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Forced Sex Stories / Re: Under The Bridge
« Last post by vile8r on Today at 07:04:46 AM »
With Preston, Larry, and Kurt done, it was time for the other three men to have a turn with Parker. She was pulled on top of Danny, who dug his hands into her ass and pulled her roughly down onto his cock.

"Before tonight, probably thought you were too good for guys like us, huh?" Danny said to her.

She didn't respond.
"Yeah, you girls are all the same,” Jack added. “Think you're way better than the rest of us. Well, we showed you tonight! Made you into our fuck-bitch!”

Jack pushed his cock up into Parker’s face.
"Open wide," he ordered, jokingly. "Here comes the airplane!"

He held her head as he forced himself into her mouth, and began pumping his cock in and out of her. Jack was choking her but he didn't care. He was simply loving the feeling of her throat gagging and retching around the base of his shaft.
However, that was just one of her worries, as Alfie plowed into her ass. His and Danny’s cocks sawed in and out of the blonde’s pussy and ass.

“Bitch looks pretty damn good with three dicks in ‘er,” Kurt remarked.

“With a body like that, it’s what she’s made for,” Preston quipped.

The next several minutes were filled with the sounds of cocks pounding away in her holes, skin slapping against skin, and choking and gagging. Parker’s body was so weak from the constant abuse, she felt like passing out. But the men kept her propped up between them.
Her wet mouth around Jack’s dick felt so good. Her slobber coated his shaft and helped him to fuck her mouth even faster. Jack was getting ready to blow a load, but he had a special plan.

He withdrew his raging cock from her mouth, and began jacking off furiously over her semi-conscious face. She coughed back to life just as he crested and sent a wave of cum all over her pretty features. Strands landed in her eyes and mouth, and she began twisting around, disoriented and confused.
As Jack finished up, he spat on her cum-drenched face.

Danny was panting heavily from the physical exertion of pumping Parker’s pussy. He lifted up his hips to drive his cock deep into her. Jack may have been finished, but Parker was still skewered in her pussy and ass by Danny and Alfie. They were into a rhythm, each thrusting forward at the same time, causing Parker to be pierced roughly between them.

Her sexy blue eyes rolled in her skull as Alfie continued to slam himself into her anus again and again, each time yanking back on her hips.
“Yeah, Alfie!“ Preston whooped. “Show this cunt who owns her ass!”

Alfie, bolstered by the others cheering him on, fucked faster. He felt his cock swell inside the girl’s ass, and soon he was cumming hard. He held himself inside her, not wanting to leave the warm hole.
Finally, however, Alfie pulled out, wiping his slimy dick across Parker’s ass.

“Ahhhh....fuck!” they all heard Danny yell out, as he slammed his cock into Parker one last time before he spurted his seed into her. Danny slowed his thrusts and then stopped completely, his cock still inside her. He laid there with a contented smile on his face.

”Man, oh, man, what a sweet cunt,” he said, breathlessly.

Parker, barely conscious, was rolled off him. Her body was totally and completely used. Preston bent over her, looking down at her sweat-stained and tear-streaked face.
“She’s fuckin’ out of it, boys!” he announced. 

“We used the bitch hard,” Kurt laughed. “Just the way sluts like her were meant to be used!”

Looking over Preston’s shoulder, he hocked a thick wad of phlegm into Parker’s face. Preston seized her by her hair, making sure she stayed locked in place, and spat right in her left eye. As his snot-filled loogy rolled down her cheek, Larry and Jack spat from either side of her, coating her face in thick saliva. They stepped back, and Danny leaned in, gave Parker a quick slap on the cheek, then also spat in her face. To finish off, Alfie leaned in and hocked his own fat, snotty, loogy in her face.

Preston hooked a finger into Parker’s mouth and hocked one more fat loogy past her pulled open lips. The men were all laughing at the gross display.

“I got a good idea,” Kurt grinned. “The slut’s pretty dirty. I say we give her a shower.”

He began to pull his dick out of his pants. The other men all nodded, knowing what he meant.
“Really good idea, Kurt,” Preston smirked.

The six of them gathered around her, holding their sore penises. Piss streamed down Parker’s pathetic, disheveled face as the men began to urinate all over her body. On her face and in her hair, across her flat tummy and her bruised tits. Down her legs and across her abused cunt.
The men cruelly laughed at this final disgusting degradation they were subjecting to her. They finally finished, steam from their warm urine rising from her body.

Parker’s eyes were fluttering, and her mouth moved as she tried to speak, but the only sound that came from it were incoherent moans and mumblings.

“Let’s wash her off in the river,” Larry suggested. “If we get her clean, there won’t be any evidence on her if she goes to the cops.”
“Maybe we should just dump her in the river, period!” Kurt said, a crazy look in his eyes. “Bash her fucking head in and she won’t be able to tell anyone!”

“Kurt, we’re not bashing her head in!” Preston snapped.

“Hey, I’ll do it myself if you pansies don’t want to,” Kurt retorted.

“Nobody is doing any head-bashing! Got it?” Preston said angrily. “If something happens to her, her boyfriend will know it was us. But if she tries to report us for rape, it’s just her word against ours, and especially if there’s no evidence. So we’re gonna do what Larry said.”

Kurt shrugged his shoulders and sneered at Preston. Preston knew Kurt was a good friend, but he also knew his friend was a little unstable at times, especially when he was on crack. For that reason, he knew it was only a matter of time before Kurt ended up in prison for something.
Four of them hoisted up the limp body of Parker and carried her over to the river. Dumping her in the shallows, they scrubbed her down, removing all evidence of bodily fluids from her.

 The water was cold and it revived Parker, but she was still too weak and sore to move.
She yelped in surprise as cold water was splashed on her face. They were not very gentle, roughly scrubbing her face and body. Fingers probed her pussy and ass, and grabbed and squeezed at her tits.

Finally they were done and she was dragged back up onto the gravelly shore. Parker curled into a fetal position, shivering from the exposure to the cold water.

“What do we do with her now?” Alfie asked.

“Who fucking cares?” Kurt spat. “She’s just a used-up slut now!”

“I’m sure she can find her way home,” Preston commented. “Come on boys, let’s go! I’m thirsty and I need more beer.”

“Yeah, me too!” Larry piped up.

They all started to walk away, heading towards the bridge and back into town. Danny looked back at her prone form on the ground.
“Damn, I gotta say, though, she was a good fuck!”

“Oh, she was the best, Danny!” Alfie beamed. “So tight and so pretty.”

“The ol’ cock got a good workout tonight,” Jack added.

“Yep, she was expecting a romantic night with her boyfriend. Boy……did she get a surprise!” Preston laughed.

Forced Sex Stories / Re: Under The Bridge
« Last post by gscmar64 on May 20, 2018, 05:44:38 PM »
Please tell me they're not done with her yet? So much more they can do to her!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Under The Bridge
« Last post by vile8r on May 20, 2018, 05:17:03 PM »
Alfie had never fucked something so tight in all his life. It felt wonderful! His legs slapped against Parker with each thrust. She could only lay there, pinned to the ground as Alfie humped away on top of her. She was too weak to even whimper, much less scream anymore.
Luckily for her, Alfie’s excitement got the best of him. He only lasted a few minutes and he felt his balls stirring. His cock stiffened as he dumped a load of cum into Parker.

He was drenched in sweat and panting heavily, as he stood up.

“I fucked her ass good, didn’t I, Preston?” Alfie asked.

“Oh yeah, buddy! You gave it to ‘er good,” Preston said, slapping Alfie on the shoulder.

Parker was quite a sight. The pretty blonde was sprawled out, face down on the ground, her naked body glistening with sweat and dirt and grass stuck to her face. Her ass gaped open, with blood and cum oozing out of it.

The men didn’t much care though. As far as they were concerned, she deserved everything she got. They knew she was the kind of girl who, if she met them on a street or in a club, would look down her nose at them. She would never have anything to do with people like them.
But tonight, they had showed her. Instead of getting fucked by her preppy boyfriend, they had given her a hard, merciless fucking she wouldn’t soon forget. And it wasn’t over yet.

“We done fucking her now?” Larry asked.

“Hell, no!” Preston  snapped, lighting up a cigarette.

“We’re gonna use this hot little cunt some more before we’re done!”

“Yeah, but what if someone comes looking for her?” Jack said.

“You worry too much,” Kurt sneered. “Ain’t no one gonna be looking for this slut. We scared off her wimp-ass boyfriend.”

“Let’s just keep fucking her,” Danny said.

“My thoughts too,” Preston agreed. “Let’s make this pig airtight! I’m taking her mouth.”

“I’ll pound ‘er cunt again!” Kurt grinned.

“Guess I’ll take her ass then,” Larry said.

Hearing the plans the boys had for her, Parker crawling away. But her body was too weak.

“Where you goin’, bitch?” Preston said, grabbing her by the hair, and pulling her head back.

Parker tried to say something but all that came out of her mouth was a pathetic whimper. Kurt had laid down on the old sleeping bag and now Parker was thrown on top of him.
Moving her legs so she was straddling him, he guided his hard cock up into her. She let out a painful grunt as he rammed his hips up against her.

“Oh fuck……oh fuck, yeah!” Kurt growled. “Feels good having my dick inside you again!”

As Kurt commenced to pounding his cock in and out of her, Larry positioned himself behind her and drove his cock into her abused ass.
Without realizing it, Larry let his movements fall into rhythm with Kurt’s. Both boys pushed into Parker’s body at the same time, lifting her as they penetrated deeper into her. The pain of two cocks in her at the same time was so intense that the teenage girl began to lose focus, the world swirled in her head and her eyes blurred.

Then to add to her torment, Preston was standing in front of her, and began feeding his swollen dick between her lips.

“That’s it, baby! Suck my cock!” Preston said, as he held his prick with one hand and pushed Parker’s head down onto him with the other. As he dragged her head over his cock, she gasped and writhed, but had nowhere to go. Parker gagged and tried to pull away, but he held her fast.

Quickly, Preston started pounding back and forth, fucking her hot mouth for all it was worth. Tears began streaming from her eyes, and muffled moaning noises escaped between her lips and his pumping shaft. He leaned back and let out a long groan.

It was wonderful having his cock in this girl’s glorious mouth. Preston cared little for her well-being, even for her air. It was only after he felt her struggles weakening that he realised she hadn't had a breath for nearly a minute. He released her, and Parker’s head shot up from his throbbing dick, strands of drool trailing from her lips. She took in several deep breaths of air, her streaming eyes focused on him.

“Now….get back to work!” Preston spat.

The savage violation of the girl’s body continued. Kurt and Larry were consumed by their desire to fuck Parker. Kurt held Parker by her ass cheeks as he pumped into her cunt, while Larry’s hands reached around her body to squeeze her breasts as he forced his way into her rectum. All Parker could do was sob, accept the hard, thrusting force of their cocks and wonder how much longer this nightmare would continue.

It wasn’t the first time Preston had raped some girl’s mouth. Normally, it was in some dark back alley in the dead of night with a girl too drunk or drugged up to fight back. And they weren't anywhere near as hot as Parker.

"Get ready, bitch!" Preston barked.

He sighed as he felt the rush of hot spunk race up his shaft. Parker couldn't turn away as she was forced to swallow more of the gross stuff. Preston continued thrusting his hips into her face even as his cock spurted inside her mouth.

Kurt had his cock firmly embedded in Parker’s tight cunt. He groaned with the effort to last as long as possible. But having the hot teen bitch riding on top of him was just too much. Sliding his hands up her now sweat-covered body, Kurt cruelly twisted and pulled hard on her nipples.  Her pussy clamped down hard, and at the same time, Kurt thrust into her with all his might, feeling a pressure building in his balls.

His cock jerked and twitched as he came inside her. Kurt didn't stop fucking even as he pumped his load into the girl. As his cock softened and cum ceased to come out of the tip, he reluctantly pulled out.

At about that same time, Larry also came, dumping more jizz into Parker’s behind. He had enjoyed fucking her ass the first time, this second time was even better! Her ass was so warm and tight, even after having so many cocks in it. His body slapped against her loudly as his cock pistoned in and out.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Under The Bridge
« Last post by vile8r on May 20, 2018, 05:16:02 PM »
Kurt’s thighs slapped against her face, as drool ran uncontrollably from her mouth. He began to cum, letting out a loud moan as he shot cum into her mouth. Parker again felt the warm sensation of jizz hitting the back of her throat. She fought the urge to vomit, as once more, she was swallowing a man's sperm.

"That's it, girlie, you swallow it every girl should!" he said.

Parker coughed and spit out gobs of cum as Kurt pulled out of her mouth. It really was the worst stuff she'd ever tasted.
"Well, guess I’ll go next," said Larry.

“Do it!” Preston said. “I’m gonna go last.”

“Fuck, it’s been a pretty good night, so far, hey Preston?” Jack commented.

“Damn right, it has,” Preston smirked. “Sure was lucky I spotted this little hottie! She ain’t enjoying it so much, but then again, we ain’t doing it for her.”

The men all shared a laugh, as they watched Larry feed his dick into Parker’s mouth. This time she barely protested, she knew it was no use anyway. And so, soon another foul-tasting cock was sliding across her tongue. She sobbed, crying fresh tears and Larry slammed away in her mouth.

He put his hands on her head and guided her mouth as he pressed his hips forward, her tongue sliding along his cock as he fed her more of it. He looked down into her eyes as he forced her to suck his cock.
He was enjoying the delicious suction of her mouth. Larry was pulling his cock out until her lips stretched out and his cock almost pulled free. Then he’d push back in, his cock sliding over her wet tongue and back into the hot confines of her mouth. He pushed in at an angle until he could see the head of his cock push out one cheek, humping her face.

"UUUUGGGGGHHAAAAACCCCKKKK......UUGGHHHAAACCCCCKKKK KK!" Parker gagged on the meat filling her mouth. She was experienced at oral sex, but not when it was being brutally forced into her throat.

The sensations became too much, and Larry threw his head back and groaned, as he felt his cock jerk inside her mouth. He ignored Parker’s choking and gagging, as he spurted cum into her throat.

“Damn, she looks good doing that,” Jack said, stepping up to take his turn.

“N-noooo……I can’t d-do….any…more…..” Parker pleaded…..her voice barely a croak.

“What the fuck, bitch?” Kurt angrily snapped. “You’ll do whatever we want you to do!”

“Hey!” Preston yelled. He held up a hand. “Take it easy, guys! If she wants a little break, we’ll give her a little break. Ya know……Danny and Alfie, you guys ain’t done her ass yet. How’s about we’ll give the princess’ mouth a rest and her ass can get used again?”

“Perfect!” Danny beamed. “Yeah, I wanna nail that ass!”

Parker suddenly realized, she had probably been better off sucking their dicks. Jack and Kurt grabbed her arms and she was shoved roughly down into the gravel on her stomach. Once again, her legs were yanked apart, and she heard Danny kneeling behind her.

There was a loud grunt as his cock sunk into her warm depths. This was the first time the 18 year old had fucked a girl in that particular orifice. Even though four men had already raped her asspipe, Danny couldn’t believe the sensation of tightness. It seemed like the head of his dick would be crushed as Parker’s ass closed around him. He began to roughly fuck her, slapping against her legs.

“Yeah!.....Yeah!.... This bitch feels good!” he said, as his cock sawed back and forth. He looked down to watch her anus stretched tight around him. Wow, it felt so great! He leaned into it, as he sought to ram his cock into her as deeply as he could.

Parker gasped and whimpered in pain. Her ass was on fire. She didn’t know if she could take much more. Her eyes were sore from crying, yet tears continued to run down her cheeks. She listened to the other guys cheering on Danny.

They didn’t see her as a real person. Just some hole to stick their dicks in!

Danny pressed his body hard against her, his hands on her shoulders as he pulled her back on his rod. He was pumping faster and faster and he knew it was just a matter of seconds before he shot his load.

Danny pumped his cock in and out of the teen, thoroughly enjoying it.
“Oh, fucking your sweet cunt was fun!” he said. “But this is even better!”

Parker could feel his hot breath on the side of her face as his body pressed against hers. The pain was still intense inside her as his shaft spread her ass open. Danny grunted as he spurted thick ropes of cum into her butt.

He pulled out, his dick covered in a gross slime of cum, blood and shit. He wiped it off with Parker’s bikini bottoms.
“I’d say it’s your turn now, Alfie,” Preston grinned.

“I’ve never fucked a girl there before,” Alfie said, nervously.

“It’s goddamn awesome,” Larry said. “You’ll love it!”

Alfie dropped his pants and knelt down behind Parker. He slowly guided himself up to the swollen entrance of her ass. As he began to push into her, he found it less easy to fuck than her pussy. Her hole was still tight, and her muscles tense, so that he had to use all the strength he could put into his hips, to force his way in.

Even so, he could feel the mounting excitement as he felt her sphincter muscles wrap around him. The stimulation on his prick was incredibly intense. He’d never felt an arousal like this before.

 Alfie was red in the face as he began to pump in and out of Parker’s ass.

“Fuck ‘er hard, Alfie! Fuck ‘er hard!” yelled Larry.

It would seem the guys aren't done with Parker just yet!

Nonerotic & Consensual Stories / Re: Wisened Woman
« Last post by gscmar64 on May 20, 2018, 11:55:36 AM »
I would have to deal with finding a place to live after a fast trip into work. The one thing that Phillip couldn’t touch,in a sense my child Wrightson Imports And Exports. Ten minutes after deciding I’m at my desk, BBC Radio 3 playing softly over the speakers. A little after nine Jane makes her appearance

“Morning Heather, how are you this lovely morning?” As I come out to meet her

“Fine Jane, say of the top of your head do you remember the name of that realtor we used to find a country home for Phillip?

“Brison, John Brison!” Looking strangely at me “Why considering get a place of your own Heather?”

“Maybe!” Turning going into my office “Could you hold my calls for a bit I’m going to be a little busy sealing that Canadian deal!” Closing my door so she wouldn’t overhear my conversation with Mr. Brison


Jesus I sounded like I couldn’t have cared if she stayed or left , when in fact i never want her to leave ever. But really what could I offer Heather, all I am is a photo hack who lives over his place or work. She’s use to trips abroad, fancy dinners at high end restaurants, the finer things that life can provide when you have money.

Hell  there’s times when I get by on a dozen bacon butties and coffee from the cafe across the street. The farthest I ever been is to Oxford and even that was Wisened Woman business! Really in all truth what could I offer Heather?

Ami must have picked up on my thoughts, “Don’t beat yourself up Graeme!, She’s still emotionally dazed by what’s happened!” Placing her hand on my shoulder “We girl only think of one thing when we’re kicked to the curb and that’s where am i going to go!”

Ami you didn’t hear me or saw the way acted with Heather this morning!”  Removing her hand “It was like I was saying get out fast, like I couldn’t care less if she stayed!”

“So in other words you acted like a little boy who wasn’t getting what his fantasies already gave him!” Cutting right to the heart of me “And you know what you have to do with fantasies?” Pausing before hitting my between the eyes with the truth “Either make them real or forget them!”

Walking over to the  phone, picking it up “ So call her and tell her how you really fell or…” putting the phone back down . walking over to me, taking me by the arm “Better yet go tell her in person!”
“Good idea if I knew where she was!” Ami just shakes her head in dismay at me

“Little boys can only think with one thing!” Returning back to the desk, searching and finding Heather’s release form. Picking up the phone dialing the number provided

“Wrightson Import and Exports how can i help you?”

“Can I speak with Mrs Wrightson please?”

"I’m sorry she extremely busy today, can i take a message?"

“No I’ll call back some other time thank you!” hanging up turning to me “ She’s at her office! So get going!”

Great I knew where she is, now can i call up the courage to go see her after the attitude I used with her earlier?

“Well what are you waiting for an invitation?” Leave it to Ami to force the issue “Either get going or I’m going to call her and schedule a dinner date!” Tossing my back my car keys after taking them out of her purse.

“Alright I’m going! But if anything comes up…”

“I’ll handle it Graeme!” spinning me towards the door then pushing towards it “God you beginning to make me wish i never took this job with you!”

Out I go, making my way to Heather’s office, rehearsing what I planned to say. Pulling into the parking lot, finding a spot in visitors, ‘Look I been a self centered asshole can you forgive me Heather?”  yeah that was the right thing to say to her when i saw her.

Checking the directory board finding Wrightson’s Import and Exports, riding up in the lift, feeling confident right up to the moment i get out and see her door. Knocking before walking in, opening the door seeing the white interior and the desk of her receptionists, as she looks up “Yes sir can I help you?”

That was the second that all my self confidence starting leaking away and i started talking gibberish. “Asshole can Heather me see?” Great just fucking smooth Graeme!, why don’t you just turn to leave before making any further an ass of yourself?

“Would you like to see Mrs. Wrightson sir?” The phone in her hand, a concerned look on her face. Pressing the intercom button “I’m not sure she can see you but I’ll ask!



No sooner hanging up from Mr. Bison, my phone buzzes. Picking it up ““NO I’LL JUST WAIT UNTIL SHE RETURNS TONIGHT!”

Graeme! It can’t be! Why would he be here?”

Getting up I go to my office door opening it and I can’t believe there he is  about to grab the outer office doorknob  “Something wrong Graeme?” he turn to me and I can tell he’s came to say something  so I brace for the worst!


Going to the door to get out fast before Heather comes out, just about to grab the handle when “Something wrong Graeme?” stops me cold. Turning to face here, i start to speak before all my confidence is gone

“I was an asshole this morning Heather, I never meant to come off as someone who wanted you gone immediately, you can stay with me for as long as it takes, hell longer if you can put up with a self centered asshole like me!"

Heather looks at her receptionists then to me “Why don’t we go into my office and talk about this there?” Motioning with her head towards the other woman there

“Oh don’t mind me, I know when to stay quiet!” Grabbing a few files  “Have your talk, I’ve got files to put away!” Turning to the file cabinet,

Heather walks to me, taking me by the  shoulders leading me into her office “Jane hold all my calls and forget what you just heard!” before shutting the door.

                                                                      More To Come   
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Under The Bridge
« Last post by gscmar64 on May 20, 2018, 10:45:46 AM »
Great Male Milkshake time! Bet Parker wished Nolan took her to McDonald's instead of cheapening out an going to the bridge!
Nonerotic & Consensual Stories / Re: Wisened Woman
« Last post by gscmar64 on May 20, 2018, 10:30:04 AM »
A little after 21:00 hrs I decide to call it a night myself, going to check on Heather once more then turning in. Doing something I haven’t done in years I rummage around for a pair of sleep pants, Not wanting Heather to be confused if she wakes and sees a stranger in this room naked.

I awaken facing a strange sight, a partially closed draped window looking out over a car park. Getting up to try to figure out where I am. I almost stumble over a suitcase that looks identical to mine, then it comes back to me, it is mine. Looking around as my eyes adjust to the dark, not recognizing where i am then remembering Graeme holding me as i cried over being divorced and homeless. His words, “It’s no what your accustomed to but I’ve a complete flat above the studio, your free to use until you ready to start again!” returning to the forefront of my memories

“Then it is true, he was my shoulder to cry on and now he’s my rescuer from living in my car on the streets!” Going to the door, opening it a bit to see if anything or anyone was about. Going out i find the loo, using it while looking around, a set of towels on a bar on the wall, a set neatly folded on the vanity cabinet, a wrapped cake of soap on top. When Ii was done I venture to look around more.

Another room, the door ajar just off the main room split into a living room/ kitchenette. Looking in a form lying on the bed inside-Graeme! Trying to sort out my memories since Jason left. All I recall is Graeme kissing me, placing me into the passenger side of my car, then waking up just now. Looking down Still dressed as Ii was at work.Making my decision, I strip down to my bra and thong then climb in beside Graeme, trying not to wake him as I get as close as I can to his right side, resting my head in the crook of his shoulder, then drifting back to sleep.


My internal clock brings me awake well before the alarm clock does as usual. As my eyes focus I see it 05:31. Stretching my left arm, confused why my right arm won’t move, turning my head and getting the shock of my life- Heather!

Looking down her form seeing only her clad in a bra and thong, then checking myself, sleep pants fully up and tied tight. Replaying memories of what I done since she accepted my offer to stay here until she ready to move on. No memory of us having sex comes to mind.

As gentle as possible I get out of bed, turning the alarm off, making my way to the loo then back into my room to collect my running gear. Leaving once more for the loo, to change then off for my usual 5k run. When I get back, I check in on Heather, still asleep before I go shower and ready for what the day shall bring. 06:30 I set a batch of scones to bake and make a pot of tea.

A little after 07:00 I hear movement then a door closing, the sound of a shower and a sight that brighten my eyes. Heather, a towel wrapped around her hair, the robe I left out for her. “Can I get you anything Heather?”

“A cup of tea if it’s no bother!” That makes me look at her and think about a smart mouth reply that I bite back. Instead I give her a pat answer.

“Heather if it was a bother I would step aside and tell you to get it yourself. Taking the teapot off the trivet

“To prove it’s no bother, “Would you like sugar, milk or cream to go with it?” Not even asking as i had her a cup and a scone on a plate. Taking my own cuppa and scone into the dining area, turning on ITV’s This Morning. Heather follows me in, the look on her face puts me on the defensive “What? I need some inspiration to start the day!”

“Inspiration right!” Trying her tea and scone, a surprised look on her face “This scone isn’t from a grocer is it?”

“Well technically yes! After all it is Green’s Classic Clotted Scone Mix!”

Heather just shakes her head then goes right to  what we both has been putting off for different reasons. “Graeme I want to thank you for yesterday and what you’re doing for me now.”

“I’m only doing what I meant Heather. I’ll be there if you ever need me for anything!” Picking up me cup, taking a long swallow, to stop me getting up and going over to hug her. Knowing that if I did I wouldn’t want to let go and she might not be ready to accept that. Looking sheepishly at her “Can I ask what you plan to do today?

Heather just froze staring at me then “I have no idea I should go to work like nothing ever happened but I don’t think I can fake that just now!” Taking a small sip of her tea. “I-I-I should start looking for a place to stay!” Great the one thing I was hoping she wouldn’t think about doing in her current frame of mind.

“Hey don’t feel that you’re not welcomed here!” Hoping I wasn’t coming across as too obvious that I wanted her to consider here her place.

“Graeme. I don’t want to overstay my welcome here!’ another sip of her tea followed by a bite of her scone “So far in the last forty-eight hours I’ve went from a married business operator to a divorced, homeless woman with very little to look forwards to!” Setting her cup down “Sooner or later I’m going to have to start this new phase of my life, might as well get it going!”

Damn I knew she was absolutely right but in my heart I didn’t want Heather to figure that out for a while. I know that was being bloody selfish of me but then i never wanted her to stay with her husband in the first place. Now that she was here with me deep inside i wanted hr to give me a chance to show her what I could give her if she would only open up her eyes and heart to me.

Getting up going to the sink, placing my cup into it “Yeah I got a lot to do before the morning courier gets here!” Moving to the desk across from the TV, rummaging through a drawer, finding the spare key I had made when i first moved in, walking back over to Heather. “Here so you don’t have to worry about disturbing me or Ami while we’re working.” Turning I make my way down to the second floor photo lab.

“Graeme. I don’t want to overstay my welcome here!’ another sip of myr tea followed by a bite of my scone “So far in the last forty-eight hours I’ve went from a married business operator to a divorced, homeless woman with very little to look forwards to!” Setting my cup down “Sooner or later I’m going to have to start this new phase of my life, might as well get it going!”

I don’t want to say anything but Graeme’s attitude noticeably changed. It was like he couldn’t wait to get away from me fast enough. I watch him as he searches for something in a desk, then he hands me a set of keys “Here so you don’t have to worry about disturbing me or Ami while we’re working.” then he turned and is gone faster than I can get thank you out.

I think i know what he wants to hear me say but inside I’m so confused. Why did Phillip not tell me he wanted a divorce, was I that dead to him inside? Does Graeme deserve someone who is so confused about her own worth, After all what can I offer him besides my body?

Getting up placing my cup besides his in the sink, I stop and stare for a second as our cups handles are touching as if holding hands. Memories of the the afternoon down on the first floor comes flooding back to my mind. Will I ever know that king of happiness again?

Showering, then changing clothes I leave as quietly as possible, giving Ami a small wave as I pass her on the way out! Outside I wonder where i should go first?

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Forced Sex Stories / Re: Under The Bridge
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“Hey man, look at her feet!” Kurt yelled out, pointing and laughing.

The other men looked and also laughed. Parker’s toes were curling up each time Jack pounded his cock into her ass. Jack just kept on fucking, not caring about anything but putting a load of his spunk in her pooper.
It didn’t take long before he did just that. He let out a long, satisfied groan as he felt his cock spasm inside her tight channel.

As Jack pulled out, Preston motioned to Alfie.
“Go on! Fuck her ass, Alfie!”

Larry’s brother fidgeted and shrugged. “I…..don’t know…..if I wanna do that right now, Preston,” he said.

“Why the fuck not, little bro’?” Larry said angrily. “You’ll like it!”

“Well……I kinda…..kinda want…..her to suck my dick instead,” Alfie said, flinching as if he thought someone might punch him.

But he had the image burned in his mind of Parker sucking her boyfriend’s cock and he could think of nothing else but having the cute girl’s mouth wrapped around his meat.

“Yeah, all right,” Preston grinned. “Let’s make the bitch suck some cock!”

Parker was pulled up into a kneeling position. Her body still weak from the anal rapes she had just endured, Danny had to stand behind her, and keep her propped up. Alfie came to stand in front of her, holding his erect cock.
He was breathing heavily with excitement as he pushed his dick up towards her lips.

“N-n-nooooo……noooo……d-don’t make me do this…..please……” Parker tearfully pleaded.

The idea of these strange men making her suck their cocks was repulsive to the blonde teen. Even moreso than them raping her.

“Open your mouth, slut,” Preston ordered her. “If you don’t want to end up in the river!”

Slowly, Parker opened her lips, and with her eyes tightly shut, sucked Alfie’s cock into her mouth.
The young man groaned at the delicious sensation of her tongue rubbing along the underside of his shaft. He looked down to see half of his cock inside Parker's mouth. It was incredibly hot for him to see such a gorgeous girl have her mouth around him.

Alfie leaned forward, pushing his hips against the crying face of Parker. He was thrusting into her unwilling mouth, and she was pushing at his legs, trying to get him away from her. Danny grabbed her arms and pulled them back.
Danny held her by the hair as Alfie raped her mouth. He was watching his saliva-coated dick spread apart her lips.

“Way to go, man! Fuck that sweet little mouth!” Kurt yelled out.

“Damn, that looks like fun,” Larry added. “Can’t wait to get my dick between those lips!”

Alfie’s hips moved back and forth. It was wonderful! Nothing better, Alfie thought, than having a hot girl’s mouth on the end of your dick! Up until now, the only blowjobs Alfie had ever had were from a few girls he knew in his neighborhood and a couple young cousins.
They had been fun, but the girls were so young, and they cried a lot. But this girl…..she was all grown up! Her mouth felt so awesome enveloping his meat. Alfie began to speed up. He was going to cum.

“I’m gonna cum in her mouth!” Alfie yelled out excitedly.

“Go for it, man!” Preston said.

He let out a loud grunt as his load blasted down her gullet. Parker frantically tried to pull away, but Danny standing behind her, prevented that. Alfie grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her in towards him.

Parker had never let a boy cum in her mouth before. She loved to suck cock, but swallowing cum was where she drew the line. Now this totally repulsive guy was spurting his gross semen into her throat.
Tears ran down Parker’s cheeks as Alfie pulled his cock out of her mouth. She tried to spit and cough to get his taste out of her but it was no use. Danny now stepped around in front of her.

“Now you can suck me off too, cunt,” he sneered, looking down at her tear-streaked face.

The idea of having him in her mouth made her feel even sicker. As he pushed himself between her lips, she let her tongue run along the underside of his cock. He let out a satisfied groan. But Parker wasn’t doing this for Danny’s enjoyment. She just hoped maybe she could get him to cum quickly and be out of her mouth.

Her mouth closed around him tightly as he pushed in farther. Danny looked down to watch Parker’s head bobbing up and down on him. He arched his back and wrapped his fingers in her hair.

“Ohhhh…..this is heaven,” Danny beamed. “I’ve never had a blowjob from a hot slut like this one!”

With Parker working her mouth and tongue along his shaft, it didn’t take long for Danny to feel the pressure building in his balls. It kind of pissed him off, that the sexy girl was making him cum so fast. But on the other hand, he knew it would be fun to blow a load down the bitch’s throat.

He pressed in deeper, his cock hitting the back of her mouth. Her face turned red as she fought for air. Danny felt his cock give a jerk, as gobs of cum shot into Parker’s throat.

“MMMMMPPHHHHACCCCKKKKKKK!” Parker made a loud gagging sound as she fought to swallow more cum. She felt sick as the warm sticky liquid slid down her oesophagus.

“Okay, it’s my turn next,” Kurt said. “Can’t stand watching this hot little cunt suck cock anymore. I wanna fuck that sweet mouth!”

He had his erect cock out and was standing in front of Parker. She looked up at him, with a terrified look.

"You scared, bitch? Good… should be!" he said.

As Parker whimpered and cried, Kurt began to push the thick head of his cock against Parker’s lips. She slowly opened up and he forced his cock into her mouth. She tried to pull away, but Kurt put both hands on the back of her head, wrapping his fingers into her blonde hair.
Parker choked and gagged as the large cock filled her mouth. The taste of his dick was horrible and she felt like throwing up.

“Yeah, bet that don’t taste too good, does it?” Kurt chuckled. “It’s your own shit you’re tasting!”

Kurt worked his cock back and forth between her lips.

"Wow, you have got the hottest mouth,"  he said.

He looked down at her, noticing how her full lips formed a perfect "O" as they wrapped around his shaft. She struggled to breathe as Kurt's hips pushed up into her face.

"UGGGGHHHH......GGGGAACCCKKKKK.....UUGGGHHHHHH.... .GGGGAAAACCCKKK!" were the sounds Parker made as his meat invaded her mouth over and over, and cut off her air.

This was a total nightmare for Parker. It was bad enough the men had all raped her, and she had been forcefully sodomized. But now to have them forcing their cocks into her mouth, was a whole new level of depravity.

Forced Sex Stories / Re: Under The Bridge
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“Heh, heh!” he laughed, “bitch, we haven’t even gotten started yet.”

He signalled to Danny and Jack to flip her over onto her stomach. They each secured her arms. Alfie and Larry each grabbed a leg, and together they pulled her in a nice wide X.

“Whatcha gonna do?” Kurt asked. “You gonna fuck her ass?”

“You damn right, I am!” Preston sneered. “An ass like this… needs a real good fucking!”

Parker began to scream and sob as she realized what they intended to do to her. Preston knelt behind her. He took a moment to admire the curve of her sexy round ass. His prick grew hard as he admired her form and listened to her pleading sobs for mercy. When it was mostly stiff, he slid it into her cum-coated hole.

He took a few hard thrusts inside her to lube up his cock, giving a few wicked slaps to her ass as he worked it in and out. Once he was fully hard, he pulled out and pressed his cum-slathered dickhead against her tight little sphincter.

“Oh, this is going to be fantastic,” he mused. Then, gripping her hips, he thrust himself in.

“AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Parker had never had anything in her ass before, and the pain was excruciating. Preston grunted with the effort of forcing his way inside.

“OH, GOD, PLEASE…STOP! You’re ripping me apart!” Parker screamed, as the man ruthlessly shoved his cock a third of the way into her on his first thrust.

Holding her hips in both hands, Preston began then to slam the rest of the way in. Parker began to scream in incoherent moans as, thrust after thrust, Preston ripped her insides apart. A small amount of blood dribbled from her sphincter and down her thighs, but soon he was all the way in.

As he worked himself back and forth, he slid his hands up her slender, taut body. Running his hands over her back, then under to grab her tits, which he squeezed and twisted painfully in a cruel grip. His hands traveled up over her shoulders then along the slender slope of her neck, as he continued pounding away. Parker was grunting and crying, her head bobbing back and forth as Preston raped her ass.

“Goddamn, what a tight hole!” Preston exclaimed between grunts. ”You boys are gonna love this!”


It felt like he had his whole arm up inside her, the way his cock spread her ass apart and filled her up. She was vaguely aware of the other boys laughing and jeering at her.
The vise-like grip on his cock conspired to make Preston cum sooner than he wanted. He groaned as his balls released a load into the blonde teen’s bowels.

“OHHHHHHHHHH!!!” he sighed. “Fuckin’ heaven!”

He pulled his cock out of the girl, noticing how it was streaked with blood and flecks of her shit. He wiped the mess on a corner of the sleeping bag.
Kurt was next, still riding high from the meth he had earlier taken, his cock was hard as a steel rod. He slammed forward with his hips, ramming her body onto his cock. Parker's screams erupted and the piercing sound was deafening in the still evening air. For an instant her legs went rigid, then fell limp as Kurt’s cock pounded into her ass.

Kurt slammed into Parker's body, her head thudded against the ground as she was slid across the blanket. The 21 year-old pumped in and out of her relentlessly, not giving any care about the pain he was causing her. He only lasted a few minutes, before he too, spent another load of his spunk inside the tight ass.

Parker’s cheek rested against the ground as Kurt pulled his dripping cock from her violated ass.
"You're up, bud!" he said to Larry, who already had his cock pulled out in anticipation.

The 21 year-old, who had long dirty-brown hair and a mustache, slid his cock deep into her ass. Parker didn’t scream much this time, but yelped softly, as he drove his length home deep in her body with each thrust. His weight was heavy upon her. He was slow and agonizing, with deep, brutal intrusions in her newly ravaged ass.

He began giving slow, deliberately hard thrusts, loving how her body would jerk forward each time, and she would give a squeal of pain. Each thrust felt like a bolt of fire inside her. Holding himself balls deep in Parker’s ass, Larry exclaimed, “Fuck, me, your ass is amazing!”
Larry continued his powerful assfuck. He pounded away inside her, until at last his balls were drained and his prick grew soft. He pulled out, watching a stream of cum bubble from her sphincter.

 “Goddamn, that ass is getting used pretty damn good,” Jack quipped. “Just like it should.”

“You use her next,” Larry said, climbing off her.

Jack pulled down his pants, releasing his thick hard cock again. He slowly stroked it, until it was like he held a solid steel shaft in his hands. He lined himself up with the opening of the sweet teenage ass.

“Hang on for the ride,” he said cruelly, thrusting his cock inside her. He paused for a moment, savouring the tight squeezing sensation around his meat. Then Jack began to thrust inside of Parker.

She was not quite as tight as when Preston had popped her ass cherry, but it still took Jack a good few strokes before he finally managed to get his entire prick inside. He grabbed a handful of Parker’s blonde hair, while he worked his hips, slowly forcing his manhood deeper inside her.

Parker cried out, feeling his rough hips grinding against her as he worked his dick back and forth. Keeping a firm hold of her hair, Jack leaned down and kissed and licked the side of her face, The whole time she could feel nothing but his hard fuckstick rammed fully up inside her.

“GGGGNNNNHHH………GGGNNNNH……..GGGNNNNNHHHHH!” she grunted, as the other men held her down.

“Oh, my God!” Jack groaned sitting up and grabbing her hips.

“Please, God, let this end,” Parker whispered to herself.

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Very bleak ending, but I Love it! Your gangrape scene was brilliant! Enjoyed every bit of it!
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