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Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by EvilBastard on Today at 05:06:05 AM »
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By the by, there really is a Sandy and she really is an innocent prude, believing that only her hubby should ever see her naked and have sex with her. (luckily I am that hubby so the pictures I am drawing pretty much does show Sandy, or at least as close as my limited talents permit). And there really is a Theo next door, with a 19 years old body and the mind of a 6 year old. Even the neighborhood gang is real, but I changed all their name, ok, all but Sandy's, her I love to be recognized ~grins~

Oh SHIT, I just re-read my own post and realized that it could be easily misunderstood. So, to clarify this: The people I am writing about are more or less real, the story I am writing is PURE FANTASY. Nothing like this ever happened.
Forced Sex Stories / Wife and the Hobo
« Last post by humper on November 22, 2017, 04:45:49 PM »
It had been several weeks since my wife was raped while she was unconscious by three older men while we were on vacation in Florida, and I wanted to set up another rape for her again. I still had a bottle of knock out pills to use on her, and I needed to satisfy my needs of watching my beautiful wife have her body used by another man.

One night my wife and I went out to a bar for a few drinks and we had to drive through a rough part of town to get to this place. We both noticed a lot of street bums standing around at every corner we came to. My wife told me to try to get out of this part of town as fast as we could, and that she didn't feel safe.

We finally made it to the bar, and we started a night of drinking, the whole time I was looking at my beautiful wife wondering what she would look like being fucked by a dirty old Hobo, and I knew just the spot to find one since we would have to drive though this part of town on our way back home. My wife and I drank for more than 3 hours and she was getting very tipsy, she got up to use the ladies room and this was my chance. I slipped 2 of the knock out pills in her drink, when she came back to the table she told me that she wanted to go home now and give me some pussy and that she was horny as hell. I told her to finish her drink and she did.

We left the bar and my wife started to fall asleep on our drive home as the drug took its effect on her. I started to get back to the bad part of town and as before there were many old rough street people to choose from for my wife. I pulled my car over and I motioned for this guy to come over to my car. I ask him did he want to fuck my wife tonight and let me video it.

 The old man looked at my wife as I pulled her skirt up and moved her pantyhose down her belly to show him her hairy pussy, and he said hell yes. I told this old man that she would never find out what he did because she would be knocked out for 5 or so hours. The old man jumped in my car and we drove to a motel down the road. I parked the car and I went in to get a room and I told the old man to wait in the car with my wife. When I came back to the car, I noticed that he was rubbing my wife's pussy with his hand under her skirt.

I wasted no time in carrying my wife in the room and putting her on the bed. I asked the old man to sit in the chair by the bed as I set up and turned on my video camera. I then ask the old man what his name was, and he said his name was Earl, I asked him how old he was and he told me that he was 70 years old. I asked him how long had it been since he fucked a woman and he said at least 10 years.

I then told him that he could get up and stand beside the bed and look down at my wife. I told Earl that her name was Susan and that she was 59 years old, and a natural brunette of 135 lbs. Earl said no way she only looks 40 years old at best. I ask Earl if he was ready to fuck my wife and he said yes he was. I backed off and focused my camera at them both as Earl got on top of my wife and started kissing her mouth rubbing her tits through her blouse.

Earl was dressed in old baggy pants and a soiled T-shirt, my wife was dressed in a skirt with pantyhose under it, and a white blouse. The two of them looked like polar opposites as far as they were dressed, my wife very clean and Earl very nasty.

I asked Earl to stand up and take off his clothes, Earl pulled his old nasty T-shirt off and then removed his pants, Earl now stood totally naked beside the bed. I was impressed by the size of Earls dick as it was uncut and around 10 inches long. Earl had scares on his body along with tattoos, he was pail and skinny, grey headed and had a few rotten teeth in his mouth.

I told Earl to take my wife's clothes off now and that I wanted him to treat my wife like a whore, but not to leave any marks or injuries to her body, but be as rough as he wanted to her. This got Earl aroused as he unbuttoned my wife's blouse and threw it in the floor. Earl then unzipped my wife's skirt pulling it down and off her body. My wife was now dressed in only her pantyhose, white panties and bra.

Earl then took his 10 inch cock and placed it in front of my wife's lips and started to rub the tip of his uncut dick in her mouth, while rubbing my wife's pussy through her pantyhose. Earl ask me if he could fuck my wife now, and I told him to use her anyway he wanted. Earl then took my wife's pantyhose off and took her white panties off revealing her hairy pussy. Earl then took my wife's bra off and he wasted no time in sucking my wife's hard nipples on her b-cup small tits. Earl then positioned his uncut dick to the entrance to my wife's pussy and he tried to get his soft cock in her but was having trouble. Earl tried and tried to get hard but was not getting hard enough to fuck my wife.

I ask Earl what his problem was and he said that he couldn't get hard with me in the room, and I thought if I really want to see him fuck my wife I guess that I will have to leave him with her by themselves. I aimed the video camera at the bed and I told Earl to have fun with her and that I would be back in 2 hours to get them, and I went out to my car to wait, horny as hell not knowing what this nasty old man was doing to my wife.

This was the longest two hours that I have ever waited and it was finally over as I saw Earl leaving the room and I meet him at the door. Earl said thanks for letting him have his way with my wife and that he would help me get her dressed and put her back in my car. We did so and I took Earl back to the bad part of town and let him out of my car. I drove home wondering the whole time what Earl had done to my wife while he had her by himself. I got home washed my wife the best that I could and put her to bed for the night.

I then could wait no more and I took the video camera and plugged it into my computer and I started to play it. I heard Earl tell my wife as if she were awake that he was going to rape every hole she had. Earl stood by the bed and started fingering my wife's hairy pussy, he bent over her and started to roughly bite and gum her small tits pulling up on her hard nipples sucking them very hard. Earl then jumped up on the bed and positioned his smelly balls and cock in my wife's face, he then squatted and lowered his nasty asshole and started to rub his smelly asshole in my wife's face.

By now I could see that Earl who was having such a time getting hard before, was now hard as a brick. Earl rolled my wife over on her belly, placing some pillows under her, spreading her ass wide, he started fingering her asshole with the lube that I left for them on the night stand. Earl then lubed his now very hard cock and shoved it deep in my wife's asshole fucking her very hard this way for several minutes yelling at her, calling her by her name, telling her that she was a no count fucking whore as he started grunting, letting my wife have his nasty load of cum deep in her asshole.

Earl rested a while, then he stood over the bed jerking his old cock hard again looking down at my wife as he rolled her over, now face up on the bed. He told my wife as if she were awake that he was going to rape her pussy now. Earl lubed his old uncut cock and I could see a good view as he pushed his cock balls deep in my wife's hairy pussy. Earl had her legs bent back and I could see his balls slapping her asshole with every stroke. Earl hammered away like this for 30 minutes and I heard him let out a grunt, I noticed his old asshole winking, and saw a flood of cum oozing around his now slick dick down my wife's ass crack, when Earl pulled his old dick out of my wife's pussy even more foul cum came running out of her pussy.

Earl looked down at my pretty wife and he told her that he wanted to degrade her good before he left. Earl jumped up on top of my wife's face squatting lowering his nasty smelly balls and cock over her face. He told her that she was his to use and abuse, he said that he was going to rub his nasty asshole on her face and he did. I noticed as he did this he was pinching my wife's nipples, I saw Earls old asshole open and a nasty long turd came out in my wife's face. Earl then stood over my wife and jerked a heavy load of cum over her shit covered face, he told her that he was though with her sorry ass. Earl then got dressed and cleaned his mess off my wife's face and left the room.

What a video, I went to sleep after watching this and the next morning my wife a :)woke and wanted to know how much she drank, because she didn't remember anything after we left the bar. I told her she was plastered drunk and that we should do it again and she said ok.
Role Play Partners / Re: blackmail fantasies - consensual blackmail slavery
« Last post by Patch on November 22, 2017, 04:20:33 PM »
Hi Sir,

I’m interested. What is the next (1st) step?

Forced Sex Stories / Re: Natalie's Regret
« Last post by PureFeminist on November 22, 2017, 02:51:51 PM »
This was a really hot story.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by DirtySerenity on November 22, 2017, 01:13:21 PM »
It was meant as a compliment. And I'm in need of another fix.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by EvilBastard on November 22, 2017, 01:02:50 PM »
By the by, there really is a Sandy and she really is an innocent prude, believing that only her hubby should ever see her naked and have sex with her. (luckily I am that hubby so the pictures I am drawing pretty much does show Sandy, or at least as close as my limited talents permit). And there really is a Theo next door, with a 19 years old body and the mind of a 6 year old. Even the neighborhood gang is real, but I changed all their name, ok, all but Sandy's, her I love to be recognized ~grins~
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by EvilBastard on November 22, 2017, 12:51:22 PM »
Sandy is still lying where Theo threw her, her soft mommy tits clearly show first signs of bruising where his strong hands had held them in an iron grip, her head throbs from crashing into the wall and she is whimpering softly. But that doesn’t matter to the guys, she is naked, she is unable to refuse them, so who cares if she is unwilling and in pain?!

They all had agreed that Wally will get her first and the rest of them had drawn straws, ok, not really straws but matches, to determine who would be next in line. The only uncertainty in this has been Theo, but after his little demonstration of strength and rage none of the guys would dare to get in his way if he would decide to cut in line. Luckily he is still sulking right now and grumbling about Sandy being mean to him.

Wally steps up to the helpless, naked mom and barks

“Stop pretending that you are hurt and get up bitch. Over to the table with you, bend forward, both hands on it, legs apart and on your toes.”

He has chosen that position because every inch of Sandy’s body will be visible, and that is important because the others will take pictures and videos of him raping her. The more material they will have, the better their hold on the innocent mom. After all, the only promise they made to her was deleting the initial pix Theo took when her 6 weeks will be up, everything after that will be subject to further negotiations, and none of them is planning on setting such a perfect Milf slave free when she will still be good for use and abuse.

Crying softly Sandy obeys and limps to the old table. She knows that she is in way too deep now to refuse them, and her only hope is that those 6 weeks will fly by without leaving her soul scarred for life.

The very second she is in position, Wally shoves his rock hard cock into her unprepared pussy. Sandy squeals in pain, but he doesn’t care, actually he enjoys the soft whimpering much more than he would have any sounds of enjoyment because Sandy is just a body to be used, not someone he wants to love and cherish. Wally’s dick is “only” 8 inches long, but that is more than enough to bang against her cervix with every hard thrust, causing additional pain. He pounds her mercilessly, all the way inside, all the way out, moaning with pleasure. Sandy’s shame and pain feels so much better than the delight any of his former girlfriends had displayed when fucking them.

The guys chuckle and snicker when they see what Wally brutal thrusts into Sandy’s dry cunt do to her saggy tits. They really go wild, bouncing up and down and in any direction, looking a bit like a skin bag full of jello during an earthquake. These new videos will be great, maybe when they will be done with Sandy one day, they will be a hit on some internet porn channel.

Theo watches the love of his life being ruthlessly raped by Wally and slowly his frown turns into a smile. So this is how Wally does it, he has to try that way too, it looks like fun. That Sandy is crying doesn’t really matter, she has been mean to him, so she deserves to be unhappy now. Anyhow, love is pain and pain is love, so it is quite alright that she is hurting. Theo wonders how long Wally will play with her, his own cock is definitely ready for some playtime too, but when he looks at the others, so are they. He turns to Steve

“When do I get to play with Mrs. M.?” her asks

“Uhm,” Steve isn’t sure what to say, he knows that Pete is next, but he doesn’t want to risk another temper tantrum from the retard. Lucky for him Marty comes to his aid.

“You already played with her this morning Theo” he explains, trying to sound cheerful “And you really had fun, didn’t you?”

“Yes” Theo smiles remembering his cock in Sandy’s throat “It was wonderful Marty”

“So you see, we are all friends here, and everyone wants to play with her. You were first, Wally is doing her now, then Pete, Jake and so on. But when everyone has had a turn, you will be on again. Until then, enjoy watching and maybe you will learn something too.”

Theo frowns seriously, he looks at all the guys who will be playing with Mrs. M. before he will get another turn, but then his face lightens up again. Marty did say they are all friends, and that includes him. Theo always wanted to have friends, and after all, they let him play first, even if that was many hours ago. He nods to Marty and smiles

“Ok friends, I understand. I will watch and maybe wank a little until it is my turn again”

By now Wally is ready to blow his load, he grunts and moans, shoves his dick inside Sandy’s unprotected cunt one last time and then explodes deep into her. He shivers in pleasure and slaps her as cheek hard with an open palm to get one last scream of pain out of his helpless victim before he pulls out of her raw slit.

“Boy that was good” he grins. “The bitch stayed dry until I flooded her. It was like a fantastic cock massage. I think I like dry fucking even better than wet pussies.”

“Yeah well, thanks for telling AFTER you creamed her.” Tony grumbles.

Pete is already at Sandy’s side. “Get on the table” he orders “On your back, you’re ass lil’ over the edge, legs bend, wide and up” And to make a point he brutally twists her left nipple, making poor Sandy cry out in pain.

Of course she obeys, what choices does she have? But when she is in position, Pete starts to use Wally sperm oozing out of her bruised cunt to lubricate her tiny asshole.

“Pl…please NO” Sandy cries out “Not … not that. It … it is too unhygienic … not safe. My … my intestines are full of bacteria … e-coli and ,,, and other harmful germs. This is how AIDS started … please … you don’t want that.”

For a second everyone is silent, then they burst out laughing. Pete grabs Sandy’s hair and forces her head up.

“You are a three hole bitch, and the fact that your ass is virgin makes it even better for me. And just because you dare to lecture us, I will make you lick lil’ Pete clean after I ass fucked you. Now shut up and be a good Milf!”

Sandy doesn’t dare to protest again, if mentioning AIDS doesn’t scare them, nothing will, and the idea of being punished by licking a penis that has been in her bum is bad enough. Who knows what they will come up with if she tries to refuse anal rape again?

Pete has a hard time lubricating his victim’s tiny rosette, she is really tight down there and it takes a while to push Wally's cum inside with one finger. Finally he succeeds to add a second finger and then a third, slowly stretching the unwilling Sandy until he puts the head of his dick against her hole and starts pushing. It takes a while, but slowly he gets deeper into the whimpering mommy until his balls hit her ass.

Pete grunts happy, he only had two girlfriends so far and both had quite a bit of experience, so this is the very first time for him to deflower any hole. It isn’t as easy as he had imagined, but it sure is worth the effort. Slowly he begins to pull out and shove his cock back in, Sandy is extremely tight, and she probably tries to make it even harder for him by contracting her anus muscles, but Pete doesn’t care. He stretches her with every thrust and after about 10 minutes he is able to fuck her virgin ass freely.

He had planned to ass fuck Sandy for a long, long time, enjoying every second, but the extreme tightness of her hole makes this tremendously stimulating and after just 5 minutes free fucking Sandy’s ass he can’t hold back any longer and shoots his load deep into the poor mommy’s intestines. Groaning in total pleasure he pulls out of her and everyone starts to laugh when a loud plop announces that his dick is out again.

True to his threat he walks around the table and smacks his softening dick on Sandy’s lips. “Clean it bitch” he orders and when Sandy doesn’t open her mouth right away he punches her left tit hard, making her cry out in agony.

Impatiently Jake waits for Sandy to finish cleaning Pete’s cock with her tongue, he wants her on all fourth, like a real bitch should be, but as long as she is on the table licking Pete’s shaft, he can’t order her into that position. Finally Pete is satisfied and Jake grabs Sandy’s hair and pulls her off the table, grinning when she is unable to turn quickly enough and falls straight on her back, moaning in agony.

“You’ve been comfy on your back too long, so on your hands and knees now, like a good doggy” he grunts and kicks her side for good measure while the poor Milf struggles to obey.

The moment Sandy is on all forth Jake is behind her, his throbbing cock ready, but he hesitates. Both her holes look inviting, so which one should it be? The bruised, hairy cunt with those meaty cunt lips that would wrap so nicely around his cock? Or the still tight and only used once asshole? Pete’s cum oozing out of Sandy’s ass help him to make up his mind and he thrusts his throbbing dick into her aching cunt. Jake likes to watch his cock plowing in and out, so by raping her slit, he can not only see his own pleasure, but also the abused asshole leaking sperm.

Being the youngest of the gang, Jake has not had that much experience. From the money he got at his 15th birthday he had paid a whore to get his very first sex, and a few month ago he picked up a drunk older slut who turned out to be a real horny bitch and he had fun with her for a whole weekend until she went back home to her hubby.

But now his luck has changed, he, ok, the gang, now owns Sandy, and Jake sure planned to use and abuse the innocent, helpless mommy until he would find something better, hopefully younger too. Unlike the others, Jake is not really into saggy tits, even if the rest of Sandy’s body does look a lot younger than 34.

Thrusting in and out of Sandy’s aching cunt without any emotions is fantastic. Sex is sex, not making love, and since Jake has never made love, he doesn’t know the difference. Wally’s sperm has lubricated her cunt well enough, even though it is beginning to dry now, but Jake can’t help but wonder why Sandy isn’t getting wet by herself. Shouldn’t her body provide the necessary lube? Oh well, who cares, as long as he can fuck her.

Theo is totally fascinated by Sandy’s bouncing udders. While Jake is pounding her mercilessly, he gets down on his back, crawls under her and grabs the right tits, pulling the half inverted nipple into his mouth. He bites down on it, making the poor mommy scream again, and then Theo starts to suck. Who knows why, maybe an instinct, maybe curiosity, but he slurps and sucks on her nipple until …

“BAHHH!” Theo cries out and spits on the grimy hardwood floor “YUCK, she is leaky!”

Everyone but Jake, who is still pounding Sandy’s cunt, looks at Theo and at the floor. Some thick, grayish white fluid, mixed with Theo’s saliva is slowly flowing towards the middle of the uneven floor.

“Oh my god, we got ourselves a milker” Wally laughs “Look at that, our mommy is still producing, who would have guessed? How old is her daughter now? 5? 6?”

Theo is confused, Wally seems to like that Mrs. M.’s tit is leaking, so it must be a good thing after all. And all the others agree with Wally too. Steve even gets down on the floor and now sucks her left tit.

After a minute or so Steve starts to laughs “Yep, thick, sweet milk. Very tasty I say”

Now everyone wants a taste and Sandy is horrified. Ever since her very first pregnancy her mammary glands have produced milk. It never stopped, even though the quantity varied greatly when she was not pregnant or breastfeeding, it really wasn’t much at all, but never any less than 3 or 4 mouthful from each breast. Her husband enjoyed drinking some of her milk sometimes, but she had cautioned him, telling him not to do this too often, or her glands might start producing more again. But now her secret is out, and by the reaction of her rapists they will probably love to shame and humiliate her by milking her as often as possible.

“Oh this is grand” Tony chuckles “We think we are getting us a bitch and end up with a cow.”

The guys are roaring with laughter and Sandy breaks out in more tears. Isn’t it bad enough that they are raping and abusing her, do they have to keep humiliating her like this too?

They get a little distracted when Jake suddenly yells out and explodes into Sandy’s unprotected cunt. He pulls out with a toothy grin and says “Who`s next?”   

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Corrupted innocense
« Last post by EvilBastard on November 22, 2017, 12:48:24 PM »
Yep totally right about skipping the blackmail talk, but I thought it would be too long a chapter with no action but a mind fuck, so I let wally and Sandy explain the "agreement" to the guys. And, uhm, sorry for making an addict outa you, but I really take that as a compliment
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Natalie's Regret
« Last post by DirtySerenity on November 22, 2017, 10:45:14 AM »
Loved it DirtyPrincess.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Natalie's Regret
« Last post by vile8r on November 22, 2017, 10:13:19 AM »
Poor poor little Natalie! Good job DirtyPrincess, happy to see you back.
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