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I just Love this story!
Play Room / Re: Vile8r's Humour
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Now this has me excited to see where this leads. So many possibilities and with your prowess as a writer it ought be a fantastic ride!
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Welcome to the dark side  ;)
Sex Talk / Re: Can a woman be forced to cum against her will?
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I'm not sure really, I have never been forced against my will yet! Thinking that I would be way to scared and traumatized to feel like cumming maybe!
There could possibly be one in Ontario Canada if that is close by?  :)
Introduce Yourself Here / Iím new here!
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Hi everyone! I happened onto this site a few days ago and my curiosity got the better of me! LoL. So here I am, already reading stories and wanting to chat with others here. Very very hot and nasty! 😉
Chapter 22  "Meeting New Friends"

It wasn't very long after dark that Maud said with excitement, "Oh Herbert we're almost there.  I'm finally going to meet my grand baby."  "Yep I think we are just about there" he replied.  Sammi sat up straight in the backseat, after dark it was hard to see out of the car and even with what she could see, she had no idea where she was anyway but the anticipation of arriving somewhere to maybe someplace maybe the end of the journey away from Roger exciting.

Herbert slowed the car down as the GPS indicated they were closer and finally pulled the car into a driveway at a house.  He parked the car and Maud could hardly wait to take her seatbelt off and get the car door open.  Sammi watched as Maud hurried up to the door of the house.  Within minutes of her walking to the door it opened and a woman opened the door and they hugged excitedly.

Herbert got out of the car and slowly walked towards the door.  He shook hands with the woman and Sammi could see they were all talking.

The gravity of everything that had happened since Roger had moved into her mother's home hit Sammi hard.  She was watching Maud happily hug her daughter ecstatic to meet her granddaughter.  But Sammi didn't know if she would ever see her mother again.  She realized she had run away from everyone she knew from her mother, her friends and even the teachers at school.  To get away from the rape and abuse from Roger her mother's boyfriend she left everything she knew.

It was mind boggling how after a journey of walking, bus service and rides with complete strangers she was now thousands of miles away from everything and everyone she had ever known.  Spending the amount of time she did with Joseph and his faithful friend Ol'Jack was a good distraction for the life she had left behind.  And even though he had forced himself upon her even Jose was a distraction from what she had left behind. 

But now she had arrived, in a small Northwestern town but realized it wasn't like she was going home to a room in her mother's house where the rent and all the bills were paid by her mom.   It would never be that way again.

Now that she arrived in the new town she had to find someplace to live and a job and that wouldn't be easy with an assumed name and more importantly without identification.  She had achieved the new start she wanted but the realization hit her hard that she had no idea if she was ready for it or even how to do it.

She found herself frozen in the backseat of the car, overwhelmed by everything and started to cry. 

Her fear and self pity were interrupted when Herbert opened the car door and sat down on the edge of the backseat by her putting an arm around her and pulling her into his chest, "It'll be okay young lady.  It's okay."

He had always seemed perverted in the manner he looked and stared at her but this felt very different.  Despite her anxiety at being truly on her own for the first time everything about the manner he held, comforted and spoke to her seemed genuine. His voice was much softer and his arm was just around her shoulder.

When she calmed down a bit he guided her to get out of the car and head into the house, "Maud is already inside with her daughter meeting the grand baby.  Let's get inside too okay Sammy?"

He slowly guided Sammi into the living room after locking up the car with all their belongings.

Once inside he had her sit on the sofa and he got her a glass of water from the kitchen.  She could hear Maud's voice talking excitedly in the other room.

Eventually Maud and her daughter came back to the living room and Maud introduced Sammi to her daughter, Gail.  They all visited a while but Sammi was mostly quiet.

Maud's daughter, after hearing that Sammi would need a place to live, thought of a friend of a friend of hers who needed a roommate in an apartment.  She offered to get Sammi the information tomorrow. 

The conversation went on a bit longer before everyone wound down and started to head to rooms to go to bed.  Sammi was told she could sleep on the sofa and Gail got her pillows and linens.

The next morning Sammi heard people up moving around and quickly recognized Maud's voice and the smell of coffee.  She realized her bags, both the backpack and duffel bag were lying on the floor near the sofa where she had slept. 

It wasn't long before she could smell breakfast cooking and she got up, got clean clothes and toiletries out of her bag and then went to the restroom she used the previous evening before going to bed.

Everyone had breakfast and Sammi finally got to meet Maud's grand baby.  It was difficult seeing the emotion shared with Maud, her daughter and grandchild because it reminded Sammi how alone she was and made her question if she should have stayed with Joseph and Ol'Jack or maybe even her mom and Roget but she knew she couldn't change that now.

After breakfast Sammi helped clean up the breakfast dishes and Maud's daughter, Gail, said she would call her friend to see if the other friend still was looking for a room mate.

Sammi watched TV a while with Herbert and it was a little annoying because her needed it so loud.  But a few hours and a few game shows later Gail gave Sammi a name, Karen Winters, phone number and address and told her she could call her after five that evening since Karen would be at work till then. 

At half past five Sammi called the number and was able to reach Karen.  She was still looking for a room mate and Gail offered to drive Sammi to the address to meet her and see the place. 

They got to the apartment and Sammi invited Gail to go in with her so they went in and both met Karen.  She showed the apartment, it was small but was a two bedroom and Karen worked and was also a student at the local College.  The rent would be half of the $600 rent plus half the utilities.  Sammi was honest with Karen that she only had money for one months rent and still had to find a job. 

Karen seemed a bit hesitant knowing that she might find another student from the college.  They shook hands and Karen told Sammi she would let her know and she and Gail headed back to Gail's home. 

On the way back home Gail did drive Sammi around the area showing her they were close to a fun area of town with lots of shops.  They got back to the house and Gail told her mom about the apartment and Karen's concerns. 

It left Gail stressed out since her mom told her that they had picked up Sammi hitchhiking.  But Maud told her everything would be okay and that she was pretty confident Sammi was a nice girl.  Gail was worried because what was she supposed to do if Sammi didn't find a place to live.  She didn't really want a stranger in her home with a new baby and Maud and Herbert were only staying just under a week.

Sammi was pretty down but two days later Karen called and said she would take the chance as long as Sammi paid the full $300 up front.  The next day Gail drove Sammi to her new apartment.  She signed a month to month agreement with Karen and paid her for one month. 

Once she finalized things with Karen she looked through her bag and found a nice dress to wear to start looking for a job.  Sammi was thankful that Joseph had insisted she get a few nice things to wear.  She walked to the nearby shops and started filling out applications.  She immediately found a few places with jobs available and even had two interviews that day and one of those offered her a job immediately but they told her they would need identification and a social security card. 

By the end of the business day Sammi walked back to the apartment dejected.  Without ID she was very unlikely to find a job. 

The only good news was when she got back to the apartment Maud and Herbert were there and they had done some yard sale shopping for inexpensive furniture for her room.  They found a small desk and a night stand and dresser.  Maud bragged that Herbert had negotiated them down to $50 for all three pieces.  Maud also got an old heavy quilt she had given Gail that she was not using that Sammi could use for a pallet and bought a new set of twin sheets and two pillows.  That made Sammi feel a bit better about the day she had had and she gave each of them a big hug. 

For the next few days Sammi went to business after business getting a few more interviews but everyone said they needed identification.  She was feeling more stressed and demoralized.

Sammi had worked really hard to establish her life on her own as a runaway thousands of miles from  her mom, Rachel, and her mom's latest boyfriend Roger.

It had not been easy traveling across multiple states with limited money she had earned babysitting.  It didn't take her long to realize it also wasn't easy to find even the most basic job without any type of identification or a birth certificate. She didn't know if her mom had reported her missing but not wanting to take a chance she had taken the first name of her beloved childhood dog, Sammi, and thought herself clever to take the sir name Shepherd.  Sammi was a chocolate lab but she had never heard of anyone with the last name Labrador so why not have a last name with the same initial as her fictitious first name and one she could easily remember and hopefully quickly learn to respond to, so now she was Sammi Shepherd.  But she had no identification with that name.

The day before Maud and Herbert were due to go back home she went into a hair salon by the name of Kat's Cuts and Salon.  There were only two people there, a customer and the hairdresser.  The moment she walked in the door the hair dresser simply said, "Take a seat, I'll be right with you."

Sammi didn't want to be rude and interrupt so she did as she was asked.  It wasn't very long before the hairdresser was finished and the customer got up out of the chair.  Sammi quickly complimented the cut and style saying, "Your hair looks so beautiful."  The customer quickly said, "Oh thank you!  Kat is the best, you really like it?

Sammi quickly replied, "Absolutely!"

She paid Kat for the haircut and then walked out of the door.

Sammi immediately held out her hand and said, "Hi, I'm Sammi Shepherd and I was wondering..."

Kat, rather then shaking her hand took hold of her wrist and guided her next to the swivel chair where she had worked on the other customers hair.  She used a spray bottle on it and a towel to clean it then said, "Have a seat.  You have lovely hair!"  She was running her fingers through Sammi's hair flipping it this way and that, "Can I cut and style it for you?"

Sammi giggled but then said, "I was wondering if you have any job openings?"

"Unfortunately it's a one girl show here but I'd still like to cut and style your hair for you, you have a few split ends" Kat said still moving Sammi's hair this way and that, even showing the ends of some hair to her, then grabbed a fresh cape and put it over Sammi to protect her clothes.

"I um don't have a job.  I don't have the money for a style or cut right now" as she said the words the fact that what she had said was true sent Sammi into an emotional tail spin and tears filled her eyes and then began to run down her cheeks.

Kat was a very high energy, happy go lucky person but the moment she saw that Sammi was crying she moved in front of her and took hold of both of her hands, "You poor dear, are you okay?  I didn't mean to upset you."  She then grabbed a tissue box holding it where Sammi could grab tissues, "I'm going to do your hair, for no charge and you just tell me what's worrying you."

She brushed Sammi's hair and parted it multiple different ways.

Sammi wiped her tears and pulled herself together, "I just moved here by myself but I don't have very much money.  I found a place to live but if I can't find a job I'll have to go home to my mother and new step father and I can't stand him, he really creeps me out.  The worst part is I don't have all the identification stuff I'm supposed to so even though I had a few places interested I couldn't get the job."

It made Sammi nervous when Kat started cutting her hair.  It had certainly been some time since her last haircut but she was already cutting and styling so there wasn't much she could do now.  Kat continued to carefully snip here and there.  Then she took her young customer to the back to wash her hair. 

Kat adjusted the water temperature then wet Sammi's hair and then began to scrub her hair and scalp with shampoo.  Despite all her stress the young runaway couldn't help but relax and enjoy how good it felt to have her scalp massaged.  Kat smiled when she saw the young woman close her eyes and relax. 

After working the shampoo in Sammi's hair really well Kat then rinsed it really well continuing to scrub and massage the scalp.  She then squirted conditioner in her hair, "This is my favorite conditioner and will help with the split ends."

After massaging the conditioner around she stepped away for a moment and came back with a stool and sat down, "So I think I have a proposal for you that might help you or you might turn me down.  To the most part, I prefer to do everything for my customers myself but that can cost me money.  Now and then I have had an assistant to wash, shampoo and condition clients hair and when they were willing do color.  Color isn't the most pleasant because of the smell.  My art is how I cut and style hair.  But if you would be interested I would be willing to have you assist with washing hair, cleaning the floor, doing the laundry and if you want to learn it, color.  I can pay you cash for only the work you do without all the paperwork, what you pay taxes on is between you and the IRS.  I doubt it would be enough to pay your rent but it will give you some income and I have more customers then I can give full service to on most days.  So it would allow me to book more cuts and styles.  The side benefit is that my customers are from all over town and vary from college kids to rich old ladies, I only mention this because one of my customers might know of a better job prospect then working for me.  The only thing I ask is that you let me bring up that question.  I know my clients so I'd know who is okay to ask and who would not be the right person to ask.  Why don't you think about my proposal while I rinse that conditioner from your hair."

Kat got up from the stool, put it away and began rinsing the conditioner from Sammi's hair once again scrubbing and massaging Sammi's scalp, "This is how I always wash my customer's hair.  It feels terrific to have your scalp massaged.  It makes them want to come back.  If you decide to become my assistant I would expect the same type of service from you."

Sammi was overwhelmed by the scalp massage, how kind Kat was giving her a free cut and style and by her offer that at least would bring in some money, "Are you sure you want to do that?"

Kat smiled, "Of course I'm sure or I wouldn't have suggested it.  That way too if you have an interview we can just move things around on the schedule."

After rinsing all the conditioner from Sammi's hair she once again guided her back to the swivel chair and began brushing, blow drying, styling and a few more snips with scissors.  Before long she turned Sammi to the mirror and asked, "What do you think?"

Sammi started to cry again.

"Please tell me those are happy tears" Kat asked concerned.

Sammi hugged her and nodded and still with the slight sound of crying in her voice said, "It's the first time I've felt pretty in a very long time."

Kat handed her a tissue, grabbed her phone and walked Sammi over to a portion of mirrored wall, "Now smile and look here at me!" 

Sammi smiled a big smile and looked both in the mirror and at Kat.  It was the first time she felt pretty, girly and feminine, but not like a sex object

She hugged her new employer one more time, "Thank you so much."

"You are very welcome.  Will I see you tomorrow at 8 AM" Kat asked?

Sammi raised her eye brows, "You want me here then?"

"If you want to work and get paid!  Yeppers!"

"I'll be here then" Sammi replied and turned to leave, "Thanks again."

She walked back to her new apartment feeling better than she had felt in a long time.  She was proud of herself and the hair cut and style felt nice. 

When she got to her room in the apartment there was no one home so she laid down on the floor on her quilt and sheet pallet.

She thought about how nice it was for Kat to cut her hair but also to give her a temporary job where at least she could earn a bit of money to get her through and at least pay for a few things like food. 

As she lay there she thought about how pretty she felt after the hair cut until she made the mistake of thinking about the day after the horrific day at the bar.

Early the next morning after the day at the bar Roger came to her bedroom.  She was already awake worrying about what he had in mind the night before but pretended she was asleep.  "Get your ass up out of bed and get cleaned up.  I'll have the clothes I want you to wear on your bed when you come out of the bathroom.  Your mother already left for work."

After Holly got out of the shower she saw the clothes he had on the bed and put them on and looked in the mirror.  It wasn't something she might not have put together herself but she somehow thought the school girl look had ulterior motives.

Once she was dressed she headed down to the living room she knew he would be waiting there for her.  He just smiled at her and got up out of his chair and she followed him out to the car.

She felt pathetic simply following him out to his car but she didn't think she had any fight left in her.  He opened the car door for her and she got in. 

She was surprised when he drove back to the tattoo shop.  He got out and opened her door for her and she got out as well hesitantly.  "Would you like any new ink?  I'm getting something" he said as he led her inside.

When they got inside the shop she recognized the two tattoo artists who worked there and who had raped her before.  Immediately Roger pushed her towards one of them and told her, "Kiss them like you're happy to see them. 

The thought made her nauseous but she did as she was told.

It felt strange to her because she realized she had learned from Viktor, "Kiss like you mean it" she thought.  But she did exactly that not only opening her mouth after their lips made contact but by placing her hands on them, tilting her head and returning first one man's then the other's kiss.

They both were surprised but pleased.  The man who had tattooed her before John, took hold of her hand after the kiss and guided her to his station.  He sat her in his chair, smiled at her, lifted her pleated skirt up, grabbed hold of her panties and pulled them down and off.

Then what just seemed strange like in the natural course of business he asked, So do you know what tattoo you'd like.  While she took a moment to pull her thoughts together especially with what he'd just done he rubbed the bare flesh on her thighs above her knee socks he was slowly nudging her legs apart.

Sammi was massaging her scar on her wrist where she tried to kill herself, "Can you do something here to cover this a little but remind me it's not something I ever want to do again."

He looked at her wrist and showed her a few he thought might be good and then found a puzzle piece representing that life is a puzzle.  While she was looking his fingers slid up between her legs and started rubbing her lips and clit.

He stopped rubbing her and bent down kissing her which caught her off guard but she kissed back.  When he finally broke the kiss he started making adjustments to his tattoo lounge chair.  First he pulled her arm above her head on a vertical arm rest.  Once he had that arm there he used velcro to strap around her hand and the arm of the chair lightly restraining it.

He then walked to the other side of the table, lifted her other arm and strapped it around the wrist much harder to pull free from.  He then took one more leather belt and lopped it around her waist joking, "So you don't fall off."

He partly got on top of her and started kissing her again but to her surprise she felt his bare cock touch between her legs as he continued to kiss her he pushed his cock inside her.  She tried to protest but he just kept kissing her and working his cock deeper. 

She hated herself because the way he had pulled off her panties, kissed her, bound her wrists and then waist for some reason aroused her.  He wasn't rough or large so it didn't hurt but instead just seemed to fill an emptiness in her soul.  He was amazed that she didn't continue to resist and even moved her hips. 

Holly couldn't help think of Viktor's advice if she went along and participated it would finish quicker.  His advice was right and within just a few minutes she felt him cum inside her.  He only laid on her a minute or two then got up, secured his pants, washed his hands and gloved up and started tattooing her wrist.

When he was part way through the other tattoo artist came over and looked at the ongoing tattoo but then while Holly was distracted by a sensitive place on her wrist he got between her legs and started pushing his cock inside her.  The artist tattooing her wrist said, "Don't tense up, stay relaxed or you might mess up your tattoo. 

She hated that in her mind it seemed logical that it was more important that a tattoo that would be on her body the rest of her life was more important then a man she had only met once before raping her.  She almost didn't notice that John was paying attention to how the man fucking her moved her body and was careful not to mess up the tattoo making sure his business partner got to fuck her.

She never would have imagined that the two men had done this several times before.  After not too long the second man finished inside her and a few short minutes later the wrist tattoo was complete, "What do you think" he asked both Holly and his business partner.

"Show me the other tattoos you did on her" the second artist asked.  The first artist unstrapped her and lifted her other arm and showed him that tattoo.  He then flipped her onto her tummy, pushed up her shirt and tugged the skirt down and showed him, "Dirty, Filthy, Pain Slut" the words stacked on top of one another.  "You didn't accentuate them with flowers or anything, may I" the partner asked and before she could say a word the tattoo gun touched her upper bottom. 

Her first tattoo artist kissed her cheek and whispered, he really can do artistic flowers around script, please let him improve it."  As he said this he strapped her left wrist, kissing her left hand, then right wrist, kissing it as well.  She then felt him pull a wide leather belt over her back just below her arm pits and then she felt one more strap wrap over her calves.

He then came up and sat on a stool by her face.  He's done amazing work it will be beautiful. 

The partner was surrounding the four words with ivy and flowers but as he worked on the flowers and ivy he occasionally also added to the word Slut. 

She never had really ever gotten a good look at the tattoo being on her bottom and had not noticed there was spacing both above and between each letter.  While doing the ivy above the word Dirty he was also thickening darkening and increasing the size of the word Slut. 

Both Roger and John watched in awe as the thickness, darkness and size of each letter was increased but still stylish. 

At one point he also added an & to the right of Pain while still working on the Ivy and flowers. 

John was showing her his portfolio to distract her as his partner worked longer and longer to enhance the tattoo.

Suddenly to the right of the & a capital letter C was added.

Roger was blown away how each letter of Slut darkened, got thicker and even added shading.

As each letter of Slut intensified Roger couldn't help wonder if it was getting dark enough it might even show through white fabric of a skirt or pants and panties.

Holly was surprised when a man she had not seen brought her a small champagne flute.

After two sips Holly whined, "It's really starting to hurt are you almost finished?"

Her original artist said, "It's looking beautiful Holly just hang in there, you just don't want those words there."

Even Roger nicely added, "It really is looking pretty."

The Ivy was weaving all around the words and more flowers were being added but he also had greatly intensified the size and darkness of the word Slut and was now working on darkening the other words and had & CU after Pain.

Two additional men had come into the shop and all were standing or leaning around the artist tattooing Holly.  Roger was blown away how much more the tattoo showed. 

Until he saw the last new letter Roger was a bit upset he wasn't asked about the change but it now read;
Pain & CUM

Roger was delighted that the already degrading tattoo was being enhanced and intensified.

The Ivy and flowers also very nicely surrounded the letters.

Everyone was a bit caught off guard when while watching one of the men took out his cock and began to stroke it while watching her be tattooed. 

No one objected and he continued to stroke his cock.

Roger was watching so turned on.  He could see her skin was getting more and more red. 

The partner would alternate by working on Ivy or a flower in one place or on one of the letters of the five words. At one point John pulled Roger aside and explained he was working with a longer needle getting the ink deeper.  Making it virtually impossible for anyone to ever try to use laser to remove the words.

The original tattoo artist even turned the temperature up in the shop until he noticed Holly was sweating.  Eventually he was delighted when he offered to take off her sweater and she was so hot she agreed. She had no idea who it was but she felt someone first take off one of her shoes and socks and then the other.  All as the tattoo gun continued to permanently tattoo her skin.   

The pain from the steady poking at her buttocks really had her attention and she didn't notice until the first stream if jism squirted across her face and hair, "Hey, No gross" she whined but stream after stream of cum squirted her face and hair. She didn't even initially realize another one of the men had taken his cock out and was also stroking his hard on.

While she was distracted by the cum raining down on her head someone unhooked the clasp of the bra releasing her breasts.  With two quick snips of a sharp heavy duty pair of scissors on the shoulder straps of the bra it was pulled out from under her body the skirt and choker now the only articles left on her almost naked body. 

A third man opened his pants and started stroking his cock and while she didn't hear the entire conversation she heard the word Bukkake mentioned as well as cum slut but it mostly was background conversation.

Just then Roger bent down and took hold of her chin turning it up and the second man erupted multiple streams of warm jism onto her face. 

The moment he put his cock back in his pants and stepped away another man opened his pants and began to stroke. 

The tattoo on her hip was looking very nice, the partner was very talented at letters and every word was not only in a fancier heavier font but visible and readable from quite a distance;
Pain & CUM

It wasn't much longer till the tattoo artist was satisfied with his work and started cleaning and protecting the tattoo just as he had it protected the third man squirted his cum all over Holly's face and hair. 

Once the tattoo was protected they unstrapped her and rolled her onto her back and then once again strapped her down.  Roger got between her legs took out his cock and began to fuck her as two men stood over her face stroking their cocks. 

Holly couldn't open her eyes without risking the salty fluids getting in so she laid there angry, bound and simply just accepted her fate. 

When it was finally over and two more men had fucked her in addition to Roger and she had lost count of how many times cum had squirted on her face and hair she was finally unstrapped, helped up and walked over to a mirror meant to look at a new tattoo.  But instead after Roger carefully wiped only the cum on her eyes off he told her, "Look at yourself Holly you have cum oozing from inside you and all over your face and hair.  You look beautiful.  This is who you are and what you were born to be.[/i]

Sammi got angry with herself for thinking about that day and got up and walked over to the mirror.  The image of her face and hair covered in cum filled her mind first and she had to push those thoughts out of her mind to see the nice cut and style that had been done by Kat.

Despite her efforts to forget Sammi easily imagined any smudges on the mirror as cum on her face.  She wondered would she ever have good self esteem again.

But no matter how hard she tried to see the pretty young girl she used to be, or the pretty girl with the stylish haircut and style the image that reflected back into her mind the most was the Dirty, Filthy, Pain & CUM SLUT. 

What scared her even more was that it had now been several days since Jose had been inside her and she was feeling a strange new emptiness and longing that she had not experienced before.

The irony of the next chapter you are about to read is that when I first wrote Chapter 1 this is where the story was headed but it took me 22 chapters to get there.

Thank you very much for reading this story.  I hope you enjoy the characters as much as I do.

A special thank you to everyone who leaves a comment.  You make it worth the time and effort it takes to write the story.
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Hi, its the first time that I'm on here, excited to be here!
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