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Forced Sex Stories / Re: Not The Perfect Guy
« Last post by DirtySerenity on December 13, 2017, 04:04:51 AM »
That was an incredible ending vile. I love knowing that her nightmares are not over.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Not The Perfect Guy
« Last post by vile8r on December 12, 2017, 11:22:45 PM »
Lennie walked up to Rachelle, pulling his pants down. His cock was hard again and ready for more action. He pulled her up onto her knees and hung his balls over her mouth.

"Get to work, whore!" he ordered.

RachelIe lifted herself up to lick and kiss all over his nuts, and he started to slowly jack off. Her tongue was everywhere. All over his hands while he was jacking off, and all over his cock. Eventually he said, "Okay, enough! Suck it."

Putting his hand on the back of her head, he shoved his cock in her mouth. He grabbed two handfuls of her hair, and pulled her face down on his shaft forcing the tip into her throat. Rachelle gagged at first, but started to take him in as her throat relaxed.

"Yeah, you just pretend you're sucking Iverson's dick. Do it really nice and slow," Lennie said as he looked down at Rachelle's head bobbing up and down on him.
  Rachelle was sucking on him with slow strokes, pulling back so just the head would be in her mouth. She would give several strokes with her hand, then lower her mouth onto him again. He was enjoying the sensation of her tongue swirling around him, coating his shaft with saliva. But Lennie was getting impatient. He wanted to shoot a load into the cute teen's mouth!

Lennie grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face down on his cock. Rachelle started to gag and cough but Lennie held her there. He smiled as he felt her throat constrict around the head of his cock. That was all he needed. His cock gave a jerk and began to spurt in her mouth. He kept her mouth closed around his cock until he was done, then released her.
  Rachelle hacked and coughed as she tried to catch her breath.

Someone else was standing in front of her waiting for a blowjob. She looked up to see it was Lyle. Pre-cum oozed from the tip of his dick as he held it in front of her face.

"That's right, honey. Now you can suck me."
Rachelle ran her tongue along the length of his shaft, before wrapping her lips around him. She felt his cock swelling in her mouth. He pushed his dick in as far as he could, making Rachelle hold back her gag reflex. Lyle was holding his breath as he revelled in the sensation of Rachelle's warm mouth closed around him.

He started working his cock back and forth in her mouth, holding her head with both his hands. Rachelle, still reeling from the effects of the cocaine in her body, could only try to keep her balance as Lyle fucked her face. He could hear her trying to breathe as his erect penis filled her mouth.

"Yeah, Lyle! Fuck that bitch's face!" yelled Duncan.

"She likes eating cock!" laughed Wenzel.

Lyle kept thrusting into Rachelle's face, his gut pressing against her forehead. His mouth hung open as he began to cum. When his cock stopped jerking, he pulled it out of her throat giving her a chance to breathe. Lyle wiped his slimy dick across her face.

"You are a dirty bitch, aren't you?" he smiled, as he buttoned up his pants.

Craig stepped up for his turn with Rachelle's mouth.

"Okay, you nasty fucking cunt, time for some more cock. But first, you can suck my balls."

 Rachelle began to slowly lick at Craig's hairy nut sac. The taste of sweat was strong, but Rachelle managed to ignore it. She already had the horrible taste of dirty cock in her mouth. That had turned her stomach earlier as she realized the cocks had all just been in her ass.
  Rachelle wondered to herself how much longer this would go on. She had lost complete track of how many cocks had been in her body. Her whole body ached. Her pussy, her ass, and her mouth! She still couldn't get over how Colin had so callously threw her away like a piece of meat to be used. Tessa had been so right! Colin WAS definitely not the person Rachelle had thought he was.

Rachelle slid her mouth over Craig's balls, working her tongue around them. He was groaning with pleasure as he watched the dark-haired hottie slather his nuts with her slobber. She ran her hand up and down his shaft before wrapping her lips around the tip of his cock. Rachelle was just slipping him into her mouth, when she felt a pair of hands around her hips. Someone was behind her!

"Just keep sucking on Craig!" the person said. "I'm gonna look after this hole."

Rachelle recognized the voice as that of Wenzel. He was kneeling behind her. Her body jerked forward as he drove his cock hard into her cunt. Wenzel began fucking her with short, rapid thrusts. At the same time, Craig held her head as he pushed his dick in and out of her mouth. In the background, she could hear the others, hooting and hollering as they watched the action.
  Wenzel had wanted to fuck Rachelle for a long time. Since the first time he had seen her in class, wearing tight blue jeans. Right then, he had known she had a body that he wanted to sink his cock into someday. But then next thing he knew, she was hanging out with Colin. He had promised himself, though, that someday he would have her. Now that day had arrived.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck, your mouth is good," said Craig.

"Her pussy feels damn good too," Wenzel grinned.

Trapped between the two men, all Rachelle could do was hope they’d be finished soon. Craig was having no mercy as he forced his cock into her throat, making it hard for her to breathe. Wenzel was relentless as he brutally fucked her.

It was Craig who came first, shooting more jizz into Rachelle's mouth. He made sure she kept her mouth around him as she swallowed it all. A couple minutes later, Wenzel let out a whoop as he deposited a load in Rachelle's abused pussy.

"Goddamn it baby! You were something else!" said Wenzel as he pulled out.

Rachelle didn't get much of a chance to rest. Duncan was sitting on a large log nearby. He already had his pants down and was stroking his cock as he waited for Craig and Wenzel to finish up.

"Hey, bitch!" he barked. "I ain't coming to you. Get your ass over here to suck my cock!"

Rachelle began slowly crawling on her hands and knees over to where Duncan sat. She was filled with dread, remembering what it was like to have his thick cock in her ass and pussy. She could only imagine what it would be like having to take him in her mouth.

As Rachelle kneeled in front of him, he put a large hand on the back of her head.

"Get to work, honey," he growled.

"Take it easy on 'er, Dunc," Lennie joked. "With that big schlong of yours, you'll choke her to death."

"Don't worry, Lennie," he replied. "She'll survive."

It was a struggle to get her aching jaws around his shaft, but before Rachelle knew it, Duncan was pushing into her mouth.

Rachelle closed her eyes and concentrated on breathing through her nose. It was all she could manage to get her mouth around him. His large purple head rubbed along the roof of her mouth.

"GAAAACCCKKKKK.......GGGGAAAACCCCCCKKKKKK!" Rachelle gagged as Duncan tried to push to the back of her throat. Slowly, she worked her mouth up and down on him. She wrapped her hands around the base of his shaft and stroked.

"Yeah, baby, like that," Duncan said.

Sweat and tears ran down Rachelle's face as she did her best to service the large man. Her jaws ached horribly as the thick shaft pushed them open. She felt dizzy as she tried to breathe around the big piece of meat in her mouth. Duncan, totally oblivious to her suffering, just leaned back and enjoyed it all.
   Having his cock sucked was nothing new to him. The 20 year-old man had had more than his share of blowjobs in his lifetime. Starting from when he was 15 and had made his 12 year-old cousin, Cindy, suck his cock while he was babysitting her and her younger brother. But now, when it was such a young, pretty girl as Rachelle, it just made it feel all so much better!

Rachelle had a river of slobber running out of her mouth and over her hand as she stroked him. At least it helped make her lips slide along him easier.

"Come on....faster!" Duncan groaned.

Rachelle tried to move her head up and down faster, but it was difficult. Duncan yanked her head back and began stroking his cock, holding it bare inches from her face. A large spurt of cum erupted from the tip, hitting her square in the face. She coughed as some was sucked up into her nose. Duncan pushed her away, gobs of sticky jizz stuck to her cheeks and nose.

"Haha! Good one!" yelled Marvin. "Nice facial, Dunc!"

"Yeah, we've used this slut good!" said Lyle. "Iverson came through pretty good for us, letting us do his little sweetheart."

"Well, I ain't quite done yet," said Marvin, as he began to pull down his pants. "I've done her cunt and her mouth, but I ain't had her ass yet."

"Then go for it!" said Lennie.

"NOOOOOO, enough!" Rachelle cried. "I can't......d-do.....anymore.....I hurt!"

Marvin pulled her up off the ground. "I don't care how much you hurt, bitch! I said I'm doing your ass!"

He dragged her over to the log where she had been raped earlier. Sobbing and pleading, she was thrown over it again. Marvin pushed apart her legs. He wasted no time, and penetrated her ass with a single brutal thrust. Rachelle thought her throat was too sore to scream anymore, but somehow, another piercing shriek escaped from her as Marvin's dick plowed into her chocolate factory.
  Marvin was like a wild man as he wrapped his hands around her hips and shoved his fuckrod in and out of her swollen ass. FWAP.......FWAP.....FWAP! The sound of flesh slapping flesh was loud in the clearing.


The pain finally became too much for her and Rachelle went silent as she passed out. Marvin looked down at her but was unconcerned. Like he'd never fucked a passed-out girl before? That never stopped him!

Lennie had a big grin on his face as he watched his best friend ass-fuck the young teen. He knew that Marvin really liked anal rape. In fact, sometimes when they were doing a girl, that was all Marvin would do, was bang their ass. It was the perfect way to end the night, Lennie figured. Give Rachelle one last good, hard ass banging. Something to really make her remember them!
  As Marvin approached orgasm, he stood up, lifting Rachelle by the hips so her knees were right off the ground. He slammed into her again and again, the muscles in his hips flexing as he pounded her ass. She was still unconscious, even when Marvin grunted and pulled out of her, spraying hot cum across her back. He let her fall back to the ground, like a limp rag.

"What are we gonna do with her now?" asked Duncan. "We've pounded her pretty good."

Rachelle was slowly coming to and looked around. Her long, dark hair hung down over her face with pieces of grass and twigs tangled in it. Dried cum stuck to her face and body. Her thighs were also streaked with dried blood and cum. Lennie tossed her shorts at her.

"Here! Get these on and we'll take you back to town," he said.

Rachelle mumbled something but it was mostly incoherent.

Rachelle struggled to pull her shorts back on. She could barely move her legs. Wenzel had also brought her shirt along and she was given that too to put back on. They hauled her back into the van and everyone piled in. Marvin was driving again as they headed back to town. Lennie sat beside Rachelle and had his arm around her.

"You know, Rachelle, I had one helluva good time with you tonight. As a matter of fact, we all did! But Iverson still hasn't paid off his whole debt."

"Wh-what do y-you m-mean?" Rachelle whimpered.

"Well, you were pretty good fucking, Rachelle. Don't get me wrong! But I've decided, I'm still gonna get my money from him. Fucking you was just part of his punishment for ripping me off. I'm gonna tell him, he's still gonna work for me and I'll get my money out of him that way. And you, my sweetie, you are gonna become MY girlfriend!"

Rachelle tried to pull away from him, a look of disgust on her face.

"N-n-noooo! N-n-nooo! I won't do that!"

"Yeah, you little cunt! You will!" Lennie snarled. "You're gonna be my bitch now, and I'll be able to fuck you whenever I want! Gonna be fun having a little hottie like you for a girlfriend. And the best part.....Iverson's gonna get to see you and me together and that will be even more punishment for his sorry ass. Knowing that now I'm gonna be banging his girlfriend all the time and there's not a goddamn thing HE can do about it!"

"Y-you can't make me d-do this!" Rachelle protested.

"As a matter of fact, I can," Lennie sneered. "Or maybe you'd like Wenzel to start spreading stories to your friends about what a slut you are, taking on six guys all at once! Maybe, there'll be a little tip to the principal that the new girl is dealing drugs and, oh gee! Your locker gets searched and there's a big ol' bag of weed in there? Whatever would you tell ma and pa when the cops arrest you for drug trafficking?"

 Rachelle could tell from the look in Lennie's eyes that he was serious. She had no doubt he would do something like that to her.

Lennie held up a cellphone. She recognized it as hers!
"H-how did y-you get m-my phone?"

"I grabbed it out of your boyfriend's car," said Lennie. "Now.....I have your number and I can call you anytime I want. And when I better answer! Anytime I want a fuck, I'll be calling."

Rachelle felt sick to her stomach. Her life was spiralling down into a living nightmare!

Forced Sex Stories / Re: Not The Perfect Guy
« Last post by DirtySerenity on December 12, 2017, 11:07:14 AM »
Love that little twist you put in. I didn't see that coming. Amazing story vile.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Not The Perfect Guy
« Last post by vile8r on December 12, 2017, 09:44:09 AM »
Rachelle, even as weak as she was, began to slide herself back across the grass, in an effort to get away from Lennie. In a flash, he grabbed her by the legs, pushing them back towards her torso.

"NNNOOOOOOOOOO......OH GOD....NOOOOOOOO!" she screamed out.

The dark-haired beauty tried to struggle but Lennie gripped her ankles with strength she could not overcome. Soon her legs were bent almost double at the waist, her hips were raised up. Her anus was about to became the target for the next round of penetrations. Rachelle screamed hysterically as Lennie rubbed his cock across her pussy lips to give it some lubrication.

The men alI watched in fascination as his cock head paused at the puckered opening to her rectum.

He pushed forward, accompanied by a grunt from him and a piercing scream from her, as his dick popped into the small opening. He pushed in an inch or two of shaft. Rachelle bawled uncontrollably from the intense pain.

Lennie pushed on, until nearly all of his shaft lay buried in Rachelle. She could barely breathe from the sharp pain of a foreign object in her rectum. Gradually, he drew it out again, then thrust in, fully impaling her this time, and continued the piston-like movements. Her screams continued from the anal invasion, her eyes shut tight.

"Pound her ass!" yelled Duncan.

"Yeah, fuck that little pooper!" Lyle cheered.

After several minutes of listening to her screams, Marvin decided she needed to be kept quiet. Kneeling beside her writhing body, he turned her face towards him. Rachelle let out a loud gag as Marvin pushed his cock into her mouth. His large cock filled her oral cavity. He began to move his hips back and forth, his shaft sliding along her wet tongue.
  Rachelle retched at the taste, realizing that the last place Marvin's dick had been, was inside her. Meanwhile, Lennie continued pumping in and out of her ass, waves of pain radiating through her lower body.

  Lenny held her tightly by the hips, her knees pushed back against her chest. She felt his cock pulsing inside her as wetness spread into her bowels. He had finally came. Lennie wiped sweat out of his eyes as he climbed off her.

"Man, I've fucked a lot of asses, but she's gotta be the tightest!" he exclaimed.

Lyle decided he wanted to be the next to take a ride on the ass-train. Barely had Lennie moved of the way, then Lyle was preparing to climb on. He wanted her on her stomach, so Marvin had to pause and pull out of her mouth. Lyle grabbed her hips and flipped her on her tummy. Lyle and Marvin re-positioned themselves, with Marvin pushing back into Rachelle's mouth. Lyle gripped his cock with one hand as he fed it into her tight ass opening.

A couple of the men standing around, began masturbating as they watched Lyle and Marvin. Rachelle's eyes widened with shock and awe as she felt her ass be reamed by Lyle. He forced his cock inside her like a cudgel. His own buttock cheeks tightened with the superb feeling of her tightness and warmth. Rachelle was sandwiched between the two men, her lips wrapped around Marvin and Lyle driving from behind.
  It was a common thing actually for the gang. They often entertained themselves on weekends by picking up girls and bringing them here to the old cabin clearing to feed them full of booze and weed. Then before the night was out, it would be a scene like the one right now with Rachelle. A young girl on her hands and knees, taking one man's cock in her ass or pussy, and another feeding his cock between her jaws. Sometimes, it would be more than one girl.

 It was rarely consensual, but the girls had no choice if they wanted a ride back to town. And they knew better to keep their mouths shut too. Marvin smiled as he thought about it, watching Rachelle's lips stroke his shaft. She was just one more, among many, who had fallen afoul of Lennie's gang. The best part was, she had just been handed to them! Like a Christmas parcel!
  Lyle was enjoying the fact that Rachelle was so young and fresh. A lot of the girls they brought up here were drunken skanks they picked up leaving a bar, or the white trash bitches that hung out in their part of town. It wasn't often that they got their hands on such a young, delectable hottie like Rachelle.
Marvin was thoroughly enjoying the facefucking he was giving the pretty high school girl. Her warm mouth felt so good on him. But he soon felt himself ready to cum and after a few more strokes in her mouth, salty gobs of spooge were shooting into her throat. Rachelle swallowed most of it, although Marvin repulsed her. She was terrified of the gang and didn't want to do anything that would make them mad. She knew having a high school girl drink his cum, would make Marvin very happy, so she obliged. She was right.

"God damn, yeah! Swallow my fucking cum, you little whore!" he said as his hips continued to rock back and forth.

Lyle finished up in her ass, draining another load into her pooper. He slipped out of her, a large smile on his face. He slapped her on the ass cheeks and yelled out, "Who wants her next?"

Rachelle heard Duncan reply and her heart pounded. Oh God! Not him! He'd destroy her!
She tried to draw up enough strength to crawl away but it was no use. Duncan grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her back towards him.


"Just relax, sweetie," Duncan chuckled. "It'll be over before you know it."

Rachelle pulled up handfuls of grass as her fingers dug into the ground. Duncan positioned himself behind her and his thick meat pushed into her sphincter. She could feel her skin tearing, and she knew she had to be bleeding. Duncan started to moan and thrust. His cock was able to move easier using the cum coating the inside of her ass as lubrication. He dug his fingers into her ass cheeks as Rachelle continued her frenzied squeals.
  Her tight insides milked Duncan's cock and it didn't take long for him to reach orgasm. He shot his load into her turd tunnel, mixing it with the cum from the other men. As he pulled out of her, cum with streaks of blood dripped down her ass and legs.
  Rachelle closed her eyes, totally exhausted. Her body was weak and she couldn't move. Wenzel walked closer to her and shook her a little.
 "Hey girl, you in there?" He looked over at Lennie. "She's fucked up, man."

Lennie was doing something by the van, then he and Craig began walking over to her.

"Don't worry, Wenzel. I'm gonna get her going!"

Craig grabbed her by the hair, jerked her up, and smacked her face a few times. She opened her eyes as Lennie placed a small glass mirror in front of her. He had tapped out 3 piles of white powder on the mirror. He had rolled up a $20 bill, and lowered her head to the powder.

"Sniff these piles... Hey! Look at me! Sniff these piles one at a time!" he ordered. "And don't waste none!"

Rachelle realized with horror, they were forcing her to snort coke! She tried to pull her head away but Craig held her by the hair. He held her head as she was forced to sniff first one pile, then the other, then the third. Her nose was on fire as the coke began to sink in. Her whole body was tingling everywhere. Rachelle was vaguely aware of someone getting behind her and lifting her ass into the air. It was Wenzel.

"Gonna fuck you like a dirty slut, Rachelle, you little cock-tease!" he said.

He grabbed his cock, aimed it at her cunt, and shoved it inside. Rachelle screamed out. She could taste the coke dripping down her sinuses while Wenzel rammed into her.

"STOPPPPP! It huuuuurrts!"

WenzeI didn't care as he pumped his cock in and out of her about 6 times and then stopped. He pulled his cock out of her swollen cunt, then rammed it in her asshole!

"Ohhhhhh! Nnnnnnnnn!!!" she yelled while crying at the top of her lungs. He leaned down and pinned her neck to the ground with one hand, and covered her mouth with the other. He started fucking her insides, forcing his cock in every direction, trying to hurt her as bad as he could with his cock. The pain started to numb as she got lightheaded from the effects of the coke.

No one took her mouth this time, the men just gathering around to watch Wenzel rut in Rachelle's sweet ass. Wenzel continued to hold his hand over her mouth as he fucked her harder and faster. Sweat dripped off his face as he slammed into her hard as he could and dumped a load of semen into her tortured bowels.

"Yeah! That's for everytime you gave me a hard-on in class, bitch!" Wenzel spat as he climbed off her.

Rachelle, in her drugged stupor, jumped as Craig mounted her. Her body was being shoved across the grass again as he laid into her. His cock pounded at her insides as he reached under her and fondled and squeezed her tits. The cocaine made her extremely sensitive to every small touch and she squirmed and twisted.

"This worn......out!" Craig panted. "But.....still.....damn good......fuckin'!"

He twisted one of Rachelle's arms behind her back and held a handful of her hair, as his thighs slapped against her. The backs of her legs were slick with cum that had leaked from her anus. Craig was the second-youngest member of the drug gang. At 19, he was a year older than Wenzel. He had been hanging with the gang since he was 17, after his alcoholic old man had kicked him out of the house.
  Being in Lennie's gang had its perks and this was one of them. Getting to bang chicks whenever they wanted to! Rachelle was prettier than a lot of the ones that they picked up. She kind of reminded him of a cute girl he had dated back in Grade 9, when he had been on the junior high basketball team. Back in the days before he discovered pot!
  Her name was Penny, and he had been her first. Well, his first too! On the couch in her parent's basement one day after school.

Craig could still remember how awesome it had felt as he sunk his cock into a girl's pussy for the first time. Penny had had such a sweet body too. Just like Rachelle's! Young and firm and, oh so tight.
  All his reminiscing got him even harder, and all of a sudden, he realized he was ready to cum. He pulled on Rachelle's hair harder, ignoring her squeals of pain as he pounded his dick in as deep as he could. Then came the satisfying release of his cum in her depths. After he was done, he pulled out, Rachelle's ass making a farting sound.

The men all laughed. "Bitch sounds like she's full, all right!" chortled Duncan.

Rachelle didn't know which way was up. Her body was strangely numb and her arms and legs tingled. She was very disoriented from the drugs in her body. She knew the men were standing around her in a semi-circle and she was also aware the sun was setting behind the trees, the long shadows stretching across the clearing. She tried to stand up but her legs were useless. Her mouth opened but only gibberish came out.

"No need for talking, honey," she heard Lennie say. "Your mouth is gonna be busy with other things."
Sex Talk / Re: Sex toys
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Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by EvilBastard on December 11, 2017, 05:14:07 PM »
At around 4 am Sandy is finally done with the living room and only now she notices that most of the guys have gone to their rooms, just Steve and Tony are left watching her.

“I think you better do the bathrooms next” Tony grins when Sandy yawns, her eyes pleading to be allowed to sleep.

“Yep, bathrooms are important” Steve agrees and they both grab her and lead her to the first of 4 full size washrooms.

They are filthy enough, skid marks in the toilets, urine stains on the floor and the showers and tubs all moldy. Sandy sighs, this will take a while, so she hurries down to the kitchen to get bleach and a drain cleaner before she starts.

Though every bathroom contains a toilet and a tub, 2 of them have an extra shower, while the other 2 have filthy shower curtains in the tubs. They all are different in size and shape and it does look as if Marty’s grandparents started out with 2 bathrooms and gradually build more by putting new walls in when the family got bigger. The smaller once have hard to reach corners and Sandy has to crawl on all fourth a lot to reach them.

By 9 am Steve has a quicky in her bruised cunt before he goes to bed, but Wally is up and starts his day by making the tired mom suck him off and hold his dick while he is pissing. But when Sandy offers to interrupt cleaning the bathroom to start breakfast, he shakes his head

“You do what has to be done. I’ll just have coffee for now.”

A few moments later Tony rapes Sandy before going to bed and within the next hour she gets interrupted twice for the morning fucking session of Marty and Pete. It is almost noon when she finishes the last bathroom but just when she wants to get up, Jake grabs her head from behind and forces her face on the toilet seat.

“You missed a spot there bitch. Lick it off!”

Only when the desperately crying mom really begins to lick the seat he slowly relaxes his iron grip, but forces both of her hands back, twists them painfully and starts to rape her asshole. Sandy isn’t allowed to stop licking until he is done and explodes deep into her. 

“Geez bitch” he mumbles satisfied “you better brush your teeth and wash out your mouth. Disgusting where you put your tongue, and I thought nurses would know a bit about hygiene.”

Of course Sandy doesn’t get a break, the moment she comes downstairs she is milked into everyone’s coffee and then has to prepare a brunch for them. Only when everyone is finished with breakfast and they all get to satisfy them inside her again and she has cleaned up the kitchen and washed the dishes, Marty takes the tired young mom to the barn and shows her the shower his grandpa had built for the harvest helpers.

Gratefully Sandy steps into the beam of water and immediately cries out and jumps back. The water is freezing cold. Marty laughs and Pete asks

“Is it really that cold?”

“You betcha” Marty grins “When the old well dried up, my grandpa had to go down to almost 300 feet before he hit water again. This water is just above freezing and damn cold.”

“But it’s kinda normal in the house” Steve remarks

“That’s because the house has a boiler room in the basement. The water is stored there first and heated to about 60 degrees, and every bathroom has separate heater for the tubs and the showers. But Sandy doesn’t need all that, does she?”

They all agreed happily that warm water was a luxury their toy doesn’t need. But to their surprise, Sandy is back in the shower already. Ice cold or not, she feels dirty after cleaning the house all night and she is dead tired, the cold water helps with both and so she tries to ignore it for the moment and scrubs herself, washing every inch of her soft body.

“Best get some soap deep in your cunt and ass too” Jake laughs “Or do you want me to shove it in there?”

Blushing deeply the young mom obeys before Jake can “help” her. With her condition naturally she has never attempted to play with herself, so it is now very embarrassing for Sandy to have to insert soapy fingers into her own pussy and asshole, especially with her 6 blackmailers watching and cracking jokes about how clumsy she is.

A little refreshed the young nurse finally steps out of the shower and looks around for a towel.

“You better move around to get warm and dry again” Wally suggests grinning evilly “Why don’t you run around the yard, it is a nice sunny day for some exercise, don’t you agree guys?”

“Yeah” Jake loves that idea “Let’s make those skin bags jump and wiggle.”

“Dammit yes” Steve is all excited about that too “Let’s see how her udders move when she is running and compare that to the bouncing when we fuck her.”

Whimpering in shame the cute nurse begins to jog, knowing full well how much her soft mommy titties will bounce and leap, but jogging isn’t enough for them and so Jake yells at her

“RUN bitch, RUN, or do you need some encouragement from my belt to really get moving!”

And Sandy runs as fast as she can, making her already pretty milk filled udders rebound and leap, her nipples hard from the icy water standing out prominently and everyone is recording her again, getting excellent YouTube material, almost too hard not to post.


They make the poor nurse run for about 10 minutes, then Marty is too hard again to wait any longer. He grabs Sandy’s hair when she passes by him and throws her to the ground, mounting her right away. The others don’t hold back either and for the next hour the helpless mom gets raped again and again on the grubby ground near the barn. So much for taking a shower to get clean again, by the time the last one is finished inside Sandy, she looks more like a farm animal than a young woman. 

“Looks like Sandy’s shower was for naught” Wally grins, looking down at the whimpering nude mommy, rolling herself into a ball of sorrow, pain and shame. “I guess she needs a bath.”

“No way” Jake protests immediately “We agreed, she can’t use any of the bathrooms!”

“Oh calm down Jake and quit bitching” Marty is getting quite annoyed with Jake always complaining about something or another. “Nobody said nothing about a bathtub, Wally just mentioned she needs a bath, and I happen to know the perfect place for that.”

“Ok, as long as she aint getting into a bathroom” Jake grumbles.

“A few minutes from here is the snake river, and no, there aint no snakes in it, it is named for the way it snakes through the countryside. The water is cold, even in the summer cause it comes down from the mountains, but probably not as cold as the well water, so that would be a great bathtub for our dirty little bitch here.”

“Sounds good” Wally agrees “Let’s go to the river and when we get back, Sandy can start dinner. After that I suggest poker night until we drop while bitchy here can clean the bedrooms.”

They all agree and Marty is right, the river isn’t far, just a few minutes down an overgrown path. Steve even remebers to bring soap and so they unceremoniously throw the aching mommy into the cool water. Sandy resurfaces immediately, spitting water and splashing around for a minute or so. She isn’t a very good swimmer, but relaxes the moment she realizes that she is able to stand in the water. Marty was right, the water is cold, but by far not as cold as the well water, so Sandy gladly accepts the soap Steve offers her and begins to wash again.


Of course they make her run all the way back to the farm again once she is clean, but since it is getting late, Sandy is allowed to go straight to the kitchen and cook dinner for them. This time Wally makes sure that Sandy gets something to eat too, just potatoes and vegetables, but the tired Milf hasn’t eaten anything since she arrived on the farm, and without food she will collapse sooner or later, and nobody wants that to happen.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more
Forced Sex Stories / Lady Bank Manager Gets It
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I had become board with setting up my wife's rape, and wanted to set out finding some other woman to watch getting raped. I had used date rape drugs on my wife and watched her be abused by older men while past out in the past. Then there was one woman that I have always wanted to fuck and she was my bank manager, her name was Ann and she was in her late 50s, brown hair, nice tits, and every time I saw her she was always dressed in a skirt and blouse, and very professional looking. I was trying to figure a way to use my knock out drugs on her and I could never find a place or time to use them on her, without her finding out what I had done to her. So I put together another plan, and this time without using drugs on her.

I figured since I could not get to fuck Ann, that I could get another man to fuck her and I could watch. I started chatting on adult sites with many men about fantasy's of rape and I struck up a conversation with a old man named John, the adult site that I was chatting on was a camera site. I was acting like I was Ann while chatting to him. I told John that I was a single woman and that I had a fantasy to be tied to the bed and raped. John told her that he would be glad to do this to her. While I was chatting to John he was jerking off his big uncut cock thinking he was chatting to Ann. This went on for a few weeks and I gave John, Ann's address and town she lived in, and set up a time and date for this event to happen, which was on a Monday night at 6:30. when she would get home from work. John told Ann that he would be there to give her what she wanted.

 I have always had a key to Ann's house to feed and take care of her cat while she was away. So I drove to Ann's home while she was at work. Ann lived out in the country in the middle of the woods with no neighbors nearby. When I got to Ann's home I went to her bedroom and cracked her window blinds open, I then went outside and set up my camera to film her getting raped. I then drove up the road and hid my car and walked back to Ann's home and waited for her to get home from work.

It wasn't long and I heard Ann pull up to her home she went in and turned on her lights. I then snuck around the front of Ann's home and unlocked her front door with the key that I had, as I was doing this I heard John park his car and I noticed him walking in the dark to the front of Ann's home. I went back behind the house to Ann's bedroom and I looked in and saw Ann who was getting ready to take her clothes off for the night, start back towards her front door. I heard Ann scream as I saw John grab her by the hair and he dragged her to the bedroom and threw her on the bed.

Ann was petrified as this old man started to take his clothes off. Ann was crying and John told her to shut the fuck up that he was going to give her what she had asked him to do to her on the rape chat site. Ann told John that he must be mistaken that she had never chatted to him before. John then dressed only in his boxer shorts grabbed Ann by the hair, he bent over and told her, you listen to me you no good lousy fucking whore, I am going to rape every fucking whole you have tonight, and quit trying to back out of what you told me while chatting on the rape site.

John then smacked Ann very hard and he pulled out four ropes and tied Ann to the post bed, the whole time Ann begging for him to stop saying that it wasn't her that had been chatting to him on a rape site. By now John had heard enough he reached in his pants pocket and pulled out a knife and put it to Ann's throat, John told her to shut her fucking mouth that she was going to satisfy him now. John stood by the bed and dropped his boxer shorts to the floor, Ann turned her head away as not to look at this old man now totally naked.

John jumped up on the bed and grabbed Ann's head and lowered his ugly old shriveled uncut cock to Ann's face and he told her to suck it. Ann crying and shaking her head back and forth was screaming, no, please no, don't make me do that. John then took his knife and put it under Ann's skirt towards her pussy, and he told her he would stick this knife up her pussy if she didn't suck his dick and now. Ann then tearfully opened her mouth and stated to give John a blow job.

 I was outside of Ann's window filming her sucking this old mans dick, Ann the beautiful bank manager being used like a whore. Ann sucked Johns cock from soft to hard, by now John wanted to see Ann naked. John took Ann's white blouse and ripped it open, and buttons went flying across  the room. John then cut Ann's skirt from her waist and threw it to the floor. Ann was now lying tied to the bed spread wide only in her pantyhose, panties, and bra. John the took his knife as Ann was crying for him to stop, John then cut her bra off. Ann's nice c-cup tits sprang out, she had hard quarter sized nipples that John then started to suck and bite on. Ann was crying even more as John then cut the crotch out of her pantyhose, he then reached in and cut the crotch out of Ann's panties, revealing one of the most beautiful hairy pussies that he had ever seen. John then started to suck on Ann's pussy, fingering and pushing his fist hard up Ann's hairy pussy as far as he could, Ann was screaming for him to stop that he was hurting her. John did this to Ann for 10 minutes and I could see that his dick was now very hard and pink. John then got on top of Ann and told her to suck his dick.

By now Ann would rather do this, than to let John keep fisting her pussy and hurting her so bad. Ann then started to suck on John's dick in a useful manner, she did this until I heard John let out a grunt, and I noticed Ann try to pull back, but it was no use as John emptied his big nuts in Ann's mouth, Ann tried to spit John's cum out and he only pushed his cock choking deep in Ann's mouth, as I saw Ann's throat contracting knowing she was swallowing this old mans cum.

John then rested for a while asking Ann was this what she wanted when she was chatting to him on the rape site. Ann said again that she had never been on a rape site and that it must have been someone else and not her. John now getting hard again started to prep Ann's pussy with his tongue, licking and roughly, biting Ann's clit very hard for 5 or so minutes. He then got on top of Ann, and took his pink now leaking pre cum cock and shoved it balls deep in her, John fucked Ann very rough and hard for 20 minutes until I noticed him grunt, I could see his asshole contracting as he emptied his big balls into Ann's hairy pussy.

John rested again and he told Ann that she had one more hole for him to enjoy before he left. Ann was now crying as John untied her legs and arms from the bed post, turning her over face down on the bed, John then tied Ann back to the bed spread ass up. Ann knew what was about to happen now and was pleading for John to stop as John pushed his 12 inch greased member deep in Ann's asshole, Ann was screaming for him to stop John reached to the night stand and put his knife to Ann's throat and told her shit on my dick or blood on my blood on my blade, you are mine now bitch as he violently raped Ann's asshole very hard until he again emptied his big balls up Ann's sore asshole.

John asked Ann again is this what she wanted while she was chatting to him on the rape site and she said again she didn't ever chat to him before and never on a rape site, John got up got dressed and told her right, you wanted this you bitch and untied her.He reached over and kissed her roughly and told her thanks for everything and left the house. I quickly cut my camera off and left also running to my car.

I went home and watched this beautiful woman, the prim and proper bank manager getting her body used as a whore on my computer of the video I had made of her and the old man over and over. Ann not knowing what I had done to her and the old rapist not knowing what I had set up. I would go to my bank and look at Ann in her office working later and know that I was the guy that made her a prim and proper whore. :)
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Not The Perfect Guy
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You'r doing an amazing job with this story vile. I love it.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Not The Perfect Guy
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Marvin was quickly pulling his pants down, his fat seven-inch cock standing at attention. Rachelle let out a painful squeal as he forced his thick shaft into her. He grunted as he pushed in deeper.

 "Goddamn it, Lennie! You.....were....right! Little bitch....has got a.....sweet....cunny!"

The others cheered him on as he began a powerful fuck of the sobbing girl.  His muscular buttocks flexed as he worked his cock in and out of her.

Marvin hadn't fucked a girl this young and hot in a long time and he was definitely enjoying it.
His cock drove in and out, her pussy lips wrapped tightly around him like a rubber band. Marvin came in her hard, muscles standing out in his neck as he pushed his cock inside her as far as it would go.

"Ohhhhh fuck....ohhhhhh fuck....yeah!" he said as he drained his balls.

As he stood up from Rachelle, Duncan was ready to take his place. Duncan was probably the biggest of the group, standing about 6' 4" and weighing close to 230 lb. A thick, hard, heavily veined cock dangled between his legs.

 "Get her over here on the grass," he told the fellows holding her down.

They pulled her off the log and threw her on her back on a patch of thick, green grass. Duncan told Craig and Lloyd to let go of her legs. He grabbed Rachelle's ankles and held her legs apart.

 "NO.....NOOOO.....NOOOOO! NO MORE!" Rachelle sobbed seeing Duncan s large rod.

 "Oh come on, honey," Duncan sneered. "All the girls love my fuck stick! It's gonna fill you up good!"

Rachelle let out a harsh scream as Duncan's large bulk settled down on top of her and the head of his dick pushed inside her.

 "GRRRRRRR..........YEAHHHHHHH!"  Duncan yelled as he propelled his hips forward and impaled the petite girl on his cock. His balls slapped against her loudly.

Rachelle arched her back and let out another agonizing scream as Duncan's large member tore at the walls of her cunt. He began to pump furiously in and out of her. The girl looked very small under the large man, her tanned legs spread out on either side of his heavy body. The pain of his cock inside her was incredible. He was at least twice the thickness of Colin.

 "Fuckin' pound the little cunt!" yelled Lennie.

Rachelle still had enough energy to try and squirm and struggle under the big man, but it seemed to just turn him on more.

 "That's it, little girl," he laughed. "I like it when bitches fight back! I just fuck 'em even harder!"

Eventually, Rachelle just had to lie there and let him do his thing, his sweaty stomach pressing her down into the grass. As he came, he gave a couple hard thrusts, as though he was trying to force his semen into her as deeply as he could.

Wenzel began pulling his cock out of his pants, but he didn't have his eyes on Rachelle s pussy. Rather, he moved towards her mouth.

 "Iverson said you had one hell of a mouth, when it came to sucking cock. So let's see if he was right."

Rachelle would never have believed Colin had talked about her like that, but after his betrayal of her, she wasn't at all surprised now. Wenzel was in a couple classes with her in school, and she noticed he always stared at her in sort of a creepy way. But she never thought anything of it. Lots of guys in school gave her creepy stares. It was the price she paid for being a cute girl.

He pushed his cock to her lips and Rachelle slowly took him in her mouth. He tasted terrible, like sweat. She was much more used to the taste of Colin. Wenzel moved his hips back and forth, pushing in and out of Rachelle's mouth. He wrapped his hands in her long, dark hair.

 "Fuck guys, her mouth feels pretty damn good!" Wenzel exclaimed.

 "Well I'm gonna use the other hole," said Lyle.

The 20 year-old had his pants pulled down to his knees, exposing his seven-inch erect cock. He thrust roughly into Rachelle, penetrating her tunnel. He continued to pump rapidly into her, groaning and moaning loudly.
 "Damn....oh, you feel good!" he said.

His grunts became louder, more indicative of his impending climax. Lyle pulled suddenly out of her, and directed the entire contents of his testicles onto Rachelle's tanned tummy. Wiping the slime from his penis on her leg, he climbed off and indicated for the next man to take his place.

Rachelle's body glistened with sweat from the exertion and heat. Craig was the next to mount her and begin roughly pounding away at her teenaged mound. She was too busy to care as she tried to handle Wenzel's cock in her mouth. He was pushing it in forcefully, making her choke as it hit the back of her throat. Rachelle barely had time to catch her breath as Wenzel pulled his cock out and then pushed back in.

Damn....oh, you feel good!" he said.

His grunts became louder, more indicative of his impending climax. Lyle pulled suddenly out of her, and directed the entire contents of his testicles onto Rachelle's tanned tummy. Wiping the slime from his penis on her leg, he climbed off and indicated for the next man to take his place.

Rachelle's body glistened with sweat from the exertion and heat. Craig was the next to mount her and begin roughly pounding away at her teenaged mound. She was too busy to care as she tried to handle Wenzel's cock in her mouth. He was pushing it in forcefully, making her choke as it hit the back of her throat. Rachelle barely had time to catch her breath as Wenzel pulled his cock out and then pushed back in.

"Oh shit, all the times I've sat in class dreaming about having my cock in your mouth," said Wenzel.
Rachelle was rocked between the two young men, Craig rutting away inside her cunt and Wenzel working himself in and out of her mouth. Her chin was slick with slobber.
Wenzel pulled out of her mouth and directed his dick at her face as he came. White fluid was deposited across her face, running in wet lines from forehead to chin. Much of it was directed into her mouth as she gasped in shock, some of it finding its way into her belly. A few minutes later, Craig let out a loud groan. He pulled out of Rachelle and like Lyle had done, let his jizz spray across her firm stomach.

Rachelle was left lying in the grass, as Craig and Wenzel got up from her.

"Little hottie is some awesome fuckin'!" said Craig.
"Yeah," said Lennie, sitting in the doorway of the van as he passed a large marijuana joint around to the others. "Iverson might be a dickwad, but he's got good taste in women."

Rachelle was curled up on the ground, her arms wrapped around herself.
"Why.......why?....why?" she kept repeating.

"Why?" Lennie laughed. "Because your boyfriend is a piece of shit, that's why! I think he just wanted you for your pussy."

"He doesn't give a shit about you," said Marvin. "Chicken-shit bastard would rather let his girlfriend get gangbanged than get his face pounded in!"

"Not much of a boyfriend if you ask me," said Duncan, exhaling a large cloud of pot smoke. He passed the joint to Wenzel. "I think after tonight, you better be re-evaluating your relationship with him."

Craig laughed. "Listen to you, Dunc. Mr. Relationship counsellor! Yeah, I'm sure she's gonna take your advice!"

Duncan shrugged his shoulders. "Right now, she ain't in a position to decide who to take advice from."

Lennie stood up and stretched.
"So, Rachelle, tell me! Colin ever tap that sweet little ass of yours?"

Rachelle looked up at Lennie, fear in her eyes. "N-no! I-I don't d-do that kind of th-thing!"

"Hmmm, that's a bloody shame. Well, I guess it's up to me to break you in then."
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Enjoy your candy canes girls.
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