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Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Perils of Public Transit
« Last post by DirtySerenity on July 15, 2018, 12:57:49 AM »
 Oooh vile8r I can't wait to see what else you have in store for this story. Loved the opening.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Perils of Public Transit
« Last post by vile8r on July 14, 2018, 07:26:43 PM »
Alissa furiously struggled as Marcus slid open the zipper and his big hand forced its way down inside her blue cotton panties. She grabbed at Marcus's arm with her free hand. Her long legs kicked and flailed helplessly.

"Goddamn, boys, she's shaved!" Marcus anounced, his fingers probing and exploring. Yeah, she even felt tight!
"MMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!" Alissa screamed from under Tyrese's hand.

Marcus moved out of the way and let another of the gang into the seat. This time it was Lionel, who pushed Alissa's t-shirt roughly up over her tits and began to grope and squeeze them through her bra. Alissa continued her squealing and whimpering.
Midget was next. He pushed Alissa's bra up and ran his slimy tongue over her soft 34C tits. He bit down on her large brown nipples, making her body jump.


"Don't like that you white whore?" Marcus sneered. "What's wrong? No niggas get to touch this sweet body?"

Rashid had his large black cock pulled out of his pants. Even semi-erect it was nearly 10 inches. He rubbed it across Alissa's tits.
"Oh yeah, baby! Rashid got a big load for you! Gonna paint these fine titties all nice and white for you!"

Alissa squirmed and fought but she was no match for the large black men. She could not understand why the bus driver wasn't doing anything! Lionel got in there and got a few cheap feels too, squeezing her tits and shoving a fat finger into her fuckhole.
Marcus looked over and saw the two teenage boys watching this whole affair, their mouths hanging open in amazement. They had never seen a girl undressed before. Marcus got an evil idea.

"You two!" he barked at the boys. "Get yo' asses over here! You ever had yo' dicks sucked?"

"Ummmm, n-no," one of the boys stammered.

"Tonight then, yo' gonna get yo' first blowjob," Marcus said. "Get your pants!"

Nervously, the two scared boys slowly pulled their pants down. They were very embarrassed to have the other men see their naked erections. Marcus grabbed the first boy and sat him down on the bus seat beside Alissa. He pushed her head down to the boy's lap.

"Get sucking his dick, you whore!"

Alissa sobbed as she wrapped her lips around the teen boy and began to slowly suck on his sweaty cock. She was not very experienced at giving head. The 19 year-old had only had two boyfriends in her life and, quite frankly, she found oral sex to be disgusting. It was something she'd do for her boyfriend once in a while, but she had taken a lot of persuading.
She gagged and choked as Marcus forced her to take the boy's entire penis in her mouth.

"Fuck bitch! You chokin' on that?" Tyrese laughed. "Wait until you got a man's dick in yo' mouth!"

Alissa was made to work her mouth up and down on the young teen. He was shaking with both fright and excitement. He had never had his cock in a girl's mouth before, but he was also aware the poor girl was being forced to do it. He was scared of the black gang too.

It didn't take long for the over-stimulated kid to spurt a load of jizz in Alissa's mouth. She almost retched at the taste of the sperm down her throat. The first kid was pulled away and the second kid was brought in front of her.

"This gonna suck his balls and jerk him off!" Marcus ordered.

The other men jeered as they watched Alissa take the boy's balls in her mouth and suck on his bag. With her right hand she stroked him slowly.
"Ohhhhhhhh," he moaned. He stopped suddenly, like he realized he didn't want Alissa to know he was enjoying it.

"You like that, huh?" Lionel laughed.

"Mmmmm, ain't nothin' better than a good ball-suck," Midget gloated as he watched.

The blonde boy's knees buckled as he suddenly let loose a load, the thick stream of cum oozing down over Alissa's hand and wrist.
"Lick that mess up, cunt!" Marcus snarled.

"It's drippin' on the floor, clean that up," Rashid said.

Alissa was pushed down on her knees and made to run her tongue along the dirty, gritty floor of the bus, cleaning the spots of cum on the floor. It was totally disgusting. She heaved a couple times. almost feeling like vomiting. Then Marcus held her by the hair as he watched her lick more cum off her hand.

"I think now it's time for you get some black cock up your tight snatch!"
Questions and Answers / What's happening with
« Last post by Eljorn on July 14, 2018, 04:59:15 PM »
Hi Everyone,

As many of you know I'm an admin over at, which if you attempt to login, you'll be directed to an error page with the following error:

Connection Problems
Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later.

This is due to an issue we're having with people who are hosting our website.

We are aware of the situation and are  working hard to fix the issue.

I will attempt to update this notice as time progresses.

If anyone would like to get into the chat, you can do so by entering the following in a browser window.

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for Nickname enter your user name

for channel enter #ravishu

And that's it.  You do not need to enter a password unless you've registered your "name" with the Rizon network.

If you're interesting in getting in contact with me, my email address is:

As I said, I hope the site comes up soon.

Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Perils of Public Transit
« Last post by gscmar64 on July 14, 2018, 07:20:23 AM »
Great I was wondering how I would get to read the finish of this one! Should have figured it would get posted here! ;)
Forced Sex Stories / The Perils of Public Transit
« Last post by vile8r on July 13, 2018, 11:43:13 PM »
WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is fiction and any resemblance to real people, places or events is purely coincidental. If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

gangrape; oral; anal; non-con; minor; mild violence

The Perils Of Public Transit

An original story by Vile8r

Alissa looked at her phone. Hmmmm, 11 p.m. It had been a long night at the restaurant where the 19 year old college girl worked part time. She’d be glad to get back to the dorm, have a shower, and relax. Her roommate wasn’t there tonight and Alissa would have the room to herself.

  The 5’ 6”, blonde cutie stretched her legs out and arched her back in the seat. She looked around she was the only person on the bus at this time of night except for a couple boys who looked about 14-15. What the hell were kids that young doing out at this time of night? She wondered.

The bus stopped and some people got on. It was several young black men. They were all very tall except for one who looked shorter than Alissa. She avoided eye contact as they walked past her and sat a few rows behind her. Alissa didn’t consider herself a racist or bigot, but black guys always made her nervous.

 This wasn’t too rough of a neighborhood, what with the college being not too far away, but a young woman still needed to be vigilant. Alissa glanced into her purse. Yep, her pepper spray was handy to grab if she needed it.
She arched her back again and pulled her hair back to put it into a ponytail.

“Wow……what a babe!”

Alissa looked around and smirked. It was one of the young boys whispering to his buddy.
“You wanna suck on those tits?” the other boy whispered back, giggling.

“Fuck, I’d give her a motorboat!”

Alissa ignored the two little perverts. She was used to guys checking her out. She wasn’t a supermodel by any means, but Alissa knew she was considered attractive.
Two rows back though, she was attracting some attention she wasn’t going to like. One of the black men, a large 6’ 5” fellow by the name of Marcus, was nodding to his friends.

“You boys check out the white bitch? You figure she good?”

“Yeah, she all right! Good enough to fuck fo’ sure!” his friend, another tall black by the name of Tyrese replied.

Alissa would have been terrified to learn these 5 black men belonged to a gang called the BeeDees, or BDs for short. It stood for “Bitch Destroyers.” All the men in the group, who ranged from the ages of 22 to 28, were seasoned rapists. All had served time or been in trouble with the law for various sexually related offenses.

  Marcus who was the leader, was 28. He also went by the nickname Big Dawg sometimes. He had raped an 18 year old girl when he was only 17. He ended up in jail for 15 years but got out on parole after serving 8.
  Tyrese was 26 and when he was 20 had raped a 16 year old white girl in a house he had broken into to burglarize. He raped her in her own bed. He had been lucky and the girl could not positively identify him. Plus the DA’s office messed up some DNA samples and the judge ended up giving him a mistrial and he was released a free man.

The other three men in the group were Lionel; Rashid; and Midget. Midget was the shortest of the group, standing only 5’ 5”.
Lionel was 23 and was on probation for trying to sell two white high school girls some drugs, with the intention of getting them into teen prostitution. Rashid was 26 and was a paroled rapist as well. He raped a cheerleader at his school and ended up in jail over it. He was given 20 years, but his lawyer appealed the conviction. Rashid got a bleeding heart judge who let him out after only serving 4 years.

  Midget liked the young girls, and it got him in trouble when he was younger. He molested a couple  12 year-olds in a garden shed when he was only 14. He got sent to juvey, and was released after a 2 year sentence.

All the gang members loved white girls, but even more, loved raping and humiliating them. That was the creed of their gang, “The Bitch Destroyers.”

“Fuck ‘em white, fuck ‘em right! Fuck ‘em hard, fuck ‘em long! Bitch destroyers don’t care if it’s wrong!”

“I say we go for it!” said Marcus. The 5 men all fist-bumped and moved into position. Marcus and Tyrese sitting across from Alissa, Midget and Lionel behind her, Rashid in the seat in front.

“Hey sweetie, where you goin’?” Marcus asked.

“I’m going home,” Alissa stated, looking straight ahead.

“Where’s home?” asked Tyrese.

Alissa didn’t reply.
“I thinks she is goin’ to get some cock from her man,” Midget chuckled.

“Her man?” Lionel sneered. “She ain’t gettin’ fucked by no man! If she gettin’ fucked by a white dick, that ain’t no man. She need some black meat!”

“Pl-please, will you just leave me a-alone?” Alissa asked, looking around cautiously at the five blacks.

“Why you want us to leave you alone?” Marcus heckled. “You don’t like black boys?”

“Oh, I sure like white girls,” Rashid laughed as he joined the conversation. “I like getting all up inside them sweet white girls!”

“What say you party with us tonight?” asked Marcus. “We’ll get you home later.”

Alissa’s hand went inside her purse. “I-I have pepper spray…..please! Go away or….or I-I will use it!”

She was doing her best to sound assertive without letting her voice crack. In self-defense classes she had been taught to not let them think you were scared.
Marcus reached over to grab her arm, his voice cold. “You try that white cunt…..and you be gettin’ that sprayed up yo’ ass!”

"Pl-please.....just let me go!" she whimpered.

"Not until we have our fun," Tyrese growled.

The gang gathering around her, Alissa's purse was yanked out of her hands and she was picked up from her seat and dragged to the back of the bus. Marcus looked over at the two younger boys who were watching with terrified looks on their faces.

"You two little shits stay where you're at and don't go nowhere!"

Alissa let out a scream as she was pulled down onto a seat onto Tyrese's lap. Marcus slid in beside them. He slid his hand along the smooth fabric of her black jeans and up her thigh.
"We like white cunts like you, baby! Like to fuck 'em.....hard!"

"NO! N-n-noooooo!" Alissa sobbed. "Th-the bus dr-driver can see you!"

"Not this bus driver," laughed Marcus. "He's a brother and he's gonna let us do whatever da fuck we wanna do!"

Marcus' fingers wandered along the top of Alissa's thigh, working their way up to the button of her pants. Tyrese held her firmly with her arms pulled back as she squirmed and struggled. Her back was arched and her breasts jutted out. Alissa was panicking as she felt the large bulge of Tyrese's hard cock pushing up underneath her. She knew what these men were intending and she was terrified.

Tyrese let go of one arm and clamped a hand over her mouth as Marcus began to undo her jeans.

"Let's see what this pussy looks like," Marcus grinned.

"Yeah, we wanna see it!" Midget said. "Let's see this tight little cunt we gonna be fuckin'!"
Play Room / Re: Vile8r's Humour
« Last post by vile8r on July 13, 2018, 09:27:41 PM »

Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Rave Girl: Another Adventure with the Predators Club
« Last post by vile8r on July 13, 2018, 08:09:01 PM »
Clay flopped down on the bed beside her. Morgan was hoisted up by the arms and placed so she was straddling Clay’s cock. Helpless to resist, the boys began lowering her body, so Clay's hard prick pressed against her pussy lips. She winced as the cock touched her sore pussy, forcing it to stretch around him. Morgan could not imagine how she was going to endure being fucked again.

Noticing her reluctance, Clay reached up and gripped her by the hips. He pulled her down, forcing her to impale herself on his cock.
“Start fucking me!” Clay ordered her. Slowly, Morgan began to move her pussy up and down onto the boy's cock. It hurt as he stretched her torn pussy, and she was trying to take her time. Impatient, and uncaring about her agony, Clay thrusted his cock up into the teen girl straddling him.

Morgan cried out in agony as the cock drove deep into her. Clay's strong hands kept her from moving away from his thrusts, and he loved the look of torment in the girl's face.

"How do you like that, baby? We’re teaching you tonight how to take dick from real men, not little boys.”

 Morgan just moaned in response and tried to fight the pain as Clay ravished her body. She didn’t notice Val moving into position behind her, until suddenly the head of his cock was pressing at her ass again.
She whipped around to look, but Val slapped her across the back.

“Just never mind, sweetie. I’m gonna have a bit of fun back here.”

Morgan jumped as Val slammed his cock home, burying it into Morgan’s ass. Riding atop one boy, she gasped as her ass was stretched open painfully by Val. Biting her lower lip, she tried to control her sobs as the two of them raped her.
She was going to scream, when Ty grabbed her head, twisting it to the side and pushing his hard cock into her mouth. Her jaws were forced wide apart.

“Time for you to suck my cock,” he snarled.

Morgan gagged, fighting to breathe. Pinned against Clay's chest, Morgan could only whimper as Val’s cock plowed in and out between her ass cheeks. Unable to rise off of Clay's dick, she was powerless to stop the triple assault. She was sandwiched between Clay and Val, lightning bolts of pain tearing through her groin. She felt so full, and she was sure that the boy's brutal cocks attacking her body would permanently damage her.

Meanwhile,  Ty pulled on her hair as he fucked her mouth. Slobber and drool oozed from her mouth as his rock-hard shaft pumped in and out.

“Fuck yeah, this bitch has got a nice mouth,” Ty smiled, looking down at her.

“This ass feels even better the second time,” Val groaned.

Feeling Clay's cock buried in Morgan's cunt only inches away from his cock in her asshole, Val was filled with even more lust for the young ripe girl impaled on his cock. Moving his cock in and out of her ass, he smiled as he listened to her gasping for breath as Ty humped her face.

Watching Ty's facial expressions strain as he pounded his cock up into the young lady, Val knew that she would get no mercy. They were giving it to this teenage bitch good, and Val loved knowing that there was not a thing she could do to stop them. As he fucked up her ass, Val reached underneath the girl and pinched her right nipple and breast.

She belonged to them and he loved the idea that he could do anything he wanted with her. He pulled on her hair as he delightfully thrust his cock in and out of her asshole. Noting the intensity of Val's attack on Morgan, Clay did the same. Thrusting upwards into her, while at the same time pinching and squeezing her body with his hands, Clay enjoyed as his cock slurped in and out of their new toy.  Her firm, young body felt good on top of him.

Val was the first to blow his load. He slammed hard into Morgan, grunting as his balls spurted into her abused ass. Clay came a minute or two later, pulling the hot teen down onto his rigid meat.

That left Ty, with Morgan’s mouth still locked around him. He was rocking his hips back and forth, sweat running down his face, his eyes tightly shut, as he concentrated.  Ty loved getting his cock sucked, and the 16 year-old’s soft lips dragging along his shaft were bringing him closer to the edge.

Morgan coughed as first one spurt, then several more, sprayed into her mouth.
“Oh fuuuuck! Swallow, you little cunt!” Ty yelled.

With all three boys finished, they left Morgan curled up on the bed, cum dripping from her ass, pussy and mouth. But it wasn’t over yet.

Dwight dropped down on the bed beside her. He pulled her over on top of him.
“Now you can ride me, little piggie,” he chuckled.

Morgan tried to say something, to beg for them to stop, but her mouth only opened, she was too weak to make herself say anything. Like a ragdoll, she let Dwight pull her on top of him and she groaned, feeling his cock easily push up inside her.

“Yeahhhhh……..fuck you feel good, baby,” Dwight said.

Reid climbed on the bed and got behind her, slowly pushing his cock into her well-used ass. Driving his cock into the girl's ass, Reid smashed his body into Morgan. Then stopping for a moment, he told her to extend her legs straight out next to Dwight's legs.
With Morgan off her knees, Reid was able to lay his full weight on top of her. Crushed between the two teen boys, Morgan's body was completely sandwiched by them as they were viciously fucking into her body. Dwight, wanting to push his cock up into the girl, flexed his legs to drive his cock even deeper.

Morgan, in the middle of the two boys so savagely using her pussy and ass, was completely imprisoned by their pounding bodies. She could only limply lay there as they used her for their own lustful purposes.
She was totally helpless, when Chad walked up and turned her head to the side. His erect cock pointed at her lips was all she needed to see to know what he wanted.

Chad grabbed a handful of her sweat-soaked hair and forced her mouth to his dick.  She obediently opened her lips and took the head of his cock into her hot mouth. He punched his hips forward, pumping deeply into her mouth, savoring the rape of her sweet face.
Although it wasn’t quite as sweet now as when they had first arrived at the cabin. Morgan’s eyes were teary and blood-shot, her once rosy cheeks now streaked with dried tears and sweat.

“Suck my dick, you little cock tease. That’s it, you little bitch, gag on my dick!” Chad taunted her.

He held her head steady and fucked her in long strokes, holding her nose to his pubes every couple of strokes until he needed to let her come up for a breath.  She was coughing and retching around the head of his cock and it was almost enough to make him blow a load in her mouth right then and there.

Morgan tried to understand why the boys were using her so cruelly. She could not understand why they pulled on her hair, and maliciously abused her body with their cocks and hands. She could only hope that they would finish quickly.

The pain coming from her, soft, sensitive titties rubbing against Dwight's chest only added to the unbearable, burning pain she felt in her asshole and pussy. Reid's thrusts were just as rough as Dwight's. Morgan was scared that he would rip her if he continued to pound into her asshole so forcefully.

Finally, and after what seemed an eternity for Morgan, she felt Reid's thrusts up her ass shorten, and his body tighten.
"Here it comes, bitch! Right up your dirty little asshole. You like it in the ass, huh Morgan?"

"No!" she wanted to cry as she felt the boy's cock painfully swell in her ass. The cock exploded in her ass tube, and Reid bellowed, "I'm coming!"

Morgan felt her ass suddenly grow warmer as Reid shot his load of sperm deep inside of her. Enjoying his climax, Reid stayed on top of Morgan, as Dwight continued to push his cock up into the girl's pussy.

Enjoying the teen’s warm, wet pussy wrapped around him, Dwight harassed her. "You’re a whore! You like being fucked in the ass, and having my cock shoved up your pussy! I know you like my cock!"

Chad also berated her, as her slobbery mouth moved over his cock.

“You like this, you little cunt, I know you do. You wanted to suck everyone of us tonight, didn’t you? That’s why you got in our van!”

With her mouth full of Chad’s cock, Morgan couldn’t reply to the horrible things he was saying about her. She wondered about her friends. They were probably frantically looking for her right now, with no idea of where she was. Would she ever see them again?
Chad looked down and enjoyed seeing her with his cock buried to the hilt in her wet, sucking mouth. He pulled out and watched her catch her breath. Her lips were smeared with her spit and his precum and her eyes were tearing slightly.

“Hold your mouth open, slut!” he ordered her.

Chad wrapped his fist around his dick and began to furiously  stroke himself, holding the head right at the edge of her mouth. It only took him a couple minutes and soon Chad was firing gobs of his jizz onto Morgan’s tongue. 

Clay had been catching all the action on his videocam. He had some great footage of Morgan sandwiched between Reid and Dwight, and of Chad giving her a vigorous mouth-fuck. Now he zeroed in on Morgan’s mouth, as she caught Chad’s cum on her tongue, some of it dripping down her chin.
“Don’t swallow that yet!” Clay barked. “Stick out your tongue.”

As Morgan obeyed, Clay was able to get a great shot of the cum pooled on her tongue. When he was done he told her she could swallow. He watched her tip her head back, trying to force the slimy stuff down her throat.
At this same time, Dwight was also getting ready to cum. As his cock propelled itself in and out of her silky fuck-tunnel, he felt his balls building up to orgasm. Chad stepped back and Dwight rolled over so Morgan was underneath him. He pulled out of the girl and quickly straddled her chest.

He began jerking off over her face. Instantly, he shot his load, an arc of creamy spunk shooting over the girl's face, getting most of it up Morgan’s nose. She sniffled and gagged as the boy's gooey jizz clogged her nostrils and oozed into her head.
“That’s awesome guys!” Val whooped, pumping his fist in the air.

“Damn, she was good,” Dwight said as he climbed off the bed.

“Yeah, not the best we’ve ever had here at the Lair, but who am I to complain?” Clay smirked.  “At least she was a cherry!”

“Was a cherry, is right,” Reid laughed. “Those holes of hers are pretty well-used now.”

“Get her off the bed,” Clay said.

Morgan had curled into a little trembling ball, cum still dripping off her face. She was barely able to move, her body aching and throbbing. Reid and Chad pulled her off the bed and up onto her feet. They had to hold her up as her legs were very wobbly. 
Clay stood in front of her, his face only inches away from hers. He held up the videocam, so she could see it.

“You’re on this! Everything we did to you, every cock that went inside you, every one of your holes……is on this videocam! You’re our little video star. You got that?”

Morgan nodded feebly.

“We’ve went through your purse, and we have all your personal info. We can find you on Facebook if we want to. And we can do things to this video to make you look like the biggest slut in town. I’ll bet you don’t want that happening, do you?”
Morgan didn’t reply right away and Clay gave her a light slap across the left cheek.

“Did you hear me, cunt?”

Morgan nodded again, too weak to talk.
“Good, because I’m just letting you know, it will do you no good to tell anyone what happened here tonight. Other girls have tried, and it didn’t go well for them.”

He paused for a moment before he spoke again. “You see, we all have very rich dads. Rich, important dads! They have lawyers that can eat little girls like you for breakfast. You try to go to the police…….and we can and will, make your life a living, fucking hell! You know, we put someone in a mental institution not too long ago, because she didn’t keep her mouth shut. Do you want that, Morgan?”
Clay held her by the chin and looked her straight in the eyes. She could barely focus, but she was able to give him a nod that she understood him.

“Good, that’s what I like to see,” Clay smirked.

“You think we raped your ass hard tonight……you try to get us in trouble….and we’ll find you and fuck you again so damn hard , you’ll never walk!” Val added.

Morgan heard that, and shuddered. She had no doubt, from the malice in his voice, that Val meant every word he’d said.
“What are we gonna do with her now?” Reid asked.

Clay shrugged. “What we always usually do. Get her dressed and drop her off somewhere down by the lake. Make sure it’s not where someone sees you.”

Reid and Dwight held her up, while Ty and Chad got her torn dress put back on her. Her bra was useless as it had been cut open and her panties had already been kept as part of the Predators’ collection. They stuffed her bra into her purse and handed it back to the girl.

 After all the boys got their clothes back on, they left the cabin, shutting out the lights and locking the door. Two of them had to help Morgan walk, as they got her in the van and drove off.

Several minutes later they stopped on a deserted road, near the lakeshore. They could see the lights of several other lake houses farther up the road. Off in the distance they could hear loud music and voices.

“Sounds to me like there’s a hell of a party going on down at the lake,” Val stated.

“Let’s get down there,” Ty said. “Should be some hot cunt.”

“Fuck, man!” Clay laughed. “You haven’t had enough tonight?”

“Hey, Morgan just got me warmed up!” Ty laughed.

Clay threw open the side door of the van. He pulled Morgan close and planted a hard kiss on her lips. “Thanks for the fun, sweetie!”

He pushed her out of the van. She stumbled and fell in a heap on the gravel, scraping up her knees. He tossed her shoes out after her. Then they drove away, leaving her in the dust.

Morgan stood up slowly, clutching her purse and her shoes in one hand and trying to hold together her ripped dress with the other. Sobbing and whimpering, her legs barely strong enough to walk, the young teen began staggering down the road, toward the lights in the distance, hoping someone could help her.

Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Rave Girl: Another Adventure with the Predators Club
« Last post by vile8r on July 12, 2018, 11:41:36 PM »
The muscular young man gripped the back of her head through her hair. Morgan opened her mouth reluctantly, taking his thick, throbbing cock past her lips. Her tongue felt good on the bottom of his cock. She gripped the base with one hand, her other resting on his thigh as she began sucking him off.

Up and down she bobbed on Val’s cock, not taking him deeply like a good cocksucker, but he was okay with that. He knew she just wanted to get him off, not make him feel good. Val didn’t care; after all, she was making quite the scene down there on her knees, saliva dripping down from her lips on his cock, sucking and bobbing.

“Oh fuck yeah, bitch,” he groaned, so close now.

He was going to come, and shoot his thick load deep down her throat. He’d make her swallow every fucking drop. Val liked it, when girls put up a fight. He loved holding their heads down, feeling the strain as they tried to pull off of his cock. Sometimes, if he had to, he’d clamp his hand down over their mouth and pinch their nose shut until they swallowed.

“Just like that, yeah, fuck!”

Val watched her sweet mouth moving on his cock. He was close, so damn close. His body tensed, his cock swelling. He gripped her head, holding tightly.
Val came hard, cock exploding in her mouth, so turned on by the cute young girl sucking his cock. She gagged loudly as his seed flooded her mouth. Val gripped her head intensely, making her keep sucking until he was finished, his cock still twitching.

He finally pushed her away roughly, sending her onto her ass. Morgan just laid there, wiping slobber from her chin and bottom lip.
“Looks like it’s my turn next,” said Dwight.

Once more, she was forced to get up on her knees, and take Dwight’s erect cock in her hands. She leaned forward and took him in her mouth. Morgan began slowly sucking up and down his shaft.
But Dwight was impatient. He didn’t want a soft, slow suckjob. He pulled out, then savagely rammed it back in, causing her to choke and sputter. Again and again, he rammed forward in Morgan’s mouth.

Her reaction was immediate, her eyes bulging, coughing and gagging, spittle and drool spilling out from the side of her mouth. But Dwight gave her no room, instead pushing her head down against him, enjoying the feeling of his cock deep in her mouth, her cheeks bulging.

“Now suck, whore,” he said.

Tears welled up in her eyes, as she was trying to hold off her gagging and press her lips around his member. Dwight gripped her head, sliding in and out of her mouth slowly.

“Keep working me,” he said.

Morgan did as she was told. In and out he stroked a few times, almost gently, but pressing down to the back of her throat, making her gag before pulling out again, sliding across her lips. He did this for a little while, then slammed his cock into the back of her throat, making her gag and buck, then began the process of a slow sliding in and out again.

Dwight picked up his pace, sliding in and out of her at a quick tempo, no longer slamming into the back of her neck, but not giving her time to properly adjust either. He kept working faster until he pressed her down against his hips, holding her there, his hair sticking into her nose, keeping her from breathing. She struggled, trying to shake loose.

“Yeah!” she heard someone call out. “Choke the bitch!”

Dwight’s hips quivered as he shot ropes of cum into Morgan’s throat. He pulled out suddenly, Morgan coughing violently as he did so, her head tilted to the right, spit and drool spilling onto the floor.

“Not bad...” he said, slapping his cock against her forehead.
“Good job, dude!” Val said, giving him a fist-bump.

Reid took his turn next. He stood in front of Morgan, stroking his hard meat.
 “Lick my shaft and suck on my balls. Do a good job if you know what is best for you,” he snarled.

Morgan cried, looking at the member, slapping at her wetly, but slowly opened her mouth and complied. Her tongue ran slowly up the length of Reid’s dick. It tasted sickly, like all the others had, but she tried not to think on it.

 She ran her tongue up and down his length a couple times. Then Reid pushed her down towards his ball sac. “Now...” he said. “My balls. Lick and suck them.”

Morgan did as she was told, leaning towards him, touching with her lips and wincing at the sweaty smell of his balls. She opened her lips and closed them around one of his balls, sucking on it, pulling it into her mouth.
“Mmm...” said Reid, feeling the girl’s mouth on his sac.

She sucked on one ball for a little while, then the other. Reid wrenched her head away from him. “Alright,” he said. “Now for the hard stuff.”

“No….please...” she began to whine, but was cut off when he jammed his cock between her parted lips. He pushed his cock down as far as it would go, watching her struggle.

“Ah yes,” Reid gloated. “This is what little sluts are made for.”

“Fuck ‘er  mouth, dude!” Clay yelled out.

Reid began pumping against her with his hips, gripping her hair with both hands, nails digging into her scalp. He slapped against her loudly, groaning openly while face fucking her. He loved how her body quivered and shook, her eyes looking up at him so piteously.
Morgan was choking and sobbing around his manhood and it made him even harder.

Her cheeks were puffing out as he pushed in and out of her rapidly, spittle and drool spilling out of her mouth. He built up to orgasm, his back arching and he let out a loud groan. Pulling out suddenly,  he pushed the tip of his penis against her right eye and pushed it open with his free hand.

She screamed as his cum spilled into her eye, stinging it. Reid was barely able to hold her for more than a moment before she twisted away, frantically shaking her head to get the horrible stuff out of her eye, but with little result. Reid laughed, finishing by cleaning himself off on her forehead.

The other boys roared with laughter, seeing the big splotch of cum smeared across the teen girl’s eye. Morgan sobbed with humiliation as she wiped at her eye with the back of her hand.
“That was awesome!” Val exclaimed.

“Cum right in her eye!” Chad laughed.

Reid sat down on the couch and lit up a cigarette, feeling quite proud of what he had done to Morgan. Ty was stepping up, ready for his turn in her mouth. But Morgan backed from him, shaking her head.

“N-n-noooo…….nooooo…….I c-can’t do anymore…..noooo!” she bawled.

“Come on, bitch, you’re gonna suck my dick,” Ty snapped.
Clay intervened. “Hey, you know what? We’ll give her a little break.”

“Fuck that shit!” Ty argued. “She’s sucking my dick!”

“Don’t worry, dude. You’ll get your turn,” Clay assured him. “We’ve got lots of time. Have a beer, let her rest a bit, and then we’ll get back to our fun.”

Ty looked at Clay grudgingly. “Yeah, okay, whatever you say.”

Clay walked over to one wall of the room. “It’s time we added Morgan to the Predator Hall of Fame.” 

He opened a couple panels, revealing a display case recessed into the wall behind them. Arranged on small hooks were pairs of girls’ panties, in all colours and styles. Names were written on the panties with a black felt pen and beside each one was a picture of the girl they had once belonged to.

This was a collection the Predators Club had started, a record of all the young teen girls they had raped since they started the club. With Morgan’s panties, the collection was now at eighteen.
Clay held Morgan’s white thong panties he had removed from her earlier in the night. He picked up a black felt pen and wrote Morgan  on them in bold letters. He hung the panties on an empty hook.

Then he walked over to Morgan and knelt down in front of her. He pointed his phone at her face to take her picture. “Say cheese!” he chuckled.

Morgan tried to glance away, but Val grabbed her head and held it while Clay took a pic of the frightened girl. “Perfect!” he smiled. “Welcome to the hall of fame, Morgan!”

Clay would later print off a copy of the pic he took, and put it up beside the panties. Morgan was sickened to see all the girls these boys had abused. Why were they not in jail? They certainly deserved to be!
Clay closed up the secret display case and turned to his friends.

“Well, guys, I think it’s time we had some more fun with Morgan. I’m sure you all agree we haven’t worked over those holes near enough yet.”

“I agree!” Dwight beamed.
“I got at least another load left in me,” Val quipped.

Clay looked at Morgan. “Let’s take her back to the bedroom then, shall we?”

Two of the boys hauled her to her feet and the poor girl was dragged back to the bed where her virginity had been torn from her earlier.

“It’s been a night of firsts for you, Morgan,” Clay said. “You got your pussy fucked for the first time, and your ass, and you sucked cock for the first time too. Now, you’re gonna learn how to ride cock!”
I love the story vile8r. you posted just enough to keep me hooked you tease
Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Rave Girl: Another Adventure with the Predators Club
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Ty and Reid half-carried, half-dragged the poor girl across the room to a door that entered into the small bathroom. Inside they set her on the toilet and let her take care of business. They washed her up a bit and splashed some water on her face.

She was dragged back to the living room. There, Morgan saw Clay sitting on a chair in the middle of the room. A pillow was on the floor in front of him. He was stroking his cock, looking at her with an evil grin.

The pretty teen was pushed down, so she was kneeling on the pillow, Clay’s cock directly in front of her face.
“So tell me, Morgan, are you good at sucking cock?” Clay asked.

She shook her head timidly. “I-I’ve never…..d-d-done that……with a boy,” she whimpered softly.

She was telling the truth too. Morgan had given a couple hand jobs to boys she had made out with, but so far she was very inexperienced at oral sex. She’d never had a boy’s penis anywhere near her mouth.

“Looks like we got a mouth virgin too,” Val smiled. “Damn, we really hit the jackpot tonight!”

“Yeah, you’re gonna learn how to suck cock tonight, baby,” Clay said. “You’re gonna suck us all. Now start by kissing it.”

He put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her in closer to his crotch. Morgan softly kissed his rock-hard shaft and Clay sighed feeling her warm, soft lips on him.

“Lick it… a popsicle,” he ordered.

Morgan began to lick along the shaft with just the tip of her tongue. Slow little licks, her nose turning up at the sour taste.
“Yeah, guess you ain’t gonna like tasting your own ass, are you?” Clay chuckled.

He watched as she also licked around his purple head, lapping at the drops of pre-cum oozing from the tip.

“Now take it in your mouth,” he said. “And don’t bite or I’ll punch you in the face.”

He watched as the first inch of his cock disappeared into her mouth. She stopped, pulling back, but Clay held the back of her head. Soon her mouth was sliding down again. It excited Clay as her cute lips parted and slowly slid downward over his cock.
It also felt wonderful knowing his was the first cock to be inside her mouth. Clay took a deep breath and groaned as much from the feel of her mouth as watching her.

“Little slut ain’t doing too bad for a first time,” Val remarked.
“Yeah, not bad at all,” Clay grinned, leaning back in the chair. “She’s got a hot little mouth.”

Between the two of them, they’d had dozens of girls’ mouths on their cocks, and were certainly qualified at assessing a girl’s oral abilities.
Morgan’s tongue slid along his cock as she moved her mouth up and down. Her hands were pressed against his thighs, and her breasts brushed against his legs each time she slid up and down with her warm sucking mouth.

Clay lifted his hips slightly, pushing his cock further into her mouth. Morgan gave a little gag.
“Come on, bitch! You gotta learn to take it deeper,” he said.

She paused, slid her mouth off his shaft, and looked up at him.
“I-I’m sorry…..I c-can’t do that….” she whimpered.

“I wasn’t asking you…..I was telling you!” Clay snapped. “Now get your little whore mouth back on my dick and start sucking. I wanna see my whole cock in your mouth!”

Morgan put her warm mouth back on Clay’s cock, and began moving her head up and down on him, only taking a couple inches at a time. With an impatient grunt, Clay grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved his meat as far in her mouth as he could.
Her cheeks bulged out and she tried to pull away. Clay held her tightly, feeling the tip of his cock push into her throat. Morgan pitifully whimpered and gagged around the invader in her mouth.

“Yeah! Skullfuck  ‘er!” Val laughed.

“She’ll learn to deep throat or she’ll fuckin’ choke,” Chad said, holding the videocam so he could get a good angle on the action.
Continuing to hold her by the hair, Clay jammed her head up and down on him, using her mouth like a pussy. After a while, with the sensation of her soft lips wrapped around him, and watching the tears roll down her pretty face, Clay felt his balls swelling.

Morgan heard him breathing harder and knew he was getting ready to cum. She fought to pull her mouth off him, but couldn’t. Spurts of his musky semen shot into her mouth and across her tongue. She retched, as she was forced to swallow the disgusting stuff.

“Oh…..that’s it!” Clay grinned. “Be a good little bitch and swallow it all.”

He slipped out of her mouth and Morgan was on her hands and knees, gagging and sputtering.

“Guess she needs to get a little more used to the taste of cum,” Val said, as he stepped up to her. “You get to suck me now, baby! Make it good!”
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