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Movie Discussions / Re: Movies with rape scenes
« Last post by vile8r on Today at 03:50:03 PM »
Yes the 1970s and early 80s were good times for rape scene material, some more graphic than others, but even some of the not-so-graphic stuff was pretty good, as it put your imagination to work as to what really happened that didn't get shown.

I seem to remember in the mid-1980s, there was a pilot for a TV cop show. I can't remember the name of the show and it didn't run for that long. Didn't make a full season anyway. But in the pilot, the cops were trying to track down a serial rapist who was terrorizing young college women. There was one really good scene where a woman is tied up and raped in the backseat of a car. It showed him slicing her clothes off with a knife. Even though, of course, it showed no nudity, after all it WAS primetime TV, it was still one of the most graphic scenes I'd ever seen on a TV show.
Movie Discussions / Re: Movies with rape scenes
« Last post by Inner Darkness on Today at 06:58:00 AM »
Some of the older movies out there have some of the best material.

One really oddball movie with plenty of rape is "Roller Blade" (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login)
It's a post-apocalypse setting with everyone on roller skates.

Not as graphic but with a nice, prolonged bondage sequence is "Terror Among Us" (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login).
Movie Discussions / Re: Anyone into horror movies?
« Last post by Inner Darkness on Today at 06:39:08 AM »
Horror movies were part of where I could indulge my dark side growing up.

1980's "Mothers Day" (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login) was a classic for me.

Another great 1980 movie was "Don't Answer The Phone!" (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login)

Introduce Yourself Here / Old dog, new pound
« Last post by Inner Darkness on Today at 06:23:27 AM »
Hello, everyone.

The first few lyrics of "Sympathy For The Devil" run through my head, but by this point are probably trite. Also, while I do have taste my 'wealth' is modest. Mostly it is experience.

I soon to be 57 years old. Male, dominant sadist with a love for forced fantasies. While I have been doing BDSM for years I still am drawn to the fantasy of power stripped away from a woman by force. Bondage, fear, or conditioning. I am particularly drawn to fantasies where the woman is made to orgasm against her will and is further humiliated by her rapist for cumming from rape.

My nickname is part of how I see myself. Like the fictional Dexter (both print and video) I wear a mask to hide the dark evil that is always just beneath the surface.

In signing on here I read through the rules and like the parts that are firm. The single account rule helps to cut down on behaviors that can quickly snowball and ruin a forum. Some people like to stir shit up and don't care that they are ruining a needed outlet for others.

I hope to get to know you all in the near future.
Play Room / Re: Vile8r's Humour
« Last post by vile8r on January 19, 2019, 10:00:52 PM »
Forced Sex Stories / Re: Take Me Grl stories
« Last post by MillieDynamite on January 19, 2019, 05:45:37 PM »
Jed what was her pen name, maybe she has a new site!!!
Introduce Yourself Here / Re: New member
« Last post by Fuckmehard on January 18, 2019, 06:56:02 AM »
I'd love to chat look for me on kik user name louise223311
Introduce Yourself Here / Re: NEW MEMBER
« Last post by Fuckmehard on January 18, 2019, 06:48:48 AM »
louise223311 is my user name on kik I'd love to help u with your fantasy
Forced Sex Stories / Re: But He Was Such A Gentleman
« Last post by gscmar64 on January 17, 2019, 07:48:07 PM »
Well then will you accept some history!

Part Two

September 23, 2018 00:35 HRS 16 Buttermere Rd, Oldham

I come through the door, the name of my latest acquisition fresh in my mind. Dropping my in my kit in the small sitting room I rush to my desk and get out the book I use to record my acquisitions in. “Margaret Yorke- a virgin Oldham Police Station September 22, wooded glen! Her name is the third in my records above her the names Mary Welkes and Sally Marsh.

Has it really only been the three so far, maybe that is why I can remember them each so clearly in my mind. Taking the record book with me I go to the small bar cart I keep for livations when people come to visit. Getting a good glass of Napoleon brandy I go to the high wing back chair in the room and my mind returns to that fateful day in Greenacres Cemetery.


July 17TH 2018  21:53 HRS Greenacres Cemetery

I was out for my nightly constitution of air before going to bed when I happen to notice a light through the Arch of the main entrance. A flickering as if a fire was going! Was old man Harper burning  something, going to the caretaker entrance finding the extra key he told me about just above the wooden door. Finding it i let myself in, I know foolish of me but If it was a wildfire then I may be the only thing standing between the desecration of the cemetery.

Moving closer I see a body lying on the ground just behind the fire. Scattered around the  the immediate field are bottles and the wrappers of a take away meal from Tesco. I was incensed at the callousness of the person, to use this place of internment as a campground was unthinkable to me.
Walking up I pick up a bottle with a cap still on and open it, pouring the contents onto the small fire, partially dousing it. Using the toe of my boot, I nudge the person “I say how dare you treat this establishment as a campground!” Getting no response I nudge them once more “Have you no decency?” The person on the ground turn over, opening one eye.

“Oy! fuck off tosser!” A hand running up from under the makeshift blanket to the cap covering the hair. It comes back with a knife blade, a boxcutter which slashes towards me. I take a step back!

“Now see here, you young rapscallion!” using the toe of my shoe to knock the weapon away from me. The blade catches on the blanket whipping it off the person form. As the natural moonlight bathed the body in it’s glow I see that it was a young lady who was disrespecting the cemetery. I could tell that she was fair of chest, naked lying there, the reek of whatever she’s been drinking comes up to greet my nostrils.

“Alright you got an eyeful now fuck off!” Yes! I was getting an eyeful and i must say it was having quite an effect on my manhood. Even with the stirring in my loins I had to set the young lady straight about proper etiquette when in a cemetery.

"See here Miss this is a public place to honor the dead and you are desecrating it with you action tonight!"

“Oh yeah grandpa well then why don’t you do something about it!” spreading her bare legs open giving me an appalling show of flesh then the remark that incensed me the most “Either use it or fuck off you wanker!”

Then I don’t even know what came over me but I was fumbling with my belt, dropping my pants and on her as she tried to get out from under me! Since I was already aroused I pressed against her sex and enter in a hard deep thrust. I hear screams but don’t stop what I’m doing.
Looking into the face I can barely make out that she has closed her eyes,but not before a trail of tears runs down the side of her face. Even doing this that way I am I can’t help to speak to her “I hope this will teach you to respect both the memories of the dead and your elders!”

She’s gone very quiet, sobbing gently as I thrust in and out of her. When I can’t contain myself any longer I cum in her. Making her whisper “I was a virgin you bastard!” As I get off her I move to collect the blanket to cover her used self with.  A little louder "Are you proud of yourself?”

Proud no!, ashamed of my base actions yes! When dressed I get out a few pound and drop them on the ground by her “I want you to know this mister my name is Sally, Sally Marsh!” I file the name in my memory as well as the sensation I was feeling over what I just did to another person!  Turning I run from the scenem all the way back to my home on Buttermere Road. When I’m safely inside I call the police and report her being in the cemetery. The car comes past my window and I watch through slat blinds as the car comes back with someone in the back seat.

I never seen her since that night but the memory of how we met is etched in my mind forever. It was the high of getting away with my action and of getting young vagina that changed me that night. I like the way it felt to take a fresh vagina, the knowledge that I would be forever in her mind for some reason seemed so right to me. It was right then and there that I made it my goal to get more, not realizing that in a little more than a month I would have my next person and at all places the Lees Library


August 26th, 18:10 HRS  9 Thomas St. Lees Library, Oldham

I was in my favor section of the Lees library reading one of my favorite poets of the 18th century when I first happened upon one Miss Mary Welkes, a shy little waif of a girl if I do say so myself. She was standing in front of the section of 18Th century English Poets with a book open, blushing as I approached her. Closing the book and putting it back on the shelf, after spotting me standing there admiring her.

“Oh I’m sorry am I blocking you sir?” Her voice was melodious  to my ears as my eyes gradually wandered their way down her. Brown hair, green eyes with a slight turned up nose, a thin lipped smile on top of a solid ‘V’ pointed chin. I could tell by the way her blush was receding that she was excited by what she read, which in turn excited something in me.

“No Miss!” Feeling the need to explain more “Rarely do I find anyone in this section reading from the works on the shelf, let alone someone of such exquisite beauty such as yourself!” Once more her face fired a rosy red colour and my level of want increases.We talk as if we were long lost friends, I tell her that I was Wilfred Morrison, she replied with Mary Welkes, we shook hands and I swear a little charge of electricity passed from her to me!

Over twenty minutes pass them as if of one mind we both announce that we had to leave for home. As luck would have it we both seem to be going in the general direction of Greenacres Cemetery  so we chose the twenty minute walk together, little did she have any idea that I was going to walk most of the way home alone. Nor did she knew that i had started to carry a boxcutter of my own,but she was going to find out first hand!

With Mary on my left side, we walked north on Constantine Streetwell pass the entrance to Walter Mills Way and the backyards of the homes on Farnborough Ave I slid the boxcutter out of my left pocket. When the woods became a little thicker I made my move

“Please Excuse me for what I’m about to do but would you be so kind as to walk up that hill into the woods”

Feeling the blade of the boxcutter against her arm, “Please don’t hurt me!”

“I won’t if you do as I ask!” Pressing the tip harder into her flesh but not penetrating it. She moves up the grassed hill into a group of trees that concealed us well from both the road and the backyards. When there was plenty of room for us to lay down comfortably, I stopped her! “Please Miss Welkes be kind enough to take you clothing off!” This time I let her see the blade so she would know that I meant what I asked.

As she slowly strips she’s shaking at the anticipation of what I was going to make her do next. She drops her clothing on the ground, getting dead leaves and grass through then, “Oh dear that not right!” it was there and then that I made a list of items to have with me to try to make it easier for my victims, the first being a blanket, the second a bag so their clothes didn’t get soiled!

With her fully unclothed I motion her down onto my coat that I just spread out for her confort. On her back she’s looking up art me, eyes full of tears “Please Mr. Morrison don’t do this to me!” And I’ll admit that I had no idea who she was talking to until I remember that I was Morrison!

“Oh Miss Welkes I’m very afraid that I have no control over my base instinct in this matter. Diving down beside her then rolling on top of her, forcing her legs apart so I could mount her properly. I was pretty well she was an innocent but i asked anyway “Miss I‘m afraid I must ask you if you are experienced in the matters of copulation?” How wide her eyes went answered my question to my satisfaction.

Fingering her until I felt she was wet enough then aligning myself slowly entering until I came to rest against  her maidenhead. “Oh please accept my apology for the pain I’m about to make you endure!”  Then a fast thrust and I’m pass the barrier as quick as the cry of pain carried away on the wind. As excited as I was it didn’t take me long before I felt myself spill my seed into Mary Welkes.

As I wiped myself off with a towelette I pass a few to Mary who has curled up into a small ball , gently retrieving my coat I leave quietly and continue on my way home. Once there I grab the phone and make an anonymous call to  0800 555 111 leaving only that i heard someone cry out in the wooded area just past Walter Mills Way, hanging up after saying the name then getting out an old notebook where I recorded the name of my first non consensual partner!

Now I simply must see about getting together a bag for future endeavours!

                                                                                                        More to Come
Forced Sex Stories / Kristen's Big Mistake by Millie Dynamite
« Last post by MillieDynamite on January 17, 2019, 02:57:12 PM »
Kristen’s Big Mistake
Millie Dynamite

© copyright 2014, 2019 by Millie Dynamite

In the dim light of the bar, smoke hung in the air. So thick one could cut it with a knife. The door opened, and she walked into the room. A young white woman in this part of town was unusual in itself, at least a classy looking white woman. She couldn’t have been more than 26 or 27, and she looked hot and rich.

She entered slow and cautious, the woman moved forward. The shapely creature hesitated while letting her eyes adjust to the smoky, haze of the soft light. Looking her over good, the men drank in the sight of the curvaceous girl. Five-feet-four or five-inches tall, she couldn’t weigh 120 pounds if she soaked to the bone. In her hand, she clutched a cellphone. While she moved forward, her shapely legs caught the men’s attention, the pale white shapely calves and thighs were encased in light-colored stockings or pantyhose. The men all wondered which it was.

Her light blond hair fell below her shoulders in soft waves. She had a pleasing frame, a large top without being over large, thin waist, and a small round ass. A shimmery gold satin blouse covered her upper body. Clinging to her curves, the blouse appeared not quite translucent. That notwithstanding, they could picture what underneath the sheer covering. The woman’s tight skirt wrapped around her and tied at the waist. Golden flowers were pinned to her chest, just above her buoyant breast, matched the color of the blouse. Black patent high heels with straps around here think ankle completed the outfit.

The grumbling talk softened, then the patrons became deathly quiet. Glaring at her, the poor, angry men desired her flesh while they hated her even being alive. This rich bitch just made a big mistake. She walked towards the bar her hips swaying back and forth with each step. It was only now that Kristen realized that the dozen or so patrons were all rough looking black males, as was the bartender. Their leering stairs burned into her and she felt helpless. She wanted to turn and run but she couldn’t. The woman inched closer to the bar, with cautious, faltering steps. The bartender stared at her, his eyes bore into her. She felt him undressing her in his mind.

He licked his thick dark lips as he dried a shot glass and moved a step closer to the woman. Sitting the glass down he picked up another and continued with his work. His lustful glower making her more uncomfortable as she formulated what she’d say.

“Excuse me,” she said plaintive nearly pleading tone. “My car broke down, and my cell is dead. Would you be a dear and show me where your pay phone is?”

“So, you think you have some right to just walk in here? We can’t just walk in your fucking country club iffin want,” the man sitting at the barstool next to her said. His eyes were hateful his face was contorted as swarthy skin became darker on his cheeks from his flared anger.

“Yeah,” the Bartender said, “This my fucking place, I didn’t invite you in here, you fuckin’, cracker, whore.”

“I ... I ... ju ... just want to ...” Kristen began to stammer.

“Nobody gives a shit what you want, bitch. You got that?” the big man on the barstool interrupted her.

Kristen looked around, hoping that someone would stick up for her. It became obvious that nobody, including the bartender, would side with her. Kristen fear screamed in her brain, RUN. She turned to start for the door, but a second man blocked her way. Grabbing her by the arms, he pulled her against him.

“Where the fuck you think you goin’ whitey bitch?”

“Let go of me! Please just let me go.” Kristen pleaded as she struggled in his arms. Her big blue eyes became teary, as her fear grew even deeper. Her body trembled with the fear.

“Oh, we’ll let you go alright. Just soon as we done with you. You come into our place; you got to pay the toll.”

“You tell her, Nate” she heard someone yell.

With his left arm crushing Kristen to him, Nate grabbed her hair with his right hand, pulling her head back.

“No! Let go of me! Please MMMM...” she began pleading as Nate’s mouth crushed down on hers muffling her words out of existence. His thick lips covered hers. Spittle exchanged between them as he forced his tongue way back in her mouth. She struggled against him, but he was too big, too strong. Kristen felt herself torn from Nate’s grip.

“Quit hogging’ her, man.” The big man who first spoke to her possessed the new white toy. Pushing the other man to the side, “Get in line!” he said setting the pecking order with him at the top.

“Please don’t! Stop it! Please leave me alone.” She begged. He had her pinned against the bar. Kissing her neck, he kneaded her breast with massive hands. Squeezing her tits mercilessly with his powerful roughly massaging them. Kristen was terrified. He was rough, hurting her, and she knew he did so it on purpose. He grabbed the top of her blouse and pulled sharply, tearing all the buttons off and exposing her black lace bra.

“Somebody help me! Please!” She screamed out the words, “Please, someone ... Make him stop!” Kristen only heard laughter in response.

“Get her to the pool table,” she heard someone yell, as two, more men grabbed her arms dragging her across the floor. She tried to dig her heels in, but they were too strong, Kristen knew to these men all her sole purpose was as a flesh covered rag fuck doll. Her heart raced, Kristen’s breath became ragged and shallow, her body shook and trembled when the thought that these lustful, hate-filled men would fuck her to death exploded in her mind.

She felt warm wet streaks running down her face. Big tears streaked down carrying some mascara with them. Her fear filled the room, the beasts sensed it, smelled its sweet, sexual aroma. Her trepidation created a heated, sexual tension in the angry mob that needed a release. A white woman at the mercy of these pitiless men, mercy … the one thing they had not for any white woman. They only held her in contempt, hating her privileged life, they show this bitch. All their rage would explode on her hot tight body.

“Don’t! Please don’t. Oh God, please help me. Somebody, Please Help Me!”

The two men threw Kristen onto the pool table. Pinning her arms down the men held with her. Her hips on the rail while her legs dangled off the edge of the table. The wrap around skirt had fallen open, exposing her lower body to everyone to see. She felt the big man’s hand reach for her, felt him grab the crotch of the pantyhose and rip them open. Then his thick gingers grabbed the silken nylon panties.

“Nice,” he said as grabbed the material. The smile on his face looked evil. His teeth were big and yellow stained from coffee and smoke. He ran his tongue over his lips as if he licked some tasty residue from them.

“Oh no! Please leave me alone! Please don’t hurt me!” Kristen cried hard as she begged. The tears burning her cheeks her blue mascara ran down inside her tears. The big man couldn’t have cared less. Laughing he yanked on the panties. The delicate nylon panties were no match for the force placed against them. Kristen heard a whisper of sound as the material began to tear. The sound changed, the ripping sounded harsh, angry it split the air, pushed fear deep inside the woman. Humiliation welled as the panties were scratched from her, exposing her most private part for the world to view.

“Shit man,” he yelled out holding her torn panties in the air, “this slut is a real blond! Look at the cunt hair landing strip point the way for me.”

Kristen tried to kick him, but her position was awkward, and she was to slow. Grabbing her leg, he pushed it to the side moving closer. The big man moved between Kristen’s legs, rubbing her nylon-sheathed thigh with one hand while he undid his pants with the other.

“Bet you ain't never had a black prick before, have you whore? You’re in for a treat tonight.” Fishing the already stiff prick out, he pushed himself closer he yanked her back toward him. The padded bumper of the table hurt as he moved her closer.

Kristen felt the big head of his cock pressing against her vagina. She tried squirming away from him, but there was no escape. The men held her arms firm he looked at her ready to rip her open. The evil leer on his thick lips disgusted her.

“Don’t!! Please don’t,” Kristen begged as she felt him begin to enter her. “Please, please, leave me alone, I don’t want to do this … please, stop, please, please oh God!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. Arching her back trying to move away he slammed the big fat cock in full force splitting her dry vagina open hard. “Oh, God, please stop!! Please STOP! It hurts,” she stammered out in broken words. “Oh ... God ... you’re ... hurting ... me.”

A ripping sensation between her legs erupted into the throbbing of slashed muscles. The big prick cut its way through her canal destroying muscle and tender flesh as it thrust in deeper and deeper. The splitting agony raced through her.

The angry rapist grabbed Kristen’s legs. He placed his arms under her knees lifting her legs. Now he could hammer into her deeper. Her blouse hung open. Pushing her legs up high on his shoulders. The abuser moved his hands under her bra and grabbed her tits with both hands.

“Look boys I’m milking this cow.” Yelling out as he squeezed her tits. He was vicious and violent on them. she feared they would burst. He pinched at the fat nipples squeezing them like tits hanging off the udder of a cow. Kristen could see her high-heeled feet pointing towards the ceiling. She tried to concentrate on the old cracking paint of the ceiling.

“This whore can throw her legs higher and wider than any black bitch!” A second man said as he released his cock standing behind the man fucking Kristen. He was ready to move in as soon as the first man finished.

Kristen felt as if her pussy ripped in half. The big man continued driving into her. Pumping his cock in and out of her, he rammed it home fast and hard. He wanted the cunt to pay for every insult he ever heard from a white person. Letting go of her tits, he wrapped his arms around her legs lifting her up he pummeled her even faster and harder. Kristen’s tits bounced all over from the force.

“Bro you’re fucking her now! Look at them fat tits bouncing, brothers!” With that encouragement, he fucked her for with the hope each thrust hurt her. She had never felt so much pain or frustration. Nothing more than a piece, she thought. Her inability to stop it made it more unbearable.

The glaring hateful eyes viewed her. The men licking their lips as lustful deadly passion filled the room.

“Hurry, bro, I want to split that bitch open too!”

She could hear her attacker beginning to groan, his breathing getting faster as he approached orgasm. A new terror filled Kristen as she realized she could end up pregnant.

“NO, “she screamed as she began crying harder, nearly hysterical now, “Please I beg of you don’t cum in me.” Laughter filled the air. “Oh, dear God don’t let this happen! Please, God!” Struggling she tried to move away from the men, they just held her in place, she jerked this way or that but couldn’t break free. “Please, don’t please, please don’t do this.” her cries fell on death ears as he pounded even harder know how much she hated it!

The men watched intently their cocks growing as they watch him devastate the bitch. Some pulled their cocks content to jerk off while watching others were more willing to get in line and take a turn. All of the onlookers yelled their appreciating and encouragement.

Kristen felt him drive is enormous dick deep into her holding himself in her. Thick burning splashes of hot sticky man scum coated her insides way down deep. She was crying, weeping uncontrollably. His cock kept spurting and spurting as the nasty goo filled her. This couldn’t be happening to her. It couldn’t be. She felt him withdraw from her as he dropped her legs.

“I’m next, I’m NEXT,” the man behind said. Kristen filled with a new dread. She thought it would be over when the big man had finished with her. The truth dawned on her realizing every one of these nasty men in this dirty, grimy bar would use her. The dread of being fucked death once again blossomed in her mind. Kristen was completely helpless. She could see the next one moving toward her, his cock already sticking out of his pants. He was even larger than the last. Kristen clamped her eyes shut, shaking her head back and forth as she pleaded.

“No more. Please no more. What did I do? Why are you doing this to me?” she sobbed out the words. “No, please, you’re hurting me,” her words were broken by her crying, “no more please oh, it hurts so much!” she cried as the new rapist jammed himself balls deep into her. Her back arched up from the pain.

“Let go of her. Let her fucking buck it will be a better ride!” They moved off her and watched. With each hard thrust, he would withdraw completely then drove inside her. He continued pounding his fat prick into her, so hard, each time she arched her back, wiggled trying to move away. Each time he yanked her back. After a few more jabs he grabbed her hips when she tried to move away.

He’d had enough of her spunk. The attacker lifted her up high picking her up off the table. For a moment, suspended in mid-air, she hung between the ceiling and the pool table. Then Kristen slammed hard on the table, her body erupted in anguish. The back of her head exploding in pain, but the worst of it, that awful feeling that you can’t breathe. A screeching sound came from her. An awful sick sound of air trickling though threw a collapsed passageway.

She tried to suck air in her deflated lungs panic took hold. New pain joined the pain that was already present. Her back exploded from the rough landing. She sucked hard trying to get air as her attacker just continued to fuck her hard.

“I’m going to annihilate this bitch’s cunt,” yelling out his intentions to others, pounding his fat cock into her faster and faster. Harder and faster he pounded, the pain tore through her body. The man’s face grimaced and he bit his lower lip grunting like a pig as a thick stream of semen gushed inside her. he ignored her renewed appeals to spare her that.

“Filled the ho with nigger baby batter,” he said, and the others hollered with joy.

“My turn to give her butter milk,” the next one in line said.

Kristen didn’t know how much more she could take. Three more times men climbed on her, used her. Her legs still dangling off the table as each man took his turn. The men once again pinning her arms above her head while the a new one plundered her. Mauling her tits and hurling insulting at her. Three more times her assailants ignored her pleas, busting their nut, its thick spewed juice coating her insides down deep in her womb. Every effort she made to retreat to a place in her mind to be away from this place failed. Her body couldn’t get away and her mind couldn’t free her. Nonetheless, Kristen was sure it couldn’t get any worse as the sixth man approached her. God was she was wrong.

“That pussies gettin’ sloppy, man,” he said. “Flip that cunt over, ass in the air face down, bros. I gonna take me some brown eye.”

Kristen’s eyes got huge as she realized what he meant. “No, oh god, no, please do not do that! Please, I beg of you, not that!” He laughed, and all the men in the bar joined him. Some of the began spurting cum from there cocks as they jerked off feverously to the woman’s distress.

The men pulled Kristen off the table. Trying to fight they were amused she was no match for their strength. Finishing the work of removing her clothing, they tore her blouse and skirt from her. This left her only her bra, now crotch-less pantyhose and high-heels on her body. Turning her around the men quickly forced her face down on the table. Feet still firmly planted on the floor, they forced her legs wide.

Terror gripped her. “My god no don’t fuck my ass. Please!” Her words were still broken from her heavy sobbing. She had allowed her husband to try anal sex with her one time. It had hurt too much. They quit before he had even entered her more than an inch. Even though he was as gentle as he possibly could be. Kristen knew that the animal about to mount her wouldn’t consider being gentle. She knew it was a waste, but still, she begged.

“Don’t do this. Please … not this, honestly, I can’t take it. God, Please, please, don’t do this!” Kristen felt him move between her legs, felt him place his dick against her rectum. The only lubricant was cum that leaked out of her pussy across her ass as it ran down between her legs.

She felt him pressing against her, “Oh God, please don’t,” she felt his cock beginning to spread her asshole, “Don’t! Please don’t,” ripping, tearing, spreading the sphincter her ass tried to resist, it pushed back against the cock, but the pecker destroyed the resistance, slashing inside her deep, deeper.

“No, please god no!” Her voice was scratchy from all her begging and pleading. The feeling of him driving into her was so painful. He withdraws himself, only to plunge in even deeper, harder with more angry fury!

She no longer screamed she whispered “Jesus, please stop, please just stop!” her ass opened up to him, and he dove the full length of his shaft deep into her bowels pushing shit back in deep. It was useless she just shut up and took it.

He held himself inside her, impaling her on his cock, pressing as deeply as possible into her while gyrating against Kristen’s hips. He wanted to hurt this bitch as much pain as possible.

“No more!” she cried, “Please no more. Oh God, I can’t take this! Please stop!”

“Go, man, go! Fuck her good!” somebody yelled. Kristen realized she was only a floor-show for these animals. Her shame increased with that realization. The onlookers were all jerking off or impatiently waiting for their turns. A live sex game show. She could hear him, like an announcer.

“Rastus come on down, you da next contestant on Demolish the white Bitch ... Keyon get ready mutherfucker, you are up soon! Remember the prize is white cunt. So, tear her up right!”

Now the ass rape began in earnest. Her assailant withdrew his dick until nothing was left inside her but the head. He moved slowly for a moment, moving into her a new position. Withdrawing, the attacker lunged forward with force, driving himself into her with a vicious furry. Kristen screamed out again. Her head snapped back. The man kept thumping into her. Forceful driving his cock into her as fast, as hard as he could working out a long frustration, he held for with the rich elite that in his mind oppressed him.

Kristen felt as if her mind slipped away from her. She only wanted it to be over, to have this animal out of her.

“Please,” she begged in a hushed husky voice, “please hurry. Please hurry. Please hurry!” Tears flooded down her face.

Faster and faster, he drove himself into her. Forcefully he slammed into her ass. Finally, he came, spraying his cum deep inside Kristen’s entrails. Kristen sobbed as he withdrew from her. Then, to her horror, she felt a second one move between her legs. Well lubricated with the previous rapist’s cum, the next one had no difficulty entering Kristen’s asshole and driving into her. Kristen continued crying and begging, but it did no good. One after another, seven men fucked her in the ass each shooting his cum into her bowels.

Kristen had long since given up fighting. In shock, she laid on the table, her eyes closed. She only waited for it to be over, for the world to stop its wild spinning. Once they had all used her, they just threw the bitch onto the pool table and left lying there. She curled into the fetal position her emotions crushed she cried and say, “Please stop, please, please stop.” She had no idea how many times she had been rapped.

In shock, Kristen laid there, not moving, terrified to do so. The men were at the bar, drinking and laughing. Her mind told her, get up run away. Her body simply refused to move. The pain and humiliation held her to the table like glue. She cried so hard the felt was wet where face lay against the table. Kristen had no idea how long she lay there before she heard one of them saying, “Shit, I think I’ll hit me some more of that cunt.”

Kristen heard him coming toward her. Still, she lay there, not moving. She felt his hand on her shoulder. She didn’t resist as he rolled her onto her back. He climbed onto the pool table and knelt between her legs. She watched with a dazed expression as he undid his pants, pulling his dick into view.

“No...” Kristen said softly as he lowered himself on top of her. Her voice hardly more than a whisper... “please, I’m begging you, no more. Please.”

“Go to your happy place, cracker ho,” he said while he rubbed his big cock head over her opening. “Think of nigger’s waiting on you hand-and-foot while I split you in half.”

She felt him enter her, his weight crushing her to the pool table. He took a handful of hair, bending her head back, kissing her forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. His other hand fondled her breast under her bra. She felt him moving inside her, faster and harder, his ragged breathing filling her ears. He thrust harder as though he fucked with a purpose. She closed her eyes tightly and whimpered as she felt him cum, depositing his load inside her all their nasty. This show aroused the others, and Kristen lay unresisting, staring at the ceiling and crying softly, while the other men again began taking turns on top of her.

It started all over again. One by one the men lined up and fucking her hard and deep! Fewer this time but still there they were taking turns at her. Intent on making her pay for all the perceived wrongs they had endured at the hands of white people.

Seven of them had finished using her when the eighth climbed onto the table, and instead of moving between her legs, knelt over her chest. This brought Kristen out of her lethargic state, filling her with a new horror.

“No! You can’t! I won’t let you,” she started hitting on him, slapping him as hard as she could.

“Grab her hands!” the new violater yelled as Kristen again began fighting.

Two men ran up, one on each side of the table, and pinned Kristen’s wrists straight out to her sides. Kristen kicked with her legs. Digging against the table with her high heels, she tried to move away from her assailant. She arched her back, snapping her head from side to side. First, her defiler slapped her face hard then grabbing the hair on each side of her head and twisted forcing Kristen to scream in pain.

This was what he waited for her mouth gaping wide open as she screamed; he jammed his dick into her mouth. Kristen was once again helpless, her arms pinned to the table as she choked and gagged on the dick forced down her throat. As her rapist continued to fuck her in the mouth, Kristen kept trying to get away from him. Arching her back and digging her heels into the table, her hips moving back and forth, as she tried to free herself. As the dick invading deep into her throat, she felt a second man move between her legs.

She tried to scream as the second dick entered her pussy, driving into her without mercy. The thick prick that choked, filling her throat so much it prevented screaming. Kristen couldn’t believe that her pussy and mouth were violated at the same time. The man fucking her mouth began keeping his dick lodged in her throat. He held in position deep down her throat, she couldn’t breathe. As she began to feel as if she were suffocating, she began fighting harder.

Digging in her heels and flinging her hips wildly an attempt to break free. This had the unintended effect of impaling herself on the enormous cunt abuser. Kristen moved about as if she were trying to give him the ride of his life. She felt the second man begin to cum inside her, thick disgusting spurts of nasty goo. The one in her mouth drove as deep into her as he could and began shooting cum down her throat. Kristen was choking, there was no choice other than to swallow his cum.

As the depleted men climbed off Kristen, two more climbed onto the table. One knelt between her legs, and the other sat on her chest. Kristen tried to fight, but it was useless. She screamed, cried and begged for mercy, but there was no mercy.

Once again, she felt the cock of a rapist violating her throat, choking and gagging her, while a second drove himself into her pussy. Kristen lost track of how many times she this happened. They all attacked her, repeatedly! She had no idea how many times people had cum inside her. She had no idea how many times people had cum in her ass. She had no idea how many times people had cum on her face or hair. Kristen completely lost track of time.

Finally, after hours of abuse, the men worn out and satisfied returned to drinking. Her skirt, blouse, and panties gone, they pushed her purse into her hands. Dragging her by the hair the first man that barked at her shoved her out the door and she landed unceremoniously on the grated drain. Still wearing only her bra, remnants of pantyhose and high heels, Kristen stumbled down the street towards her car. Reaching it, she climbed inside and locked the door. Collapsing onto the seat, Kristen laid there crying. She was still there when the police found her the next morning.

“Please, no more” she said over and over, in a hushed voice as they finally got her out of her car. Placing her in the patrol car, one officer climbed in the back with her while the other got behind the while. Pulling away from the curb the officer driving adjusted the mirror so he could see her. The other office yanked on her bra until it ripped off her body.

“Dave, what the fuck are you doing?” The first officer asked. Dave clamped down hard on one of her tits leering at her.

“This whore is city councilman Edwards wife, you know the bastard that blocked our raises.” The cop said milking on her tit hard. “Hank … pull into the alley between 16th and 17th at Claremore. We can be alone there and let her know how much we appreciated her husband’s position.”

“This car 871 to any units in the vicinity of 17th and Claremore, code 18, 01, 16, 5,” he said. Every cop in the city knew they had some bitch for the taking — Code 18(R), 01(A), 16(P), 5(E), or RAPE was reserved for any time they had someone that deserved to be raped. From all over the city the units started rolling toward the alley between 16th and 17th Streets on Claremore Drive.

Between the calls of the other cars announcing they were responding, and the way the cops were looking at Kirsten she knew it wasn’t over yet! Her nightmare had just begun, there were at least 1400 cops on duty, and every one of them would take a turn, she just knew it. God, they were going to fuck her death.
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