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Forced Sex Stories / Repeated Infatuation
« Last post by gscmar64 on April 21, 2018, 08:19:03 PM »
The author of the following doesn't condone any form of violence towards women. Seek medical help if reality begins to blur in your mind when even considering doing any such act.

The young lady who is collaborating on "The Woods"  has fallen in love with my story "Infatuation"
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login     and wanted to know if I could take it beyond the ending of the first story. what follows does just that!


Four years! I waited for this moment. Finally I was leaving a Canadian prison for one in the States. Finally I was going home where I could be released back to human society in another few years with time off for good behaviour.

Seven years later I standing at the gate of the Montana State prison. “So Tomlinson what’s your plan now that you’re free?”

Turning my back on the guard I think ‘what is my plan?’ No sense telling that I plan to find my love one more time.Fuck he probably refuse to release me if I said that out loud. I just pretend that I didn’t hear his question, craning my neck to see if the bus was coming.

Finally I see the Greyhound bus with Helena in the destination banner. Six minutes after it stops I’m aboard an dreaming of how Karen has changed over the last 11 years. One hour later I’m pulling in to the Helena Bus Depot, as i exit the bus and collect my bag, I make my way to a phone booth to check out the white pages. Only two Karen Mitchell listed , one at the same address that I absconded with her 12 years ago. Hand shaking I lift the receiver and place a call…

“Hello, Mitchell residence, can I help you?” I recognize that sweet voice even after eleven years. She still lives there great I got my starting place I’m almost tempted to speak but suddenly the dial tone comes over the line, she’s hung up on me. From here to her place it’s a forty minute walk, forty minutes until I can lay my eyes on her once more. Spending most of the day reacquainting myself with the place , talking a walk past the diner where i first laid eyes on Karen all those many years ago. Finding a public library, spending most of the rest of the day catching up on local events and reading how my abduction of Karen was reported until the place closed at 7 pm.

Grabbing my bag I start the most anxious walk I’ve taken in a long ,long time. As I approach her building I see it’s changed alot since I was last here, now it has fence all around the front, gates block the driveway entrances with a guard booth on the right side. No just walking up and entering like I live there this time! The only saving grace, the old house directly across the street is all boarded up with a sign saying ‘condemned!’ Looks like I know where I’ll be staying this night

Working my way to the hose from the back side, I find a board I could pry up enough to give me access. This bring back memories of being on the run with Karen in Idaho before making our way up into Canada. Doing a fast check around I find a boarded up window on the second floor directly opposite the front door with a dirt mattress under it. The corner of the board busted off, making a perfect peephole.

Using my bag as a pillow I settle down for my first night in the real world. Like normal I awake just after three am, out of habit going to the left corner to piss, forgetting there was no urinal in the place! Returning to the mattress I begin the long wait hoping to catch a glimpse of Karen as she leaves. Five hours later I’m graced by good fortune, there she is a little chubbier than I remembered but still the only girl I want to make love with. In a flash I’m down the stairs, out the back and around to the front in time to see her walking down towards the intersection.

My eyes drink in her appearance as I race down the opposite side of the road, knocking over an old bum looking for spare change. As she turns the corner making a beeline for the same restaurant that I first laid eyes on her more than eleven years ago. Taking up the same position that I did before I watch through the front glass, every now and then I thought she spotted me.

Damn I wish I had a pair of binoculars or a telephoto camera with me so I could look into the restaurant. I wonder if she would remember me after all these years. Digging through my pants pocket pulling out a whopping one thirty-five in coins- not even enough to get a glass of free water.

Getting a little braver I venture across the street and make like I was searching for someone inside the dinner. Staring intently inside, my eyes glued on Karen most of the time until she happens to notice me. Into the back she goes when she reemerges she’s with a tall lanky guy pointing directly at me, his lips moving as he gets closer to the door

I should go but for some reason I don’t, then the inevitable confrontation happens. “Something I can do for you mate?”

“Just looking to see if my friend Steve was here yet!”

“Well if you don’t see him, clear off then!” saying the cliche line I fully expected “or I’m calling the police!”

Make feeble excuses like “my friend must be running late!” and the classic “Just give me a few minutes more to see if he shows!”

“Fine five minutes then the police!” Returning inside. Pretending to look both ways for my suppose ‘friend’ then i just leave after shrugging my shoulders in front of the window. Only going down a quarter of a block I cross the street and slowly work my way back up to my original position.

Looking inside the store I see a clock , eleven thirty!” No way that guy and those inside the dinner wouldn’t notice me hanging out all day. Then I get the idea to go check out her apartment. Making my way back I get there just as a group of kids were coming home for lunch.Easily walking in with them, like I lived there.

My memory about her is infallible, Apartment 109 as i about to approach the door i hear the voice that almost ruined things for me the first time

“Well little Sammy how are you?”

“Fine Mr. Jessup!”

“And your mom?

“Fine too!” Looking around seeing the fat bastard talking with a boy about ten standing with his hand extended towards the lock, a key in his hand.I froze at the sight of the kid, it was like I was looking at a smaller version of me

Could it be???

                                                                     More To Follow
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Reading Room
« Last post by brokenwing on April 21, 2018, 01:23:17 AM »
Great story and nicely unpredictable.  A+ for creativity.  I wonder where they'll choose next?
Movie Discussions / Anything worth seeing?
« Last post by kiwi on April 20, 2018, 08:51:09 AM »
Anything playing at the movies thats worth seeing?
Has anyone seen Ready Player One?
Forced Sex Stories / Reading Room
« Last post by gscmar64 on April 19, 2018, 04:12:44 PM »
The author of this story does not promote any violence towards women be it physical, emotional or mental. Nor does he try to portray sex in public as being legal(thought he and his girlfriend has committed such an act-damn little hypocrite!)
Although the following sex scene is written non consensual the story is basically consensual in nature

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I just pulled into the Shasta County Library when I spotted her for the sixth time in the last two weeks. Great I haven’t missed her, like I feared I would. Hopefully she would stick to her routine, chose a book and take it into the reading room, take the last seat in the upper right hand corner behind the tapestry of Shasta County, basically a donated couch that as too good to toss out but too big to put in the middle of the room. The way the tapestry was situated it made a perfect place to read the day away without being interrupted.

And best of all I would make the perfect place for me to check out the material I wanted to see and use. Pulling my bag from the backseat, opening it up, making sure the fake badge that served me so well since I ordered it online was there along with my handcuffs. Parking by the spot just ten feet from the side emergency door I knew today was going to be the day that I claimed another notch on my cock.

Going in the front door I spot her once more by the novels starting with “S”. browsing then picking a thin book and making her way into the reading room. God she my type., a redhead, with brown eyes behind wide black rimmed glasses. Some would say she could lose some weight but i love a woman with a little extra flesh that I can grab of and hold onto while i have my way with them. I make my move going into the reading room just as she goes behind the tapestry. I scoped out this room before and i know there’s lockers for people’s belonging while they are in here. Taking my badge and cuffs out, I use one to store my bag and my jacket and shoes!.

Barefoot I make my way to the tapestry moving it just enough that I can see her bare legs on the couch. Traversing her legs to her torso, covered with a black skirt and a light blue t-shirt, her nipples poking out the fabric. Up to her face covered by the book, for some reason her hands above her head , her fingers interlaced over the arm of the couch. God what a position, just perfect for the cuffs to prevent her escape.

Replacing the tapestry I move to the other side gently moving it and making my way to her. Before she even knows I’m there I  slip the one cuff onto her left wrist then twist the chain around the arm of the couch then the other onto her right wrist. The closing of both cuffs is  muted by my hand.

She doesn’t move, maybe she sleeping if so she’s going to learn why you don’t sleep in a lending library. Looking at her body I fail to see the tell tale signs of bra straps or panties lines! Was my idea lady going commando in a public library? Only one way to find out, gently pulling her t-shirt out of the waistband of her skirt.As it comes free I sink to my knees and peer under it, the sight of the bottom curve of her breasts greets me.Gently letting  it drop moving on my knees to the hem of her skirt, lifting it up I’m greeted by naked flesh Fuck yes commando!, looking to the heavens, mouthing to the big pervert upstairs ‘Thank You!” God I go rock hard knowing there was nothing to prevent my taking a piece of her.

Sliding my hand up under her skirt, she moves a bit, but settles after spreading her legs enough that my hand can feel her outer pussy lips my thumb touches her upper flesh of her Venus mound, no hair just smooth skin.  My second and ring finger rubbing up and down her outer pussy lips while my middle finger enters her inner lips in search of the hidden pearl inside

A low moan comes from under the book as my other hand gently glides up under her t-shirt to her left breast and the jewel resting on top of it. My first finger and thumb twirling it’s tender flesh between them.Letting go moving onto the right on giving it the same treatment. Soon it was no longer stimulating me, I need a taste of my ideal woman.

Leaving her pussy i used gently work her t-shirt up her body by gently lifting her back with my right hand and the t-shirt with my left. Then there they are in all their natural glory, the real fleshy breasts of a woman, not the plastic specials of southern California. My mouth watered as me eyes devoured the sight of them rising and lowering in a perfect rhythm. 

Running my tongue in the moisture in my mouth, then i flick the tip of my tongue to her left nipple. She jerks at that, so I wait to see if she’s going to do anything else. After a few seconds have passed, no other action I don’t hesitate to such that perfect piece of flesh into my mouth, savouring the taste of it’s flesh. In my mind, “Fuck if this was a taste of heaven what would her pussy taste like.

Well there was no better time than the present to find out, leaving her breast and going to her lower erogenous zone. There is enough space for me to climb up between her legs and spread then wider before her left leg would fall over the edge of the couch, The sight of her pink pussy makes my mouth water and my cock throb in anticipation. Once more i gently position myself so my mouth was equal with her already moist slit.

The tip of my tongue traces the length of one side then the other of her outer pussy lips, leaving a trail of my saliva along them, then I move to penetrate them with my full tongue, giving me the first taste of her inner nectar. Just that small taste made me desire her all the more. Pushing my tongue In and out of her pussy, as it comes out two fingers enter so her passage is constantly stimulated. Minutes of this makes her Arch her back slightly then i feel liquid splash onto the flesh of my lips and finger. Oh yeah she ready  in my mind to fuck, taking fingers worth of her juice to coat my throbbing cock.

Gently raising her hip with my hands i position my cock at her opening and slowly penetrating her outer lips then her inner and finally into her wet passage. Slowly i moved deeper until i;m completely buried in her. Oh god if this was heaven felt like then i was ready to go after pumping her full of my cum.

A moan of pleasure, a little louder comes from under the book, which I swear moves then a low “Oh god yes!” Where did that come from was she dreaming of being fucked?” it really didn’t matter to me, i knew she was going to get fucked, beginning to buck my hips up and down. Using a combination of short rapid strokes then long deep strokes i feel the tell tale tingling in my balls that I was churning cum in them.
Pulling out resting for a few seconds hoping to last a little longer before cumming in her. But that pussy was just so damn good not to fuck that i rammed back in and went right back at it. “Oh fuck cumming!”

Spraying rope after rope of thick baby making seed deep into her. “FUCK!!!”

From in front of the tapestry a  lady’s gasp then a chair falling, as if someone heard me and was on her way to tell someone. I don’t risk it I yank my pants up and take off leaving my stuff in the locker, I’ll collect it later if possible!


I’m back home and I can’t believe what happened to me. Unlocking the door going inside, no one is here. I decide to go into the kitchen to get a Coke,when he comes in.

“Nice one Graeme, I was almost caught by that busybody and a security guard!”

“Sorry Di but i panicked!, I told you i never done anything like that before!”  After nine years I can tell that he wasn’t lying. Going over to him and kissing him

“I know it’s not like I ever done something like that before either!” Handing him back to his cuffs “Good thing you used the trick cuffs and not the home cuffs!”

“So Di was it what you thought it be like?

“Oh Graeme it was better. Taking him into my arms and kissing him. “I loved how you tried not to wake me even though i wasn’t asleep!” And he knew I wasn’t lying either “And i swear that was the best fuck ever!”

Well I aim to please you Di!” scooping me up into his arms “Why don’t I help you up into a bubble bath before dinner?”

“Ah Graeme how thoughtful!” then I had to try “So where would you like to try next?

                                                                    The End
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Katie's Worst Photo Shoot Ever
« Last post by kiwi on April 16, 2018, 12:11:04 PM »
Thats was great! Loved it!
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Under The Bridge
« Last post by kiwi on April 16, 2018, 11:40:03 AM »
loving it  ;D
Sex Talk / Re: Can a woman be forced to cum against her will?
« Last post by kiwi on April 16, 2018, 11:36:37 AM »
If i had to guess i would say yes.
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Under The Bridge
« Last post by blondiecath on April 16, 2018, 04:31:01 AM »
Good story! Please continue :)
Forced Sex Stories / Re: "RUNAWAY" Chapters 1 - 8 & new Chapter 9 by brokenwing
« Last post by gscmar64 on April 15, 2018, 07:03:39 PM »
What a powerful flashback, making me hate Roger even more. Love the growing infatuations Joseph and Sammi are developing for each other
Forced Sex Stories / Re: The Woods
« Last post by gscmar64 on April 15, 2018, 06:59:53 PM »
How do you know that she's not going to like them or better yet get away? I have a heart at times, unfortunately June's not in it at the moment! ::)

Part Four- First experiences

September 29 12:35 AM Wooded Area Off Foster Drive

The playground equipment was just inside of the little wooded area. The local kids had a seesaw, swings, a slide and a set of monkey bars. The big attraction was the woods themselves and the ditch that ran through them. Pulling the car in as far as possible Clint checks the rear view mirror as Barton strips June  “Sweet Jesus those pictures didn’t do her true justice!” turning his eyes back to the drive “Can’t wait to suck them tities. Bringing the car to a halt just before the moat.

As they get out, leaving the now naked June on the backseat while they go and balance the seesaw by putting a wooden post under both seats, leaving it perfectly level. Returning to the car to retrieve June, pulling her out, Clint and Barton carry her unconscious body laying her onto the seesaw. Tying her arms under it, her waist was tied down,but they left her legs unbound.

Clint couldn’t wait going to his knees on the side of June’s breasts, sucking her entire left breast into his mouth a loud pop sound as his mouth leaves the pink flesh “Oh that one sweet tasting tit!” getting back up, smacking his lips “Just like the butter on the popcorn at the theater!”

Barton wasn’t interested in June’s tits he already knew what they looked like and felt,no Barton wanted to find out how tight June’s pussy was. Rummaging in his pants pocket for the ammonia capsule to revive her from his knockout surprise. Breaking it under her open nostrils,  A choking gasp as June comes to then a coughing fit. June tired to roll on her side only to find it impossible.

Sucking in lungs full of air June looks up and sees both Barton and Clint above her “Wha…?

All that comes out before Clint get on his knees and covers her mouth with his. Taking full advantage of her open mouth to thrust his tongue into her mouth. Flicking it all around her teeth and tongue before removing it. With her mouth once more free June turns her head and spits the taste of Clint out. Tears in her eyes as she looks back to Barton

“Why? I thought you wanted me!”

“Oh I do want you June! and Clint wants you to and this morning we’re both going to have you anyway we want!” Getting down on his knees, his left hand diving between June’s legs, coming into contact with her pussy, June tries twisting away from his touch but the way they tied her to the seesaw made it impossible to get away.

The sound of a zipper stops her moving “No please I thought…” Clint, his thick cock hanging out of his unzipped crotch, grabs both sides of her head after stepping over to straddle  her face. The closest a cock has ever been to June since her father spooned her on the couch while watching cartoons with her when she was five.

Clint tips her head, so see was seeing between his legs the wooded area then what she didn’t want to hear “Open your mouth June!” She clamps her lips shut tight until Barton open palm slaps her pussy lips making June cry out in pain. Clint does hesitate shoving his cock forward into her open mouth “Bite down and it will be the last thing you ever do!” letting go of her head, his right hand moving to her exposed throat grabbing it under her jaw. June could feel his fingertips grip the sides of her esophagus.

In her thoughts ‘Oh god he’s going to choke me with either his cock or with his hand!’ Clint seeing the June quit struggling took it as a sign that he could start to face fuck her. Long strokes making their way in and out of her mouth, going deeper each time “Guukkk! Guukk”

"Breath through your nose you little whore, Clint pulling back slightly to make her getting a breath easier then shoving right back in “On man Barton she one lousy cock sucker!”

Meanwhile Barton has his phone out snapping pictures of June’s pussy.”So tell her what to do then Clint” then “And don’t bug me, it’s time little June been kissed between the legs!”  Laying his weight onto the end of the seesaw, his head between her legs, the tip of his tongue tracing her outer pussy lips. Over and over he ran his tongue before running his first and ring finger over them, his tongue moving between then onto her inner pussy lips.

June gasps around Clint’s cock from the sensation coming from her virgin pussy. Clint taps her lower jaw, her attention returns to him “Did you hear me whore, run your tongue along the thick part of my cock, you know the shaft!” June moves it as best as she can getting the reaction “Christ don’t you ever practice sucking a guy’s cock?”

Tears flowing freely down into her hairline then onto the seesaw as June listens to Clint berate her non-existing skills. ‘What does he think i am, I’m not that kind of girl!’ running through her thoughts as me tries to please him so he doesn’t hurt her.

Barton meanwhile has his tongue in her newly penetrated slit, his middle finger and thumb between her outer pussy lips, his thumb rubbing the nub of sensitive flesh of her small clitoris, sending new sensations up her spine to her brain. Inside she was fighting the pleasure he was making her experience against the abuse Clint was making her throat experience.

She tries to turn her thoughts elsewhere but on either one off then would either hurt her of make her bringing her right back to the here and now. Then another sensation of pain, Clint reaches out and pinches her nipples on both breasts between the nail of his first finger and thumb. Pinching hard enough the June swears she can feel the tender flesh parting and blood running out.

Barton now has his middle finger sawing in and out of her virgin passage striking her hymen almost ever thrust in “So had she improved any Clint?”

"Well I had better but she slowly coming into her own, How’s her pussy?"

“Like we thought cherry!” Laughing as he says “Just like she must have been eating lately because she sure tastes sweet!” As he says that June releases some cream moistening her passage and exciting Barton “Damn she must really want the ole’ Bart, she just creamed herself!”

Even with Clint’s cock buried in her mouth June blushes at Barton announcement. In her thoughts “If my mouth was empty I scream out I don’t want either of you animals to touch me ever!’

Clint starts to pull father back “Jesus the little whore may actually have me about to cum for her inept mouth!” Pulling completely out giving June he first good chance to properly breath since he started fucking her mouth. Four deep lung full then Clint says “Okay so once more whore remember tongue the shaft right from the start!” Bring his cock back to her mouth “Open up!” Still gripping her throat, squeezing it lightly until June complies.

Clint thrust back in as deep as he can get his seven inch cock before hearing June gagging on it. “Like that do you whore?”  Pulling back and doing it again and again.

“Clint are you almost ready to blow?” Barton ask as he moves up the seesaw towards June’s breasts.

“Yeah what you got in mind Bart?”  smirking down at June “Want to do the ole ‘Cumaway’?”

“Yeah I think she would love getting her first cum shot in her throat as her virginity is taken!”

Clint burst out in a shit eating grin “Damn just like that one in Dupont Falls!”  amping up his face fucking of June “Remember how she almost choked while screaming as you tore her apart!”

Hearing their plan June ties with all her might to move, seriously think of biting down on Clint’s cock. Barton, senses what June’s trying  as does Clint who hooks too fingers into her mouth keeping he jaws open, while Barton settles in, aligning his cock to her freshly wet opening.

Barton keeps his eyes on his friend as he drills his cock in and out of June’s mouth!

“Remember call out before you unload!”

“Fuck almost there Bart! Then in a few more seconds “Alright take her Bart!”  Pulling back as Bart enters her pussy for the first, like a well practiced maneuver tearing her hymen apart as Clint spews his cum into her mouth.


As Clint get off her, his cock out of her mouth June turns her head and vomits the cum that didn’t go down her windpipe. Coughing as Barton rams his full seven inches into her freshly deflowered passage “Oh god damn what time is it Clint?”

“12:51 AM!” looking at his watch “Why?”

"Well don’t you think June deserves to the exact time that she first drank cum and lost her virginity?” Wide smile on his face as he started fucking June with short rapid strokes.

                                                                                  More to come
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