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Forced Sex Stories / Re: Neptune Beach
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Loved the story.  I was able to visualize the whole thing. :D
Nonerotic & Consensual Stories / Re: Banging My Son's Girlfriend
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Faster I stroked, squeezing my eyes shut, and trying to hold the image of Lexi firmly in my mind. My fist wrapped tighter around my cock. I was so close to coming.  The doorbell rang again...and then again...and finally my hard-on started to fade. 

Damn it! I was sure it was one of those kids selling fucking magazine subscriptions. I wrestled my trousers up around my hips, shut down the story file, and stumbled towards the front door. Pausing, I buckled my belt as I stooped down to look out the peephole, expecting to see some pre-pubescent little brat chewing gum and holding an order pad. 

 "Holy shit!" I muttered under my breath. 

 I stood up quickly, my heart racing as I straightened my shirt. With one last check to ensure my zipper was up, I opened the door. 
 "Lexi, uhhh, this is a surprise," I said, my breathing as labored as if she'd just walked in and discovered me instead of only ringing the doorbell. 
 "Hey, Tim. I didn't interrupt anything did I?" 

When we had first met, she always referred to me as Mr. Prescott, but as we became more familiar with each other, I began to insist she just call me Tim. Now, whenever I hear her call me by my first name, it makes me smile. The way she says it sounds so cute.

"Interrupt anything?" I answered, trying to find my breath. "No, actually I was just...I was just finishing up with some work I had brought home. You just missed Trevor, though. He's not here." 

 "Yeah, I know. He's got late practice today. Actually, I came to talk to you, if you could spare a few minutes." 

 "Talk to me? Yeah sure, come on in." 

 "You're sure I'm not interrupting?"
 "I'm positive." 

 Through all the embarrassing confusion, I hadn't realized how hot her outfit was. Lexi was wearing a sleeveless sundress. It was very complimentary to her figure, accenting the awesome tight curves of her hips and ass. Lexi was one of those girls who had the innate ability to make just about anything look good on her. 

The dress was short--deliciously short—and was white with a yellow belt that encircled her slender waist. Never a girl to wear much too makeup, today she was wearing some bright, crimson lipstick.   
 "You, uhhh, look pretty nice today, Lexi,” I complimented her. 

 She giggled, flashing me her gorgeous smile.
"You like? Thank you so much, Tim! You’re always so nice.”

“Yeah…..yeah, I do like it,”I said, trying to not stare too much. “It’s, uhhhh, it’s cute…..very cute." 

She paused, seeming hesitant. "Are you okay, Tim?" 

 "Yeah, I'm fine, why?" 

"Uhm, nothing, I guess. You just look a little flushed, that's all."
 Damn straight I was feeling flushed. "I'm fine, really." 

 I followed as she strolled through the entryway and into the living area, brushing the furniture with her fingertips as she walked. God, she did have a beautiful rear end!
"Would you like something to drink?" I asked. 

 "No, I'm fine." 

 "So what can I do for you?" 

 "Well, I really need to talk to somebody about Trevor……and you and I have always been able to talk about other stuff. Talking to you about Trevor is okay too, isn't it?" 

"Yeah...of course." 

 She sat on one of the chairs I had in the living room, her dress riding up her hip. Something about her mood was different. She was more solemn than usual, not the energetic social butterfly I was used to seeing. 

 "I don't really know where to start," she said, her blue eyes looking vacant. 

 I took a seat on the couch across from her. "Start anywhere." 

 She filled in some details that I already knew from my earlier conversation with Trevor. The two of them had not been getting along. He was becoming more frustrated from all the social functions she was involved in. She wasn't into the sports as much as he was, and that was creating friction. 

 She talked for about five minutes, then fell silent.
"So I've made a decision," she finally said, becoming teary-eyed. "I'm going to tell Trevor that I think we should start seeing other people." 
 This certainly sounded familiar, I thought.

"Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. I always thought you two were so compatible." 

 "Well, so did I, and when we first started going out, it seemed that we were. But the truth is, we're just really different people, and it was only a matter of time before we started to drift apart." 

 We sat in silence for a minute. I knew, based on what Trevor had told me, that trying to talk her out of the breakup would only blow up, especially if he found out that it was my idea. 

 "Well, all I can say is that, you're a great girl, Lexi! I'm sure you've got a long line of guys who would jump at the chance to fill Trevor's shoes. Being his father, I can tell you that sometimes I don't know what that boy's thinking." 

 She stood up, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. "Do you have a tissue?" 

 "Yeah, right here." I reached underneath the nearby table and grabbed a box. 

 "Thanks, Tim, for listening. You're so nice. You know, the funniest part of this whole thing is that I'm going to miss you probably more than I'll miss Trevor. You've always been so easy to talk to...much easier than all my friends' dads." 

 I had mixed emotions about her comments. Part of me was flattered that she thought so highly of our friendship and enjoyed talking to me so much. Another part was admittedly guilty about thinking of her in the ways that I had. 

 "Well, I'm going to miss you too, Lexi. I'm sure we'll still see each other... around."

I tried to keep my voice light, to hide the emptiness that I was feeling. 
 Before I had time to react, she had wrapped her arms around my neck in a hug. I was hesitant, keeping my arms at bay. When she didn't pull away, I slowly cupped her waist with my hands. This was the closest that I'd ever been to her physically. I could smell the perfume she was wearing, feel her hair as it brushed my cheek, her breasts as they pressed into my sweater. Without thinking, I took more of her into my arms, pulling her closer. 

 "Anytime you want to talk, I'm here," I said, squeezing her, not wanting to let her go.
 "Tim," she whispered in my ear. 

 "Yes, Lexi?" 

 "You're hugging me so tight I can't breathe." 

 Quickly I stepped back. "I'm sorry...I'm just a hugger." 

 She laughed. "It's okay. You're a good hugger and I needed a hug. I could use something to drink now too, if that offer's still good." 
 "Of course it's good." 

I went to the refrigerator and poured us both some iced tea. I returned to find her standing near the sliding glass door, staring out towards the pool area. 
 "Oh, thanks," she said, taking the glass that I handed her. "You have a really beautiful backyard. Did you landscape it yourself?" 

 "Yeah, with help from Trevor and a couple of his buddies. It was a lot of work, but it's definitely something we're proud of." 

 "You should be." She took a sip from her tea. "Those chairs out that where you imagined us doing it?" 

 I wasn't sure I'd heard her right. I stepped up and looked to where she was referring. "Excuse me?" 

 "Those chaise-lounge chairs next to the pool. Is that where we made the story you wrote about us?" 

 My heart jumped with her words. She continued to stare out the window, avoiding any eye contact. Part of me was sure that I had heard her wrong, but then again, her words were unmistakable.

"What story?" I croaked. 

 She turned to me, her cheeks colored pink. "That story you know, the one where I rubbed the suntan lotion on you….all over….and then we….made love." 

 "Oh my God," I groaned, turning my back and taking a deep breath.

 I searched desperately for how to respond. I could try to play dumb, but it was obvious she knew about the story, although how, I couldn't imagine. This was very embarrassing…..and humiliating. My perversions were being exposed!

 "Lexi…..I'm sooooo very sorry," I said, my back still to her. 

 She walked past where I was standing, resting her glass in the sink before turning to face me, her arms crossed over her chest.
"What are you sorry about?" 

 "How did you know about the story? Nobody knows about that story, not even Trevor. God, at least I don't think he knows." 
My heart sank with the realization that he might also have read it. His earlier comments flashed through my mind about wanting Lexi. He'd laughed when he'd made them. Was he laughing because he'd read the story?

If so, that wasn't the response I would have predicted. To me, having a story like that about somebody so familiar was crossing a forbidden line. I'd rationalized it all as fantasy--a very private fantasy--one that I never intended to share with anybody, much less him or Lexi!

In that way it seemed acceptable. But now that it had been discovered--now what? One thing I did know: I loved my son more than anything in the world and my relationship with him was all I really had to hold on to. 

 "I didn't tell him about it," she said, drawing me back to the conversation. "If he knows, it's not because of me. Besides, if he'd read it, I think he would have told me and he's never said anything." 

 The confidence in her voice led me to believe her. 
 "How did you find it?" I asked. 

 "I was over here studying with Trevor one night. I'm not sure where you were. Anyway, we were both working on stuff that needed a computer, and he said I could use yours if I wanted to work from here. I accidentally saved my book report on your hard drive and when I did a search looking for it--" 

 "Up popped the story file with the same name." 

 She smiled. "Yep, I know I shouldn't have read it, but when I realized it was about me...I couldn't stop." 

 I felt stupid for being so careless. Why had I never thought to password-protect it? Trevor had his own computer, and with only the two of us living in the house, I had no reason to believe that anybody would find that story file and certainly not Lexi.

"Well, again, I'm very, very sorry. You don’t realize how embarrassing this is for me. You must really think I’m just the biggest pervert around." 
 She smiled. "I don't, okay? I was incredibly flattered. But one question--who's Dave Landee?" 
She broke into a giggle and I found myself joining in. 

 "I'm a huge reader, but you knew that," I said. "Eventually, I started reading erotica, which led me to the Internet, where there's quite a few amateur authors who write and publish erotic stories. This Dave Landee fella has written a few involving older men and younger women, so I wrote and asked him if he could develop a few scenes around somebody I knew.

He agreed and I sent him a letter telling him about you, about the idea of us, and he put it into a story for me. I didn't tell him who you are in real life or anything like that, just what you looked like, that type of thing." 

 "It was that day Trevor and I were over here laying by the pool, wasn't it?"  she queried.

 "Yeah….yeah….that's the day that inspired it." 

 "I thought so." She was starting to blush again. "So you….. fantasize….about me?" she asked in a meek voice. 
 I was slow to answer. "I have, yes." 

 She laughed nervously. "That's so cool. I never had any idea." 

 "Well, I did my best to keep it a secret. It's not very cool to be fantasizing about your son's girlfriend. Especially when I’m old enough to be your father." 

 She took a couple of steps towards me, brushing her fingertips along the kitchen counter.
"I have this friend--this is top secret--you can keep a secret can't you?" 

 I held up my scout's honor sign and forced a weak smile. 
 She laughed. "I have this friend who's seventeen, same age as me. She's having an affair with a guy that's about your age. He's a teacher at our school." 

 "Wow, a teacher? That's pretty dangerous stuff. Something like that could cost him his career. Get him thrown in jail!" 
"I know, but I'm the only one she's told and she'd never do anything to hurt him. Well, I mean, now you know too, but we're sort of sharing secrets right now, so that doesn't count. She says that the sex between them is absolutely incredible. Better than any she's ever had and she's been with quite a few guys." 

 "She's only seventeen and she's been with quite a few guys?"  I raised an eyebrow.

 "Well, not that many….like four. She says it's so good with him because he's so experienced. She says he's always interested in what she wants."

 "Well, I suppose getting old is good for something," I smiled. "But back to us and that story. It goes without saying, Lexi, that I'll destroy the file. I would ask, in return, that this be our secret. Something that stays just between you and me. You can't even tell your best friend." 
 "Like a sworn secret?" she smiled, crossing her heart for emphasis. 

 "Something like that." 
 "Oh, stop worrying, I'm not going to tell anybody." 

 I wanted to believe her and, in truth, I really didn't have a choice. She smiled and grabbed my hand, pulling me towards the living room.


 "What...c'mon….where?" I said, a little nervously. 

 "I want you to read me that story," she said with a wicked grin. 

 I followed as she led me into the study. I wasn't sure if this was such a good idea, but since she had already read it herself, what difference did it really make? Actually, to be honest, the idea was somewhat intriguing.

 I dragged a spare chair next to mine and had her sit down.
"You’re sure you want to see this? Like I said, it's a little embarrassing." 

 "Yes, I'm sure! I thought about saving it that night, and taking it home with me, but I didn't. I've been dying to read it again ever since I found it." 

I waited for the story to appear on the screen and stood up, letting her scoot her chair closer. As she did, I noticed her skirt climbing up her hips, providing a very provocative view of her thighs. I took a deep breath and glanced up to see her staring back at me. 

 "Do you enjoy looking at my legs?" 

 "This day is just one embarrassing moment after another, isn't it?" I answered, and we both laughed. 

 She pushed her chair back. Standing up, she reached down and inched her dress up, revealing more of her thighs. She continued to pull it higher, until a pair of pink bikini panties came into view. Carefully, she sat back down.

"If you like looking, I might as well give you something to look at." 

 I stood next to her, my arm around her shoulder, the voyeur in me drinking up the view of her bare lap. The whole situation that was unfolding was like a scene from one of those 'B' movies.

As she read to me aloud, enunciating all of the most erotic parts of the story, I glanced up to a picture of Trevor I had on my bookcase, a photo he'd taken when he made the freshman varsity football team. He was crouched on one knee, his helmet on the ground next to him and a huge smile on his face. I remembered that day and how proud I was of him, how proud I still am of him. 

 Staring at his picture made the reality of the moment sink in. Fantasy or no fantasy, here I was with his teenage girlfriend in my office, her dress hiked up so I could gawk at her while she read an erotic story that described the two of us fucking. While it was an admittedly surreal, very erotic moment, it was also a situation that could mean trouble. 

 "This part's my favorite," she purred, tapping the screen with her fingernail.
 I broke from my trance and followed along. She'd reached the section where I had her pinned onto the chaise-lounge, her thighs draped over my shoulders as my mouth consumed her sex. 

 "That's one of my favorite parts too," I confessed, feeling my cock stir.
 She reached up to my hand resting on her shoulder and stared up at me.
"Is this getting you turned on?" she asked. 

 I was tongue-tied. The simple answer, the physical answer, was yes! But inside, I knew the situation was wrong. The fantasy was inappropriate, as was asking somebody to write a story about it. Before I could answer, her hand was climbing up my thigh in search of my zipper.
 "Would you like to get more comfortable while you listen to me read?" she asked. 
 I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and stopped her from going further.

"Lexi, you're like no girl….or woman….I've ever met. I can't even begin to describe the way you affect me. That's why I came up with this idea for capturing my fantasy about you in a story, so that I could live in my mind with what I know is forbidden. As much as I would want you...I just don't think we should go any further, all things considered." 

 She pouted slightly.

"What things considered? Tim, how many people do you know that can say they've lived out a fantasy? Not many. Best of all, this whole thing has been our secret so far. I haven't told anybody about the story and neither have you, so who will know if we take it to the next level?"
“I just……I just don’t know…..” my voice trailed off.

“Think about it, Tim,” Lexi said, with a seductive twinge to her voice. “Forty-four year-old guy…..seventeen year-old girl! That’s every man’s fantasy! And it’s not like you’re raping me… you’re forcing yourself on me……I’m the one who wants it! How much better does it get than that?” 

 Before I could argue, her fingertips were searching again for my zipper. I took a deep breath as she dragged it downward, before reaching inside the trouser flap. I shuddered as she searched for my cock. 

 "You're really bound up in there," she smiled.   

 Eventually finding what she was searching for, she gently pulled it out of my pants, before moving off the chair and onto her knees.
“Wow, this is way bigger than Trevor’s!”

I admit, I have always been quite satisfied with the size of my cock. At just barely nine inches, and quite thick, I’ve never had any woman complain that I didn’t fill her up.

 Staring up at me with those blue eyes, that delicious red lipstick only inches from my swelling dick, she whispered, "'s our sworn secret."

Nonerotic & Consensual Stories / Re: Banging My Son's Girlfriend
« Last post by gscmar64 on February 20, 2018, 07:54:57 PM »
Great beginning hopefully Daddy get Lexi to make his fantasy come true!
Nonerotic & Consensual Stories / Banging My Son's Girlfriend
« Last post by vile8r on February 20, 2018, 06:22:06 PM »
This story is completely fictional. It features characters under the age of 18. It contains graphic descriptions of consensual sex. If you do not like that and are easily offended, please do not read. All characters and situations are fictional, any similarities to real people, places or events are purely coincidental!

Banging My Son's Girlfriend

Synopsis: A father obsessed with his son's hot high school girlfriend, finds that fiction can indeed become reality!

A story by Vile8r

Lexi! My heart skipped a beat with the very sound of her name. 

 I know it's not politically correct to lust after my son's teenage girlfriend, and honestly it's not something I'm particularly proud of.  Still, an almost forbidden carnal attraction has been an undeniable part of my feelings for Lexi from the moment we first met. 

 At forty-four-years-old I'm no stranger to beautiful women of any age, so admittedly the effect she's had on me is bewildering. I'd probably attribute it to some type of pheromone, some biological explanation for why I'm drawn to her in the way that I am. I hate to admit that perhaps I’m just becoming a dirty old man…..who lusts after teenage girls.

 I know it's something much more than her statuesque good looks--something beyond the flowing mane of blonde hair, her hard, young figure, or those gorgeous blue eyes that seem to penetrate right through me. This girl is not just your typical little high school hottie. She’s goddamned gorgeous…..a true teenage princess!

It's no wonder my pulse quickens every time I hear her name. I also can't deny being just a tad jealous of my son, Trevor. I know damn well the lucky little shit has fucked Lexi. The thought of him getting to bury his cock inside that sweet teenage pussy, is kind of arousing.
I’m jealous, no doubt about it, but I’m also very proud. It’s nice to know that Trevor is a chip off the old block! I was pretty popular in high school, and I can’t deny, I had my fair share of hot teenage cunt when I was his age too. It was a pleasure to see my son had landed the hottest girl in his school!

But today, I could tell things were not going well for him. He had walked into my study, after getting home from school. He was munching on a banana and I could right away tell, he had something on his mind.

I've heard constant stories from friends of how their once love-able children grew up to be reclusive teens that barely resembled their younger selves. After my divorce, I had worked especially hard at maintaining an open communication with my son where we could discuss anything that was on his mind. If I didn't make the time when he wanted to talk, odds were low that I'd get a second chance. 

 I took off my glasses and rested them on the desk. "You've got something on your mind, don't you?" 

 "Well, if you’re busy, it can wait." 

 "No, that's okay. I was in need of a break anyway."
 He dropped into a seated position against the wall. "It's Lexi," he said. 

"So, what about Lexi?" 

 "Well, we haven't been getting along so well lately." He paused, wolfing down another bite of his banana. "And I've met somebody else that I'm more interested in." 

 "I see...a new girl?"

I tried not to show it, but I was dumbfounded! How could you not be interested in a girl like Lexi?!

"Yeah, her name's Julie and she's great, Dad. She's smart, and she's funny, and she's hot, and she doesn't think every spare moment needs to be spent at some social function." 

 In truth, little of what he was saying surprised me. Trevor was pretty much the introverted jock and, unlike his girlfriend, not the type to thrive at social functions. "Does Lexi know about this Julie?" 

 "That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I need your advice on how to break the news, not about Julie, but the fact that it's over between Lexi and me." 

 As I tried to formulate the advice he was asking for, all I could think about was how I wouldn't see Lexi again. We were just getting so close, too. As ridiculous as it sounds, it felt at times that Lexi and I had dates of our own. Sometimes when Trevor and she would stop by the house after a game, he'd get bored with the two of us and end up watching ESPN in his room while she and I stayed up chatting for hours. We talked about everything from the recent movies we'd seen, to our opinions on politics. In a twisted way, I felt I was breaking up with her too. One thing was certain; I was going to miss her much more than I cared to admit. 

 "Well, before you call it off, are you sure this is what you want to do?" 

I wanted so badly for him to rethink the situation and change his mind. 
"Yeah, I'm positive. I just don't have the same feelings for her anymore, Dad. The romance is gone." 

 As he stared at me, I realized I needed to respond.

"Well, my advice is be honest with her, but be sensitive about her feelings. If you're really drifting apart, she deserves to know. Just be gentle. I always liked Lexi and I'd hate to see her get hurt." 

 "I'd say a more accurate description was you wanted her."
 Even though he was grinning when he said it, his words hung in the air like damp humidity. There was no way he could know how I felt about Lexi. I'd been too careful, never hinting at anything inappropriate or out of the ordinary.

"Want her?" I responded. "What's that supposed to mean?" 

 "The way you two are always getting so chummy, having your little late night chats, it's obvious. Not to mention the way you're always checking her out when she comes over. Like that time we were out by the pool and she was wearing that red bikini? You remember? I thought I was going to have to call 911 on you. I’m not stupid, Dad, I could see it!" 

 There was humor in his voice at least. 
 "I remember," I said, blushing with embarrassment. "But that wasn't what it looked like. I just….. noticed how little her bathing suit was……that's all. I was surprised her parents let her out of the house wearing something that skimpy!" 

 Trevor started laughing as he raised himself from the floor.

"Get with it, Dad, it's the new millennium. All the girls wear suits like that. Besides, it's no big deal. Every guy in the school wants her, not to mention most of the male teachers, so you're not alone." 

 "Every guy but you," I said, wishing again that he'd change his mind. 

 "Been there and had that." 

 His last comment was interesting, and for a split second I almost asked for the details, but that would only tip my cards further. He seemed so at ease with it all. I was the one having problems letting her go.  Although, I was a little pissed at his callous, teenage attitude. Typical spoiled teenage boy! You’ve got the most gorgeous girl in the whole town, and yet, you want more, you little punk!

Teenagers! They were just never smart enough to know how good they had it.

 "Well, then it sounds like you're making the right decision," I said. "And for the record, Mr. Smart-ass, I don't want her."
"Sure you don't, Dad. Actually you should be flattered. She told me she thinks you're handsome." 

 "Really?" Handsome, I thought, my shoulders straightening and my chest expanding. "When did she say that?" 

"Oh, one day when we were talking about bald guys. She was saying that I didn't need to worry, because you aren't bald. Then she went on to say something about you being good-looking for an older man. Anyway, help me figure out what I'm going to say when I tell her." 

 We spent the next few minutes role-playing his big conversation. By the time we were finished he seemed to feel better. I knew from personal experience how complex relationships could be. While I wasn't happy about the breakup, I was proud of him for facing up to a difficult situation. I'd deal with my own feelings later.

He thanked me for the help and tossed his empty banana peel into my trash can.

 "I'm outta here in a few. We've got late practice this afternoon, then the Coach is buying pizza for the team to go over the new playbook, so I won't be home until at least nine." 

 "Have fun." I spun around in my chair and groaned as I remembered the paperwork from the office that I had to finish.
 A few minutes passed and I heard the front door close behind him. I grabbed a beer from the fridge before returning to my number crunching. As I tried to work, I couldn't shake the emptiness that came from knowing I might never see Lexi again. 

 "Fuck it," I mumbled out loud, realizing I wasn't going to get anything done now, not after hearing Trevor's news. 

My hand reached for the mouse and floated the cursor across the screen, closing the spreadsheet before launching a word-processing program. Finding the directory named "\private\fiction", I double-clicked on the file called 'lexi.doc' and waited with a sense of guilty anticipation.
The hard drive sprung to life with a whir, and the screen filled with the familiar words I'd read so many times before...
Tim, here's my attempt at a short story around the fantasy you mentioned. I tried to match the details as best I could based on your descriptions. Hope it's what you were after. Btw, this Lexi sounds like a real hottie...:) 
"My Afternoon With Lexi"  by Dave Landee   
As I stood at the sliding glass door watching silently, Lexi's presence captivated me in the usual way. 

 Summers in my part of the country are blazingly hot, with the only alternatives for comfort, an air-conditioned room or submersion in a swimming pool of cool water. Thankfully, Lexi had chosen the latter and, even better, it was my back yard she'd picked for lounging on this sweltering afternoon. 

 I raised the icy glass of tea to my lips, feeling the chilled condensation on my fingertips as I watched her recline onto the chaise-lounge, lifting herself high enough to adjust her scant red bikini bottoms. I must have stood there in silence for five minutes before moving to the refrigerator. I refilled my glass of tea and grabbed one for her, before stepping through the sliding glass door and into the oven-like heat. 

 I wondered if she had fallen asleep, as she didn't acknowledge the sound of my approach. Stepping up next to her lounge chair, I paused, staring down at the hourglass-shaped form that lay before me.

Magnificent…..she was simply magnificent! I could see my reflection in the mirror of the tortoise-shell Raybans that covered her eyes. The scant bathing suit she was wearing barely protected the most sun-sensitive areas of her body. Small swatches of material that hid her nipples from view were rising and falling with heavy, sedated breaths.

My gaze roamed to her flat stomach that glistened from a thin layer of perspiration, as my nostrils drank in the sweet scent of cocoa butter. Lower, my gaze fell to the matching red triangle that hid the delicious area between her legs from the harsh rays of the summer sun. 
 "Is that mine?" she asked, startling me out of my daydream. 

 My eyes returned to hers. She stared up at me, pushing her sunglasses to a perched position on top of her head. 
 "I thought you were asleep." 

 "Just resting my eyes," she answered, using her hand as a visor to block the sun.
 I handed her the glass. "Yes, this is for you. I thought you might be thirsty." 


 She arched herself up on her elbows, taking and sipping the iced tea, before rolling the chilled glass back and forth across her chest. "Is your son gone?" she asked in a throaty voice. 

 "Yes, he is gone. He'll be gone for several hours." 

 "So we're all alone?" 

 "Very alone," I replied.
 She stared up at me, her beautiful blue eyes shining with the possibilities.
"Do you have suntan lotion on?" she asked. "If you don't, you might burn. I have some here."

She lowered the glass of iced tea to the cool deck beside her chair, and held up a dark brown bottle with the words ‘Hawaiian Tropic’ on the front.
"If you want...I can rub some on you?" 

 I smiled and pulled a chair next to hers, dragging my t-shirt over my head and tossing it to the side. She moved to a seated position as I reclined on my back. Smiling that wonderful smile, she held the bottle over her outstretched hand, squeezing out a slender stream of clear oil that formed a pool in her palm. 

Gently she touched me, caressing my thighs, the warm oil allowing her hands to skate effortlessly across my skin.

"Does it feel good?" she whispered, her fingertips running higher, occasionally drifting under my swimsuit. 

 I smiled and nodded as I closed my eyes and drank up the summer heat, listening to the sound of more oil filling her hands, squeaking as she rubbed her palms together to absorb the excess. Both hands returned to my thighs, kneading my flesh and riding immediately up and under the flaps of my swimsuit. My cock was thickening with the sensation, as she rubbed harder and deeper.

 She paused, and I opened my eyes to see her reaching behind her back, drawing on the string that held her bikini top in place. With a couple of short tugs, the top fell down her shoulders and into her hands. Her breasts were sensational.

 Not particularly large, but firm, with thick, puffy nipples that were in pink contrast to the milky white skin previously hidden from view. 
 "Why don't you pull down your suit?" she purred, throwing the bikini top next to my t-shirt. 

 I did as I was told, raising my hips and working my trunks down my thighs. Exposed, my hard cock sprang to life, ready for some of the attention that my thighs had been receiving. She grinned in anticipation, pouring more oil from the bottle as I stretched out nude on the chaise-lounge.

My body shivered as she touched my knee, rising slowly higher until I ached for more. I didn't have to wait long, as I felt her oil-soaked palm pick up my cock, delivering a slow, sensuous stroke as the fingertips of her other hand massaged my balls. 

 Within seconds, the oil wasn't necessary, as my body was producing all the lubrication required, leaving me moaning and begging for more. Faster she stroked, her young breasts jiggling with the motion of her pumping fist. As my orgasm approached, she eased her grip, then stood up, and forced a thumb in either side of her bikini bottoms, teasingly pushing them down her thighs like panties before stepping out to reveal a triangle of blonde pubic hair. 

 "Can we fuck now?" she asked, biting her lower lip and climbing onto my lap. Hovering over me, she rubbed her pussy up and down my cock...

The story continued, but I didn't need to keep reading. I'd read it so many times before that I could recite every word and every delicious detail of the fantasy. I closed my eyes and paused long enough to push my pants down further as I leaned back in the chair. 

 Pretty bad, I know:  44 years-old and I'm sitting in front of a computer, jerking off to an erotic story where my son's 17 year-old girlfriend plays the starring role. It was hitting home to me, this was just one more example of how much I wanted Lexi, how my desire for her had consumed me.
 "Lexi...sweet Lexi," I whispered out loud, my hips raising from the chair as I pumped faster, my eyes closed, my mind filled with images of our nude bodies coming together under the warm sunshine.  That's when the doorbell rang. 


Forced Sex Stories / Re: Neptune Beach
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As always, thank you so much for your feedback brokenwing! It's great to hear from you. I have played with some ideas for continuing the story. I have even considered an idea where Nikki's ordeal is described through vivid flashback. Another idea I've had involves something between Emily and Nikki's dad, Mr. Cooper. But we shall see what transpires in the future.
Nonerotic & Consensual Stories / Wisened Woman
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I enter Costa Coffee after a particular troublesome shoot for the latest “Wisened Woman feature in the “Reader’s Choice”. If it wasn’t the editor’s aunt I would have told the stuck up bitch to get out. As I take my position at the back of the line I spot her at the counter. As she turns my eyes drink in the playful intelligence look on her face and in her brown eyes. My god this woman just screams “Wisened Woman”

Under my breath, “Please lord make me stay here until I can try to approach her about posing for me!” Her cup is presented to her along with a tray with a cinnamon bun on it, Forget myself crying out “Yes thank you lord!” All head turn, gazing at me, lucky I have my headpiece in my ear, trailing down to a smartphone. “The local council has rescinded the nightly  parking fee in Municipal lots!” hoping everyone will believe I’m not crazy!

Looking around , seeing her in a booth, taking her coat off, revealing a white blouse and a gentle hint of breasts. Without realizing what i’m doing I bite my lower lip, fantasizing about her in various poses as I snap away.

“Can I help you sir?” I’m instantly back to reality placing my order for a straight coffee and a biscuit. When it’s ready I make a beeline to her. In the ten years I’ve been approaching women about posing she has me shaking like an awestruck teenage! Getting closer “er! Excuse me is this seat taken?”


“Yes thank you lord!’ catches me attention as I collect me tea and cinnamon bun. Making my way to the only open booth, sliding in by the wind. Taking my coat off settling in to read the Times. A few minutes pass before

“Er! Excuse me is this seat taken?” looking up from an article on Heathrow expansion, seeing the gentleman from the line, trembling holding a tray

“No feel free!” return to my paper as he sit, suddenly feeling a little self conscious about my appearance for some strange reason.  Without even looking up I can tell that my new booth mate is checking me out a little more intently that a normal person would.

Then something that really makes me self conscious “Would you be offended if i told you you were the epiphany of my work at Wisened Woman?”

“Wisened Woman?”

“My pictorial of women who extrude both wisdom and beauty through their face. A weekly pictorial feature in the “Reader’s Choice” passing me his card, Graeme Colter, photographer.
“I would love to photograph you for my next pictorial!”

I was speechless, no one has ever comment about me like that before. Then my phone goes off an emergency at the firm requiring my immediate presence. Putting on my coat, placing his card in a coat pocket and making my apologies before walking out, the sensation of his eyes following my every step out.

With the crisis averted I arrive home at five, in time to meet Phillip leaving with his assistance Mary. “Good timing Heather!,  you saved me a call later, Mary and I have to fly to Malaysia for a meeting with a new client. Don’t know how long we’ll be gone!” kissing my on the cheek before piling into a black cab at the curb

Standing staring as the cab drove off then going inside and shutting the door. Well at least this time Phillip deemed me worthy of a phone call. Placing my gloves into my coat pocket, my hand coming into contact with a strange card, removing it reading the name embossed on it, memories of this afternoon in Costa Coffee flooding back.

“I would love to photograph you!” He seem so genuine in his approach. Plus he showed me more attention than Phillip has in years. On impulse I take out my phone and dial his numb“Hello?”

“Mister Colter, i don’t know if you remember me, my name is Heather Wrightson  you gave me your card in Costa Coffee this afternoon!”


The phone in my studio ring, the name Heather Wrightson appearing on the caller ID. I know no one by that name. Hesitantly picking up “Hello?”

“Mister Colter, I don’t know if you remember me, my name is Heather Wrightson  you gave me your card in Costa Coffee this afternoon!”

As she said ‘my card in Costa!’ the memory of her face flood to the forefront of my mind and I almost drop the phone in excitement i can’t believe she was calling me. Suddenly it was like English wasn’t even a language I could speak, I couldn’t even hem nor haw correctly!

“If this is a bad time?”

“Oh god no, I couldn’t imagine a bad time with you?” Oh smooth Colter why don’t you just pass out and prove what a dweeb you really are?

“Well if your still interested could we arrange a time to discuss the offer further?”

“Anytime!, anywhere!” blurting it out like a desperate loser. That’s greeted with a small laugh

“Well since my office is less than a block from your studio shall we say tomorrow at fourish?

Trying to come off sounding professional “If that convenient for you!” Inside i’m jumping for joy. Looking at my watch,five twenty-four, the next twenty-two hours and thirty-six minutes would not go by fast enough in my mind.  She rings off and this time i do drop the phone and rush to my portfolio to show  her what i consider to be some of my best work.


Ten after four finds me outside his studio,questioning what I was about to get myself into. Summing up my courage I walk up the steps to the front door. Entering into an open welcoming space manned by a rather young looking lady “Hello I’m here to see Mr. Colter

As her head turns to scan my “Oh my god Graeme wasn’t lying! You are drop dead gorgeous.” picking up what i think was the inter office phone “Graeme she’s here and in my professional opinion she ready to go right in front of the camera!”

From the right hand staircase comes the rumble of feet on the stairs,like someone was very anxious to leave. Looking to the staircase I can’t believe that all that noise was being made by Mr. Colter. He’s in front of me offering to take my coat, as i let him i hear both him sigh and his assistance exclaim “Is she a fashion model? My god she doesn’t even need wardrobe help!”

He lets me flip through his portfolio, which eases my mind that this was just a way to scam me! The women were truly breathtaking and he considered me worthy of joining then. I was so overwhelmed by his  wanton desire to photograph me, that i found myself more than willing to do as he asked of me.


As she views my portfolio, I see the look on her face change from scepticism to admiration. Inside my emotion traverse the gambit for self doubt to wanton desire to ecstatic joy when she tell me she like to pose for me.

Touching her hand, sends a shiver through my body. Mrs. Wrightson if you’ll follow me!”

“Oh please call me Heather!”

Only if you call me Graeme!”

With Ami in tow we ascend the stairs to the studio proper, where the next two hours fly by. She so photogenic that I don’t even have to try photoshop anything.  The camera bring to light what my naked eye saw that afternoon in Costa Coffee. Before long I have one hundred and twenty photo that another hour is need for Heather to choose the photos she would let me use for my next pictorial, which I was already considering my greatest ever.


The shoot was endless but the photos Graeme showed me had me believing that I was the most attractive woman in the world. Even when I was awkward in my mind, The praise from both Ami and Graeme made me feel inside that was missing something for years in my life.

Ami left as we settled in to chose what shots would be used. With that done I looked to my watch. Just a little after seven, no wonder I felt hungry. Graeme sensing what was going on

“Please allow me to take you out to dinner as my way to thank you for the photo shoot

Once more without thinking I agree,secretly inside not wanting this experience to end so soon. Here I thought he had planned a local place, so imagine my surprise when he escort me to his car then drove us to the Five Fields In Chelsea, someplace even Phillip never considered taking me for any type of meal. As we’re seated I gotten so use to Phillip ordering for me, so when Graeme passed me a menu and told me to order whatever I wanted I was caught off guard. When the server came i was still expecting Graeme to take control and order for me, that I dropped the menu when the server asked me “And madam would

Giving my preference still expecting Graeme to overrule me.While waiting for our food Graeme compliment me on my professionalism and my beauty. As the food comes and we begin to eat I feel his eyes all over my face like he was scanning every inch of it to reproduce on a three d printer. With the meal done, I ask him to drive me to the nearest tube station


With the meal done Heather asks me to drive her to the tube. “No you’re out this late because of me, I’ll drive you right to your front door to make sure you get home safe and sound!”

The look in her eyes melts my heart, it’s like she never been shown common decency before. Accepting my offer she tell me her address 11 Juer St  down by the Battersea Park district of London. A pleasant thirteen minute trip in my Vauxhall Vectra, which is done in silence since I wasn’t familiar with the roads what with living in my studio.

As I pull up to her door “Graeme would you like to come in for a night cap?” God honest truth I was hoping she would ask me since I didn’t want this night to end and her presence in my life to end.

“Would your husband mind?”

“He’s not home,he’s away on a business!” Unlocking the going in motioning me to follow.
Graeme drove me right to my door , it’s been such a difference in his company. Like I’m an actual person not just a body to sleep with. So unlike me “Would you like to come in for a night cap?” hoping he accepts so this night doesn’t have to end.

As he comes into the hallway I can’t believe what I do. After hanging up my coat and his I lead Graeme into the siting room when I turn fast and kiss him on the lips. Not sure who was more shocked him or me!
He breaks the kiss, holding me slightly  at arms length “I don’t know if i should be here Heather?”

“Don’t worry about my marriage, my husband lays with me but not With me if you understand my meaning!” Apparently his did, pulling me tight to him once more, kissing me hard on the lips. His tongue penetrating my mouth, exploring it live a long lost lover. Making me experience feeling i haven’t felt in a long while. Graeme’s hand roving my clothed body, his left hand playing with my breasts through the blouse and bra, his right hand cupping my ass cheek through my skirt and panties. As if by mutual consent he starts to undo my blouse as my hands begins to unbutton his shirt and pants, Our lips never leave the other unless its to kiss the side of our throats

As my blouse drops to the floor landing on top of his shirt, soon my bra joins them there,Graeme once more breaks off the kiss and holds me away, his eyes travelling from the top of my head to the waistband of my skirt. His words bring tears to my eyes

“What a pair of magnificent breasts!” lowering his head to then kissing all over then before sucking in the nipple, rolling the flesh between his tongue and the side of his cheek.i sigh in pleasure as my skirt and half slip slide down my stocking legs. Thigh high nylons and a pair of panties is all that remain as Graeme scoops me up into his arms

“First door at the top of the stairs!’ as he carries me up the stairs kissing my every step


“First door at the top of the stairs!” carrying Heather up, kissing her with every step passed. Taking her into said room, finding to my surprise a single bed

“We haven’t been intimate with each other in a while!” As if she need to justify to me. As long as she was alright with what was about to occur who was I to complain about her life.   Laying her down onto the covered mattress joining her, my hand travelling to her Venus mound, Tracing her outer labia then rubbing her slit until she started to moisten. All the while our lips were once more lock in an kiss.

Penetrating her passage with my middle finger, finding her clit and tracing the infinity symbol all over the sensitive nub of nerve ending. Heather started squirming under my manipulations, her kiss turning into playful nips of my lips and hr breath turning into short pants of passion.

As I playing with her, Heather’s hand finds me hardening cock and works the shaft until it rock hard. Groaning in pleasure as her hand tightens, traversing my shaft driving me wild. As my cock starts to throb and her passage grips my finger in a death grip I gently  bring a knee between her legs gently spread them apart, exposing her sex fully. Moving into place, the tip of my cock indenting the outer flesh of her vaginal passage, I look to Heather, “Are you sure?”


My legs wide and Graeme between then my mind has trouble comprehending “Are you sure?”

“Yes i’m sure!” Slowly Graeme enter me, bring a feeling that I haven’t experienced in a long time. Slowly i feel his girth spread my inner passage making me sigh in the pleasure he’s sending through my nerve ending to my brain. When he completely buried in my pussy, hard against my cervix, Graeme hold until i cry out

“Do it fuck me like a real woman!” the look in his eyes tell me that I didn’t have to say that. As he pulls back a bit before returning in place repeating his actions until only his tip is inside before he strokes completely back into me. Long slow strokes makes me moan in pleasure then he changes to short rapid thrust, rocking me forwards towards the wall

His hand pull my hips back to him further down the bed before he return to his hard rapid fucking of my soaked vaginal passage. Before long the tell tale signs that I was going to climax began,my hand gripping his asscheek, pulling him deeper into me


God it was all i could do not to cum prematurely with Heather. When she grabs my as pulling me to her i start to tense up, knowing i getting ready to cum

“Heather I’m about to cum? Trying to pull out, not wanting her to suffer a pregnancy

“No stay in me, long ago I suffered an accident that rendered me infertile!. Heather arches her back under me, flood her passage with her juices at the time that I was unloading my cum deep into her.


He cums in me and I’m ecstatic, it’s been so long since I’ve cummed, even longer that I’m taken well into the early hours of the morning. Each time Graeme makes sure I cum before he does. As we lay entwined in each other’s arms after out fourth coupling. We both drift to sleep.

The alarm clock goes off at seven thirty! Still entwined in each other arms, we finally separate from each other, Me to the bathroom, Graeme  to the kitchen where he makes me scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. As I come in to join him, we hear metal clanking against metal. Looking out the kitchen window, we both see a car being booted by the council.

Going to shower, then eat, dressing in a new outfit, Graeme dressing in his clothes from last night “Hey drive you to work gorgeous?” Graeme being so gentlemanly, i accept. When we’re both ready we go out and stop dead in our tracks. The metal clanking we heard was his car being booted

“Oh Graeme i’ll pay!’ On his phone calling to have the boot removed.

“Forget it your money's no good to me!” Looking at him  when  “I’d rather take it out in trade if you catch my meaning?” Taking me into his arms, kissing me while we waited for the council to send someone to remove the boot. My neighbours peering out, bet they are whispering about my actions, but you know what I couldn’t care!

                                                                        The End For Now
Role Play Partners / Re: 22 yo female seeking Kik rape roleplay
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Would you play in YIM?  If so I am roleplayrape in YIM.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Neptune Beach
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Vile8r it is your ability to not only write from the perspective of the perpetrator but also the victim's perspective that makes your writing so incredible and I believe the reason both men and women relate to your stories.

First you defined the initial lack of self confidence of Emily perfectly, then her excitement of a new adventure, then Danny being heroic and rescuing her and even the build up of the romantic walk alone with him.  It is completely realistic that a girl lacking self confidence would feel pretty and desired by his advances.

Even after Danny raped her if he took her home, she may have questioned herself, but no, you didn't leave it there, he then handed her overto his friends.

Lastly, you leave the reader's imagination wondering how things go from there.

Does Emily go home a wilted flower never to trust men again?  Or as each minute, day, week, month and year passes does she begin to long for what Danny and maybe even the others did to her?

While she at the time hated the vile degrading words Danny and the others said to her does she grow to need to hear those words to experience even close to a similar rush and arrousal.

Does she seek and date nice guys?  Or does she seek out other men who will treat her like crap.

It's too much for a young woman to handle, let alone a 14 year old who is experiencing her first sexual encounter.

Over the next two years does a guy her age even catch her interrest or is she only curious and stimulated by guys around Danny's age?

When she doesn't easily come to the attention of a predator does she feel the need to attract or even flirt with guys too old for her.  Then if they aren't "abusive" does she lose interest and continue to search until she finds another older guy willing to treat her like shit?

Aa always you are genius.
Forced Sex Stories / My force sex story pt two
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She had black hair petite body semi fat ass and tits, and the personality of a saint. Meet her while I was shopping for a pair of dress pants and shoes that I could wear on my next night out dirty dancing. The first time I laid my eyes on her I felt a the best word I can think of to describe the feeling I had when I saw her is Devine never felt anything like this before she was the reason I was born, I absolutely had to have her in my life. She waited a few weeks before calling me and asking me “how I was doing”? I told her “I’ve been hurting since we last spoke”, I thought she would never call me after that desperate and deprived attempt of getting her attention to look at me. She some how found it flattering that a younger guy than her would’ve felt so attracted to her, (she was probably going through some kind of self esteem issues, and felt unattractive Yet she called me)she she was beautiful. The prettiest eyes and such delicious lips. I couldn’t wait to suck them off her face. When she finally called me the first thing I could think to ask is if she would go to dinner with me. Which she refused, after a few calls and we talked for hours about everything from likes and don’t like to religion, she agreed to watch a movie at my house for I’m a movie goer and she likes movies as well.
Play Room / Re: How Good in bed are you QUIZ
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You are Amazing in bed
When it comes to your bed room skills, you get a gold star! This doesn't mean that you are promiscuous. It simply means that you know your way around the bedposts when it comes to being intimate with your partner. You see lovemaking as an art. You understand that the experience is about intimacy, and closeness, but you also know how to get down and dirty from time to time. You aren't afraid to try out sexy lingerie, costumes, games, role play, and toys.Your partner should feel very lucky to have someone like you. Meow!
 You are Amazing in bed

Really just wish it was a bit more gritty and out of the way.
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