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Forced Sex Stories / Re: "Daddy's Debt"
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I love the twist! What will happen to Poor Rosie next?
Forced Sex Stories / Love & Control
« Last post by damagecontrol96 on August 23, 2017, 10:11:30 PM »
You wake up out of it downstairs on your couch, to find yourself bound, face down, bent over on my new worktable and blindfolded. You try to move and find yourself well fastened down. Your hands are fastened on the other side of the desk, while your legs are pulled apart, with your ankles fastened to the legs of the work table.  You are naked. You cry out for me asking me to help you and I don’t.

You must feel groggy and realize you had been drugged again but when? Your breathing is heavy from fear. You hear from upstairs and your heart starts pounding heavy. You try to talk to me even though you can’t see me. You know I am close to you. You beg desperately for me to answer you, to talk to you. You keep emphasizing the word “please” and that you love me. I don’t love you, never did. I say nothing, just looking at your body.

I walk back out of your kitchen, leaving you alone with all your thoughts and fear, as you scream out to me. Now you are alone again. Time probably seemed endless. You can’t see, you don’t know what time it is, or even if it’s day or night. The rohypnol did its job well leaving you alone with your terror and blanked out. Your vulnerable position adds to your fears, as you cry, and plead.

You hear my footsteps again, coming up behind you. I watched as your body tightened in fear, your body tenses as you try again to talk to me. I love ignoring you and making you crazy. Finally you scream “Why won’t you talk to me? Please?” as you break into sobs, of fear and hopelessness. I say nothing.

Your whole body flinches when my hand touches your back gently. My hand runs down your back and over your tight ass, sticking my hands in and making you yelp, then pulling back out and putting my hands over you again and feeling your quads. My hand feels rough on your skin. You are horrified.

 You feel my rough fingers sliding right up your inner thigh, and I grab your penis. Under any other circumstances this might feel nice, but right now all you feel is terror, revulsion and humiliation.

My fingers move inside your tight ass now and spreading you open and using a thick veiny 13” dildo to enter your hole. You cry out, screaming in pain. You could never in your worst nightmares imagine such vulnerability, such fear. To be tied like this again, bent over, naked and blindfolded with your ass and penis sticking out is beyond humiliating again. You know I can see your penis and ass again clearly, that I am inspecting it. Pointing out every flaw of your body to you. Your quads were shivering as the dildo vibrated and entered inside of you. It was now 6 am. Good morning! Your abs were fluttering. You still can’t fully come to terms with the fact that this is actually happening.

I pull it out after pushing it in and out of you and getting the entire thing inside of you. Just as the fluids abrade, the dildo is no longer needed, and it is pulled out rapidly as you scream from the burn. The moisture makes you feel a chill. You hear me pull my boxers down and hear the snap of the cotton against my skin. Your pleading starts again. Sheer terror gripping you, at the inevitable fate that now closes in on you. You repeatedly cry the word “please stop”. You feel my rough hands on your ass again, spreading you. Your whole body tenses, in response to the violation, and the fear. You start pleading desperately, babbling incoherently.

Then, you feel my cock head touching your tight asshole. You shake at me slapping the head of my cock on your tight asshole, tapping your fluids a bit. You know penetration is seconds away, and you sob, and cry pleading desperately with me. 

For a brief instant, you feel my weight shift, and tense knowing the thrust is coming, and then you feel your flesh parted violently as several inches hardened flesh are shoved deep inside you, stretching you, opening you up as you cry out from shock and discomfort. You are not sufficiently lubricated, so the roughness of the thrust caused you a lot of pain. You then feel my weight on you as I thrust and twist my hips, forcing the rest of my flesh into you, causing you to hiss, and as your hole is abused damn. It is so hot. You are stretched open again. 

Then the violation truly begins. You feel the flesh pulled back, and then you feel my shaft start thrusting into you, violating you as you feel the size and hardness of my cock, passing through your tight  asshole, and plunging into your insides, filling your space fully with each thrust. I pull your neck back and choke you. I know you are loving it.

You feel my weight on you, hear my moaning and feel my breath on the back of your neck as your body is repeatedly forced open by the shaft being hammered into it roughly. You feel my hips repeatedly slamming into your asshole. There is really no relief. Each thrust goes deep, opens you up, fills you as you are forced endure the rape of your body. You try to block out the shame, the humiliation and the disgust, of having my cock raping the inside of your body and the shame of you moaning and liking it, taking what is most intimate and private to you; turning what should be an intimate act, into this horrifying, degrading assault on your body, your dignity, and your soul.

You feel my pounding speed up, and know what is about to happen obviously. You feel the pounding suddenly stop, as the invading flesh is planted deep inside you and held fast. You feel it expand, and then feel the fluids pumping out, deep inside your asshole, inside of you dripping. I look down and see you had cum everywhere too. I know you enjoyed it too. 

I push in to you one last time. I am not done yet. You feel me collapse on top of your back, breathing heavily, as my weight presses down on you, and my flesh is still in you, stretching you open. Gradually, it starts to soften, and you feel it start to recede.

I pull you off the chair and let you out. I take the blindfold off. You are up now. You asked to shower, and scrub yourself clean, again and again, to remove any trace of me from you. Your heart still pounds, wondering what I am going to do with you. Then you feel my fluids, leak out of you, and start dribbling down your thigh, and this pushes you over the edge, as you break down completely, crying, sobbing loudly, wailing in despair, shame, disgust, and fear. Your cries echo off the wall as you cry alone in the dark. I pull you back. And we go again.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: A Colonial Trial
« Last post by SoftGameHunter on August 23, 2017, 04:32:46 PM »
Sarah crawled up onto the rocks, barely pulling herself from the growing waves of the sea. Her long swim for life had begun in calm waters, but the wind had picked up and the waves had buffeted her around, particularly as she approached the shore. Her whole body felt drained of strength as she slithered up and collapsed on a larger boulder, still dozens of yards off the shore. As she lay there with the sun beginning to fade away behind the trees, she wondered if this was truly her end. Could she even get to the shore as the waves crashed harder and harder? Would she die of chill out there as night came? Could she find her way to safety if she got to shore?

After an hour, and with light fading fast, she realized that the tide at least was going out. What had been rough water deep enough to knock her off her feet was now open ground, albeit soaked and pummeled with waves. But crossable. She waited as long as she dared for the water to recede more, but the fading sunlight prompted her to venture out with her bare feet onto the rocks and sharp edges of the shoreline. Slowly, barely a couple steps per minute, she made her way to the high-water mark. With relief and prayers of thanks she crawled up onto the forest floor, greeted with leaves and pine needles that could just as easily have been the softest silks to her at that moment. She stood and walked further into the woods, but realized all too easily how dire her situation remained. She was cold, wet, naked, lost, famished, and thirsty with night almost upon her.

She walked, keeping the shore on her right. With no other knowledge, she could think only to try returning to Piedmoore Point. It was her only home. Maybe knowing that the reverend tried to take her to Jamaica would change their minds about him and her. She recognized the desperation of her thinking, but had no other thoughts to fall back upon.

Within the hour it was dark, cloudy, and she couldn’t move. She soon couldn’t see her hand in front of her face. With the last possible light, she found some thick bushes and tried to curl up under them, shivering and crying herself to eventual sleep.

When she opened her eyes, having finally achieved slumber, she sat up and stretched. It was daylight, and late in the morning. She was standing when she gasped in shock and nearly jumped. Two men stood silently and motionless, not fifteen feet away, watching her. Both were Indians. She quickly clutched her hands over her cunt and tits. Such awful words, she fleetingly thought. She didn’t speak, and they barely seemed to even move. She guessed they were from the nearby Sarrenassetts tribe. Sometimes they came to Piedmoore Point for trade. The last wars with them had been over fifty years ago.

“Hello,” she said slowly. Her heart was racing. Wars or not, she realized they could kidnap and ‘adopt’ her into the tribe, and she would never see civilization again. Or they could just rape and murder her on the spot. Or they could feed and help her. But they just stared at her. “Hello,” she repeated herself. “I’m lost. I’m in trouble.”

One finally turned to the other and spoke, not in English but in their own tongue. Both were young men, probably unfamiliar with English. They conversed for a moment and turned back to her. “Bonjour,” one said.

French. She shook her head. “I don’t know French,” she said. “No French.” They looked annoyed, and the younger looked angry. Sarah continued standing, trying to hide her body. “Piedmoore Point?” she asked.

They conversed again with each other, keeping an eye on her. It seemed to be a disagreement. Over her, obviously. Whether to rape and dismember her? Whether to feed her and guide her to safety in Boston? She couldn’t tell, but they were each vehement and their voices grew angrier. Sarah started to slowly step back, but that caught both men’s attention right away. She remained rooted in place.

Finally they seemed to resolve it. The younger one grinned while the slightly older one just walked slowly away. Sarah stood terrified. What would happen? Removal of her fingers? Elevation to honorary Indian princess? There were so many tales out there, and so few actual witnesses to any of them.

The younger now came at her. She realized only too late the lustful look in his eye and he grabbed her shoulder and forced her to the ground.

“No, please, don’t do it!” she begged as he pushed her onto her back. He was tall, muscular as his kind tended to be, and she was no match. Both men were dressed in summer garb for Indians, with little clothing on, and she spotted his erection before he even got her down to the ground. “Please! Stop this!” she sobbed. “No! Don’t rape me! Don’t rape me!”

He wasn’t rough, but his iron grip moved her body as he wished it, parting her legs and pinning her hands above her head. She felt his cock at her cunt, pushing, sliding in tightly, hurting her as her countless pains never managed to heal. Each thrust was a stinging, blinding pain in her pussy. He was rubbing a bit different, hitting spots of her body that seemed to feel good in their own way. It was a lewder rape than the others, making her queasy with new sensations that just seemed wrong, but her weak and frenzied mind couldn’t process what she felt. She just felt raped, this time by a savage of the woods. Could she ever live with it? What if it became known? She was already as fallen as a woman could get.

His staying power was strong, and he changed their positions a few times, fucking her from behind as well as the front. But she did finally feel that hot ickiness filling her womb. Disgust ran through her mind. What if a brown baby shot out of her loins next year? What could she do?

She lay weeping, hoping he would leave her now, but he pulled her to her feet. “Oh god, what are you doing?” she asked as he held her hands behind her back. She felt the cords and realized he was tying her. Soon her hands were bound. Another loop went around her neck, and soon he could guide her forward on a leash. He walked briskly in the direction of his friend. Sarah was still exhausted and famished, and his fast pace was difficult. He continually yanked on her leash as they caught up with his friend. The older one glanced at her and smiled but said nothing. The two of them continued walking inland, away from the sea, towards wherever they were going. Sarah was utterly lost and out of hope. So she stumbled along, tripping, swaying, and feeling miserable in every possible way.

Hours later the two men stopped. They spoke among themselves again, seeing to argue. About her. Now the older one was eying her lustily, but the younger one was adamant. Even so, they argued for a while and seemed to reach an agreement. Now the older one forced Sarah to the ground, but facing down. Her hands were still bound, but he lifted up her hips. The younger man didn’t leave them alone, but stood watching. Sarah lay weeping, wondering which of her openings was in danger.

It was her ass. He spit onto his manhood, and then pressed it mightily into her anus. Sarah shrieked in pain, enough that the younger one slapped her face and shouted something at her. She guessed it was an order to be silent. But it was hard as the other man ass-raped her hard, jerking her whole body back and forth, driving her face and her tits into the leaves and twigs of the forest floor. But he finished up eventually and pulled out from her.

As they were sitting down and fetching some dried meat from pouches to eat, Sarah suddenly heard war whoops from all around them. She turned frantically, seeing another group of Indians coming out of the trees at them. Her two captors were on their feet in an instant, knives drawn, and Sarah barely had time to process the fight that began. Someone tackled her and she found herself under a man’s knee, lying on the ground yet again. There were some shouts and some cries of pain, and the scuffled moved away. She heard running off into the distance, but they regrouped around her in minutes.

Now Sarah looked up and saw eight Indian men gazing down at her bound and naked body. They looked slightly different than the other two. Different tribe. Not the Sarrenassetts. Or maybe they were and the two men weren’t. Or maybe neither was.

“Please tell me you speak English,” she said tearfully to them.

They looked among each other. “I speak the tongue of the Orange King,” one of them said slowly.

“Thank God,” she said.

“Who are you, a bound female, to address me so?” he asked. She wasn’t sure if he was bothered by her or not.

“My name is Sarah Miller,” she said. “I’m from Piedmoore Point.”

“This place is known to us, Sarah Miller.”

“Will you take me there?”

“We will not take you to Piedmoore Point. We will take you to our home and decide there how to proceed. You were the captive of the Mohanicans, but now you are the captive of the Sarrenassetts.”

“What, what will you do to me then?” she asked, trying not to cry.

“This question will be answered at home. To speculate now is without purpose. You will remain bound and you will march with us, Sarah Miller.”

Sadly, Sarah had no option but to go with them. They walked for a while, just as quickly as the Mohanicans had, and leaving her just as weak. Then they stopped, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

“Sarah Miller, at our home you will be judged and our actions in finding you will be evaluated by our chieftain. But now we eight men have a unique claim to you that could be lost later. We claim it now from your body. Lie down and do not resist or we will be forced to use tortures on you that the white peoples usually find unbearable even to watch.”

Now terrified, Sarah got herself down on the ground, spreading her legs wide and clenching her eyes shut in shame as they gathered to look at her open gash. One by one the men mounted her, piercing her opening with their cocks, flooding her womb with their man juices. How many, she desperately wondered, could she take before she ended up with a baby in her? Each of the eight took her in turn, the ordeal lasting well over an hour. The Sarah that stood up afterwards was more shamed and despondent than at any time of her life. Eight men raped her easily and calmly. What would happen in their village, with hundreds? Would they ever stop raping her long enough to let her womanhood heal up properly?

They walked again, and Sarah saw signs of settlement. There was tilled farmland, with crops in some. And soon enough they were in an Indian village. The Sarrenassetts presumably. They took her to a recognizable center of town, and there she saw it.

A fire was burning in a pit, with a line overhead for drying clothing. And on the line, she saw several thick English fashions, including the summer outercoat that Osborne Climewater wore during the voyage. He wasn’t on the boat anymore. He was there, in the village, having his clothes treated and dried for him.

Sarah’s mind rebelled. She didn’t know what to think anymore. Had he come to rescue her? Had she misunderstood back on the boat? Had he repented of his accusations? Was he there to kill her as a witness to his crime? Was the boat waiting somewhere nearby? She couldn’t even formulate the words in her head. It was just too confusing and she was terribly weak of body and mind, almost faint.

She didn’t wait long. The men dispersed, and others gathered around, talking amongst themselves. Soon enough there were older men there, probably the chief among them. And shortly after that, she spotted Osborne quickly leaving one of the huts and coming towards her. He was speaking to them. He was speaking their tongue!

“Sarah, I guess you can swim after all,” he said with a smile. “Come meet my friends.”

“Your friends?” she asked.

“I’ve ministered to this village for almost twenty years now. I count most of them as my friends.” He turned and spoke loudly to some of them, gesturing to Sarah. Suddenly they burst out in laughter and smiles.

“What did you say?” she asked.

“So, it looks like we’ve been reunited. Interesting.”

“Osborne, please tell me true what is going on? Did you betray me?” she asked.

“I did. Does that surprise you? I’ll get away eventually, but you have no future here nor anywhere else. Take my advice, Sarah. Beg the chief to trade you to a friendly tribe far away and live out your life as a pleasure captive there. It’s your best option right now.”

Sarah stared at him, mouth gaping open in shock. She hadn’t expected to hear anything so blunt, and the phrase pleasure captive sounded terrifyingly obscene. As the semen from nine rapes still stuck to her inner thighs, it wasn’t hard to guess its meaning. But it also meant she had no friends here and an open and active enemy, one who had convinced her to commit a major crime and then framed her for it.

Osborne began talking to one of the elders, probably the chief. The conversed for a short time, and she heard her own name, but the chief didn’t seem terribly impressed by Osborne’s words. Finally the chief switched and began speaking slowly in English.

“Reverend Climewater, many seasons have we known each other, but today I feel I am talking to a stranger. You speak to me in my language that you speak well, but I do not sense you do this from respect for me, but instead to keep your white-skinned female compatriot ignorant of your words against her.”

“Chief, this man has framed me for crimes!” Sarah cried quickly, trying to get her say in before she was cut off.

“Your words are also from a stranger,” he said to her. “I cannot learn the truth when there seems to be much dishonesty.” He turned to a group of men nearby and spoke to them. Osborne fidgeted as they spoke. Sarah stood there, useless and humiliated. Her hands were still bound and she was still leashed.

“I have given orders that I will repeat to you, Sarah Miller of Piedmoore Point, so that you may know them true. We will send a runner to your town and inform the people there that Osborne Climewater and Sarah Miller are our guests. If either of you is in disfavor, they will send a party to fetch either of you back there. Osborne Climewater, you have been our friend and shall have free movement within the village, but do not attempt to leave here. Sarah Miller, you are unknown to us and your feminine beauty both allures and distracts us. You shall be bound to the ground during the wait. No violence upon you will be permitted, but pleasures shall be granted at will. Osborne Climewater, make no contact with Sarah Miller during this time. If the town of Piedmoore Point sends word that they do not seek the two of you, Osborne Climewater will be freed with our friendship and apology as our atonement to the people of white skin for our trouble. Sarah Miller will be traded to a distant allied tribe at our earliest opportunity as the people of white skin’s atonement to us for their trouble. Everything will be then in balance.”

“But chief, I’ve done nothing wrong!” Sarah cried just before they seized her and dragged her to an open spot of ground. She screamed and tried to break loose as they drove four stakes into the ground and lashed her tightly to them, spreading her out wide, legs wide, naked and exposed to everyone. And what had the chief said? No violence, but pleasures at will? What did that even mean? They could rape her but not hit her?

As the assembled dozens of Indians dispersed, Sarah looked around in desperation. She saw no friendly faces. No one was willing to help her. It seemed her fate to lie naked and spread eagled on the dirt for days until the townsfolk came for her, probably to hang her at this point.

Within the hour, at least, some of the village women came by and gently fed her. She found their food different but tasty enough and healthy. None of them spoke English, at least not to her. She tried to ask them questions, but if they understood her they certainly weren’t answering. After the meal, they engaged in a curious ritual, spreading dyes onto her naked skin in patterns she couldn’t really see. But decorate her they did, in swirls and shapes with blues and reds, up and down her body. She had no idea what she looked like.

The afternoon played out with people mostly ignoring Sarah. She felt absurd and ridiculous, lying there stark naked like a rug while apparently a couple hundred men, women, and children walked past her from time to time. But as darkness came, so too did the men.

“Please, can’t you understand me?” she begged him, a lone brave who smiled at his good fortune while he knelt between her legs. “I don’t want this! This hurts me! Can’t you understand me? Please, no!” she sobbed, shaking her head wildly, but he utterly ignored her words and tone, casually lining up and thrusting himself into her. Once again she cried out as her injured cunt was pummeled with a cock until the hot stickiness flooded her. He smiled and got up to leave.

He hadn’t been gone even a minute when the next man appeared for her. They weren’t crowding. They weren’t fighting. They weren’t even really talking. But they were waiting their turns. Sarah cried wildly as the reality of her next few nights sank into her realization. One, two, a dozen, two dozen. She lost count before, sometime in the deepest darkest time of night, they finally ceased to visit her pussy.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: "Daddy's Debt"
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Another fantastic chapter, nasty to make her decide who gets her virginity then take her away from her sister and dad!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: More Than Laundry
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Ah vile8r i'm sorry . laundry in my building is fun it helps to lead to the following  ;)


“Please Mr. Mullens, If mom or dad found out I returned back home with then they will go mental!”

“Well clearly we can’t have that now can we Christy?” patting the pillow beside me “But you haven’t answered my question What are you willing to do to get them back?”

She sits down as far away from me as possible on the couch “Please Mr. Mullens you’ve always been nice to me before, Can’t I just get them back please!”.

Getting up I go to the bedroom, retrieving them before I return to the living room. Handing them back to her  “Here you got to me with that I’ve always been nice line!”

Jumping to her feet Thank you mr. Mullens, you’re a life saviour!” Hugging me  then starting towards the door.

“No problem Christy wonder though what they would do if I accidentally let it slip to your dad tomorrow on the golf course  of our hook up in the laundry room Sunday morning?”

That freezes her in her tracks, slowly turning back towards me  her face as white as if she seen a ghost “You wouldn’t do that would you?”

“Well you know in the heat of competition guys will say anything to get an edge on the opponent!” Sitting back down on the couch spreading my arms over the top of the back. Smiling as she stand there stunned at the implications of my words Lowering my left arm, patting the empty pillow again “Why don’t you come over here and let’s talk how you can prevent that from happening Christy?”

She doesn’t move, so I get up and help her back to the couch. Taking her by the elbow and walking her to it, waiting until she resumes sitting  before I sit close beside her. Putting my left arm around her shoulder, turning her head towards me. “Now Christy, Let me tell you why I’m doing this to you. Since I had you earlier this morning I been in bed dreaming of teaching you even more!” Letting that sink in before continuing.

“I was the one who opened you to new experiences  and I want to continue showing  you even more experiences before I let you go!”  She just sit there not saying anything, only looking at me because of my hold on her head. “So what do you say, experience more or have the pleasure of telling mommy and daddy why their little slut was in the laundry room trying to get fucked by some dweeb?”

“He not a dweeb, Tim was more gentlemanly than you were!”

“Really that’s why he left you draped over the table top nude and blindfolded!” She starts to tear up as I let go of her head and drop my hand down to the side of her left breast.  “And hey to prove I’m not going to do you dirty, you can act as my caddy tomorrow to be there when your dad and I play our round!”

She swats my hand away  “How could you do me any dirtier than you already have?”

“Do your parents know you’re here right now?” Standing up in front of her, staring into her eyes, seeing my answer as she starts to tremble a barely whispered ‘no’ reaches my ears. “Maybe I should see how well you learnt to use that pussy of your?” Her eyes open wide in fear.

“P-p-p-p-please this morning was wrong, I thought you were Tim or else I would never have let to fuck me!” Moving further on the couch, trying to get away from me. “You rape me this morning and stole my thong!”

“Right and the reason you came here to get a piece of fabric back instead of just going to a store and buying one is?” before she can answer “The reason why you didn’t tell mom and dad that you were coming to see me is?” Grasping her chin making her look at me “Oh I know why, because inside you like it didn’t you, you hoping I would take you again aren’t you Christy!” letting go of her chin, stepping back.

“No I don’t want that, I don’t even want to say I know you!” Tears coming to her eyes

“Really so how are you going to rectify the memory of me being your first, they say you always remember your first!” Digging into the pocket of my robe for a kleenex, passing it to her to wipe her eyes. “So do we have a deal or are you going  to pray that I keep quiet tomorrow?” Full out crying now “Tell you what!, I’ll give you until tee off time of ten tomorrow for your answer!” Moving away from the couch, turning towards the kitchen door “Oh where are my manners “Would you like something to drink? Coffee, tea, soft drink?”

The door closing on it’s own greets my ears when I turn to get her reply. A smile on my face, thinking that she is going to show up tomorrow! What her parents thinks means more to her than her actions today. Going back to bed, I jerk off to the memory of my fucking that sweet pussy.


9:57AM, I’m standing on the first tee, trying to keep the evil grin off my face as Christy and her father Bob approaching. “Sorry for the delay Rob, over breakfast I commented that I was going to play a round with you today and mentioned that you rarely have a caddy so Christy offered to caddy for you if you’re willing to have her?

‘Oh I was more than willing to have her’ ran through my thoughts but to Bob all I say was “Oh I’m sure she would rather caddy for you rather than me?
“No Mr. Mullens, daddy doesn’t need help he got a new robo- caddy!” coming over to me picking up my Bag containing one wood, an iron, a putter and a wedge plus a dozen balls and some tees. “Wow are you just beginning to learn to play?” Hi robo caddy was a skedway with a built in club holder

Both her father and I laugh as we start to play. Two hours later were in the clubhouse, where he father excuses himself to go to the washroom. While he gone I count the money I took off him from side bets. 150 dollars which I hand 75 to Christy, looking at me weird “You deserve it, that choice of an iron on the eighth hole, I would never have thought to use a wedge for a par three! That was my first hole-in-one!”

Looking to see if her father is returning. “I want to thank you for not saying anything about Sunday morning to dad!”

“I did what I said I would, now how about you?”

The look of defeat in her eyes tells me what her voice isn’t. Just then her dad makes his reappearance, a cell phone to his ear. “Yes I’ll be there first thing tomorrow, me and Sarah Jean!” A pause then “Goodbye June!”  Sitting down  looking to Christy “The property in Willowdale your mom and I are trying to buy, well it’s our all we have to do is be there by ten tomorrow and sign on the dotted line, so mom and me are going to leave tonight, Will you alright alone for a couple of days Christy

“Sure dad!”

“I”d feel better if i knew someone was going to be there if you needed help!” Snapping his fingers, turning to me “Rob I know it would be an inconvenience but could Christy come to you if she needs help while her mom and me are gone?”

"Really dad I turned eighteen yesterday, I think I can handle myself alone!, no offense to you mr. Mullens!"

"None taken Christy, oh and Happy belated Birthday!" For what I have planned with Christy , talk about convenient  “Why sure!, glad to help her anytime with anything!” Hearing that her dad gets up to call his wife , leaving Christy and me once more alone “Oh yes I be very glad to have you all to myself for two days!” Giving her an evil grin. She shivers as she gets my meaning.

                                                                                               More to follow

Forced Sex Stories / Re: "Daddy's Debt"
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Daddy's Debt 5 - Life Sucks

Greasy hair man let me cry for a while and as I did he once again moved the black sex toy between my legs.  He did turn the vibration off but moved it up and down through the lips between my legs and then finally stopped. 

He then pulled on the belt until I lifted up and he pulled me all the way to my feet, put his hand on my shoulder and turned me to face him.

He stooped down to my height and then addressed me with a very serious expression on his face, "Rose, this is very important, do you understand?"

I nodded and then he continued, "You and I are going to walk back into the other room again. You are to look down at the floor and not make eye contact with anyone. You WILL do everything I tell you to do in the other room or I am going to severely hurt your sister Amber.  Do you understand?"

Once again I nodded yes to his question but he still added a little more, "Regardless what I ask you to do, you WILL do it without hesitation.  If you do, I will not rape you or severely hurt your sister.  This time when you answer me you will say you understand and you promise."

As he instructed I answered, "I understand and I promise." 

I was still completely naked except for my bra and shirt binding my elbows together and of course the metal handcuffs around my wrists.  My shoulders and wrists hurt terribly but at least I had not been raped...yet.

He took hold of my upper arm, walked me to my bedroom door, opened it and walked me back into the other room where my sister and father were still being held by the older man and the bald, fat hairy man. 

He sat me in the same chair I had been sitting in earlier.  I did as he had instructed and looked down at the floor.  My assumption was that the purpose of that was for my father and sister to believe I had also been raped. 

He then walked over to where my sister was sitting and un cuffed her from the chair she was cuffed to.  He did keep her wrists handcuffed behind her body.  He then directed the bald man to take a seat where Amber had been sitting.  Once baldy sat there, greasy haired man pushed on my sister's shoulders and said, "kneel" and she did as she was told kneeling in front of Baldy.

Greasy then leaned down near Amber's ear and very softly said, "Amber unbuckle his belt, unfasten his pants, unzip his fly and take his cock out from his boxers!"

When she hesitated he walked over to me and slapped me across the face hard catching me completely off guard. 

That was all it took and she started doing as she had been told unbuckling his belt.  She did fumble with it but eventually got it unbuckled. She then unfastened his pants, and unzipped the fly.  Within just a few more seconds she managed to pull the bald fat man's cock out.  I could see it from where I was sitting and it looked hairy, big and gross. 

Greasy walked back over to where Amber was and pet her hair, "Good girl" he said to her reminding me how he degraded me, "Now take it into your mouth and suck that cock like you do Jeff's cock."  Jeff was the name of Amber's boyfriend which Greasy somehow knew. 

Amber did as she was told taking Baldy's cock into her mouth and began to work it.  Everyone watched a while and Baldy started to moan.  I was not expecting it when Greasy walked over to me grabbed hold of the end of the belt still around my neck and pulled me to my feet.  He guided me over to where Amber was kneeling in front of Baldy put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me also down on my knees. 

He then un cuffed and untied my elbows.  My wrists and shoulders were so sore it was a relief to have them finally unbound.

To my surprise he pulled the block sex toy from his pocket and it was in a plastic zip lock bag. He pulled the plastic back from the end of the sex toy turned the switch to on and offered me the bottom end and then said softly just to me, "Push that into one of Amber's holes or I will and if I do I will shove it all the way to the hilt.  You can pick which hole." He added with an evil chuckle.

I very nervously looked at my sister's round bottom.  I never would have thought about doing something like this.  Not that I hadn't seen my sister in little to no clothing but the idea of touching something to her bottom or between her legs would have been far from my thoughts.

I really didn't want to do this but I knew Greasy was serious and that if I didn't do it he would.  I tried to convince myself that it was okay.  Amber wasn't a virgin, she had been with her boyfriend and we all assumed Greasy had raped her but I couldn't help wonder what if he did the same things with her similar to what he had done with me.

I tried to calm myself and carefully placed my left hand on her lower back as she continued to give head to Baldy.  I knew it would be better to push it into her sex rather then her ass hole.  I leaned over some and found her sex with my eyes.  I could feel my hands shaking but tried to calm myself.  I knew my sister used this thing and was pretty sure she had pushed it into her sex herself. 

I accidentally touched it to her butt cheek and I felt her flinch.  I was really struggling to do it.  I had to say to myself over and over, "You can do this, she does this herself."

I finally moved it to her pussy lips.  God even the sound of that word, I knew guys liked to use it but it made me feel ashamed.  My hands were shaking so hard.  I felt nauseous doing this.  I tried to steady my hand and begin to push the sex toy between her pussy lips.

It just flat looked huge.  I'm not sure what was shaking more the vibrating sex toy or my hands.  It didn't take too long to find the right opening and to begin to push the sex toy inside my sister.  I was so scared it would hurt her and she did groan. 

She made the mistake of pulling her mouth of Baldy's cock and his response reminded me we were all here against our will.  He slapped her face hard and pushed her head hard back into his lap.  It scared me to hear his hand hit her face, her body moved hard to the other side but her knees and hips didn't move much.  Not only did it leave her a bit shaken up it also left me a bit traumatized too.

At thirteen, I was not the sweet and innocent little girl my father thought I was.  I had watched some porn on the Internet with my sister, a few of my friends and even on my own.  I had spied on my sister making out with her boyfriend, listened to them having sex through a closed door and masturbated myself on several occasions.  And yes, even as Greasy had probably read in my journal I had used my sisters sex toy on top of my panties to feel the incredible vibration on my own sex.

In a bit of the porn I had watched I have to admit to being turned on by seeing guys being rough with girls.  I had seen regular movies, Rated R, that had scenes of sex and even on TV on police shows had seen scenes of girls being raped.  I don't think I have anything to be ashamed of to admit that some of those scenes turned me on. 

But I wasn't turned on hearing and feeling Baldy hit my sister.  I wasn't turned on pushing her sex toy into her sex.  As I knelt here on the floor with my face by her bare bottom I only felt shame, degradation and humiliation. 

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Greasy yell at me from across the room his voice coming from the direction of where my father was, "Rose get that black cock up in Amber or I will do it for her in a way she won't like.  Now stop fucking around and do it.  Your daddy and I are enjoying the show."

For a moment I lost it.  I felt a heat flash rush through my body and thought for a moment I was going to pass out.  Instead I felt the food I had eaten a few hours ago come rushing up and fortunately I at least was able to turn away from Amber and Baldy and threw up onto the floor. 

I realized doing so I had dropped the sex toy under my sister because I was on my hands and knees still very naked as I spit the last of the nasty vomit from my mouth. 

I felt dizzy and light headed and scared too that Greasy would take this out on Amber. 

I felt fortunate that he did not.  He seemed to give me a minute to compose myself and then once again commanded me, "Beautiful Rose, I'm not telling you again, if you don't get that black cock up into your sister's hole, I'm going to slide it around in your puke and then shove it into Amber or maybe even your pussy.  Now get it done!"

He was yelling this from across the room.  I found the black sex toy, picked it up moved it between her legs.  I think the fear got the better of me and I was much less careful and less gentle and I moved it pretty quickly to her pussy lips started pushing and begin to penetrate her sex with the vibrating sex toy. 

It was not easy to push into her but I was embarrassed to discover she was wet and that did help it push into her sex.  "Work it in there girl, you don't want me helping you!" He yelled.

I couldn't help crying as I worked the vibrating sex toy deeper into my sister's sex.  When I started working it in, I heard her groan a sound of pain.  I felt dirty after a few minutes when I heard her groan seem to change to a moan.

I got caught off guard when I felt her body pull hard down and realized Baldy had pulled her hard down in his lap and heard him groaning loud himself. 

After a few seconds and a few loud groans from him he pushed her back slapped her across the face hard and she fell back down partly on me and then onto the floor. 

She also knocked me over but out of nowhere Greasy walked over to where I was lying, grabbed hold of his belt, pulled it up hard until I managed to get to my knees and then pulled me up to my feet.  He led me across the room over to where my dad was sitting and then right in front of my dad said to me, "Kneel down Rose."

I did as I was told and once again felt sick to my stomach and tried to push the thought I had out of my mind.

But to my horror Greasy said the words to me I wanted him least to say, "Open yer daddy's belt, unfasten his britches and unzip that fly and get his cock out, NOW."

I felt myself crying more but started to do as I had been told. Once again my hands were trembling hard.  It took me longer then it should and the hardest part was taking my father's cock out from his boxers.  But I somehow managed to do it. 

I felt heat in my face I was so embarrassed to touch my own father's sex.  It seemed to already be erect but it wasn't like I had touched or seen many cocks. 

Greasy was right behind me and tightened the pull on the belt until it cut off my air and at the same time pet the hair on top of my head like someone might pet the fur of a dog.  "Put your mouth on that cock Rose and taste it, lick it, inhale deeply and smell the bouquet of fragrance and then suck on it like you would your favorite pop sickle" Greasy said in a commanding voice.

I had the desire to breath more then I was worried about the shame so I lowered my mouth to my father's cock.  Without intending to I immediately got the smell of my father's sex and within moments could taste him as well.  It was embarrassing and shameful when I realized he also had oozed a bit of wetness.  I timidly took his cock in my lips the first time I ever did that with a guy's real cock. 

I did my best to push out of my mind who I was doing this with and even tried to push the what I was doing out of my mind as well.  I timidly sucked and hated when I felt my father's cock move because I assumed it felt good.  I hadn't even noticed at first the grip on the belt had lessened and I was able to breath again but of course that only made sense since i could smell. 

I tried to do the same as what my sister had done for Baldy and slowly began to move my mouth on the cock.  He was definitely erect which just added to my shame.  On occasion Greasy would stroke my hair as I held, licked and sucked the cock in my mouth.  Eventually he said what he had been saying to me pretty often now, "Good Girl!"  That only made me feel that much more ashamed.   

I tried to think about what I had seen Amber do when I had spied on her and also what she did with Baldy.  Before long I could hear my father's breathing change and I assumed he was liking how it felt.  I tried to push those thoughts out of my mind and just focus on the act of what I was doing. 

But the more I tried to push thoughts out of my mind the more they flooded my mind with thought.  I was doing a sex act not with a guy I liked from school.  I was "sucking cock" like I had heard my friends and even my sister call it plus all the other nicknames for it, "giving head, blow job, knob, Hoover, play the skin flute" and so many others I couldn't think of at the moment. 

But this wasn't again I boy I liked this was my father.  I felt so disgusted with myself and ashamed. 

I highly doubt that Greasy could read my mind but it seemed like he did because he added to my humiliation but saying, "That's a Good Girl Beautiful Rose.  Suck Daddy's cock.  He's a lucky man considering he couldn't control himself.  He couldn't pay his debts.  He couldn't stop gambling.  So Special Rose, we warned him.  You see, if we broke his legs he couldn't work but he couldn't pay his debt yet he continued to extend himself.  Do you know what he carried in his empty wallet, because it certainly wasn't money, it was a photograph of each of you, Amber and you."

He reached into my father's pants down around his knees and pulled out his wallet and pulled out a school picture of Amber and one of me.  He then showed them to me.  "We warned him Lovely Rose the consequences of not paying his debt and continuing to generate more and more debt.  What Amber did earlier and what you are doing now are some of those consequences. But Beautiful Rose it's far from over."

He then jerked me hard by the belt pulling me off my father's cock. "Did you think I was going to let her get you off you piece of shit?  A man who put his need to gamble before his two lovely daughters?  You don't deserve to cum in her mouth."

He then put another question to my father, "While your other little girl is a slut, has put out for plenty of boys, sucks cock with regularity did you know you worthless piece of shit that Rose here is pure?  YOU were the first man to violate and degrade her beautiful mouth with your filthy cock."

He used the belt to pull me standing right in front of him and looked me in the eyes then asked, "Special Rose, you have a very difficult decision to make right now.  I'm going to give you a very hard choice and I want you to think about it before answering.  Do you understand Lovely Rose?

He stopped pausing and waiting till I nodded then asked his question, "Rose I am going to give you a very hard decision to make.  I do not want you to take the decision lightly, okay?"

He waited for me to nod my head, "You have to choose to whom you are willing to give your virginity and you have four choices.  A. You can give your virginity to your worthless piece of shit father.  B. You can give the old man there, your virginity.  C. You can give my bald headed friend over there your virginity or lastly D. You can give your virginity to me.  Yes that's right folks I didn't rape her earlier."

"Think about it special Rose whom do you want to be the man to take your virginity?"

He let the question hang in the air.  I was sickened by his question.  I wanted to answer none of the above.  He stared at me hard then added, "Don't forget sweet Rose that it was your father who brought us here today to you and Amber he's a disgusting piece of shit."

He then pet my hair holding onto the belt. 

"If you don't choose Rose, I'll choose for you." He added.

He gave me more time then said, "That's enough time decide now!  If it's me, just kneel down right in front of me."

I was horrified and didn't know what to do.  I looked at Amber, my father, the old man and then Baldy but none was a choice I wanted to make.  I just collapsed to my knees crying.  He just pet my hair, "Good Girl Rose, Good Girl."

He then moved towards my father quickly and punched him between the legs right into his sex yelling, "You think you deserve to cum inside a beautiful daughter you betrayed?"

He then grabbed my father's shirt by the collar making him sit up from being doubled over.  "You my friend also have one more choice for your debt.  The choice you knew you would be making today when you didn't have even part of the money you owed to us.  Which of your daughters do you give to us to settle 10% of your debt?"

Our father sat there with his head down sniffling a little. 

They waited a bit for the answer but one didn't come. To my horror Greasy once again pulled me up to my feet using the belt and took me back into my bedroom.  I was sure he was going to rape me there. 

Once we were in the room he dug through my and my sisters closet looking for something I'm not sure what.  He once again looked through our jewelry boxes everything of value they had already taken.  I watched in surprise when he pulled out of my sister's closet a chain belt.  He also pulled out a black leather choker she would wear on occasion and took the keys off a key ring.

He worked the key ring through the last chain link of the belt, and then put it over the choker.  He pulled his belt off from around my neck and buckled the leather choker around my neck the chain belt working as a leash. 

He then told me to find a button down shirt that showed my cleavage, a sexy bra and panties.  When I had done so he pulled out a short skirt of mine and tossed it to me and told me to put the clothes on.  He then told me to get out my highest set of heels and put them on.  I found a pair of black pump 4 inch heels I had warn to my friend's mother's wedding. 

He then told me to close each of the chests my journals were in and to carry them into the other room.  He had me put a few of my things, like an overnight bag in my backpack including my toothbrush, hairbrush and any makeup I wanted. 

We then went back into the other room.  He looked at my father and then asked him again, "Which of your daughters do you choose as payment for 10% of your debt?"

My father sat there and sobbed not wanting to make a choice.  Greasy offered him another choice, "We can take them both?" He had a horrible smile on his face when he suggested it.

I was dumbfounded when the older man opened a briefcase he brought with him and pulled out paperwork.  He then pulled out my birth certificate from a pile of papers they had brought into the room when they were searching the home.  I didn't expect to see my birth certificate.

The old man said to my father, "You can sign adoption paperwork over to us for Rose.  If you sign everything here we are prepared to release you from 45% of your debt but you also have to agree to never seek or look for Rose.  To you it is as if she never existed.  Should you refuse we will take both girls, relieve none of your debt and you will never see either of them again.  Or you can sign the paperwork we have and relinquish Rose to us."

I stood there dumbfounded.  My father was trembling but eventually picked up a pen and signed what they asked him to sign.  I watched with horror and butterflies in my belly.  All of the paperwork I could see had my name, he signed them and Baldy signed as a witness.  I wasn't shown the paperwork but looked at what I could. 

For the next several minutes or hour time seemed to fly by and before long I was being told to tell my sister good bye.  We cried in each other's arms.  It was extremely emotional between my sister and I.  We had shared a room together for a while and shared so much.

My father was one again warned that he still needed to work on coming up with more of the debt or Amber too would be in danger.  He was told that if I was good I could work off more of the debt. 

It was strange to be standing there with the choker and my sister's chain belt attached.  Greasy held onto the belt most of the time and I couldn't help think of a pet on a leash. 

I was stunned and overwhelmed as the men collected my backpack the chests containing my journals and we headed out of our home.  the old man had put the papers my father had signed into his brief case. 

I felt numb as I walked to the vehicle with the three men Greasy holding the makeshift leash.  Their vehicle was a white panel van and I was pulled into the back with Greasy and Baldy.  The older man drove. 

Now that we were in the van and on the road Greasy said very softly but sternly, "Take off all our clothes again, I like you naked."

I hesitated a little but then did as I was told.  Greasy also removed his belt again and once again put it around my neck.  He also took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed my wrists again behind my back.  He pulled my upper body down onto my back putting my head in his lap and reached down to my left breast with his left hand. 

He massaged and played with my bare breasts and once in a while would pull the belt tight till I couldn't breath.  He reminded me not to panic and it wasn't very long before my breasts felt swollen and we're definitely red and my nipples hard. 

I didn't notice until it happened but Baldy moved over between my legs pushing them apart until they were pretty wide apart and he moved his hand to my sex and I was ashamed as he found wetness.  His fingers softly worked through the lips of my sex and at that very sensitive place at the top all while Greasy continued to alternate between letting me breath and cutting off my air. 

I hated him for it, but hated myself more for how it seemed to intensify my body's response.  It was only after a few minutes of Baldy touching that tiny spot at the top of my sex that it felt swollen and any touch sent sensations deep into my body. 

Baldy had said little in our apartment but he pointed out to Greasy saying, "She's soaking wet."  Greasy just smiled and nodded and said, "Yes she's a Good Girl.  She loves attention from men.  She'll be getting lots of that, more then she ever dreamed.  It's going to become her life."

His words left me feeling sick yet my body was so sensitive and tingling like crazy.  I could hardly hold still and I heard my breathing and throat letting out moans. 

I hated the two of them for what they were doing and the floor of the van was hard and hurt my body where it laid on the hard metal floor. 

As the two men continued to rub and stimulate my body and the belt continued to cycle in letting me breath and cutting off my air eventually I felt a strange powerful sensation deep inside me and once again felt my entire body begin to shake and felt fluids gush out from between my legs and once again I felt degraded and humiliated that despite being kidnapped from my own home, likely to never see my father or sister ever again I somehow allowed these two men to sexually stimulate my body and for that I felt such shame. 

As I gushed I felt unable to get air and while feeling fluids seem to escape from deep inside me uncontrollably the dizziness, anxiety and everything seemed to build and I knew I was going to pass out. 

Forced Sex Stories / Re: More Than Laundry
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I've never had that much excitement doing my laundry.  ;D Good story, gsc!
Forced Sex Stories / More Than Laundry
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What follows is a story of rape and blackmail. By the end of part one all characters will be of the age of consent. Both rape and blackmail are crimes in society. In no way am I condoning the actions of the male character in this story. If you don't understand why both are crimes seeks medical help before legal representatives seek you!

Please enjoy

I hate doing the laundry, but I can’t afford to buy new clothes everyday so I have no option. The worst part was taking the elevator from the fifth floor to the rec level in the apartment building. Four washers and four dryers to serve all thirty apartments in the building,but I’ve learnt the secret comes down after midnight and I can have the whole room to myself, most nights.

Especially on Sundays of a long weekend, normally I just sit and read while waiting for the machines to run their cycles. But not this particular Sunday , labour day weekend, the first time I’ve ever came down and got more than my laundry done. Little did I know for fifteen dollars I would get clean clothes and come into possession of the cutest seventeen year old in the entire building.

Picture this I’m waiting for one of the three elevators to make it’s way to the fifth floor, two were for everyday use, one strictly for moving in or out with. One finally shows and i wheel my Rubbermaid Trash Barrel that I use for laundry into it and descend the six floor to the laundry room. Just as i get off the elevator,I see a young guy i never seen in the building before trying the laundry room door.

“Gimme me a second and I’ll let you in?” Turning at the sound of my voice, he spots me and immediately bolt to the exit leading to the underground parking level and the side exit. Wondering what that was all about I unlock the door and enter to a slim blond draped over the folding table on her stomach with her pants and thong down by her ankle, a blindfold around her eyes

“About time Tim, it’s a bit cold in here and i’m worried that mom or dad will realize that I’m not in bed!” Wigging a fantastic looking ass in my face. About to say I’m not Tim when she clips in “Now get over here and take me, I don’t want to celebrate my eighteenth birthday as a virgin!”

Fuck as if the sight of that ass facing me wasn’t enough to get me hard, her words got me there instantly. Moving back to the cabinet above the sink a foot away from the door i get the ‘out of order’ sign and tack it to the hallway side of the door. Closing it and making sure it’s locked, I get out of my shorts and underwear  and make my way silently towards her. Without saying a word I go to my knees and begin to lick that gorgeous pink pussy.

“Oh Tim where did you learn to do that!” she tries to push her pussy harder to my lips. “Oh Tim that feels so good!” her breath coming a little faster as she withers on the tabletop. “Damn I knew you would be the right one to do me!”  She strains her legs then cries out “Ohh yesssssss!” As she lets me have the first taste of her juices.

Her breathing coming a bit harder “Please Tim! Take me now, I don’t want to be a virgin come one am!” Getting up checking my watch, twelve forty-four, well she willing and ready to have it, so why not? Moving between her spreaded legs and rubbing the head of my cock up and down from her pussy to her little brown starfish that was winking at me

“No! Don’t tease me, I’m ready, take me!”

Obeying her command, Taking some of her moisture  to coat my cock with I line up and slowly enter her wet passage. She cries out as I press against her hymen, trying to be as gentle as possible forging my cock ahead until I tear it apart. I'll admit I’m not the most endowed guy but my five inches is the first cock to claim this tight passage

“Oh god I feel fuller than I ever been before!” As I wait for her to adjust from having nothing to suddenly what feels like a log in there. As the mirror on the wall between the dryers give me a side view of her aquiline facial features as they soften from a grimace of pain to partial delight.  Slowly I begin to take her for the first time  moving no more than a couple of inches at a time until she starts to mewl.

For a bit long I continue that until I think she ready for faster  longer strokes into her.  “Damn mom was lying to me, sex feel good, really, really good!” hearing that brings a smile to my lips so i start to increase how hard i was fucking her virginal passage. To increase her pleasure i use my left thumb to work her clit as i fuck her. Her moans of pleasure, turns me on so much that i lift her off the tabletop and my right arm around her chest holding her erect to me.
Moving backwards so she steps out of her pants and thong I fuck her standing up for a few strokes.

Kissing her neck, then down her shoulders, groping her clothed breast, she moan more as I grind my pelvis into her rear. Feeling my balls begin to twitch, I lower her back to the tabletop  and pull out, before spraying ropes of hot cum across her back and ass.

“Tim you remembered!”  The sound of the pleasure in her voice made me so elated inside that i continued to play with her clit until she cried out “Gooooodd Yessssss!”  She goes limp on the tabletop and I use that time to collect her thong, planning to use it as a souvenir of our tryst

“Oh my god that was so great!” reaching around to untie the blindfold , lifting it up before turning to see her lover for the first time since their coupling “And you were a perfect gentlemen…” Spotting me naked “Mr. Mullens you’re not Tim!” Covering her freshly fucked pussy with her hands

“Really Christy, modest after letting me take your virginity?”

“But I thought!’...” then the horror of the situation strikes her “Please Mr. Mullens don’t say anything to my mom and dad!”

"And say what?, how their horny little girl gave me the greatest experience doing laundry ever!” Moving closer to her leaning in and kissing her on the lips “No Christy this is just between you and me!” Ashamed of what she done she hurriedly grabs her pants and dresses then rushes to the door fighting to get it open

“I locked it!” She fumbles with the lock before getting it open and rushes out leaving me with one hell of a memory to get me through the task at hand. Two hours later i’m back in my place folding the clean laundry, when it done i put it away and go to bed.

A little after eleven I’m awoken by the doorbell ringing. Stumbling out of bed, trying to find my robe, the ding dong of the bell pissing me off more “Fucking  hold your horses I’m trying to get decent!” Finally finding the robe securing it around the waist, I go to the door as the bell finally stops. Looking out the peephole before undoing the chain lock I see Christy standing there her anxiously moving from foot to foot. Opening the door “What do you want now?”

“Can I come in mr. Mullens”

Standing back  motioning her to enter. Closing the door behind her then walking past her into the living room, flopping down on the couch. Looking up at her

“So birthday girl what can I do for you?”

“Mr Mullens, sir did you take my thong earlier?” a  fearful tone in her voice

"Might have!" I know I did but let her sweat it out and see what i could get from it!

“Could I have it back please before my parents find it missing and i get into trouble!”

As she speaks it all comes back to me. Looking her in the eyes “Well Christy want are you willing to do to get them back?”

                                                                                       To be Continued
New Authors / Re: Have you ever?
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It's very good, and an interesting approach to a story.

So when exactly are you going to set your sister up for repeated gang rape?
Sex Talk / Re: Clothes during in-person rp's
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A tip- to save money alter clothes bought at goodwill with velcro easier to tear away and makes a great way to add another color top without redressing!

gsc.....always the pragmatic one!  ;D
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