week and hadn't been with Rachelle a lot. He wanted to fuck her hard!

  Rachelle was thinking the same things too. Colin had seemed so busy all week, whenever she wanted to spend time with him he was doing something. It had been a week since they'd last fucked, and Rachelle was horny. She needed Colin deep inside her.
  She blushed a little as she thought about it, but Rachelle knew she was moving beyond just wanting sex. She could feel that she was falling in love with him. She was unsure of his feelings for her, but she hoped he felt the same way.

  Rachelle held Colin's hand as they sped down the highway, her feet up on the dashboard, her long hair blowing in the wind. It was indeed a beautiful evening to be cruising in a convertible with the boy she loved. Little did she know, what a nightmare the night was about to become.

Colin drove for about 25 miles as the highway wound through the beautiful hilly landscape north of Port City. He headed towards Moose Lake, a popular summer tourist area. Just before he got to the lake, he turned off the main highway and headed down a narrow gravel road. Large stands of pine and spruce trees lined the road. He drove a short way, then stopped the car. They were in a small clearing on a rise overlooking the serene waters of Moose Lake.

 "Oh, Colin, it s beautiful!" gushed Rachelle. "How come you've never brought me here before?"

Colin shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, babe. But thought you might like to see it. I come here once in a while to get away from everything. It's so quiet and peaceful."

 "Mmmmm, it is!" Rachelle agreed.

She leaned in to kiss Colin on the lips, her tongue flicking into his mouth.

 "Ohhhh baby, I've wanted you ALL week," Colin whispered. His hand moved down to stroke her left thigh.

 "I've wanted you too!" said Rachelle breathlessly.

The two young lovers began to climb into the backseat of the Challenger. Colin's cock was so hard, he was afraid he was gonna burst his zipper if he didn't get his pants off soon.
Lennie was not a happy camper. He had been driving around town in his old blue van for about an hour now, looking for Colin. Tonight was the night he was getting his money from the little prick, but it appeared Colin was nowhere to be found. He wasn't even answering his phone, which really pissed off Lennie. The little thieving bugger was avoiding him!

  There was five other people in the van with Lennie. In the passenger seat, was his buddy, Marvin. Seated in the back were the other members of his gang. There was Duncan; Lyle; Craig; and Wenzel.
    Marvin was 23, just a year older than Lennie. Duncan and Lyle were both 20, Craig was 19. Wenzel was 18 and still attended high school.
  The whole bunch of them had been troublemakers all their lives. They came from the poorer neighborhoods of Port City, down towards the docks. Most had had rough upbringings that resulted in them being attracted towards a life of crime. It was how they ended up working for Lennie in his drug gang.

 "So where is this Iverson punk?" asked Marvin.

 "I don't know," snapped Lennie. "But when I do find him, he's gonna get his ass kicked! 'Specially if he ain't got my money!"

 "We should go up to Lookout Point. He's probably up there banging that little Rachelle Lewis," said Wenzel. "Man, that girl is fuckin' sweet! Don't know how a douche like Iverson ended up with her."

Wenzel attended the same school as Colin and Rachelle and had had the pleasure of meeting her. Lennie hadn't personally met her but had seen her from a distance hanging out with Colin.

 "Yeah, I hear she is a hottie," said Lennie.

They headed out of town, up the road to Lookout Point. Lennie, himself, didn't figure Colin was there. He knew Colin wouldn't be that stupid, if he was indeed avoiding Lennie, to go somewhere so obvious. And he was right. They drove past Lookout Point, but saw no one. At least not Colin, anyway.

 "Well, I'm tired of looking for the little shit-smear," said Lennie. "Let's drive out to Moose Lake tonight and see if there's any parties going on. I'll track Iverson down later this weekend. He can't avoid me forever."

 "Sounds good," whooped Duncan. "We can check out the hotties on the beach. Maybe get ourselves laid tonight!"

 "Maybe?" Wenzel guffawed. "Won't be any MAYBE for me! I am definitely getting laid!"

 "In your dreams!" laughed Craig.

He gave Wenzel a punch in the shoulder as Lennie turned the van around and they headed up the highway to Moose Lake. The boys were all drinking beer and as they approached the lake, decided they needed a bathroom stop. Lennie saw a little gravel road and pulled onto it. He drove a short way and stopped. The guys all piled out and began peeing in the ditch.
  That was when Lennie happened to glance up the road and saw the clearing at the end. And a purple Dodge Challenger! It was starting to get dark out, but there was still enough twilight that he could make out the colour of the car.

 "Holy fuck, boys! Look at that!" he yelled, pointing up the road.

The other men all looked in the direction he was pointing and could also see the car parked in the clearing.

 "That's Iverson s car! There ain't too many purple Challengers around. I just fucking know that's him!"

 "Let's go see then," said Marvin.

They piled back into the van and they were off. The fun was about to begin!

As he and Rachelle got into the back of the car, Colin paused to put up the top. It was a nice warm evening, and he loved fucking Rachelle with the top down. But he decided, that being in a strange area, he'd put up the top. Also, it helped keep the mosquitoes away.
  The two embraced in the backseat, their hands roving and exploring each other's bodies. Rachelle pulled open the snap on Colin's pants and released his raging cock. Her hand closed around it, stroking and rubbing.

  Colin had his hands underneath Rachelle's tank top, pushing it up over her tits. She wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were both like little rocks as he brushed his fingers across them.

 "Damn baby! I want to fuck!" he breathed in her ear.

 "Go for it!" she replied.

He finished pulling her shirt up over her head and she began to lie back on the seat as he unsnapped her shorts. That was when the inside of the car was suddenly bathed in intense light.
  Colin looked up quickly. "What the fuck?" he yelled. "It's another car!"

 "Oh shit!" cried Rachelle. "It's not the police, is it?"

Colin was squinting in the glare of the headlights. Suddenly, he recognized the vehicle. It wasn't a car. It was a blue van! He felt his face going pale.

 "Oh fuck! It's them!"

 "Them? Who the hell is them?" Rachelle asked.

 "Lennie and his guys, okay?"

 "Lennie? And his guys ? What is going on, Colin? Why are they here?"

 "Just never mind, okay? Quit asking so many questions!"

Sure enough, Colin could see Lennie, and then Marvin, come into view in front of the van. Soon, he could also make out the other four standing behind them. His mouth was dry. This was not a good situation. Lennie looked pissed!

 "Out of the fucking car, Iverson!" Lennie shouted. "Get your dick out of your little honey and get your ass out here!"

 "What do they want?" asked Rachelle.

 "I just need to go talk to them. Stay here, okay?" said Colin as he zipped his pants back up. His hard-on, by now, had shriveled away.

He climbed out of the back of the car and held his hands out in front of him.

 "Where's my money, Iverson, you little prick?" Lennie demanded. "And tell your sweetie to get out of the car too!"

Colin turned towards his car. "Rachelle, you need to come out, okay?"

 "No, I'm not!" she called back.

Lennie snapped his fingers. "Wenzel and Lyle! Get her out here!"
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"It was SO spectacular!" 

 "Oh my God, girl! You are so lucky!" laughed Tessa.

 "Well, I'm pretty stiff and sore today," Rachelle giggled. "Especially down there!" 
She pointed to her crotch.

It was now the Saturday afternoon after Rachelle's magical night with Colin and the two teen girls were hanging out in Rachelle's bedroom. Rachelle was still on Cloud Nine, giving Tessa all the juicy details of the night before.

 "It just felt sooooo good!" said Rachelle. "I didn't want to ever stop! And, his cock was just"

Tessa interrupted her. "Okay.....that's enough information for now. I get the message! You had a really good time with Colin! So....are you seeing loverboy again tonight?"

Rachelle laid back on her bed in her t-shirt and jeans. She stared dreamily at the ceiling.

 "I want to, but Colin said he was going to be busy. Said he had to go over to Lenny's. He said he might call me if it's not too late."

 "Lenny Campbell, you mean?" asked Tessa.


 "Colin shouldn't hang around him. He's not a nice guy. I don't know why he likes him so much. He's like 22 years old! He's not even Colin's age."

 "I know, and he does seem to spend a lot of time with Lenny," said Rachelle. "But as long as he still spends time with me, I'm happy. Who am I to tell him who he can and can't hang out with?"

 "Did you know Lenny has been in prison?" asked Tessa.

 "For what?" Rachelle asked back.

 "I don't really know, but my older brother went to school with him and he said Lenny Campbell has been trouble all his life. He gives me the creeps whenever I see him on the street. He stares at me."

 "You should be happy a guy stares at you," Rachelle laughed. "You're cute!"

 "It's not a nice kind of stare," Tessa replied. "It's the kind that makes my skin crawl."

 "Oh, ALL guys look at girls like that," Rachelle scoffed. "I have pervs staring at me every time I go to the mall. I get used to it. As long as they know they can ONLY look, and not touch!"

 "Well, if you ever met Lenny, you'd know what I'm talking about," said Tessa.

Rachelle had to admit that was another odd thing. Colin talked a lot about Lenny, but she had never actually met the man yet.

 "Ah well, let's forget about it and go to the mall," Rachelle smiled. "I'll buy you a Booster Juice."
 "You're on!" replied Tessa, as the the two girls headed out the door of Rachelle s room.

Rachelle didn't get to see Colin that night, but he did come pick her up on Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and he had the top down on his car. Colin asked if she'd like to go hang out at the beach.

 "Sure," she replied. "But only if we get to have some fun first, if you know what I mean?"
   Colin could see the playful glint in her pretty brown eyes and he didn t need any further explanation.

 "You got it!" he replied, his voice heavy with excitement.

They drove out to Lookout Point and parked off the road in the shade of some big trees. As soon as the convertible came to a stop, they both climbed into the back seat, giggling like elementary school kids. Colin figured he broke a speed record, putting on his condom.
  Rachelle didn't even bother taking off her denim skirt. She bunched it up around her waist and slipped her panties off, then quickly pulled her tank top over her head, exposing her luscious tits. Colin pushed her smooth tanned thighs apart as he laid her down on the seat. No sooner did her back hit the seat, when she surged up with her hips, taking Colin completely inside her.
  Rachelle let out a small squeal of pain at first as she was still a little tender there from Friday night. But her pussy didn't take long to accommodate Colin's hard cock. He let out a loud sigh as he felt the tightness envelop him again.
  He had one foot on the floor, and one knee on the seat, with his dick buried inside her. He leaned forward a little and she started to circle her hips on him.

"Good Lord!" thought Colin. "This girl is a natural! She was born to fuck!"

Colin pumped in and out of her with force and speed. He pulled out and pumped back in when he was barely half out of her. Then he pulled back again more completely, the head of his cock almost slipping out, and pushed his hips toward her with more authority. This was only the second time he had had his cock in her and he was thoroughly enjoying it.
   He braced one hand against the backseat and the other on the back of the driver's seat. Squealing and moaning with pleasure, Rachelle pushed her hips off the seat and tried to push through him. Colin took it as permission to let go. He started pumping in and out of the sexy teen almost uncontrollably.

  Colin felt the car shaking as his cock stroked in and out of her exquisitely tight cunt. Her firm, nubile body lifted up to meet his thrusts, her arms wrapped around his neck. Her head was thrown back and her mouth hung open. This was the most awesome girl he'd ever fucked!
  Her pussy gripped him firmly until the pressure almost brought him to the edge of discomfort. Colin pulled back one last time, and pumped into her hard. Rachelle hit her orgasm as she started circling her hips and squeezing his dick with her muscles, milking his cock.
  Colin leaned down and kissed Rachelle on her lips. There was an explosion of sound out of his mouth as he lost his battle to hold it all inside. He ground his hips into her as she wrapped her arms around him and took everything he had to give.

  They laid like that for a few minutes. Colin could feel her running her hands on his back and sides. Her beautiful 16 year-old body pressed against him. He finally straightened up and pulled out of her. He took the condom off and  tossed it out into the grass.
"Wow, that was fucking great!  said Colin, as he and Rachelle continued to snuggle in the backseat, looking up at the branches of the trees and the clear blue sky. Their bodies glistened with sweat.

 "I could keep going all day," said Rachelle.

 "Well, you better give me a few minutes to recharge," chuckled Colin.
He felt the same way too. He could fuck this gorgeous, little dark-haired fox until the sun went down! Rachelle moved down his body and he sucked in his breath as her tongue swirled around his tender balls.

 "I'll help you get recharged again," she cooed.

Colin laid back and closed his eyes as Rachelle's soft lips caressed his soft cock. He felt her pull him inside her warm mouth and almost instantly he was hard again. Her hands rubbed along his chest as her head bobbed up and down on him.
   The next 10 minutes were spent stroking, licking, sucking and teasing his cock and balls. Colin almost blew another load as Rachelle teased the tip of his cock by slowly rubbing her hard nipples across it. But he managed to hold on.
   "Ready for another round?"  she asked him.

As soon as Colin had another condom on, Rachelle climbed up, straddling his waist. He was glad he had brought a whole box with him!

 "Now, I'm gonna ride you good!" she said as she guided his hard dick up to her sopping love hole.
 "Ohhhh shit, yeah!" she exclaimed, as once more, his cock slid inside her tight pussy. She settled herself down onto him. Colin smiled to himself as he realized he had created a monster!

Over the next couple weeks, their sexual romps became a regular thing. Colin just couldn't get enough of the hot little teen, and Rachelle herself seemed almost insatiable. She'd had no idea that sex could be so much fun.
   They would even sneak out to Lookout Point during lunch hour at school to have a wild session of fucking. They experimented with different positions and it seemed Rachelle was pretty open to anything Colin suggested. Except for ONE thing!
  One night, Colin asked her if she'd consider anal sex, He was very aroused at the idea of shoving his cock in her sweet little pooper. Rachelle quickly put the kibosh on that.

 "That is one thing that will not be how, no way!" she told him firmly. "Don't even ask again!"

Colin apologized and quickly dropped the subject. But other than that little episode, their relationship continued to blossom.

It was a Friday night and Colin came down the front steps of his house and walked towards his car. He was supposed to pick up Rachelle and take her out to see a movie. The movie, he could really care less about.
  It was what would happen after the movie that had Colin excited. He knew they'd end up going to Lookout Point, and he'd be burying his cock balls deep in the luscious hottie. He just couldn't get enough of her hot body and tight cunt.
   Colin had a feeling Rachelle was starting to think their relationship was becoming more than just hot sex in the backseat of his car. That concerned him a bit. He wasn't really interested in going into a long-term serious relationship.

  He planned on getting out of Port City right after he graduated, and he didn't want to be tied down by a relationship with some girl. Rachelle was a sweet girl and all, but quite frankly, at the moment, Colin was only with her for the fucking!

 Colin jumped as he heard the voice behind him. A figure stepped out from behind the hedge.

 "Whatcha up to, Iverson? Gonna go bang your little high school girl tonight?"

Colin whipped around. "Lennie, what the fuck are you doing here?"

The figure in the shadows stepped out so Colin could see him easier in the dim evening light. Lennie Campbell stood around 5'10" and weighed about 200 lbs. He wasn't really muscular, but he was quite fit. He had short dark hair and a goatee. He had dark, intense eyes.

 "Well, Iverson, can't I just stop by to say hi?" he asked.

 "You never stop by someone's house for idle chat," Colin stated. "You always want something."

Lennie let out a low chuckle. "It seems you know me pretty good, Iverson. So if you know me so well, let me ask you something." 

 "What?" Lennie's tone of voice was making Colin edgy.

 "Why the fuck are you ripping me off?" Lennie snarled.

Colin began to feel drops of perspiration forming on his forehead.

 "I-I don't kn-know what the hell you're t-talking about, Lennie."

Lennie shoved Colin roughly against the side of his car.

 "You know exactly what I mean, you little piece of shit! I've been doing some figuring lately. What I've been giving you to sell, and the money I've been getting back for it, just aren't jiving! I know you're fucking skimming some off for yourself."

Colin had really started to sweat now. Lennie could see he was getting very nervous.

 "O-okay! Yes! I did take a bit extra, but it wasn't that much, Lennie. And I was gonna pay it all back! I promise! But.....but...I just needed a bit of extra cash," Colin stammered.

 "A bit of extra cash, Iverson?" Lennie spat. "I figure you've ripped me off for about two grand! That ain't a bit of extra cash! If you needed money so bad, why didn't you just ask me for some?"

 "I-I didn't know what you'd say," replied Colin.

 "Well, let me help you. This is what I'm gonna say. I want my fuckin' money....NOW!"

 "I-I don't have it," Colin whimpered. "You have to give me some time....and....and I can get it for you."

 "You have ONE week, dipshit!" Lennie growled, waving an index finger menacingly in front of Colin's face. "ONE week to get my money.....or there will be some shit happenin'! Got it?"

Colin slowly nodded. "Y-yes! I'll try to get the money for you, Lennie."

 "No trying, Iverson! Fuckin' do it!" Lennie cuffed Colin across the back of his head before turning and walking away.
Colin's ears were ringing from the hard cuff as he watched Lennie leave. He suddenly realized his hands were shaking uncontrollably.
  He climbed into his car and sat there for a moment, waiting for his heart to stop pounding. He was in shit! BIG shit! And he didn't know how he was going to get out of it. He knew he couldn't let Rachelle find out.

  Colin had been hiding a very dark secret from Rachelle. That secret being, that Colin was a drug dealer! He had been doing it for about two years now, making pretty lucrative cash from selling pot, ecstasy, roofies, and whatever else, to kids at his high school.
  Lennie Campbell had hung out in high school with Colin's older brother Paul. Colin just remembered that back then, Lennie was always in trouble for something. He was involved in drug dealing, stealing cars, breaking into peoples' houses, stuff like that. He was a real bad-ass!
  Right after high school, Lennie had ended up going to jail for awhile, but he was out after two years. And right back to his old ways! One day, Lennie recognized Colin on the street, and asked him if he was interested in making some money. Lennie had sold drugs when he was in high school, and he told Colin about the good money he could make. Colin was immediately interested!

  So that was what he had been doing for the last two years. He had made pretty good money at it, and as an added perk, it helped him get laid. He didn't know what it was about girls, but they all seemed to like his bad boy image. He had been able to fuck several of the hottest girls in school, all because they knew he could get weed or "X" for them.
  Rachelle was one of the few girls he had banged, who didn't know about his little secret! And he planned on keeping it that way, for as long as he could anyway.
  But now Colin was in a situation that he didn't know how he was going to get out of. He had known it was a risky venture, trying to rip off Lennie and keep more money back from the drugs he sold.

  It had always been a 60/40 split with him and Lennie. With Lennie getting the 60% and Colin getting the 40%. But Colin began to figure, he deserved a bigger cut. He knew Lennie would just laugh if he asked for more money, so Colin just started taking it.
  He naively believed at the time, that Lennie wouldn't even notice. Well, that theory had proved to be wrong. Now Lennie wanted his money back and Colin didn't have it! What the hell was he going to do?

Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
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Sandy doesn’t realize it, but the next week slowly begins to feel more “normal” to her than the last one. She still blushes when she notices people starring at her bouncing mommy boobs, but she doesn’t feel like crying anymore. Even working in her front and back yard in a bikini doesn’t seem that horrible now, after all, it is summer and she is getting a nice tan.

It still feels odd not to get dressed for 2 hours in the morning, and the short bathrobe the guys made her buy online is not helping at all, but Sandy no longer trembles every time someone knock or rings the doorbell (much to the delight of the mailman, who finds a lot of excuses to see her every day now).

Of course there are changes from last week, like Wally coming by earlier now. Apart from fucking Sandy, he really enjoys watching her doing household chores, since she has to do them naked as long as she is alone with him. He likes to sit down, watching Sandy and chatting about pretty much everything, but the moment she relaxes a little and starts to forget that she is naked and he is her blackmailer, he almost innocently reminds his victim of her new status by saying something like:

“You know Sandy, when I first saw your tits, I thought << damn they are saggy, not even big, but smallish and saggy>>, but now I kinda like the natural look. Either my I changed my opinion about boobs in general, or your little empty skin bags grew on me.”

When Sandy blushes deeply and is again very much aware of how exposed she is, he happily changes the subject again. During those talks Wally learns a lot about hospital work and the duties of nurses and assistant nurses and he is rethinking his career choice, maybe he should go for the 3 year program and become a registered nurse after all, so it comes as no big surprise when on Tuesday, while Sandy is again working in the front yard, Wally’s mother stops by.

“Hello Sandy” she says frowning at her bikini a moment but then smiles again “George and I want to thank you for tutoring Walter, especially because it is your positive influence that he is now considering the full program.”

“Hello Milly” Sandy smiles back, trying not to think about being more or less half naked “I am glad Walter is thinking about it now. Male nurses are in demand, and it would be a shame if he would just do the assistance class, I know he will be much happier when he does the 3 years.”

Milly nods, still not too happy that her oldest son is determined to become a nurse instead of a doctor, she did have high hopes when he decided to go into medical. But she shrugs it off and with a last look at the young mom in her bikini, she continues home, wondering what Sandy is wearing when tutoring her son. Luckily she has no idea!

When the boys come over now they no longer just rape Sandy but gang bang her every time. After all, she does need the training, doesn’t she? And it works too, Sandy’s balance is improving and she begins to sense what they expect more and more now, so they hardly ever slip out of her cunt or ass while abusing her now.

On Tuesday afternoon, Pete orders Sandy to wear sneakers and don’t take them off until he tells her too. He makes very sure she understands that will wear those in bed too and is not allowed to take a shower (though she may wash herself everywhere but her feet). Marty who is with him when he orders that looks at him grimacing seriously.

“Are you mad? Her feet will stink big time.”

“Yeah” Pete blushes “that’s what I want. I kinda have a foot fetish, sorry man, but I really have to know what they smell after at least 2 days in sneakers.”

He makes Sandy keep those sneakers on until Thursday afternoon and if Sandy expected him to be the only one coming over to smell her sweaty feet, she has a surprise coming. Everyone but Jake and Steve are curious enough to be there, but when she takes her sneakers off, only Pete gets all excited. The others scowl and frown and insist that he takes the embarrassed young mom to her bedroom and order Sandy to take a shower the moment Pete is done with her.

Upstairs he makes her sit on the bed and then pushes her backwards, ordering both feet high in the air. Sandy almost throws up when Pete starts to sniff and lick her feet, sucking her toes inside his mouth, moaning with pleasure. He keeps licking her feet even while he rapes her, poor Sandy thinks she has seen everything now, but she is far from that. Much, much weirder things are still awaiting her, and she will not enjoy any of them.

At work, or better on the way to and from the changing room, the young nurse now completely ignores the men who still assemble to watch her soft mommy titties bounce under her top. She hopes and prays that this is going to get boring for them, but that only shows that Sandy doesn’t know a lot about the filthy minds of men.

When Wally comes to collect her milk on Friday, he has a welcome surprise for the young mom.

“This weekend you are basically on your own Sandy” he announces. “We know you have to bring your kids to your in-laws on Sunday, and we figured you holes need a bit of rest so your hubby can enjoy them next week. I’ll still come over to collect your milk though, so keep pumping until the very last second.”

No rape for 3 days, that sounds almost too good to be true, but Sandy is very relieved about that. She prays that her husband will not suspect anything, and with 3 days to heal, it might just be possible. Obediently she keeps her breast milk ready for Wally every day and she isn’t really surprised when he comes by just minutes before she has to leave for the airport to get the last bit of it before she leaves. If Sandy had known that this is not just a little game to humiliate her, she might have panicked, but she is blissfully oblivious of it and so the young mom happily leaves to finally see her husband again and have a full week of love and joy in front of her.

Wally has carefully measured Sandy’s milk output every day for the last 2 weeks. A first it stayed exactly the same amount, but on day 8 he notices that it is a bit more. At first he things it might be bad timing, and she might have pumped up one more time before he collected it, but on day 9 it still is more. Day 12 shows one more ounce again and Wally grins happy, so this is working, the constant pumping really does make Sandy’s mammary glands produce more milk. This will be so much fun!


Sandy’s week of freedom is over so fast that it feels if it was just a few days, or maybe even hours. But before she really knows it, she is back at home where she finds a note on her bed.

“Take a bath, pack your toothbrush and come to this address. Wear the white dress with the blue flowers, nothing else.”

Sandy has no idea where the address on the note is and she has to google it to find out that it is a rural road, some 73 miles away. She gulps in horror, the 50 mile rule will not apply there, the guys will be able to have her completely naked outside. It appears to be a farm, which makes it worse because Sandy is not really an animal type and she is deadly afraid of dogs, all dogs, no matter what size or breed. She can only hope and pray that there will be no animals.

After a week of dressing anyway she wanted, it feels extremely awkward to skip underwear and shoes again, especially with this dress. It is a beautiful cotton summer dress, made for the real hot days, but the thin fabric is hugging her naked body and though it isn’t see-through, it still shows pretty much everything.

Sandy takes a deep breath and obediently takes a bath, who knows when she will be able to clean herself up again. 4 more weeks, oh god, 4 long weeks are still in front of her. And she knows with her children at their grandparent’s house, Jake and Steve on summer break in school, Wally not starting college for almost 2 month and who knows how much time the others will have, it will be a horrible, hellish time for her. But she has to go through with it, the alternative is unthinkable, so, with a deep sigh she wipes the tears away and gets ready.

It takes her almost 3 hours to find the place, and it is after 9 pm when she finally arrives. It really is a farm, but it looks as if it has not been lived in for quite some time. The old house desperately needs a coat of paint and the walkway is overgrown with weeds, but it sure is a big house. There is also a barn, but that looks abandoned and to Sandy’s relieve she is not greeted by barking dogs. She parks next to 2 other cars she recognizes as Wally’s and Tony’s, swallows a few times and, summoning all of her courage, gets out of her car and walks over to the house.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more
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